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<jgart[m]>jonsger: lol I realized now what you were saying and I forgot that I had sent that patch ;()
<jgart[m]>gabber: you can email or depending on what you're emailing about
<gabber>yes, i could. but does it make sense in this case (patch-series to bump stuff from wayland to sway)?
<gabber>ACTION just sends it to guix-patches and guesses that's ok
<apteryx>mirai: there are $SSL_CERT_DIR and $SSL_CERT_FILE ready to use search paths in case you had missed those
<sneek>Welcome back apteryx, you have 1 message!
<sneek>apteryx, mirai says: "does perl-build-system work with a autotools project?"
<mirai>I think I got them right with #61327
<footlong>"[PATCH] gnu: ddclient: Update to 3.10.0."
<lechner>Hi, should we package this?
<lechner>not sure what happened to the sandwich
<dthompson>lechner: we have this one packaged:
<lechner>okay, thanks! that looks like the official HTML version from the MIT press. the other was in Texinfo format
<dthompson>lechner: the package has both html and info versions
<dthompson>the html is an unofficial version that greatly improves the style and readability
<lechner>okay, great! i have actually read neither, but it figured this place is teeming with aficionadoes
<dthompson>I'm going to add this to my package manifest, actually.
<dthompson>so I can always look it up in emacs
<lechner>civodul replied already
<lechner>wow, i think the sandwich downloaded SICP, and tanked
<mirai>it's developing self awareness
<lechner>too much to chew on, literally
<Nathan-web>Hi. does anyone do node development here? If so, how do you manage your node versions? I was somewhat surprised to find that the latest version available in Guix is 14, which is EOL in 2 months, considering there have been 2 major LTS releases since then.
<pmf>Hey, has anyone tried to build junit version 5 on the guix system?
<pmf>Every time I try the build fails because of an "Invalid Java installation" error. Gradle is trying to download a jdk, but something goes wrong and the files are inaccessible
<pmf>I'm pretty out of my depth and was wondering whether there's anyone who has more java experience than I who could offer a pointer of which way to look
<pmf>Here's the exact output:
<pmf>Invalid Java installation found at '/home/pmf/.gradle/jdks/OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_linux_hotspot_8u362b09/jdk8u362-b09' (provisioned toolchain). It will be re-checked in the next build. This might have performance impact if it keeps failing. Run the 'javaToolchains' task for more details.
<pmf>FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
<pmf>* What went wrong:
<pmf>Could not determine the dependencies of task ':documentation:checkstyleTest'.
<pmf>> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':documentation:testCompileClasspath'.
<pmf> > Failed to query the value of task ':junit-vintage-engine:compileTestFixturesGroovy' property 'javaLauncher'.
<pmf> > Unable to download toolchain matching the requirements ({languageVersion=8, vendor=any, implementation=vendor-specific}) from ''.
<pmf> > Provisioned toolchain '/home/pmf/.gradle/jdks/OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_linux_hotspot_8u362b09/jdk8u362-b09' could not be probed: A problem occurred starting process 'command '/home/pmf/.gradle/jdks/OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_linux_hotspot_8u362b09/jdk8u362-b09/bin/java''
<lechner>sorry folks, i am the pre-dawn shift, and haven't used Java or Node in years
<apteryx>anyone using an HP all-in-one printer (inkjet + scanner) ?
<apteryx>I've tried adding hplip-minimal as an cups-service extension, but it doesn't seem to have helped
<lechner>apteryx / i would probably forget about hplip and instead use modern printer auto-configuration, plus libsane
<a12l>sneek: help
<a12l>sneek later ask jonsger how I can run the `` file? The documentation (devel) doesn't seem to match the reality :(
<footlong>"GNU Guix Reference Manual"
<abrenon>hey guix
<nckx>a12l: You don't run the .in; you run the built .scm.
<nckx>(I.e., build Guix first.)
<a12l>nckx: I've Guix installed
<a12l>But I can't find the teams.scm file
<nckx>That's not the same.
<a12l>Now I'm confused
<nckx>You're assumed to be hacking on Guix and hence having a Git checkout.
<a12l>That I've
<nckx>OK! So then you ./bootstrap && ./configure $stuff && make. The exact stuff is in the manual. That will build *this* Gitty Guix, and teams.scm with it.
<nckx>Unless you've tried that already, try it.
<a12l>nckx: Thanks! I get this output when I try to run `./bootstrap`:
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<a12l>No ./configure is produced
<a12l>(I'm running NixOS)
<a12l>Cant find anything about autoreconf when I search the manual or
<iyzsong>a12l: autoreconf is in 'autoconf', but if you have guix, you can run 'guix shell -D guix --pure' to get a build environment for guix (as documented in the guix manual, 22.1 Building from Git).
<a12l>iyzsong: Thanks for the reference! But I still get the same error after entering the guix shell :(
<a12l>Hmm, guix downloads autoconf when I run guix shell autoconf
<a12l>Doesn't seem that autoconf is included in guix's build deps :-/
<a12l>autoconf complains now about autopoint:
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<abrenon>a12l: the documentation doesn't tell you to open a shell with autoconf, it suggests to open a shell with "everything needed to develop on guix" ("-D guix")
<abrenon>and that should work (at least it worked for me yesterday : ) )
<a12l>abrenon: Okey, but why do I still get the missing autoconf error after entering the shell?
<a12l>I must do something wrong, but I don't see what
<abrenon>(the fact that you have seen it downloaded upon entering the shell doesn't mean it's "not installed" — that doesn't really make sense in guix, a lot of stuff is on the disk, and "installed" or not depends on the environment)
<abrenon>from what I see, your second error is not an autoconf error, it's "autopoint" which wasn't found
<abrenon>now I would too expect it to be part of autoconf, but assuming guix isn't broken, it is certainly not the case, and knowing that you haven't entered a dev environment but only one where autoconf was present, I must assume it is from another packaged mentioned as a dev dependency for guix
<abrenon>indeed, I don't have any autopoint either when I enter a shell for autoconf, but then again that's not what was suggested on the page iyzsong linked to
<iyzsong>a12l: um, you can run "guix shell -D guix -- ./bootstrap" in the guix checkout directory, if still error with autopoint, then you can try "guix pull", open a new terminal (to ensure that "which guix" return just pulled current guix), finally the "guix shell ..." again..
<iyzsong>autopoint is part of 'gettext'
<a12l>abrenon: To make it clear, here's all steps I take:
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<a12l>iyzsong: That works! :D
<a12l>Seems that I've to run all commands in that way. I.e. guix shell -D guix -- ./configure and guix shell -D guix -- make
<a12l>That wasn't clear (for me) while reading the manual
<iyzsong>okay, that may mean '--pure' (which relay on user namespace) didn't work for you, and fails silently.. remove '--pure' should works.
<a12l>Yep, that fixes it
<iyzsong>happy hacking :)
<abrenon>a12l: no, you don't have to run all the command in that way
<abrenon>that is the purpose of opening a shell
<abrenon>you guix shell -D guix once
<abrenon>and then, within the spawned shell, you run whatever commands you wish
<abrenon>I have no explanation as to why the last command would fail in the last paste you uploaded
<abrenon>if line 7 is indeed run within the shell spawned by l. 5
<abrenon>question to other guixers: could it be the case that previous attempts in a bad environment have resulted in damaged scripts (for instance is an occurrence of autoreconf normally replaced then by its /gnu/store/… path which could have been left unchanged by running in an environment without autoreconf ?)
<a12l>abrenon: With the help of iyzsong we concluded that `--pure` doesn't work for me. If I simply omit that when creating the shell everything works as intended :)
<abrenon>that's weird ?! could it be a bug in guix package for nix ?
<abrenon>I've retried the exact same steps by copy-pasting each line from your paste and it works here
<abrenon>so I guess it means it uses the autoconf from your user environment but it shouldn't need to, the dev environment must contain it
<abrenon>could you open the shell with --pure again and tell us there's no autoreconf / autopoint / etc. in $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT/bin ?
<abrenon>also, what does $PATH contain when you are within your --pure shell ?
<nckx>ACTION reads the backlog.
<a12l>abrenon: Seems like it contains autoconf and autopoint:
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<nckx>a12l: So the manual was unclear?
<nckx> /wrong
<nckx>Or is this a Nix bug?
<a12l>nckx: `--pure` doesn't work for me :(
<a12l>abrenon: `$PATH`: /run/wrappers/bin:/home/a12l/.config/guix/current/bin:/home/a12l/.guix-profile/bin:/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix/bin:/home/a12l/.nix-profile/bin:/etc/profiles/per-user/a12l/bin:/nix/var/nix/profiles/default/bin:/run/current-system/sw/bin
<a12l>nckx: Guess that's what we're trying to determine :)
<abrenon>yeah, it doesn't contain your $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT, so the shell virtually doesn't apply
<abrenon>given the fact that it works if you directly run the command, I'd take a look at .bashrc and such
<abrenon>for erasing the PATH
<nckx>So 'which auto(was it re? i forget)conf' inside the --pure shell does work? If so, I'm with abrenon, left-over build script trash...
<abrenon>hav you run a guix shell --check <anything you want, say bash or vim I don't care> ?
<nckx>ACTION slow :(
<abrenon>cheer up nckx ! : )
<nckx>:| :] :)
<Lumine>Good morning #guix
<a12l>abrenon: Should I run `guix shell --check bash` inside the guix shell, or outside of it?
<abrenon>no, no, outside of it sorry
<abrenon>the --check option will perform some… well check on the environment variables and report if something's fishy
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<abrenon>as the prophecy foretold ; )
<abrenon>since the --pure option manages to get rid of everything outside what guix prepares, and since your .bashrc doesn't let what's supposed to be added to the environment into the environment, you end up with a trimmed environment, without the dev tools for guix that the "guix shell -D guix … --pure" was supposed to add
<abrenon>so it worked "by accident", so to speak, when you removed the --pure because you were using whatever was in your (personal) environment at that time, not what guix prepared and controlled; you may very well have skipped the guix shell at all in that case
<a12l>abrenon: Ah, thanks!
<a12l>Now I just have to find out why that's the case...
<abrenon>I'd say grep for PATH in .bashrc or equivalent if you use a different shell : )
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<a12l>Can't find anything that seem to trash $PATH
<mfg[m]>Is it possible to let guix use a different directory for intermediate files than /tmp?
<mfg[m]>Ok just found TMPDIR in the manual...
<nckx>a12l: These are all (implicit) dotfiles, right? And your global configuration? This looks like NixOS 'clobbering' the environment, much like Guix System does for setuid-programs etc.
<nckx>mfg[m]: Note that it must be set for the daemon process; 'TMPDIR=/foo guix build ...' will have no effect. There's no 'please use this tmp' RPC in the protocol AFAIK.
<nckx>Hi Lumine :)
<abrenon>yeah, the direnv hook bash looks suspicious to me
<nckx>Direnv is always suspicious magic, that's it's job.
<Lumine>nckx: o/
<a12l>nckx: Not sure what you mean with "implicit dotfiles", but these are the ones in my $HOME. `.bashrc` and `.bash_profile` is auto generated by Nix; and `.profile` is managed by Nix, but pretty much only contain what I've configured.
<nckx>I just meant that you were implying the . when you gave the names above.
<a12l>Sorry, yes that's correct
<nckx>Doesn't NixOS have a global profile (or whatever) in /etc?
<nckx>I've purged my NixOS knowledge I'm afraid.
<nckx>That 'source' ('.') at the top of your ~/.profile for example?
<mfg[m]>nckx: ah unfortunate :D
<a12l>My global configuration files:
<footlong>"etc-bashrc · GitHub"
<a12l>Created a gist because it gets spamy with all the debian paste URLs
<abrenon>good idea : )
<abrenon>so what is the gistfile1.txt exactly ?
<abrenon>because depending on when it is evaluated, its l.8 is a good suspect
<a12l>abrenon: It's the file that gets sourced at the top of my `$HOME/.profile`:
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<abrenon>hmmmm so I guess no, profile is supposed to be sourced once and for all, not each time you open a shell
<abrenon>(pretty sure about the bash documentation, but half certain about how this works specifically for guix shell, do we source profile ?)
<a12l>abrenon: `.profile` gets sourced :)
<a12l>E.g. $EDITOR is set to the value I want
<abrenon>now the suspect became a culprit
<abrenon>but I don't see why a bashrc would source a profile; it's not supposed to, and the system-generated one makes sure this isn't happening l.10 of etc-bashrc
<abrenon>I don't see any such problem in your .bashrc either but there must be one somewhere
<a12l>abrenon: bashrc doesn't source a profile? Or have I missed something?
<abrenon>yeah, it's not supposed to and as far as I can see in your files it doesn't; but since you proved that it was getting sourced, it must happen somehow, and that is the source of your problem with guix shell because somewhere in your profile (more precisely, in the gistfile1.txt which gets sourced in your $HOME/.profile) PATH gets erased (instead of just providing a baseline as it is meant to) and that
<abrenon>prevents guix shell from doing its job
<a12l>abrenon: But the $HOME/.guix-home/* paths are present in my $PATH (from the second half of my .profile), as is the paths form L8 in gistfile1.txt?
<abrenon>but the path added by guix shell is something which points to within the temporary $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT (which was missing from your PATH when you echoed it), the .guix-home/* .guix-profile/* and such are related to your "permanent" guix install — and so make sense to be defined in your profile by contrast to your bashrc —, not to the transient environment that guix shell opens (which doesn't point
<abrenon>to $HOME but to /gnu/store)
<abrenon>I'll have to go I'm sorry but I'm sure you can figure this out, you're close to finding what's wrong
<abrenon>see you later !
<a12l>abrenon: Thanks for all the help!
<efraim>hello Guix!
<a12l>sneek later tell abrenon I now think I understand what you mean. When you write `guix shell --pure [...]` you expect only specific Guix's paths to be available in `$PATH`, but because `$PATH` obviously contain Nix paths there's probably somewhere in the global `/etc/bashrc` or `~/.bashrc` there a script get sourced that sets/add the Nix paths to `$PATH`.
<sneek>Got it.
<a12l>The interesting thing is that it seems that $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT gets added when I don't add the --pure flag:
<footlong>"debian Pastezone"
<a12l>sneek later ask foo-dogsquared do you have any idea what or where I should look?
<unmatched-paren>Good, er, noon, Guix :)
<sinious[m]>Hi everyone
<ae_chep>hi o/
<apteryx>is hplip-minimal supposed to be all (declared as an extension to my cups-configuration) I need to enable a HP-C5280 printer?
<apteryx>seems like it should work:
<footlong>"Printer: HP PhotoSmart C5200 | OpenPrinting - The Linux Foundation"
<apteryx>ah, maybe I just need to add the user to the "lp" group
<efraim>zimoun: julia-fiosio packages look good to you? I assume thats why you sent them to me also? :)
<a12l>I got 8 fails when I ran make check in the guix repo.
<a12l>Not sure if the cause is my other problems, or if there's actual errors.
<a12l>Can someone of you people lookup what the rust team have for contact details? Forgot to CC them when reporting a bug.
<efraim>a12l: looks like its just me on the rust team ATM
<lechner>glad you found each other
<a12l>efraim: Ah, okey! Could you please take a look at this issue:
<footlong>"[rust] Segfault when trying to download dependencies using Cargo"
<efraim>a12l: yeah, I'll take a look at it
<a12l>efraim: Thanks! <3
<Nathan-web>Does anyone know how `guix shell -m <manifest>` differs from `guix shell -f <file>`. By the docs at it looks like <file> is a manifest?
<footlong>"Invoking guix shell (GNU Guix Reference Manual)"
<apteryx>file is a program returning a package, or a list of them, IIRC
<a12l>Nathan-web: doesn't `guix shell -f` take a file with a `package` expression, while a manifest is pretty much just a list of packages?
<abrenon>a12l: exactly
<sneek>Welcome back abrenon, you have 1 message!
<sneek>abrenon, a12l says: I now think I understand what you mean. When you write `guix shell --pure [...]` you expect only specific Guix's paths to be available in `$PATH`, but because `$PATH` obviously contain Nix paths there's probably somewhere in the global `/etc/bashrc` or `~/.bashrc` there a script get sourced that sets/add the Nix paths to `$PATH`.
<abrenon>more than that, you expect only the packages explicitly requested to be present (not even the packages which just "happen to have been installed", by guix or not)
<abrenon>if you open a --pure shell without any argument, you end up in an empty environment where you can't do anything at all, you can't call ls, nor bash nor anything
<abrenon>sneek: botsnack
<a12l>abrenon: I've asked on the Nix matrix server, but didn't get any answer. Will probably ask on the Discourse.
<a12l>Thank you for all the help! :D
<abrenon>you're welcome : )
<mfg[m]>How do i ungexp inside a snippet that is a gexp? i tried #$ but i get the warning cannot be used outside of a record instantiation and this seems to result in a malformed package definition
<mfg[m]>i'm trying to #$(this-package-native-input "label")
<bdju>someone is asking me what gtk3 version I have installed. how would I check that on guix system?
<apteryx>'guix show gtk+@3'
<apteryx>it's at 3.24.30
<bdju>oh, thank you.
<apteryx>otherwise you could check the headers, e.g. gtk.h, and see what it points to
<bdju>how does `guix show` differ from `guix search`? the output looks similar to me
<apteryx>for your system profile: realpath `find -L /run/current-system/profile/include/gtk-3.0 -name gtk.h` => /gnu/store/bla15m7v3qd9jn8bnm5dpf11vf4zf0zq-gtk+-3.24.30/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtk.h
<apteryx>use 'guix show' to show a specific package you know about, possibly with version information (@3)
<apteryx>guix search output is the same, but it doesn't support using the @version trick
<apteryx>(it will take the name searched as a literal)
<apteryx>rekado: jami size is now reduced from 2791.8 MiB to 2274.5 MiB on master, with commit 0eed4a9793
<apteryx>on staging a further 50 MiB would be shaved off due to no longer depending on Python 2
<bdju>so if I reload my sway config with icecat open but not focused, it crashes icecat. (if icecat is focused when I reload, it does not crash). I am trying to research it a little
<bdju>has anyone else seen a crash like this?
<Nathan-web>apteryx, a12l: Ahh, thanks (Re: guix shell)
<cdo256>If I want to add something to the documentation, what should I do with the languages I don't speak? Should I include the command but not change the explanation, or just leave those files be?
<josh89>Hei Guix!
<josh89>I'm trying myself on the 'Packaging' part of the cookbook. And I'm failing at creating a development environment. Bootstrap fails due to autoreconf not found -- any ideas?
<josh89>> guix shell -D guix
<josh89>> which autoreconf
<josh89>autoreconf not found
<abrenon>hey josh89
<abrenon>have you by any chance already checked that guix shell could perform its job correctly by invoking it with its very useful --check option ?
<josh89>hei abrenon,
<josh89>No, I haven't. And I think this will help me run down the issue. Thanks for the tip!
<abrenon>it looks like a problem somebody else had today which turned out to be a misconfigured bash environment preventing guix shell from setting the PATH correctly
<abrenon>so I say let's just rule that out : )
<josh89>Aaand it works (y)  I sourced /etc/profile in .zshrc instead of .zprofile XD
<frill>Hey Guixers - does anyone know if there's a downloadable version of Luis Felipe's new graphics for 1.4.0? Can't see it anywhere, and I greatly enjoyed Luis's graphic for 1.3.0, and would like to similarly enjoy his new one with the cosmic frogs :)
<lechner>frill / Hi, maybe here?
<footlong>"GNU Guix: A Frog's Dream : Luis Felipe López Acevedo : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive"
<lechner>more info may be available here
<footlong>"Luis Felipe: "📢 The source files of "GNU Guix: A Frog's Dream" …" - Mastodon"
<frill>^^ Legends, thank you very much
<frill>Internet archive is fabulous, I should have thought of that. Cheers to Luis too, if he's out there, an unsung hero
<unmatched-paren>are any website maintainers around? :)
<mirai>what can I do to have procedures defined within a gexp? <>
<footlong>"Untitled - Pastebin Service"
<apteryx>is the ci operational? the master job says the last evaluation was "18 hours ago in 32 minutes."
<abrenon>bye everyone
<apteryx>lechner: I tried firing up simple-scan, and it said it couldn't detect the printing device
<apteryx>or scanning device, or similar
<apteryx>that was without the user in the "lp" group though, so this may help when I can try again
<f1refly>when I have a machines.scm with one machine (my desktop computer) and that one goes offline, will guix figure out that it can only build packages locally? My desktop is suspended most of the time or otherwise unreachable from my laptop
<lechner>apteryx / i don't need 'lp' locally. i'm in (list "wheel" "users" "netdev" "audio" "video" "cdrom")
<apteryx>interesting. Did you use the printer configuration tool of GNOME?
<lechner>apteryx / no, i never do. i use cups
<apteryx>f1refly: no
<apteryx>ah, the web interface thing?
<lechner>yeah, that's the easiest for me. resets, job control, everything
<lechner>localhost:631 after you enable it in your config
<apteryx>thanks; it's been a while
<lechner>the key there is the PPD. you can even lift them from Windoze drivers
<lechner>it's not for scanning at all, though
<lechner>apteryx / for scanning setup, i recommend 'scanimage -L' from sane-backends before moving onto client tools
<lechner>which make and model is your multi-function device, please?
<ieugen[m]>how can I "clean" a build ? remove it from the store ?
<unmatched-paren>ieugen[m]: what do you mean by "clean"?
<stikonas>efraim: opened bug report as requested
<footlong>"rust tarballs include precompiled amd64 binaries"
<ieugen[m]>when I build something it is added to the store. I would like to remive it from the store
<unmatched-paren>ieugen[m]: ``guix gc``
<ieugen[m]>if I do guix gc it will be removed but a lot of other stuff as well - and it's not my intention
<ieugen[m]>thanks, but like I mention - could I clean a single package ? I don't want to re-download and build other packages
<stikonas>I don't think that's implemented
<unmatched-paren>ah -- ``guix gc -D <STORE-PATH>'' I think
<stikonas>hmm, that looks like it might work, I wasn't aware of this. Thanks, might be useful to me too
<ieugen[m]>how can I find which package contains a specific file or library?
<ieugen[m]>I have an error and I would like to fix it but I need to depend on a package tha produce a library
<ieugen[m]>> /gnu/store/v5c3lgbixnfqv5b6fq58kd166x97lijz-datalevin-0.8.4/bin/dtlv: error: depends on '', which cannot be found in RUNPATH ()
<mfg[m]>ieugen: this is provided by the zlin package
<lechner>Hi, is there a guide on how to use 'cabal' in Guix? It does not seem to work the way I remember
<lechner>i get this error cabal: Use of GHC's environment variable GHC_PACKAGE_PATH is incompatible with Cabal. Use the flag --package-db to specify a package database (it can be used multiple times).
<bdju>anyone else have some recent pulseaudio breakage?
<bdju>I suddenly have no sound and can't seem to get pulse to come back
<mirai>bdju: what kind of pulse breakage
<bdju>earlier my sound was fine but suddenly I had no sound, I've tried killing and restarting pulse but suddenly pavucontrol and such can't connect to the daemon
<bdju>I hadn't run any upgrades. the only unusual things I'd done are run icecat and reload my sway config
<bdju>maybe restart some stuff like qutebrowser also
<bdju>I went to play a video and noticed I had no sound and I haven't been able to fix it
<lechner>that does not sound like a Guix issue. more like a PA crash?
<bdju>pulseaudio restarts itself or starts any time anything tries to use it
<bdju>if I just run `pulseaudio` it says it's already running
<mirai>did you change its configuration
<bdju>the cost likely thing I can think of is that last time I did guix upgrades a few days ago, something changed, but it didn't take effect until I restarted some programs I had running
<gnucode>bdju: I wonder if any guix users are brave enough to try running sndio on guix system, which is the openBSD created sound system.
<bdju>if I were to change sound systems I'd rather move to pipewire, though I have no idea how to get it set up on guix system
<bdju>I'm running upgrades again now in case it makes any difference, but if no one else has had any issues... then things are looking grim
<mirai>pipewire would be a nice addition, yes
<lechner>bdju / i might try alsamixer on the sound card just to make sure the volume is up, and not muted
<mirai>bdju: oh, I remembered that env variables can affect how pulse works
<bdju>checked that
<lechner>How about aplay?
<bdju>but like I was saying, pulsemixer and pulseaudio are unable to connect, so it's not just a matter of not hearing anything, there are more clear issues
<mirai>XDG RUNTIME DIR is one of them
<mirai>is this variable defined?
<lechner>that again
<bdju>ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1075:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave
<bdju>aplay: main:830: audio open error: No such file or directory
<bdju>mirai: /run/user/1000
<lechner>i'd get ALSA running before anything else
<mirai>PULSE variables
<mirai>there are at least two of them
<lechner>how about ls /dev/snd
<mirai>in any case, "have you tried switching on and off?"
<lechner>the computer?
<mirai>rebooting in other words
<lechner>that will most certainly work. they did not reconfigure, did they?
<ieugen[m]><mfg[m]> "ieugen: this is provided by..." <- thanks, but is there a tool I can use to search? or an index? besides Google:)
<bdju>I haven't tried rebooting, that'd be a last resort
<bdju>I have over 80 days uptime
<bdju>at least twice before I've been unable to boot after a reboot so I tend to avoid it as it will just add to the troubles I have to deal with
<lechner>bdju / do you still have sound devices? you may also be able to reload some kernel modules
<bdju>stuff shows up under alsamixer
<mirai>computers work by subjugating otherworldly entities known as electrons which are known to cause mischief over time to the subjugator
<lechner>aka bit flip
<lechner>cosmic rays, too
<gnucode>mirai: "computers work by..." hahaha
<oriansj>gnucode: probabilistic behavior is good enough for science
<oriansj>and shifting the odds far enough in one direction; is good enough to do what most people call work
<unmatched-paren>ieugen[m]: if you mean packages:
<oriansj>gnucode: or in the words of my 4th grade english teacher: if sex and rape requires living people; necrophilia wouldn't be a crime.
<gnucode>interesting teacher you have there...