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<spacecadet[m]>The docs again reveal something on more careful perusal, "The initial RAM disk produced by base-initrd or raw-initrd honors several options passed on the Linux kernel command line", does this mean there's only a subset of kernel command line options that will work on guix? it would explain the issues I'm having if that's the case.
<spacecadet[m]>I hope someone else knows what I'm talking about, but I might just be shouting into the void...
<sneek>efraim: wb
<mirai>sneek, later ask civodul, what's the reason to prefer @deffn though? afaik using @deffn allows you to communicate different kinds of procedure (say a bash and a C procedure)
<sneek>Will do.
<mirai>sneek, later tell civodul: putting procedure within the argument for @deffn just strikes me as redundant given the role of @defun
<sneek>Got it.