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<Guest96>As far as I can tell, the only "benefit" with Heisenbridge is that it only generates one user in IRC to funnel all matrix messages. I assume this is desirable, so I will proceed with investigating packaging Heisenbridge.
<mroh>Guest96: I use heisenbridge on my (guix)homeserver. The main benefit is, imho: It doesnt stop working for days as the official appservice does, sometimes.
<alxsim>Hi, is it expected that a first time email sent to help-guix 6 hours ago still didn't go through? Is there a filtering for first time posters or did something go wrong?
<Guest96>alxsim: I have definitely had it take a while. I think it depends on some manual process when someone gets around to it, though I'm sure at least one such person lurks here
<alxsim>Thanks, just wondering if it went to some sort of spam box
<ulfvonbelow>is clisp failing to build for anyone else?
<podiki>Guest96`: i use heisenbridge and found it pretty flawless so far, much better than the appservice bridge matrix used
<podiki>if we wanted to bridge it, we would need to run the bridge on the matrix server, unless it can be hosted remotely maybe?
<TehBoss>is there a package for bottom:
<TehBoss>and if not then how do i write a package to install the binaries from a tar archive
<TehBoss>i downloaded the archive with the binary but i cannot run it
<anadon>Texmaker building using LuaLaTeX fails at `/home/anadon/.guix-profile/share/texmf-dist/tex/latex/fontawesome/fontawesome.sty:46` with `! Package fontspec Error: The font "FontAwesome" cannot be found.For immediate help type H <return>.->\tex_errmessage:D Package fontspec Error: The font "FontAwesome" cannot be found.^^J^^JFor immediate help type H
<anadon><return>\use_none:n`.  Is this a bug?
<anadon> Weird, got knocked off.
<anadon>Is there a reply I missed?
<bdju>trying out bsnes (snes emulator) and there seems to be no sound. is that a known issue?
<bdju>and pcsxr (ps1 emulator) fails to build still, I think I reported an issue with that a few months ago maybe
<bdju>I wonder if it just needs to be updated like the dolphin-emu issue
<bdju> here's the pcsxr build log with the failure
<lilyp>bdju: a not really well-described linking error? yeah, won't look at that until someone debugs it in `guix build -K`
<bdju>I guess lack of good info explains why it's been broken a while. maybe I'll see later if I can figure out how to do that guix build thing. I don't think I've done that before
<bdju>okay looks like -K is "keep build tree of failed builds"
<lilyp>yeah, once you've done that, you can experiment with the linker in the kept build directory – it might give you a cleaner error
<adanska>hi guix!
<anadon>hi world!
<ulfvonbelow>it looks like adding "--with-threads=POSIX_THREADS" to clisp broke the tests
<zamfofex>Hello, Guix! I’ve been working on a (very simple) chess engine that I hope to be able to package to Guix eventually. It uses neural networks, though, so I have a few questions! The network is fairly small (1.2kB or so), would that be able to be included verbatim?
<zamfofex>If not, I can likely write a program to generate a network reproducibly, but it would probably use pre‐generated evaluations for positions from an existing engine like Stockfish. Would that be fine? Finally, I could write a simple HCE for it ultimately.
<zamfofex>By “generate”, in this case I mean “train”.
<nckhexen>Guest96`: Code quality. The single IRC user thing is terrible, to the point that I'd consider it disruptive if a large number of users used one heisenbridge, but if it's just your instance it's not an issue.
<nckhexen>And large is like, >2.
<lilyp>zamfofex: if you generate your network reproducibly from a pre-generated (assumed non-reproducible) network, how much of a benefit is there to it?
<zamfofex>Well, it wouldn’t be generated from a “network” per se, more so by its results (which is just one integer per chess position). The idea would be to take an existing database of positions (in my case, a recent month of the Lichess database), filter by games with evaluations, and then train on that.
<zamfofex>The benefit is that it would allow for people to train on whichever games they might want, granted they have a way to bootstrap the evaluations somehow (perhaps using some HCE, if they would like, or just Stockfish). I’m trying to avoid having to bootstrap the evaluations myself, though.
<zamfofex>This is the Lichess database, for the sake of reference:
<zamfofex>lilyp: There is a sample of how one game with evaluations look like: I think this is much less opaque to understand than an actual neural network (though you need many more of them to establish a neural network yourself).
<anadon>zamfofex If you're using pseudo-random with tight controls on concurrent execution such that it is tractably mappable to a fully serialized execution which is the same each time, then you're golden.
<anadon>Any chaos in any of that, and then you'd have to hard code, more or less, the trained network as "special sauce".  Which works, but in the highest level isn't compatible with the understandability which Guix stands for.  That said, that is really, and I mean really, pedantic argument here so, eh, go for it.
<zamfofex>anadon: Yes, I’m planning to write custom code for training, probably in C, maybe Python. Though the source of the training data being an existing engine’s neural networks (which is not easily/practically reproducible) is what makes me feel unsure whether it is fine (as lilyp pointed out).
<anadon>I've made a ANN before.  They can be reproducible.  They typically aren't because sheer speed is preferred over tighter control over concurrency.
<anadon>Now, I have far too much on my plate to look at code, let alone submit patches.  It is also 1AM here and I have work in the morning.  Peacing out.
<seeg123456>hello! could someone point me how could I start developing a Guile FFI for a C library? In particular I want libgeotiff. I created a simple manifest in Guile with "guile", "libgeotiff", fired up 'guix shell -D', started guile and used (dynamic-link "libgeotiff") but i'm getting that "" is not found
<sneek>Welcome back seeg123456, you have 1 message!
<sneek>seeg123456, nckx says: Mail approved!
<efraim>apteryx: I found another package giving me problems, perl-xml-xpath. I can't get it to build by just switching the ordering of the phases
<nckhexen>isaneran: Stale response, but 'VISUAL=echo guix edit hello'.
<isaneran>wrong person?
<nckhexen>Don't think so?
<nckhexen>Maybe tho'.
<isaneran>what did I ask?
<nckhexen>Told ya it be stale.
<isaneran>ah yeah
<isaneran>that's a good trick
<isaneran>should be in the manual for people who wanna implement tools for implementing emacs-guix like frontends
<isaneran>though I don't actually know the VISUAL env var somehow
<kitty1>yo, hows it been?
<nckhexen>isaneran: It's the (higher-priority) twin of $EDITOR, from the days where you couldn't assume that the latter wasn't 'ed'...
<nckhexen>ACTION offers kitty1 some catnip, runs away.
<kitty1>ACTION niffs it and spins
<nckhexen>(So, to be clear, there's nothing Guix-specific about it.)
<isaneran>yeah I assumed it was some posix or linux thing
<isaneran>or could be GNU
<nckhexen>ACTION often uses VISUAL=cat git commit -a --amend
<nckhexen>'Historical Unix' I'd say, dunno if POSIX standardised it.
<isaneran>but cool! learned something new :)
<nckhexen>My brain is full of such trivial cruft, always happy to find an unsuspecting victim.
<kitty1>nckhexen: mood, I just went to check out here while trying to figure out some things unrelated to guix haha
<seeg123456>ok, still 2 questions: 1. how do i get where the derivation is stored, say in guix repl? 2. how can i get a LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var? (in 'guix shell --search-paths' I only get PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH)
<seeg123456>ok well at least that works when i 'guix install libgeotiff' and point LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib
<futurile>Morning everyone
<futurile>Oh my - guix-devel's thread about decreasing cognitive overhead must win for biggest thread ever!
<bumble>good morning
<efraim>good news, I managed to recover my debian install on my ppc so now I can go back to building packages there
<civodul>efraim: ppc32, right?
<efraim>civodul: yep!
<civodul>neat :-)
<efraim>I have a second one in my drawer, need to find another 1GB ram module
<civodul>those machines were rock-solid
<efraim>Now that I know how to boot from USB on one I might have to actually make a Guix image to boot from USB for it
<efraim>I'm pretty sure that with boot-from-USB directly from the open firmware I don't need to mess around with mac partitions and blessing grub
<civodul>is that an Apple G3?
<efraim>its a G4
<efraim>laptop, so I'm limited to 1.5GB of ram
<snape>hm QR code is not displaying on Icecat
<snape>anyone  having this issue?
<efraim>it might have something to do with fingerprinting in the browser being turned off
<snape>fixed: there is a small button on which one must click and allow "HTML5 canvas image data" which may be used to uniquely identify my computer
<snape>funny: git send-email works in any dir but crashes in my guix checkout
<snape>scheme crash that is.. with (primitive-load "/home/clement/src/guix/etc/teams.scm")
<snape>seems like "make" will modify my .git/config to add bugged scheme code
<snape>or at least code that needs some environment
<gabber`>there is specific guix git configurations in guix/.git/config
<gabber`>which include guix/etc/git/gitconfig
<snape>which in turns includes etc/teams.scm yh
<gabber`>i think it tries to execute that command, not include it (into git config)
<snape>but it crashes
<gabber`>can you execute $(./etc/teams.scm cc-members-header-cmd) from your source checkout?
<snape>no it crashes
<snape>it requires (guix ui)
<snape>can't find it
<gabber`>this should be defined within the source tree
<gabber`>i have no problem executing it
<gabber`>if it doesn't find appropriate members for your patch(es) it should print no output (and still return 0)
<snape>it crashes because it can't find (guix ui) and if I run ./pre-inst-env, it crashes because it can't find (git)
<gabber`>what environment are you in?
<snape>guix environment guix --ad-hoc git:send-email -- ./pre-inst-env etc/teams.scm
<snape>works though
<snape>sounds like a lot of stuff to just send an email
<gabber`>yeah, so git isn't in the environment (or shell) you tried that before
<snape>maybe we should add that in the docs
<snape>because it's not obvious
<gabber`>it seems to work in a $(guix shell -D guix --pure) though
<snape>y, plus pre-inst-env
<gabber`>snape: are you saying "why" all the time? or what does that "y" mean?
<snape>except that in that case "send-email" is not a git command
<snape>so it doesn't work
<snape>y = yes
<gabber`>never seen that abbreviation -- if i say "y" out loud (in english) it clearly is a "why" (:
<gabber`>ok, so add git:send-email to the shell like so: $(guix shell -D guix git:send-email --pure)
<gabber`>and yes, IMHO any inconsistencies and unclear formulations should be fixed in the documentation
<snape>indeed, it seems I use "y" wrongly
<snape>i'll use "yes" from now on ^^
<snape>mb i'm not native
<snape>indeed, it works now
<snape>(and in my case --pure is not necessary)
<gabber`>you may also use any synonyms (like: arr, aye, yea, yassuh, affirmative, yeppers, yeesh, uh huh, mhm, positive, ...)
<snape>git:send-email would be best before -D I guess
<gabber`>--pure is not necessary, but ensures that the same shell works also on other machines/other environments
<gabber`>so it is highly recommended to integrate in your dayly work-flow (:
<snape>hmm I wonder why `guix shell guile-git -- guile <(echo "(use-modules (git))")` doesn't work
<civodul>snape: try “guix shell guile guile-git”
<civodul>that’ll define the search paths appropriately
<snape>yes i just did it, and it works indeed
<gabber`>because you make guile interpret `(echo "(use-modules (git))")` which makes not much sense
<snape>gabber`: it's bash's "Process substitution"
<snape>civodul, thanks for the link
<snape>so `guix shell guile guile-git guile-gcrypt git git:send-email --pure -- ./pre-inst-env git send-email` works too
<snape>probably `guix shell git:send-email -D guix --pure -- ./pre-inst-env git send-email` is better
<snape>the fun thing is that `git:send-email` here is mandatory even though it is in my profile, because `-D guix` overrides it
<snape>(without `--pure`)
<snape> so I'm thinking about this change
<f1refly>my xdg-open opens chromium for http urls, but I'd like it to use firefox. When trying to change the setting with xdg-settings set default-web-browser firefox.desktop it tells me that it cannot find the .desktop file. I know that there is one in ~/.guix-profile/share/applications, so the issue seems to be that xdg doesn't know about this path
<f1refly>Does someone know what path I'm missing in my environment?
<snape>f1refly: check XDG_DATA_DIRS
<f1refly>I did, but $HOME/.guix-profile/share is included there :(
<f1refly>it's set to /home/###/.config/guix/current/share:/home/###/.guix-profile/share:/run/current-system/profile/share
<snape>f1refly, did you restart your session?
<f1refly>You mean since updating the last time?
<f1refly>I think so, but I can try again later
<snape>also well it depends on how you add it to XDG_DATA_DIRS
<snape>should probably be in ~/.profile
<snape>well I meant did you restart after you added $HOME/.guix-profile/share to XDG_DATA_DIRS yes
<f1refly>it's been in the path all along
<snape>how do you add in path?
<f1refly>eval "$(guix package --search-paths -p $HOME/.config/guix/current -p $HOME/.guix-profile -p /run/current-system/profile)" in my .profile
<snape>is firefox installed in your profile?
<snape>(sorry dumb questions, but I have no clue ^^)
<f1refly>$(which firefox) yields $HOME/.guix-profile/firefox
<f1refly>so... I'm not sure, actually?
<f1refly>It isn't in my system configuration, so I guess it has to be installed in my profile, yeah
<snape>well first of all it should yield $HOME/.guix-profile/bin/firefox
<snape>or you forgot "bin" ?
<f1refly>yes, I didn't copy it and forgot the /bin
<snape>i don't know.... maybe try with Icecat
<snape>and see if it works better
<f1refly>I will
<f1refly>After installing icecat both icecat and firefox work
<Zambyte>Does anyone have experience with setting up a Hugo site on Guix? When I try to install a theme from GitHub, I get a certificate error. I can git clone the theme just fine though. I have the nss-certs package installed in my system config, so that's not it.
<lechner>Zambyte / what are the command and the error message you get, please?
<gabber`>Zambyte: what happens when you "try to install"? can you curl or wget the appropriate file(s)?
<Zambyte>To install I added path = '' under the module.imports section in my hugo.toml, and I try to run hugo mod get. I get an error saying: fatal: unable to access '': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: none CRLfile: none
<Zambyte>I will double check with curl + wget but I suspect that will work
<lechner>Zambyte / maybe something like this?
<Zambyte>If I try to curl it, it says the page is moved with http 301. If I try to wget it, I get the html of the github page without any cert error.
<Zambyte>lechner: My $SSL_CERT_DIR is /run/current-system/profile/etc/ssl/certs
<Zambyte>and $SSL_CERT_FILE is /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
<lechner>curl works here
<Zambyte>I was curling the .git since that is what is trying to be cloned
<isaneran>what's the uh, standard way to write a shell script in guix? lol
<isaneran>I can't just say #!/bin/sh right?
<Zambyte>isaneran: You can, that file is there on guix
<isaneran>oh ok!
<isaneran>that's good to know
<Zambyte>That is bash in posix mode though, if you want full bash you should do #!/usr/bin/env bash
<isaneran>then my followup to that, I wanna add $HOME/.local/bin to my path. And I am using guix home, so can I just use the simple service and the environment variable service type and do ("PATH" . "$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH") or will that mess up something about guix magic that I can't figure out
<lechner>isaneran / my favorite is #!/usr/bin/env sh although life is too short for that. please consider #!/usr/bin/env guile
<isaneran>yeah that's the one I found in the manual, so it was what I wrote for the moment
<isaneran>I do like making guile scripts too
<lechner>i have seen shell scripts that contain more quoting characters than meaningful text, especially when piping to sed
<isaneran>I haven't tried setting up pipes with guile
<lechner>i am not sure folks do. people usually slurp into a variable but guile does not make that easy, actually
<isaneran>actually there is (ice-9 popen)
<isaneran>(pipeline "cmd1" "cmd2" ...)
<isaneran>ah wait no
<isaneran>it should be a list
<isaneran>a list of lists
<gabber`>i'm running into "ERROR: Did not find a cmdline Flattened Device Tree" with my custom aarch64 image trying to boot into Guix from U-Boot. if i load the FDT (the one from /gnu/store/<hash>-linux-libre-arm64-generic-6.4.16) manually i can access it with the u-boot command `fdt` and it looks good.. is my extlinux.conf faulty?
<isaneran>'(("cmd" "arg") ("cmd2" "arg"))
<isaneran>that's fairly usable I suppose
<lechner>isaneran / thanks for that pointer!
<isaneran>7.2.10 Pipes if you wanna read about it in the manual!
<lechner>i was just there :)
<lechner>ACTION loves the info reader
<isaneran>it is nice once you figure it out
<isaneran>especially searching through the index
<lechner>yes, "i" or, without vertico, "I"
<lechner>it shows a menu right away
<isaneran>how I have never heard of this
<isaneran>yt-dlpd for later viewing
<isaneran>hmm it doesn't seem like my PATH variable trick worked
<gabber`>isaneran: have you logged out and back in?
<gabber`>(or, to just try it, log in on another console/ssh)
<isaneran>nah, but I tried using . .guix-home/activate
<isaneran>ah no actually, bash -l worked!
<f3n1x>hi guixers! newbie here... i'm a little bit confused, while using guix-home how i add a newline to my .bashrc ? i mean... in which path sould i look it for ? thanks, thanks, thanks
<Zambyte>f3n1x: in your home config you should have a service of type home-bash-service-type. You can use that to edit your .bashrc
<lechner>it would look like this
<lechner>might, rather
<f3n1x>oh, thX... let me See !
<f3n1x>ACTION is the line to be added... to modify the prompt : PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]0;${USER}@${HOSTNAME}: ${PWD}\007"'
<f3n1x>oh, and if... say that for now, i just want to test the 'new '.bashrc' , before adding it to guix-home supervision ?
<gabber`>$(guix home container) ?
<lechner>something like bash -c ? (or whatever the option is)
<lechner>does changing the prompt really require backtick execution?
<gabber`>you should be able to simply set your PS1 variable
<f3n1x> nice to know !
<lechner>f3n1x / it's bash --rcfile
<lechner>just exit with C-d
<mirai>efraim: re perl-xml-xpath, perhaps it has to do with (add-after 'wrap 'wrap-xpath …) ?
<efraim>mirai: I tried it as-is and with switching them
<mirai>I used 'wrap though idk if perl-build-system actually has 'wrap
<mirai>try renaming 'wrap to something that exists (e.g. 'build)
<mirai>or the perl-build-system 'wrap equivalent
<f3n1x>thX lechner !
<lechner>f3n1x / thank you for using guix and your contributions!
<gabber`>my aarch64 image produces this (it doesn't achieve to boot the kernel): is it weird that i get EFI error messages when using a U-Boot bootloader configuration?
<lechner>Hi, how do I disable the wake-up function from mouse or keyboard (under GNOME), please?
<civodul>tadaam! a little hint for build failures:
<efraim>ok, it looks like if I want to use this kernel from Guix on my PPC machine I'm going to need some more drivers. Like ethernet
<mirai>can I somehow do memoization on code that looks like this? <>
<mirai>I know I can do `(define serialize-list-with-space (make-serialize-list-with-delimiter #\space))' to avoid re-evaluating the same thing over and over again
<mirai>though perhaps there's a way to avoid these kinds of interim definitions?
<mirai>or will Guile intelligently deduce this and do CSE?
<civodul>mirai: Guile is intelligent enough
<civodul>it’s in the same module and it always gets inlined
<isaneran>shocked that guix hasn't packaged the best web browser on the planet: edbrowse
<civodul>cross-compilation targets on qa.guix, wo0t!
<civodul>super cool, cbaines
<gabber`>ACTION wonders if they can load the gzipped initrd to RAM from U-Boot?
<bienjensu>Would anyone be able to point me to a service definition that doesn't serialize a config to a file, but rather to command line options to the process? Trying to write a service definition for wlsunset (that doesn't use a config file). Thanks in advance.
<bienjensu>mirai: mci!
<zamfofex>Hello once again, Guix! Now that there are more people here, I want to ask again about the inclusion of (small in this case) neural networks in Guix. See:
<zamfofex>TL;DR: I want to include a 1.2kB network for a chess program I made that I want to package. Otherwise, I can write a program to train a network (reproducibly), but it’d use data generated by an existing network (Stockfish, already packaged in Guix). Finally, I can write an HCE for it, if it’s preferred.
<zamfofex>I wanted to know if anyone has anything to say to complement what lilyp said. If no‐one says anything different, I’m probably going to start working on a simple HCE for it soon.
<isaneran>is there a command to generate the scaffolding for a package, other than guix import (which only works when you have something to import)
<futurile>isaneran: don't think so - I generally have been finding the simplest package I can find for the build-system that I'm going to use.
<isaneran>yeah that is a good approach
<nathan-web>I just tried running the `file` command and got `bash: file: command not found`. Now, in this case, I just had to `guix install file`, but I wonder: does guix have any functionality to search packages by the commands they provide? Some shells provide a feature that, when you enter an unknown command it will respond with something like: `Did you
<nathan-web>mean <something>.` Or, `<command> is provided by <package1> <package2>, install now?`
<zamfofex>nathan-web: I asked this at some point:
<zamfofex>Back then, someone said it’d likely be possible and easy, and I didn’t know much about Guix to disagree, but now I feel like it’d be more difficult than it might seem.
<zamfofex>It’d require information from CI.
<futurile>guix locate ?
<nathan-web>futurile: I think that solves it for typos for installed commands, but not yet-to-be-installed commands?
<nathan-web>Does CI build the entire package db, or have access to all of the built packages?
<ggoes>Guest96``: a git clean -fdx fixed that german manual build failure for me [i know you said this days ago, just getting it in the logs]
<nathan-web>Sounds like it might not be too bad. (I myself don't know enough scheme/guix to disagree).
<civodul>nathan-web: there’s a plan to allow ‘guix locate’ to download a pre-built database but that has yet to be implemented
<nathan-web>Off the top of my head: A script to generate a mapping of packages and the files that they add to PATH directories. Generate a full db file, and a diff file from the previous in order to make updating easier. Make it available as a web-resource or a package itself.
<nathan-web>civodul: That would be nice too. I wonder how big that database would be. If it is very large, a cut down "Package: PATH Files" version might be nice too.
<weary-traveler>i'm trying to submit a patch to guix. the package i'm intending to submit is a package transformation of another version already in master. when i run guix lint this is what i observe (both linter errors/warnings are also shown for original version): could someone more experienced help me understand whether or not these need to be addressed before submitting a patch?
<lilyp>weary-traveler: the label thing is indeed an issue with the original package that we ought to fix;probably by dropping the label altogether
<lilyp>as for packaging transformations, we don't typically use (guix transformations) in (gnu packages …) code–that's reserved for the CLI and user scheme files
<weary-traveler>lilyp: i think i may be using the wrong vernacular. i used "inherit". this is the patch in question
<weary-traveler>the list of tuple format seems to be deprecated, i see. thanks lilyp for pointing me in the right direction on that
<civodul>nathan-web: this was discussed in the thread at
<nutcase>what does "substitute: guix substitute: warning: ACL for archive imports seems to be uninitialized, substitutes may be unavailable" mean? I get this message with a `guix system reconfigure ...`.
<TehBoss>should i be installing things with `guix install`, or editing `/etc/config.scm`, or some sort of user configuration
<snape>ACTION had forgotten about guix repl
<snape>apteryx: sry I forgot to CC the list, i'll send the mail again
<mirai>does it make sense for a unix socket file to have +x ?
<snape>it's a long time since I havn't been using gnus
<mirai>There's a service whose upstream defaults set this to 0700 but guix puts it as 0600.
<TehBoss>also how do i stop gdm from opening up every time i suspend my computer
<snape>it's also funny that git send-email sends to as the default imho
<TehBoss>it doesn't do it always, just sometimes
<TehBoss>sometimes it uses i3lock like its supposed to
<snape>(in case one forgets the address, as I just did...)
<snape>(or maybe I should just go to bed)
<futurile>TehBoss: you can either manage applications by using the guix command line, or you can use manifests. If you're just getting started it's easy to use the cli (similar experience to RPM/Deb etc)
<snape>or guix home now
<snape>which is awesome
<TehBoss>i think i'm gonna have to setup guix home so i can have a shepherd service for emacs anyway
<avalenn>is there any way to have a `guix shell -D $package` if $package does not build ?
<rekado>avalenn: yes