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<daviid>fully buzzword compatible
<luke-jr>`guix reconfigure system` tries to update guix from some non-existent /home/ludo path - how can I get past this?
<vagrantc>luke-jr: normally "guix system reconfigure" is passed an argument for the configuration file to use...
<luke-jr>yes, I have that along with --no-substitutes etc
<vagrantc>having never seen the behavior you are describing, and not having the entire commandline arguments or configuration file, one can only make wild guesses :)
<luke-jr>I'm using the 1.4.0 VM image
<Kolev>What app can read ebooks? I use GNOME.
<luke-jr>guix system reconfigure config.scm --no-substitutes --no-grafts --no-offload -c 4 -M 4 -v 2 --keep-going
<vagrantc>Kolev: i like foliate, but apparently not yet packaged for guix
<luke-jr>config.scm is mostly copied from /run/current-system/configuration.scm
<mrh57>Alright I have built croc (, but doing so required building 15 other Go dependencies. It seems like a generally good package people would want so I'd like to contribute it to guix, but I've never made a contribution via emailing a patch, let alone to guix at all. Advice on good practices?
<peanuts>"GitHub - schollz/croc: Easily and securely send things from one computer to another :package:"
<luke-jr>does this mean nobody really uses the VM image? <.<
<Kolev>What's the VM image for?
<luke-jr>I don't understand the question
<Kolev>I myself don't know what people use the VM for.
<luke-jr>using guix
<radio>My bug report about empty binaries now has a number:
<peanuts>"#66849 - correct hash but empty binaries - GNU bug report logs"
<radio>I discovered multiple packages having the problem of empty binaries, as I updated on the bug report
<Kolev>How well does zfs work on Guix?
<the_tubular>Not officially supported, but it works Kolev, but
<the_tubular>IT DOESNT MATTER
<the_tubular>BCACHEFS IS HERE!
<luke-jr>the_tubular: TBD
<the_tubular>raid 6 built in the kernel :D
<the_tubular>(That works)
<saravia>question, exists a wm more lightweight of oroborus?
<voroskoi>I am not familiar with how things go here, can I somehow help the process of including ?
<peanuts>"[PATCH 00/14] Add LLVM 16 and 17."
<futurile>Morning all
<attila_lendvai>why is still not merged? (add the cirrus vga driver to the installer to support installing on some VPS)
<peanuts>"Menu-based installer unusable through noVNC"
<nckhexen>attila_lendvai: Who knows? I'll apply it (or an equivalent fix) when I get home.
<attila_lendvai>nckx, i guess things like this gets forgotten... thanks for taking care of it! (also, any news on that lost patch of yours that allows setting discard for lusk/cryptsetup? :)
<nckx>Baby steps, like getting my laptop to boot first.
<tux1c>im not sure if this classifies as a guix question, or as a nix question (im running nix package manager on top of guixSD) - but is there a comprehensive guide to share dbus with nix packages from guix?
<attila_lendvai>nckx, heh :) when dealing with the cirrus driver, make sure it's not an issue if "cirrus" gets twice in the list for whatever reason.
<nckx>It's not an issue, but it would bug me enough to make sure it isn't.
<Guest50>how am I able to update from emacs 29.1 to 29.2 in guix
<lilyp> --with-source=emacs= ?
<Guest50>lilyp --with-source=emacs= from which commant is this an option of
<lilyp>build, package, shell, …
<Guest50>lilyp how does it work exactly. I am have never done this before
<lilyp>--with-source=PACKAGE=SOURCE fetches the source for PACKAGE from the specified SOURCE URI
<lilyp>note however, that patches etc. aren't applied
<lilyp>thus, stuff like native-comp will likely break, since we need a patch for that
<Guest50>lilyp package --with-source=emacs=
<Guest50>lilyp is this correct?
<lilyp>you still need to specify emacs itself via -i emacs, for example
<Guest50>Is there a disadvantage of using flatpak  in guix ?
<Guest50>of course only free software
<mekeor>hello guix :)
<lilyp>Well, the general caveats of flatpak apply, otherwise the setup is the same as on any distro that doesn't do flatpak on its own.
<lilyp>You're also restricted to user-local flatpaks, but that much ought to be obvious.
<Guest50>lilyp so I could not install a flatpak program vla configuration.Is that a disadvantage?
<lilyp>Only if you value being able to recover your system from a text file.
<lilyp>(Arguably the whole point of using Guix to some.)
<Guest50>lilyp unfortunately, I need some programs, that are only packaged there
<Guest50>which is the best way to autotstart a program at startup?
<lilyp>depends on your circumstances, but I like to manage it with a user instance of shepherd
<nckx>attila_lendvai: Might not be today, I'm still stuck in an initrd (it's a comfy initrd with weechat & Doom, I'm fine), but I didn't forget.
<nckx>bcachefs ate my data.
<Guest50>lilyp actually I need it only when i3  starts
<Guest50>lilyp what would you use,  if you would not be able  to use shepherd?
<lilyp>in your case whatever i3 provides for init stuff?
<nckx>exec [--no-startup-id] whatever?
<nckx>You can have as many of those as you want (it's not the final sh 'exec' of xinitrc fame).
<Guest50>nckx can I xinitrc as well
<nckx>I can't say, I never tried.
<lilyp>the file is ~/.config/i3/config
<nckx>I'm sure the answer is yes but I don't know how easy it is.
<lilyp>(does i3 honour XDG_CONFIG_HOME?)
<Guest50>lilyp yes
<Guest50>lilyp  is there a third option. I just would like to create a . file and then execute it
<janneke>how do i find the sshd_config file that's in use? previously, herd status sshd and cat /proc/<sshd-pid>/environ used to do it
<nckx>There is option 1.5, add 'exec bash ~/.my-secret-dotfile' to your i3 config.
<old>I wonder what is the typical workflow if you have a fix for package P that you require right now
<old>You send the patch to, but in the mean time how one would use the patches package?
<lilyp>That's the nice thing about guix. You can write your package definition locally (think of manifest.scm) and use it already :)
<old>I typically define a new package with the fix applies in my own channel, but I was wondering if there is other options
<lilyp>That also works
<old>lilyp: right manifest could do it!
<old>Just inherit the package and change some arguments
<Kabouik>Is anyone using a Flipper Zero with their Guix system? The qflipper software is not packaged, and one convenient way would just be to use Chrome with the serial/USB connection as on, but I think because of how Guix works, this fails because Chrome cannot access local files/systems/configs.
<Kabouik>I expect an issue similar to that one:
<peanuts>"Connecting Flipper to via Connect button - #11 by maqumih - Web App - Flipper Forum"
<mirai>janneke: herd config sshd ?
<gabber`>is there a reason i can't create a dir/copy a file to /efi/boot when i initialize a partition? what/who denies my permission?
<gabber`>also: how dare they? and: what's the equivalent of `sudo do-this-anyway`?
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>I need to remind you, the website translations need some love:
<roptat>Unless your native language is English, French, Slovak or Korean, we need your help!
<roptat>(because these 4 languages are at 100%)
<roptat>any Chinese, Czech, German, Japanese, Lithuanian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Spanish or Esperanto speaker? It would be less than 5 minutes work to get back to 100%!
<gabber`>5' ?
<gabber`>challenge accepted
<Lumine>ACTION looks at the Finnish section
<Lumine>Give me 5 years
<gabber`>ok. how do i translate "Maxim Cournoyer"?
<gabber`>ACTION is kidding - of course
<gabber`>more seriously: why is this a translatable string?
<roptat>good question, translatable strings should be specifically marked, so a person's name should not have been marked for translation...
<nckx>gabber`: Who is initialising /efi/boot, how, and what is /efi/boot anyway? (I've heard of /boot/efi, and /efi for people who yearn to be different, but /efi/boot is new to me.)
<gabber`>roptat: the only two German strings were names (i suggested "translations" but i guess they shouldn't be in there in the first place)
<roptat>gabber`, ah, so it must be the same for the other languages
<gabber`>nckx: grub-efi-netboot seems to think that /efi/boot is something to care about
<roptat>what's weird is that the exact string "Maxim Cournoyer" doesn't exist in the source it seems
<gabber`>but - having given all of that as-complicated-as-possible - bootchain jazz some thoughts i think i'm going with writing my own disk-image-installer #~(lambda* _)™
<nckx>gabber`: Oh no that thing again.
<roptat>ah no, I had an old version
<gabber`>nckx: WDYM again
<roptat>I think I'll just remove them, wdyt?
<gabber`>it's *still* the same horror (even though spooktober has ended)
<nckx>gabber`: This is our second foray into grub-efi-bootloader, no? Otherwise, if it was someone else, it's my second encounter in as many weeks.
<nckx>Ah :)
<gabber`>nono, it's me alright
<gabber`>on the bright side, as soon as i finish this and bring some light into my deep-dive on the topic i swear i'll write some patches for: code comments, reference manual and (hopefully) a blog post
<roptat>didn't wait for you, pushed the change
<nckx>So it's GRUB that is trying to create a file(?) in /efi/boot and getting EPERM? Or literally you?
<gabber`>literally me
<nckx>What do you mean by 'initialise' here?
<gabber`>i'm trying to either set the right variables in grub (i have no clue how i could do) or: write a grub.cfg where GRUB actually expects a file to be so i can make it parse the file where it actually is
<nckx>Are you using some mkfs to copy files during creation?
<gabber`>by initialize i mean the #~(lambda) i pass to the (initializer) field of the partition record
<nckx>Can you share the configuration that fails?
<gabber`>my grub says: prefix=(hd0,msdos1)/efi/boot . my actual grub.cfg is at (hd0,msdos2)/boot/grub/grub.cfg - so i figured the easiest part would be to write a tiny grub.cfg at the former location pointing to the latter
<nckx>Sounds familiar.
<gabber`>et voilà: . i do $(guix system image that-file.scm --system=aarch64-linux) (on commit c4886c0cb608e1b36969f195eb2f7ea25a37ac89 if that should matter)
<peanuts>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<roptat>ok, so Chinese, Czech, German, Japanese, Lithuanian, Turkish and Ukrainian are now back to 100% :D
<nckx>Drat, I forgot that I don't have qemu set up on this server.
<roptat>next step is where only French, English, German and Slovak are at 100% ;)
<gabber`>*sad trombone noises*
<gabber`>nckx: i think you can do a native compilation (although guix ignore's the image's arch and then produces x86_64 specific EFI binaries which won't boot) -- but since you don't try to create something bootable.....
<nckx>Worth a try. Thanks.
<nckx>make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'include/efivar/efivar-guids.h', needed by 'prep'. Stop.
<ama-foo>hi :) the python script fails and complains about libcrypto not found
<peanuts>"GitHub - LineageOS/update_verifier"
<ama-foo>anybody pointers about python ffi?
<f1refly>how can i choose which gpg pinentry program is used? currenty, gpg seems to default to pinentry-curses, which complains when i need to enter my password in my git plugin in nvim.
<f1refly>pinentry-curses is nice, but for that case i need pinentry-tty. it would be even better if the pinentry program would be chosen appropriately for the occasion
<f1refly>i tried reading up on how to set the pinentry properly but its all very confusing
<futurile>firefly: I recently ran into something along these lines - it led me to investigating a env variable that can be set - the best explanation is this one:
<Kolev>Hikari failed to install.
<rekado>Kolev: the first time it failed in May:
<peanuts>"Build 1313951"
<rekado>it also shows you what changed since the previous successful build
<f1refly>thanks futurile ill check it out. im always a bit reluctant to put custom scripts in my gpg setup but maybe ill reconsider
<pastor>guys. Is our mesa@23.1.4 missing compiled wierdly? Does any of you have the `glBindTextureUnit' symbol on ``?
<pastor>You can check with the following command:
<pastor>`nm -gD /gnu/store/...-mesa-23.1.4/lib/ | grep glBindTextureUnit`
<pastor>The release notes of mesa@23.1.4 says that it implements OpenGL@4.6 which should provide `glBindTextureUnit`
<ekaitz>hi, i have a quick question regarding emulation here. Can I guix build whatever --system=... and decide which qemu should it use?
<ekaitz>context: an specific qemu version has a bug, breaks all our bootstrapping scripts :)
<ekaitz>and it's weird because the one that runs by default fails but if I use `guix shell qemu` doesn't
<ekaitz>and I don't think i `guix pull`ed in between my last reconfigure and now