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<rekado>sorry, that log thing is a known bug in goggles. It’s pretty easy to fix, so it’s a great first contribution.
<rekado>the bug is here:
<nckx>janneke: I restarted goggles-bot but there's probably a second step I forgot.
<rekado>I also just restarted it :)
<rekado>and the logs for guix show up for the right day
<rekado>on the next message in #hurd it should start a new file too
<janneke>rekado: thanks, indeed; /me just said hello to the logger on #hurd
<adamnr74>Thanks for fixing archive
<nckx>It's only fixed for a month, you can help fix it harder.
<hwpplayer1>hi people !
<nckx>Hello person.
<nckx>We are all fellow humans here.
<gspapp>Nice try bot.
<bjc>as an ai language model i can confirm that we are all humans here
<gspapp>I actually have a problem with Guix. I can't seem to install nss-certs because it throws an "encoding-error".
<gspapp>ice-9/boot-9.scm:1685:16: In procedure raise-exception:
<gspapp>Throw to key `encoding-error' with args `("scm_to_stringn" "cannot convert wide string to output locale" 84 #f #f)'.
<gspapp>How can I fix this?
<nckx>Is this on Guix System or another distribution?
<nckx>Some links:
<gspapp>It is running on a foreign distro (Debian).
<nckx>I don't know enough about those to give directly actionable steps, but I hope those bug reports can help get you there.
<nckx>ACTION beeps.
<hwpplayer1>I couldn't install Guix do you know why ? I use my mobile phone's Internet and Guix can't understand the wifi from my phone
<hwpplayer1>I will install it when I go to our home I am on vacation now
<hwpplayer1>Or maybe you have a suggestion to help me on this issue ?
<nikolar>try using usb tethering
<nikolar>always worked for me
<jonsger>uff setting up zabbix-server is a bit more involved then I hoped :(
<Guest28>Does nouveau require additional packages/configuration to work? If I boot with my Nvidia Card xorg isn't loading. I can't even switch ttys
<civodul>cbaines: hello! thanks for merging the guile-squee fix
<civodul>i'll update the package
<civodul>quite a silly bug :-)
<Guest28>ah nvm, appearantly the drivers are broken for my card:
<dadinn[m]>hi all
<dadinn[m]>I am looking at adoptium openjdk (a.k.a. temurin) package. Is this available via guix?
<nckx>From what I can tell these are ‘just’ binary builds of the same OpenJDK source? If so, they won't be packaged by the Guix project, which doesn't distribute binaries. Someone could make a Guix channel that does, but I doubt very much that someone has.
<nckx>(I'm not seeing the value this would provide.)
<civodul>heads-up! i'm reconfiguring berlin to fix
<civodul>damn it, it was blazingly fast this time
<civodul>actually it had been reconfigured earlier today :-)
<janneke>ACTION ponders that we could use a server in Manhattan
<janneke>then we could reconfigure that first ;)
<jonsger>civodul fixes all problems away :)
<bricewge>Hello Guix!
<Proxy>Good evening everyone
<mirai>re goggles-bot issue: I've commented in the past here that the issue could also be solved by “making it someone else's problem”. i.e. let a logrotator (such as rottlog) handle this
<Proxy>I have a problem when building guix from source. Can you guys help me?
<mirai>all goggles-bot would need is a 'reopen action for logfiles (via SIGHUP, SIG_YOUR_FAVOURITE_SIGNAL_HERE, …) à la nginx
<bricewge>I'm stuck with the error “symbol lookup error: /gnu/store/5h2w4qi9hk1qzzgi1w83220ydslinr4s-glibc-2.33/lib/ undefined symbol: __libc_pthread_init, version GLIBC_PRIVATE“ whenever I try to execute commands with ./pre-inst-env
<bricewge>I've tried several fixes I've found in the IRC log, but nothing worked
<bricewge>Des someone know how to fix this?
<geri>why does grub ask twice for password when doing an encrypted install?
<geri>my system keeps on throwing me into rescue shell saying no such device with id ive never seen before nor can i find..
<mirai>geri: did you specify 2 LUKS devices?
<geri>no, only root is luks
<geri>but grub is password protected for some reason
<mirai>did you type in the password correctly?
<geri>theres no password to type in anymore, it throws me into rescue shell
<mirai>when you get prompted by grub, the input tends to be much slower than what you're used to
<geri>let me try to scour through example config again
<geri>does boot need to be vfat and not fat32 maybe...
<geri>it says grub installed successfully but it keeps on giving me a "no such device" + "unknown filesystem" errors
<nckx>geri: I'm not sure a separate /boot is supported?
<geri>im not sure you can do efi without a separate /boot
<nckx>/boot isn't related to EFI.
<nckx>If you're mounting the ESP at /boot, that… might break things. Never tried.
<nckx>Conventional place is /boot/efi, although some hipsters prefer /efi now.
<geri>i usually do /boot and its fine, trying /boot/efi cause guix complained it doesnt look like an efi directory or smth
<nckx>So that's probably your problem. What did Guix say, and when (which command) said it?
<geri>init and system configigure
<nckx>Where was your ESP mounted?
<nckx>When you got that complaint.
<geri>slash boot iirc
<geri>i think i see the problem now
<geri>it tries boot into a device which is luks unencrypted?
<geri>im not quite sure how its supposed to happen considering it asks for password twice
<nckx>It's expected that Guix Systems with encrypted roots ask for the passphrase twice. It's not expected that it's GRUB both times, though.
<nckx>Second time should be the kernel.
<geri>it was grub then kernel, yeah
<nckx>You said GRUB above.
<pjals>doesnt guix not support seperate /boot
<pjals>or is that issue fixed?
<nckx>I don't think it does yet, no.
<nckx>I certainly haven't tried booting without my ‘horrible separate /boot hack’ script :)
<nckx>(Which just copies the required files to /boot/gnu/store.)
<pjals>i've gone insane trying to set up full-boot encryption on guix, only to realize it's impossible
<nckx>But that's because GRUB can't read /gnu/store, not related to LUKS.
<geri>oh my bad, i meant grub then kernel
<geri>whenever i do encryption only kernel asks for password
<nckx>Guix System can't do that yet. TODO.
<nckx>I mean, it can't prompt only once. It *can* do FDE with two passphrase prompts though.
<nckx>I think we'd need to see ‘sudo lsblk -f’ (with everything mounted) and the exact error/warning from Guix to say where exactly your system went wrong.
<nckx>ACTION away.
<mirai>not sure if its FDE but Fedora can do one prompt only
<mirai>they do some interesting dance within the initrd
<geri>gentoo, arch and debian only ask once
<pjals>how did you configure encryption in gentoo, arch and debian
<pjals>and do you mean a combination of arch and debian or do you mean them as list items
<pjals>(oxford comma matters!)
<geri>first two needed a lot of messing around with initramfs/initrd
<geri>debian does it automatically
<geri>pjals: ive never heard anyone interpret a "x, y and z" form like that before
<geri>im trying to set up encryption manually, maybe thats my fault
<pjals>american truck drivers did to the us state and they won
<geri>why does cryptsetup luksUUID differ from what blkid gives...
<geri>because im clearly unable to think clearly anymore, amazing
<pinoaffe>peterpolidoro: hi! something seems to have gone wrong with your platformio patches from yesterday, as they aren't showing up on
<pinoaffe>or, alternatively, I don't know how guix issues works, which is a realistic possibility
<nckx>mirai: Yeah, they store they key file in the initrd, which feels weird but is stored on the encrypted volume so theoretically secure. One could do the same in Guix but no one has.
<nckx>Still feels like a set-up for a deadly oversight somewhere…
<civodul>nckx: i guess the key would be world-readable in the store at some point, which is a problem in multi-user setups
<nckx>And even if we hack around that, I feel like someone, someday, is going to accidentally back up their cleartext key or worse.
<nckx>Strictly speaking user error? Sure. But.
<nckx>ACTION shrugs.
<nckx>pinoaffe: They were probably sent to guix-patches@ by accident, rather than following the Debbugs Dance described in the Guix manual.
<nckx>I have merged them by hand 🤷
<civodul>looks like has the numbers off: it adds a single package
<mirai>is there value in sending patches that fix build failures (but I have no idea whether they really work as intended?)
<mirai>lost interest in the midst of packaging something else but fixed some dependencies already in guix
<mirai>issue is that I had to skip one or two tests in order for the updated dependencies to build and I'm unfamiliar with those so its a tossup whether the now-building package really works
<nckx>If this is explicitly noted in the mail, go ahead, but be prepared for the patch not to be accepted for that reason.
<nckx>‘Tests failed so I disabled tests’ is not generally considered merge-worthy but can lead to further investigation.
<nckx>OTOH some tests are just weird or bad or wrong.
<mirai>The problem I'm running into is that there's tests that depend on some lua-ffi
<mirai>what provides lua-ffi? who knows, there's multiple things all called lua-ffi
<mirai>searching around even yields nuggets such as “luajit doesnt need lua-ffi”
<pinoaffe>nckx: thanks!
<mirai>or other incomprehensible/contradictory info
<nckx>Myeh. :-/
<mirai>p.s.: never worked with lua so I've near 0 idea what all these sources of mutually contradicting info are telling me
<nckx>I'd send your patches as conversation starters.