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<weidtn>Seriously I am confused. It seems like the change is done. Do I need to reinstall everything to get it?
<lechner>weidtn / you mean pull?
<weidtn>pull alone did not work. I think the binaries might've been built without that change?
<lechner>weidtn / do you use an encrypted home directory?
<lechner>can you 'guix pull' as your user, i.e without sudo?
<weidtn>i did both guix pull and sudo -i guix pull. I think I have the change on my system, but the problem still exists
<weidtn>is there some way to find the /guix/build/syscalls.scm file on my system?
<lechner>weidtn / what is the patch to your system configuration, please?
<weidtn>I think I need this
<weidtn>I think I need this
<weidtn>oh and I'm running guix as a package manager on this computer
<weidtn>thats why I need this patch in the first place
<Guest26>getting "502 Bad Gateway" errors when downloading from guix website
<Guest26>on .iso downloads
<nckx>Work for me.
<nektro>Guest92, which link isnt working
<nckx>sneek: later ask weidtn: Have you updated all your packages ('guix upgrade') in addition to Guix itself?
<sneek>Got it.
<Lumine>Good morning #guix
<nektro>morning :)
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>does anyone have an example handy of a package with a separate emacs package from the same source? I'm trying to correctly package poke's emacs files
<efraim>nvm, I found emacs-erlang. That should help
<fenix55>hello guixers !!! in ' a guix on foreign distro (debian)' context - i have some doubts on how to add another channels...  how to add another channels ? my first thought is... to add a ./config/guix-home/channels.scm file thanks ? , thanks, thanks
<fenix55>thanks , thanks, thanks for
<weidtn>Good morning people. I am still trying to figure out how to see my /build/guix/syscalls.scm file. And then how to "compile" it if the needed change is in it. Can anybody help me?
<sneek>Welcome back weidtn, you have 1 message!
<sneek>weidtn, nckx says: Have you updated all your packages ('guix upgrade') in addition to Guix itself?
<weidtn>and yes, I updated the packages
<fenix55>Although i've 'guix pull' ed the system, prior to... why does 'guix home: warning: cannot determine provenance for current system' ? what am i missing ? thanks, thanks, thanks
<fenix55>ACTION is tryig
<Sofi>Does Guix have any idea that is similar to Nix Flakes to pin versions of dependencies "per git repo"? A following question would be if there exists any resources to read about current best practices for how to deploy external servers with Guix.
<fenix55>ACTION is trying to  'guix home reconfigure -k home-configuration.scm' ,... unsuccesfully because of ^^  (maybe ?)for now
<civodul>Sofi: hi! pinning works differently, but yes:
<Sofi>civodul: Oooh, thanks for the link!
<hjckr>folks, I want to build a deployment --image-type=iso9660 image for another system (bootable), how do I point guix system image --image-type=iso9660 <path to install.scm> to the alternative config.scm and not the system current one?
<hjckr>ok, it seems I have to merge <path to install.scm> with my additional settings from config-for-another-system.scm and then pass alone a single scm file
<devmsv>so I have libvirt service like this:
<devmsv>(service libvirt-service-type (libvirt-configuration (unix-sock-group "libvirt")))
<devmsv>I am on the libvirt group but virt-manager refuses to connect to qemu:///system
<devmsv>'sudo virt-manager' works
<devmsv>what can I be missing?
<devmsv>this is the error I get: error from service: GDBus.Error:"..., 122error from service: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Action org.libvirt.unix.manage is not registered
<rekado>oh, nice! There are 37GB of a jackdbus log file in my home directory.
<oriansj>devmsv: kvm group membership?
<civodul>rekado: let us know when you're done reading them so we know if it's worth it
<devmsv>oriansj: yes I'm also in the kvm group. I gotta say I'm not sure if it is guix related or just permmisions
<civodul>hjckr: hi! exactly: "guix system image" takes a config.scm file
<civodul>install.scm happens to be the OS config for the installation image
<civodul>but in general, you'd just pass a "regular" OS config file
<ham5urg>Do plans exist to make container networking Guix-ish? This is a bit clumsy. Would like to run multiple packages in different net-namespaces.
<haugh>ham5urg, if you wanna get started on wrapping iproute2 in Guile please let me know where I can track your progress
<civodul>ham5urg, haugh: static-networking-service-type builds upon Guile-Netlink, which should allow us to build nicer interfaces
<civodul>so there's no concrete plan AFAIK, but it'd be logical followup
<civodul>s/be/be a/
<mirai>is it possible to get the symbol/name from a procedure
<apteryx>procedure->name, I think
<apteryx>nope, it's procedure-name
<civodul>mirai: caveat: it's a debugging facility, as procedures don't necessarily have a name, let alone a unique name
<seninha>hi, i specified a wrong device in file-system and boot failed into bournish shell, is this recovery session documented anywhere?
<Kolev>Should web programs run in Ungoogled Chromium or IceCat?
<civodul>seninha: hi! normally "guix system" should have raised in error if, for example, you provided an invalid UUID or file system label
<civodul>if that's the problem you have and it didn't fail, then it's a bug
<civodul>as for recovery, you can specify the root device in the kernel command line, accessible from GRUB
<seninha>the label is valid, it's just not contain the root partition (it's vfat, not ext4, as I have specified in /etc/config.scm)
<civodul>e.g., replace "root=whatever" with "root=/dev/sd..." if you know the name of the device
<civodul>oh, ok
<civodul>the machinery doesn't check for that kind of issue, it probably should
<seninha>i reverted into the previous working config in GRUB and edited the config.scm
<seninha>with the proper root partition now
<seninha>the only problem i have is that `guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm` takes ages to finish processing
<seninha>it's very slow
<seninha>(my machine is kinda old tho)
<seninha>it's on the "Computing Guix derivation for 'x86_64-linux'" step
<random-234234>guix website broken
<random-234234>getting errors "502 Bad Gateway" when trying to download some things
<random-234234>who to report to?
<random-234234>2nd question possible to build aarch64 installation image on an x86 spu? I get errors of "dependencies couldn't be built"
<random-234234>when using "guix system image --system=aarch64-linux"....
<random-234234>why I was going to try downloading pinebook image, and attempt to build from that, just in case it is a cross-architecture issue. when i noticed website is broken and now allowing downloads anymore
<random-234234>*not allowing downloads anymore
<pjalsDanielv[m]>yea, trying to download anything from fails with 502 bad gateway
<pjalsDanielv[m]>specifically the /download/<num> endpoint
<random-234234>not sure how to contact server admin
<random-234234>at least I got confirmation and know not just me
<rekado>what URL?
<random-234234>Numerous random ones, > Download > latest
<random-234234>pinebook pro image, is one example
<mirai>any opinions in this style of configuration (strings vs sexps)?
<random-234234>which points to  which has the 502 bad gateway error
<mirai>civodul: I ended up writing a small function to print the record-type exporters
<mirai>for convenience when there's too many fields
<civodul>mirai: re string vs sexp, i think in general that a structured embedded language is better than a foreign language embedded in strings
<civodul>better because then we can verify certain properties
<civodul>and perhaps guarantee by construction that we're going to produce valid configuration
<civodul>now, there are often tradeoffs to make :-)
<mirai>the string? predicate is "supposed to" match for valid IPs (which I'm assuming more than I'd like)
<civodul>for example, if the foreign language in question is complex, you could end up with a half-baked approximation of it, and that's perhaps worse than letting people use strings
<mirai>since technically you could pass integers for IP addresses (also, not every arbitrary string is an IP addr)
<civodul>(static-networking-service-type has sanitizers that use inet-ntop & co. to validate IP addresses)
<mirai>but I'll leave that for another time
<mirai>though I'm not sure if that match expression is "correct"
<civodul>the criteria IMO should be: convenience, expressiveness, and verifiability
<random-234234>does anyone know alternative way i can download with web server not functioning properly?
<random-234234>guix images
<mirai>it seems to work but idk if I'm missing some edge case
<civodul>mirai: i think you should avoid raw pairs; so rather (+ a) than (+ . a)
<civodul>random-234234: hi! i'd recommend getting the stable image from rather than a daily snapshot
<random-234234>but how to get something that will work on pinebook pro ?
<random-234234>not listed under stable,
<random-234234>I'd just build one but my pinebook lacks an OS, only computer I have are intel cpus, and I'm having problems with building aarch64 image from those
<random-234234>"dependencies couldn't be built"
<mirai>civodul: would it be fair to still call it an alist?
<civodul>random-234234: oh i see; i guess we should see which dependencies couldn't be built (and also fix the continuous integratio system)
<civodul>mirai: nope :-)
<mirai>(though we don't really need to force an alist here)
<random-234234>im a noob to guix, still learning.
<random-234234>Any way I can troubleshoot why some dependencies can't be built, like more verbose output or somethign?
<random-234234>and do i need to use qemu emulation to cross-compile?
<mirai>civodul: btw I added a new comment wrt essential services for the docs, what do you think of this? <>
<civodul>super happy to close
<tasty-sandwich>"[cuirass] hang in "In progress..."; runs out of pgsql connections"
<civodul>thumbs up jpoiret!
<civodul>mirai: LGTM! bonus if you can cut lines at ~72 chars, so the manual looks nice as PDF too :-)
<mirai>what about the hosts-entry vs hosts? I'm not sure how they could be unified since one's a record-type and the other's a procedure?
<civodul>mirai: i think it'd use <hosts>, and thus host-name, host-aliases, etc.
<civodul>you can use 'host' for the public constructor (with optional arg), and '%host' for the "real" one
<civodul>naming is hard, i know ;-)
<ssouth>random-234234: What's the command you're running that produces this "Dependencies couldn't be built" message?
<ssouth>Curious because aarch64-linux support seems to have been very stable for a while now.
<ssouth>Also, AFAIK there is no requirement to use QEMU for that sort of thing, I believe cross-compliation should work to produce an image.
<bost>Hi geeks. The manual, chapter 'Building from Git' says: run `make authenticate`. However I get:
<bost>Authenticating Git checkout...
<bost>/bin/sh: line 2: guix: command not found
<bost>make: *** [Makefile:6888: authenticate] Error 127
<random-234234>guix system image --system=aarch64-linux -e '((@ (gnu system install) os-with-u-boot) (@ (gnu system install) installation-os) "")'
<random-234234>ssouth  that was going off of the gnu guix referenc emanual on building an installation image
<bost>Is it Ok to use `./pre-inst-env make authenticate` instead?
<random-234234>i did not know board type for pinebook pro so i left blank
<random-234234>trying to build image for pinebook pro
<civodul>bost: hi! "./pre-inst-env make authenticate" is not ok because you'd be using the code you just fetched to authenticate it
<pjalsDanielv[m]>Hi, I've noticed that if you do a WHOIS on for example,, it complains there is no WHOIS server for the TLD, I found out it is not defined in the whois.conf. Shouldn't there be a service to define whois.conf in a lispy way?
<civodul>bost: instead, the assumption in the manual is that you already have access to a known-good 'guix'
<pjalsDanielv[m]>I can send my configuration, if you want.
<random-234234>section 3.9 is what I was following in guix manual
<civodul>pjalsDanielv[m]: if you have an idea on how to get that done sure, please share!
<pjalsDanielv[m]>Ok, I'll try!
<bost>civodul: ??? I'm compiling the guix code from the upstream with a few commits of my own on top of the master branch.
<seninha>omg, it should not take that long. it has been like 1h running guix system reconfigure
<seninha>is there any way i can make it faster, like by caching something or smth
<ssouth>random-234234: Just looking into this now. I run Guix on my own Pinebook Pro so I know it works well. But I build from a custom operating-system definition.
<random-234234>i'll take any tips on making an image for pinebook pro
<random-234234>it needs to use luks whole disk encryption, though, not sure if possible to add that to install image; or if i need to do that after installing
<ssouth>random-234234: I'm not aware what the manual advises right now so I'm taking a look. I'll see if I can offer some help.
<bost>civodul: I mean I'm compiling the code on Guix machine
<random-234234>thank you
<civodul>bost: right, so there *is* a 'guix' command somewhere, right?
<random-234234>right now I have guix system, as in guix operating system, on a coreboot lenovo laptop intel cpu
<ssouth>random-234234: BTW do you have an OS on your Pinebook right now? Or are you hoping to get, say, a microSD-card image you can boot from.
<pjalsDanielv[m]>Also, I'll assume that I can use `Copyright (C) 2022, Daniel [REDACTED] <>` while sending the patch back?
<random-234234>I have no OS on my pinebook, but I have the usb adapter to flash the emmc chip directly
<ssouth>random-234234: K.
<bost>civodul: I'm in a shell environment, started by `guix shell --development guix help2man git strace --pure`
<random-234234>i was going to go that route, using the adapter to read/write to the emmc chip directly, since booting from SD card (u-boot on sd card) is not reliable
<random-234234>no u-boot, no OS on it currently
<bost>civodul: and the guix command is apparently not available in the guix shell environment, hmm :-(
<ssouth>random-234234: I'll just mention that the way I got Guix on my PBP originally was to boot into Armbian first, then install Guix (as a package), then use that to build a custom OS configuration and install it to the eMMC card.
<ssouth>This was a couple years ago however, before a PBP image had been created. Not sure what the recommended approach is now but I mention it because I know it works.
<random-234234>Does luks encryptoin setup need defined when building the image, in installation option when installing from build image, or must that be done afterwards?
<random-234234>I mean, how to build or install a built image, with disk encryption
<ssouth>random-234234: I believe the installer, if you use it, can set that up for you. Otherwise you need to set it up (i.e. create the partition and encrypt it) yourself before installing the OS.
<random-234234>does the images made with "system image build" create .iso with installation options? i.e. "use encryption?" "create username" etc...
<random-234234>like, if I build an image, and a friend uses my .iso for his pinebook, would he get different options when installing that to his laptop, including option to use encryption? or would he need to manually set that up somehow afterwards?
<random-234234>if anyone knows
<civodul>bost: so you need to run it outside the "guix shell" environment, or use a non-pure environment
<bost>civodul: or to have a look at the Makefile, at the 'authenticate' target and mimic the invocation with a full path to the guix-binary.
<ssouth>random-234234: The image you get will be configured according to what's specified in the operating-system definition you're using (as in section 12.2 of the manual). So any configuration settings need to be made there, before building the image.
<bost>civodul: Anyway, while running it, I get 'guix git: error: could not authenticate commit <my-commit-id> : key <some-key> is missing'. I managed to sign my commits already. Now, do I need to publish my gpg key somewhere?
<ssouth>I think what you really want is to create an image of the installer, that you can then boot into and have it set things up for you the way you want. There is undoubtedly a way to do that but I'm not aware of it off the top of my head.
<random-234234>yes that is what I'm looking for, bootable installer like what the guix website has for downloads
<random-234234>but for pinebook pro,  i think the guix download from website for aarch64 probably does not include u-boot (or does it?)
<ssouth>random-234234: I haven't used it but I think it must. Otherwise it would not be bootable on its own.
<random-234234>not all aarch-64 systems use u-boot
<random-234234>and somehow I trust downloads from guix gnu website, but would be good for me to learn how to build it myself from source
<ssouth>random-234234: The PBP definitely requires a bootloader, as do all RK3399 devices.
<random-234234>yep, which need more support. since all intel and amd CPUs have built in backdoors
<random-234234>world needs to move away from x86 cpu
<random-234234>pine is only company im aware of that sells ARM laptops
<singpolyma>And apple of course
<seninha>is there any way i can make guix system reconfigure faster?
<civodul>seninha: hi! probably not in wink, or that'd already be done :-)
<civodul>however, if you could report timings of the various phases of that reconfigure run, that would be great
<civodul>it'd already give an idea of what to focus on
<seninha>it hangs at Computing Guix derivation for 'x86_64-linux'
<ssouth>random-234234: I see what the Website offers is a just a raw image for the PBP, not an image of the installer. So it would need to be copied to a microSD card or the eMMC and would give you a very basic installation you'd need to customize from there.
<ssouth>Given that's the case, I think the command you're looking for is
<ssouth>guix system image --system=aarch64-linux --image-type=pinebook-pro-raw -e '(@ (gnu system images pinebook-pro) pinebook-pro-barebones-os)'
<ssouth>I'm trying this now on my x86-64 machine.
<ssouth>...and that just failed for me with "1 dependencies couldn't be built". Interesting...
<random-234234>thanks for the more detailed command, I noted that
<random-234234>yes I was getting dependencies couldnt be built, which i need to troubleshoot more
<random-234234>wondering if i did this from an OS on arm like you mentioned, if that'd change anything
<ssouth>random-234234: Good thought, let me try that also...
<random-234234>btw, on different topic, I got wayland and sway working on guix. actually easy.
<random-234234>wayland is better for security, especially if doing sandboxing on applications
<ssouth>Ah: "a `aarch64-linux' is required to build `/gnu/store/4dk65j4nbzc0w40kvcbhzpna3mmqbx3w-activate-service.scm.drv', but I am a `x86_64-linux'". So random-234234, your theory may be correct.
<ssouth>I'm surprised because I was under the impression cross-building these images was possible.
<random-234234>just had to add user to "seat" group in /etc/config.scm after installing sway, then reboot
<random-234234>ssouth thanks. I will try later on an arm OS
<random-234234>and will try to build from pinebook
<random-234234>using guix package
<random-234234>my dependencies were different, -module-import.drv -compute-guix-derivation.drv
<random-234234>the ones that couldn't be built
<ssouth>random-234234: Building the image actually failed for me right now on my ROCKPro64, also running Guix System. Seems there is an upstream issue with the openbios-qemu-pc package:
<tasty-sandwich>"openbios-qemu-ppc fails to build on aarch64"
<ssouth>How annoying. So you really need the image from the Website right now.
<random-234234>which can't be downloaded
<ssouth>Apparently. Wonder what is going on with the Web server.
<random-234234>and one from website is also not suitable for actual use, because it is not signed
<random-234234>no way to validate integrity
<random-234234>why i was going to use it _just_ to get something on pinebook so that i can build guix OS for pinebook
<random-234234>i wonder how the image from website is built though, if they can build it, so can we
<ssouth>Yes, that should be the case. But presumably the image was built some time ago, before this issue appeared.
<random-234234>so wait for that issue to maybe get resolved someday?
<ssouth>The Guix issues links to this upstream issue:
<ssouth>Seems we are still waiting for a fix.
<ssouth>What a nuisance. I'm just a Guix user myself but I feel bad this has been your first experience with it. I assure you, it runs nicely on the PBP and makes for a good system.
<pjalsDanielv[m]>can confirm ^
<random-234234>using old laptop with ME killed, and coreboot
<random-234234>but i have lots of ARM computers that need an OS
<random-234234>including PBP
<random-234234>on my laptop, guix is great.
<random-234234>just trying to get working for the other computers
<ssouth>All I can really suggest right now is to forget about the image, boot into another OS on the PBP (from microSD even), install Guix as a package and start from your own operating-system configuration.
<random-234234>plus I have many friends who have PBP but need a decent OS
<ssouth>You can at least start from the barebones configuration defined by "pinebook-pro-barebones-os" in gnu/system/images/pinebook-pro.scm, in the Guix source.
<ssouth>That is definitely a head-first approach to getting up and running with Guix but at least I know it works.
<random-234234>but because of that issue quoted, in meantime unless that gets fixed, GUIX as an OS for PBP is not possible?
<ssouth>random-234234: It _is_ possible, just building a standalone system image isn't possible (apparently).
<random-234234>so you mean, installing guix on top of something else?
<random-234234>which is not the same of course
<ssouth>You would just need to run "guix system init" on the PBP using a suitable operating-system configuration, either the one embedded in gnu/system/images/pinebook-pro.scm or one of your own construction.
<random-234234>i may try again once that issue is resolved
<random-234234>i need to build custom image that others can download
<random-234234>even if just minimalist image for pinebook
<ssouth>random-234234: Once booted into another OS from microSD card, "guix system init" has free access to the eMMC and can set up a bootable image on it.
<random-234234>good to know, but booting from sd card (without uboot on emmc) does not work
<random-234234>I'd be isntalling straight to emmc using the usb adapter
<random-234234>just mentioning in case if others have struggled with sd card booting also
<random-234234>have not tried this yet, but in theory should work
<ssouth>random-234234: I'm surprised you say that as it has always worked for me, so long as there isn't already a bootloader present on the eMMC that conflicts.
<random-234234>installing image with u-boot to emmc
<random-234234>i totally wiped and even disabled emmc
<random-234234>tried different sd cards, multiple images for pinebook that supposedly already have u-boot
<ssouth>random-234234: Then I'm not sure what to say. Perhaps something has changed with the recent batch of machines.
<random-234234>two different PBP
<random-234234>but maybe, either way, if anyone gets a PBP I recommend the usb to emmc adapter
<random-234234>to compliment it
<ssouth>I second that. It has been so useful they really ought to just bundle it with the machine IMO.
<random-234234>after pinebook, next project is a cyber-deck with pinne64 board, and 3d printed parts
<random-234234>for a modular laptop with ability to have more ports, modifications
<random-234234>sorry, I was going off topic
<seninha>civodul: i heard about substite servers, do they make reconfiguration faster?
<civodul>seninha: re "Computing Guix derivations", "guix system reconfigure" doesn't print that message, but 'guix pull' does
<civodul>re substitute servers, yes, bandwidth obviously has an impact on download speed, so if you choose a server closer to you, it can be a bit faster
<seninha>well, i'm running `guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm`
<seninha>and this line is being printed
<seninha>civodul, guix system reconfigure is building guix-1.4.0-2, can I make it fetch an already compiled binary from a server?
<civodul>seninha: the server was building it as well, and according to "guix weather guix" it's done now
<civodul>so it was bad timing: the 'guix' package had not been built yet, so you ended up building it locally, and it takes a lot of time
<seninha>it's still compiling locally
<seninha>is using %base-services rather than %desktop-services going to build rather than fetch built packages?
<Kabouik>I am trying to mount a cifs storage using a script I had before switching to Guix, but now I am getting a "mount(2) system call failed: No route to host." cifs-utils and keyutils are installed, what am I missing? The script was working fine on Solus with the same remote URL
<cbaines>thanks for sorting the Guile release civodul :)
<cbaines>I did try to reconfigure a system with Guix post Guile 3.0.9, but guile-static-3.0.9 fails to build
<Kabouik>Turns out my issue is I need to use mount.cifs and not mount -t cifs. Wild, and weird.
<softwar>why is there a bad gateway to guix hurd or am I understanding that it doesn't have a link to download guix hurd
<civodul>cbaines: uh, guile-static, do you have a link to the log?
<civodul>ACTION tries
<civodul>i'm not leading by example here, re the new commit policy
<nckx>'No such file or directory: "/gnu/store/q3b75zli5ib7z5b4z1fb96pi1w10jh6p-image.iso"' - could this be related to the new GC discipline? (Where) does Cuirass keep roots to these?
<nckx>I mean: hullo.
<pjalsDanielv[m]>I've made a couple packages at, notably TOIlet, how would I go about patching them to Guix?
<civodul>nckx: hullo! Cuirass keeps GC roots under /var/guix/profiles/per-user/cuirass/cuirass/ IIRC
<pjals>pjals^: they work fine and the formatting is fine (i think)
<nckx>Thanks civodul. But my previous message got swallowed: it's the 'missing derivation' hellthing.
<devmsv>how can I prevent guix home reconfigure to upgrade a package (is ungoogled-chromium that is not available as substitute yet)
<nckx>Anyway: '/tmp/guix-build-guile-static-3.0.9.drv-0/guile-3.0.9/libguile/guile.c:94: undefined reference to `scm_boot_guile''
<civodul>nckx: yup, i'm on it
<nckx>berlin says this update broke guile-static breaking the x86-64 image.iso.
<civodul>looks like passing --disable-lto fixes it
<civodul>but i don't see what could cause those undefined references in the first place
<nckx>ACTION is in Termux hellworld, can't do much.
<nckx>seninha: The images aren't being built right now because of the above bug on master. Once it is fixed they'll start working again. We can manually trigger an evaluation if needed so it doesn't take ~20h.
<nckx>civodul: How did you notice the guile-static failure?
<nckx>(Your 'on it' implied as much.)
<apteryx>rekado: any news on the pxe boot issues I reported? it'd be nice to be able to restore node 129 and take a backup of the nars
<lechner>Hi, why is the interpreter in the wrapper script here set to #f, please?
<rekado>apteryx: my colleague has not responded; I’ll ping them again
<ham5urg>Can I create and start a container within /etc/config.scm ? Somehow to import a file like my-container.scm and install the profile via 'guix system container my-container.scm' as well as run '/gnu/store/…-run-container' at startup.
<vagrantc>guile-static fails to build on system reconfigure ... known issue?
<vagrantc>commit: c6ec9c7af9814f84f293f62235eab9d0649751a7
<vagrantc>hunch is commit: 0e480ca7b60428a62fc4681d7aca6c7c067add42 gnu: guile: Update to 3.0.9.
<vagrantc>commit: f2aad8950a124f011c926445361b90efe76c8dd2 ... has nothing to do with guix ... how clever are you, bot? :)
<vagrantc>assumptions, assumptions.
<civodul>vagrantc: known issue, wip!
<vagrantc>civodul: oh, ok, thanks!
<elevenkb>How exactly does a user's shell on Guix System know to find packages that have been installed with `guix install`?
<vagrantc>normally the user's guix profile is added to the PATH variable
<elevenkb>vagrantc what script is responsible for that?
<vagrantc>i think /etc/profile
<vagrantc>if it is your first time installing something, the simplest way is to log out and log back in again, presuming everything is set up
<vagrantc>first time installing anything that includes a bin/ directory (or sbin/ for some things?)
<vagrantc>alternately, you can manually add it to your PATH ...
<elevenkb>interesting. the reason i'm interested is that i want icecat to find intel-vaapi-driver stuff more easily.
<vagrantc>e.g. PATH=/home/$USER/.config/guix/current/bin:/home/$USER/.guix-profile/bin:/home/$USER/.guix-profile/sbin:$PATH
<elevenkb>I've just read /etc/profile
<elevenkb>i've found the code i'm looking for, thank you.
<vagrantc>good good
<vagrantc>various other directories can be tricky ... that was just the basics :)
<vagrantc>things that have plugin directories may need more handholding, not too experienced with that
<elevenkb>yah, still have... trauma about building foliate (a package based on `gjs`).
<elevenkb>i feel like trying it again, this time i'll use gdb to debug the `GI_TYPELIB` related stuff.
<elevenkb>otoh it is 23:15.
<civodul>guile-static patch on its way...
<civodul>waiting for the build to complete
<vagrantc>ACTION awaits eagerly :)
<civodul>this is embarrassing
<ham5urg>Has someone did similar with Guix? Maybe NixOS is simple but I hate Systemd more.
<elevenkb>ham5urg note that we use gnu elogind which is based on `systemd-logind`.
<ham5urg>elevenkb, I know elogind well and why it exists. The thing about Systemd is something different.
<elevenkb>if that's okay with you: check out
<lechner>Hi, what do i have to do so '(which bash)' here evaluates to something other than #f, please?
<elevenkb>and esp.
<ham5urg>elevenkb, thanks for the links. Didn't knew them until now.
<elevenkb>Welcome :)
<shcv>how do y'all configure xinput? E.g., I'd like to permanently enable tapping
<shcv>my touchpad seems to be using libinput, but I was able to get tapping to work temporarily with "xinput set-prop 12 320 1"
<shcv>I've seen example xorg configuration files, but guix doesn't seem to use those
<lechner>Hi, should 'wrap-program' produce a warning when (which "bash") evaluates to #f? In the Guile build system, for example, Bash is not available without an explicit input for it, and the resulting wrapper is defective.
<rekado>if you want a warning it may be better to use search-input-file
<rekado>quoth the manual: Return the complete file name for NAME as found in INPUTS; ‘search-input-file’ searches for a regular file and ‘search-input-directory’ searches for a directory. If NAME could not be found, an exception is raised.
<lechner>rekado / thanks, but i am not relying on the bash variable. wrap-program does so, internally
<lechner>or you mean use search-input-file inside wrap-program?
<simendsjo>I tried to upgrade my system, but I'm unable to build /gnu/store/6sqyhsard46nfkaadz35pfcg55vijyi0-guile-static-3.0.9.drv. Looks like an error which should hit everyone with undefined reference to `scm_shell' and `scm_boot_guile'. But I cannot see any report in the archive for this. Is it a known issue?
<lechner>Hi, does 'guix shell -f guix.scm' make only the native-inputs available (even without --development)?
<civodul>simendsjo: this is reported at and will be fixed real soon, apologies!
<tasty-sandwich>"guile-static 3.0.9 failed to build."
<civodul>lechner: hi! it makes all the inputs available
<lechner>civodul Hi, thanks! Why then can the guix-helper-bot executable that is available in PATH with this file not be run inside 'guix shell -f guix.scm', please? Also, the package is not rebuilt when that file is changed.
<civodul>lechner: hmm dunno; maybe you should describe the problem in more detail in bug-guix?
<lechner>civodul / as a noobie, i am thinking an error may exist on the other side of my keyboard
<civodul>it's entirely possible, i'm just not sure i fully understand the problem
<lechner>i currently use a manifest for development but would like to switch to guix.scm for various reasons, including automated deployment. the script is now wrapped correctly for deployment, but it seems that running the script should also be possible inside guix shell
<lechner>also, does the guile-build-system still require a Guile package in native-inputs as stated in the docs? it seems to work without
<lechner>ACTION goes on crosswalk duty
<a12l>It is possible to write C code that use the Guix modules? I'm curious from an intellectual standpoint what's possible interacting between C and the Guile layer
<civodul>#61080 fixed!
<tasty-sandwich>"guile-static 3.0.9 failed to build."
<akirakyle>Is there some function like package-input-rewriting or more generally package-mapping that can operate on a set of packages simultaneously rather then a single one?
<vagrantc>ACTION claps yay fixes
<akirakyle>The "simple" version of this problem I want to solve is say I have two packages A and B where A depends on B and they have some other shared dependencies. I want to rewrite one of their shared dependencies and rewrite B.
<akirakyle>If I do package-input-rewriting on A and B independently, they will then conflict in the same profile since the B in A's rewritten closure will no longer be the same as the "directly" rewritten B.
<akirakyle>In this simple case it can be solved by just taking the rewritten B from A's package closure, but the general problem requires detecting cycles like what package-mapping already does