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<mirai>speaking of docbook, I'm pondering on postphoning #61015 (which does bring some improvements) to a patch-series that completely revamps docbook.scm
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH core-updates 0/9] Modernize and fix docbook-xml"
<mirai>I seriously doubt this will make it to the core-updates merge at this point so might as well give a complete refactor
<winter><mirai> it's to do with some docbook funkyness <-- happen to recall what patch fixed this, out of curiosity? can't find any relevant patch after searching around debbugs
<mirai>winter: I think elogind was using docbook-next
<mirai>which had a comment that stated the XSL was broken hence the borked manpages
<mirai>or vice-versa
<winter>comment above the package def you mean?
<mirai>I think so
<winter>lemme check
<winter>nope, don't see anything mirai, hmm
<winter>on master, that is
<fruit-loops>"Some man pages are not built correctly"
<winter>hmm, wonder if the adhoc fashion has actually done anything, guess not if they're still broken on master
<nckx>Guest40: I don't think /etc/elogind/system-sleep (and others) work. I don't remember what exactly was missing, but IIRC elogind needs just a tiny fix to look in the right spot.
<lechner>nckx / Hi, can i use custom channels when reconfiguring with a Guix from Git?
<lechner>mirai / Hi, how soon will #61587 be obsolete, please?
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH 0/8] networking services refactoring"
<mirai>afaik it's still relevant but pending review
<lechner>mirai / didn't you write that it would be superseded by your proposed changes to define-configuration?
<winter>jpoiret: speaking of current-guix, is it normal for it to never recompile unless you touch config.scm? i've tried editing/recompiling random modules and config.scm is the only one so far that's actually made it do something... guess it's something wrt to the channel build system, though it just seems weird that no other module changes (e.g. (gnu
<winter>build image)) would cause it to rebuild, no?
<mirai>lechner: not that one, its unrelated
<winter>not even self-build.scm...
<NewUser-Basic-Qu>Damn...playing with desktop-services left me with a system that does not allow me to login directly and does not bring up netwoerk and ssh to login from outside. Any chance to chroot into it?
<fruit-loops>"Chrooting into an existing system (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<iyzsong>oh, didn't know this chroot manual section, seems not too hard :)
<winter><winter> not even self-build.scm... <-- I edited channels.scm to change the path of self-build.scm, and that threw, so it's definitely reading it. I edited it to remove the "Computing Guix derivation..." message, but it's still showing. 🙃
<cel7t>I'm getting a ft2build.h no such file or directory error while building packages that rely on freetype2
<cel7t>is there any fix for this?
<AwesomeAdam54321>cel7t: It needs to be fixed with a substitute* to the proper location: freetype2/ft2build.h
<cel7t>okay, so do I fix the FREETYPEINC in that case?
<cel7t>Hmm still won't fix it
<AwesomeAdam54321>cel7t: Does it fail during the configure phase or while compiling?
<cel7t>Compiling, I think I might have figured out what's causing the issue
<winter>jpoiret: I posted some more details to the issue, would appreciate you taking a look when you get a chance -- thank you!
<Guest74>does someone how I can set env vars like EDITOR and VISUAL if I use slim login manager?
<iyzsong>Guest74: it can be set in a ~/.xsession script
<Guest74>I tried that but it crashes with permission denied
<Guest74>and the thing is I have auto login enabled that means I basically had a loop since if I was in tty1 it kicked me back to xorg on vt7
<iyzsong>it need to be a executable (chmod +x ~/.xsession), and spawn the wm/de at end (eg: exec "$@")
<Guest74>makes sense
<iyzsong>exec "$@" will spawn the session slim choosed, exec ratpoison will, well spawn ratpoison instead of the session from slim.
<Guest74>If I am in tty1, how do I prevent that slim is kicking me back to xorg?
<lechner>Hi, here is a tiny patch with QA succeeding, for super busy reviewers #61485
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH] In knot-service, shorten SOA refresh to maximum recommended in RFC 1912."
<winter>looks like you're missing a change log
<lechner>yeah, i'm going to ask the reviewer to write it. i understand neither the format nor the purpose. everything that's needed for a changelog elsewhere and to explain the motivation for the commit is there
<jpoiret>lechner: doesn't seem like the best patchset for busy reviewers then
<iyzsong>lechner: done, thank you. i'm not a good commit message writer, so i only add the missing title and file modification info.
<jpoiret>winter: did you commit the change to the build-self.scm file before testing it out?
<tux_life>Hi! I know how to edit a file in /etc via etc-service-type. Can this service also be used to edit files within a subdirectory, eg /etc/security/limits.conf? As? Should I indicate as filename "security/limits.conf" ?
<civodul>tux_life: hi! for /etc/security/limits.conf, there's a separate service that exists
<civodul>see "guix system search limits.conf"
<tux_life>civodul Thank you! Interesting... Now I'll see how it works.
<Guest74>I can't start EXWM with slim through my .xsession file.  I have "exec dbus-launch --exit-with-session emacs --maximized --debug-init --load ~/.exwm" it starts, but I get some xelb authentication errors
<bjc>civodul: i'm looking through the new shepherd and while i'm still fitting it together in my head, i'm pretty sure you can get rid of the ‘(when (one-shot? obj) …)’ test in the service start method
<bjc>that case is already handled by the service controller when it gets the ‘*service-started’ message
<bjc>sending the additional ‘notify-terminate’ doesn't do anything. additionally, it races with ‘*service-started’. the race is annoying but harmless, since they do the same thing in the end
<civodul>bjc: oooh, it wasn't entirely clear to me but apparently removing that (when (one-shot? ...) ...) doesn't break anything
<civodul>really nice that you're looking into it!
<bjc>i'm excited by the move to actors! i love them as a programming architecture =)
<civodul>ah yes, the *started-message* handling already takes cre of changing the status to 'stopped
<civodul>it's really fun to program this way!
<civodul>it makes it easier to reason about state
<bjc>i used to do a lot of erlang programming. once you get the hang of it, it really is fun
<bjc>i may have future suggestions or comments, which may be more in-depth. what's the best way to discuss that? the mailing list?
<AwesomeAdam54321>bjc: Definitely the mailing list
<civodul>bjc: pushed :-)
<civodul>but yeah, we can discuss things on the ML
<bjc>ok. i just didn't want to bog it down, but as long as no one minds
<civodul>that's very welcome
<civodul>(you can cc me too)
<AwesomeAdam54321>If I do `git format-patch` and it adds lots of prerequisite patch IDs, is it better to remove them or leave them be considering that they're not required for the patch?
<attila_lendvai>civodul, the getter for the `provides` field of `<service>` is called `provided-by` -- i think that's a mistake, no?
<bjc>attila_lendvai: i think it's an old decision, based on the common usage of ‘(provided-by service)’, which makes sense as a clause in english, even if it doesn't as a slot accessor
<bjc>it's the same for ‘required-by’
<bjc>i would like that to change, since they're the only accessors named like that, and a separate ‘provided-by’/‘required-by’ procedure would be useful to me
<attila_lendvai>bjc, well, the reason i looked into it, and i'm writing is that i added a write method for <service>, and it looked weird to me: `(display (provided-by srv) stream)`
<attila_lendvai>bjc, i get what you mean now, but still, it has compelled me to write, so something must be off there...
<bjc>i agree with you, fwiw. i'm just hypothesising as to why it might be this way
<attila_lendvai>i think my issue with `provided-by` is who provided what? with `provides` at least the who part is clear (-er to me), and if that's a service then it suggests the what.
<mirai>jpoiret: While amending #60756 to include your feedback, I've noticed you forgot to CC the ML (reply all) 😅
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH 0/2] Add x11-socket-directory-service-type."
<sturm>how might I schedule regular user tasks in Guix - for example running `mbsync -a` to synchronise my mail with a remote IMAP server?
<mirai>sturm: mcron
<sturm>mirai: thanks, I've seen the docs for how to configure system-level tasks, but didn't realise you could use it for non-system things too. Where would this config go? (presumably not done in a `guix reconfigure`)
<mirai>that's home services
<mirai>there's a home mcron counterpart
<mirai>works mostly the same
<sturm>via `guix home`?
<mirai>to be frank I haven't used home services
<mirai>but the mcron part works the same
<sturm>ok, thanks
<civodul>attila_lendvai, bjc: yeah it's been there from the start; i'd like to move away from GOOPS anyway and thus move towards Scheme naming convnetions
<jpoiret>mirai: whoops
<jpoiret>usually doesn't happen, my bad
<jpoiret>i'll resend the mail
<gabber>(sans-serif, probably non-free) fonts are rendered terribly in a PDF in icecat. how can i address this issue? shouldn't font-liberation be some kind of drop-in replacement?
<civodul>gabber: usually PDFs embed fonts, or at least that's "good practice"
<civodul>then Helvetica is automatically picked up as a substitute for Arial, for example, when the font isn't embedded
<mirai>jpoiret: I've applied your feedback and rebased to solve the merge conflicts
<mirai>so it should be straightforward to apply
<Kabouik>Does our libva package include what would be included in the libva-wayland2 package of Debian-based distros? I need to install dependencies for an Appimage (which does not include everything it needs apparently), and libva-wayland2 is one of them.
<Kabouik>libva 2.15.0 has wayland@1.20.0 as a dependency so I would assume so
<winter><AwesomeAdam54321> If I do `git format-patch` and it adds lots of prerequisite patch IDs, is it better to remove them or leave them be considering that they're not required for the patch? <-- What do you mean by "prerequisite patch IDs?" format-patch should only include patches in the range you specify
<winter><jpoiret> winter: did you commit the change to the build-self.scm file before testing it out? <-- I did not, is that required? I assumed it wasn't because editing config.scm without touching Git caused things to get rebuilt.
<jlicht>hey guix!
<AwesomeAdam54321>winter: I have useAutoBase = whenAble in my git config
<AwesomeAdam54321>The base commit and previous patch IDs applied prior to the formatted patch range are referenced at the bottom of the formatted patch, and are not included
<mirai>regarding yesterday's bus-factor discussion, here's a few things off the top of my head:
<fruit-loops>"guix bus factor attack plan 0.0.0-0 - Pastebin Service"
<winter>AwesomeAdam54321: rebase just that patch on top of master, (optionally) test it, and then just format-patch there so base will be accurate?
<civodul>sneek: later tell mirai glad you're looking into those "bus factor" issues!
<sneek>Got it.
<civodul>sneek: botsnack
<AwesomeAdam54321>winter: I already have a bunch of commits, so having to shuffle them sounds like a lot of work
<winter>Aren't you only sending one commit?
<winter>you can cherry-pick onto a new branch to make sure it applies cleanly
<AwesomeAdam54321>winter: Aren't you only sending one commit? <- yes, but I have previous commits that I sent in different issues
<winter>so you can cherry-pick the commit onto a new branch
<winter>and send it from that
<AwesomeAdam54321>oh ok, so I can freely switch between branches?
<winter>correct, you can just make a new branch off of upstream's master
<winter>cherry-pick from your branch, and then send that
<lechner>iyzsong[m] / 谢谢!
<AwesomeAdam54321>Don't I need to stash uncommitted changes when switching though?
<winter>yes, but that shouldn't be related? if it is, you can just stash, switch, pop, then commit?
<winter>or is the commit unstaged?
<winter><winter> <jpoiret> winter: did you commit the change to the build-self.scm file before testing it out? <-- I did not, is that required? I assumed it wasn't because editing config.scm without touching Git caused things to get rebuilt. <-- I checked, and don't see any Git logic in current-source-directory, so that shouldn't be required, I think?
<AwesomeAdam54321>winter: My workflow if I made a new branch for each addition I made would be to stash my unrelated uncommitted changes, switch, make the commit(s), switch back to HEAD and pop
<Kabouik>Is config.scm the right way to add a user to a group in Guix? I created a "shadow-input" group and have a `(supplementary-groups '("wheel" "netdev" "audio" "video" "kvm" "libvirt" "shadow-input"))` line, which was working so far for other groups listed there, but guix system reconfigure says "error: supplementary group 'shadow-input' of user 'kabouik' is undeclared". I created the group using sudo groupadd.
<AwesomeAdam54321>I haven't tried such a workflow though,right now I just commit all my changes on top of HEAD
<winter>Kabouik: You need to declare the group with user-group first, I'd assume.
<Kabouik>Thanks winter! Is there a documentation on that? I don't know how to use it.1~
<winter>It's in the manual :)
<winter>Under "user accounts"
<Kabouik>I never needed to do that for the other groups listed in my message above, should I have?
<winter>I'd guess that's because the services you have enabled declare those groups already.
<apteryx>is anyone having the #61914 issue with IceCat?
<fruit-loops>"IceCat does not start with en_GB.utf8 locale"
<apteryx>the issue would be that the locale package corresponding to the language your system is using gets "copied" or referenced by your IceCat user profile and fails to follow Guix-provided icecat updates.
<Kabouik>Thanks winter. I'm checking it out in the manual. It seems (user-group) goes directly into (operating-system) but I'm having trouble positionning it for now, I'll iterate until it works (:<)
<civodul>apteryx: hi! maybe not related, but i could not get IceCat locales to work, maybe due to stale date in ~/.gnuzilla?
<apteryx>civodul: try clearing intl.locale.requested in about:config if it's set
<apteryx>it needs to be "" (unset) to have IceCat honor your system locale
<apteryx>(and hi! :-))
<apteryx>then you should be able to "LC_ALL=fr_FR.utf8 icecat" and see the UI in French, for example
<Kabouik>So apparently this was the right way: Thanks winter.
<nalaginrut>hi folks! How can I build from local repo? I don't want to download from remote git-url. The source code was modified locally, I want to build and test it with guix.
<phf>Hello Guix! When I issue: `guix describe' then the channels in `.config/guix/channels.scm' are missing. If I issue `guix pull; guix describe' then, they are present. What's the possible problem?
<mirai>apteryx: does it really not start?
<sneek>mirai, you have 1 message!
<sneek>mirai, civodul says: glad you're looking into those "bus factor" issues!
<mirai>or is it extremely slow
<mirai>I've seen a similar issue with Thunderbird flatpak (on fedora) in the past
<mirai>after searching for it, I came across a comment that suggested it was related to lang packs
<mirai>but manually deleting them didn't do much
<mirai>in the end, I simply installed either fedora's flatpak of thunderbird or simply did a regular rpm install (I was using flathub thunderbird at the time)
<mirai>and the issue went away
<mirai>never truly found out what caused it but perhaps try either a guix container or completely wiping the icecat profile?
<mirai>(note: I also had en_GB.utf8 locale as well)
<winter>oops jpoiret, missed 'repository->guix-channel'
<winter>yay, okay
<winter>will continue looking into it
<apteryx>mirai: it starts, but if the language pack referenced by the profile is stale, it could have been garbage collected by 'guix gc' and then the UI could show up mostly blanks
<lechner>civodul / Hi, some time ago we discussed whether 'load' behaves exactly as if the code were in that place in the source file, but that is not so. Some syntax constructs (or something else) in a new Guix service (cachefilesd) behaves differently. Most notably, the define-configuration mechanism does not allow for fields to be set when 'load is used. Is this known, or perhaps worth documenting?
<jlicht>hey mirai! I just read up on your bus-factor notes. If you still need an educational example for a PEG-parser; the .mailmap file as used by git
<jlicht>(If we allow for a simplified expression for parsing "email", at least)
<mirai>jlicht: I wrote a crappy SGML catalog parser using PEG (to generate the missing catalog.xml for docbook 4.1.2 at #61015)
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH core-updates 0/9] Modernize and fix docbook-xml"
<mirai>but I wouldn't use it for a toy example since I'm imagining someone might really use it with 'production quality' expectations
<civodul>apteryx: hi! alright, i'll give that a try, tx!
<mirai>but it's a nice idea to use .mailmap as the basis for a toy example
<lechner>mirai / maybe contribute your code here?
<fruit-loops>"texinfo docbook (Guile Reference Manual)"
<mirai>lechner: I didn't write it with the spec in mind
<mirai>I just visually inspected the docbook sgml catalog and cooked something out to handle it
<mirai>can't vouch for its correctness
<mirai>(other than it's correct for docbook catalog.xml)
<mirai>jlicht: I've noted down your idea
<apteryx>nalaginrut: you could use a --with-git-url transformation if it's commited; if it's not commited you'll need --with-source, or some manifest/package file that does something fancier to avoid copying unnecessary .git files
<jlicht>thanks for considering it
<apteryx>nalaginrut: but personally I'd simply use 'guix shell -D your-package' and build it "manually" using './configure && make', as that's more efficient if you're constantly changing files/working on your package
<gabber>how can i (successfully) run WireShark to capture packets from my interfaces? wireshark somewhat refuses to be run with sudo and simply adding `wireshark` to my user groups does not seem to be the way to go ("supplementary group 'wireshark' of user 'gabber' is undeclared")
<mirai>declare the group in user-groups first
<winter>has anyone ever seen an issue where a substitution successfully occurs, but the next time it needs to be used, it's downloaded again? (but usages after that don't require it to be downloaded again, just the second time...)
<winter>wonder if it's reporting if i can't repro
<gabber>mirai: where/how do i declare that group? i found (user-group) in the manual, but in which s-exp does this declaration belong?
<mirai>it's not covered in the manual?
<Guest40> ^F for ;; Add the `students' group
<fruit-loops>"Using the Configuration System (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<winter>second person to ask that today. i wonder if we can make that more clear in the error message and/or the manual.
<gabber>mirai: the manual could improve in chapter 12.6 a bit, i guess
<gabber>thanks Guest40 !
<mirai>winter: I like the error message
<mirai>gabber: open a issue in bug-guix
<mirai>or this will get forgotten
<gabber>mirai: i will
<Guest40>The 12.6 is missing anything regarding %base-user-accounts and %base-groups, but random datapoint (me), this was not a problem when reading the manual from the start.
<winter>Guest40: it's not though?
<winter>it is admittedly at a pretty bad spot (the bottom), but it *is* there'
<winter>wonder how we could improve it
<winter>i'll look at how base-services is doc's
<Guest40>Lol I should copy-paste into ^F next time instead of writing it badly with typos
<winter>Ah, what were you confused about then?
<Guest40>Me? Nothing (right now).
<Guest40>I was reacting to " the manual could improve in chapter 12.6 a bit, i guess". To me it seems pretty much fine, but I did read the 12.1 first, so I already saw an example of using (user-group).
<gabber>Guest40: would you agree that it might make sense to add a reference to the (users) and (groups) clauses in 12.6?
<mirai>Anything stopping Guix from using ZSTD to compress the derivations?
<mirai>or just using ZSTD for compression in general
<Guest40>gabber: Probably. Quick (very) glance through other pages in that section indicates that most topics do reference the operating-system field they belong into. mapped-device seems to be only other exception.
<agnem57>Would this channel be the right place to ask for guidance on writing service types? Does there exist other channels that would suit such discussion better?
<Guest40>mirai: I mean, zstdcat is longer then zcat :P
<mirai>Guest40: have zcat intelligently pick what decompressor to use
<mirai>they should carry magic numbers and such
<mirai>or simply by mime-type
<Guest40>Currently guix uses gzip right? Is there a comparison somewhere? I would assume zstd to be better compression, with higher CPU usage (for compressing)? I'm unsure what is more constrained resource for the CI (disk space vs CPU).
<civodul>nckx: x.509 certificate expiration notice for! how do we handle that? :-)
<civodul>Guest40: see
<apteryx>ACTION wonders why 'guix time-machine --commit=X', where X is the current Guix commit I'm on needs to compute and build Guix stuff.
<civodul>because the time-machine cache isn't populated by 'guix pull'
<apteryx>ah! that explains it
<apteryx>thank you
<winter>i do wonder if we could make time machine faster
<winter>and/or make gcroots for the time machine drv
<winter>doesn't seem to be possible ootb
<winter>(this would mainly be useful for caching guix time-machine -- shells)
<winter>or maybe there's a better way to use a channel manifest with shells?
<mirai>zstd compresses more and is faster
<civodul>*more than gzip, less than lzip
<lfam>Hi civodul, can I bother you for a few minutes with a specific question?
<lfam>I understand if you are in the middle of something and don't have time
<civodul>lfam: hey! sure go ahead!
<civodul>i'm often in the middle of wondering what to do next these days ;-)
<lfam>After not being very active for a while, I've forgotten a lot of knowledge about what kinds of changes trigger rebuilds. Specifically, I want to update git and git-minimal, which does change the derivations of packages using git-fetch. But it doesn't change their output. Will this cause us to rebuild the world? Or is it okay-ish for master?
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH] gnu: git: Update to 2.39.2 [fixes CVE-2023-22490 & CVE-2023-23946]."
<winter>A change in Git would only cause things that depend on it to be rebuilt, which notably does not include fixed-output derivations (sources) because their hash (and name) are the same.
<lechner>lfam / thanks for wip-go-updates!
<lfam>Cheers lechner
<winter>> As long as it doesn't touch git-minimal/fixed, we should be OK, otherwise it causes thousands of rebuilds
<winter>wonder what depends on git-minimal/fixed
<lfam>Also see git-minimal/pinned, an alias for that package
<winter>I'd assume it's not the FODs.
<lechner>lfam / how about creating a QA jobset for your Git change and looking at the rebuild list for an answer?
<lfam>Yeah, we could do that, definitely. As I alluded to in my message to you about Go, new Cuirass jobsets "should appear in a day or two". Adding them is a manual process that I'm not totally familiar with yet
<cbaines>lechner, I don't think there's such a thing as a QA jobset?
<apteryx>I managed to produce a convincing (I hope!) repro of the IceCat language packs update problem:
<fruit-loops>"1820196 - Bundled language packs do not follow system Firefox updates"
<winter>though i think civodul may be able to cone up with a more concrete answer as to what's up with the Git rebuilds :)
<lfam>Right, I was talking about a Cuirass jobset lechner and cbaines
<lechner>sorry, i am new (and notoriously inaccurate when it comes to details).
<cbaines> has processed that issue now
<fruit-loops>"Issue 61583 Guix Quality Assurance"
<cbaines>so does show what the impact is
<cbaines>so for x86_64-linux there are 571 affected packages
<lfam>winter: Part of my uncertainty on this subject is that the change in question does change fixed-output source derivations, although not their output
<lfam>cbaines, all: That's great news. It's what I expected
<lfam>And totally suitable for the master branch IMO
<lfam>winter: I used to understand all this quite intimately, but after some time away from the project, I've forgotten
<lechner>lfam / just make sure you get signoff from someone
<winter>lfam: That should not cause rebuilds then, such is the core tenet of FODs.
<fruit-loops>"Re: [bug#61894] [PATCH RFC] Team approval for patches"
<winter>Unless there's a bug in Cuirass or Guix's FOD impl, that is...
<cbaines>lechner, I think referencing that is confusing. It's the discussion of a change in practice, so it's not relevant yet.
<lechner>i was just trying to take off the pressure. you could approve it
<lfam>lecnher: And which team would that be?
<lechner>my proposal only asks that you get another pair of eyes. cbaines is probably more than qualified to assess the impact of your change
<lfam>To clarify, this change has been discussed among several committers, but unfortunately most of the discussion included statements like "I think ..." and "I'm not sure ..."
<lfam>So, nothing concrete
<cbaines>but it's not lfam's change lechner? The patch is from Greg Hogan.
<lechner>like i said. details. time to pull the trigger
<civodul>lfam: re git and git-minimal, you have to check specifically the variables affected
<winter>cbaines: do you happen to remember what's up with 8a9bf794e184934e1432f25f4954117d4b46f655? (as in, why does changing git-minimal cause thousands of rebuilds?)
<civodul>lfam: there's a git-minimal/pinned variable these days, which is what most packages depend on
<winter>ah that would do it
<civodul>and as the name implies, this one is meant to change rarely
<winter>why would 8a9bf794e cause rebuilds, though? it doesn't touch the pinned ref
<winter>(er, 223a3d7f7fdb6af9c4c090785cab15d38680e887)
<civodul>(also see: guix refresh -l -e '(@@ (gnu packages version-control) git-minimal/pinned)' and similar)
<civodul>winter: that commit is from last year, before we (i?) introduced git-minimal/pinned, IIRC
<civodul>hmm not quite true
<civodul>but some packages were wrongfully depending on git-minimal instead of the pinned variant
<civodul>like see 0154fac42a6e3ec6080605af89958b779f536e9d
<fruit-loops>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<cbaines>lfam, actually, I think maybe what's missing is specifying the git-manpages native-input in git-minimal/pinned
<lechner>lfam / what about the new profile collisions from lint here?
<cbaines>lfam, actually, ignore me
<lfam>I think we want to ensure that run-time references to Git be up to date, while build-time references can stay with git-minimal/pinned
<gabber>is there a specific team i should CC when sending in a documentation patch?
<cbaines>lechner, according to that diff, there are no "new" profile collision lint warnings, they've just changed in a way the data service doesn't account for
<winter>isn't that already achieved with grafts?
<winter>if we do it right that is
<lechner>cbaines / thanks! just making sure. i did not know what i was looking at. sorry about the confusion
<lfam>This brings me back to a wishlist feature: the ability for a package to forbid run-time references to itself. So you could add a property to git-minimal/pinned like "disallow-references" if a package kept a reference to it, the build would fail
<cbaines>winter, I'm guessing a bit, but I think the change reverted in 8a9bf794e184934e1432f25f4954117d4b46f655? was bigger in scope than this version change being discussed
<cbaines>unfortunately the data service is timing out
<civodul>lfam: do you know #:disallowed-references?
<civodul>looks like what you're looking for, no?
<winter>they even came up with the same name
<lfam>civodul: It's similar, but it works in the "opposite direction"
<lechner>lfam / alternatively, can your question also be answered by a Cuirass jobset for git-minimal/pinned?
<lfam>I want to "bad package" to declare that nothing can refer to it
<civodul>oh i see
<lfam>I want the "bad package", I mean
<civodul>that'd be more work, but we could do something
<civodul>automatically adding #:disallowed-references in all users of a package
<lfam>Yes, seems harder to implement, and not critical. But it could be nice
<cbaines>lfam, confusion abounds, but I think #61583 is fine to push
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH] gnu: git: Update to 2.39.2 [fixes CVE-2023-22490 & CVE-2023-23946]."
<lfam>Yes cbaines! Between this discussion and the invaluable QA / Data Service results, the confusion is resolved
<lechner>fingers crossed
<cbaines>hopefully in the future we'll be able to build all the packages for patches such as this one (currently the limit is 200 affected packages per architecture, so this affecting ~500 isn't a candidate for being tested)
<civodul>cbaines: how 'bout raising the limit (to 1,000?) and adding more hardware behind qa.guix?
<civodul>we have funds for the latter
<cbaines>civodul, I think that's definately the direction to go in
<winter><cbaines> winter, I'm guessing a bit, but I think the change reverted in 8a9bf794e184934e1432f25f4954117d4b46f655? was bigger in scope than this version change being discussed <-- Right, as discussed above, the pinned Git was introduced to fix this.
<winter>lfam: Are there currently packages that depend on pinned git at runtime, is that why you bring that up?
<lfam>I don't know. But references tend to "sneak in" over time as upstream build scripts and tooling change
<lfam>We want to avoid suddenly being surprised that a package is using a vulnerable copy of Git
<gabber`>mirai: i've added the wireshark group (and am now part of that) but (not so surprisingly) i still cannot capture traffic. should i give `setuid` a try?
<lechner>gabber` / did you log out?
<mirai>gabber`: I haven't tried wireshark with guix so I can't answer that
<gabber`>lechner: yes, and confirmed with running `groups`
<gabber`>mirai: thanks nevertheless!
<gabber`>well, the thing with the group is wireshark's goto suggestion for debian-like systems -- i kinda suspected it not having too much of an impact here ;)
<winter>lfam: Agreed. Might be best to file an issue for it (or post on -devel), so we don't lose it? :).
<winter>Was just curious if you had a specific example in mind ^^
<lfam>I believe I've posted it before :)
<lfam>It's really a wishlist thing
<lfam>I can't remember a specific example, but I think it's happened
<apteryx>winter: the reason 8a9bf794e184934e1432f25f4954117d4b46f655 caused lots of rebuilds is because it touched git-minimal/fixed (now git-minimal/pinned), by stripping #t from one of the phases (this was a change of mine)
<fruit-loops>"guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System"
<apteryx>s/from one of/from/
<apteryx>and git-minimial/fixed inherits from git, so if you touch something else than source you're probably changing it
<agnem>Does anyone have an implementation of a service type for running interception-tools' udevmon with the interception-dual-function-key package? I'm struggling a bit to get store paths properly resolved into my configuration when passed as a string to extend my udevmon service.
<unmatched-paren>hello guix :)
<Guest74>is it possible to see which packages the system installs? I mean something like guix package -I
<rekado>Guest74: guix package -p /run/current-system/profile -I
<Guest74>perfect, thanks
<euandreh>I'm trying to enter a namespace created by (least-authority-wrapper ...), but I can't. Maybe I have the wrong PID?
<euandreh>The PID I have is the one I see from lsns(8)
<euandreh>The command is: guix container exec 20479 /run/current-system/profile/bin/python3
<lispmacs[work]>Does guix generate debug symbols by default? Where are they stored?
<euandreh>lispmacs[work]: I this they're stripped by default
<lispmacs[work]>euandreh: is it difficult to rebuild with them not stripped?
<euandreh>tbh, I never tried
<euandreh>IIRC, there's a flag that you can give (arguments ...)
<euandreh>Indeed: info '(guix)Build Phases'
<euandreh>there's a "strip" phase, which you can disable via "#:strip-binaries? #f"
<lispmacs[work]>I'll try that
<lispmacs[work]>I see here there is a --with-debug-info=glib option
<euandreh>lispmacs[work]: that what I was about to say
<euandreh>you beat me to it
<lispmacs[work]>great minds think alike
<lispmacs[work]>and dumb ones
<winter>cbaines: if i need to send a v2 for a core-updates patch, should the prefix be "PATCH v2 core-updates" or "PATCH core-updates v2" for QA to pick it up?
<apteryx>like in the first case
<apteryx>"for QA to pick it up" hm, I'll let cbaines confirm, but I think it should be the former
<lechner>Hi, is gnu/services/linux.scm still a good place for the cachefilesd service?
<apteryx>winter: but at least that's how it's documented per info '(guix) Sending a Patch Series'
<apteryx>if you use 'patman' that'd be a "Series-suffix: core-updates" git message tag.
<mirai>lechner: is it linux specific?
<lechner>mirai / yes, as far as i know but i think it should go into its own file. otherwise, services may conflict with different maybe-definition, or be really hard to separate if needed
<fruit-loops>"General Filesystem Caching The Linux Kernel documentation"
<mirai>about maybe types, not really
<mirai>do you get any conflict right now?
<lechner>i don't but it it seems so unnecessary to mix them. cachefilesd has nothing do with earlyoom, rasdaemon or zram-device. it makes no sense
<lechner>if anything it belongs to NFS and Andrews
<mirai>neither do any of the services you mentioned (pairwise)
<mirai>I don't disagree with a 'filesystem.scm' idea here
<mirai>but for now just leave it in linux.scm
<lechner>why not a file per service?
<lechner>easier to find too
<mirai>leave that for a separate undertaking
<mirai>I don't disagree with you
<mirai>our services could be binned a bit better
<lechner>mirai / do i merge the use-modules declarations? (shudder)
<Guest74>I installed Guix with / and /home separated but now I want to merge them again.  What would be the best way to accomplish this (without losing data)
<lechner>mirai / is the use of sexp commenting via #; allowed despite its warts, or should i use line-based commenting when possible?
<lechner>Guest74 / rsync -vaSH as root
<lechner>plus, you have to reconfigure your mounts
<Guest74>okay so I would boot in a live cd and with rsync I move /home partition to root; after that I change partition with gparted and reconfigure my system.  would this work?
<lechner>great, debpaste.el does not like ^L
<lechner>mirai / do i have to export any accessors, or are those three enough? also, where are the missing docstrings you mentioned last time, please?
<fruit-loops>"debian Pastezone"
<mirai>you should export the acessors
<Guest40>Would anyone have a simple example how to build a package with patch applied? What I want to do: I want to take existing guix package, apply few patches (all in .patch files) and build the result. I don't see anything like patches field in the (package) definition, so if someone would have an example how to do this ,that would be great.
<mirai>I don't know if guile supports sexp comments
<Guest74>Guest40 last time I had the same question it was not possible; basically fixing upstream or using string substitutes was the answer
<mirai>Guest40: #61845
<fruit-loops>"[PATCH 0/3] Update rng-tools to 6.16."
<apteryx>lechner: you can 'guix system search' to find services
<apteryx>I personally like to have things topologically grouped
<Guest74>Guest40 nvm what I said, was something else
<dlowe>Faced with a similar problem I just made my own channel with my own package definition
<lechner>apteryx / topos only means "place"
<fruit-loops>"τόπος - Wiktionary"
<jlicht>mirai: #(stuff here should be ignored)|#, is this what you mean?
<fruit-loops>"SRFI 62: S-expression comments"
<jlicht>that's even cooler, indeed
<lechner>mirai / they work but paredit screws them up pretty bad, if one does not pay attention
<fruit-loops>"Luis Felipe: "After starting to use Emacs 28.2 I noticed a prob…" - Mastodon"
<Guest40>mirai: Thanks a lot :) The result is not even that bad (I think this should be correct)
<lechner>mirai / is this usage example too verbose? should i strike the use-packages and the operating-system part, and maybe %base-services?
<fruit-loops>"debian Pastezone"
<sneek>Welcome back civodul!!
<winter>per ldd on non Guix System, `/gnu/store/gfjp8gfv4xxschbaxvldpigadfwqazhw-glibc-2.33/lib/ => /lib/`.
<winter>how is this even possible?
<winter>(it's an absolute path)
<lechner>does the target exist?
<lechner>it's probably part of the 'guix' installation in the foreign installer
<winter>guess i should test guix system to see if i'm going crazy
<lechner> for the 'guix' command runs on the host, and outside guix!
<winter>oh good point
<winter>it resolves to itself then
<winter>well, when using `ldd`
<winter>which is biased
<winter>sigh, i hate computers
<lechner>well, i might have set the link the other way. does this violate the store layout?
<winter>lechner: Nothing is violated. The interpreter of every Guix-generated ELF is an absolute path to the store's, but running ldd on the binary uses the host's, which causes the *displayed* path to be incorrect.
<lechner>thanks for explaining!
<jpoiret>mirai: just a warning, I'm not a committer :)
<apteryx>lechner: is there no word to mean "grouped by related topic" then?
<apteryx>because that's what I meant :-)
<lechner>apteryx / i believe our disagreement, if that's not too strong a word, is how to group the topics
<lechner>i tend to prefer minute units that keep the mind focused
<lechner>i also re-arrange a lot, which becomes easier
<lechner>for example, we keep tests very far from services
<Guest40>I would have swear I saw somewhere on the internet home service for emacs configuration, but I can find it neither in the documentation nor can I find  the example I saw.
<Guest40>Is that actually a think or not?
<Guest40>a thing*
<lechner>Guest40 / are you thinking of this?
<fruit-loops>"Re: Creating an Emacs Home Configuration Service"
<lechner>or rde?
<Guest40>hm, maybe rde
<Guest40>So, in guix proper I should just use home-files-service-type and stuff the emacs config files in there, correct?
<lechner>despite andrew's extraordinary contributions to Guix Home, rde seems to have received mixed reviews here
<lechner>i think so
<lechner>but i do not currently do that myself
<lechner>i have not looked at rde, but am inclined to believe andrew has given proper thought to the matter
<lechner>mirai / Hi, how may I run this test, please?
<fruit-loops>Exception: #<&compound-exception components: (#<&error> #<&origin origin: "scm_from_utf8_stringn"> #<&message message: "input locale conversion error"> #<&irritants irritants: 0> #<&exception-with-kind-and-args kind: decoding-error args: ("scm_from_utf8_stringn" "input locale conversion error" 0 #vu8(60 63 120 109 108 32 118 101 114 115 105 111 110 61 34 49 46 48 34 32 101 110 99 111 100 105 110 103 61 34 85 84 70 45 56 34 63 62 10 10 60 33 68
<fruit-loops>32 80 85 66 76 73 67 32 34 45 47 47 87 51 67 47 47 68 84 68 32 88 72 84 77 76 32 49 46 48 32 84 114 97 110 115 105 116 105 111 110 97 108 47 47 69 78 34 32 34 104 116 116 112 58 47 47 119 119 119 46 119 51 46 111 114 103 47 84 82 47 120 104 116 109 108 49 47 68 84 68 47 120 104 116 109 108 49 45 116 114 97 110 115 105 116 105 111 110 97 108 46 100 116 100 34 62 10 60 104 116 109 108 32 120 109 108 110 115 61 34 104 116 116 112 58 47 47 119 119
<fruit-loops> 57 57 47 120 104 116 109 108 34 32 120 109 108 58 108 97 110 103 61 34 101 110 34 32 108 97 110 103 61 34 101 110 34 62 10 60 104 101 97 100 62 10 32 32 60 116 105 116 108 101 62 100 101 98 105 97 110 32 80 97 115 116 101 122 111 110 101 60 47 116 105 116 108 101 62 10 32 32 60 108 105 110 107 32 114 101 108 61 34 115 116 121 108 101 115 104 101 101 116 34 32 116 121 112 101 61 34 116 101 120 116 47 99 115 115 34 32 104 114 101 102 61 34 47 1
<fruit-loops> 115 34 32 47 62 10 60 47 104 101 97 100 62 10 10 60 98 111 100 121 62 10 10 9 60 99 101 110 116 101 114 62 60 97 32 104 114 101 102 61 34 47 34 62 60 105 109 103 32 115 114 99 61 34 47 105 109 97 103 101 115 47 100 101 98 105 97 110 46 112 110 103 34 32 97 108 116 61 34 34 32 98 111 114 100 101 114 61 34 48 34 32 104 115 112 97 99 101 61 34 48 34 32 118 115 112 97 99 101 61 34 48 34 32 104 101 105 103 104 116 61 34 54 49 34 32 47 62 60 47 97
<fruit-loops>98 114 32 47 62 10 10 60 100 105 118 32 105 100 61 34 116 105 116 108 101 98 97 114 34 62 100 101 98 105 97 110 32 80 97 115 116 101 122 111 110 101 60 47 100 105 118 62 10 10 10 10 10 10 60 100 105 118 32 105 100 61 34 99 111 110 116 101 110 116 34 62 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 10 9 10 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 10 10 10 10 60 104 49 62 80 111 115 116 105 110 103 32 49 50 55 51 49 56 53 32 102 114 111 109 32 97 110 111 110 121 109 111 117 115
<lechner>that was a UTF-8 copyright symbol in the paste, i think
<jlicht>rest in pieces, desserts{-and-breakfast-cereal?}-bot
<lechner>actually, they stood back up
<lechner>Hi, what does this mean, please? doc/guix.texi:32489: (po4a::tex) unmatched end of environment 'deftp'
<lechner>it occurs in the text before my own edit
<rekado>lechner: it means that deftp begins but has no matching end
<lechner>rekado / i don't see that in the document (but i'm a texinfo newbie)