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<rekado>I booted the rockpro64 again from USB into Guix System. Wanted to install grub-efi-bootloader to /mnt/boot/efi (where I mounted the EPS partition), but the installation fails.
<rekado>I checked and /sys/firmware/efi does not exist
<rekado>does this mean that I cannot use grub-efi-bootloader on this system?
<bost>Hi. Is there any activity regarding node.js upgrades? I mean some tickets, issues, or any other effort?
<nckx>rekado: On x86 it would. If CONFIG_EFI_VARS_FS is enabled.
<nckx>Can't speak for ARM.
<KarlJoad>rekado: Without my personal channel, the error disappears. It is just with my channel.
<mbakke>rekado: grub-efi needs to modify EFI variables, in the embedded firmware, which only works if the kernel is already booted with EFI (and /sys/firmware/efi is available)
<KarlJoad>Is 6.0.12 the default linux-libre kernel now? Did something change in the Linux build system? Could I find that info with guix info/news?
<rekado>nckx, mbakke I see. Thanks.
<nckx>Well, GRUB sure thinks it ‘needs’ to. If you haven't booted with EFI, try using the removable- variant, rekado.
<KarlJoad>nckx: I just read the news from the Guix pull. Apparently there is a customize-linux procedure now. I'll have to investigate that, instead of the jankiness I am using now.
<nckx>Oh good, I wrote all that for nothing.
<nckx>(Really, good :)
<nckx>And there was some fall-out from the change, so it's not implausible you found more.
<rekado>I guess the cookbook entry “Customizing the Kernel” needs updating then
<oriansj>rekado: I'm starting to think requiring documentation updates to go with all code updates
<oriansj>might be a good idea
<oriansj>even if it is just adding an example
<rekado>nckx: grub-efi-removable-bootloader worked!
<rekado>I’m cheating, though
<lechner>rekado / you are in EFI already?
<rekado>yes, in grub, loaded from the SSD
<lechner>but via EFI?
<nckx>oriansj: They *are*. It's just not enforced.
<rekado>it doesn’t boot, but this is success
<rekado>lechner: yes, via EFI
<lechner>rekado / for a first EFI boot, you may find the EFI stub in the kernel handy, together with the kernel option init=/bin/bash (or as appropriate)
<nckx>rekado: Sweet.
<rekado>I never fixed the CPU reset thing on “pci enum” + “scsi scan”
<rekado>so I patched u-boot’s arch/arm/lib/interrupts_64.c … to ignore the error
<lechner>very nice
<kori>i'm trying to use the radicale service, I tried logging in for the first time, and now it's throwing internal server error, strace isn't helping too much either
<kori>anyone have any clue how I could debug this?
<rekado>sad, though, that I still can’t boot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<rekado>from within grub’s console I can read the SSD
<rekado>gotta try with a serial console again; I’ve been doing this with a HDMI display all this time
<lechner>just boot the kernel directly
<rekado>I is noob
<nckx>lechner: How do you set the command line?
<oriansj>nckx: as with dealing with a small child; any rule that isn't vigorously enforced, isn't a rule but a suggestion which will generally be promptly ignored.
<rekado>the grub console is finally some comfort and it feels like progress.
<nckx>lechner: That link just suggests typing it in by hand. Does not sound useful for anything but a toy OS.
<rekado>lechner: I find this page overwhelming.
<rekado>anyway: —> zzZ
<nckx>You mean you're not eager to type store items by hand into a pre-boot EFI shell? Why do you hate Progress?
<lechner>it's only one time until you can do 'modprobe efivars'
<nckx>But still a huge step down from GRUB, which is already working.
<lechner>you can use the kernel image instead of grub.efi (or boot.efi at the removable media path)
<lechner>nckx / grub is not booting the kernel, is it?
<lechner>anyway, sorry. just trying to help. please ignore
<nckx>init=/bin/bash won't do anything, there is no /bin/bash. You'll be manually typing in store paths from a piece of paper or other PC, maybe booting Linux, and then what? You've bought yourself a boot, but no progress towards a fix.
<lechner>there are static executables one can copy to /
<nckx>All true, but you don't need to boot the installed system to do that.
<lechner>no, but you may need to modprobe efivars in order to to install grub-efi
<nckx>And then?
<kori>pls respond ;_; i've been grepping everywhere trying to find where these logs could be sent to
<nckx>kori: If nobody knows, nobody can respond. Sorry.
<lechner>nckx / rekado wrote he cheated. that's never worked for me when installing an EFI bootloader
<nckx>lechner: How did it break?
<nckx>Or well, fail.
<lechner>i really can't remember, but there is no point in arguing. you and rekado are more capable than i. it was silly of me to interject. sorry
<nckx>I did not consider this arguing. Sorry then.
<lechner>nckx / then we can keep going!
<nckx>We certainly don't have much to go on! If this were a real support request, and not someone falling asleep, I'd ask for useful details 😉
<nckx>‘I still can’t boot’, OK, + ‘[there is a] grub console’ — I picture normal mode, but maybe it's rescue mode (oh god no).
<lechner>there is something about the boot order variables that's never worked for me, but i cannot remember why the installation failed. i think grub-install or one of it's alternatives simply failed. it would be helpful to know if rekado cheated when copying the EFI files to the boot partition
<lechner>and how
<nckx>I don't think he did that by hand.
<nckx>That's the whole point of the removable- variant.
<nckx>And it does not affect Linux, how she is boot, only the name of GRUB on the ESP.
<nckx>GRUB works, we know that much, so UEFI's job is done at that point.
<lechner>everything you write makes sense. i was only trying to help in a situation when someone may have a limited set of options.
<nckx>Agreed, but being able to move the kernel to the ESP implies having a working (rescue) system, and if you have that, you might as well do whatever other stuff (installing a different GRUB, copying these static binaries you mentioned, …) whilst you're still in it.
<lechner>as mbakke wrote, that tends to work only if the EFI variables are accessible. it's a heightened requirement from copying files, which could happen in a rescue system booted via legacy MBR
<lechner>but i have not had those issues in several years, so maybe something has changed
<nckx>You don't need EFI variables (=booted in UEFI mode) to install an EFI GRUB.
<lechner>like mbakke, i am not sure about that
<nckx>That is not how I read their message at all.
<lechner>rekado wrote: Wanted to install grub-efi-bootloader to /mnt/boot/efi
<lechner> (where I mounted the EPS partition), but the installation fails.
<nckx>OK, can we not do this. Now I am becoming annoyed.
<nckx>I can read, thanks.
<lechner>okay, i am going to sign off for about 25 hours. have a good saturday!
<nckx>Enjoy your 25-hour bender! Jelly.
<apteryx>cbaines: I just found out a tool, 'patman', which produces patches from the current branch commits automatically, runs check scripts on it, and format git-send commands. a bit like our etc/teams.scm on steroid. It can also interact with patchwork
<apteryx>it lives in the u-boot source tree
<oriansj>apteryx: the greatest joy of software is learning that those that came before us were also brilliant and knew a few things which in retrospect; we probably should have eagerly listened to...
<oriansj>does anyone know why emacs-bind-key isn't packaged for guix yet? (
<KarlJoad>nckx: You were right about the kernel. It was the new customize-linux interface. I needed to switch to using it, and I needed to change my usage of another procedure which internally called customize-linux too.
<nckx>apteryx: Does the cookbook need to be updated?
<nckx>(KarlJoad: Did you rely on the cookbook at all?)
<apteryx>nckx: yes it does; I have some patch in the works
<apteryx>was the patch removing the input labels of linux-libre reinstated?
<nckx>I've lost track of patches vs. applied commits, sorry.
<nckx>Let alone reverts :)
<KarlJoad>nckx: apteryx: The cookbook needs an update about this, yes. I patched what I needed together from the docstring of customize-linux
<KarlJoad>I did not use the cookbook at all.
<apteryx>KarlJoad: it could be that you're not on the latest commit
<apteryx>the change was reverted and not yet re-applied
<apteryx>giving us more time to fix the cookbook before we do
<apteryx>there was also a NEWS entry to advertise the change, but that is perhaps easily missed
<nckx>(Assuming you mean --news) it was.
<KarlJoad>I used guix pull --news.
<nckx>(I don't think anyone reads NEWS after installing.)
<nckx>(I'm very parenthetical today (Sorry)).
<nckx>KarlJoad: Right, but only afterwards, IIRC?
<vagrantc>ACTION wonders if it wouldn't be ok to "lie" and have guix 1.4.0rc3 actually release including guix 1.4.0rc3-1commit actually be the guix-daemon that is used
<nckx>I guess there's no way around that. It was only 6.0.12 looking like a kernel version that made you look.
<nckx>Did _not_ mean to imply you should have known.
<KarlJoad>I pulled and then read the news through "guix pull --news". I am using Guix c193b52 right now.
<KarlJoad>nckx: Don't worry. There was not way I could have known. I just started working on my NixOS->Guix migration again after a full university term. I missed a lot.
<nckx>I'm subscribed to guix-commits@ and still wasn't sure what ended up being (un)merged :)
<apteryx>hmm... seems patman just led me to send patches to guix-patches instead of u-boot, apologies ^^'
<nckx>It's got good defaults.
<nckx>Hm, my /var/guix/db/db.sqlite got completely corrupted again. No I/O or other errors in dmesg.
<nckx>ACTION shrugs, restores.
<apteryx>nckx: hehe, these are mine, per ~/.gitconfig
<apteryx>a bit dangerous now I recognize
<vagrantc>that patman lives in u-boot upstream is awkward ... but apparently it is independently useful? recently got a request to package it... but ... have not yet fallen into that trap
<apteryx>I packaged it today
<apteryx>haven't sent it yet; I wanted to feed some fixes to upstream first
<apteryx>yes, it can be used for at least linux and u-boot, and it could be adjusted for guix too, I guess
<nckx>Oh no. I just typed ‘/gnu/store’ in an e-mail with company-mode enabled.
<nckx>ACTION goes to get coffee.
<podiki[m]1>hahah whoops
<acrow>I guess you cannot C-g your way out of that?
<nckx>Nope. But it wasn't too bad in the end (SSDs). Still, I jump at any excuse to get coffee.
<KarlJoad>libtirpc is failing to build with an ld error for the hurd-vm-service-type. It is saying has an unrecognized file format.
<apteryx>sounds like a cross-compilation problem
<nckx>ACTION to bed o/
<apteryx>good night!
<KarlJoad>Agreed. I am not sure where it is, but I can submit a bug report if that makes things easier. I need to start working on getting system configs working in my channel right now, instead of debugging things.
<KarlJoad>Is the system hosting the Cuirass manuals down? Or did the nginx process crash? I keep getting an nginx 404 on the Cuirass manual.
<florhizome[m]>kory: probably good to write to guix-devel
<apteryx>vagrantc: would you like to be cc'd for the patman submission?
<apteryx>rekado: would you like to be cc'd for the u-boot-documentation review?
<apteryx>KarlJoad: you don't have it installed locally per chance? (info cuirass)
<KarlJoad>apteryx: I can build it locally and read it that way. Just the website is down.
<KarlJoad>When pulling my channel, Guix freaks out about deploy stuff being in a file with an operating-system configuration.
<KarlJoad>Guix says (exception syntax-error (value operating-system) (value "invalid field specifier") (value ((filename . ".../system.scm") (line . lno) (column . cno))) (value (operating-system %system)) (value %system), but I can build %system just fine.
<vagrantc>apteryx: if nothing else, i'm curious ... sure :)
<vagrantc>ACTION waves
<apteryx>hm, patman uses the linux style signed-off
<taoqy>hello, I am staring to use guix and setup locales, I install tmux and find it use glic-2.23, so I want to install glibc-utf8-locales-2.23, but `guix search` can't find this version.
<AwesomeAdam54321>taoqy: It's because it's a hidden package
<AwesomeAdam54321>If you want to set up locales, you should guix install glibc-locales
<taoqy>The manual says: Note that the glibc-locales package contains data for all the locales supported by the GNU libc and weighs in at around 917 MiB. Alternatively, the glibc-utf8-locales is smaller but limited to a few UTF-8 locales.
<taoqy>Is there a way to install  glibc-utf8-locales?
<taoqy>And in the store, I see a directory `/gnu/store/fnr1z6xsan0437r0yg48d0y8k32kqxby-glibc-utf8-locales-2.33`.  Can I install it from the store?
<AwesomeAdam54321>taoqy: No, but you can make your own utf8-locales package
<AwesomeAdam54321>The current manual is a bit out of date, but you can find the information in the devel manual
<taoqy>Ok, thank you. AwesomeAdam54321
<AwesomeAdam54321>You're welcome taoqy
<taoqy>AwesomeAdam54321, After define my-locles, how shold I install it, I try the command `guix package -i  --install-from-file=my-locels.scm`, but not work.
<AwesomeAdam54321>taoqy: You need to add my-locles to the very bottom of my-locels.scm
<taoqy>Oh, the params order is matter.
<AwesomeAdam54321>yes, if you're installing it from a file
<taoqy>It should be `guix package --install-from-file=my-pack/locale.scm -i`
<taoqy>said,  build of /gnu/store/68znigiq1gy3kw0sry91arkwf86wk56y-glibc-utf8-locales-2.33.drv failed
<AwesomeAdam54321>What's the error message?
<jaft>Anyone know why, using the ~python-build-system~, I'd get a "no found" error when the "setup.cfg" file is getting pulled down from the repo. and is in the root of the project?
<jaft>I tried checking out some other existing packages and it doesn't /look/ like anyone has to do anything different for projects using a "setup.cfg" file over "".
<taoqy>AwesomeAdam54321, It's work now.  It a typo, en_US  -> en_US.utf8
<AwesomeAdam54321>Oh, ok
<yarl>Hello guix!
<taoqy>Hello, I build a golang project that use cgo, but it faild with error `fatal error: linux/errno.h: No such file or directory`. Seems I should install `linux-libre-headers`, but my kernel is 3.10. There is no such version in guix, also I find a fuction named `make-linux-libre-headers` that is not public. How can I insall a 3.10 kernel header?
<civodul>taoqy: hi! you're building it as a Guix package or interactively?
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, yarl says: Thank you for disabling the tests when crossbuilding texinfo. I was try silly things in order to fix it : add itself as native input so the tests are run natively, which is mostly irrelevant. I guess that's the answer to every crossbuilds failing on tests depending on running the program itself : disable the tests?
<civodul>yarl: yes, tests are disabled by default when cross-compiling, but here i had erroneously enabled them
<taoqy>civodul Hi, just a raw go package.
<civodul>taoqy: you mean you wrote a Guix package definition that uses go-build-system, right?
<taoqy>no, I use `go build` command '=D
<civodul>taoqy: ah alright; in that case, make sure you have "gcc-toolchain" in your environment
<civodul>e.g., guix shell gcc-toolchain cgo go -- go build whatever
<civodul>er, without "cgo"
<taoqy>civodul thank you, it work.
<AwesomeAdam54321>I'm currently trying to package a GDB GUI called seer
<AwesomeAdam54321>What should I do if the CMakeLists.txt is in a subdirectory, src/?
<AwesomeAdam54321>It uses the cmake-build-system
<rekado>I reckon my kernel boot problem is due to the fact that I’m using linux-libre instead of linux-libre-arm64-generic
<rekado>(the kernel on the USB drive that boots correctly is linux-libre-arm64-generic)
<rekado>problem is: the modules for that kernel don’t build right
<rekado>says there is no “ahci” or “usb-storage” module
<rekado>these are part of the default set of modules
<rekado>it’s possible there’s some corruption on this old USB thumb drive; but I’d be happy to hear from others who use that kernel.
<jonsger>civodul: will you merge the version-1.4.0 branch to master or the other direction before 1.4.0 release?
<lembrun[m]>Anyone else running sway with a HiDpi ?
<lembrun[m]>Despite my best attempts I can't get the mouse cursor to change theme/size in alacritty and other native wayland apps
<kreved>lembrun[m]: works fine for me
<kreved>seat * xcursor_theme Adwaita 24 I have this in config file
<lembrun[m]>I have rouglhy the same thing no effect : (
<lembrun[m]>if someone has an idea
<yarl>What is the "@" in "3.10 Building the installation image for ARM borards" ?
<yarl>Where is it documented?
<yarl>Found it. Sorry.
<cdo256>Hi Guix! I'm writing my first package (an updated version of emacs-tramp). But the compiled sources aren't ending up in site-lisp. I want to inspect the derivation using `guix repl`. But I'm stuck after (open-connection). I can't find the documentation for how to continue. Could anyone provide a hint please?
<yarl>cdo256: From my notes, you can do something either like "(with-store store (valid-path? store
<yarl>"/gnu/store/zzr7hqy2xp9zjrrwsgypbhyzpxbsg97q-guile-gcrypt-0.3.0.drv"))" or "(run-with-store (open-connection) (lambda (store) (values (valid-path? store
<yarl>"/gnu/store/zzr7hqy2xp9zjrrwsgypbhyzpxbsg97q-guile-gcrypt-0.3.0.drv") store)))"
<yarl>aah, quotation marks... You can do either:
<yarl>(with-store store (valid-path? store
<yarl>(run-with-store (open-connection) (lambda (store) (values (valid-path? store "/gnu/store/zzr7hqy2xp9zjrrwsgypbhyzpxbsg97q-guile-gcrypt-0.3.0.drv") store)))
<cdo256>Thanks yarl!
<yarl>note that in the repl you can also use ,run-in-store and ,enter-store-monad. See "Using Guix Interactively" in the manual.
<yarl>For the operations you can do in the store, look at guix/store.scm
<civodul>jonsger: post-release i'll merge version-1.4.0 into master (like i did post-RC)
<civodul>certainly not the other way around :-)
<iyzsong[m]>cdo256: there is also a wip blog post about derivations by (, current in patch form:
<jonsger>hmpf, okay...
<cdo256>perfect. I'll be reading for days :)
<rekado>a *lot* of modules seem to be missing. Perhaps they are all built in?
<rekado>things like uas, usb-storage, usbhid…
<rekado>this doesn’t look right
<f3n1x>hi guixers ! i thought that they were found in the 'net-tools' package, but they are not ! Where do utilities like 'dig' packaged into ?
<f3n1x>thanks, thanks, thanks
<jlicht>f3n1x: dig (and friends) are found in the "bind:utils" package+output
<f3n1x>ACTION loves the gnu project in general and the guix community in particular 
<jlicht>regarding the inevitable 'how was I supposed to intuit that', some work is being done to support an index of sorts from filename <--> package
<f3n1x>oh ..nice to know.
<f3n1x>ACTION runs 'guix install bind' ...
<f3n1x>but 'dig' leads to command not found. What am i missing ?
<jlicht>bind:utils * ;-)
<jlicht>guix packages have outputs, they show up when you `guix show bind'.
<f3n1x>uh... which sorcery is this ': * ' ? xD
<f3n1x>some regixpy thing maybe ? Oh
<jlicht>f3n1x: here's the story :)
<f3n1x>aah, nice to know !
<mubarak>Hi guix :)
<mubarak>for a month and half now I see that in "Latest" guix x86-64 images doesn't have ext4(mkfs.ext4) filesystem support by default. Is btrfs filesystem going to be the default filesystem?
<civodul>mubarak: hi! there was a bug whereby mkfs.ext4 was not in $PATH by default but it's fixed now AFAIK
<sughosha>Hi all, I am trying to update zrythm to the latest beta version, but the problem I am facing is that it requires [libpanel]( which is available for GNOME 43. I would like to know if GNOME 43 update in Guix is planned yet.
<mbakke>civodul: I remember a discussion about a linux-libre-virtual kernel years ago and finally found some motivation: :-)
<mbakke>I think the only major difference from the current kernel is CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE
<civodul>mbakke: neat!
<the_tubular>Where can I read how to use the targets keywoard and not target ?
<the_tubular>on how *
<haugh>(guix records) is really an amazing lib that changed the way I think about the role of the record type. I wish it was part of Guile core.
<haugh>civodul, you worked on this module for 10 years?! It shows. Inspiring stuff.
<KarlJoad>I know I have asked this a lot, but I still have not found a solution yet. Can you put guix deploy descriptions in a channel?
<jgart[m]>KarlJoad: In a Guix channel you mean? You want to put new guix deploy machine implementations in a Guix channel?
<jgart[m]>If so, you can put any code in a Guix channel so yes
<KarlJoad>Yes. I have a system defined for my cuirass server, and set up to be deployed. I have defined it as a module too (using (define-module)). But I get an exception about a syntax error for the operating-system field in the machine list.
<KarlJoad>The error only happens on a pull.
<jgart[m]>Can you share the git repo for it or a pastebin?
<KarlJoad>I can share a pastebin for the failing deploy file in question; I shouldn't share the channel here. Non-free stuff is in there.
<KarlJoad>The rest of channel works, because in another branch I have the deploy systems removed, and the channel pulls fine.
<KarlJoad>Another question about channels. How can I get a channel to build an operating-system configuration? I want my CI server to build my laptop's configuration, but am not sure how to go about it.
<the_tubular>Anyone using guix on arm ?
<lembrun[m]>Anyone got experience using sysrq on guix? I'm trying to debug why my system hangs on reboot/shutdown
<lembrun[m]>When I'm pressing trying to dump the current list of process with sysrq nothing is happening
<nckx>Guix's MAGIC_SYSRQ options are identical to mine, which work.
<nckx>Is /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq 1? Can you trigger events through /proc/sysrq-trigger?
<lembrun[m]>Well I do use the magic shortcut Alt+Print+{reisub etc}
<nckx>Have you used the same key combo successfully on this exact keyboard before?
<lembrun[m]>I can reboot/shutdown just fine
<lembrun[m]>with sysrq
<lembrun[m]>nckx: it's a brand new thinkpad
<lembrun[m]>but alt+prtscreen+l does not list anything
<lembrun[m]>it prints something like dumping list of processes
<lembrun[m]>but doesn't actually do it
<lembrun[m]>it's weird though
<lembrun[m]>the hangs don't happen every single time
<nckx>L should show backtraces per CPU, not a list of processes.
<lembrun[m]>yeah or whatever it was, the point is it's not showing anything
<nckx>Does this apply to all commands like W, T, etc.?
<nckx>I mean, maybe your kernel really is hung completely?
<lembrun[m]>no no
<lembrun[m]>I can still sysrq into reboot or shutdown
<lembrun[m]>i can switch tty
<nckx>Ah, OK.
<lembrun[m]>i can still see the blinking cursor
<lembrun[m]>it really is some kind of process that is stuck i think
<lembrun[m]>it's just that any sysrq command that is supposed to log/dump
<lembrun[m]>isn't working for whatever reason
<lembrun[m]>isn't working means no log/backtrace
<nckx>Hm. SysRq+T works on tty2 here (and hangs my machine and disconnects me from IRC :), but not on tty1…
<lembrun[m]>and for whatever reasons I don't get the hang anymore ....
<lembrun[m]>it show the list on the console?
<lembrun[m]>when I do sysrq+t on tty1
<lembrun[m]>I get show state
<lembrun[m]>but nothing after that
<lembrun[m]>note that it's the latest kernel from the thing not to pronounce here
<lembrun[m]>ah it
<lembrun[m]>shows up in messages
<lembrun[m]> * did
<nckx>But that won't help you debug a shutdown.
<nckx>Or do your logs still get saved?
<lembrun[m]>they get saved
<lembrun[m]>my messages is ~110k lines
<lembrun[m]>oh and it's hanging right now
<nckx>Is there a simple (elf-file? "/foo") predicate?
<cwebber>there has to be a better way to do this ;)
<cwebber>what's the best way to say "hey I want to download this git repo and find out what the hash is for this dev version I'm defining right now"
<singpolyma>cwebber: make package, copy any hash, replace bunch of digts with 0, try to build. Error message gives your correct hash ;)
<cwebber>that's what I do lol
<jlicht>cwebber: I usually do some local perusin' with some license detection tooling as well, so for that situation, you can just `guix hash -xr .'
<jlicht>but that assumes an clean checkout at the commit/tag you're packaging already existing
<mubarak>I'm thinking of mounting /dev/sdb2 to ~/my-files directory, instead of mounting it to /home. My question is can guix create my-files in my
<mubarak>home directory and mount sdb2 to it?   here is an example
<KarlJoad>How can I get a channel to build an operating-system configuration? Do I need to make a package out of it? I want my Cuirass server to build my laptop's configuration, but am not sure how to go about it.
<lembrun[m]>it's a shame the log don't tell me much about the hang : (
<lembrun[m]>besides kworker and shepherd there is nothing
<lembrun[m]>I don't get the hangs on a live usb with guix
<mekeor[m]>KarlJoad: i wonder if reading through the "maintenance" repository could help you. dunno
<mekeor[m]>mubarak: i doubt that ~ will be expanded correctly
<mekeor[m]>mubarak: check out create-mount-point? in the manual. it's an option of file-system
<KarlJoad>mekeor[m]: I read through it, and as far as I could tell, the maintenance repo is just behind-the-scenes host orchestration. I think Guix hosts the information to build operating-system images inside Guix itself.
<KarlJoad>I am glad to see Guix's CI is failing to build Hurd images with the same error I am.
<oriansj>KarlJoad: always makes me wonder how the developer did the build before doing their commit
<oriansj>and did they remember to do guix build --rounds=10 to check for nondeterminism
<KarlJoad>oriansj: As someone said last night, it might be a cross-compile thing. libtirpc fails on linking because of a file format error.
<jeko>Yo Guix !
<ham5urg>What do you think hinders Guix to gain total world domination?
<singpolyma>ham5urg: ambition?
<civodul>lack of ambition would be a hindrance, but there's no such lack
<civodul>lack of a mascot?
<ham5urg>Is it missing service definitions?
<singpolyma>civodul: I don't mean to say guix community lacks ambition certainly, but ambition for world domination perhaps
<KarlJoad>ham5urg: I would also say that Nix has a more dominant position (being introduced a decade earlier), with a less pragmatic approach to packaging. That is not to say Guix's packaging is wrong, just Nix's can be more convenient for the average user too.
<ham5urg>I like the way Guix handles packages.
<civodul>singpolyma: heh sure :-)
<jeko>how can I tell guix home to not alter my .profile ? haha
<singpolyma>jeko: chattr +I .profile
<KarlJoad>I like the way Guix handles them too. More the _types_ of programs packaged. I prefer Guix's way, as I found good replacements for some of the non-free ones I used to use, but other people may not be so willing.
<ham5urg>The only think Guix misses from my point of view are service definitions. Maybe I'm wrong and have yet to discover more.
<jeko>singpolyma: that's a way ! thank you