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<florhizome[m]><florhizome[m]> "When i try to Install a package,..." <-
<florhizome[m]>could it be that my User profile has a manifest incompatibility 🤔
<zesty-sandwich>"Using guix time-machine results in unsupported manifest format error"
<Kolev>Does Guix still have pip?
<zesty-sandwich>"python-pip package in the Guix repo"
<apteryx>'guix pack -f rpm hello' update: generated rpm package now validates & installs!
<apteryx>perhaps the only non-rpmbuild rpm generator out there
<apteryx>Kolev: pip is bundled with python
<jackhill>apteryx: very cool, thanks!
<jackhill>apteryx: not to rain on your parade, but what about fpm?
<unmatched-paren>hello guix :)
<unmatched-paren>the mako package is broken :(
<abrenon>hello guix
<sneek>Welcome back abrenon, you have 3 messages!
<sneek>abrenon, nckx says: A hack (but totally legitimate fix) would be to replace the thousand of symlinks with hard links.
<sneek>abrenon, nckx says: I don't actually see any disadvantage to that.
<sneek>abrenon, nckx says: but note the caveat for home builders… and it's ‘only’ halved.
<abrenon>nckx: wow that's a great fix, I wouldn't even have dreamt of it
<abrenon>I wonder if there wouldn't be some optimization to perform at the directory level, since it's SVG I guess all the resolutions (24x24, 48x48…) must contain the exact same files
<abrenon>but that would probably require more work than is needed
<abrenon>regarding your comment about the source, the source is about 100k inodes, the real problem to me is the expanded build which was over 1M inodes
<mekeor[m]>how long will people hang around tomorrow, thursday, at guix days? there is no programme, afaik.
<ae_chep>'guix days' ?
<ae_chep>is there something happening?
<gabber`>i thought i had missed something, but i guess it's described here:
<gabber`>"As was the case pre-pandemic, we are also organizing the Guix Days as a FOSDEM fringe event, a two-day Guix workshop where contributors and enthusiasts will meet"
<Guest46>is the gnu website down?
<mrvdb>Is there a way to specify a local package definition and have dependencies follow the override? For example, i leave out 'aalib' as input for gst-plugins-good (fails on ppc64). On every upgrade i have to respecify that every time. Tried using the same name locally, but that just issues a warning 'ambiguous...' and takes the default.
<mrvdb> is my local define now
<f3n1x>ahós guixers of the world !
<broken_fontconfi>hi I'm trying to build fontconfig-minimal but it fails at a test, couldn't find any information online and the test failure is quite obscure
<broken_fontconfi>`output is in 'out', expected output in 'out.expected'`
<nckx>broken_fontconfi: Hullo! Is that error reproducible, i.e., does it happen each time you retry ‘guix build $that-drv’? Maybe try -c1 to rule out parallelisation bugs?
<nckx>My substitute server has it, so it must be buildable *somehow*.
<broken_fontconfi>nckx yes, it fails every time, just tried running with -c1 (guix build $drv -c1) and still the same failure
<nckx>ACTION tries.
<nckx>…it does not fail here. Could you host/paste the log file somewhere and share it here?
<gabber`>nckx: are the IRC logs for today missing?
<nckx>Oh bother. I guess so, if you're asking.
<nckx>Apparently goggles-the-bot has trouble with months.
<nckx>They are not missing, but appended to 2023-01-31.log.
<gabber`>poor goggles