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<euouae>Do git remote add where?
<stikonas>in the repo where you want to fetch
<euouae>I have the repo in my disk
<stikonas>and what do you want to fetch?
<euouae>I want guix to build & install it
<euouae> <>
<stikonas>oh, ok, not just git fetch to another repo
<euouae>No I have an empty ./configure with a plain Makefile and a hello world .c file
<stikonas>and do you have buix already?
<euouae>What's buix?
<stikonas>if yes, then guix pull --url
<euouae>I'm doing it via -L
<euouae>guix package -i my-local-project -L ~/my_channel -p ~/guix-profiles/channel-test
<stikonas>ok, I'll let somebody else answer then...
<stikonas>though I would have imagined it would work
<euouae>it at least displays information with `guix show my-local-project -L ~/my_channel`
<euouae>but there's something wrong with the way I'm using git-fetch maybe
<euouae>stikonas, I never progressed with the mrustc project sorry
<euouae>It's beyond what I can do
<stikonas>well, it is non-trivial
<stikonas>but 32-bit arches are slowly going away anyway
<stikonas>so longer term it might not matter
<stikonas>and there is also gcc-rust that might also bootstrap rustc at some point
<euouae>Is cross compilation on more ram not possible?
<stikonas>euouae: it is possible
<stikonas>though rust cross-compilation is tricky
<stikonas>but I've manually done x86_64 to aarch64
<stikonas>euouae: but then you don't need mrustc at all
<stikonas>you just start with rust on x86_64 and build rust on x86
<stikonas>(or on arm)
<euouae>I don't know why you specifically needed mrustc to be honest
<bdju>does dolphin-emu still fail to build? I guess I'll find out shortly
<ryan77627>nckx: I thought I lost your response bc I was moving to a different location and ZNC doesn't save mentions, but I found another instance of weechat I left open, woohoo! I do think that I'm gonna have to just bite the bullet and set up my own cuirass to do this. Really the only reason it's needed is bc I'm trying to set up a demo of Guix to some members of a LUG I'm in and I want to make the
<ryan77627>deployment as quick as possible
<ryan77627>to that note, i wonder if I can just make guix publish actually advertise the exact derivation I would be building and just have guix use that. Or, before the presentation, I could just pull a sneaky and run guix pull beforehand so I hit the ground running
<luke-jr>is there a recent commit that can build all the way through? :\ or is this the norm and my issues more likely due to non-functional chroot?
<bdju>dolphin-emu indeed still fails to build
<mirai>bdju: maybe an upstream report is in order?
<bdju>to guix? I think I reported it over a month ago already
<mirai>after confirming with a recent dolphin-emi of course
<mirai>no, dolphin-emu upstream
<mirai>they're the ones who understand best after all
<bdju>looks like guix's inkscape package is behind
<bumble>stikonas: thanks for the suggestions and input planning to follow your advice
<cnx>hello guix, i'm once again asking for your review on my patchset adding senpai irc client:
<bumble>please review this also, resolves an issue affecting CJK users
<cnx>I think iyzsong can be pinged for that
<iyzsong>cnx: yeah, i'm taking some rest, will look them later hopefully, thanks :)
<cnx>have a good rest d-;
<efraim>hello Guix!
<efraim>I have a use case for trying to use glibc-hwcaps but I'm haven't figured out how to get the binary to pickup the other libraries. Has anyone else experimented with them yet?
<efraim>I figured it out. The short version is that first you build the optimized libraries with the LIBDIR and RPATH (in a separate derivation) pointing to the glibc-hwcaps directory, then you build the actual package, then you copy the optimized libraries into the output of the actual package, keeping the glibc-hwcaps paths
<bost>Hi geeks, `guix pull` reports "GC Warning: Repeated allocation of very large block (appr. size 69632) May lead to memory leak and poor performance". What does it mean? What should I do about it?
<zimoun>cbaines: I was looking at and I gave a look at the queue IIUC, it is currently processed with
<zimoun>The log appears unrelated though.
<zimoun>What do I miss?
<janneke>bost: on which system are you, how much memory does it have?
<bost>janneke: $ free -h
<bost> total used free shared buff/cache available
<bost>Mem: 31Gi 12Gi 1.5Gi 299Mi 17Gi 18Gi
<bost>Swap: 8.0Gi 450Mi 7.6Gi
<bost>BTW I have I found the and sent there the output of `guix [system|home] describe`.
<bost>janneke: what do you mean by 'which system'?
<janneke>bost: yeah, i meant to ask what architecture
<janneke>i'm wondering if it might have been fixed by
<bost>janneke: $ uname -a
<bost>Linux ecke 6.4.16-gnu #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC 1 x86_64 GNU/Linux
<janneke>but apparently not, this is a fresh pull i take?
<janneke>yeah, weird
<janneke>ACTION has been fighting memory/OOM troubles on x86 with 4GiB, that's why
<bost>janneke: yes from today ~9 a.m.
<janneke>okay -- well there's not much you can do, did `guix pull' succeed?
<janneke>it's been on our minds, recently, seen also
<bost>yes it succeeded.
<bost>No problem. Thx your replies.
<janneke>bost: thanks for reaching out, always good to get feedback
<janneke>and i hope these memory troubles can be tackled some time soon
<cbaines>zimoun, processing has started for job 49353, but it hasn't finished yet
<cbaines>if you refresh the log in a bit, hopefully it will have got a bit further
<zimoun>cbaines: all the warning or error messages are not related to #66030 which about Julia stuff.
<zimoun>I pick one: guix-data-service: computing derivation for nfs-server system test (on aarch64-linux). And it does not make sense to run system test for aarch64-linux when it is about Julia.
<zimoun>Or another example: guix-data-service: error computing derivation for system test hpcguix-web (powerpc-linux):
<zimoun>I read: “@ build-started /gnu/store/9f68l6wnh7gmpmmx7jlv38h7z3yqv31n-guile-bootstrap-2.0.drv - mips64el-linux“ And while mips64el-linux is interesting to test, the process seems to run a lot more than needed.
<cbaines>the data service isn't running any system tests, it's just computing the derivations
<cbaines>unfortunately due to graft issues, it can end up building some things though
<cbaines>zimoun, the problem is thta
<cbaines>*the problem is that it's very hard to know what's relevant until you compute the derivations and see what has changed
<zimoun>I see.
<zimoun>Well, it seems it started at 2023-09-20T04:44:02.220191, right?
<zimoun>*it = issue-66030
<zimoun>and the effective build has not yet started, right? It takes several hours just for computing all the derivations, right?
<cbaines>it usually takes several hours at least for the data service to process each revision, yes
<cbaines>and part of that is computing derivations, although I don't know what proportion
<lars__>Is there a list somewhere for what hardware is recommended for guix with linux-libre? I'm thinking mostly laptops, but desktop computers with "gaming" GPUs also. And are there any embedded/ARM platforms that have good support under Guix/Linux-libre?
<lars__>I'm guessing there isn't a lot of GPUs that are really supported
<zimoun>cbaines: thanks for explaining. All is clear for me now. :-)
<lars__>I would like to switch to linux-libre, but seems none of my current computers are well supported
<efraim>If you just need something to display the desktop (which is where I find myself these days) I'm currently using a GeForce GT 730
<lars__>efraim: Is it fully supported, i.e can I run native resolution and watch youtube?
<lars__>I do have a GT 1030, but didn't test it on guix yet. Do you think it is usable with only free software?
<efraim>it works for me™, and it worked well enough that I bought another one to replace mine, which is starting to fail
<efraim>forthe GT 1030, I can give you a solid "maybe"
<efraim>I'm checking wikipedia, but h-node would probably also know
<efraim>As of 9 July 2016, Red Hat employee Ben Skeggs committed a patch which adds support for the Pascal-based GP104 chip found on GeForce GTX 1070 and GeForce GTX 1080-branded graphics cards to the Linux kernel.
<efraim>looks like it should work
<efraim> the GT 1070 is Pascal, which is NV130 on nouveau's chart
<hwpplayer1>hi people !
<sneek>Welcome back hwpplayer1, you have 1 message!
<sneek>hwpplayer1, nckx says: Here's how I start Sway, but all the configuration is simply done outside of Guix, in ~/.config/sway/config.
<hwpplayer1>nckx: hi
<hwpplayer1>Emacs and tty is enough for me for now
<hwpplayer1>I installed emacs next package
<hwpplayer1>emacs-next btw
<nckx>A few berlin nodes are throwing ENOSPC. I'm manually collecting their garbage.
<nckx>hwpplayer1: Okido.
<cdo256>On a new install, I forgot to start the cow-store before running guix system init, causing it to fill up the RAM disk. Even after starting the cow-store, I can't run `guix gc` to fix my mistake because 'database or disk is full'. Anyone know a quick fix for this situation?
<cdo256>Ah screw it, I'll restart and go for a second approach
<nckx>cdo256: I'd—OK 😃
<nckx>I mean, that's what I would have done, too.
<cdo256>yeah it didn't seem worth sticking that one out haha
<nckx>I was going to suggest ‘mount -o remount,size=60% /’ to add some breathing room for guix gc, but I don't think the Guix installer's overlayfs set-up actually allows that.
<makads>Does GNU have XMPP chat rooms?
<nckx>None run by the project.
<nckx>And I'm not aware of any.
<nckx>I'm also not aware of any ‘XMPP networks’ like Libera. People seem to assume you'll run and moderate your own server, which sure is an… opinion, when the team is already stretched thin.
<apteryx>looks like Super + A -> XF86MonBrightnessDown while Super + O -> XF86MonBrightnessUp; that happens on any keyboard. Which component of the software stack is responsible for that? eudev?
<bjc>window manager/compositor should have those mappings
<bjc>plasma does, and i configure it by hand in sway
<apteryx>ah! i'm surprised if ratpoison does this
<apteryx>ACTION checks
<apteryx>I don't see ratpoison causing these to be generated
<apteryx>I can map the XF86MonBrightnessDown, which I already do, but I don't see any logic that would handle a Super key and a A key to make it appear as a XF86MonBrightnessDown key code
<apteryx>so this must be handled
<apteryx>lower in the stack
<apteryx>haha! from my ;
<apteryx>from my ~/.ratpoisonrc definekey top s-o exec sh -c 'ddcutil setvcp 10 + 10 || light -A 10'
<apteryx>so these are mine... sorry for the noise
<makads>nckx: Because my country has a network blockade, I have to use something like VPN to proxy traffic when I want to use IRC chat rooms, which is very inconvenient,And my native language is not English, so I have to rely on translators to chat
<euouae>Hello, I'd like to read the documentation of `use-package-modules`. I thought it'd be a symbol from the gnu module, imported with `(use-modules (gnu))` but `,describe use-package-modules` gives me "unknown file:2:10: source expression failed to match any pattern in form use-package-modules"
<nckx>Oh, hello :)
<euouae>Hey there :) patch submission day for me. I'd like to try my first
<nckx>apteryx: My brightness keys work in the Linux VT, so you certainly weren't way off base.
<nckx>Never bothered learning what handles them though.
<euouae>OK looking at the source code, I figured out the macro does not have documentation
<euouae>It's in gnu.scm
<apteryx>the event input/kernel (eudev for us I guess), according
<apteryx>(sorry for the poor typing, I'm relearning on a new ergodox board and it feels like i'm 12 again)
<nckx>Mmm, gridlike.
<minima>apteryx (i can relate to that)
<nckx>euouae: For your purposes, I'd say the code is ‘self-documenting’, but I also agree that this should be properly documented, if you feel like practicing sending more patches 😉
<apteryx>minima: :-)
<minima>i'm testing a home configuration record: `(serialize-configuration test-configuration test-configuration-fields)' this produces a gexp, i guess? how do i go from there to inspecting the final configuration file in the store?
<euouae>Sure thing nckx. Is (use-package-modules certs) using the file certs.scm under guix/gnu/packages?
<minima>i seem to be able to produce a derivation from the gexp
<minima>by specifying the current store
<minima>but then i suppose i need to build the derivation?
<nckx>euouae: Yes.
<nckx>It just tries to import (gnu packages FOO).
<nckx>apteryx: Which layout?
<nckx>New or your previous?
<apteryx>sticking to dvorak for now but the physical layout is different enough to trip me in the surrounding keys
<dthompson>rekado: dang this is a pretty slide deck
<minima>(i can use `computed-file')
<rekado>dthompson: thanks!
<rekado>apteryx: I can relate. I’m switching between a bad laptop keyboard, a Kinesis Advantage2 in the office, and an atreus with a compact layout.
<zamfofex>I’m continuing to work on this: How do people usually deal with changes that affect many packages? (E.g. build system changes.) I guess maybe a sensible approach would be to just let it run on a server, but the unfortunate thing is that I’m never quite sure about whether I’ll want to make more changes. It makes it awkward to prototype ideas and try things out.
<dthompson>ACTION reads about guix-wasm
<dthompson>pretty exciting!
<dthompson>curious to follow along with that development
<zamfofex>dthompson: I’m glad people seem to find it interesting! It helps a lot to know I’m not working on something that people don’t value.
<apteryx>zamfofex: i've used a gnu-build-system-v2 and switched a few packages to it in the past to experiment without world rebuilds
<apteryx>you can probably find that series somewhere on the patch tracker
<zamfofex>Interesting idea! I was changing the Meson build system. I thought it would have been mostly fine, but apparently CMake depends on jsoncpp, which uses Meson.
<dthompson>zamfofex: I'm working in the wasm in the browser space at the moment, so it's interesting to see the "other side" of wasm+wasi.
<euouae>I have a question about translations
<lispmacs[work]>hi, I have been running gnome/gdm, and recently I added lxqt service. But I don't see it showing up as an option on the gdm screen (I don't see any options). I see an lxqt.desktop file in /run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions so I'm not sure what I'm missing
<euouae>in po/doc/ there's an msgid that corresponds to `... initial RAM disk, and boot loaders ...` but in doc/guix.texi it's been modified to `... initial RAM disk, and a couple of system ...`
<euouae>Doesn't that mean the translation won't work because the sentences are out of sync?
<euouae>How is a shepherd patch submitted? Just add Shepherd to subject title to
<bjc>euouae: yes
<mirai>subject prefix
<mirai>git send-email has an option for this
<mirai>put it as 'PATCH shepherd'
<euouae>I don't use send-mail, do you mean format-patch?
<mirai>that also works
<mirai>applies for both iirc
<somenickname>Does GDM have a log file somewhere? If a boot from my NVIDIA card I just have a black screen and a blinking cursor.  With my iGPU works everything fine.
<rekado>somenickname: /var/lib/gdm is the gdm user’s home directory
<somenickname>rekado: It is empty
<graywolf>Hi Guix :) Would anyone know in what package are manual pages for pulseaudio?
<rekado>somenickname: did you check hidden files?
<rekado>graywolf: the ‘pulseaudio’ package
<euouae>somenickname: when is the blinking cursor? after boot menu?
<euouae>Or before boot menu?
<graywolf>rekado: Hm, guix shell pulseaudio -- man pacmd gives me No manual entry for pacmd...
<somenickname>rekado: Checked again and yes it is a an empty dir.
<euouae>somenickname: what I know is that a blinking top-left cursor early in the boot process is due to invalid bootstrap MBR code
<somenickname>euouae: After GRUB
<somenickname>euouae: It is GDM destroying and creating a new session in an endless loop
<euouae>somenickname: uefi or bios?
<somenickname>euouae: BIOS
<euouae>Oh okay
<euouae>Nevermind then
<euouae>somenickname: "To enable debugging, set the debug/Enable key to "true" in the <etc>/gdm/custom.conf file and restart GDM." from <>
<euouae>and there's debug output in the log files
<somenickname>graywolf: There is always the web version: probably it is not packaged
<rekado>it’s packaged
<rekado>I have the man page right here: /gnu/store/pbzfi284p7agyr60vrna47nxnhdl9cff-pulseaudio-16.1/share/man/man1/pacmd.1.gz
<rekado>so perhaps you lack mandb
<graywolf>command -v mandb --> /run/current-system/profile/bin/mandb
<somenickname>euouae: Don't know if on Guix I can just edit that file.  Also because GDM in this loop state I can't do anything on the computer (changing TTY and so on will always force me back to the GDM VT7 display)
<rekado>graywolf: does this work for you? guix shell -C man-db pulseaudio -- man pulseaudio
<graywolf>rekado: I see, the mandb needs to be in the shell profile itself. Will remember that, thank you.
<gnucode>hello from the hurd on real hardware people! also what's the status of running guix system on power9?
<zamfofex>gnucode: Are you on Guix Hurd or Debian Hurd? 😮
<gnucode>zamfofex: Debian Hurd.
<gnucode>on a T43.
<gnucode>Maybe once a week I have to deal with filesystem corruption, because the Hurd locks up and I have to hard reboot.
<bjc>does your hurd auto-fsck when that happens?
<bjc>i always have to do it from the host
<gnucode>bjc: / does auto fsck.
<bjc>hrm. i wonder why mine doesn't
<gnucode>the hurd leader told me that I can specify in my /etc/fstab to auto-fsck /home, which I think I did.
<gnucode>but I always have to auto-fsck it anyway.
<gnucode>bjc: I have occassionally had to manually fsck even the / partition.
<bjc>i've never managed to do it during hurd boot. but i was using the sample system configs, too, which may not have fsck turned on (though that strikes me as odd)
<graywolf>That sounds like lot of fun.
<gnucode>I have this in my ~/.profile : fsysopts / && fsysopts /home
<gnucode>that lets me know if I need to fsck.
<bjc>i don't get that far. if / is corrupted, boot fails during the rw remount
<bjc>theoretically, i could boot single user and do it myself, but i don't know how that works on hurd
<graywolf>Hm, if I get a collision during building the system ( is there anything I can do about that? Or will I see it on every system reconfigure?
<graywolf>(I mean, I can *not* install man-pages, but anything else?)
<bjc>you'll get it every time unless you fix the source of the collision. unfortunately, i think a lot of collisions are unavoidable
<bjc>it'd be nice if there were some way to specify which package has priority
<gnucode>bjc: I personally have been trying to use the Hurd off and on for several years. I personally think it is much more stable when you run it on bare metal.
<bjc>i don't have hardware around to do that with
<bjc>last time i tried it on bare metal was probably 1996 =)
<nckx>Collision resolution is deterministic based on package ordering, so you can choose which package wins. You can't silence the (harmless) warning.
<bjc>you can't always order packages, though, since many are pulled in through dependencies
<gnucode>bjc: my T43 probably cost me about $50 all told. :)
<graywolf>In this case I don't really care about which passwd.5 I get, I just want the warning to go away :/ Would it help if I move the man-pages into a home profile from the system one?
<graywolf>Not ideal but better then nothing, will do so. Thanks.
<lechner>rekado / thanks!
<mirai>anyone using emacs-debbugs for dealing with guix-patches & co.?
<bjc>i use it sometimes
<bjc>it's what prompted me to start learning gnus
<mirai>what's the correct way of things to “test a simple patch-series” from some debbugs thread
<mirai>preferably within a worktree
<gnucode>mirai: not your question, but I use debbugs-gnu-my-open-bugs a lot. It shows me my open bugs that I submitted and forgot about. :)
<minima>what's the best format for a commit message, say (purely speculatively) when changing /gnu/system/images/hurd.scm? `system: hurd: Done this done that.'?
<bjc>mirai: i don't know about simple, but you can use the emacs flow with patch testing if you just pretend it says "guix" instead of "emacs". personally, i just save the attachments and apply them by hand, since i can never remember the keys to do it the "right" way
<minima>is there any best practice on the `system: hurd:' bit?
<minima>as opposed top, e.g., `gnu: system: images: hurd: ...'
<lechner>mirai / please write a guide if you figure it out!
<minima>or more simply: `gnu: Done this done that.' or `hurd: Done this done that.'
<bjc>minima: i'd go with the former, just because too many colons bugs me. i doubt it matters much
<minima>bjc: yeah, having so many colons is not the best
<lechner>yeah, two or three colons seem to be preferred
<minima>thanks lechner
<minima>i have a failing test in `gnu/services/networking.scm' not very familiar with running the test suite though, could it be me doing something wrong? (answer: yes)
<lechner>Hi, anyone have a Home service for isync/mbsync they can share (and perhaps notmuch)?
<mirai>minima: make clean-go
<bjc>minima: i think you need to ‘make clean-go’
<minima>super! tx
<mirai>lechner: I'm also looking to ~steal~ one
<lechner>let's form a posse!
<mirai>but for system reconversion
<lechner>what does that mean, please?
<lechner>also, aren't you the last word on services around here?
<minima>(+1 in the notmuch/isync home service thieves posse) :)
<mirai>re guide: doubt I'm the fitting person for emacs-related matters, much less am in the position to write a guide on them :)
<mirai>turn one into a system service
<mirai>not in the slightest :)
<lechner>i think your service rewrites were stellar, and others think so too
<lechner>maybe i should spend some time with M-x debbugs
<nckx>minima: "system: images: …" or "images: hurd: …", whatever you find most clear. Not "gnu: …".
<minima>oh ok, thanks nckx!
<lechner>mirai / bjc / are you folks talking about M-x debbugs-gnu or M-x gnus-list-debbugs ?
<mirai>the former
<yziquel>is there any way to get left right up and down keys working in the guile REPL ? at one point in time, ocaml had ledit to make the REPL more user friendly. any similar thing for guile ? google doesn't provide a good answer.
<nckx>(guile)Loading Readline Support
<mirai>huh, is help-gnu-emacs@ also manually moderated
<nckx>This requires the guile-readline package.
<lechner>yziquel / +1, just make sure to remember 'guile -q' when developing Guile programs inside guix shell, and in some other instances
<yziquel>chatgpt gave me rlwrap. seems to work.
<lechner>it's been around since 1999!
<janneke>yziquel: what nckx says...but i guess that most just rely on emacs for their line editing support
<yziquel>janneke i like the convenience of working over ssh, raw.
<nckx>rlwrap is handy but gets confused by ‘guix repl’.
<nckx>In the sense that it will create its own .guix_history file rather than using Guile's. Might be an issue for you, might not.
<yziquel>nckx ok. I'll keep guile-readline in my todo notes
<nckx>It's an extremely minor issue, some won't even notice, it would just bug *me*.
<janneke>yziquel: sure, whatever you like :) emacs works great over ssh too
<lechner>yziquel / just install guile-readline and put (use-modules (ice-9 readline)) (activate-readline) into ~/.guile
<bumble>would there be any benefit to trying to run k3s on guix? or does guix provide things that make kube un-necessary?
<bdju>regarding dolphin-emu failing to build, sounds like there was an upstream issue with our current version of 5.0-13178 that was fixed in 5.0-13669 so a version bump may be all that's needed
<gabber`>nckx: in regard to building an interactive map of the Guix source tree of sorts ... i figure it wouldn't be *that* hard to do if we could reuse for example ETAGS.. unfortunately i have not the slightest clue of TAGS internals
<somenickname>Can I replace GDM with nothing?
<somenickname>Basically deleting it
<minima>any recommendation on how to handle imports in test files? e.g. when to use `(@ (module) symbol)' as opposed to the standard import at the beginning of the file?
<mwette>I have done that. You get a console command line login. From there I would login and type "sway" to start that display manager.
<mwette>s/display manager/window system/
<gabber`>minima: the (@ (module) symbol) notation can be handy to use from command-line or to circumvent circular imports -- though i'd advise against a general use
<somenickname>mwette: Is it possible with auto login?
<minima>thanks gabber` - there seem to be quite a few occurrences of it in `tests/' though
<minima>already, i mean
<minima>ah... but - as you say - that might be to avoid circular imports...? hm
<gabber`>there may be good reasons for that -- if you (use-modules ...) on top you clobber your whole guile file with the imported names
<minima>i was wondering if it was a style-guide kind of thing, limited to tests
<bumble>somenickname: yes it is possible with auto login
<catball>Hi everyone. I'm very new to guix (I just installed the OS yesterday!) and wanted to ask a (hopefully) basic question
<catball>one of the first and few things I've done is `guix install tmux`
<catball>But when running tmux, I get the error `tmux: invalid LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE or LANG`
<catball>it looks like my GUIX_LOCPATH is set to /run/current-system/locale
<catball>I tried `guix install glibc-locales` but didn't seem to help
<catball>and my /etc/config.scm hasn't been modified from what the install media generated. it has `(locale "en_US.utf8")`
<ieure>What are your locale environment vars set to? `echo $LOCALE; set | grep ^LC_`
<catball>no output; all my LC_ vars are unset
<catball>I wasn't sure how GUIX_LOCPATH normally influences those
<nckx>‘guix install glibc-locales’ is definitely not needed. I also don't have GUIX_LOCPATH set.
<nckx>So pretty sure it's not, either.
<nckx>(Then again, I've never had a LOCALE variable, not sure what that is.)
<catball>that's interesting @nckx ! what are your LC_ALL and LC_CTYPE set to if you don't mind me asking
<catball>I also wonder if this is because I installed no desktop environment. I just intended this to be a headless server machine
<lechner>catball / did you reboot after installing?
<nckx>Nothing, I set only LC_COLLATE=C because I prefer that.
<nckx>catball: Nah, this is a headless server too.
<catball>lechner I did! I also rebooted after installing glibc-locales, fwiw
<catball>I can try rebooting now to be extra sure
<lechner>catball / not needed
<lechner>catball / do you use Guix Home?
<nckx>I would remove glibc-locales from your user profile (guix remove), it can cause only pain.
<bdju>I tried building dolphin-emu master but that also failed, sounds like there's a qt6 dependency now. gonna try an older commit
<nckx>The only mention of ‘locale’ in my system.scm is the line ‘(locale "en_IE.utf8")’.
<lechner>catball / +1
<catball>lechner / no, I haven't used that at all yet
<catball>nckx ah, good to know, I'll remove that
<lechner>on debian, locales is the accepted solution to what catball's issues might have been
<lechner>installing locales
<nckx>I wish I had a clue what your issue *is*, rather than what it isn't.
<lechner>my issue?
<nckx>No, catballs.
<lechner>my variables are empty like nckx
<nckx>Err, catball's (not much of an improvement, but still).
<lechner>i like catballs
<catball>no worries @nckx! thanks for the help you both. removed glibc-locales and rebooting it for good measure
<nckx>Oh oh oh, what this could be is a version mismatch. Make sure you've run both ‘guix system reconfigure’ and ‘guix upgrade’. Glibc's locale data is not stable across versions, so a tmux linked against a more recent glibc won't be able to read older (system) locales.
<lechner>i was just going point to glibc too
<lechner>mirai / did you see this Debbugs-related message from Simon today?
<ganesh-birthday>"Notmuch, Debbugs: my helpers (was Re: New section to easily reference De"
<catball>nckx \ oh interesting! I don't think I've done either of those! trying now
<lechner>catball / which locale are you after?
<nckx>(I still don't understand why you have GUIX_LOCPATH set, if you didn't do so yourself.)
<catball>lechner / en_us UTF8, I think!
<hrn>Hi all! I suddenly stopped being able to build guix from git. I keep getting these errors:
<hrn>  MAKEINFO doc/
<hrn> @menu reference to nonexistent node `Configuring Git'
<hrn> @menu reference to nonexistent node `Sending a Patch Series'
<hrn>make[2]: *** [Makefile:4975: doc/] Error 1
<hrn>Has anyone seen this before? I am not really interested in building the docs. I just want to add a package.
<catball>nckx / I'm not sure either! I've done very little thusfar! I assumed it just came with the install somehow. Will see if I can find where it gets set for me
<vagrantc>hrn: from a clean checkout?
<hrn>vagrantc: yes I did a new clone and also did "guix pull"
<nckx>hrn: The po4a package in Guix was patched to fix this. You need to make sure you're using a recent version of it, from Guix.
<nckx>E.g., if you're using ‘guix shell -D guix’, then ‘guix pull’.
<nckx> (
<ganesh-birthday>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<hrn>nckx: Thanks, I'll try this
<bdju>I was able to successfully build and run dolphin-emu with the following: guix install dolphin-emu --with-commit=dolphin-emu=f9deb68aee962564b1495ff04c54c015e58d086f
<bdju>if someone could update the recipe to use this commit, that would be awesome
<lechner>catball / not sure it matters now, but the error you got from tmux said "invalid" locale. you did spell it like en_US.UTF-8 right?
<nckx>bdju: Whence that exact commit?
<nckx>en_US.utf8 is correct. This is not an issue.
<ganesh-birthday>"Merge pull request #9514 from JosJuice/jitarm64-offsetof · dolphin-emu/dolphin@f9deb68 · GitHub"
<catball>ah! after doing `sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm`, tmux became more agreeable :)  thank you lechner and nckx !
<nckx>OK, because the package itself says <>.
<nckx>catball: \o/
<lechner>catball / congratulations! don't forget about us when you get richt
<nckx>bdju: So I'd rather use the latest release there, assuming they work (testing).
<catball>lol, ty!! I will be sure to shower you in hot guix wealth when I find it :)
<lechner>ACTION can't wait to roll in it
<bdju>nckx: dolphin-emu releases are weird, their last tagged thing is many years old. anyway newer is better if it actually works, but when I tried the master commit it didn't work. wasn't sure what else to try exactly besides the commit that supposedly fixed the issue our current version was having
<bdju>if you find a release that isn't ancient, great, I didn't see one earlier on the github, though I know on their site they have some
<bdju>I think they just consider things beta for a long time despite being plenty stable
<nckx>Right. I'm building such a ‘beta’, because it's what's prominent on the home page 🤷
<nckx>Very modern development practices.
<bdju>and if you didn't mind doing another version bump thing, sadly for another weird-release case, I've been manually installing a newer pfetch for months to get support for the PF_COLOR=0 env var so I can have it output in monochrome. sadly that guy is also allergic to cutting releases even once a year. we currently seem to package the commit where the guix logo was added
<bdju>I think I just run the master commit for that (from 2021...) and it seems okay
<nckx>OK, no, I'm not going to update Dolphin-emu this much, no. -_- I'll try your older commit.
<bdju>ah I didn't realize how old the commit I found was
<bdju>yeah would probably be good to get it working again short-term and someone feeling ambitious could sort out a newer version later
<nckx>For context, your commit would be revision 13669, where Guix is at 13178, and upstream is currently at > 19000.
<nckx>So this should be at loss less painful, thanks :)
<hrn>nkkx: I still get the same error message after 'guix pull'. Also if I try to build guix without the --pure option to guix shell I instead get "configure: error: 'guild' binary not found; please check your Guile installation." even though the build binary is in the path. I am very confused now.
<nckx>Did you make clean & configure <OPTIONS> again?
<nckx>(Most clients support tab-completing nicknames, by the way.)
<nckx>Actually, since you were working from a clean checkout, just clone a new, fresh copy and bootstrap.
<nckx>Rule out any local state.
<hrn>nckx: Sorry, and yes I did same error. Ok. I'll reclone
<nckx>I don't mind, but it didn't ping me.
<nckx>If this still fails, could you run ‘guix edit po4a’ and visually verify that the ‘source’ field has ‘(patches (search-patches "po4a-partial-texinfo-menu-fix.patch"))’?
<nckx>bdju: Pushed, thanks.
<bdju>nice! and thank you as well
<GNUtoo>hi, Is there some good practice for deploying Guix VM in libvirt qemu when the host doesn't have guix installed?
<GNUtoo>My situation is that I've some access to libvirt, and Guix on my laptop to produce an image (with guix system init)
<GNUtoo>And also a shell on the host but without root
<GNUtoo>Do people in that situation simply build the image on their laptop and copy that and import it to libvirt somehow? Or do people build and run guix without root? Or do they use VMs with the guix daemon inside to do the first installation?
<hrn>nckx: After starting from a new clean clone I can build again! Thanks for your help  (I need to be building in a --pure shell, but that's ok I guess)
<nckx>It's fine, and, well, pure.
<nckx>I don't *have* to here (I don't get your guild error) but I wouldn't mind…
<gnucode>hello, I am trying to configure guix's name-service-switch to let me look up "<hostname>.local" machines, so that I can use sergey's terrible-mdns responder.
<gnucode>Do I just add this? This seems so wrong... (operating-system ... %mdns-host-lookup-nss (services ...))
<nckx>Okay, its README doesn't disappoint.
<civodul>gnucode: there’s a complete example with %mdns-host-lookup-nss in
<ganesh-birthday>"Using the Configuration System (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<nckx>gnucode: Maybe you mean (operating-system (name-service-switch %mdns-host-lookup-nss) …) ☺
<gnucode>nckx: that looks more like it.
<nckx>That weird site that civodul linked is probably also good.
<gnucode>hahaha. good to hear from you nckx. How you been?
<gnucode>also thanks for the speedy response ya'll.
<nckx>I'm well! Currently watching base balls and baking a cake, yet still somehow finding a way to waste time on IRC.
<nckx>How's your hosting business going?
<civodul>s/wasting time/donating time/
<civodul>just noticed something weird: we have “system troubleshooting” before “getting started”
<ganesh-birthday>"Top (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<civodul>as if you’d run into problems before you’ve even started
<euouae>I have a question about translations
<civodul>(you *will* run into problems, but get started first!)
<euouae>I noticed that the english manual and the translations aren't in sync in a specific sentence (msgid), does that mean the translation won't work?
<civodul>euouae: that’s a question for roptat, chief translator, but i think .pot gets synchronized once in a while and in between you have situations like you describe
<euouae>Aha, got it
<euouae>I'll keep it in mind
<gnucode>nckx baking a cake sounds like a great time! And my hosting business is interesting...
<apteryx>civodul: ah!
<gnucode>I just purchased hosting for a year from
<gnucode>so I am certainly helping his business. :)
<euouae>cool service
<Altadil>gnucode: thanks for that link, I’m 100% bookmarking this. :)
<euouae>How do you switch profiles?
<euouae>Or do you just enable them via sourcing?
<euouae>I know there's a -p option to operate on a certain profile, but can you make a profile your "current" profile?
<gnucode>Altadil, nckx, civodul should we blog about ? We did for linode, and his service is probably much easier to set up than linode.
<gnucode>have to log right back.
<minima>does `configuration->documentation' work for home services?
<nckx>euouae: There's ‘guix shell -p’, but yeah, profiles aren't really ‘switched’ and I don't think we should over-abstract them (guix shell's abstraction level is IMO perfect, but so is sourcing them directly, maybe using env -i).
<nckx>‘gnucode’: The problem with zero-friction Guix hosting is that there's little to blog about beyond ‘yo check this out’. It would be little more than an ad, but maybe that's OK? In a way, we rewarded Linode for not better supporting Guix.
<jab>that's my thought.
<nckx>Blog aside, having a list of providers that ‘support Guix’, like Let's Encrypt has, might be useful. We'd just need to define a consistent level of ‘support’. Oh, and someone needs to write it, but that's the easy part, right…?
<euouae>Should the manual prefer guix describe -f channels or guix package --export-channels?
<euouae>I think they do the exact same thing
<nckx>They don't.
<civodul>nckx: maybe the person behind could write the post and detail nice technical stuff
<civodul>like the threading interface for OS config
<nckx>Yesss, sponsored advertorial synergy.
<civodul>to make it more than an ad
<nckx>(I'm not against it, but we need to be careful.)
<euouae>How are they different?
<nckx>guix package --export-channels should really only print channels that were used to *create* the profile, i.e., it describes said profile, while ‘guix describe’ describes the channel that constitute that ‘guix’ command.
<nckx>E.g., in my case, ‘guix describe’ lists 4 channels because that's how many go into my guix, but ‘guix package’ lists only 2.
<euouae>so export-channel is a subset of describe?
<nckx>Also no.
<euouae>ok let me think
<nckx>For example, the (commit …)s may be totally different.
<nckx>If you're looking for redundancy here, there is none.
<euouae>No that's not it
<nckx>I wish the UI were slightly more orthogonal, maybe, but it's not bad enough to bother me.
<euouae>I was looking into the comments of guix package --export-manifest
<euouae>It says to use guix describe. I thought I'd change it to --export-channels. But now maybe I should just change it to guix describe -f channels
<nckx>Ah, that might make sense, since it just changes the output format.
<nckx>(I didn't look up the comment.)
<euouae>You'd get it if you used `guix package --export-manifest`
<nckx>That doesn't mention ‘guix describe’ at all here.
<euouae>Hm. not sure. I'll just move on from this, it's not important
<euouae>ACTION should think more about the difference between --export-channels and -f channels though
<nckx>Maybe that's because my profile is a bit more, er, heterogenous than yours? Maybe if your entire profile was generated from a single commit (e.g., with a manifest) it would print something else than mine does. I dunno.
<euouae>The (define* (export-manifest line in guix/guix/scripts/package.scm contains a format port (G_ "... with the comment I'm mentioning
<euouae>I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be printed.
<nckx>Here's my output, note the lack of overlap in any commit, and the fact that you can't slap a single pretty commit on my user profile, so Guix awkwardly lists them in a comment.
<euouae>Here's two more small questions: 1) `man guix archive` says "... manual page for guix build". Should that be archive instead of build? 2) info page of guix says "This document describes GNU Guix version 0.0-git ...". Why does it say 0.0-git?
<euouae>I've noticed this version thing elsewhere as well
<nckx>Ah, I assumed that export-manifest would print that comment, in my example, I guess I was wrong.
<nckx>Yes, I *think* guix package --e-m might be more applicable here, although you'll always lose the info of exactly which package came from which commit.
<jab>civodul and nckx, I will email the guy from and let him know that you are open to a blog post/ something on the official guix site.
<nckx>Open to discuss it, certainly.
<nckx>Aside: yes, ‘guix package --export-channels’ did generate that dangling bracket on the last line. We're being trolled.
<GNUtoo>Thanks that looks interesting
<nckx>euouae: (1) Yes, do you want to submit a patch? Or I can fix it. (2) is also a bug: VERSION is not being set correctly by ./configure anymore, for some reason.
<nckx>Or whatever ring of autotools is expected to set that.
<euouae>nckx, I'll submit the patches
<euouae>1) is easy but 2) I'll be looking into. Thankfully I've studied autotools quite a bit
<euouae>although I am still baffled by autotools
<nckx>./configure here already contains a hard-coded UNKNOWN so it's something earlier.
<euouae>got it
<nckx>Oh, build-aux/git-version-gen
<euouae>what's this?
<nckx>Is that rhetorical? Otherwise: the thing that invokes git describe (the thing that produces ‘0.0-git’ style versions) to set VERSION everywhere.
<nckx>It *should* return something like v1.4.0-123-g0a1b2c3d4e, but…
<euouae>Where is this script coming from?
<euouae>What it says is "# Use the following line in your, so that $(VERSION) will automatically be up-to-date each time configure is run"
<nckx>euouae: …guix.git?
<nckx>I don't understand the question.
<nckx>It's originally from gnulib.
<euouae>That was the question
<euouae>or rather, the answer to my question
<nckx>The real answer was the friends we made along the way.
<euouae>oh yeah, build-aux
<euouae>I forgot
<euouae>Right, it just needs to be configured on the and files it seems. I'll do it
<nckx>Configured how?
<nckx>Note [m4_esyscmd([build-aux/git-version-gen .tarball-version])],
<nckx>I don't see the ‘just’ but hope you do.
<euouae>It's late now, but I'll try tomorrow. I'm hopeful
<lechner>nckx / do i need a custom kernel for bcachefs?
<nckx>OK. I still don't get exactly what you think is so obviously missing (also: this used to work), but good luck.
<nckx>lechner: Yes.
<lechner>are you sharing?
<euouae>nckx, I thought it might be simple, it
<euouae>It's just me looking for trouble
<euouae>The fact that it used to work does give me an alternative approach to digging through source code. I could just git bisect
<nckx>lechner: Not my own kernel, because you're not wearing the requisite protective equipment, but it's just a fork of torvalds/linux:
<ganesh-birthday>"bcachefs.git - Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository."
<nckx>lechner: I did write a linux-libre-bcachefs package that runs the deblob scripts on that, which seems to be the most elegant approach here. That was pre-hiatus, so I'll have to dig it up from I don't even know where, and I keep thinking it's not worth it because it'll be merged real soon now™.
<nckx>It → bcachefs into upstream Linux.
<nckx>I am nothing if not an optimist.
<lechner>nckx / would you support if i implement that our grub optionally installs to, and boots from, a separate partition (such as the ESP)
<ganesh-birthday>"Re: Packaging bcachefs"
<lechner>also, did you see that bcachefs is in linux-next? does anyone package here package that?
<ganesh-birthday>"Bcachefs Merged Into Linux-Next - Phoronix"
<lechner>sorry, bad english
<nckx>I don't think the ESP is a good fit here, and shouldn't be the optimised use case, but if it happens to work, all the better.
<lechner>you prefer /boot?
<lechner>it would be an optional prefix, i suppose
<nckx>Sure, I just mean a separate partition from both / and the ESP.
<lechner>why are you against the ESP?
<lechner>i guess the file names are too short
<nckx>Not really against—if someone wants to put a \GNU\Store on their ESP, they can go wild for all I care—but Guix shouldn't assume people are going to use their ESP as /boot IMO.
<nckx>I have no idea what the name length limits on FAT32 are, and we don't need Unix permissions for a kernel/initrd/background/keymap, but still, ugh. It shouldn't be recommended as sane.
<lechner>some bootloaders require it
<ganesh-birthday>"GitHub - limine-bootloader/limine: Modern, advanced, portable, multiprotocol bootloader."
<nckx>Require what?
<lechner>kernel and initrd on the ESP
<lechner>but i kind of agree that it's stupid
<nckx>They can fix that if they want.
<nckx>Not our bug.
<lechner>but you are okay booting off of kernels that were copied from the store right?
<bumble>oh my bcachefs finally :)
<nckx>lechner: I just don't see how ESP is at all relevant to discussions of a separate /boot.
<lechner>i am no longer talking about boot. i am talking about copying boot kernels from the store into /boot (or any other place where Grub can find it)
<lechner>about ESP
<nckx>Oh good.
<nckx>Yes, that.
<nckx>That is good.
<lechner>you think it's okay to offer signing with a personal "Secure Boot" key as well?
<nckx>I guess, but it's completely orthogonal.
<lechner>well, i wasnt sure how to sign kernels in the store
<nckx>One day we'll have secrets management and something something.
<lechner>i am not sure i'll live to see that
<nckx>Anyway, there's no advantage to mixing ESPs or secure boots into support for a separate /boot, so they can both be ignored for now.
<lechner>isn't it a three-line patch?
<nckx>Sounds good! :)
<nckx>Don't look at me, I'm still using the bash script I wrote when I switched to bcachefs 4 years ago.
<nckx>ACTION → 😴💤
<lechner>good night
<nate1>How would I go about making a package that needs code from two different git repos?
<nate1>I imagine I could make one package that just copies everything in one of them, then have the main package depend on that, but that feels a bit ridiculous
<lechner>nate1 / which two packages, please?
<nate1>I'm hoping to update the nextpnr package and add support for ECP5 devices instead of just ICE40. ECP5 support depends on trellis ( and also expects that the database has been populated from here
<ganesh-birthday>"GitHub - YosysHQ/prjtrellis: Documenting the Lattice ECP5 bit-stream format."
<ganesh-birthday>"GitHub - YosysHQ/prjtrellis-db: Project Trellis database"
<lechner>nate1 / this is your issue, right? "Out-of-tree builds are currently unsupported when coupled with nextpnr"