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<graywolf>ieure: I prefer to have my editor freezing and my wm freezing to be decoupled problems :D
<snape>Minall, Guix Emacs package is the best you can find
<snape>it's not usable, it's actually one good reason to use guix
<snape>i meant it's not *just* usable
<ieure>graywolf, Yeah, that's not the best, but you know what? It's worth it.
<snape>graywolf: agreed, 100%
<Minall>graywolf Sorry, I wasn't descriptive enough, I meant the Guix emacs package as the guix elisp written library, rather than emacs itself
<Minall>graywolf Btw, you can load emacs in emacs to stop those pesky freezing problems, and so separating the processes
<Minall>Like, for example, if you have a specific sync process that you know blocks a lot the system, then you can load an emacs and pass the keybindings directly to it, that way is like you're separating the process
<graywolf>But then what's the point? I did try the exwm, and encountered few issues. I just don't see enough value compared to i3 to try to solve them tbh
<Minall>It all depends on your use case, I really like the option to pass keybindings directly to a specific program, 'unblocking' certain keybindings that were blocked by the system
<snape>it also depends on one's workflow, but I love modifying my Emacs and restarting the conf.  Not possible with EXWM
<Minall>But every workflow is different, I found the suckless ones also pretty elegant
<Minall>snape True. My goal is to not have to do that at all
<Minall>Is like configuring emacs to be an email client, you don't have to since there's a lot of apps that do it quickly, but it just depends if you want to do it for learning sake or, you just like the keybindings and such
<Minall>Depends on your motive
<snape>i used to have emacs mail, emacs EXWM, emacs IRC, etc
<snape>now mostly org-mode, magit and major programming modes, latex, lilypond
<snape>but still i need to improve the conf all the time
<graywolf>I want to try gnus and some irc mode :) Why did you stop using those?
<graywolf>if you don't mind me asking
<snape>i don't mind :)
<mirai>lilyp: thanks for the feedback in the 40/63 of #65479
<snape>i used mu4e, and then gnus.  I think I'll still use gnus to reply to mailing lists because it's the best environment to comment patches
<snape>for SMTP i mean
<snape>not for IMAP
<mirai>my memory might be a bit fuzzy now but I think if you were to build gnome-session with a dysfunctional libxkbcommon the missing dependency message would be shown during the gnome-session build
<snape>using my webmail is more convenient for most things, webirc is also more convenient than Emacs that I like to restart
<mirai>since meson/cmake would be scrambling to look for the missing libxml2 of the libxkbcommon
<mirai>but I agree with the remarks
<snape>also graywolf: I noticed, while working on Emacs, that i was all the time pressing the email shortcut to check for new mails
<graywolf>snape: I see. I prefer weechat, because I can have slack and irc in one client
<graywolf>Oooh I know that temptation...
<snape>i think it's not a good thing to always be checking, I'm more focused now
<snape>free from unwanted notifications
<snape>(same remark for IRC...)
<mirai>beyond 1. the rest of the points aren't of much interest
<snape>Matrix is appealing too
<snape>I don't really like IRC anyway
<snape>it's centralized
<graywolf>I kinda got used to just having it running on second monitor, but I definitely catch myself checking it more often then I should
<graywolf>(it == irc)
<snape>yea, about the second monitor (i know  you didn't ask): i feel more productive with only one monitor, and a good use of my emacs buffer, than setting 2 monitors
<snape>probably personal though
<graywolf>I don't... mind matrix; but I hate how all these new chat tools have so bloated clients
<graywolf>matrix, signal, everything is just electron :/
<snape>yeah, and bloated server if i understand well
<graywolf>Serverside I do mind somewhat less. After all, those are usually not running on bateries :)
<snape>yes but when it's decentralized, you usually like to run it on your small board
<graywolf>meh I just build 32 thread monstrosity based on zen4 ryzen. plenty of space there :D
<graywolf>(guix build offload work really well with it :) )
<snape>the question is: how much time does it take to build icecat ^^
<snape>i'm a huge fan of offloading too
<graywolf>no idea, firefox user here; and not sure, ~15min including all the rust dependencies?
<graywolf>sub 20 definitely
<graywolf>well let's just time it
<graywolf>will report in ? minutes
<mirai>graywolf: do you work on core-updates?
<graywolf>not, not a committer; too much off-topic chatter?
<mirai>oh, I mean locally
<mirai>having a beefy machine comes in handy when you want to test some changes in that branch
<graywolf>Oh right, yeah, I am sure it would. No interaction with core updates, but I do compile my own firefox and kernel, so it is very handy :)
<graywolf>I was sending a patch to a channel-that-shall-not-be-named regarding corrupted linuxes, and being able to build locally (well, offload) all kernel versions in trivial time was great
<graywolf>I suck at context switching, so the shorter wait helps with the productivity a lot
<snape>yeah agreed, i built such a machine a few years ago too
<snape>with a friend
<snape>very useful
<graywolf>snape: firefox-esr compiled in 13.3 minutes
<snape>mine is 20min, and another that i use 14min
<snape>well i look at the number on the left but if i run "time" it would be a bit more i think
<graywolf>I was very suprised the first time I run the compilation. Like, that is it? :O
<graywolf>My laptop took >hour :D
<snape>got to sleep, good night!
<graywolf>bye :)
<TehBoss>does guix use lisp?
<graywolf>TehBoss: GNU Guile, which is Scheme dialect, and Scheme falls into the LISP family, so yes.
<snape>(and the daemon, written in C++, but i think it's being rewritten in Guile too)
<TehBoss>using guix is it recommended to install packages by editing the config file? or is the config file supposed to be written to by the guix package manager?
<TehBoss>i've used nixos before (didn't like it because i wasn't able to install header files), and you can either use nix-shell for temporary stuff, or edit your configuration.nix for permenantly installing things
<the_tubular>No, you control the config file
<the_tubular>And you feed it to the guix daemon
<the_tubular>You are supposed to edit the config :)
<boo_>Hi again! Does anyone know how to automatically start a user session on boot? I have a couple of guix home services which I would like to start automatically on a separate user. On a distro with systemd I would run `loginctl enable-linger` as that user but that doesn't seem to do anything here. Thanks!
<TehBoss>does guix have xlib?
<TehBoss>it seems to have python-xlib but not a nromal xlib
<TehBoss>oh nevermind, i've found libx11
<TehBoss>does it have emacs with the lucid graphics toolkit?
<cdo256>boo_: Ah yes, you're looking for for 'auto-login':
<cdo256>If you want to auto-login on the terminal then you need to use modify-services. Otherwise you can just add it to your display manager configuration.
<apteryx>cbaines: I wonder what the error is caused by for the qt-team branch:
<apteryx>neat, to see usertags in Emacs-Debbugs: M-x debbugs-gnu-usertags-mode
<apteryx>the package/user is 'guix'
<apteryx>then reviewed-looks-good are tags put by QA when its checks have succeeded
<apteryx>(or by a human which reviewed the change)
<apteryx>ACTION documents that
<arst>Hello everyone!
<arst>I know how to blacklist a kernel module in the traditional way, but not in a declaritive way under guix.
<sneek>wb janneke :)
<cdo256>Hi! You can pass it in as a kernel-argumet to your operating-system definition
<vivien>lilyp, thank you for pushing 66339 and 65879. Do you have something to say about #66099?
<cdo256>Good morning janneke! I'm writing the documentation for hg-fetch as we spoke about. Do you want me to do them all and submit them as a single patch?
<cdo256>by 'them all' I mean {hg,svn,bzr}-{fetch,reference}
<theesm>arst: that should be described here =>
<janneke>cdo256: i have no great preference either way and leave that to your judgement
<cdo256>Okay wonderful! I'll do them all together.
<cdo256>Just as soon as I figure out how G-Expressions work...
<pinoaffe>Hi guix! Could someone take a look at (patches to add mailctl, which helps msmtp, offlineimap, etc deal with oauth2 tokens)?
<pinoaffe>oh and could someone take a gander at , , and too ? Those are three patch series to add emacs packages, from back in july
<klm`>I've locked myself out of my Guix SD. I made changes to (user-group ...) and (extra-content ...) in openssh-service-type, and then the next `guix system reconfigure system.scm` would no longer let me log in. All system generations yield same errors: various "cannot cd into /home/jdo, no such directory". It's very strange and I don't know where to debug from here. /etc/shadow look ok.
<klm`>Actually, the auto-login just says "unable to cd in to /home/jdo" and manual login says "Login incorrect". I verified that my password hash /etc/shadow is correct though. /var/log/messages don't really tell much useful.
<pinoaffe>klm`: could there be something wrong with file permissions / did you cahnge the user account name?
<pinoaffe>klm`: ^^
<klm`>pinoaffe: Could be! Which files should I check the permissions on?
<pinoaffe>klm`: verify that the homedir is actually owned by the proper user
<pinoaffe>and that it is in the right place
<klm`>pinoaffe: it all seems to be correct unfortunately
<klm`>could it be that my entry in (openssh-service-type ... (extra-content ... )) applies to all users somehow? the chrooting there would yield same symptoms, I assume. but I though those settings would only apply to sshd.
<klm`>Here's a useful error from /var/log/secure: FAILED LOGIN (1) on `/dev/tty0` FOR `UNKNOWN`, User not known to the underlying authentication module
<janneke>anyone managed to build 759b55712e62e913f5ab650651108649775cead2 gnu: curl: Update to 8.3.0. for the hurd?
<janneke>it seems we may have had a _very short_ window on master where guix built for the hurd
<janneke>ACTION goes to try pull --no-grafts...
<civodul>janneke: ouch
<civodul>speaking of which, i’ve been trying on and off to get the build infra for i586-gnu up and running on ci.guix
<civodul>making progress
<civodul>“auto offloading” should help, but the transition is bumpt
<janneke>yes, i noticed
<janneke>but couldn't figure out if/why binutils didnt't build
<janneke>and yeah, definately progress
<janneke>ACTION goes to investigate the curl build problem
<civodul>curl has tests failing randomly even on x86_64-linux
<cbaines>on the hurd, does --timeone and --max-silent-time work for builds?
<cbaines>when I look at a childhurd where the build should have timed out, I'm not sure it's stopped properly
<cbaines>I see some lines in the guix-daemon.log: killing process 27581: Invalid argument
<janneke>i don't know, but i regularly see "killing process 27581: Invalid argument", which i've ignored as it seemed "mostly harmless"
<civodul>guix-daemon is flaky on the Hurd…
<cbaines>I wonder how process groups work on the hurd, and how you kill them
<civodul>supposedly as in POSIX
<civodul>modulo bugs
<snape>ACTION is going to do some reviewing today
<phf>Hello #guix! It might be interesting to add Guix here:
<cbaines>snape, do consider having a go at using the "Mark patches as reviewed" in QA, as I'd be interested to see how people find using it
<snape>cbaines: on pinoaffe patches, I can't click on the QA link (example:
<cbaines>snape, that patch is too old for QA to know about it, it only has enough resources to track some recent patches
<klm`>I'm following "4.1 Chrooting into an existing system", and havin some problems. The build log of dependencies has just one line: "while setting up the build environment: executing '.../bin/guile': permission denied". What could be causing this?
<snape>ok, got it
<civodul>phf: i think it’s already there, isn’t it?
<snape>i can't find guix  there
<civodul>weird, i thought it was there, but it seems a lot has changed since i last looked at it
<civodul>so i guess you can go ahead and add it, phf :-)
<civodul>janneke: we have a genuine Coreutils build failure:
<janneke>oh oh, looks glibc-2.35/locale related
<janneke>(if i would need to guess)
<janneke>until now, we cross-built several ancient glibc locales into the childhurd...
<civodul>yes, but we wouldn’t use them in the build environment anyway, right?
<janneke>well, anything could leak into the build environement, i guess
<janneke>in any case, i didn't take special care for that not to happen...
<janneke>in other news, curl check only needs to skip 1474 and seems to pass when doing: make check TFLAGS=~1474
<janneke>ACTION goes to add hurd specific make-flags
<civodul>re env leaks, it’s true that libc will check /run/current-system/locale, but only if GUIX_LOCPATH is unset (IIRC)
<civodul>in this case GUIX_LOCPATH is set
<gabber>i have this image definition: but when building Guix tries to populate the first partition with the whole os and throws a disk-full error. how do i tell guix to populate the root partition with the system?
<gabber>sorry, wrong link:
<snape>when guix package -m manifest.scm fails because something doesn't build, is there a way to get guix to install everything else?
<snape>well I guess it's easy: "guix package -m <(cat manifest.scm | grep -v qgis)"
<gabber>snape: i guess (never tried it) the --keep-going option does that
<snape>gabber, well it'll try to build something that I know won't build, which I don't want
<snape>I think "grep -v" will do
<gabber>you could also edit your manifest.scm file if you wanted to explicitly exclude one single package (that doesn't build), but --keep-going is the way to tell guix to not halt the operation on error but to continue the attempt (which i thought was your original question)
<phf>civodul: I'm not a public agent, so I can't add Guix. But I might add anyway by proxy it if someone else doesn't do it first. Time will tell.
<pvalenta>hello, I am going through Guix documentation and i have found this snippet: #~(let ((pid (call-with-input-file "/var/run/nginx/pid" read))) ...what is meaning of #~ before let please? I have found nothing in Guile Reference manual. Thanks
<phf>pvalenta: That symbol denotes a G-Expression:
<pvalenta>phf, oh, thank you, ... I will look at it
<snape>pvalenta: if you use the *info* program to read manuals, it's easy to search for special characters like '#~'.  Or you can browse the manual in one page:  Probably easier to find what it is if you add a space after, like '#~ '
<civodul>pvalenta: another useful resource is the “crash course”:
<efraim>cross-libc is an input or a native-input?
<apteryx>lilyp: fyi I just wrote the doc for the "codified" review guidelines, see bug#66436
<efraim>looks like it is an input after all
<apteryx>quick poll: for a variable defined in (guix build-system gnu) and containing the default #:imported-modules value, do you prefer the name 1) %default-gnu-imported-modules or 2) %gnu-build-imported-modules ?
<civodul>apteryx: that’s a great initiative!
<civodul>quite a few times i thought it would be good to have a review guide
<apteryx>I hope it'll help us make reviewing a bit more efficient
<apteryx>if the language is clear we cut the back and forth passes trying to clarify it
<apteryx>or at least reduce them :-)
<efraim>it was me! de4f5df95db6c2e7071bf5e44c0d7ae928da1025
<efraim>yep, it's all me, I added #:inputs twice all by myself
<apteryx>if you need more context surrounding my above quick poll question, see bug#66426
<PotentialUser-85>my (services) section of config.scm  uses modify services to delete gdm-service-type from %desktop-services. how can I also add mpd-service type? I understand that services requires a single list, i have seen append used before but i am unsure of the order or proper syntax to do so
<apteryx>(cons* (your-service-type ...) (modify-services ...))
<PotentialUser-85>ahh that makes a lot of sense, thank you
<mirai>PotentialUser-85: a disclaimer: that service isn't suited to be run under a interactive user account
<mirai>there's some macros/procedures that can help turn a system service into a home service but I've never tried using them on mpd
<PotentialUser-85>mirai I'm still supposed to enable it in config.scm though right? you mean that my configuration should ensure it's run as mpd user? I'm trying to stick to the defaults so If I'm understanding correctly it should use a mpd user for it
<mirai>speaking of that, any mpd-service-type users here willing to share their experience with using it with their interactive user accounts?
<mirai>PotentialUser-85: the “original” system service one is best used for HTTP streaming or with pulseaudio using module-rtp-send
<mirai>using it with your interactive-user can wreak havoc with “who starts pulseaudio daemon” and whatnot
<graywolf>Is there a way to run build --check but use offload for the build? I was wondering why it builds for so long until I noticed the load on my laptop :/
<mirai>or the 'mpd' user can “steal” the control from your soundcard (which results your interactive desktop having no sound)
<mirai>hence why I'm highlighting its focus on “headless” or “remote” uses
<PotentialUser-85>i'm not sure what you mean by "original" system service? My goal is to use ncmpcpp so I'm just calling mpd-configuration and not making any changes as it aligns with the defaults of ncmpcpp and i don't see any need to change anything or try to make it run through my interactive user
<PotentialUser-85>oh i see
<mirai>ok, try what you think is best
<mirai>though do share your experience
<PotentialUser-85>so i might be best to create another user specifically for mpd if I encounter issues like you mentioned?
<mirai>no, if you get the “mpd stole my soundcard” issue you should look into having mpd-service-type running as a _home service_
<PotentialUser-85>oh okay, thank you that helps clear up some confusion I was having. I was initially trying to configure it as a home service but i ran into issues and read something that made me think mpd might not be able to be configured as one
<PotentialUser-85>i will go back to trying to configure it as one if that's the case
<mirai>civodul: WDYT in “smuggling” the Guix http-get & etc. procedures into Guile (web …)?
<apteryx>mirai: ugh, [PATCH core-updates v3 10/63] gnu: docbook: Remove leftovers. is corrupted
<mirai>Guix http-* & ancillaries supports timeouts
<mirai>apteryx: How so?
<mirai>it was all git send-email
<apteryx>erreur : patch corrompu à la ligne 97
<apteryx>erreur : could not build fake ancestor
<apteryx>i'm applying series on to of its base-commit, 48e528a26f
<mirai>wut, that commit didn't change at all (save for commit reordering)
<mirai>what happens if you download the mbox from issues.guix ?
<mirai>and do git am
<PotentialUser-85>mirai so as a home service and with the mpd user in the config? that's the recommended way of doing it?
<mirai>is this yet another one of those gnus bugs?
<mirai>PotentialUser-85: when you configure it as a home service the account/group is ignored iiuc
<PotentialUser-85>i unfortunately get a very verbose output to with mpd's config when i try reconfigure my home, i want to try giving mpd-configuration some arguments to see that helps
<apteryx>mirai: it worked!
<apteryx>I'll diff its content vs what I got from Emacs Debbugs
<apteryx>the diff of problematic vs good looks like this:
<apteryx>I saved the file from Gnus with 'O f' (output to file)
<mirai>the bad-one has phantom newlines in it?
<mirai>looks like you've got yet one more bug report to write
<arst>How do I create a guix-profile without an Internet connection?
<apteryx>mirai: seems gnus inserted a blank line in the diff at line 95
<apteryx>mirai: do you mind if I share this as-is, or should I redact your email from it?
<apteryx>(in a bug report)
<lilyp>vivien: my understanding is that you're doing 66099v10 to address the comments of another reviewer; correct me if I'm wrong
<PotentialUser-85>would this just be a bug with mpd maybe?
<mirai>what are you getting? can you paste the logs?
<phf>`(substitute* tarball-mix.exs ...)' fails with the error `Throw to key `decoding-error' with args `("decode-char" "input decoding error" 84 #<input: mix.exs 15>)' in a file `mix-build-system.scm'' How to fix that?
<phf>Apparently, this line is the problem `maintainers: ["Michał Muskała"]' because of the non-ascii character `ł'
<mirai>phf: it should handle non ASCII fine
<mirai>perhaps its some encoding issue? UTF-8 vs … ?
<PotentialUser-85> is the output i'm getting
<civodul>maybe it’s also non-UTF-8, in which case you need (with-fluids ((%default-port-encoding …)) …)
<mirai>PotentialUser-85: share the config as well
<phf>mirai,civodul: ok, thanks, will look at it.
<PotentialUser-85>mirai will do ill just be a moment. here is a better paste with the lines wrapped
<phf>also during the build: `starting phase `install-locale', warning: failed to install 'en_US.utf8' locale: Invalid argument'
<civodul>phf: that’s the problem then: you need to make sure ‘glibc-utf8-locales’ ends up as an input
<civodul>that’s the case with ‘gnu-build-system’ and most other build systems
<PotentialUser-85>mirai this is the home-configuration.scm i'm trying to use. keep in mind i only just created my guix home for the first time and am yet to fully configure it. i was hoping to get mpd working first
<phf>civodul: Ok. Thanks.
<PotentialUser-85>for some reason "guix home import ~/src/guix-config" didn't seem to add anything for zsh even though i only have .zshrc .zprofile etc and removed my old .bash files not sure if that is normal but I plan to add that in shortly
<GNUtoo>Hi, is there more than one way to get the git revision that was used to make an image?
<GNUtoo>*a system image
<GNUtoo>ACTION didn't use a manifest option and 'guix system describe' doesn't show that info
<GNUtoo>(it's for a cross compiled image)
<PotentialUser-10>Greetings everyone ! I added a channel to my ~/.config/guix/channels. It is the rde channel as provided in After guix pull, guix system reconfigure and guix home reconfigure, the packages from that new channel are accessible but I can't add the home services provided by rde to my home config. guix home search also can't
<PotentialUser-10>find those home services. Am I overlooking something, or maybe adding home services from channels is not implemented yet ? I'd be wiling to dig in the source code but I'm not sure where to start looking. Thanks !
<janneke>bah, curl has (when tests? (invoke "make" "-C" "tests" "test"))
<janneke>so after serveral tries i finally understand why setting #:make-flags doesn't work
<janneke>fixing this, of course, would trigger a world rebuild
<janneke>oh well
<rekado>PotentialUser-10: what does “type guix” say?
<janneke>at least i'm no longer "i'm going mad!!" ;)
<PotentialUser-10>rekado .config/guix/current/bin/guix
<PotentialUser-10>rekado $HOME/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<jbnote>hi, is this a fact that version 0 for a guix package means that it is a bootstrap package and all bootstrap packages have version 0?
<podiki>apteryx: after the restart of v4l-utils build (that succeeded) i see a bunch now failed on that same evaluation: logs just say "can't build missing derivation", what does that mean here?
<podiki>I tried to restart one (virt-manager) to see what happens...
<gabber>jbnote: i don't think so. what "version" are you referring to?
<jbnote>the version given by guix package -A. I'm trying to find a way to pull all bootstrap binaries into the store.
<podiki>same result with virt-manager, hrm
<arst>I have guix installed on my machine with some packages that I want to use, but I don't have a guix-profile set up.
<arst>How can I create one without Internet?
<rekado>PotentialUser-10: does “guix describe” list the extra channel?
<gabber>jbnote: i don't have *any* package with version "0". what are you trying to do exactly (or: why do you want to pull all the bootstrap packages into your store)?
<gabber>arst: i think you do have at least one profile (otherwise no binaries would be accessible to anyone)
<gabber>arst: what exactly do you mean with "no internet"? maybe you can specify all the packages you want/need when building the system image?
<vivien>lilyp, it’s not clear, sorry. The change I’m asked is to drop the last commit; I’ll do that if you request some other changes, otherwise the committer will be kindly asked to apply all patches but the last.
<jbnote>gabber: I have 15 hits for guix package -A | awk '{ if ($2 == 0) { print $0 } }' (some of them version 0.0)
<arst>gabber: Yeah that's exactly it. I installed wifi drivers from "nongnu" but I can't use it because I don't have a profile.
<PotentialUser-66>Can I use emacs-guix on a remote installation? I have the Guix package manager on my VPS that I manage using TRAMP.
<arst>It seems that normally it would be made using "package -i", but you need Internet for that :(
<jbnote>gabber: I have an offline guix cluster, which works well for x86_64. for aarch64, it seems not to work well.
<PotentialUser-66>*to manage a remote guix installation
<PotentialUser-10>rekado yes it does !
<gabber>jbnote: package `mes` is one of the bootstrap packages (and a really cool one!) -- its package is at version 0.24.2
<jbnote>gabber: for instance for a given guix pull it will try to build: /gnu/store/chsrhxr7qap5560nvrisw9yp7bqs2bmp-bash
<jbnote>gabber: and try to download
<jbnote>gabber: which it can't because i'm offline :)
<gabber>i guess your version "0" packages are ones without official version release numbers where we use git-checkouts and "revision" numbers to differentiate between builds
<jbnote>gabber: i'd like to pull everything that would be needed for offline operation.
<jbnote>gabber: ok, thanks. So I need to find another way.
<gabber>i'm sure there is a way, just give the more experienced folks here a second or two to chime in
<PotentialUser-10>rekado it would seem though that the channel is nowhere to be found on my GUILE_LOAD_PATH. Which might be normal because nonguix isn't either, but my system declaration can still find it
<jbnote>gabber: thanks for your help, it's already a step forward.
<gabber>arst: i usually circumvent problems like that with having my usb/ethernet dongle handy.
<gabber>PotentialUser-10: do you have that channel in your own channels file as well? because channels may interdepend on each
<gabber>i.e. `guix describe` as the user / from the profile you need it should show all the channels you want/need
<PotentialUser-10>gabber I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "you own channels". I added the channel to ~/.config/guix/channel and after guix pull, the channel is present in the output of guix describe. One thing I notice is that I can find the packages added by the channels, using guix search. But I can't find the home services add by the channel, using guix
<PotentialUser-10>home search
<gabber>i understand your problem :) i *guess* that you might need to add the other channel (the one that shall not be named in these realms) to your ~/.config/guix/channel file as well, so that when you execute $(guix describe) in your shell you see both.
<gabber>but i'm really only spit-balling here. i have no exerience and not much expertise with these things
<pvalenta>civodul, i will look at it, thanks. A have read A scheme primer at and every other not much large resource is welcomed
<PotentialUser-10>gabber the "channel that shall not be named" is also in my channels list, but you're right, there might be a dependency problem somewhere.
<gabber>pvalenta: i think the necessary explanations should be found in Guix's Reference manual, but feel free to ask specific questions you have about gexps or code snippets here
<civodul>the channel that shall not be named :-)
<civodul>problem is that it’s become its name, too
<gabber>ACTION is never exactly sure how far "helping people with guix" goes and where "this is the wrong channel for proprietary systems' problems" starts
<podiki>the line between guix problem and an external channel is sometimes not so clear :) (e.g. a general "how to use channels" vs "something this channel does")
<podiki>though i'll note other such channels have their own irc channels and issue trackers
<lilyp>turns out that not naming things is hard
<lilyp>who'd have thunk
<podiki>indeed naming and not naming, somehow both difficult
<gabber>when will we start referencing things by their proper sha256sum, the only meaningful scheme of referring to things? /s
<gabber>i get a "Command unknown: 'AUTH'" when trying $(git send-email) after entering my smtp password. what am i missing?
<gabber>ACTION is not gonna dig into the world of perl subroutines just now
<janneke>ACTION pushes fix for curl on the hurd
<vivien>gabber, mail servers usually have 2 functions: accept incoming mail (no authentication) and sending mail (authentication required). Usually, the former is bound to port 25 and the latter to 587 (STARTTLS) and 465 (SSL). But maybe your mail server implements authenticated smtp only on 587 or only on 465, and the other port is dedicated to unauthenticated smtp.
<vivien>It is unlikely that git send-email is connected to port 25 of your mail server, because ISPs usually block these connections (they think it reduces spam, lol)
<gabber>thanks for the explanation :) i copied the configs from my ~/.muttrc (which indeed uses port 587. i even got asked for the password (which i guess i entered correctly) but the error message wasn't really a hint on why it all failed. so i sent in my patch (#66448) through my obedient and loyal doggo (mutt)
<vivien>gabber, a better way would be to use git format-patch, and then move the patch to your outbox folder, and then send.
<gabber>... outbox folder?
<gabber>why does building a (minimalistic) aarch64 image trigger the build of libx11 (which fails)?
<vivien>I don’t know about mutt, but the e-mail clients I tried all have an outbox folder, where you can drag-and-drop patches, or had the outbox as a local folder
<vivien>Then you hit the send/receive button, and it sends your patch
<vivien>The way you did it will not help reviewers
<podiki>attached patch or one patch in body of email are fine
<podiki>i think multiple attachments maybe is difficult in some workflows to use?
<gabber>ACTION is not sure what is wrong with the patch i just sent
<podiki>but one attached patch per email sent manually works well (90% of mine I send that way)
<gabber>it looks fine on, no?
<gabber>i'll happily resend the patch if that helps
<podiki>gabber: what bug numer?
<podiki>looks fine on the frontend yes
<podiki>(issues frontpage is not synced it seems)
<gabber>neither is debbugs
<fnat>I'm working on a g-exp that makes use of the guile-ini library, which in turn makes use of guile-smc
<fnat>The g-exp doesn't build, there seems to be an issue where scm expects to be able to log things to a file, but it can't - possibly because there's no `/tmp' folder in the builder?
<fnat>Here's the g-exp and the error: - if someone has any idea
<vivien>fnat, maybe the gexp needs a HOME, try (setenv "HOME" "/tmp") before doing the ini->scm
<fnat>vivien: hey, thanks! hm unfortunately that didn't work...
<fnat>Still same error as far as I can tell
<PotentialUser-85>hey mirai I disconnected for a bit there, is there any chance you managed to have a look at that exception and my home config? could you see anything wrong with it?
<gabber>yeah, aarch64 minimalist system creation was broken somewhere between c4886c0cb6 and current master's HEAD (libx11 build failure which is a dependency of dbus) -- not sure why any of these two would have to be built
<mirai>PotentialUser-85: strange, I can't find the doc for converting system services into home services
<mirai>I recall there being something of the sort though
<mirai>How can I “cross-compile” a package?
<jpoiret>mirai: --target=...
<jpoiret>or you mean from scheme?
<mirai>the former
<mirai>but can you do the equivalent of `guix build --target=…” from scheme?
<mirai>that would be handy for writing a test-suite
<jpoiret>that's, uhhh, more complicated let's say
<jpoiret>depends on where and how
<jpoiret>the problem is often that you need to pass the #:target argument to the lower level procedures like package->cross-derivation
<jpoiret>and in some places you don't really have control of this
<podiki>for a single package though you could just inherit and set the system in arguments no?
<jpoiret>system is not target
<jpoiret>target is cross-compilation whereas system is native: you can use qemu binfmt for the latter or offload to a proper system
<podiki>i always forget what's what
<podiki>(and I'm always doing x86_64 or i686 so...)
<jpoiret>if my small forays into i586-pc-gnu taught me anything, it's that :)
<pastor>Hi. I've started to contribute more to Guix and now I'm starting to have to manage mailing lists. I was wondering how do you guys differenciate when a message from debbugs is from Guix or from other package? I'm talking about the mails that you get when you subscribe to `bug-guix`.
<pastor>For example I get the folloging mail subject: `bug#65924: git searches coreutils and util-linux commands in PATH`
<pastor>with this CC: ``
<pastor>Is there a way to tag this mail as comming from the `bug-guix` mailing list and not from bug-gnu-emacs?
<ohyllad>I'm new to guix and scheme, could someone point me to what the syntax of (#:key value) is called, and which procedures to use to work with these objects?
<rekado>ohyllad: these are called keyword arguments
<pastor>ohyllad: this is a named parameter
<pastor>what rekado said
<rekado>ohyllad: in the Guile manual look for the “Keywords” section (it’s 6.6.7 in my copy of the manual)
<ohyllad>ok, it shows a custom definition of `get-keyword-value`, is there no built-in, srfi or ice-9 version of this?
<jpoiret>pastor: you can use the List-Id header
<jpoiret>i use notmuch, i added this as an extra header to index as List, then use List:bug-guix
<pastor>jpoiret: I'm using `notmuch` too. By any chance do you have something I can look as reference?
<vivien>ohyllad, guix has some more utilities in (guix utils), namely substitute-keyword-arguments
<vivien>(and a few more but I haven’t used them)
<vivien>I don’t know if it’s what you are looking for
<jpoiret>not online, no, i have "[index] header.List=List-Id" in my config, then I can use "List:..." in my searches
<jpoiret>shouldn't need more than this (but you will have to reindex then)
<pastor>Alright. I think I can figure the rest on my own. Thanks jpoiret!
<pastor>jpoiret: I've managed to configure your setup. I'm wondering if is possible to have this hook with a variable `notmuch tag -new +bug-guix -- List:bug-guix`
<pastor>Like: `notmuch tag -new +${var} -- List:${var}`
<jpoiret>no idea 🤷 you'll probably want some automation for this, like with guile :)
<jpoiret>i've heard some people use the notmuch api from guile, never tried it myself though
<TehBoss>does the guix config support having multiple files?
<TehBoss>like a main config, and then a couple hardware specific configs
<Goober_patrol66>I'm going through the guix installer and when I select a network it says "The selected network does not provide access to the Internet and the Guix substitute server. please try again."
<Goober_patrol66>but in another tty i'm able to ping and get a response
<Goober_patrol66>can i skip a step in the installer somehow?