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<mirai> <>
<lilyp>mirai (with-store store ((lower-gexp Z) store)) might help you
<mirai>hmm... I get a #<<lowered-gexp> sexp: … and a #<store-connection object
<mirai>though I can see in the repl that this lowered-gexp would yield the output if evaluated
<lilyp>you could also do a match on the lowered sexp if you're brave :)
<mirai>lilyp: is it legitimate to do (eval (lowered-gexp-sexp $5) (current-module)) in order to compare its output with some hardcoded value? ($5 is the first returned value from the (with-store …) snippet)
<mirai>it yields me $11 = "[featured]\nfavourite?=true\ntrack=Deep affection\nartist=Magistina Saga\nalbum=Creaith Anthem\n\n[main]\nenabled?=true\n"
<mirai>which looks about right for the purposes of using it within a test suite?
<lilyp>I would use a blank module for eval and you would have to guard against malicious code in eval if you're pulling this from untrusted source, but in principle that'd work
<lilyp>you could possibly get into compatibility issues with other guile versions, hence the guile field, but you could also spawn that as a subprocess to compare outputs (I believe)
<Guest28>if guix supports arch like arm or power, does that mean services like nginx will work on that arch, too?
<lilyp>assuming the package builds for that arch, yes
<lilyp>substitutes for arches other than x86 are generally harder to come by
<singpolyma>Yeah, don't expect to use nontrivial stuff off of x64 unless you want to wait for compiles
<singpolyma>I learned that the hard way, heh
<oriansj>unfortunately guix packages based entirely AMD64 only and other architectures may fail to build packages
<Guest28>ah good to know. thanks
<Noisytoot>Why is igt-gpu-tools failing to build?
<Noisytoot>It seems to be complaining that libprocps was not found:
<ngz>Hello Guix!
<futurile>morning Guixers
<janneke>ACTION just finds that m4's gnulib tests must be patched
<janneke>another world rebuild coming up...
<janneke>ACTION tries to program around that to find possibly more core packages that may need patching...
<phf>Hello Guix! I've a question about Guix Home: Can anyone help? Thank you.
<rekado>ngz: see here:
<sneek>rekado, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>rekado, ngz says: I kinda start to understand the hyphenation issue we're facing in modular TeX Live. It seems that texlive-babel must be among the TEXINPUTS when latex format is generated. IOW texlive-babel must an input for texlive-latex-base, which creates a circular dependency.
<sneek>rekado, ngz says: circular dependency that is solved by building texlive-babel with pdftex engine. This does bode well…
<ngz>rekado: I think I solved it already.
<rekado>good. I’m merely confirming your conclusion.
<ngz>Now the texlive build system creates TeX formats on demand.
<ngz>I now need to tweak the importer so that it knows about it, and replace `texlive-latex-base' with `texlive-latex-bin'.
<janneke>phf: when using guix home, the idea is that you don't use "guix package" or "guix install" anymore, at least not with the default profile
<janneke>i removed all packages installed with guix package
<janneke>(i'm still using some custom profiles, as i don't think guix home has a provision for that yet)
<phf>janneke: Ok: so, 1) rm all packages in the current profile 2) guix home reconfigure.
<phf>3) to add a package, add it to config.scm then guix home reconfigure config.scm
<janneke>phf: yes
<phf>janneke: great, thank you.
<janneke>phf: np, hope it helps
<janneke>possibly guix package -i / guix install should warn if guix home is being used?
<phf>janneke: yes, if ~guix package -I~ yields nothing then that's fine by me. My problem now is that apparently, =~/.profile= is not sourced after a reboot... ~which guix~ gives ~/usr/local/bin/guix~.
<jpoiret>why is pushing so damn stressful
<janneke>phf: you might be hit by, or a variant of that?
<phf>janneke: It looks on point yes. Well, I hope to get back to it soon. Thank you again!
<janneke>phf: yw!
<jlicht>jpoiret: congrats on getting the agda-build-system in!
<jpoiret>thanks! :)
<jpoiret>i was using it for work for more than a month now, so figured it was time to push it
<jpoiret>surprisingly, agda-ial still builds using its HEAD
<ngz>rekado: I created a complete `texlive-hyphen-all' package ; I'm now planning to remove all texlive-hyphen-… since it is all or nothing for Guix.
<jpoiret>i tried having some packaging talk with the agda devs (I'm at Chalmers right now so those were just discussions over lunch) but everyone has their hands full with other agda stuff, so no-one has any time to work on the packaging end of things
<jpoiret>might have to step up myself for that
<jpoiret>heads-up: I just pushed a change to guix records, you'll probably have to clean-go
<jpoiret>damn, you can't merge patches and bug reports
<janneke>jpoiret: impressive work!
<jpoiret>just realized i pushed some commits with some gibberish in the Author:
<jlicht>jpoiret: nothing a mailmap won't fix, if it's looking bad
<jlicht>s/mailmap/mailmap entry
<jpoiret>should we enable forceinbodyfrom in our gitconfig? seems like a sensible option to add
<jpoiret>i don't want to manually fiddle with authors
<mirai>jpoiret: isn't it already though?
<jlicht>it should already be there, if one makes use of ./etc/git/gitconfig . Some folks may have explicitly disabled it, as recently it also made gpg-signing a hard requirement afaiu
<jpoiret>ah, you're right. Pretty recent though, so it wasn't enabled for the commits I was applying
<janneke>ACTION notices realises they triggered a non-hurd world rebuild in gettext on wip-hurd, will reset after make clean-go make-go
<phf>How to stop having this error: guix home: error: aborting reconfiguration because commit ... of channel 'guix' is not a descendant of ... ?
<phf>after a ~guix home reconfigure config.scm~ ?
<phf>even after a guix pull
<janneke>add --allow-downgrades?
<janneke>did you reconfigure/pull from an unreleased guix branch?
<phf>« did you reconfigure/pull from an unreleased guix branch? » no.
<phf>« add --allow-downgrades? » I did then the error came back. I'm looking at for guidance.
<ChocolettePalett>There might be something wrong with paths and environmental variables
<phf>I just did a ~guix home reconfigure --allow-downgrades home-configuration.scm~ then ~guix home reconfigure home-configuration.scm~
<phf>yet: guix home: error: aborting reconfiguration because commit ... of channel 'guix' is not a descendant of ...
<phf>ChocolettePalett: environment variables:
<ChocolettePalett>Unfortunately I am not a GNU/Guix expert yet (just installed), but someone might find this useful
<ChocolettePalett>I mentioned environment variables because I had the same error, and it was caused by some link not pointing to another Guix, newly downloaded by pull
<phf>ChocolettePalett: ok, thanks anyway!
<lilyp>it's typically a good idea to reset the shell/session; either by using the commands guix outputs when invoked or by logging out and back in again
<lilyp>this not only ensures that environment variables are set correctly (see above), but also that caches don't interfere – specifically in bash, you can still be using an old guix
<lilyp>furthermore, it's typically a bad idea to have the guix package itself explicitly anywere safe for environments spawned via guix shell
<lilyp>if that case applies to you, make sure it doesn't :)
<phf>lilyp: « ... using the commands guix outputs ... » : I just source =~/.profile= which calls =.guix-home/setup-environment= which does what's needed /a priori/.
<phf>lilyp: « ... a bad idea to have the guix package itself explicitly anywere ... » you mean installed like ~guix install guix~ or in packages of a ~home-configuration.scm~ ?
<hwpplayer1>I want to learn our infrastructure and hardware and bandwidth capacity ?
<hwpplayer1>Do we have our own servers or FSF/GNU gives some server as a sponsor ?
<jpoiret>hwpplayer1: one server is hosted in bordeaux ( and there's a rack at the MDC called berlin ( The latter hosts the website, cuirass and mumi, the former runs QA
<jpoiret>they're guix servers
<hwpplayer1>they run Guix as I understand am I right ? jpoiret ?
<hwpplayer1>Is there a way to donate a server and hosting ?
<jpoiret>like donating actual hardware, or money to support the existing one?
<jpoiret>you might want to send a mail to guix-devel to see what's possible
<hwpplayer1>understood jpoiret Thanks
<hwpplayer1>I'll send an email when I get ready
<hwpplayer1>I send the email jpoiret :) Thanks
<anemofilia>Which module provides the make-forkexec-constructor procedure?
<anemofilia>Couldn't find it
<anemofilia>even here:
<janneke>anemofilia: (shepherd service)
<anemofilia>are u sure?
<anemofilia>How can I solve this problem in the general case? How do you guys discover which module provides a specific symbol?
<anemofilia>ah sorry
<anemofilia>I am dumb
<janneke>anemofilia: the canonical answer would be: use geiser and use M-., but i often find myself using git grep
<anemofilia>Got it
<cassio>Hello there!
<cassio>I'm trying to declare my screen-locker like so:
<cassio>     (service screen-locker-service-type
<cassio>       (screen-locker-configuration "swaylock"
<cassio>         (file-append  swaylock  "/run/setuid-programs/swaylock")
<cassio>         #f))
<phf>I re-installed Debian11 from scratch and now, ~guix home reconfigure config.scm~ works as expected.
<efraim>cassio: Here's what I have with swaylock added to my global packages
<efraim>the layout just changed today
<phf>Hello again! I've got Guix Home to install an environment on a fresh Debian11 using GDM ; but now, the cursor appears like a white square when over the Desktop but not application windows. Any idea why and how to fix that?
<anemofilia>My computer turned off during a "guix upgrade"
<anemofilia>and now everytime I try to build a derivatrion I get an error
<anemofilia>guix upgrade: error: error parsing derivation `/gnu/store/izyiy6fsz8khp8f5r1pjcjpmzkmiikwg-notmuch-0.37.drv': expected string `Derive(['
<janneke>anemofilia: have you tried guix gc -D /gnu/store/izyiy6fsz8khp8f5r1pjcjpmzkmiikwg-notmuch-0.37.drv
<cassio>Thanks efraim -- it worked!
<anemofilia>janneke: yes :/
<anemofilia>A full guix gc seems to have solved it
<anemofilia>But I genuinely don't know why
<janneke>what file system are you using?
<janneke>ok, weird
<pjals>there's more referring to izyiy...-notmuch... than just the .drv, you need to use a guix gc to remove all the unneeded probably incomplete garbage
<anemofilia>pjals: It solved the problem
<anemofilia>As I'm already here, may I ask you guys another thing?
<anemofilia>I'm trying to setup a shepherd service to run thinkfan
<anemofilia> (shepherd-service
<anemofilia> (provision '(thinkfan))
<anemofilia> (documentation
<anemofilia> "Adjust fan level according to configured temperature limits.")
<anemofilia> (start #~(make-forkexec-constructor
<anemofilia> (list #$(file-append thinkfan "/sbin/thinkfan"))
<anemofilia> #:pid-file "/var/run/"))
<anemofilia> (stop #~(make-kill-destructor))
<anemofilia> (respawn? #f))
<anemofilia>But when I reconfigure the system with it, it says there is a invalid entry
<anemofilia>And idk which
<TheSkylarverncc[>hey, im getting `error: "swaylock": invalid field specifier`
<TheSkylarverncc[>my config was previously working
<TheSkylarverncc[>were there any breaking changes to screen-locker-service-type
<pjals>it is probably that the old `(screen-locker-configuration "program name" path #f)` syntax was removed, and it is replaced with the new `(screen-locker-configuration (name ...) (program ...) (allow-empty-password? ...))`
<TheSkylarverncc[>i tried the new syntax, and i got "wrong number of arguments"
<pjals>could you send your config here?
<pjals>or an useful snippet
<efraim>TheSkylarverncc[: : Here's what I have for my screen-locker: with swaylock added to my global packages since I don't have it as setuid
<TheSkylarverncc[>ACTION sent a scheme code block:
<pjals>woah, this is an irc channel, you shouldn't be using newlines
<pjals>you probably just confused every irc client out there
<TheSkylarverncc[>fair enough
<pjals>could you do --on-error=debug and give me a backtrace?
<TheSkylarverncc[>ok that's really funny
<TheSkylarverncc[>i added --on-error=debug and it just worked
<pjals>haha, maybe you did something in the middle of those 2 commands or something was done silently
<TheSkylarverncc[>this is truly a guix moment
<TheSkylarverncc[>thanks anyways
<Guest6725>evening, guix :)
<attila_lendvai>file save and file upload doesn't work in my ungoogled-chromium. when i start it from the terminal, it doesn't print any errors or warnings. i suspect it's some failing integration from a .so file... but it must be only on my config, because i don't see it discussed nor reported in debbugs.
<attila_lendvai>but i didn't do anything that seems relevant. it just broke after a guix pull and reconfigure
<jherrlin>Hey! I'm trying to install Guix system on a Thinkpad t490s and have big problem. When I boot the USB I end up in grub rescue mode. Not sure how to solve that. Ive tried to download both the stable ISO and the latest.
<jherrlin>I made an mistake when using dd. Of targeted /dev/sda1 and not /dev/sda. Problem solved.
<anemofilia>guys, what's the correct way to create a custom service?
<anemofilia>I've seen that maybe the syntax have changed
<anemofilia>But ever try I made resulted in failure
<anemofilia> (shepherd-service
<anemofilia> (provision '(thinkfan))
<anemofilia> (documentation
<anemofilia> "Adjust fan level according to configured temperature limits.")
<anemofilia> (start #~(make-forkexec-constructor
<anemofilia> (list #$(file-append thinkfan "/sbin/thinkfan"))
<anemofilia> #:pid-file "/var/run/"))
<anemofilia> (stop #~(make-kill-destructor))
<anemofilia> (respawn? #f))
<anemofilia>That's what I want to do
<anemofilia>But then I get
<anemofilia>In procedure service-kind: Wrong type argument: #<<shepherd-service> documentation: "Adjust fan level according to configured temperature limits." provision: (thinkfan) requirement: () one-shot?: #f respawn?: #f start: #<gexp (make-forkexec-constructor (list #<gexp-input #<file-append #<package thinkfan@1.3.1 gnu/packages/linux.scm:6271 7f6bc4eaa840> "/sbin/thinkfan">:out>) #:pid-file
<anemofilia>"/var/run/") /etc/config.scm:274:17 7f6bbf83aab0> stop: #<gexp (make-kill-destructor) /etc/config.scm:277:17 7f6bbf83aa80> actions: () auto-start?: #t modules: ((shepherd service) (oop goops) ((guix build utils) #:hide (delete)) (guix build syscalls))>