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<ToxicAegis>Perhaps it's possible the USB I purchased isn't compatible with the free firmware, which would be unfortunate. I'm not entirely sure how I would verify that.
<mekeor>ToxicAegis: i don't have any ath9k_htc compatible wifi-card on my computer but running "sudo modprobe ath9k_htc" runs just fine
<mekeor>apteryx: wouldn't that be a difficult problem to solve since some env vars allow :-appending, other don't..?
<ToxicAegis>I booted it up again just to confirm. lsmod does actually work, I must have been thinking of a different command. But yeah "modprobe ath9k_htc" returns a fatal error of module not found.
<ToxicAegis>I also found an open issue(53624) from Jan 2022 which seems to indicate the same issue, however there are no responses/solutions.
<denys>hello. are the official servers of substitutes expected to be working now? i'm getting installation errors since yesterday. thought it was temporary or something on my side, but it repeats, and on clean installs too
<mekeor>ToxicAegis: do you use linux-libre kernel?
<ToxicAegis>Yes, the linux-libre-arm64-generic kernel.
<mekeor>ToxicAegis: it'd be good to post to the issue-thread for sure! the issue will be bumped and who knows, maybe the original submitter has some news :)
<apteryx>mirai: e.g. append the PATH found in the 'environment-variable' file to my existing PATH instead of outright overriding it
<apteryx>mekeor[m]: right, it wouldn't be universal I guess but if I can simply append them I think it'd be good for most use cases
<mirai>in a guix shell / interactive right
<mirai>presumably to investigate a build failure
<mirai>ACTION would love a “spawn interactive shell upon phase failure” during a guix build …
<mirai>I don't see how other than simply appending to PATH manually (you can write a script to automate it)
<apteryx>mirai: after 'guix build -K x', in something to do '. /tmp/guix-bulid-x/environment-variable' except without overriding my current environment
<apteryx>usually I just use 'guix build -D x' an work from /tmp/guix-build-x, but was wondering if I was perhaps missing an env trick
<apteryx>I guess sedding the 'VALUE=' into 'VALUE=$VALUE:' in the environment-variables file would be a crude way
<ChocolettePalett>* s/$NAME/$VALUE
<cel7t>Does Guix have any conventional location for user-defined modules?
<cel7t>(NOT channels, modules passed with -L)
<rekado>cel7t: nothing beyond the default Guile load path.
<zamfofex>Is it possible to easily (i.e. without needing to invoke it myself) apply a patch to the source of a package that comes from a ‘(local-file "...")’?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<PotentialUser-6>why is it impossible to select english as language and for example germany as territory? that does not make any sense right?
<PotentialUser-6>(when using the installer)
<civodul>PotentialUser-6: hi! i think it's possible but just not the default, no?
<PotentialUser-6>no, the menu only shows english speaking countries after selecting english as a language
<civodul>oh, that's a bug then
<civodul>i think it should show them first, but have all the other countries appear below
<civodul>could you report this to
<PotentialUser-6>yes, I can. thx!
<freedomrock[m]>Greeting, A curiosity: thunar says 8Gb free, gparted says 28Gb free (btrsf).
<freedomrock[m]>I've tried "guix gc" & "gc -d"
<freedomrock[m]>Anyone know why? & how can I free up the 20Gb difference?
<PotentialUser-6>is there no lvm package available in guix?
<Altadil>PotentialUser-6: it is called lvm2
<PotentialUser-6>sure stupid me, i just installed it. still i cannot using it (`hash -r` also does not help). I am still in the installer live env..
<PotentialUser-6>nevermind something must have gon wrong when sourcing the guix profile
<PotentialUser-6>does guix use systemd or what is its init system?
<HiltonChain[m]>Guix System uses GNU Shepherd
<BitPuffin>So when y'all work on a project in guile and break it into separate files. Do you a) Add root directory to module load path and then use use-modules to import the modules, or do you just use load combined with use-modules in some main file?
<BitPuffin>or b*
<BitPuffin>maybe a c?
<BitPuffin>sorry wrong channel
<ChocolettePalett>I found a directory called "systemd" with emacs unit there on my GNU/Guix...
<zamfofex>Do you mean this? <>
<freedomrock[m]><freedomrock[m]> "Greeting, A curiosity: thunar..." <- > <> Greeting, A curiosity: thunar says 8Gb free, gparted says 28Gb free (btrsf).
<freedomrock[m]>> I've tried "guix gc" & "gc -d"
<freedomrock[m]>> Anyone know why? & how can I free up the 20Gb difference?
<freedomrock[m]>Disk capacity = 49Gb, /gnu/store = 23Gb - is this normal for standard install + 20(ish) packages (+dependencies)?
<ChocolettePalett>zamfofex: most likely yes, I forgot where I saw it
<ChocolettePalett><freedomrock[m]> "> <@horizoninnovations:matrix...." <- I have 17 packages and ``df`` shows they occupy 8.4G, so I guess if you install some heavy packages it might be 23G
<apteryx>uh, gdb requires boost
<apteryx>from source-highlight
<apteryx>there's a gdb-minimal if you don't like that
<razlix77[m]>Hello I have create a channel for some packages here
<razlix77[m]>I can't get it to finish pulling
<razlix77[m]>not sure waht I'm doing wrong there
<razlix77[m]> * (exception misc-error (value #f) (value "no code for module ~S") (value ((nonguix build-system binary))) (value #f))
<razlix77[m]>the nonguix channel is added as a dependency in .guix-channel
<civodul>razlix77[m]: hi! looks like it should work; maybe check with the nonguix folks?
<razlix77[m]>the package does build locally
<freedomrock[m]><ChocolettePalett> "I have 17 packages and ``df..." <- I'll have to uninstall some packages just to upgrade others. I have limited disk space. Might have to rethink this 🤔
<ChocolettePalett>GNU/Guix doesn't seem to have icon themes in abundance. Is it okay to download them from the Internet and just plop them into my home directory?
<pjals>make a package for them, it's easy!
<pjals>see guix edit adwaita-icon-theme for an example
<pkill9_>a lot of basic package creation could definitely be automated
<ChocolettePalett>That's a good idea actually, will be a good starting point before fiddling with "dwm & Co."
<apteryx>freedomrock[m]: you are using Btrfs?
<apteryx>you regularly need to run 'btrfs balance' to free chunks and regain unallocated Btrfs space. You can use an mcron job like so:
<al1r4d>PotentialUser-6: no, gnu shepherd
<attila_lendvai>razlix77[m], i'm doing the same in my channel, and it works. you may want to compare:
<sneek>attila_lendvai, you have 1 message!
<sneek>attila_lendvai, civodul says: re disabled Shepherd services, could you please email bug-guix stating how to reproduce the problem? i'm happy to take a look afterwards, time permitting!
<attila_lendvai>sneek, later tell civodul: re disabled Shepherd services that are being respawn: once i have a reproducer, i'll send a bug report. until then a hint: `guix system reconfigure` is probably involved in triggering the situation.
<sneek>Will do.
<apteryx>how do I get the a GnuPG key fingerprint in the format that .guix-authentications / a channel introduction expects?
<apteryx>ah, 'gpg --fingerprint author/keygrip/etc'
<apteryx>interesting; I don't know by what magic, but adding Shepherd as a channel via:, I now have shepherd at version 0.10.99-tarball or 0.10.99-git available
<apteryx>ah, it's the shepherd-package.scm defined in at .guix/modules/shepherd-package.scm in the Shepherd repo
<apteryx>(define %shepherd-version "0.10.99")
<mirai>Can this get a review? <>
<mirai>apteryx: what's the reason for splitting jami tests into 3 unit tests?
<mirai>btw both 'jami-provisioning' and 'jami-provisioning-partial' pass as well
<apteryx>mirai: they require 3 different configurations, thus 3 different os definitions, hence 3 tests
<apteryx>we could make a more complex jami configuration that tests everything perhaps
<apteryx>but when something breaks it'd probably be a bit harder to find what exactly is broken
<mirai>it wouldn't add that much complexity I think
<mirai>you can use test-group within the jami-test
<jpoiret>janneke: btw i'm at a conference this week so i won't do much until this week-end
<jpoiret>i'll try to catch up on my mail though
<jpoiret>(still have to work on my slides because i'm a master procrastinator 🤡)
<janneke>jpoiret: np, thanks for the head-up -- have fun!
<janneke>afaics we still have a libc-for-target problem that would be nice to solve first anyway
<Kolev>Is there a way to run Guix inside a container? I don't want to install the Guix package manager on my bare system.
<Kolev>Alternatively: Is there a way to install Guix on Fedora SIlverblue? People have installed Nix.
<Kolev>I can't get `nscd`.
<Kolev>What does this do? Customize users Bash shell prompt for Guix? [Y/n]
<civodul>Kolev: hi! that gives you a nicer prompt for when you use 'guix shell'
<Kolev>Will Guix work without `nscd`? Fedora seems to have removed it.
<civodul>Kolev: it's going to work, but Guix-installed programs are likely to have problems, as explained at
<Kolev>Great. This is broken, then.
<rekado>you can try to make it work with sssd
<Kolev>civodul, guix install: error: remounting /gnu/store writable: Permission denied
<rekado>are you using SELinux?
<Kolev>rekado, yes.
<civodul>ACTION feels like an error message bin
<civodul>Kolev: this issue has been solved in
<civodul>but doesn't install the fixed version right now
<rekado>(the “.” manages to call into question the meaning of the word before it.)
<Kolev>I'm nervous. I feel I have polluted my system by failing to install Guix on it.
<rekado>yeah, I sometimes feel like that when I’m using a traditional distro. No matter what I do :)
<Kolev>Silverblue containerizes everything, but Guix probably won't work inside a container, as it manages containers.
<Kolev>(I'm *not* on Silverblue. I know installing Guix on there is uncharted territory.)
<rekado>ACTION doesn’t know silverblue, but also has no interest in getting to know it.
<pret7>hello, what's the best way to put secrets into a guix system configuration file? I have an opensmtpd configuration with an email password that I want to use. Ideally it would decrypt at first login or something.
<Kolev>But, yeah. Guix isn't working on Fedora Workstation.
<pret7>I guess I could put it into guix home
<Kolev>(The normal Fedora distro.)
<pret7>but I'll have to move opensmtpd-service-type over to a home-service-type (can I use that unchanged?)
<Kolev>`sudo setenforce 0`
<pret7>I'm not really sure what the differences are.
<Kolev>Package `guile-g-golf` is installing.
<Kolev>The G-Golf examples do not run. They complain that Gtk version '4.0' is not found.
<pret7>also, quick test, can yall read this message? (new erc config, not sure if there's problems)
<Kolev>pret7, read.
<pret7>thank thank
<pret7>hmm the package inputs for guile-g-golf has gtk+ which is currently on 3
<pret7>native-inputs rather
<freedomrock[m]><apteryx> "freedom rock: you are using..." <- Yes
<freedomrock[m]><apteryx> "you regularly need to run 'btrfs..." <- Thanks, I'll check it out.