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<civodul>sarg: goggles-bot is back! :-)
<civodul>thanks for the heads-up
<lilyp>To think that verdi even made the log servers strike :)
<ekaitz>civodul: I managed to bypass the socket problem, but some others appear like some stuff is "long long long" because there's some type combinations here and there
<ekaitz>it also explodes because it doesn't know what ‘sigjmp_buf’ is
<civodul>i'm not familiar with the Bash code base but i'd be surprised if it cannot be cross-compiled to MinGW
<ekaitz>I have to dig deeper in the then
<jpoiret>it might be an error with the cross-toolchain in general? ie. that it doesn't detect stuff properly while configuring
<ekaitz>jpoiret: that might be too. It's like it's detecting some stuff wrong like uint_max
<ekaitz>but the fact that it doesn't find sys/resource.h and the rest of the problems... IDK
<ekaitz>the bash-5.1/support/config.sub file mentions mingw but it stills try to load sys/resource.h which is not present in windows
<ekaitz>something is setting the config.h to say you have HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H
<civodul>jpoiret: do you happen to have a link to the commit/discussion about -ffrestanding in MiG (for which you added a patch)?
<jpoiret>i think i just cherry-picked it from
<civodul>awesome, thanks!
<civodul>ACTION makes progress
<torari_real>i love guix
<mirai>is glibc@2.23 still relevant or is it "long gone" ?