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<graywolf>So I have this weird problem: The outputs in Xorg are not hot-pluggable. When I connect the USB dock station, the devices are registered (I see them in /dev/dri), but xrandr does *not* show the outputs. If I restart Xorg (back to tty and startx again), the output are visible and usable. Any ideas how to get the outputs to hot-plug correctly? I have to admit, this is slightly annoying. (It works
<graywolf>under Alpine on the exact same HW.)
<radio>A firend sent me a link from and xinit, and it does seem to make sense, but I am still unable to start X as a normal user
<Kabouik_>pass-tomb is advertised as available for aarch64 in guix search, but its dependencies won't build: https://0x0.HNC0.txt
<graywolf>radio: Can you share more details, for example how yours startx script is looking? I can start X as normal user, so it is possible.
<radio>graywolf: I am now in the tty, so I can't sent you the link I am refering to, but I saw someone saying it was better to use xinit directly, because sx and startx don't work well with the filesystem hierarchy of guix
<radio>I'll sent u my script to start X
<graywolf>Are you using guix home? How did you install X?
<radio>I am using guix home, but I have to admit I don't understand well yet how it works
<graywolf>Then I can guess what the problem is; X is install into ~/.guix-home, so the module path is wrong
<graywolf>Sec, I will send you a script I'm using
<graywolf>I'm in process of rewriting it into guile, but I was using it for past ~2 months and it works fine. So give it a try.
<radio>I'll try it :)
<anemofilia>It says /bin/sh is a bad interpreter
<anemofilia>"no such file or directory"
<anemofilia>OH IT WORKS
<anemofilia>I just have to change the wm I want it to open, because xmonad is acting strange
<dcunit3d>i can't seem to get shepherd 0.10 to work. it just won't load modules and fails with errors about continuation bounaries.
<dcunit3d>i've tried everything i can think of. i was in the middle of writing an email to the list. i was capturing strace logs, etc, but i wasn't able to send them. since either shepherd or xsession starts my xdg-desktop-portal, i can't send attachments with thunderbird or a browser.
<dcunit3d>i thought i'd just wait on that, but for some reason i can't get xsession to start either. i was probably going to ask elsewhere for that, but i'm supposed to go to a small local conference tomorrow and i've already been up like 36 hours. it's at a community college where every few months, i have certificate problems on their wifi, so that's probably going to be a small hiccup. i'm just a bit stressed out because i was hoping to
<dcunit3d>network to look for a job and now that would just backfire. i'm on my desktop at the moment.
<dcunit3d>and the cert problems are like def. something weird on the college network. i'm just venting a bit here, sorry. i'm glad that shepherd has added a few features, but i'm in over my head.
<bjc>i'd say just rollback if you can, until you have more time to debug it
<dcunit3d>it's in my dotfiles though. i wish i had moved to guix home already, but i just don't know very many people in my local area to interface with in person. it's hard for me to get around. it's definitely a microsoft town, but there are a few people. i just don't get out much or meet tech people bc there's so few meetups.
<dcunit3d>i feel like shepherd is a great way to learn about IPC. reading through the tests in that project really opened my mind up. i printed some out with enscript -> *.ps :)
<dcunit3d>and ive learned so much through guix and the project that i simply never encountered elsewhere. i think i'll move to guix home soon, but i donno. i'll be alright, i'm just stressed i guess.
<anemofilia>how can I check the value of a variable like %base-services or %setuid-programs?
<bjc>you can do it from ‘guix repl’ with ‘(@ (gnu services base) %base-services)’ and ‘(@ (gnu services system) %setuid-programs)’
<superkamiguru>So I have a simple service that I am trying to run on boot, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything to the directory permissions. Anyone have an idea why?
<superkamiguru>(Thanks btw for any help!)
<apteryx>mirai: is it because GUIX_LOCPATH is not preserved and glibc-locales missing from the environment?
<mirai>hmm, GUIX_LOCPATH isn't set in the non pure environment as well
<mirai>yet it still works correctly
<mirai>adding glibc-locales to the guix shell environment doesn't help
<apteryx>I don't know then. Strange.
<mirai>I'll file a report on it in a few
<mirai>unrelated to the utf8 thing, I think the “simple enterprise” of split a <HOST>:<PORT> (or endpoint as you call it in 2/5 #63402) is a big can of worms
<mirai>did some more research on the topic and I think not even the (ice-9 peg) based snippet I pasted would cut it
<mirai>the correct way of things is to follow what RFC3986 says, even though <HOST>:<IP> is not a URI, it is a “portion” of a URI so the same rules should apply
<mirai>of course cooking up a partial RFC39866 impl. is a significant undertaking for the wireguard purposes and these kind of efforts should go into Guile (web uri)
<mirai>I'd like to rework the (web uri) in guile to expose some partial or more exotic uri manipulations in the future when I get the opportunity to
<mirai>but in the meantime, for #63402 I'd say the best course of action is to craft a dummy uri, by concatenating "dummy://" with the “endpoint” field
<mirai>pass it through string->uri
<mirai>and retrieve the host & port from the returned #<uri> record
<mirai>you get validation and don't have to worry about the sharp corners this way (make it Guile's problems)
<Lumine> is down?
<ngz>Hello Guix!
<abrenon>hey guix !
<altomcat[m]>I need advice. Is it better to provide a patch attached to the bug request or to create my own patch and mention the relative bug in it? What is the most effective way to do so?
<abrenon>well if you already have a patch, might as well send the patch while describing the problem
<abrenon>you usually write to, with your patch attached (or send it directly from git but I've never used that)
<abrenon>there'll be a short delay for manual moderation if that's your first patch
<abrenon>and then an issue will be opened and attributed a fresh number
<abrenon>see for example
<pinoaffe>hi folks! the MPD docs at no longer correspond to the implemented MPD service's configuration format - is this a me thing, a CI thing, or something else?
<iyzsong[m]>pinoaffe: this one should be latest
<altomcat[m]>@abrenon: Thanks! I will try that. The related issue is and I think it may take some time to review it.
<futurile>morning all
<futurile>Q: is there a way to specify a development package in a manifest - so the equivalent of guix shell --development vim
<abrenon>altomcat[m]: oh sorry I hadn't understood you correctly
<abrenon>there is already a patch, then of course send your patch as an answer to the same
<abrenon>except if its scope is really much wider and it only "happens" to fix the reported bug
<abrenon>see, in the last message there already is an attached patch
<abrenon>futurile: not that I know of but you can still mix -m and -D -f on the same command line
<abrenon>I've doing this these days on a particularly messy set of packages, on I was still developping and which is more or less destined to be integrated in another repos whic as of now is only a heap of dependencies as a manifest and a set of scripts using it
<abrenon>so I'm opening my dev environment with : guix shell -m ../that-other-project/manifest.scm -D -f guix.scm
<abrenon>I've gotta go
<abrenon>good luck
<pinoaffe>iyzsong[m]: thanks!
<some-one>Hi! Can anyone check if is reachable?
<ngz>some-one: It doesn't seem to be.
<some-one>Ah, wonder how long it takes me to update without substitutes =[
<ngz>I still can fetch substitutes, tho.
<some-one>Strange, I receive the following:
<some-one>activating system...
<some-one>making '/gnu/store/g113g4k50lmzqyy9gmah2bran3nvzx1x-system' the current system...
<some-one>setting up setuid programs in '/run/setuid-programs'...
<some-one>populating /etc from /gnu/store/3sh5a1qg2alpbd0vfwi9i5kx7944yn7f-etc...
<some-one>substitute: updating substitutes from ''... 100.0%
<some-one>Oh, I've overcome this by passing `--substitute-urls=""` as an option to a command
<degauss>Hi! Is anybody here familiar with the setup of Guix' debbugs instance?
<cbaines>I've started nginx on berlin now so should be back
<cbaines>degauss, I don't believe Guix has a debbugs instance, we use the Gnu one
<degauss>Thanks cbaines, I was wondering if there may be a way for particular projects that have been configured in "exclusive" mode (according to to manage how bug replies are processed, but there probably isn't. It feels weird that the original poster of a bug doesn't get copies of replies sent to that address. I thought if was the case in the Debian instance, but I may be wrong…
<some-one>cbaines: thank you, it works!
<Kabouik_>I tried to add a package to my private channel and it produced an error I was not able to fix when pulling, so I removed it from the git repo and guix pulled again, but the issue still occurs: How can I fix that?
<alethkit>Does anyone happen to have a staging channel for a KDE service? I don't want to reinvent the wheel by packaging my own service.
<Kabouik_>I fixed my issue mentioned above, the package was in fact still in my private channel. Would be interested in fixing the package though, if someone understands the error message.
<macrocreation>hey all.
<sneek>macrocreation, you have 1 message!
<sneek>macrocreation, irfus says: channel logs at
<macrocreation>Wondering when you do a inherit - how do you do things like change the inputs list etc. For example if you want to take an existing package def and remove some inputs and add new ones?
<anemofilia>is there a "modify-services" for packages?
<anemofilia>I would like to remove sudo
<oriansj>anemofilia: then don't include sudo in your package list
<lambdanil>you can remove sudo from %base-packages if that's what you're asking
<oriansj>(you don't need to use %base-packages; I don't
<lambdanil>(define my-packages (remove '(lambda (x) (string=? (package-name x) "sudo")) %base-packages))
<lambdanil>you could do something like this
<lambdanil>I think you don't need the quote before the lambda actually
<anemofilia>oriansj: which package module provides sudo?
<lambdanil>anemofilia: (gnu packages admin)
<anemofilia>how can I see all the packages a module provides?
<janneke>are you looking for the output of: "guix show sudo"?
<civodul>anemofilia: "guix package --list-available | grep gnu/packages/admin" for instance
<macrocreation>I am using inherit to modify a package definition. In the original definition I modify standard phases. Is there a special thing I need to other then use modify-phases %standard-phase to change the original definition
<anemofilia>civodul: beautiful, thanks
<anemofilia>Wait, I don't understand it
<anemofilia>using a package module doesn't mean it imports all the packages a module provides, right?
<anemofilia>because uwufetch, for example, is in (gnu packages admin), and I don't have it
<oriansj>anemofilia: it just means they are available to install in your configuration
<lambdanil>importing a module makes the definitions available
<anemofilia>Ok, so what is installing sudo?
<lambdanil>so you can then add the packages from the module into your package list
<anemofilia>isn't it in %base-packages for sure?
<lambdanil>it is there
<lambdanil>you'll have to remove it from %base-packages if you don't want it
<anemofilia>iufhshfiuhd okay then, I came here thinking it was, but maybe I misread someone's message as if it wasn't
<anemofilia>Ok them
<oriansj>and in setuid-programs
<andreas-e>Hello Guix!
<andreas-e>There is a new wget release. It has between 900 and 1000 dependents to be rebuilt. Will this be picked up by QA?
<andreas-e>Is this little enough to update it directly on master?
<macrocreation>Hi Everyone, is there a docs system for the common methods like (subtitute-keyword-arguments)
<ngz>macrocreation: I don't think so. There the docstring attached to the macro, but it isn't exactly clear either.
<ngz>Then, there are examples across the code base.
<macrocreation>ngz thanks.
<ngz>Such information, if it is ever written, could go into the Cookbook.
<macrocreation>does anyone what these symboles mean e.g. ~(modify-phases vs #~(modify-phases
<macrocreation>and then 'phases vs ,phases
<macrocreation>I suspect these are scheme macro annotations but I can't find them anywhere
<macrocreation>Sorry I mean '(modify-phases vs #~(modify-phases
<ngz>#~ are called G-expressions. There are explanations in the manual, and, I think blog entries about them.
<civodul>ACTION is amazed that 'git send-email' automatically adds X-Debbugs-Cc
<macrocreation>asking because according to this -
<macrocreation>'(modify-phases ,phase -> #~(modify-phases #$phases fixes things
<macrocreation>which it did for me. But would like to understand why?
<civodul>you can use "guix style -S arguments" to make this transformation automatically
<guixfren>should that be a ` rather than a '?
<guixfren>also isn't package already a macro? so then you'd be trying to put a macro inside a macro
<macrocreation>Thanks guixfren - good to know.
<macrocreation>Still would appreciate pointers to where this is explained. I just hate having vodoo edits that work. For example I know what #: is a keyword argument
<macrocreation>Ok found it - thats ngz -
<guixfren>I'm not sure I was right with what I said, those were guesses more than anything so don't get the wrong ideas
<macrocreation>guixfren - you were right. That command line snippet would have fixed it - but would not have extended my knowledge.
<ngz>macrocreation: ` and , is basically the same as #~ and #$, but the latter happens specifically at build time.
<macrocreation>Does anyone have an example of substitute-keyword-arguments which doesn't use gexpression
<macrocreation>I've tried to do -     (substitute-keyword-arguments
<macrocreation>     (package-arguments freeswitch)
<macrocreation>     ((#:phases
<macrocreation>       (lambda (phases)
<macrocreation>         (modify-phases phases
<macrocreation>                       (delete 'modify-modules))))))
<lilyp>If you don't do G-Expressions, you need quasiquotes, i.e. `(modify-phases ,phases ...)
<lilyp>Note that you can't quasiquote your way through if ,phases already has G-Expressions
<macrocreation>lilyp thanks - that explains the issue I was getting. It's actually working with suggestions from ngz and guixfren - but now I am trying to build an understanding by using alternative code.
<macrocreation>Are there any guixers or beguilers who meet in London?
<oriansj>macrocreation: the best I can give you is Detroit or Lansing
<davidl>Hi, I have an issue when compiling saying a recompilation is needed for a specific file - how can I do that? I want to avoid running a full make clean and restart.
<rekado>I wasn’t aware of this and only just found out that the VST SDK has had its license changed.
<rekado>since 2017 or so it can be either distributed under the terms of the proprietary Steinberg license or the GPLv3
<rekado>only for VST3, not VST2, but that’s great
<rekado>we no longer need to patch out VST support then
<anemofilia>how can I, without using the %base-packages, put guile in the packages system declaration?
<anemofilia>I already tried (gnu packages guile)
<anemofilia>in use-modules
<anemofilia>and also (use-package-modules guile)
<guixfren>you'll have to append it to the package list
<guixfren>(gnu packages guile) only imports the package definition
<anemofilia>but I have it in the package list
<anemofilia>/etc/config.scm:80:25: error: guile: unbound variable
<anemofilia>hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?
<anemofilia>the line 80 is inside the packages definition, and only contains guile guile-readline and guile-colorized
<efraim>the variable may be named guile-latest or guile-3.0, I can never remember the names of the guile packages
<unmatched-paren>evening, guix...
<anemofilia>is (use-modules (gnu packages something)) equivalent to (use-package-modules something)?
<unmatched-paren>anemofilia: yes
<unmatched-paren>same with USE-SERVICE-MODULES
<anemofilia>(use-package-modules linux) should give a value to iproute2, no?
<efraim>IIRC iproute2 is named iproute in (gnu packages linux)
<unmatched-paren>any sourcehut user know how to change your payment details? i can't seem to find any options for that
<anemofilia>last question for today, I promise
<anemofilia>/etc/config.scm:80:25: error: guile: unbound variable
<anemofilia>hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?
<anemofilia>(define (map-setuid-programs package package-programs)
<anemofilia> (map (lambda (package-program)
<anemofilia> (setuid-program
<anemofilia> (program (file-append package (string-append "/bin/" package-program)))))
<anemofilia> package-programs))
<anemofilia>Is this correct? It's intended to work like this:
<anemofilia> (list (map-setuid-programs shadow
<anemofilia> '("passwd" "chfn" "sg" "su" "newgrp" "newuidmap" "newgidmap"))
<anemofilia> (map-setuid-programs inetutils
<anemofilia> '("ping" "ping6"))
<anemofilia> (map-setuid-programs opendoas
<anemofilia> '("doas"))
<anemofilia> (map-setuid-programs fuse
<anemofilia> '("fusermount" "fusermount3"))
<anemofilia> (map-setuid-programs util-linux
<anemofilia> '("mount" "umount")))))
<anemofilia>but it gives me this message:
<anemofilia>/etc/config.scm:117:2: warning: representing setuid programs with file-like objects is deprecated; use 'setuid-program' instead
<guixfren> ;; Some fields omitted...
<guixfren> (setuid-programs
<guixfren> (append (list (setuid-program
<guixfren> (program (file-append nfs-utils "/sbin/mount.nfs"))))
<guixfren> %setuid-programs)))
<guixfren>I see this as an example in the documentation
<anemofilia>I've read the documentation, I want to understand the warning
<anemofilia>For as long as I know, it should be fine to do this
<sughosha>Hi, is it possible to add multiple keyboard layouts in `config.scm`?
<sughosha>I would like to switch between "en_US.utf8" and "de_DE.utf8" in `sway`.
<anemofilia>sughosha: I use a english portuguese setup
<anemofilia>and the portuguese keys only work when holding the menu key
<anemofilia>I do this this way:
<anemofilia>sughosha: (keyboard-layout
<anemofilia> (keyboard-layout "us,br"
<anemofilia> #:options '("grp:menu_switch"
<anemofilia>You can also make a key change the keyboard layout and keep it until you press it again, but then you have to read some wiki on setxkbmap syntax and stuff
<anemofilia>Also, you can use other key than the menu key if you want to
<sughosha>anemofilia: Thank you! I will try this.
<anemofilia>I don't get it...
<anemofilia>The first element of %setuid-programs is like this, in the default:
<anemofilia>+scheme@(guix-user)> (@ (gnu system) %setuid-programs)
<anemofilia>$4 = (#<<setuid-program> program: #<file-append #<package shadow@4.13 gnu/packages/admin.scm:949 7f80a90d2c60> "/bin/passwd"> setuid?: #t setgid?: #f user: 0 group: 0>
<anemofilia>And the first element in my config is:
<anemofilia>guix system: error: #<<setuid-program> program: #<file-append #<package shadow@4.13 gnu/packages/admin.scm:949 7f06e24138f0> "/bin/passwd"> setuid?: #t setgid?: #f user: 0 group: 0>: invalid G-expression input
<anemofilia>They are literally the same thing, (if you don't consider the thing that comes after the package module)
<anemofilia>Yet it says it's a invalid gexp
<davidl>Hi, I sent in a new patch for an old issue, bug #51512 add bash-bcu, but I don't see it showing up in the email archives or the debbugs issues tracker. Can someone check what's going on?
<davidl>...and ofcourse now it shows up.