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<unmatched-paren>ACTION zzz o/
<glenda>Good night, happy hacking!
<RavenJoad>I am running a perl program in a sub-shell and I get "perl: warning: Setting locale failed." All of my locale environment variables are set to en_US.utf8.
<RavenJoad>Since the program is erroring out before generating files (which are required as this is a simulator's output), I do not know what is happening. Am I missing a locale somewhere?
<RavenJoad>And after running "locale" in the subshell, I get "locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory" as one of the outputs.
<glenda>Good night everyone
<f9>knock this account in pm or memo, if you need anything, it's always connected.
<f9>Happy hacking
<thanos_apollon>Good morning! Happy hacking
<mvnx>I'm using `nix-service-type` specified like this: but I'm getting warnings/errors when executing `nix` commands. It looks like it's processing the configuration incorrectly, separating on the spaces between equal signs and not separating new lines like "unknown experimental feature flakeskeep-derivations". My lack of Guile/Scheme here is holding me back.
<mvnx>Hmm added \n to the end of each of those lines and it works.
<lilyp>mvnx this is probably a list of strings intermixed with other stuff, so you can do (list "keep-derivations = true\n" contents-of-another-file)
<unmatched-paren>morning guix :)
<user_oreloznog>Good morning!
<Parnikkapore_m>working on Minetest 5.7.0 rn; thought it's going to be a straightforward guix refresh job, but it SIGABRTs during test :(
<Parnikkapore_m>It SIGABRTs at the same place when built the normal way as well... I'll have to bring this up over there
<rekado>ACTION tries to fix tensorflow on core-updates
<Parnikkapore_m>note to self: swap 'check and 'install; unit tests are referring to data files
<Parnikkapore_m>also: always, always flush() before abort() if you're printing an error message
<Parnikkapore_m>And working!
<Guest70>hello, I started using guix using version 6.0.12, then I wanted to do my first configuration and i did a guix pull. After the reconfiguration and doing nothing to the config, the boot menu stops at error: pcspkr.
<Guest70>I googled and found a solution to give the kernel no-mode-set as parameter. That fixed the boot problem, but through this a new problem occurred: my monitor second monitor is not showing anything anymore.
<Guest70>Can anybody help me with that problem, please
<Guest70>I have not made any additions to my config yet at all
<Guest70>except the ones with the kernel to fix the problem, but that did not fix it, because it created a new problem
<Guest70>[ 5.889796] Error: Driver 'pcspkr' is already registered, aborting...
<glenda>Morning guix!
<glenda>Is there an way to install tor browser in tor?
<glenda>in guix *
<Guest70>ah sorry it is version linux libre 6.2.10 not 12
<Guest70>man, this is so frustrating :( please help anybody
<glenda>oh crime, someone used word "man", what a shame!
<oriansj>Guest70: can you share your configuration?
<oriansj>(you can put it into a paste site and share the link)
<oriansj>glenda: to install tor browser in guix, one needs only have a build defintion.
<Guest70>glenda i do not get, what you mean by that
<glenda>Do not use word "man" in chats (or with someome who you do not know) unless it's something like: #man-only
<Guest70>glenda it has nothing to do with "man", I think you are completely missing the meaning of the word
<glenda>That's not related to gnu philosophy. I know meaning of that word.
<oriansj>#guix-offtopic exists for off topic discussions.
<Guest70>oriansj this is my config after I created an usb image and used the graphical installer:
<Guest70>oriansj I just gave one more shot at and used the modprobe.blacklist=pecspkr, but i3 did not start as well
<Guest70>I would rather use this kernel than a nonfree kernel and it works with libre kernel 6.0.10 weirdly
<Guest70>I am right now in guix with my first revision.
<Guest70>maybe I should try the installation right away with the latest version. I just followed the docs :)
<mirai>I think its unrelated to pcspkr
<Guest70>mirai yes, I think you are right, what could it be in your opinion:
<mirai>most likely it has to do with the gpu
<mirai>whether it be firmware, driver, physical, or kernel problem
<Guest70>mirai what do you recommend in this case, I think you are on the right track.
<mirai>I don't have any specific advice for cases like this other than fill a bug report at bug-guix
<apteryx>oriansj: it's OK to gently remind people to use more inclusive language, e.g. 'people' instead of 'guys'; that's a long tradition in #guix
<glenda>apteryx: take your humansnack!
<apteryx>Guest70: what is the actual problem you face? 'Error: Driver 'pcspkr' is already registered' is not an actual problem.
<apteryx>(it is a problem and annoying that it is emitted, but it doesn't seem to cause any malfunction of the system)
<apteryx>e.g. every Guix System users has it
<Guest70>apteryx the problem is, that i3 is starting with libre linux 6.0.10, but not with 6.2.10 it is not anymore starting
<Guest70>apteryx I just installed guix on the usb stick and installed with a graphical installer and it worked. then i did guix pull and wanted reconfigure the config with vim
<Guest70>apteryx but with any new config it does not work
<apteryx>is it just the graphics which do not function? e.g. can you login via SSH or a tty for example?
<Guest70>apteryx tty is not reacting either. I cannot write anything
<apteryx>so it seems the whole thing locks up?
<Guest70>I am just stuck. but when i do kernel: nomodeset in the config, everything works with the new version only that my second screen is not working
<Guest70>yes it locks up
<apteryx>could you try reconfiguring your system using linux-libre-5.15, e.g.: (kernel linux-libre-5.15)
<apteryx>if that works, we'll have shown that it's indeed the kernel that is the problem and not some other part of your config
<Guest70>apteryx yes sure,how do I do that:
<apteryx>you add the '(kernel linux-libre-5.15)' line inside your operating-system definition
<apteryx>and you'll need to have (use-package-modules linux) at the top of your file
<oriansj>Guest70: the more proper way to blacklist would be to use: (kernel-arguments (list "modprobe.blacklist=pcspkr")) [which I did not see in your config]
<Guest70>oriansj I did  that before, but it did not help
<Guest70>apteryx now it works, wooohoo, thank you so much.
<Guest70>apteryx how did you now that it would work with that kernel version:
<apteryx>it seems your problem is a regression with linux-libre >= 6.0.10, so I guessed using an older kernel should work. it'd be nice to know exactly which kernel version introduces the regression for you
<Guest70>apteryx I would like to check that, but when I try a specific linux-libre-6.0.10-gnu, i get the message: linux-libre-6.0.10-gnu, unbound variable
<Guest70>did you forget form:
<Guest70>what am I doing wrong:
<apteryx>there is no such package variable in Guix
<Guest70>ah yes, not every relaese is packaged
<Guest70>thanks, got it
<Guest70>apteryx okay, I checked version 6.1.23, which is the one after 5.15. the problem starts at this version
<Guest70>6.1.23 is not working for me
<Guest70>basically you guessed it right
<apteryx>Guest7300: if you pick the right Guix commit, you should be able to test 6.0 as well (e.g. using guix time-machine)
<apteryx>you'll need to check the git logs to do so though
<Guest70>apteryx I need to check this how this works
<apteryx>meson updated to 1.0.1 on core-updates
<Guest70>apteryx could take some time because I am a beginner, but if you guide me, i will help, where i can
<unmatched-paren>okay so this is weird
<unmatched-paren>i get this error after making a change to (guix scripts home):
<unmatched-paren>guix home: error: failed to load '/var/guix/profiles/per-user/paren/guix-home-835-link/configuration.scm': No
<unmatched-paren>such file or directory
<unmatched-paren>and yet
<unmatched-paren>test -f '/var/guix/profiles/per-user/paren/guix-home-835-link/configuration.scm' && echo "yay"
<unmatched-paren>i'm just trying to do (load* (string-append generation "/configuration.scm") '((gnu home)) #:on-error (assoc-ref opts 'on-error))
<apteryx>Guest70: at commit 1d39dd24849f72ec5b9a1750a8820471315fff59, linux-libre was at 6.0.19, per git log --grep='linux-libre: Update' origin/master
<apteryx>so you could do something like 'guix time-machine --commit=1d39dd24849f72ec5b9a1750a8820471315fff59 -- system reconfigure your-config.scm', commenting out the '(kernel linux-libre-5.15)' from your config to use the latest linux-libre package (the default kernel)
<glenda>alexa@gnu ~$ icecat .. Segmentation fault
<glenda>bash: /home/alexa/.config/guix/current/bin/guix: Input/output error
<glenda>And like that every few hours
<unmatched-paren>glenda: how odd... i don't know how you could debug this [sorry :(] but if you can't figure it out, other available browsers include ungoogled-chromium, nyxt, and qutebrowser (i personally use the latter)
<glenda>I use mothra, mostly. It's problem with whole system.
<glenda>Every few hours, it crashes.
<unmatched-paren>that is concerning...
<glenda>And Input / Output error or segfault for all
<unmatched-paren>glenda: what does 'uname -a' say?
<glenda>Linux gnu 6.0.10-gnu #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC 1 x86_64 GNU/Linux
<glenda>And only reboot fixes all
<unmatched-paren>is the entire system panicking?
<unmatched-paren>s/the entire system/the kernel/
<glenda>no, it keeps working partially
<glenda>Just can't run anything, can't open any file, etc.
<glenda>drawterm always working somehow
<unmatched-paren>that's not the latest kernel version; what's in the (kernel ...) field of your operating-system definiton?
<unmatched-paren>(unless you've moved that file, of course)
<glenda>E486: Pattern not found: kernel
<unmatched-paren>oh, right, of course, you won't have that field by default...
<unmatched-paren>try ``sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm'' and reboot
<unmatched-paren>this will install the latest kernel, etc
<glenda>Latest kernel, latest problems! Doing.
<vagrantc>glenda: can you run other systems oin this without issues?
<vagrantc>glenda: sounds vaguely like hardware failure in memory or cpu or something
<glenda>I was running Trisquel GNU/Linux few months before
<glenda>Guix is here maybe two weeks?
<unmatched-paren>okay, so i suppose that rules out your hardware not working well with linux-libre
<lfam>I'd also try `guix gc --verify` and maybe some of the more expensive options to that command
<unmatched-paren>which is good
<glenda>Trisquel uses linux-libre, which is worked ok
<vagrantc>glenda: does trisquel have a live image you could boot to test if it is still working?
<lfam>I would test for some data corruption caused by hardware issues
<unmatched-paren>glenda: which makes this all the more mysterious; if it works with trisquel it should work with guix
<vagrantc>and what lfam says :)
<glenda>Yes I have few hdds and ssds with Trisquel
<unmatched-paren>btw the "more expensive options" lfam was talking about would be ``guix gc --verify=repair,contents''
<unmatched-paren>i would try that
<lfam>But, somebody else had some other problems with 6.2
<glenda>I will let guix reconfigure finish
<lfam>So maybe something is really wrong with it
<glenda>Let's be honest, Linux (or Linux-libre) is big problem itself lol
<vagrantc>there is also a 6.1 or even older kernels available
<lfam>It is what it is
<unmatched-paren>lfam: wrong with 6.2 you mean?
<unmatched-paren>glenda is currently on 6.0...
<lfam>Yes, earlier they said that i3 didn't work with it
<unmatched-paren>which is why i recommended that they reconfigure to see if a new kernel fixes it... which may have been a mistake...?
<glenda>If it's a mistake, I always can purge Guix, and reinstall.
<lfam>Who knows, not much info to go on so far
<unmatched-paren>glenda: you can revert to the previous generation in GRUB
<unmatched-paren>there's a menu option to go back to a previous system version
<glenda>or that
<lfam>After many years, I've learned that purging is very rarely a worthwhile approach to debugging or fixing Guix problems
<lfam>Barring data corruption from broken hardware
<unmatched-paren>if this is indeed a Guix problem at all...
<glenda>dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda -- solves all problems, literally always :p
<glenda>(software problems)
<unmatched-paren>glenda: including the halting problem :P
<glenda>no software = no problems with software
<glenda>Also can be HDD failure I think
<glenda>unmatched-paren: And while we are waiting for reconfigure to complete, I have a question just of interest: What do you do on your computer?
<unmatched-paren>glenda: read, code, contribute to guix :), and occasionally the odd game
<glenda>Guix is life I guess!
<mvnx>Does anyone understand how to read this stack trace on guix system reconfigure?
<unmatched-paren>mvnx: looks like something that expected a record of some sort instead got a list containing a single record
<unmatched-paren>i suspect you've accidentally wrapped a SERVICE with one too many lists
<mvnx>Thanks, I should be able to isolate this. Is there a reason it can't point to the line in my config where "wrong type argument in position 1" was?
<unmatched-paren>because guile :)
<unmatched-paren>no, the reason is really because the backtrace originates from the PRIMITIVE-LOAD procedure
<unmatched-paren>guile doesn't seem to have a way to pass a backtrace from files loaded with PRIMITIVE-LOAD
<unmatched-paren>so yeah i guess it is because guile...
<mvnx>That would be a nice improvement but I'll make due for now :)
<mvnx>make do * >_>
<mvnx>I've startd moving things in my config. Now I'm at "guix system: error: service 'networking' provided more than once" so I removed `networking` from `use-service-modules` and it gives me "error: dhcp-client-service-type: unbound variable"
<unmatched-paren>mvnx: you misunderstand the first error message :)
<unmatched-paren>there are multiple shepherd services that provide the symbol 'networking, meaning they will refuse to run together (very antisocial of them...) because they are incompatible and all provide the same functionality
<unmatched-paren>the 'networking services are, to my knowledge, dhcp-client-service-type, connman-service-type, and network-manager-service-type
<unmatched-paren>do you have more than one of these?
<mvnx>NM and DHCP
<mvnx>I guess network manager covers that functionality?
<mvnx>Yay it's updating substitutes
<unmatched-paren>mvnx: i cannot stress this enough:
<unmatched-paren>*importing a module will not affect your config in any way*
<unmatched-paren>(unless the module shadows a binding that's already been imported, but that should throw a warning)
<mvnx>Ah right the whole no side effects things, beauty
<unmatched-paren>mvnx: also, just so you know, (use-service-modules networking) is equivalent to (use-modules (gnu services networking))
<unmatched-paren>there is absolutely nothing special about package or service modules whatsoever
<unmatched-paren>personally i think we should remove use-service-modules and use-package-modules, they seem to mislead people a lot for virtually no gain
<unmatched-paren>mvnx: actually, guile does do side effects
<unmatched-paren>quite a lot
<unmatched-paren>it's an imperative language with functional features :)
<mvnx>Aha ok best to correct that assumption early :)
<unmatched-paren>usually the forms with side effects all end with !
<unmatched-paren>for instance: (set! SYMBOL NEW-VALUE)
<Guest79>I'm trying to kill pulseaudio so that I can test manually running pipewire but something is restarting pulseaudio. I don't have anything in my system.scm pertaining to PA nor any home services. Any ideas? Or general advice in running pipewire instead of PA on guix?
<unmatched-paren>Guest70: you will have it
<unmatched-paren>in %DESKTOP-SERVICES, most likely
<unmatched-paren>do ``herd stop pulseaudio'' (or ``herd stop pulse'', not sure which one is right)
<Guest79>unmatched-paren: I was thinking that too but I get: herd: service 'pulseaudio' could not be found
<Guest79>same for just pules
<unmatched-paren>oh, right
<unmatched-paren>silly me; you need to use sudo :)
<Guest79>Yeah I was
<unmatched-paren>try ``herd status''; is pulse there?
<unmatched-paren>Guest70: ah, okay, this is interesting:
<unmatched-paren>pulseaudio is not run as a shepherd service
<unmatched-paren>it seems to be run by udev...
<Guest79>ah ok
<unmatched-paren>this is in the definition of PULSEAUDIO-SERVICE-TYPE:
<unmatched-paren>(service-extension udev-service-type (const (list pulseaudio)))
<unmatched-paren>i'm not sure how to stop udev running that, though :(
<Guest79>Well that helps anyway, thank you unmatched-paren.
<Guest79>I found a link with an example home service someone wrote for running PW over PA but, alas, the link is dead.
<unmatched-paren>Guest70: you could also replace %DESKTOP-SERVICES with (modify-services %DESKTOP-SERVICES (delete pulseaudio-service-type))
<Guest79>I am only using %base-services but I assume that also adds the PA service
<Guest79>or maybe the gnome desktop service includes it (I should really get scheme setup so I can inspect these vars myself)
<unmatched-paren>i think gnome probably includes it
<unmatched-paren>all you need to do by the way is ``guix repl''
<unmatched-paren>then ,use (gnu services base)
<unmatched-paren>,use (ice-9 pretty-print)
<Guest79>ah, that's what I was about to ask
<unmatched-paren>(pretty-print %base-services)
<unmatched-paren>,use (gnu services desktop)
<unmatched-paren>hang on
<unmatched-paren>never mind, it looks like gnome doesn't add pulse
<glenda> got kernel panic lol
<glenda>Not syncing.
<Guest79>Hmm, well let me see. Something must be adding that service. I still find it odd that pulseaudio isn't it's own herd service
<unmatched-paren>glenda: on boot?
<glenda>unmatched-paren: Reboot and Select proper Boot device, or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key. Haha!
<glenda>No, not on boot
<unmatched-paren>this definitely sounds like hardware :)
<mirai>pulseaudio as a shepherd service? perhaps if you make it per-user
<glenda>Let me take other HDD from my pyramide of hdds
<glenda>I guess hdd died
<glenda>OR sata controller
<Guest79>mirai: nevermind I shouldn't find it odd :P
<unmatched-paren>mirai: i vaguely recall hearing that gnome does something weird by starting pulseaudio on its own (interoperability? what's that?!)
<unmatched-paren>is that true?
<mirai>there's systemd unit files for PW and PA iirc
<mirai>they're started when the user logs in
<unmatched-paren>ah, okay
<unmatched-paren>you could definitely write a home service then...
<mirai>I don't think it'd be bad if PA (or PW) gets a herd service
<mirai>no, don't make it home only
<unmatched-paren>you'd have to, i suspect
<unmatched-paren>have both a home-pulseaudio-service-type and a pulseaudio-service-type
<mirai>it makes sense for system accounts to be able to spin a PA instance
<mirai>what's absolutely a bad idea is to have a systemwide (single) PA instance
<unmatched-paren>i don't think there's a way to set up per-user services with guix system
<mirai>unmatched-paren: you can have both
<mirai>home and system PA services
<mirai>like you said above
<mirai>an approach similar to #62465 seems doable
<mirai>allows you to spin as many PA instances as you want
<mirai>or have a pulseaudio-service-type whose service-extensions append shepherd-service-extensions to shepherd-root-service-type
<mirai>allows you to target a single service-type yet have individual control over each PA (shepherd) instance
<mirai>in all honesty, it'd be more profitable to reroute such effort to a Pipewire shepherd service instead
<Guest19>Hi, I can't send any mail on Guix System, e.g. with Icedove or git send-email. Unable to initialize SMTP properly. Is there some specific configuration that needs to be made?
<unmatched-paren>Guest19: nope
<unmatched-paren>if it's unable to initialise SMTP, try using --smtp-debug=1 with git send-email
<unmatched-paren>see what it spits out
<Guest19>unmatched-paren: it spits out: Unable to initialize SMTP properly. Check config and use --smtp-debug. VALUES: server=localhost encryption= port=25 at /gnu/store/s2mhczka9jj0vmwvvv67kn5kfa9zai4c-git-2.39.2-send-email/libexec/git-core/.git-send-email-real line 1684.
<unmatched-paren>Guest19: what do you have in your .gitconfig?
<Guest19>i run my own email server. not sure if it has anything to do with the issue, probably irrelevant because i still can send mail over my smartphone. nevertheless, Icedove tells me that my smtp server is not available or rejects the request
<Guest19>unmatched-paren: nothing special, just name and email
<unmatched-paren>you need to configure git for git send-email
<unmatched-paren> <- here's mine; see [sendemail]
<Guest19>i will try that, thank you
<Guest70>lfam thanks for the info
<zyd>does the guix command have an internal way/option to disable the pager? reason being when using a "not so good terminal" its not all that great and i might just want a full dump of `guix search foo'
<zyd>i know i can set the pager to cat and other tricks
<unmatched-paren>guix search foo | cat
<unmatched-paren>(guix ui) has something like this:
<unmatched-paren>(define (use-pager?) (isatty?* (current-output-port)))
<unmatched-paren>so just pipe it into cat
<zyd>unmatched-paren: gotcha, that is actually slightly better than setting the pager to cat as i dont get the control characters. thanks.
<Guest70>zyd what is the terminal, that you installed, if i may asked politely
<zyd>emacs ;)
<unmatched-paren>zyd: a good emacs terminal is emacs-vterm
<zyd>sometimes i just want to launch a quick command. i know i have actual terminal options, inside and out of emacs. plus guix package.
<zyd>but thanks, appreciated
<unmatched-paren>(emacs-vterm uses a c library, libvterm, so it's probably the closest you're going to get to emulating a full terminal in emacs)
<Guest70>@zyd and which do you use outside?
<zyd>unmatched-paren: ive recently been trying out eat, seems pretty good
<zyd>Guest70: sakura
<Guest70>thank you zyd
<unmatched-paren>zyd: that looks nice; i wonder how it compares to vterm...
<zyd>they have a look comparison description at the bottom that has some brief words about vterm
<unmatched-paren>what does it mean by "it doesn't have a char mode"?
<zyd>I believe this is to handle keybinds that normally are sent to emacs but in the case of a terminal emulator you actually want sent to the terminal itself.
<unmatched-paren>ah, right
<Guest70>guix is the greatest distro, I came across
<Guest70>even this free software idea is very new to me and I love trying these software