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<juli>Hi folks! Is there a formal way to contact a specific team? In particular I'd like to help out the gnome team, but am not sure what to focus on. I've considered just emailing them directly, or perhaps guix-devel, but want to make sure I'm following proper protocol
<juli>emailing the members of the team directly* to be precise
<Guest26>Someone has example code for (service cgit-service-type)? Don't really understand how I use this
<Mari[m]>Does anyone have a .scm for building the latest mesa on guix?
<apteryx>guix build mesa --with-latest ?
<angry-stranger-2>I am a disgruntled human
<angry-stranger-2>cannot find any other OS that does not contain spyware (non-free code). So I am trying out guix.
<angry-stranger-2>I am joining this cult now
<angry-stranger-2>So anyways, I have guix working on my me-cleaned and modified coreboot fork laptop. I am wanting to switch to ARM , specifically pinebook pro. the installers for pinebook pro on website have two issues
<angry-stranger-2>1. not signed, no way to validate integrity, vuln to supply chain attack
<angry-stranger-2>2. no whole disk encryption
<angry-stranger-2>what command/recipe would i want to use to build an installer for pinebook pro that gives me option of encrypting the disk?
<iyzsong>angry-stranger-2: the command for the default image should be 'guix system gnu/system/images/pinebook-pro.scm', see: or
<iyzsong>i don't think encrypt is supported now though..
<angry-stranger-2>but no encrypt is a major deal breaker, one of most important functions in an OS
<angry-stranger-2>there has to be a way to do that in a build script/command
<angry-stranger-2>should be easy right?
<HiltonChain[m]>initrd and kernel are in /gnu/store
<iyzsong>use the image as a installation media, then install the system into another disk with the tui installer or 'guix system init' may do the trick (which should works for grub). not sure about whether u-boot can load kernel from a encrypted partition or not..
<angry-stranger-2>tow boot fixes the u-boot problems
<angry-stranger-2>what is the tui installer?
<angry-stranger-2>and guix system init gives option to install to another disk and with all the install options including possibly even disk encryption?
<HiltonChain[m]>guix system init just installs the system
<HiltonChain[m]>decryption is left to the bootloader and initrd
<VesselWave>angry-stranger-2: Here is how it should look like for `partition` encrytion in guix system definition (mapped-devices) and (file-systems) Also this is how to set up those partitions
<apteryx>angry-stranger-2: Guix supports full disk encryption (LUKS)
<HiltonChain[m]>apteryx: That's for GRUB
<apteryx>can't the pinebook-pro be made to use grub?
<apteryx>if it supports EFI it should be possible to use grub-efi
<iyzsong>the tui installer can do disk partitions, generate a config.scm, and the run 'guix system init config.scm', seems it only works with x86.. yes, 'guix system init' can install the system with an decryption enabled initrd, the problem is how to load kernel/initrd from u-boot. i think it could chainload grub-efi, or via an unencrypted boot partition (which is not supported by guix now as far as i known)
<angry-stranger-2>so guix only works with x86?
<angry-stranger-2>or support for i mean
<angry-stranger-2>this means guix requires users to use backdoored hardware,
<angry-stranger-2>i know some ancient laptops that are hard to find, and drying up on the second hand market, exist that can run without closed source code and can have intel ME killed. but those laptops are rare and drying up in supply,
<angry-stranger-2>why im focusing on arm cpu hardware
<iyzsong>no, but the released system image now is x86_64/i686, other archs are WIP. guix (the standalone package manage) alreally works well on number of archs now.
<angry-stranger-2>guix as a package manager is great and i know can run on top of other os
<angry-stranger-2>but i need an OS that contains no closed source firmware/drivers/code.
<Mari[m]>i can't get the latest mesa installed using guix build mesa --with-latest
<angry-stranger-2>so why i have interest in getting guix OS to work on pinebook pro (only existing arm laptop that is made)
<angry-stranger-2>well MNT reform looks very nice also, but they usually dont exist because never in stock
<angry-stranger-2>and uboot can be avoided also, with tow boot
<angry-stranger-2>if makes any difference
<iyzsong>i think tow-boot is based on u-boot
<angry-stranger-2>so you are saying i should try to build guix for pinebook
<angry-stranger-2>using that .scm file for pinebook pro. boot off of the sd card from that resulting image.
<angry-stranger-2>then use guix system init ?
<angry-stranger-2>to then try to guix to internal disk of pinebook with disk encryption as option?
<iyzsong>yes, and also figure out how to chainload grub via uboot/tow-boot.
<angry-stranger-2>which that last part i have no idea on how to do that
<HiltonChain[m]>If tow is possible to decrypt partitions, you can try to define that bootloader and install Guix System without encryption (for test) first.
<iyzsong>that is not easy though.. efraim may know more details about guix system on aarch64, you can try ask via the maillist (help-guix) for more supports.
<HiltonChain[m]>hmmmm, does uboot/tow load something from /gnu/store ?
<Mari[m]>has anyone gotten the latest mesa to build on guix because i can't find any info about doing so online
<iyzsong>HiltonChain[m]: yes, it have to, u-boot in guix system generate an extlinux.conf for u-boot, which load kernel/initrd from the store.
<HiltonChain[m]>I mean something like GRUB modules, which are necessary for decryption.
<iyzsong>okay, i don't think it support that
<HiltonChain[m]>Mari: The command should be "guix build mesa --with-latest=mesa", but it seems that Guix cannot find the latest release for mesa.
<Mari[m]>HiltonChain[m]: i got the latest to build using
<Mari[m]>$ git clone
<Mari[m]>$ guix build guix --with-source=guix@1.0=./mesa
<Mari[m]>and it built successfully
<Mari[m]>but when i reboot, it still says my mesa version is the one in the guix repos
<HiltonChain[m]>what says?
<Mari[m]>[mari@mari-guix ~]$ glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"
<Mari[m]>OpenGL version string: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 23.0.3
<zamfofex>Mari[m]: You need to set it up to be used somehow. Just building it won’t mean that it will be used. (And the command you wrote as is actually builds Guix with the latest Mesa version, which is probably not what you want, since I don’t think Guix depends on Mesa.)
<HiltonChain[m]>So you want apply the latest mesa to the whole system, or some specific packages?
<Mari[m]>HiltonChain[m]: whole system
<Mari[m]>zamfofex: ohhh how do i do that?
<Mari[m]>zamfofex: wait i pasted the wrong note
<Mari[m]>it was actually guix build mesa --with-source=mesa@main=./mesa that i used
<zamfofex>It depends on what you mean by “the whole system”. If you want e.g. X or Wayland to use it, you probably want to change your system configuration. But it will probably have to rebuild a lot of packages!
<HiltonChain[m]>"guix build mesa --with-source=./mesa" or "guix build mesa --with-source=mesa=./mesa"
<Mari[m]>yeah i did that
<Mari[m]>but the package that comes with guix is still the one being used
<HiltonChain[m]>I don't think @main works, as Guix doesn't have a mesa with version "main".
<HiltonChain[m]>That's per-package transformation.
<Mari[m]>that's different?
<HiltonChain[m]>For <package>@<version>:<output>, that's a specification, you can try "guix build" with the specification to see whether Guix can find the package.
<HiltonChain[m]>And what you need is to apply the transformation to all the packages you install.
<Mari[m]>ok i finished building
<Mari[m]>successfully built /gnu/store/h2rvfk12k577fpkkiq2275wdf64rc7cf-mesa-23.0.3.drv
<Mari[m]>that dosen't seem right
<HiltonChain[m]>I think it's using the version number from the original package definition.
<Mari[m]>oh ok
<HiltonChain[m]>Does it come with binaries which can show the version information?
<Mari[m]>Well it certainly worked
<Mari[m]>I rebooted and now my screen is artifacting lol
<HiltonChain[m]>How do you install packages you want to apply the transformation to?
<Mari[m]>Guix install?
<PotentialUser-9>Hello, sorry maybe a bit foolish question, but how can I enable acpi support in guix os? tlp is installed, but cannot figure out is that enough or not
<HiltonChain[m]><Mari[m]> "Guix install?" <- You can run "guix package --export-manifest", save the output to a file and adapt it to something like <>.
<HiltonChain[m]>and run "guix package -m <file>"
<PotentialUser-9>for the above Q: guix 6.3.7-gnu
<HiltonChain[m]>But note that packages install via guix system and guix home are not transformed.
<PotentialUser-9>sorry, I cannot get it "guix package --export-manifest". Then how is it connected with for example with ACPI shutdown of that system?
<HiltonChain[m]>hmmm, not a reply to your question. btw I'm not familiar with that.
<PotentialUser-9>Gus, anyone know howto add acpi support on guix os (6.3.7 linux libre)? Just wanted to shutdown system via acpi signal, but cannot find out how and with package/service that's supported in system
<Mari[m]>mesa from compiled from source works great now
<Mari[m]>thanks hilton
<PotentialUser-9><HiltonChain[m]> sorry, I've not looked at addressee of that message, my fault
<ChocolettePalett>PotentialUser-9: I'm not an expert, but you might need elogind or the so called "pm" power managent service
<abrenon>hi guix
<abrenon>will the --substitute-urls option passed to a time-machine be taken into account by the guix-daemon running inside ?
<abrenon>I've tried passing --substitute-urls to the actual guix command I was trying to use (after the -- in a time-machine command), but it only works for weather, not build or shell
<janneke>abrenon: it works for me:
<abrenon>: (
<janneke>guix gc -D /gnu/store/5mqwac3zshjjn1ig82s12rbi7whqm4n8-hello-2.12.1
<janneke>guix time-machine --branch=master -- build hello --substitute-urls=
<abrenon>and in that case build will only fetch substitute, not rebuild everything ?
<janneke>then downloads from bordeaux, which is not my default substitute server
<abrenon>hmmm could a previous clumsy attempt without the substitutes have somehow "set" guix for building the package I'm trying to avoid compiling ?
<janneke>possibly you are traveling to a time where substitutes are no longer available?
<abrenon>I have a builder and a .drv in /gnu/store ?
<abrenon>now, I'm traveling to the present ^^
<abrenon>I'm spinning the installer trying to reinstall my system
<PotentialUser-96>I have a question, may I ask here?
<abrenon>I have a custom channels.scm in .config/guix/channels.scm
<abrenon>and I'm trying to use that to avoid having to build an incomplete version of my system before reconfiguring it for good
<janneke>PotentialUser-96: sure, no need to "ask to ask" ;)
<abrenon>PotentialUser-96: please do, that's what this place is for (at least partly)
<PotentialUser-96>I have problem with guix in github action it fails everytime
<PotentialUser-96>building /gnu/store/b7nqdcpqikxi1q3j0v6fm91805c4zmdk-x86_64-linux-gnu-toolchain-10.3.0.drv...
<PotentialUser-96>substitute: updating substitutes from ''... 0.0%guix substitute: error: TLS error in procedure 'write_to_session_record_port': Error in the push function.
<PotentialUser-96>guix environment: error: `/usr/bin/guix substitute' died unexpectedly
<PotentialUser-96>the same error
<abrenon>uhhhh one can configure github actions to run guix ?
<janneke>PotentialUser-96: are nss-certs installed by "apt install guix"?
<abrenon>janneke: I wonder why it doesn't work in the installer
<abrenon>gotta reboot anyway
<abrenon>and see you later hopefully
<PotentialUser-96>janneke It doesn't
<civodul>janneke: hey! i have a fix for the libc-for-target issue
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, janneke says: i found something interesting, many of guile-2.0.14's thread tests that do (thread-join ..) seem to hang. i'm not sure that they used to pass, guile-2.0.14's package description suggests there wase a time where they passed.
<janneke>civodul: oh, that's great!
<PotentialUser-96>janneke what package should install
<civodul>janneke: checking i got it right and i'll email details shortly
<janneke>PotentialUser-96: nss-certs -- see
<janneke>civodul: in other news, using wip-hurd i natively built all dependencies to build guix
<PotentialUser-96>interesting i don't do it on VM neither in my Arch and it works
<janneke>(the guix build itself hasn't succeeded yet)
<PotentialUser-96>i have problems only in github action
<janneke>PotentialUser-96: i'm not sure, but seeing a tls error that's the first thing i would try
<cbaines>civodul, I'm trying to shutdown monokuma and I've got the "Service root is not running" thing
<janneke>ACTION is not a github user
<cbaines>in case you want to SSH in and poke around
<janneke>do we have a trick/recipe to grep/snarf "out" values (store directories) from .drv files?
<janneke>hmm, maybe i could just do "guix build ...drvs"
<civodul>cbaines: ah, "interesting"; which shepherd version?
<civodul>(i think you'll have to do a hard reboot...)
<cbaines>civodul, 0.9.3
<janneke>ACTION reads their mail
<janneke>civodul: beautiful, thanks!
<alethkit>Should I use the configuration.scm from the live image to boot in WSL2, or is there something more suitable?
<alethkit>(My main machine has been having desktop issues for a while, so I haven't been able to use it)
<ChocolettePalett>It seems like this page ...
<ChocolettePalett>... needs updating, because ``elogind-service`` is deprecated, though it doesn't mention the ``elogind-service-type``
<janneke>civodul, jpoiret: headsup, i'm resetting wip-hurd; mail to follow soon
<civodul>janneke: yay, thanks!
<civodul>cbaines: ok; we'll have to see of that happens with 0.10 as well (i identified a code path in 0.9 explaining that, but i think there's no such path in 0.10)
<PotentialUser-96>Janneke, I do
<PotentialUser-96>guix install nss-certs
<PotentialUser-96>export SSL_CERT_DIR="$HOME/.guix-profile/etc/ssl/certs"
<PotentialUser-96>export SSL_CERT_FILE="$HOME/.guix-profile/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt"
<PotentialUser-96>export GIT_SSL_CAINFO="$SSL_CERT_FILE"
<PotentialUser-96>It doesn't work. Now the cert fails for checkout my repo
<PotentialUser-96>To me `guix substitute: error: TLS error in procedure 'write_to_session_record_port': Error in the push function.` is happen everytime on building /gnu/store/b7nqdcpqikxi1q3j0v6fm91805c4zmdk-x86_64-linux-gnu-toolchain-10.3.0.drv could be somehow outdated?
<PotentialUser-96>because `updating substitutes` succeed on any other command just fail on toolchain
<janneke>PotentialUser-96: hmm, weird
<PotentialUser-96>I just setup a VM ubuntu 22.04 which match the github action ubuntu-latest, and it work on VM it fails in github.
<PotentialUser-96>According to there is no gcc-toolchain 10.3.0
<janneke>PotentialUser-96: maybe try --fallback
<janneke>hmm, after "guix pull", aren't you supposed to do: hash guix?
<PotentialUser-96>nope I didn't
<PotentialUser-96>I mean, I didn't do it, I don't know if it's needed
<janneke>ACTION meant: hash -r guix
<janneke>after guix-pull you get a new guix, but not in /usr/bin/guix
<janneke>your shell will probably not find that unless you do hash -r guix
<ChocolettePalett>Guix home warned me about provenance of my current system. But I proceed anyway. Your opinions?
<ChocolettePalett>(Everything seems to have set up properly, GNU/Guix home is indeed very cool!)
<civodul>ChocolettePalett: hi! "guix home describe" (and "guix system describe") is normally able to show which commit(s) were used to to deploy your home/system
<civodul>the warning means that this information is unavailable
<civodul>this can happen if you deployed from a checkout: ./pre-inst-env guix home reconfigure ...
<ChocolettePalett>Oh, no, I was following the manual, i.e. doing an import and then reconfiguring. Thank you for the additional information though!
<janneke>hmm, bordeaux doesn't like me today
<janneke> 2. &message: " HTTP download failed: 404 (\"Not Found\")"
<janneke>ACTION excludes bordeaux from substitute-urls
<nutcase[m]>Hi all, when I run a flatpak app (under sway / wayland) and click on a URL in this app, the URL does not open a new browser tab in my (non-flatpak) browser. xdg-open does open a new browser tab. I think something is wrong with my xdg-desktop-portals setup. Does anyone have a working flatpak configuration that opens links in flatpak apps under Sway/Wayland?
<ngz>Hello Guix!
<HiltonChain[m]>nutcase: Do you have xdg-desktop-portal & xdg-desktop-portal-wlr in your user profile, and run a dbus session bus?
<cbaines>janneke, you can work around this by clearing the local substitute cache
<janneke>cbaines: ah, thanks!!
<abrenon>hi again guix
<abrenon>thank you so much for making such a useful piece of software
<lw>Is there a tor browser available in guix?
<lw>I couldn't find it
<janneke>lw: you can configure icecat to use the tor service via socks proxy --
<nutcase[m]>Hilton Chain: Is my "user profile" my .guix-home or my .guix-profile ?
<janneke>lw: i'm using this "torcat" script --
<ChocolettePalett>Do I understand right that .guix-profile gets populated after reconfiguring .guix-home in case guix home is used?
<janneke>no, guix home uses ~/.guix-home
<HiltonChain[m]>I think .guix-profile is only relevant to "guix package"
<nutcase[m]>Hilton Chain: I have xdg-desktop-portal, xdg-desktop-portal-wlr, flatpak and flatpak-xdg-utils installed via `guix install`. A `ps ax | grep dbus-daemon` gives me ` 1216 ? Ss 0:00 /gnu/store/q54qpx235li33zmkvmid1xzgcs7srdjd-dbus-1.14.0/bin/dbus-daemon --nofork --session --address=unix:path=/run/user/1000/bus`. So it looks like the requirements you mentioned are fulfilled.
<nutcase[m]>(a system dbus-daemon is also running)
<lw>janneke: Thanks, I will try that
<ChocolettePalett>I have no idea what it all is about, but you might want to check if your WM starts with smth like dbus-exec or something like that, in case you use a WM (like dwm, i3 etc...), because I saw some programs requiring WM lauched this way
<lw>janneke: it worked. thanks a lot!
<nutcase[m]>Hilton Chain: in my `$XDG_DESKTOP_PORTAL_DIR` there is `gnome-keyring.portal` and also `wlr.portal`
<nutcase[m]>but there is no gtk.portal in $XDG_DESKTOP_PORTAL_DIR even after installing xdg-desktop-portal-gtk. Might that be a problem?
<nutcase[m]>Hilton Chain: ok, I found out, that when I start xdg-desktop-portal-gtk before xdg-desktop-portal. Opening URLs from a flatpack app work. If I don't explicitly start xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, I get "Failed to create settings proxy: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.impl.portal.desktop.gtk: Process org.freedesktop.impl.portal.desktop.gtk exited with status 1"
<lw>janneke: do you have a script to use tor with transmission as well?
<janneke>lw: no
<Kolev>How well does Gash work for writing shell scripts?
<janneke>Kolev: pretty well
<Kolev>janneke: Cool. I'd like to write my scripts in Guile.
<janneke>ah, well focus has been on sh-compatibility and bootstrapping a lot more than on guile-api convenience
<janneke>that's on the wish list for sure, but ymmv
<podiki[m]>you shouldn't need to start any portals manually, that should be handled via dbus
<adanska>Hey guys! I just wanna check that I'm not going crazy; would anyone be able to see if installing and running the 'onedrive' package works for them? I keep on getting this error ( which suggests an issue finding the libcurl binaries. However, ldd doesn't show that libcurl is actually linked to at all. I'm fairly new to Guix, and I'm running it as a system on my laptop if thats worth anything. Thanks in advance for any help!
<sozuba>why does guix installation disk not have clear command? Manual installation
<janneke>try guix shell ncurses
<sozuba>what does that do? and why?
<sozuba>sorry if i am being too inquesitive, i am new to guix and just trying ot install it and i want to learn
<sozuba>if there is a FAQ section, covering all these silly questions, before i dwell into the full documentaiton, please let me know
<sozuba>ok, understood what that command meant now, Thanks janneke :)
<zamfofex>You can press ‘Ctrl‐L’ to clear the screen. In any case, it doesn’t have ‘clear’ likely because ‘ncurses’ was not deemed an essential package for installing Guix.
<sozuba>zamfofex: that woks and suprisingly that wors in ssh too, thanks :)
<sozuba>but any idea why clear usn;t present by default. I am not complaining, i am just curious
<zamfofex>As I said, it’s just that ncurses (or some other package containing a ‘clear’ command) wasn’t included because it wasn’t necessary.
<sozuba>zamfofex: understod. Thanks
<ternary>Is there a list of guix home examples somewhere? Everything I've seen isn't any more complicated than just copying a few static config files into place, and I'd really like to see some examples of more complicated stuff. Specifically right now I'm curious how people manage vim plugins
<efraim>adanska: run guix pull and update onedrive, it should be fixed now
<PotentialUser-96>Hello, today I was join to ask for that error
<PotentialUser-96>building /gnu/store/b7nqdcpqikxi1q3j0v6fm91805c4zmdk-x86_64-linux-gnu-toolchain-10.3.0.drv...
<PotentialUser-96>substitute: updating substitutes from ''... 0.0%guix substitute: error: TLS error in procedure 'write_to_session_record_port': Error in the push function.
<PotentialUser-96>guix environment: error: `/usr/bin/guix substitute' died unexpectedly
<PotentialUser-96>I want to tell you I fix the issue installing gcc on the host, just because gcc 10.3 does not exists as package
<PotentialUser-96>But hashes actually exists /gnu/store/069aq2v993kpc41yabp5b6vm4wb9jkhg-gcc-10.3.0
<PotentialUser-96>That's mean it's a bug, it needs to tell package isn't found
<distopico>Hi, I have a question related with an library, I need that usually in other distributions comes from ncurses package but in Guix not, do I need install another package to get libfinfo?
<HiltonChain[m]>distopico: ncurses-with-tinfo
<adanska>efraim: Thankyou!!!! It works now. Super appreciated :))))
<hrn>Hi! I have a question about substitutes for the python-crcmod package. The cuirass page says most builds were cancelled. Will the builds restart automatically or do someone have to restart manually?
<distopico>HitonChain: thank you it works
<efraim>hrn: it needs to be restarted manually. I just told it to restart
<apteryx>why is the python updater suddenly forcing its idea of the inputs on us? it gets them wrong often
<apteryx>I think it just used to offer hints 'consider adding/removing...'
<rekado>apteryx: it’s a feature!
<rekado>perhaps the python updater needs to be improved to make the suggestions more accurate
<hrn>efraim: Thanks! And wow the x86_64 version has already been built.
<apteryx>rekado: it seems premature; unless it's been reworked it currently doesn't handle conditional inputs
<apteryx>that series is for all updaters right?
<podiki[m]>seems the bridge to matrix is acting up again, not seeing some/all? messages from IRC, just a headsup to matrix users
<hrn>efraim: Could you please restart the python-crcmod builds for i686 and powerpc64le too? These still have the "cancelled" status.
<efraim>done. I restarted everything not already green that showed up with 'crc'
<apteryx>rekado: I guess we'll have to improve the updaters, as you said
<apteryx>in the meantime it'll be more annoying than useful, I'm afraid
<hrn>efraim: Thanks!
<lispmacs[work]>hi, does my package needs something else before I gets pushed?:
<lispmacs[work]>before it gets pushed, I meant
<rekado>apteryx: you can override the updater’s removals or additions with new package properties. This forces us to record instances where we need to override the behavior of the importer.
<attila_lendvai>civodul, your shepherd fixes are much appreciated!
<sozuba>after readinga bit about guix shell and ncurses, i gained a lot of info. Thanks for the command janneke
<sozuba>guix shell is cool
<sozuba>where can i read more about the ncurses environnment? apart from Does all unix systems/os/distros have ncurses environment by default? and why doesn't guix have it?
<janneke>sozuba: that's great
<janneke>guix "has it", i don't know why it's not on the install media; choices, choices...
<sozuba>janneke: may be i will search in the mailing lists or ask one day when i am done installing guix :D
<Reed31>I'm trying to wrap my mind around the update procedure. If I want to update everything on my machine (system wide and for my non-root account) what combination/ordering of these incantations do I need:
<Reed31>- guix pull
<Reed31>- sudo guix pull
<Reed31>- sudo guix system reconfigure
<Reed31>- guix home reconfigure
<Reed31>- anything else I'm missing?
<lispmacs[work]>Reed31: the sudo guix pull is not necessary
<Reed31>Is that because sudo guix system reconfigure implicitly does a guix pull for root, or is it because the non-root guix pull updated package definitions system wide? or some other reason?
<lispmacs[work]>Reed31: my understanding is that when you sudo guix system reconfigure, it will be using the guix you pulled as a regular user
<lispmacs[work]>this has always worked for me
<lispmacs[work]>though, strangely, I have seen it rebuild guix when I ran reconfigure. Some kind of caching thing...?
<crzjp>I run in this order: guix pull -> sudo guix reconfigure path/to/system.scm -> guix home reconfigure path/to/home.scm
<crzjp>forgot system keyword on second command
<Reed31>I see. I definitely understand now on a "what steps to do" level, but I'm not sure I understand on a more fundamental level. It seems strange to me that the non-root version of guix pull would change the version of guix that the root update command uses
<Reed31>Is this not a security risk? I must be misunderstanding something
<ternary>Is there a convenient way to take a gexp like local-file and append some text to it? Similar to how file-append adds something to the output path?
<civodul>ternary: hi! local-file returns a "file-like object", not a gexp
<civodul>but you can access the contents of a local-file object, using local-file-contents
<civodul>and so from there you can create a new local-file object with additional content
<civodul>unrelated, i just stumbled upon this paper with useful tricks for embedded constraints:
<civodul>in particular reducing package sizes
<dale`>I'm having trouble with guix pull having missing objects in the repository. Can anyone tell me where the git repository is that guix pull pulls into?
<sneek>Welcome back dale`, you have 1 message!
<sneek>dale`, antipode says: Zelphir: (for the replacement macro, can be done much simpler, though I don't know if it's the exact semantics you want)
<lw>I'm having some issues with bash complete functionality
<lw>I don't know why it won't complete `guix`, for an example
<lw>my `/etc/bashrc` seems correct
<lw>`/run/current-system/profile` has a guix completion file
<lw>But, it's not working properly
<lw>source `/run/current-system/profile/etc/profile.d/` doesn't change anything...
<civodul>lw: how is it not working properly?
<lw>I type `guix ins` and press TAB and it tries to look for files in the directory, instead of suggesting `install` etc
<lw>It works for the first word '`gu` TAB
<lw>Gives many options
<lw>But, then, it won't complete the composition '`guix ins` TAB', just look for files
<distopico>Someone here using xmonad with Guix?
<gabber>what are matchmaker definitions? found them in GNU Mach -- text-files ending in .defs that seem to get process by the CPP but having keywords such as "subsystem" and "routine"..? sorry for off-topic but i wouldn't know a better place to ask....
<lw>If I run `guix shell bash-completion -C`, still doesn't produce the completions. I guess It doesn't have to do with my .bashrc, then?
<lw>distopico: I intend to use xmonad in the future with guix. But, currently, no. Why?
<civodul>cbaines: hi! any idea why we get "comparison unavailable" for ?
<lw>I tracked that TAB issues an error: "grep: Perl matching not supported in a --disable-perl-regexp build
<lw>In a more vanilla terminal
<distopico>lw: because I'm trying to use it but I get and error when I run xmonad --recompile, the error is "Could not find module ‘XMonad’"
<distopico>Similar to this one
<distopico>And using cabal "cabal install xmonad" it don't compile, the error in that case is "ld: cannot find -lrt" I have GCC installed
<lw>I see
<lw>`guix edit xmonad` you see guix uses `haskell-build-system`
<ternary>civodul: Thanks, that sounds like exactly what I want. Where is that defined though? Grepping for local-file-contents in the guix repository doesn't find anything
<ternary>Oh thank goodness people are talking about xmonad. That was the next thing I was going to try to get setup with guix
<distopico>lw: what that means? Do I need change something?
<civodul>ternary: oh sorry, i'm mixing things up: there's plain-file-content, but otherwise it's local-file-absolute-file-name
<civodul>ternary: anyway, you can grep for tor-configuration->torrc, which is an example along the lines of what you're asking for
<lw>distopico: I don't really know. That "package" doesn't exist to be installed stand-alone. It probably means you should write your .scm file that builds your xmonad for you
<lw>That's what I had to do with my St build
<lw>I source it from github, and pass it to the C build system guix has
<distopico>I tried that but looks like Guix gcc package doesn't expose libs like rtlib
<lw>I couldn't `git clone the repo`, and `make install`, as one usually do, you see? I would get error, same as you. Because the shell wasn't capable to understand guix file-system properly and know where to look for dependencies installed
<lw>must be in the haskell-build-system
<lw>Try to copy what is in `guix edit xmonad`
<lw>Did you do that?
<distopico>I'm trying to install it using cargo install xmonad
<ternary>civodul: Ok, I think I see what's happening there, call-with-input-file reads the "file-like-object" and from there it can be written to a new file. Thanks, that's really helpful
<Kolev>Well, I've made some progress with scripting in Guile. I learned how to use `system*` and `copy-file`.