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<mekeor>hello guix
<radio>I think possible asked that before, but why do golang packages have github-com in their name
<radio>go-github-com-agext-levenshtein could be just go-levenshtein, no?
<radio>or golang-levenshtein
<sughosha> <>
<peanuts>"[PATCH 0/7] Add some themes and extensions for KDE Plasma."
<Guique>Trying to launch Tor Browser: guix shell: error: package `gcc-toolchain@11.3.0' lacks output `lib'
<mange>Well, the error message is accurate - the gcc-toolchain package doesn't have a lib output. However, that blog post never tries to use it, it always uses gcc:lib alongside gcc-toolchain. Are you sure you're copying the commands correctly?
<peanuts>"View paste AJRA"
<mange>Ah, you missed the crucial line just before that: "package 'gcc' has been superseded by 'gcc-toolchain'". I think the gcc package has been hidden since that blog post, because people would install the gcc package and expect to be able to compile code. I'm not sure of the solution to this, but give me a few minutes to check the mail archives.
<Guique>mange: Sorry, I tried to fit the error message onto one line...
<mange>No worries. :-)
<mange> suggests using libgccjit instead of gcc:lib. That's the best immediate advice I can find.
<peanuts>"Re: How do I install libgcc_s in a container?"
<Guique>mange: Thanks, trying...
<Guique>mange: it gives another error-
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<mange>Hmm. I think that error might be coming from the script you're running, rather than Guix. That's harder for me to help with, sorry.
<Guique>mange: Oh, I see I missed a \.
<liberdade>hello humans out there \o/
<Guique>mange: now only 1 error message: guix shell: error: statfs: : No such file or directory
<liberdade>I want to get rid of xfce
<liberdade>I do 'guix remove xfce'
<singpolyma>Get lxde
<liberdade>and he says its not installed on my profile...I am just starting with guix system
<liberdade>but I am out of space
<liberdade>I am running the qcow2 image
<liberdade>how do I remove xfce??
<liberdade>any ideas?
<mange>liberdade: Is xfce listed in your system's config.scm? If so, you'll have to remove it from there. But doing that won't immediately free up space in your image, you'll also need to run "guix gc".
<liberdade>I want to try Enlightenment
<Guique>singpolyma: do you use lxde?
<Guique>mange: sorry, guess tor browser wont work :(
<Guique>mange: thanks
<liberdade>mange, thanks
<liberdade>how can I see that?
<singpolyma>Guique: everyone in my house and my circle of influence uses lxde. I use dwm and/or qtile
<Guique>singpolyma: interesting, they don't find it too spartan?
<singpolyma>It looks and feels exactly like what they recall from windows so they find it familiar
<singpolyma>I'm sure people raised on windows 11 will find it odd, but I don't know any of those yet
<Guique>singpolyma: mom uses gnome. shes not used to computers at all, she uses tablets all the time
<Guique>singpolyma: haha, what if their computers ran guix? "why is my fan spinning loud?" - "i'm adding a user"
<singpolyma>Yean, no guix for them
<Guique>that'd be hard to make a gui for
<Guique>i wish TTYs were numbered
<Guique>im having the libglesv2 error with dino. it worked under gnome but not under sway
<lilyp>Guique: sounds like a missing input; we have a few of those because many folks just use gnome
<podiki>Guique: it may be this bug which will be fixed soon (on mesa-updates branch in next few days and then hopefully merged to master not long after)
<peanuts>"GTK4 applications broken (missing libGLESv2)"
<Guique>podiki: lilyp: thanks!
<Guest55>I would be good, if dropbox could be open source
<Guest55>Guest55 it is really hard to sync software otherwise
<Guest55>syncthing  is also good, but I need version control
<Guique>Guest55: i havent tried it but what about git-annex?
<Guest55>Guique looks promising , thank you
<gabber>ekaitz: i guess i figured it out by now but i think you may have forgotten to configure your qemu-binfmt-servive-type on your system
<ekaitz>gabber: configure? how do you mean?
<ekaitz>it is already in the config.scm file
<gabber>in that service conf you specify which --system= you want to build for
<gabber>not sure how you could compare the actual qemu versions used in the process, though
<gabber>and i am also not sure which qemu a $(guix time-machine --commit=.. -- build foo --system=..) might use (the current system-wide one from the qemu-binfmt service type or the one from the time-machine)
<ekaitz>that's basically the problem i have
<ekaitz>i don't know which one is being used
<ekaitz>and there's a bug in the current one
<futurile>Guest55: syncthing has 'version control' doesn't it - I seem to recall a setting where it will store versions of files
<gabber>nckx: bummer - i've tried it with the commit i've posted here, my current generation and the current HEAD but i've never gotten that error? the newer commits seem to fail to build gawk-mesboot...
<gabber>ekaitz: the qemu-binfmt-service-type has a (qemu) field, you could patch your own qemu-package (with (inherit qemu) and the wanted (version) field) and pass it to your system configuration and reconfigure
<gabber>i guess that should solve your problem
<gabber>though an upstream fix of qemu (and a bump of the version in Guix) should be preferred
<ekaitz>gabber: i've been researching this a little bit further and it's like the error appears in the -static ouput
<ekaitz>which is the one used by binfmt...
<ekaitz>but yeah that qemu package selection should help
<ekaitz>now i'd like to know which one is being used when i do `guix build ... --system=...`
<ekaitz>the one in binfmt?
<gabber>i assume so
<gabber>if you want to compare your current guix pull to the one your system was configured on you can compare the outputs of $(guix describe) vs $(guix system describe)
<ekaitz>it should be the same because just pulled and reconfigured
<ekaitz>but yeah i'll take a deeper look into it, thanks for the help gabber
<gabber>you're very welcome! btw great work you're doing to the RISC-V bootstrap! and congrats to your hackernews frontpage!
<gabber>and sorry for all the exclamation marks!! ;)
<ekaitz>thank you! it was a team effort
<ekaitz>we'll try to continue to do our best
<ekaitz>anyway, if i don't fix qemu nothing we did can be reproduced in guix
<ekaitz>just sent a patch with qemu updated... if someone wants to apply :)
<futurile>Q: anyone know who admins the guix-devel email list?
<gabber>futurile: i think there's a bunch frequenting #guix in regular intervals
<futurile>gabber: OK thanks, I'll ask a few times today. Need someone to add me to the nonmembers-filter so my emails get through
<ekaitz> <-- please please?
<peanuts>"[PATCH] gnu: qemu: Update to 8.1.2"
<Kabouik>Does anyone have an example of how they allowed USB access to python in their config.scm? I suppose I need an udev rule, but am not sure how to implement that in my existing config.
<gabber>Kabouik: i don't think i understand. are you starting a Python program that needs access to some USB device?
<Kabouik>Yes gabber. I'm actually running it manually for now, but it fails when I try to access USB. I assume it would work as root, but I'd prefer avoiding that.
<Kabouik>libusb1 and python-pyusb are installed.
<gabber>do you see your device with $(lsusb)
<gabber>(if unsure compare the result of the command with and without the device plugged in)
<Kabouik>(I'm sorry I got to go but I'll get back to you in ~1 hour gabber)
<Guest55>futurile thanks, I did not know
<Guest55>I installed sway, but I don't get it as option at the start. any idea
<gabber>Guest55: you might need to set the #:wayland? option to #true (or #t) in your GDM config
<Guest55>gabber where can I find this gdm config
<gabber>if you extend %desktop-services, then modify them to use your adjusted GDM config, otherwise append them to your services (you should be able to find the relevant passages in the reference manual)
<Guest55>gabber that sounds complicate
<gabber>which part? the looking it up in the manual or the configuration adjustment?
<Guest55>gabber I have no idea, how to configure this. like this?
<Guest55>(use-modules (gnu))
<Guest55>(use-service-modules desktop)
<Guest55>  ...
<Guest55>  ;; cons* adds items to the list given as its last argument.
<Guest55>(gdm-configuration (wayland? #t)
<Guest55>gabber I am just guessing
<f1refly>does someone know a pdf viewer where I can remove pages from the document?
<f1refly>i received a presentation where all the intermediate slides are still included and i'd like to delete about 90% of the document
<jackhill>f1refly: I'm not sure I'd recommend it for primary viewing, but pdfarranger is nice
<f1refly>thanks jackhill, ill use that then
<gabber>f1refly: not 100% sure but i think libreoffice can do that
<f1refly>thats good, pdfarrange fails to build :/
<f1refly>i just saw that xournalpp can also do it
<Kabouik>Yes I can see the device from shell gabber, the issue is only when using USB from Python.
<gabber>Kabouik: interesting
<peanuts>"desktop.scm - guix-configuration - Guix configuration for my machines"
<ekaitz>i think you have to be in dialout group for that
<gabber>can you also access it as an unprivileged user?
<ekaitz>if you are not, you can't access the port
<gabber>ACTION is afk for a bit
<ekaitz>Kabouik: an easy trick to know if it's a permission issue is to try with sudo
<Kabouik>I am in the dialout group ekaitz (added it for another device yesterday actually, not for the Python thing I'm talking about today)
<Kabouik>Just to disambiguate, I asked yesterday about the Flipper Zero. This was indeed a dialout issue, and is now solved. The thing today with Python is another topic: running Python code against a Yoctopuce module plugged as USB.
<rekado>what a werid license this is:
<rekado>it’s baffling that licenses like this still exist
<ekaitz>Kabouik: that can be something else
<ekaitz>there is a process that tries to send those devices some AT commands to detect if they are modems
<ekaitz>and those screw up the connection
<ekaitz>Kabouik: check the line 136
<Kabouik>But I believe Yoctopuce devices are seen as HID devices to avoid requiring drivers, and I can work with them nicely when just using the shell commandline. Just got issues with Python code
<mirai>jpoiret: what's the rationale for adding pam to dovecot requirements in 2df5d4fd18a2fbcb8066a50e2da8ec64635f5162 ?
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<mirai>nckx: re 892f1b7273d57b25940700877a02618fe826cc08, are <inferior-packages> equivalent to a regular <package> save for the predicate?
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<futurile>Q: anyone around with admin access to guix-devel who can add me to nonmembers-filer so my emails get through (I read it via public-inbox) ?
<futurile>*non-members filter even
<jackhill>f1refly: well, it wasn't a quick fix, so I opened about the pdfarranger problem.
<peanuts>"python-pikepdf showing wrong version in egg"
<rekado>jackhill: this is a known problem (to me at least)
<rekado>jackhill: I worked around this a couple of times
<rekado>there should be some commits to packages using the pyproject-build-system that fix that problem
<rekado>jackhill: commit f7c6d31e33167a64351c805c857e5727c7c3db4b is one example
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<jackhill>rekado: ah, thank you. That does indeed fix it. I'll send a patch later
<jackhill>rekado: f1refly: patch submitted:
<peanuts>"python-pikepdf showing wrong version in egg"
<jackhill>looks like pdfarranger can be updated too, but that requires additional adjustments
<f1refly>jackhill: very nice, i already used xournalpp for my task, but great you fixed is this quickly :)
<jlicht>cbaines: thanks for kickstarting some more builds for the aarch64 node stuff
<jackhill>f1refly: cool, glad you were able to get your work done
<Lumine>Hello, I'm getting "guix pull: error: Git error: malformed URL ''" when I try to do a pull for some reason
<Lumine>It's updating the channel from
<Lumine>And nothing else
<gabber>Lumine: you didn't configure any additional channels?
<Lumine>No I didn't
<gabber>strange. and trying that again throws the same error?
<Lumine>Yup, this is a new one to me
<Lumine>I've tried four times now
<jpoiret>mirai: i don't remember off the top of my head but I guess dovecot itself wants to use pam?
<Lumine>I can't see how tampering with resolv.conf would affect a malformed URL for guix pull either, since that's the only network related action I did recently, where I changed some nameservers. gabber
<jpoiret>I don't remember exactly how I arrived at the list of services that need it
<Lumine>But it's now in the default nameservers
<jpoiret>Lumine: is that the only thing in the output?
<Lumine>jpoiret: yes, after "Updating channel 'guix' from Git repository at ''..."
<Lumine>Normal git cloning seems to work
<jpoiret>what's your `guix describe`?
<peanuts>"View paste C5XQ"
<jpoiret>Lumine: weird, I don't have this error and I'm on a later commit
<jpoiret>can you try maybe deleting the cache at ~/.cache/guix/checkouts/?
<Lumine>Just everything from that directory?
<jpoiret>you can try finding the one checkout of the guix repo in there
<jpoiret>some of them look like it, some of them don't :)
<Lumine>jpoiret: it's pulling now! Thank you!
<jpoiret>you've never interacted with those directories, correct?
<jpoiret>yet another argument against using libgit2 then
<jpoiret>it keeps borking our checkouts, as well as never gc'ing/repacking
<MiPMrnP>Hello friendly people. I wanted to ask if registration to the GUIX HPC conference in Montpellier is still open?
<rekado>MiPMrnP: it would seem so. The Registration link at still works.
<Lumine>ACTION is happy now with latest commit
<apteryx>github is down, but savannah still runs! haha
<alxsim>speaking of the GUIX HPC conference, do you know if access to the live streams require registration? or will this be publically available?
<alxsim>nevermind, found the info in the program
<alxsim>a link will be put there
<pastor>Hi. Is it possible to check If a mail sent to `guix-devel <>` has gone through?. I've sent it 2h ago but it does not appear on the mailing list
<Guest43>guix plus emacs plus i3, I just think, I should use sway as well
<ieure>E X 👏 👏 W M 👏 👏
<Lumine>Guest43: I just created that exact setup for myself since last week, X11 though
<Lumine>I used to run EXWM
<the_tubular22>Anyone is able to run EXWM inside a nested wayland session ?
<ieure>I still do, it's good stuff. My dad asked me to download something, then said "it should be on the desktop." And I had to tell him "I don't have a desktop, dad. It's a failed metaphor."
<lilyp>pastor if its' your first time posting, you need to go through manual review
<pastor>lilyp: I did respond to other messages in the past. Should not be the first time
<Guest43>Lumine nice nice, I had exwm as well, but it was too buggy for me
<Guest43>Lumine other than that, I love exwm
<pastor>lilyp: is it not manually reviewed for responses as well?
<lilyp>in that case it should show up after some waiting
<Lumine>Guest43: kind of same with me, it was cumbersome with some stuff, with i3 most of my problems just vanished
<Lumine>Actually I have zero problems as of today, the only thing that is a mystery to me is how can a web browser's DNS queries reset resolv-conf which is managed by Proton to its default nameservers. I'm sure you could fix it with dnscrypt or dnsmasq but I don't know enough about those yet.
<nckx>pastor: I've approved your mails. I don't get the 'responses' comment.
<nckx>2h is really not a delay worth reporting when meatpersons are involved, unless you've successfully delivered mail to the same list before. Oh, and if you haven't subscribed in the meantime, due to a quirk in Mailman moderation.
<nckx>ACTION approves another mail to that list that doesn't reach my threshold for devnulling, but probably should not have been sent.
<nckx>futurile: Nonmembers aren't moderated more strictly. Why do you think you're moderated?
<nckx>If your messages are consistently not being delivered, PM me your address.
<futurile>nckx: OK - my message didn't show up yesterday (but someone replying to it did show up) - it shows now - thank-you. I just assumed it was due to me not being a member.
<nckx>If your message didn't 'show up' (in the archives?) but someone got it, then you for sure were not moderated.
<nckx>Removing delivered messages from the archives is a last-resort measure that we don't resort to, well, sooner.
<futurile>nckx: I think they replied to the direct email I sent; but yes - I was looking in the archive etc.
<nckx>Ah, you CC'd them? Sorry, I misunderstood.
<nckx>I just approved about 6 messages when I sent my first line above. Maybe yours was one of them.
<futurile>nckx: ACK all-good - thanks for doing it
<nckx>mirai: I can't answer that with certainty. Did you notice a mismatch?
<mirai>haven't tested anything yet, though I'm inclined to tweak the predicate used to accept both
<mirai>at least within define-configuration contexts
<mirai>am reworking dovecot service atm
<nckx>If you mean tweak PACKAGE?, I don't think that's OK, but I assume you mean add a new ('package-like object'? :) one and am all for it.
<mirai>the latter
<nckx>Makes sense IMO.
<futurile>I'm packaging a tool that you use with git - a new version of StackedGit - should git be a 'propagated input' since you need git installed to use StGit
<nckx>Can it be wrapped?
<nckx>Or is it a git subcommand like lfs and... the other thing? If so, how do they do it?
<nckx>Annex. I meant git-annex.
<stikonas>anybody else seeing build failures in curl-8.4.0a ?
<peanuts>"debian Pastezone"
<nckx>Different derivation though.
<nckx>Guix 2059b9fbe0712e070b6e438b91484c170bf599ff.
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<futurile>nckx: stg is the 'porcelain' command (so you do 'stg new' to create a new patch), but to create a new branch, to create a new patch - to use it generally - it's expecting to find 'git' in the environment. I just tested this by creating a shell with nothing in it but the command, and for many commands it says `could not execute git`. So it's essentially useless without git in the env.
<futurile>nckx: so as a newbie packager I think that means I should add git as a propagated input?
<nckx>(Anyone not a newbie knows what's coming, since I'm notoriously anti-propagation whenever it can be avoided. ;-)
<nckx>Propagation is the easiest way to make stg find git, but it's not the only one. All that the error message (probably) means is that git wasn't in $PATH. You can create a wrapper using wrap-program that will add <git>/bin to $PATH and then exec stg.
<nckx>ACTION interrupted, away.
<futurile>nckx: OK. Don't know enough yet, to know why you don't like propagation - I will go look in the mail list archives. And, see if I can find an easy example of the wrap program kind of usage.
<futurile>nckx: guess it's going to be along the lines of 'massive ball of looping dependencies'
<stikonas>oh well, now curl has built, probably some intermittent failure...