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<attila_lendvai>oh well... i managed to get to Grub by (with-output-to-file "/proc/sys/kernel/panic" (lambda _ (display 1))), but none of the available generations can boot anymore... :(
<attila_lendvai>i think this VPS install has died because of some guix gc calls (it is a pure guix install)
<apteryx>jgart[m]: what are the problem with the current crate importer? it works good enough for me
<jgart[m]>apteryx: If I have to submit 100+ crates in a patch set I'll have to edit/fix up the synopsis and/or description on all of them before they are considered upstream
<jgart[m]>Ditto for versions of crates that are very close to each other to not warrant adding a new package variable
<jgart[m]>I'm to lazy to do the tedium of editing all that and then it not get reviewed because of how large and time consuming it is to do so.
<apteryx>true; but updating the base rust to 1.65 doesn't require adding any crate :-)
<apteryx>just shuffing the package definitions a bit
<jgart[m]>If a reviewer decides to then nitpick a needle in that monster haystack of a patch set then motivation will also be thwarted to edit and resubmit such a hot mess of crates
<apteryx>I agree it's not trivial to review large work
<apteryx>attila_lendvai: when I face a system that won't boot, I chroot from a USB image (e.g. the Guix System installation one) and fix it from there
<apteryx>it's documented in the manual
<jgart[m]>Ya, I understand the logistics and realize that I should not spend my time there until either importer becomes AI smarter or patch review process does
<apteryx>which icons does grsync wants?
<apteryx>it displays fine on my box, but not in a container with either adwaita-icon-theme, hicolor-icon-theme or arc-icon-theme, which are the three I have installed in my user profile
<apteryx>reproducer: guix shell -CN --share=$XAUTHORITY -E XAUTHORITY -E X -E DISPLAY grsync adwaita-icon-theme arc-icon-theme hicolor-icon-theme glib -- grsync
<attila_lendvai>apteryx, that's what i'm doing now, but it's not trivial... i had to manually start sshd in the chroot and now the `guix deploy` mostly finished, and yay! it has fixed the VPS. this VPS is too small for a local `guix system reconfigure`... thanks for the hint, thoguh!
<jgart[m]>Fare: Very nice post on your reasons for the GVM over all the rest. Thanks for writing it as it answered my question above. Just remember that CL still 💚 you.
<jgart[m]>I'll get back to your other question later today, I have to run now ;() Fare:
<Guest10>Hello. I have a problem which prevents me from fully using icecat. When I want to use a public wifi network, most of them want to open a page in the browser where I should authenticate myself. Browsers like firefox open the authentication page, but icecat does not so the wifi isn't usable. Even if I enable javascript etc. What can I do about this? I need this to connect to my university wifi.
<arjan>Guest10: you can enable the setting "Detect captive portal" in about:preferences#privacy
<Guest10>Thank you very much!
<pranavats>Hello, I'm trying to install guix system and while starting the cow-store service, I get the following error:
<pranavats>I'm using the latest boot image from the website (not stable).
<pranavats>Nevermind. The issue is resolved.
<cel7t>Hi quick question about GSoC, how do I determine the right project size for my proposal?
<ekaitz>cel7t: I'd say the most interesting thing for that is to know your habilities, be honest with yourself and take in account how much time you have for the project
<RavenJoad>When writing a new service-type, I am getting in "procedure proc: error: my-service-type: unbound variable" on the command line. When Geiser compiles, there is no error. Is there a way to get that unbound variable to be printed? Or better service debugging in general?
<mirai>did you export it?
<anthk_>hello, may I suggest something for low RAM systems as mine? Optionally enabling zram from either the installer stage, or config.scm
<mirai>use a guix repl and ,m to change into your module
<cel7t>scheme@(guix-user)> (list-ref '(medium large) (random 2))
<cel7t>$1 = large
<cel7t>Large it is.
<iyzsong[m]>just find lisp machine and its manauls, should be packaged :)
<RavenJoad>mirai: It is exported, yes. I used my Git history to find the problem. I removed a prefix definition from a maybe, which caused issues.
<anthk_>iyzsong[m]: that and simh+ITS, too =)
<RavenJoad>I used guix repl, and that seems to have found some things. Perhaps I will use that instead of Geiser.
<cel7t>@izysong wow that's really cool
<cel7t>I didn't know work was still being done on lisp machines
<RavenJoad>If I want a user to provide (file-append coreutils "/bin/cat") as a command in a configuration, how do I evaluate the #<file-append ...> object to get a string?
<lfam>I'm trying and failing to visualize package graphs with dot. For large graphs, xdot simply never displays anything. And using something like `dot -Tpng` takes forever.
<sneek>Welcome back lfam, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>lfam, mirai says: What's halting <> from getting merged?
<sneek>lfam, mirai says: it might perhaps require a G-Exp restyling
<lfam>I don't *need* a visualization. What I really want is an answer to the question "What are the largest parts of the reverse dependency graph of package foo?"
<lfam>I can do something like `guix package -s . | recsel -e 'dependencies ~ "foo"' -p name | cut -f2 -d: | while read package; do echo $package; guix refresh -l $package; done`
<anthk_>using graphviz to plot a large dependency chain doesn't seem very efficient
<jpoiret>cel7t: i'm a bit worried about the feasability of your proposal
<jpoiret>especially the local parametrization part
<anthk_>how about plotutils and ascii art?
<lfam>How about it anthk_?
<rekado>lfam: we also have the d3js output, which produces a chord diagram.
<rekado>in some cases I find that to be more instructive than just a hair ball.
<lfam>Do I open the output in a web browser?
<mirai>lfam: xdot does display large graphs
<lfam>mirai: Yes, but I only have about 40 years left to live
<mirai>I recommend taking a walk while it does its thing though
<lfam>You know what's good at directed acyclic graphs... Git! `guix graph` needs a Git backend
<anthk_>by the time it finishes the graph, I could ascent in slashem. Twice.
<anthk_>guix itself it's already slow on non SSD's
<lfam>Well, in this case I don't think that storage bandwidth would matter, since these operations don't use the store
<lfam>It just loads the package graph and the OS will keep that in memory throughout
<jpoiret>cel7t: actually scratch that, without package rewriting it might very well work :)
<jpoiret>with *
<anthk_>btw on guix service edit
<anthk_>if I didn't create a zram service, does it create it?
<anthk_>I mean, at config.scm
<RavenJoad>I guess knowing why I am trying to use file-append may help. I want the user to be able to provide a binary in the configuration that points to a binary in the store by its store-name (so it won't be GC'd). So, (pass-cmd (file-append password-store "/bin/pass")) expands to /gnu/store/...-pasword-store/bin/pass in the serialized configuration file.
<whereiseveryone>Are these two predicates too naive for checking if I'm on wayland or xorg?
<jpoiret>RavenJoad: where is that file-append used?
<whereiseveryone>If not, should we have a way of adding inputs to a hybrid xorg/wayland package such as qtile based on those predicates?
<whereiseveryone>such as qtile, keepassxc, etc.
<jpoiret>whereiseveryone: uhm, those are runtime-dependent predicates, right?
<jpoiret>ie. highly non-reproducible
<RavenJoad>jpoiret: In a guix home config for a service-type I am writing. The pass-cmd field is of type file-like-or-string right now.
<jpoiret>right, but where is pass-cmd used?
<jpoiret>it'll end up in a gexp, right? then you can just #$ it, and it will get lowered
<RavenJoad>pass-cmd is only used by its serializer. The serializer's body is #~(format #f "passwordeval ~a" #$val), where val is the (file-append ...). In the end though, I get #<gexp (format ...)> in the generated file.
<jpoiret>I've never used those serializers, but looking at the doc, it should work :/
<jpoiret>do you have a snippet?
<anthk_>ok, guix system installed on a netbook, I will reboot, brb
<RavenJoad>jpoiret: I can do one better. Here is the link to the repo, and relevant part:
<RavenJoad>I have tested the configuration and service types, with just plain strings, and everything generates fine. The programs work as expected. So it is just this change from raw strings to file-like/gexps that is causing problems.
<jpoiret>but the serializer isn't as you described above?
<RavenJoad>It should be now.
<whereiseveryone>jpoiret: ya runtime fun times
<jpoiret>RavenJoad: well, no clue why that's happening
<jpoiret>probably someone with more experience with those could help you
<Sussy-sk>Hello there!
<Sussy-sk>I've recently installed Guix GNU/Linux on my thinkpad (after the fourth try), and it seems to run well. I do have a few questions though. Guix install, remove, pull are all used to manage packages withing my user directory, but can't update system packages. How should I update the kernel, for example? Will the update appear after running guix pull too, and prompt me to run a specific command?
<rekado>Sussy-sk: use “guix system reconfigure”
<rekado>“guix pull” only gets you a new version of Guix, including updated package definitions and services.
<rekado>you would use that updated Guix to reconfigure your system (with “guix system reconfigure”), which will install a new system generation from the packages available in that updated version of Guix.
<rekado>this includes the kernel.
<RavenJoad>jpoiret: Ok.
<Sussy-sk>So, guix pull fetches the available updates, and guix system reconfigure actually installs the updates
<whereiseveryone>Sussy-sk: ya
<whereiseveryone>as far as I know. That's my current mental model of it
<msavoritias>yeah same with guix pull and guix upgrade
<RavenJoad>jpoiret: You were right. There was not much that needed to happen. In fact, what I had was correct. But I was leaving some things in a weird half-evaluated state in lists that caused problems.
<RavenJoad>Is there a way to reference ca-certificates-bundle as a package? So I can grab the store-path of /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt.
<mekeor[m]>RavenJoad: nss-certs is the name of the package you want, iiuc
<RavenJoad>mekeor[m]: It is, yes. But ca-certificates.crt is not part of the package. It is part of the ca-certificates-bundle "thing". It is not a package. For me, /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt -> /gnu/store/...-ca-certificate-bundle/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt.
<RavenJoad>And "ls $(guix build nss-certs)/etc/ssl/certs/ca*" does not show the ca-certificates.crt file. Just a ca6e....0 file.
<unmatched-paren> <- so, i have this SYNTAX-CASE macro, but PARAM-NAME seems to be getting bound to %NAME-(pseudorandom-hash) rather than just %NAME. How would I fix this?
<unmatched-paren>oops, sorry, that should be in #guile
<RavenJoad>mekeor[m]: I did find from 2021, which never got an answer. It is not dissimilar from what I want here.
<stfnbms>Emacs-pdf-tools 1.0.0 on Guix does not display Chinese/Japanese characters in PDF files – the space where they should be just remains empty. Pdftotext also fails to extract them (possibly error message: Syntax Error: Unknown character collection 'Adobe-Japan1').
<stfnbms>Xpdf, gv, and mupdf on the same system display the characters just fine, however. If xpdf does it, then maybe it is not a poppler issue? I do have poppler-data installed.
<stfnbms>Does anybody know what is going on?
<TristanCottam[m]>Hi guys, I'm trying to create my first Guix package, `minetest-server`. Can I get your opinions on what I have so far? Thanks for your feedback!
<lilyp>@emph is unnecessary
<lilyp>for the setenv in check, i'm not sure whether /tmp is the right place or whether you want to create another directory
<lilyp>other than that lgtm?
<TristanCottam[m]>I didn't know how to modify the `invoke` statement in isolation, so did as best I could
<TristanCottam[m]>Woops, sorry about that
<TristanCottam[m]>Wrong link
<TristanCottam[m]>Maybe make `"src/minetest"` a variable in `minetest`, and set it to `"src/minetestserver"` in `minetest-server`?
<TristanCottam[m]>That original link was about where I saw emph{...} from, I'm not too familiar with Texinfo
<Guest52>Hi there. Does anybody here use zerotier and have/know where to find a guix package for the client/daemon? If so I'd love to use it :)
<Guest52>Or a pointer in the right direction for packaging it myself would be cool. Though I seem to be a slow learner when it comes to guix...
<gbot>welcome SeerLite, pins for you: <html>
<jlicht>hmm, the armhf test failures at are beyond my pay grade to fix :/
<gbot>welcome avocadoist, pins for you: <html>
<gabber>i'm failing at "guix weather" (with my own substitute server) due to some humble-bundle-foo error (i know i know, proprietory software and such, i'm *not* here to advocate anything!). AFAICT i have no "humble bundle" game or whatever installed (i'm not even sure what that is). the gullible channel is not part of the cuirass installation of my substitute server and commenting out that channel from my .config/guix/channels.scm does not
<gabber>help either... how can i resolve this?
<mirai>RavenJoad: what's this serializing issue you're encountering
<gbot>welcome gnumer, pins for you: <html>
<gbot>welcome etienne_, pins for you: <html>
<gabber>gbot: you're something different now, are you?
<RavenJoad>mirai: I fixed the issue. It was a gexp that was not being expanded at the right time, so I ended up trying to do a (string-append "string" "config" #<gexp ...>), which failed. After some prodding, I got the gexps expanding at the right time.
<RavenJoad>Now I am trying to get the ca-certificates.crt file, but that is handled by a procedure which takes in a manifest. Specifically ca-certificate-bundle from (guix profiles).
<RavenJoad>Takes in a manifest and returns a script to build /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt.
<tekakutli>gabber, gbot its my llama text model hooked on irc
<tekakutli>I forgot to disable another thing i was playing with
<gabber>aaight :)
<gabber>or no, whuAT?! you let your llama run loose in #guix? what a time to be alive ;)
<tekakutli>im sorry for the inconveniance, uh... do u want to talk with it?
<gabber>not sure.. last time i interacted with a llama it spat in my face
<gabber>maybe another time, gotta go now
<tekakutli>bye gabber