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<Guest40>How to I create globally available binary? I tried (extra-special-file), and that does put the symlink as (in my case) /bin/sendmail, however, I now see that /bin is not in the $PATH. How can I create symlink in some directory that is on the $PATH by default?
<Guest593>if you install packages system wide they are available for everyone
<lechner>mirai / Hi, i just responded. Aside from any final items, please just let me know when it's okay to amend #41180, i.e. when you sent the email about required fields
<Guest40>Right, so the right way to do this is to create a (very simple) package that would basically provide a wrapper script?
<lechner>no, the other user just has to request the same file, either via guix package -i or via guix shell
<Guest593>isnt your package sendmail? if you install that in config.scm everyone has it (whole system)
<Guest40>The is no package (yet). I've installed msmtp, created /etc/msmtprc and got thinking "now how do I get working sendmail command"
<Guest593>or mailutils if i recall correctly
<Guest593>sendmail from emacs or mailutils?
<lechner>most folks here will recommend opensmtpd
<Guest593>i use msmtp as well
<Guest593>opensmtpd on the other hand could be used natively on guix as of a service
<lechner>i replaced all my instances of msmtpd in Debian with opensmtpd when i switched to Guix
<Guest593>but as I mentioned, if for example you install emacs in config.scm everyone has the cmd emacs available, if you use guix install emacs only that one user has emacs
<Guest593>there is no such things as /bin or local/bin in Guix (we do not use FHS here)
<Guest40>The is /bin/sh and /usr/bin/env, so I thought (originally) that I would stash sendmail symlink in there as well
<Guest593>ah, yea you need to stop thinking of the traditional way in distros
<Guest40>lechner: out of curiosity, why did you switch from msmtp? It looks lighter, simplier to configure and does not seem to require a running daemon.
<Guest40>Did you need any features of opensmtpd or it was just easier to use under guix compared to msmtp?
<Guest74>what was the cmd to lett someone later with seek?
<Guest74>seek: later tell
<Guest74>later tell awb99
<Guest40>Isn't the bot sneek?
<Guest74>sneek: later tell awb99 test
<sneek>Will do.
<Guest74>ah thanks
<Guest74>sneek: later tell awb99 I have those errors as well, must be something else though the cmd "pacmd list-cards" prints out my actual cards
<Guest40>sneek: later tell Guest74 I'm curious what happens
<Guest40>So on next join I guess :D
<sneek>Guest40, you have 1 message!
<sneek>Guest40, Guest40 says: I'm curious what happens
<Guest40>ok there is just delay
<Guest40>Sorry for spam
<Guest40>was curious
<Guest74>no problem though the bot is stupid
<Guest74>as you can see, you said 74 but he wrote to you (40)
<Guest74>yea, happened to me as well, it is useful but using it with someone that is named guest is basically useless. just letting you know
<Guest74>also the user needs to write something first or he won't tell
<Guest40>Ah, that explains why it answered right after "So on next join I guess"
<Guest40>Yeah bit stupid. Is the source for that thing available?
<Guest74>pretty sure it is but no clue where
<AwesomeAdam54321>There's a Python project called build, so it's package name conflicts with the procedure python-build in Guix
<AwesomeAdam54321>Should I name it python-python-build, or something else?
<AwesomeAdam54321>nvm, it's already a part of python
<wdkrnls>Dear Guix, what am I missing about channel configuration?
<wdkrnls>I have a working guix profile for my user account where the channels were read from ~/.config/guix/channels.scm
<wdkrnls>Just as the manual ordains...
<wdkrnls>Similarly, I have a /root/.config/guix/channels.scm where I hope the same thing occurs.
<wdkrnls>Unfortunately, my decade old laptop is dying so I'm trying to replace it.
<wdkrnls>But on the new system it doesn't see the libraries from the new channels.scm when its in that location.
<wdkrnls>How do I figure out what is happening?
<wdkrnls>guix system reconfigure doesn't seem to have an option for specifying channels.
<wdkrnls>I will try pulling first with -C option to create a profile for the root user with the new channel.
<vagrantc>i think channels are only relevent to guix pull
<vagrantc>(or guix time-machine ... which is basically just a special one-off guix pull as i understand it)
<vagrantc>so you would have to guix pull with your channels, and guix system reconfigure with the version that was generated from guix pull ...
<vagrantc>although why have a separate guix pull generation for root?
<vagrantc>that tends to get people confused ... but maybe there is a use-case for it?
<wdkrnls>My use case is updating my system configuration.
<vagrantc>normally, "sudo guix ..." using the guix from the user's profile works fine.
<wdkrnls>You are probably right, but I find it confusing.
<wdkrnls>I feel like the root user should be in charge of breaking the computer, not the logged in user.
<wdkrnls>That makes sense in my head.
<vagrantc>fair enough
<vagrantc>long as you can keep track of the extra complexity and not get confused :)
<wdkrnls>I'm completely confused. My hope that using Guix would teach me to not be confused :)
<wdkrnls>I'm working on it.
<wdkrnls>I just don't know how to search for things yet.
<wdkrnls>I ran guix pull with the new channel. Now that is listed under `guix system describe`.
<wdkrnls>However, when I call guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm it still fails to find the channel.
<wdkrnls>more precisely, it fails to find the modules provided by the channel.
<wdkrnls>I don't see it as extra complexity though. I see it as keeping unlike things apart.
<wdkrnls>But either way the error is the same.
<lechner>Hi, is there a way to use my regular channel configuration with a Git checkout of Guix?
<apteryx>./pre-inst-env guix build x -L your-channel-dir
<lechner>apteryx / thanks! i hope to use it with deploy, but do i have to maintain a Git checkout of the channel?
<unmatched-paren> <- anyone know what's wrong with this? when i evaluate it in guix repl i get:
<fruit-loops>"build-expression->derivation.scm —"
<unmatched-paren>In procedure struct-vtable: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): #f
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<cbaines>morning civodul o/
<bumble[m]>hello :)
<ellysone[m]>anyone knows how to deal with a package that depens on its build output to mutate it's own test data file?
<fruit-loops>"GitHub - tdewolff/hasher: Go known-keys fast-lookup map generator"
<ellysone[m]>you're supposed to go build -> use the output binary to rewrite the data_test.go but at this point the timestamps have already been set to 1970
<ellysone[m]>and readonly
<civodul>ellysone[m]: hi! maybe you can add a post-build phase that makes the relevant file writable?
<attila_lendvai>so, the locale of shepherd running as pid 1 is "ANSI_X3.4-1968". shouldn't that default to UTF-8?
<attila_lendvai>ACTION probably means %default-port-encoding
<PurpleSym>Hm, I’m seeing a hash mismatch for openjdk-9.181.tar.bz2. Just me?
<PurpleSym>Same for openjdk@10.
<civodul>PurpleSym: hi! is that on 'master'?
<civodul>attila_lendvai: hey, did you hit encoding issues in PID 1?
<PurpleSym>civodul: Yup.
<attila_lendvai>civodul, yep. the logging of my service code had trouble, and (port-encoding ...) returns ANSI_X3.4-1968. i'm just testing the code that sets it to UTF-8 explicitly when opening the log file.
<civodul>attila_lendvai: service logging is explicitly utf-8 and explicitly safe against encoding failures though
<civodul>at least that's the intent ;-)
<civodul>there are tests for that
<civodul>ACTION runs: guix build /gnu/store/gpik63l8lrasiz0mmc3yyy0rphy56w01-openjdk-10.46.tar.bz2.drv --check
<civodul>PurpleSym: apparently it's fetching an hg-generated tarball, so no wonder :-/
<PurpleSym>Yeah, that’s weird, because we do have a hg-download.
<attila_lendvai>civodul, it's my own logging code, isolated from the default "logging" (aka redirecting stdout into a file -- was confusing for me as a newcomer)
<civodul>PurpleSym: so yes, hash mismatch as well; could you report it X-Debbugs-Cc: Java team?
<civodul>attila_lendvai: oh ok, you can check how service.scm deals with that
<civodul>PurpleSym: that it's bz2 makes it even more problematic because Disarchive can't handle that (yet)
<attila_lendvai>my second order issue is that the root user of the server doesn't have the locale binary, and i cannot find out why.
<devmsv>hi guix!
<devmsv>¿it is possible to pin a package and dependecies to a specific commit on system .scm file?
<rekado>devmsv: you can use inferiors for that. See the manual for details.
<florhizome[m]>anyone else having problems with gnome lately?
<civodul>ACTION doesn't use it
<civodul>i'm looking at the red dots for core-updates at
<devmsv>florhizome[m]: what kind of problems?
<civodul>should we have a hackathon to get motivated? :-)
<devmsv>rekado: Thanks
<florhizome[m]>devmsv actually it just doesnt start from the login manager. i already disabled all extensions and installed a different lm which didnt change anything
<florhizome[m]>(i first thought it was a gdm problem)
<devmsv>florhizome[m]: what commit are you in? do you use Wayland?
<florhizome[m]>civodul i need a libgudev upgrade (: i believe it belongs into c-u
<florhizome[m]>devmsv let me check...
<florhizome[m]>yes but the xorg session doesnt start either
<florhizome[m]>i'm on f88a0bb
<ellysone[m]>civodul: Ok I did the changes, added a new phase to regenerate the file but do I need to explicitly reset the timestamp of the generated file? Or can I just let guix handle this?
<devmsv>florhizome[m]: have you try to update to the last commit just in case?
<devmsv>I may have time to test that commit later but right now everything works (I did guix pull && reconfigure yesterday)
<florhizome[m]>I updated several times the last few days so I don’t have high hopes but yeah I will…
<florhizome[m]>I don’t even know where to look for specific logs yet, that might be helpful
<futurile1>Morning all
<civodul>ellysone[m]: Guix resets timestamps once the build has completed
<devmsv>florhizome[m]: if xorg isn't starting maybe try slim manager just to see... there is an example in guix manual. gdm logs should be on /var/log/gdm/greeter.log and Xorg on /var/lib/gdm/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log
<florhizome[m]>yeah the gdm log didnt give me much
<devmsv>rekado: so trying the inferior thing. it woks for manifest but doing it on my private channel I get 'store-connection-error' to /var/guix/daemon-socket/socket upon guix pull
<florhizome[m]>"/var/lib/gdm/.local/share/xorg" doesnt even exist for me
<cel7t>civodul: you mentioned learning more about package transformations in reply to my e-mail about parametric packages, where would be a good place to start?
<cel7t>I did examine patches that mention transformation in the issue tracker and am in the process of committing a trivial patch and a simple package to Guix. however it does not really show my strength with Guile or my current understanding of package transformation.
<civodul>cel7t: hi! one idea you could work on is a package transformation that lets you pass extra #:configure-flags from the command line
<civodul>as in "guix build hello --configure-flags=hello=--without-nls"
<civodul>how does that sound?
<civodul>you would need to subdivide that into smaller tasks
<civodul>first task would be: define a procedure that takes a package and returns a package with addition configure flags
<cel7t>Sounds good, I will begin work on it in about ten days as I have midterms the coming week
<civodul>alright, let us know how it goes!
<civodul>we also need to find a co-mentor
<civodul>if you're reading this and would like to help, you're very welcome :-)
<cel7t>Once I am done with that task, I guess I could try sending an e-mail to guix-devel asking if anyone is willing to co-mentor
<cel7t>Parametrized packages would be really cool to have ( ´ ω ` )
<civodul>yup :-)
<rekado>devmsv: no idea what that’s about. Is the daemon still running?
<devmsv>rekado: seems to be something about the git ssh channel and packages I have... will figure it out (I hope)
<mirai>civodul: fair game to switch this default value to #f ?
<fruit-loops>"Untitled - Pastebin Service"
<AleQu[m]>Hey hey, I've got a version update patch waiting in line for python-graph-tool
<AleQu[m]>if anyone has some time to approve it... Cheers!
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH] gnu: python-graph-tool: Update to 2.46."
<jpoiret>anyone know how to make install-locale work in build systems?
<jpoiret>i added the locale input from the standard-packages to the native-inputs of my build, but still a warning
<AwesomeAdam54321>jpoiret: I think you need to set the LC_* environment variables in a new build phase
<jpoiret>rather I think it's because gcc-toolchain is not pulled in as an input, so the search path GUIX_LOCPATH is not set properly
<jpoiret>that's quite annoying
<mirai>does CI not keep the logs of builds
<lechner>Hi, which one are you missing?
<jpoiret>yep, that was it
<lechner>sorry, just joined
<fruit-loops>"Search results"
<mirai>none of the logs work?
<lechner>Hi, thanks to mirai we now have a Cachefilesd service. It was tested by a heavy consumer of NFS drives. If any reviewers are present, I'd appreciate merging v2 in #41180. Thanks!
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH] Add cachefilesd service."
<gabber>mirai: that confused me yesterday, too (with my dnsmasq service build failing)
<lechner>mirai / i have logs
<fruit-loops>"Search results"
<gabber>nvm my comment. i was talking about qa.guix
<mirai>lechner: juix down?
<lechner>mirai / i rebooted and don't have a service for it yet. just started it
<lechner>sorry, i did not realize anyone was using it
<AwesomeAdam54321>Can someone review this patch?
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH 0/2] gnu: Add latino."
<lechner>Hi, is Mathieu Othacehe here sometimes?
<AgentKilo[m]>Hi Guix! Do you people use Icecat with Vimium? It seems the recent updates broke it?
<AgentKilo[m]>Vimium keeps saying "vimium is not running on this page" for every web page I visit. Is there any new related settings in Icecat I should care about?
<jlicht>AgentKilo[m]: I don't, but I can confirm that it doesn't work for me either on current master
<civodul>lechner: rarely these days
<civodul>sneek: seen mothacehe
<sneek>mothacehe was last seen in #guix one month and 29 days ago, saying: roptat: hey! i cannot connect to lieserl, is it offline?.
<AgentKilo[m]>hmmm, meanwhile Vimium works properly on my other Firefox installs, so I
<lechner>civodul / okay, thanks!
<AgentKilo[m]>so I'd guess it's something in Icecat?
<winter>AgentKilo[m]: you can try to bisect with time-machine to catch the problematic commit
<AgentKilo[m]>Ah thanks! That's an option. Guess I'll try out the time-machine command for the first time.
<AgentKilo[m]>I hope I don't have to compile Icecat again everytime I do a bisect? It's a potato machine....
<winter>It should be cached.
<ellysone[m]>How long is too long for a phase? I have a phase that is supposed to regenerate some go code but it takes 70 seconds ~
<gabber>ellysone[m]: i don't think there's a general answer to that question. the `build` phase of linux-libre takes quite a while..
<ellysone[m]>also guix lint complains about some lines being too long, but it is guix style that squashes my lines into one very long line (it's a string that I need to write for go code gen to work)
<gabber>you can manually break your long lines into shorter ones by appending a backslash to the proposed end of line
<gabber>guile concatenates lines ending in a backslash with the following ones
<florhizome[m]><florhizome[m]> "devmsv actually it just doesnt..." <- Still gnome problems
<ellysone[m]><gabber> "guile concatenates lines..." <- okay thanks, but what if my changes are too long? Like this file require a file that I'm regenerating but this would mean that I need to copy paste 200 lines of const to regenerate the file
<fruit-loops>"minify/css.go at master · tdewolff/minify · GitHub"
<fruit-loops>"debian Pastezone"
<gabber>ellysone[m]: i don't think i understand.. why/where do you need to copy/paste things? the Guix linter only checks whether Guix package definitions are written in a (somewhat) uniform style
<gabber>maybe you want to paste the package definition the linter doesn't like?
<ellysone[m]>I need to give you the full context, you mind me sliding into your dm so we don't pollute here ?
<gabber>sure thing
<apteryx>lechner: good question, that's what I do since the channels I work with are mine
<lechner>apteryx / thanks!
<unmatched-paren>hello guix :)
<civodul>howdy unmatched-paren!
<RavenJoad>Hey Guix! My minor documentation patch has been sitting around for a while now with no feedback. Could someone look into it? Issue #60661
<fruit-loops>"[DOCUMENTATION] doc: Example of selecting package output with lisp"
<unmatched-paren>civodul: afternoon! do you see anything wrong with this?
<fruit-loops>"build-expression->derivation.scm —"
<unmatched-paren>i'm getting a vague error when i try to run it in guix repl:
<unmatched-paren>In procedure struct-vtable: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): #f
<civodul>unmatched-paren: it's deprecated, don't use it :-)
<unmatched-paren>civodul: i know ;)
<unmatched-paren>it's for an example in the next blog post
<unmatched-paren>showing you the old way of doing things, and why it's not as good as gexps are
<civodul>unmatched-paren: alright, that's a valid excuse ;-)
<civodul>maybe it's #:guile-for-build that's #f?
<civodul>(on this topic, you might like <>)
<fruit-loops>"Code Staging in GNU Guix - Archive ouverte HAL"
<unmatched-paren>civodul: yep, i've downloaded that PDF :)
<civodul>it's *cough* very well written
<civodul>heh :-)
<unmatched-paren>manual says
<unmatched-paren>> When guile-for-build is omitted or is #f, the value of the %guile-for-build fluid is used instead.
<unmatched-paren>unless %guile-for-build is #f by default...?
<unmatched-paren>ACTION looks
<unmatched-paren>yup, it's #f indeed
<unmatched-paren>it works \o/
<unmatched-paren>$6 = #<derivation /gnu/store/s16ric8wwr46cbs0i6r7bj47n7jmnlih-irssi-symlink.drv => /gnu/store/yfgp4z01g97zh34k5mfmlcr7kcx3aphm-irssi-symlink 7f47772e6c30>
<unmatched-paren>thanks civodul :D
<civodul>unmatched-paren: yay!
<eisbaer[m]>Hi. I am trying to build a linux kernel with debug symbols. I am using this tutorial for that:
<eisbaer[m]>I am trying the %default-extra-linux-options method. (the second one) I wrote a slightly altered version of the first snippet (the one that starts with define %default-extra-linux-options) into my config.scm was that correct? My second question is where to actually put the snippet that is supposed to be added to the make-linux-libre configure script? I don't have a file with that name on my computer.
<fruit-loops>"Customizing the Kernel (GNU Guix Cookbook)"
<civodul>eisbaer[m]: hi! make-linux-libre is a procedure defined in the (gnu packages linux) module
<civodul>if you run "guix edit linux-libre" and then scroll around, you'll see it
<eisbaer[m]>civodul: thanks for your response. So both snippets go into the file that opens for edit when calling "guix edit linux-libre" ?
<zacchae[m]>Im trying to run an executable which runs via the interpreter /lib64/ Any idea what package would supply that?
<lechner>zacchae[m] / is it on
<rekado>zacchae[m]: glibc
<lechner>Hi, should Guix embrace the use of Zram? We have a service for it and could use it for tmpfs and maybe even swap? It may help to sidestep memory issues for installations on resource-constrained systems, such as a 1 GB Linodes (which I have not had, with 2 GB swap)
<zacchae[m]>lechner: thats a neat site. is it new(ish)?
<lechner>zacchae[m] / yeah, two weeks or so. i'm trying to advertise because it's just my system. with enough submissions, i will eventually show the entire available file system that one would have when installing everything
<lechner>it also shows you that i have a working copy of Gocryptfs, which is not yet available in Guix
<lechner>in a little while, it will also show the link target. that would have helped a lot in your case
<zacchae[m]>rekado: Thanks! I have made progress. I had to symlink the relavant file from glibc into /lib64.
<civodul>eisbaer[m]: not really: you could use that make-linux-libre function from your OS config.scm file and use the custom kernel from there
<civodul>perhaps the cookbook needs to expound on that
<zacchae[m]>lechner: Nice!
<Guest74>I added cups service and enabled the interface. on the interface I added my printer which has a .local address. now if I print it says unable to locate printer name.local
<lechner>Guest74 / did you also enable the avahi-service?
<Guest74>yes is done automatically, found it, was .local resolution missing via name-servce-switch
<Guest74>(name-service-switch %mdns-host-lookup-nss) fixes it
<Guest74>now lp works but firefox does still not detect the printer
<evilsetg[m]>hello :)
<evilsetg[m]>I am trying to install guix on my laptop and when I reboot after the installation the initrd fails. I have a lvm on luks setup and I suspect, that cryptsetup fails because /dev/mapper is empty besides control. Does anybody know of a problem like this? I tried searching online but did not really find anything. The initrd drops me into a guile repl and when I try to run cryptsetup manually with system*/tty it asks for my password but after entry
<evilsetg[m]>fails with return code 6. The cryptsetup man page does not document that return code though.
<oriansj>evilsetg[m]: I have a guix install procedure and example configuration I know works with luks
<jpoiret>evilsetg[m]: what is the order of your mapped-devices field?
<jpoiret>it is undocumented but the lvm map should go before the cryptsetup
<jpoiret>before the luks map *
<RavenJoad>When doing a 'guix system -L <path> reconfigure', I get a Git error I have never seen before. Git error: object not found - no match for id (d936649fb0c6dea2960363af26f97977656a07b5)
<jpoiret>RavenJoad: are you using a guix pulled from a local checkout?
<RavenJoad>jpoiret: I am running with the default channel guix, but a checkout of my personal channel.
<jpoiret>what is the guix describe commit for the guix channel
<RavenJoad>I found it. I switched back to the upstream version of my channel and I get an appropriate "not a descendant" error from guix pull. I think I rebased a branch in the channel, removing a commit hash from existence.
<jpoiret>that's definitely a bug though
<RavenJoad>The pull error matches with the commit ID. guix pull: error: aborting update of channel 'synnax' to commit 622e1d79facf100dcf24ccd65792a44b7a6ec068, which is not a descendant of d936649fb0c6dea2960363af26f97977656a07b5
<jpoiret>but why was there not a pull error before
<RavenJoad>The guix system build and guix system reconfigure were run before I re-pulled with the corrected channels. The system build worked, but the reconfigure failed.
<evilsetg[m]>jpoiret: I had put the luks entry before the lvm one. I will try it the other way around. Thank you!
<ieugen[m]>hi, I just got a Dell 5580 (seond) laptop and I plan to use it to explore guix system. Anyone have experience with this?
<ieugen[m]>It has Windows and I might keep it for dual boot since I don't have any other windows systems around - and it might be usefull once/twice a year when I do taxes
<jpoiret>ieugen[m]: we now have opentaxsolver :)
<ieugen[m]>thanks jpoiret but I'm from Romania (Europe)
<Guest7477>ieugen[m] if it is a simple software you may just use a vm and do taxes on that. would make it easier with partitions and so on since you do not need to think about dual boot
<ieugen[m]>yeah, in this case I will try dual boot. guix should have a good experience with dual boot IMO.
<ieugen[m]>my main concern is hardware support right now - I know guix is hard on GNU / Libre hardware
<ieugen[m]>anyway, I just got it and started tinkering - will take some time to prepare