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<anemofilia>I am trying to compile some C++ code on guix
<anemofilia>But simply can't do it
<anemofilia>forget it
<anemofilia>got it right
<adanska>Hey guys! I'm trying to use set-xorg-configuration within my config.scm to swap my capslock key with my control via the ctrl:swapcaps option. This works on x sessions but not Wayland. Is there any way to achieve this using my operating system decl?
<sneek>Welcome back adanska, you have 1 message!
<sneek>adanska, juliana[m] says: you can use the xorg configuration for you keyboard just fine running wayland with gdm
<adanska>Hmm. Well that doesnt seem to be working for me. My GNOME Wayland session is launched using GDM, like all my other sessions.
<adanska>and it hasn't been working.
<jpoiret>adanska: not in your operating system declaration, no
<jpoiret>you'll need to configure that in GNOME
<adanska>ah. thats unfortunate :(
<adanska>ok, thanks for the heads up!
<cbaines>I think ruby-team is ready to be merged today :)
<ngz>Hello Guix.
<cbaines>hey ngz :)
<efraim>cbaines: the colors changed! I assume now I can click on the number and see just the failing ones
<ngz>cbaines: I got a strange error at <>.
<cbaines>efraim, yep, QA now has a page to show more information about the changes
<cbaines>ngz, the data service hasn't processed the latest revision yet
<ngz>cbaines: So "Exception checking changes between merge base and master" is about old merge base, i.e., before rebase?
<cbaines>ngz, that's probably because the data service also hasn't processed the merge base commit yet (but it's working on it)
<ngz>Anyhow I need to rebase it again on top of master (or a green tick before it) since you just merged "ruby-team".
<agnem>adanska: There's two packages interception-tools and interception-dual-function-keys packages that let you swap capslock with control (and other configurations) system-wide for xorg or wayland. Here's my system configuration to create service to run it as part of the system definition:
<rekado>ngz: after your rebase would you be bothered if we snuck in this update?
<ngz>rekado: I would be bothered if this introduces delays, as the branch is ready for merge. Is it a reasonably safe update?
<rekado>I can’t say. Pygments has changed its parse tree since the previous version we have, so there will likely be some fallout.
<rekado>I’m happy to put it on some other branch :)
<ngz>rekado: For the record, I just rebased the "tex-team-next" branch once again. I'd like to merge it within a week. If the delay is acceptable for the author of the Pygments patch, I'm fine with adding it to the branch. Otherwise, it might be better to use another one.
<ngz>Hmmm. On another topic, what license would be completely defined by "You may freely use, modify and/or distribute this file." Public domain?
<rekado>I’m the author of the pygments patch. Any reasonable delay is fine for me. I just want to avoid causing a huge rebuild.
<dgr>ngz: unlicense?
<ngz>dgr: The text I quoted is the complete license used in the file. Unlicense text seems to add more information.
<pjals>there was one that fit even better, lemme find it
<pjals>(@ (guix licenses) fsdg-compatible) or (@ (guix licenses) public-domain)
<ngz>rekado: Great! Now you know about my (sole) concern, feel free to do what seems to you the best way to proceed.
<ngz>pjals: Good idea. What about fsf-free?
<pjals>hm, maybe
<Guest60>If I want to update my local channel with --url=/home/cm/cm-channel (this is the root dir) it says guix pull: error: Git error: cannot locate remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
<Guest60>It is in fact branch main, but how would I tell the command that?
<Guest60>guix pull works with that branch with no problems, too
<Guest60>Ah nvm, overlooked the branch parameter
<podiki[m]>speaking of updates, any thoughts on merging mesa-updates? build finished a while ago and looks pretty good in coverage I think, but can't see the full comparison on QA (bordeaux just building now?)
<cbaines>podiki[m], given that tex-team-next is at the front of the queue to be merged, do you know if the changes in mesa-team overlap?
<cbaines>if they do, then there will be more builds to do after tex-team-next is merged
<podiki[m]>only the mesa package itself is touched on mesa-updates; so any graphical programs updated by tex-team-next will get rebuilt
<podiki[m]>though i'm not sure if the tex updates are deep in the dependency structure and cause mesa to be rebuilt?
<PotentialUser-56>hello.  I recently tried `guix shell elixir` while offline and was surprised to see guix try to build a derivation for cups (and some other things).  why would it need to download those substitutes for a package that doesn't print?
<ngz>PotentialUser-56: If you call guix graph --path elixir cups, you'll notice cups is a dependency of gtk+.
<PotentialUser-56>ngz <3
<RavenJoad>Can I do a (define-public (operating-system ...)) where the operating-system record is incomplete and in a separate module? I want to have a generic system config and inherit from that to complete my individual systems.
<ngz>RavenJoad: Sure. (operating-system ...) returns an <operating-system> record that you can further transform or complete.
<RavenJoad>ngz: That's what I figured. I ask because when I build %base-system, I get an error about missing field initializers, which I expect (I do not provide host-name in the base). When I build %desktop, which inherits and finishes %base-system, I get a "no code for module (... base-system)" error.
<lambdanil>hi, is there a way to add a libvirt network declaratively in Guix? It can be achieved using virsh in the command line but is there a way to make it part of the config?
<RavenJoad>ngz: Nevermind. I had a small typo in my #:use-module for %base-system.
<RavenJoad>Thanks for your help!
<lfam>Should we enable ADDRESS_MASKING in linux 6.4? It defaults to No
<f1refly>what is the best way to give myself write access to my optical drive? Is being member in the group "cdrom" enough?
<RavenJoad>When I do (operating-system (inherit %base-system) (services (operating-system-services %base-system))), I get guix system: error: more than one target service of type 'profile'.
<RavenJoad>Why is that?
<RavenJoad>f1refly: I believe so.
<RavenJoad>I am trying to add packages to the inherited %base-system, so I do (services (append (list (udev-rules-service ...)) (operating-system-services %base-system))), which returns the error guix system: error: more than one target service of type 'shepherd-root'.
<lfam>Best way to get advice is to share the entire (services ...) block on <>
<RavenJoad>lfam: and
<lambdanil> well, it's not the cleanest solution but it works :)
<lfam>RavenJoad: Those links don't work fo rme
<davidl>how can I extend the polkit service with some new actions? Specifically I want to put that org.spice-space.lowlevelusbaccess.policy from spice-gtk in the /etc/polkit-1/actions directory.
<RavenJoad>lfam: Weird, because they are working for me. I can pastebin in a few minutes.
<lfam>Even when I load your repo and click through, it doesn't work
<lfam>Probably a Github bug
<lambdanil>davidl: polkit-configuration has an "actions" field which takes a list of file-like objects
<RavenJoad>lfam: Base: and Desktop:
<geri>for some reason my system hangs indefinately when issuing sudo reboot
<geri>where do i see the logs?
<lfam>geri: Does it seem to go down before hanging, or does it never go down?
<rekado>geri: which version of the shepherd are you using?
<geri>herd --version returns 0.10.1
<geri>lfam: i can still switch tty's but can't type anything in
<lfam>I've seen frequent reports lately of unsucessful rebooting
<lfam>And I've experienced it too
<lfam>You could look in /var/log/messages
<lfam>And older copies of that file
<geri>do you use an nvidia gpu lfam
<lfam>It's an AMD machine but I don't use the GPU and it's headless
<geri>alright, asking cause last message i remember was by nouveau
<lfam>Looks like dmesg and /var/log/messages aren't the same
<lfam>So, maybe the log isn't very helpful
<geri>does dmesg even save things across reboots?
<lfam>I don't think so. That's why it's nice to log it
<RavenJoad>I have had issues shutting down too, between wildly different machines. But I get further, essentially done, but shutdown never happens. No disk errors after forcing the machine down though.
<lfam>I'd guess it's pretty widespread
<geri>time stamp between 21:17 to 21:24 on 10th
<lfam>Two recent complaints on the subject
<geri>thankfully i don't have to restart the machine too often haha
<geri>more than half of people in the second thread reported the same issue
<RavenJoad>lfam: Sorry to bother, but did those pastebins work for you?
<Guest28> this does not work, I can see it in the extensions but activating does nothing. I tested the same package in a Fedora VM (runs GNOME 44.2) which works.  In other words, I configured it wrong but I don't really know what I need to do.
<Guest28>(description is not good, but I want to make it work and later will make it the right way for upstream)
<davidl>lambdanil: I managed to add it like that, to /etc/polkit-1/actions directory after a system reconfigure. However, my application - virt-viewer (or rather remote-viewer) - still complains about missing polkit action for usb low-level access which is what I added.
<attila_lendvai>davidl, did you relogin? or maybe even reboot?
<davidl>I did not
<davidl>I will try that, thx for the suggestion
<attila_lendvai>i wish define-configuration supported the inheritance of define-record-type
<rekado>I haven’t touched my lilypond documents in a long time; today I tried building one of my documents with a custom engraver, but lilypond now crashes when building a PDF
<rekado>(not sure if that’s a Guix problem, or a Guile 3 problem, or a lilypond problem)
<jonsger>rekado: lilypond works for me under Guix System. But I don't do fancy stuff like a custom engraver :P
<rekado>I’ve just asked in #lilypond with more details
<rekado>it’s possible my engraver that used to work in the past is no longer compliant
<civodul>lilyp_, mirai: what's the reason for the recent maven-* reverts? there's no explanation in the commit logs
<sneek>civodul, you have 3 messages!
<sneek>civodul, jpoiret says: Reviewing the patchset, there's one thing I'm not too happy with: janneke added a glibc-locales for 2.37, which is also called glibc-locales.
<sneek>civodul, jpoiret says: Problem is, then for all other systems as well the glibc-locales 2.35 is being shadowed by this one, even though it's not a supported system!
<sneek>civodul, jpoiret says: We could rename it to glibc-locales-hurd but personally I'd rather have specification->package select a package that's supported by the system if possible.
<civodul>jpoiret: ah yes, maybe mark glibc-locates@2.37 as hidden?