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<rubin55>If I would want to place a file somewhere on the guix system, where it is saved and becomes part of a recreatable config - how would one go about doing that?
<rubin55>what abstraction do i need to read about?
<ChocolettePalett>Will it be located under $HOME directory? If yes, then choose "guix home", and define a service (or extend one using "simple-service) to create a file
<ChocolettePalett>If no, then I don't know, maybe someone else knows
<rubin55> ;; enable wayland for gdm, gnome
<rubin55> (gdm-service-type config =>
<rubin55> (gdm-configuration
<rubin55> (inherit config)
<rubin55>Uff.. sorry!
<rubin55>ChocolettePalett: Well, it is for the $HOME directory of the gdm user, does that count? I want to place a ~/.config/monitors.xml file there
<rubin55>Managed to change config.scm to make GDM enable Wayland by default, so far so good. Now to figure out about that monitor.xml..
<ChocolettePalett>rubin55: It might be a wrong way to do this, but you could use "home-files-service-type" described here:
<ChocolettePalett>It should create a file in your home directory. Note though, that it uses "guix home":
<Kolev>How do I add Syncthing?
<Kolev>juliana[m], I can't use Guix Home?
<HiltonChain[m]><rubin55> "ChocolettePalette: Well, it is..." <- home-xdg-configuration-files-service-type
<juliana[m]>Kolev there isn't a home service for it yet if that's what you mean
<bjc>i autostart syncthing-gtk, since i like having the gui when i'm on a desktop anyway
<Kolev>bjc, how do you do that?
<bjc>i start it from shepherd in my sway config, but gnome has an autostart mechanism in its settings
<Kolev>I added `syncthing-gtk` to my packages list and did `guix home reconfigure` but it did not show up in my profile.
<bjc>Kolev: that's odd
<sammm>hi - I am trying to perform a guix system reconfigure based off of a local copy of the guix upstream repo, I've successfully `guix pull --url=....`, but `guix system reconfigure` doesn't seem to build a system that reflects the change I made in my fork. any ideas?
<AwesomeAdam54321>sammm: Hi, ./pre-inst-env in your local copy should be used to reflect the changes you made
<vagrantc>sammm: does it give any errors or warnings?
<sammm>let me look
<vagrantc>sammm: and does "guix describe" show a commit that reflects your changes?
<sammm>guix describe does show me that `guix` is pointing to my local copy
<sammm>where can I find `pre-inst-env`?
<vagrantc>at the correct commit?
<sammm>let me check
<sammm>ah no, still pointing at master
<vagrantc>sammm: you've committed your changes to the branch?
<vagrantc>sammm: yeah, you still need to tell it what commit or branch to use
<sammm>ah easy, let me try that
<vagrantc>either with --commit= or --branch=
<vagrantc>using ./pre-inst-env is another approach, where you just use the local checkout (even a dirty one!) ... though it has it's own set of quirks :)
<vagrantc>that approach is described in the manual
<sammm>okay, I need to sign my commit :)
<cel7t>pre-inst-env is the best approach
<sammm>okay i'll give that a go
<cel7t>Make sure you have the autocompilation environment variable set to 0 when you are using it though
<vagrantc>cel7t: oh, had not tried that
<cel7t>Otherwise you'll have autocompiled files in .cache that'll prevent compilation of changes you make to the files
<cel7t>Odd quirk of pre-inst-env
<vagrantc>... but only sometimes ... as i've definitely used that plenty of times without setting that :)
<cel7t>I've run into that issue a few times and now I just make sure to set that environment variable before using it
<sammm>alright - things are happening! will see how it goes
<vagrantc>i waffle between using ./pre-inst-env and ... guix time-machine ... guix pull --profile= ... and just living on the edge and ... guix pull <my crazy branch>
<sammm>so after `make` completes, I am hoping I can skip the authentication step and just `guix pull --profile=whacky-changes ... && guix system reconfigure ...` to update my current system to use branch?
<Kolev>Syncthing GTK crashes. Error:
<vagrantc>sammm: you don't need the pull step
<vagrantc>sammm: just ./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure ...
<sammm>an aside: has anyone noticed upower being whacky recently? seems to be reporting my battery at 9% max / thinking ac is offline etc - weird
<juliana[m]>hmm. what happens if one executes ./pre-inst-env guix pull inside a checkout of the source repo?
<sughosha>Hi! I am trying to update all gnome packages. I don't know why we have glib and glib-next. Most of the packages are dependeded on glib. Should I update glib and delete glib-next?
<lilyp>sughosha: have a look at the gnome-team branch, kthxbye :)
<geri>could someone send me a link to an example how they've split up guix home or system configs?
<ChocolettePalett>Like, a single config distributed by several files?
<geri>ive figured out you could create a custom channel for your personal configurations and it's going to add the modules to load path on its own but im not sure how smart of an idea it is
<ChocolettePalett>I haven't done that but since configurations are mere scheme files, nothing stops you from writing stuff in several files and then loading them in one entry-point file, so you basically need to figure out how to load external modules in scheme
<ChocolettePalett>^ just in case it takes long to wait for a more detailed answer
<HiltonChain[m]><geri> "could someone send me a link..." <-
<HiltonChain[m]>I configure my home or system with a "-L ."
<futurile>Morning Guixers!
<geri>checking it out, thanks HiltonChain[m]
<geri>is the system called dorphine because it gives endorphins? :D
<HiltonChain[m]>haha, not really
<HiltonChain[m]>just some random characters in my mind
<geri>it sounds pretty neat, especially considering its random
<geri>my systems are literally called "main" and "T420" atm, i need to exert some creativity on that front
<HiltonChain[m]>thank you! and good luck to you ;)
<jlicht>hello guix
<futurile>got to say - really enjoying Stacked Git (StGit) for dealing with guix contributions as patches
<futurile>I was using `patman` which is also good. But finding managing a 'stack' of patches really easy with StGit
<jlicht>futurile: Could you share any good pointers or tips for using stgit /w guix? I've enjoyed patman, but there have been some rough edges
<futurile>jlicht: I started using it yesterday - so bear that in mind - the main problem I have with patman is not the tool, it's my limited ability to deal with moving things around using git: so rebasing, or discovering that the one-commit-per-package is in the wrong order. StGit lets you have a stack of patches, and then it's very easy to move them up or down in the stack, it also has commands to rebase
<futurile>jlicht: it's just a very easy user-experience, and as we deal with patches it's well aligned. It also (like patman) has commands to format and send the email.
<jlicht>futurile: nice! which version of stgit are you using? It seems guix only has 1.5 packaged
<futurile>jlicht: tutorial is good (, and I found this page (which is dense but good)
<futurile>jlicht: yeah I couldn't get our packaged version to build - so I actually just installed it directly (as I'm on Ubuntu there's a package).
<jpoiret>it's a shame people have to create additional vcs tools on top of git
<jpoiret>git's patch-driver workflow is not so polished, esp. with the rebase situation
<jlicht>jpoiret: The fact that there are so many different approaches makes me happy! So many people, so many preferences
<jpoiret>b4 is another tool that has patch creation tools, which works quite well imo
<futurile>jpoiret: oh cool - need to check that out then. I really don't enjoy git's ux - 'as a hobby developer' it's too easy to shoot yourself in the foot and takes too much mental energy keeping everything straight
<jpoiret>I've gotten used to it and once you're experienced git's ux is quite ok and predictable. But the patch-driven workflow isn't super compatible with git
<jpoiret>stgit is testament to that
<futurile>Yeah, the slight misalignments between git revisions->format patching->sending email properly - it's quite a lot to get your head around.
<alanz>I have found the problem for nncp not building ( It is a one-liner, need to add (chdir "../nncp-7.5.0") to `go-unpack. What is the best way to have it fixed? Send a patch mail to
<geri>for some reason my /etc/profile gets permissions of 600 on system reconfigure, does anyone have the same issue?
<geri`>nvm, it's just read and only for root
<geri`>same with bashrc
<ae_chep>How can I confirm a Rust library I'm building is building correctly? I don't know how Cargo works, and its only dependent is complaining about a missing dependency. I can't tell if I am packaging the dependent or the dependency wrong
<geri`>if its installed by guix doesnt it already mean it's always built correctly, hashes match, etc?
<geri`>nvm, misunderstood the question
<geri`>so far id only be able to guess by trial and error until it works
<ae_chep>For one, my dependency isn't made available in the guix-vendor directory
<ae_chep>I did spend some time doing trial and error but I'm out of parameters :)
<geri`>i wanted to try updating libnotify to 0.8.2 but build failed so hard i got scared and dropped it for now
<ae_chep>Okay, where do I expect to see the packages I'm listing under `#:cargo-inputs` ? guix-vendor or CARGO_HOME? And why might a package be missing from those directories?
<lilyp>guix usually guesses the contents for guix-vendor from the package name
<lilyp>so if you have a rust package that doesn't start with rust-, things could look bad for you
<ae_chep>I named the package "rust-cbqn" . I removed the Cargo.lock file and edited the Cargo.toml file so it refers to "cbqn" not by commit and branch, but by version number
<ae_chep>I'll rephrase that. It sounded confusing
<ae_chep>On the dependency side, I named the package "rust-cbqn" (both for `define-public` funciton and at the "name" field). I have also edited the Cargo.toml file on the dependent side so it refers to the dependency (cbqn) by version (it was commit & branch)
<zamfofex>Hello, Guix! Does anyone know how straight‐forward it might be to apply a Firefox patch to the IceCat package? (I don’t mind rebuilding it, but given the IceCat origin is distinctive, I was wondering if it’s really as straight‐forward as just using ‘with-patch’, or if I need to do something special about it.)
<ae_chep>zamfofex: I'd imagine `with-patch` to be sufficient. I'd just test the patch with the source tree locally to make sure
<zamfofex>Thank you, I will try it out!
<civodul>so, looks like we have a problem:
<civodul>ACTION restart cuirass
<civodul>sneek: later tell vagrantc thumbs up for !
<civodul>ACTION reviewed a bunch of patches
<civodul>looks like committers haven't all figured out how to do this :-)
<Cairn>Has there been discussion for adding a "maintainers" section to packages?
<Cairn>Not sure Guix package usage is urgent enough to justify it
<civodul>Cairn: there's been a discussion ca. 2018 maybe to *not* have it
<civodul>see commit 154f1f0937754fafac0c6288dd458b66b332e6bb
<civodul>March 2019
<civodul>there are pros and cons
<Cairn>Awesome, thanks
<Guest28> what exactly does that error mean? I want to use docker-compose on my aarch64 machine
<rgherdt>Could someone please review this submission?
<rgherdt>it adds guile-lsp-server to Guix
<panosalevro>is Guix a suitable OS for running servers?
<Kolev>I'm dismayed that `guix system container` req. `sudo`. Podman does containers without it.
<Guest28>is it possible to add channels system wide?
<Guest28>instead of .config/guix/channels
<whereiseveryone>Kolev: That's yet to be resolved. Someone who has the time would need to work on it.
<whereiseveryone>civodul: You're referring to the postgres connection failure in that link?
<Michal_Atlas[m]>Hello, is there any way to get code from a channel to be accessible in standard Guix? For example adding custom `(guix scripts foo)` modules and stuff?
<Michal_Atlas[m]>The manual states that only packages are taken from them
<lilyp>You mean extensions?
<Michal_Atlas[m]>Oh, yes, exactly that, thanks.
<civodul>whereiseveryone: i think the code might have been leaking connections
<Michal_Atlas[m]>So I could make a package in a channel, and them add a "native-searchpath" of GUILE_EXTENSION_PATH? Am I getting that right?
<civodul>that code has changed, but it seems cuirass-remote-worker has troubles now :-/
<lilyp>Michal_Atlas[m]: IIUC your channel should provide (guix extensions ...), but then it works on guix pull
<lilyp>though do take a peek at actually existing channels that make use of extensions – I think rde is a popular one
<Michal_Atlas[m]>Yeah, I thought I'd find it there, but kept looking at scripts, since I thought channels just got added to the load path 😅😅, now I'm on the right track
<mirai>lilyp: re shared-mime-info, do you want me to send a revised series?
<lilyp>I can fix the commit messages locally if you'd rather not
<mirai>I'm fine with whichever is more practical to you (they were trivial copy-paste mistakes)
<lilyp>It's no big deal, I got to work in the merges from master too
<Guest28>how good would gnu guix run on a risc v sbc?
<ekaitz>Guest28: I think it does.
<ekaitz>Guest28: but it may need some extra work
<Guest28> oh I see there isn't really substitutes for this.  hmm
<ekaitz>Guest28: you would need to compile your software -> but that's doable if you have the time
<Guest28>well, not working out of the box, no substitutes, doesn't really sound nice.  I guess it would be to experimentell
<mirai>apteryx: Do you happen to have a system test suite (or anything resembling one) for Network Manager?
<spacecadet[m]>Hi Guix, what would have to happen to get this patch set reviewed again? I'm not the submitter nor was I involved with the patches in any way, but it's of great interest to me