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<mirai>I wonder if something like bountysource could be added to guix
<vagrantc>am seeing build failures with "cannot build missing derivation" on i686 and powerpc64le
<bdju>Uh oh... Tried to guix gc and got this: guix gc: error: executing SQLite query: database disk image is malformed
<bdju>I found issue #36687 but doesn't seem like anyone figured anything out
<bdju>and now my sway session is frozen since about 3 minutes ago, can ssh in bug the clock stopped and I can't seem to change TTYs
<bdju>`pkill -9 sway` did the trick... nothing else seemed to work
<bdju>any help with that guix gc issue would be appreciated. I think I could free a lot of space if I could get a gc to go through
<iyzsong>no good idea :\ does 'sqlite3 /var/guix/db/db.sqlite' can open the database?
<bdju>iyzsong: maybe! it gives me a prompt, it's not clear if it opened the db successfully or not
<bdju>I don't usually work with databases, is there something basic like an `ls` I can run or something?
<bdju> I tried .recover and got this, the end error is pretty much the same as what I originally saw
<bdju>can't the db be rebuilt or something? I still have my system config and such that it should be based on
<rekado>bdju: did you run fsck?
<bdju>no. this is my main drive, so I would have to boot some other environment, wouldn't I?
<bdju>or can I do something while it's running?
<rekado>you shouldn’t use it while the file system is mounted.
<bdju>I have 147 days uptime and to be honest with you I don't have a lot of faith I'll be able to boot again if I shut this thing off
<bdju>have had some nasty issues in the past with luks and stuff
<bdju>on guix
<bdju>something about the way my second drive was set up was stopping it from mounting, and I couldn't mount my main drive which was fine and also used luks. had to roll back a bunch until one worked and then take the auto mount of the second drive out of my config. never found a more proper fix for that, still have to manually mount the second drive to this day
<bdju>I'm sure there's some other surprise waiting for me
<bdju>also I'm not sure what I'd boot to run fsck from
<bdju>can you fsck encrypted drives? does it make you decrypt them? also, does fs matter? this is btrfs. I've used fsck a few times but never on such an exotic setup
<bdju>I'll probably do it later so that I'm not going to sleep soon with a broken computer, that's never a fun time.
<jpoiret>bdju: you can fsck encrypted drives, yes
<dokma>jpoiret: do you have both _buixbuild and guixbuild and who are the members?
<dokma>jpoiret: or even better, did I skip some step that should've created this?
<rekado>this talks about creating the build users
<rekado>how did you install Guix?
<dokma>sudo apt install guix
<dokma>But it is 1.2.0 on Devuan
<jpoiret>ah. Maybe the binary install would be better then
<dokma>so then guix pull barfed complaining no _guixbuild
<dokma>so I created _guixbuild
<dokma>then it complained _guixbuild empty
<dokma>so I added my default user
<jpoiret>I'd suggest following
<dokma>then it barfed because my default user is in more than 10 groups
<rekado>your user account should not be a build user
<dokma>rekado: which is why I am trying to get someone to tell me which users are a member of their _guixbuild or guixbuild for about half an hour
<dokma>my system does have guixbuild group but guix complained that there was no _guixbuild
<rekado>I already showed you the section in the manual that talks about all this
<dokma>I'm reading it right now
<dokma>But it mentions only guixbuild
<dokma>Does guix have some setup where I need to set the build group?
<rekado>I suggest doing as jpoiret recommended.
<jpoiret>supposedly, apt install guix is supposed to take care of everything. If not, there's a bug in the packaging of guix in your distribution
<jpoiret>yes, the setup i mentioned above should walk you through all the steps
<dokma>I guessed so as well
<jpoiret>(or there's a shell script that will do it all for you, if you're so inclined)
<dokma>jpoiret: can you PLEASE tell me which users are members of your guixbuild group?
<efraim>IIRC debian is setup to use _guixbuild, but 1.2.0 is old so if there were any gotchas from debian packaging I don't remember them
<dokma>efraim: that's probably why I have the same thing on Devuan
<jpoiret>guixbuilder01 to 10 are in the guixbuild group
<jpoiret>but again, that's described in the manual
<jpoiret>I don't think you should try to replicate anyone's setup but rather follow the steps in the manual
<dokma>jpoiret: I've read that. Since my guix is demanding _guixbuild I'll just put the same users there.
<dokma>jpoiret: I agree but there is a difference in my setup.
<efraim>dokma: make sure you match the group also
<dokma>On Devuan guix demands _guixbuilder NOTICE THE UNDERSCORE
<rekado>it’s just a name
<dokma>sudo guix pull is now apparently working it's magic
<rekado>the guix-daemon must have been launched with that group name as the build users group
<dokma>Will sudo guix pull install the latest version of guix as well?
<efraim>sneek: later tell vagrantc I'm taking care of some of the 'missing derivation' derivations from the opensbi evaluation, they're building nicely finally
<efraim>sneek: botsnack
<jpoiret>dokma: it should, but you might run into some problems with substitutes
<dokma>jpoiret: I don't know what those are
<jpoiret>1.2 had another compression algorithm as the default that is not served anymore by the CI servers
<jpoiret>they're pre-built derivations that you can substitute in
<dokma>What are derivations?
<dokma>guix --version gives me a hash instead of a version number
<jpoiret>that's normal
<jpoiret>guix pull gives you the latest commit on the master branch
<dokma>So I do now have the latest guix
<dokma>that's good
<jpoiret>point versions of guix are mostly there for publicity
<jpoiret>and formally announcing new features
<jpoiret>oh, you did `sudo guix pull`?
<jpoiret>what's `command -v guix`?
<jpoiret>something you need to keep in mind is that the guix daemon doesn't run your user's guix, but rather root's I think
<jpoiret>whereas as your own user you should be using your own user's guix
<jpoiret>so you need to upgrade your root user's guix periodically
<janneke>ACTION stopped giving root its own package and current-guix profiles and has root just use the system's guix, fwiw
<dokma>jpoiret: % command -v guix
<dokma>% ll /usr/local/bin/guix
<dokma>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root staff 54 Jul 5 07:37 /usr/local/bin/guix -> /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin/guix
<dokma>All is good now. Thank you for your time good folks of #guix, it is much appreciated.
<jonsger>#guix is a lovely place :)
<dokma>So I go guix package --remove guile-gcrypt
<dokma>then guix package -i guile-gcrypt
<dokma>But I only get:
<dokma>guix package: warning: Consider running 'guix pull' followed by
<dokma>'guix package -u' to get up-to-date packages and security updates.
<dokma>The following package will be installed:
<dokma> guile-gcrypt 0.4.0
<dokma>Apparently the package is not installed:
<dokma>guix package --manifest=guile-gcrypt
<dokma>guix package: error: failed to load 'guile-gcrypt': No such file or directory
<dokma>I've ran guix pull and guix package -u several times
<dokma>Can I manually verify if the package is installed?
<jpoiret>what's `command -v guix` for your user?
<jpoiret>also, `guix package --manifest=FILE` wants a manifest file, not a package specification
<dokma>~/Downloads/guix-1.4.0 % command -v guix
<dokma>% ll /usr/local/bin/guix
<dokma>lrwxrwxrwx 1 root staff 54 Jul 5 07:37 /usr/local/bin/guix -> /var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin/guix
<jpoiret>are you currently root?
<jpoiret>each user can have its own guix, and that's probably what the warning is saying
<jpoiret>have you installed `guile` and `guile-gcrypt`?
<dokma>I have. Why is my non root user using what appears to be root guix?
<jpoiret>you can see the installed packages with `guix package -I`
<dokma>guile-gcrypt is listed
<jpoiret>dokma: you probably haven't configured your PATH to use ~/.config/guix/current` with higher priority
<jpoiret>ah, you probably haven't set anything up
<dokma>Path starts with /home/user/.guix-profile/bin
<dokma>That was the instructions in the manual. Is that it?
<jpoiret>you also need to source the profile at ~/.config/guix/current/etc/profile
<jpoiret>i'm not finding it in the manual though 🤔
<dokma>I have this in .zshrc: . "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"
<jpoiret>there's a bit about it in
<jpoiret>further down
<dokma>jpoiret: can I just put ~/.config/guix/current/bin in front of PATH?
<jpoiret>dokma: no, these profiles can do more than just modify PATH
<jpoiret>some other env variables are also modified, and they're all managed by the /etc/profile in them
<dokma>So this is not enough in my .zshrc
<dokma>export GUIX_PROFILE="/home/vlatko/.guix-profile"
<dokma>. "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"
<jpoiret>for now my .config/guix/current profile doesn't modify anything other than PATH but it's better to future-proof
<jpoiret>dokma: you need to repeat the same but modifying the export line to $HOME/.config/guix/current
<jpoiret>also, please don't add these to zshrc but rather to .zprofile
<jpoiret>ie. they shouldn't be sourced for every interactive shell but only once you log in
<jpoiret>or just manually
<razlix77[m]>hello does anyone have a working configuration for authenticating users trough ldap? For me it seems nslcd completely ignores ldap
<jpoiret>otherwise `guix shell` will not work properly
<dokma>did it
<dokma>guile-gcrypt got installed
<dokma>Should I worry about stuff that got installed while the setup was bad?
<jpoiret>the install process was exactly the same, you just hadn't let your shell know about it
<dokma>Still this:
<dokma> % guix package --manifest=guile-gcrypt
<dokma>guix package: error: failed to load 'guile-gcrypt': No such file or directory
<dokma>It doesn't work for any package
<jpoiret>still, `guix package --manifest=FILE` wants a file that is a manifest, not a package specification
<dokma>oh, so just list-packages with grep
<dokma>(use-modules (gcrypt hash)) now works
<dokma>My own project runs after removing manually install guile and it's packages and reinstalling via guix
<dokma>jpoiret: do you run your system fully on guix?
<dokma>Do you encounter any instability as a consequence of not having an army of maintainers like apt?
<attila_lendvai>dokma, on guix it's very easy to roll back to the previous config, so it's less of an issue
<jpoiret>dokma: I'm a bit biased for a couple of reasons
<jpoiret>I use very little software, mostly small stuff (I don't rely on big DEs that are annoying to update)
<jpoiret>also I do know my way around Guix and can fix stuff whenever I encounter a problem
<jpoiret>so ymmv
<dokma>jpoiret: I also use very little software and only use dwm so we're not that different
<dokma>in that regard at least
<dokma>But I have no clue about guix and my first thought was of running a web server and having to update something and running into some nightmarish mess
<dokma>Debian stable is darn stable
<hwpplayer1>hi people!
<hwpplayer1>I have a quick question about installation of the GNU Guix system. I activated USB Tethering in my phone and I passed wired connection part. So can I install the system or there will be another part to pass for an Internet connection ?
<hwpplayer1>I didn't try to install because I need to take my backups
<hwpplayer1>I'll be back
<razlix77[m]>must be some extra pam things :/
<nckx>goggles-bot: *tickle*
<nckx>And we're back.
<podiki2>I guess I'll send from matrix and read from irc? or, you know, do something besides double chat in #guix :-P
<podiki[m]>nckx: thanks!
<nckx>Probably a silly question from the Matrix side, but why podiki2 and not simply podiki?
<nckx>I ran a sed on today's log file to remove some over-the-top spam earlier. This must have confused the logging bot.
<podiki[m]>I wanted to come up with something clever with a 2 but failed, wasn't sure if I had already used "podiki" with a password (that I don't remember)
<nckx>Doesn't look like it.
<nckx>On Libera, that is.
<podiki[m]>the other matrix/irc bridge is called... heisenbridge, what could possibly go wrong
<mirai>podiki[m]: do you use heisenbridge?
<podiki>I have not, just saw there were 2 options
<podiki>I'll probably try it out in the next few days though
<mirai>forgot I scrolled up before replying
<mirai>let me know how that turns out, been considering setting a matrix homeserver + heisenbridge for dealing with IRC
<mirai>I'd really like to avoid cobbling up some ZNC matryoshka abomination to have seamless IRC support over multiple devices :)
<podiki>synapse wasn't too hard to setup, but did have some steps; been a while since I did that but bridges aren't bad
<jackhill>hmmm, biboumi isn't yet packaged for Guix