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<gabber>is it possible the official Guix 1.3 Image tries to install linux-libre-5.4.20-gnu.tar.xz -- which is now called linux-libre-5.4.20X.tar.xz? has that upstream link changed recently?
<arescorpio>$ uname -r
<arescorpio>6.0.7-gnu ( linux-libre )
<apteryx>rekado: I had tried restarting nginx, and it seems shepherd got stuck; I can't 'herd status' anymore
<apteryx>and nginx is not serving pages
<apteryx>I guess we can reboot for the nth time
<user>ther some anothr herd runnign ?
<user>try to sudo strace herd status
<user>maybe filtering for open
<apteryx>yeah, I'm root
<user>it pproabbyl will try to open the unix socket to connect to shepherd
<apteryx>it's dead
<apteryx>strace shows it's stuck waiting for a read
<apteryx>I've rebooted berlin
<user>Oh :(
<user>I will sayd to check if connection if failling
<user>but if it trying to read th connection is ok
<apteryx>shepherd was upgraded today to resolve a memory leak; I hope it doesn't introduce anothing problem
<apteryx>rekado: heya, apologies for the ping, but it seems the qla2xxx adapters are failing again :-/
<apteryx>ok, managed to boot berlin again but it's flaky
<apteryx>rekado: you'll have to do your screen dance for the issues<-debbugs rsync
<apteryx>pkill9: fyi, jami was just updated to 20221031.1308.130cc26 in 008f3a28c6
<crono>Quick question about package outputs in defining a package. I dont understand on how to specify what you want seperated from the regular output? I wanted to see if I could seperate the gnu hurd program from the documentation (in hopes to not install the whole program?).
<crono>Just for example, looking at the gettext-minimal definition, I dont see anything specifing the 'doc' part of what is commented as 9MiB of docs.
<lilyp>crono: depends on your build system, if you're e.g. using gnu-build-system the regular way, things should already be set up
<lilyp>if you have some weird makefile that you're fitting into it, you'll have to move things after install, see e.g. the ???move-doc??? phase in some packages
<ennoausberlin>Hello guix
<anschlussy>I think I've got COVID, so now I have an excuse to read the manual.
<ennoausberlin> sis still down. So I want to report that bcl is broken on aarch64 again.
<ennoausberlin>*sbcl of course
<ennoausberlin>This happens way too often. Whoever updates the sbcl?? package definition please check if other architectures are building before pushing it. stumpwm and nyxt are dependent on it.
<unmatched-paren>morning guix!
<mekeor[m]>hello :)
<mekeor[m]>anschlussy: get well soon!
<mekeor[m]>channel-with-substitutes-available should accept multiple servers and also should be able to specifically check if there substitutes for the packages installed on the system
<anschlussy>thanks, mekeor[m]
<rekado>apteryx: I don???t see anything indicating a hardware problem in the hardware logs.
<rekado>apteryx: we should aim to get the websites onto bayfront so we can reboot the machine at will
<rekado>or onto 129
<rekado>if there???s a hardware problem Dell will request diagnostics, and collecting the diagnostics report might lead to reboots
<cbaines>bayfront is already building the website, and has been doing for a while
<rekado>I mean: actually flipping the switch to serve the sites from there
<cbaines>indeed, I think some of the needed work was done, but maybe not all
<nckx>...after I do that and refresh for the eleventieth time, it responds. Still, looks like I chose the perfect weekend for a relaxing holiday.
<nckx>Still QLA nonsense?
<yarl>I wonder how to clean /run/current-system/profile/lib/guile/3.0/site-ccache/guix/status.go as it is a read-only filesystem.
<yarl>I am playing with geiser and it keeps complaining about source file newer than compiled.
<minima>(not very important: i had the impression that org was included in emacs by default, but i see there's actually a separate guix package for it, emacs-guix?)
<minima>hrm... sorry... emacs-org
<cbaines>minima, the version included in emacs and the one packaged separately are different
<cbaines>I think the one included in emacs is generally older
<minima>cbaines ah, understood, thanks!
<lizog>i'm trying to pack a python-written software, but using gnu-build-system(they use Makefile to install instead of how am i going to make the python scripts properly find their dependent packages?
<lizog>ok i got the mistake... when doing wrap-program i typed `GUIX_PYTHONPATH' as `GUIX_PYTHON_PATH'
<lizog>which file should i place if i'm packing
<awb999>which speed do you guys get when downloading substitutes?
<awb999>I am getting 100k-250k download speeds,
<awb999>which means every build that needs substitutes needs hours to download.
<awb999>this makes it really hard to make the smallest changes to my config,
<awb999>as I have to wait hours after a small change...
<awb999>and it happens EVERY DAY
<awb999>since guix changes so often...
<rekado>awb999: depends on your ISP
<rekado>the server has a good connection, as does the data centre, but it???s downhill from there
<rekado>if you want good download speed from everywhere in the world you need distributed caches
<rekado>it???s not something I???ll set up
<awb99_>Distributed caches?
<awb99_>How could that work?
<awb99_>It would help if substitutes would be shared at leastnon the same machine
<awb99_>Or the local network
<awb99_>Guix on one machine needs to download
<awb99_>1. For the system
<awb99_>2. For the user
<awb99_>3. For guix home
<singpolyma>Right now do we even know if substitutes can be served by a static http server?
<awb99_>So if the machine would share them .. this would help
<awb99_>Also multiple maxhines in a network all will need mostly the same substitutes.
<rekado>awb99_: this literally already exists
<awb99_>Which download speed do you guys get?
<singpolyma>It's never been slow enough for me to notice
<singpolyma>But I also only guix pull every few months
<rekado>awb99_: check Invoking ???guix publish??? in the manual, specifically ???--discover???
<rekado>sorry, ???--advertise???
<awb99_>Great! Thanks rekado
<apteryx>awb99_: I get 2-3 MiB/s download speeds from the other side of the Atlantic
<awb999>good to know!
<apteryx>it doesn't feel like the bottle neck
<awb999>must be a bad international internet to south america.
<apteryx>rekado: I see. Hmm. else perhaps some regression in Linux 6.x in qla2xxx, that somehow corrupts the adapter states for a couple reboots? that's far fetch.
<VesselWave>Hey Everyone! I am trying to share one guix system config across multiple machines, base-system: sigma: . But when I try to reconfigure `sudo -E guix system -L ~/dotfiles/.config/guix/systems reconfigure ~/dotfiles/.config/guix/systems/sigma.scm` I get an error `error: base-operating-system: unbound variable hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?`. What could I do?
<VesselWave>Correct links. base-system: sigma:
<PotentialUser-30>i did "guix install nheko" och want video call - got error message : Missing gstreamer plugins: qmlgl
<PotentialUser-30>i think it's in gst-plugins-good and we need compile with QT5 - so what can i do to finally get the ??
<PotentialUser-30>I Meant:
<ae_chep>I have a question: I want to edit the commit msg for a ticket I already submitted. Normally I would do ammend an existing commit. What do I do in this case. I think I do something with "reroll-count" but I haven't fully understood yet
<gnucode>PotentialUser-30: sounds like you need to dig into updating package definitions. Best of luck. I've never done that.
<apteryx>PotentialUser-30: perhaps we can have a gst-plugins-good-qt variant that pulls in qt
<apteryx>it's used in gtk@4 so it's undesirable to have qt in its closure
<PotentialUser-30>File a bug against nheko? Against gst-plugins-good? How is i usually done? Craft a VARIATION ??
<apteryx>yes, a variant package (define gst-plugins-good-with-qt (package (inherit gst-plugins-good) ...))
<PotentialUser-30>Afterwards install gst-plugins-good-with-qt myself or also a variant for nheko that depends on it ?
<apteryx>nheko could use it as inputs instead of gst-plugins-good
<apteryx>assuming nheko is some leaf packgae
<PotentialUser-30>Thanks - i'll try?? - but first i think i have to read a lot...
<formbi>how to make a guile module available to an mcron job in the system config?
<formbi>I'd like to use srfi-19 here
<formbi>but it says that the variables are unbound
<apteryx>could someone please restart ?
<apteryx>I'll recreate my credentials later
<mothacehe>apteryx: done
<gnucode>formbi: that sounds like a fun project. What are you trying to do ?
<mothacehe>I sent a mail about CI credentials on guix-sysadmin
<formbi>gnucode: I'm trying to make a job which creates a btrfs snapshot and names it with a timestamp
<apteryx>mothacehe: thanks!
<gnucode>formbi: woah! you don't start out small do you? hahah
<apteryx>eew, gst-plugins-bad depend on python2 through fluidsynth and lash
<formbi>I think it shouldn't be hard (see the link), but the jobs don't seem to have access to guile modules
<apteryx>mothacehe: they simply expired, right?
<apteryx>formbi: I believe there's an example about how to do that in the manual
<mothacehe> yes but we also lost the machinery to create them in the berlin SAN transition
<apteryx>ah! oops
<apteryx>perhaps we should commit that machinery to the maintenance repo
<formbi>apteryx: in mcron or guix?
<apteryx>formbi: for an mcron job when using it with guix system
<gnucode>formbi : info guix RET i mcron RET
<VesselWave>mekeor[m]: You aswered me about org mode issue. My config is based on daviwil's: Mine is work in progress, it even can't be used to reconfigure :)
<gnucode>you may need to add in a (add-to-load-path (dirname (current-filename)))
<formbi>apteryx: ah, I see it
<mirai>What's the cause for "guix system: error: primary group 'x' of user '#<<location> file: myconfig.scm' is undeclared"?
<mirai>I'm using define-configuration and have default-values defined so it shouldn't be the case
<formbi> that should do the job, right?
<VesselWave>mekeor[m]: Try to download his config and put cursor after '>' symbol in %my-desktop-services declaration. It will be hightlighted, but it shouldn't.
<gnucode>I'm starting to realize that as I code a service in define-record-type* and try to make it super awesome... I am slowly (without realizing it) poorly rewritting (define-configuration).
<mirai>Do I need to use sudo with './pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure' when writing a new service definition?
<apteryx>to try them out with your system? yes
<apteryx>you'll also need to prefix with sudo -E
<apteryx>I'd recommend writing a test first, though
<euandreh>mirai: yes, because it'll change root owned things in /var/guix/
<apteryx>else you could end up with a stuck shepherd and an unusable system
<mirai>apteryx: test?
<apteryx>(you can always boot to the previous gen though)
<apteryx>mirai: system test
<apteryx>'make check-system TESTS=jami' for example
<euandreh>or launch a container
<mirai>do I add "sudo" to "guix environment guix --pure --ad-hoc ..." ?
<euandreh>no need
<euandreh>even a `./pre-inst-env guix system build ...` works without sudo, because up untill then you're only adding data to the store
<mirai>euandreh: I get an error message of "guix system: error: primary group 'x' of user '#<<location> file: myconfig.scm' is undeclared"
<mirai>which I am not sure if its due to the lack of sudo
<euandreh>mirai: when running `guix environment guix`?
<mirai>apteryx: It doesn't seem to do anything
<mirai>mirai: yes
<mirai>euandreh: yes
<euandreh>hmm, I think the problem is something else. Are the permissions on "myconfig.scm" 644?
<euandreh>mirai: oh, but myconfig.scm is at the end of the `guix environment guix` command. What is the full line that is giving you an error?
<a12l>Is there a way to generate a default config? Testing Guix out as a package manager on NixOS.
<euandreh>mirai: that will need a sudo
<euandreh>probably sudo -E
<euandreh>a12l: with guix as a package manager, there is no configuration file to generate
<euandreh>you can use Guix Home, and have a configuration for that
<euandreh>or maybe a file with a list of packages
<euandreh>a12l: but the nixos-generate-config equivalent is for the full OS, the Guix System
<euandreh>a12l: when installing Guix System, the TUI installer generates an initial configuration for you
<a12l>euandreh: Thanks!
<euandreh>but there are examples for the OS config in the Guix Cookbook, and examples of the home environment in the manual
<mirai>euandreh: what was the container approach you were saying before
<euandreh>a12l: np
<mirai>is there a easier way to test changes that can potentially break the system?
<euandreh>mirai: just swap "reconfigure" for "container"
<euandreh>`./pre-inst-env guix system container ~/xfer-guix/systems/test-nuc.scm`
<euandreh>It drops you in a container with that configuration
<euandreh>I'd say this is the simplest one
<mirai>the pre-inst-env script is executed within the "guix environment" or outside of it?
<mirai>I'm getting the same error with "system container" (running from within the guix environment)
<unmatched-paren>evening guix!
<gnucode>unmatched-paren: what up!
<tex_milan>Hi, how do you debug scm? I have my package and I know that one package is causing the issue, but on first sight there is nothing I see wrong. Error I get is just about unbound variable.
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: it's hard to debug guile
<unmatched-paren>unfortunate flaw
<tex_milan>I noticed! I hoped there is some trick :D Or validator.
<unmatched-paren>nope, sorry :)
<unmatched-paren>what's the full error? ( it pls)
<tex_milan>in procedure proc: unbound variable NAME_OF_MY_PACKAGE
<unmatched-paren>could you paste the package file?
<tex_milan>did you forget a `use-modules' form?
<unmatched-paren>whole file, please
<tex_milan>every other package in that file works, when I comment out the python-tflite-runtime
<tex_milan>it is possible to install tflite-runtime with pip3 and it works
<euandreh>mirai: back again. Looking at the latest pastebin link you sent, the error wasn't permission related
<euandreh>but of a missing group
<awb99_>When I build a guix image I would like to include some directories at build time. This directories should be say in /var/app1. A lot of times I need to add something that is not managed by guix.
<awb99_>Say I am writing annimage tona sd card
<awb99_>It would be really helpful to automatically add some files to it.
<mirai_>euandreh: do I need to explicitly add the group to operating-system ?
<mirai_>does the service not automatically create it?
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: hmm... i'm not sure what's happening :(
<euandreh>mirai: you shouldn't have to add the group maually. I guess the service is creating it by extending "account-service-type"?
<mirai>it already is extending it
<mirai>unless I'm doing something really wrong here
<euandreh>it looks really fine
<euandreh>mirai: does it get enabled correctly without you adding the group to any user?
<mirai>it doesn't get past system container or reconfigure
<bdju>anyone else using ranger and getting this error when moving over files? Loader work process failed: Getting preview of ... (file name here)
<mirai>I am running all of this from within the guix environment for guix development as described at
<euandreh>mirai: does it give you the same error if you inline the string "mympd" in line 130, 132 and 133?
<euandreh>lines referring to
<mirai>it's starting to fetch substitutes after inlining
<mirai>I presume it's starting to work?
<euandreh>I guess so
<mirai>?? why does inlining fix it?
<mirai>there are defaults already defined though?
<euandreh>mirai: were you using the default values when enabling the service?
<mirai>I used
<euandreh>mirai: well, the only funny thing that led me to try inling is that I think you want to change line 130 from "(name user)" to "(name group)"
<tex_milan>#unmatched-paren any idea how to debug that?
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: there's nothing that immediately comes to mind... :(
<euandreh>mirai: otherwise having values for user/group that aren't identical would break that config
<mirai>euandreh: even though the strings for both user and group are the same?
<mirai>I am not too sure of that code segment myself, I took it from
<euandreh>well, I was trying to guess that you had different values for that, and that was the reason it was breaking
<euandreh>mirai: I think that you just found a bug :)
<mirai>euandreh: bug in gitolite or in guix?
<mirai>meanwhile the container command has finished, what's "next"?
<euandreh>for the case where one doesn't use the default value for the config, and choose different strings for user and group
<euandreh>mirai: well, it drops you into the container, no?
<mirai>eeeh, I have no idea
<mirai>it still has the same "prompt" as before
<euandreh>mirai: if you type exit, does it close the shel?
<mirai>it quit the environment
<civodul>hi! does anyone experience the bug whereby "herd restart nginx" causes shepherd to block?
<civodul>i'm looking for additional debugging info
<euandreh>civodul: I had this problem once, when I was interacting with the shepherd on the activation script of a service. Things like "(restart-service ...)"
<euandreh>mirai: see, I know it was just staring at us
<euandreh>mirai: if you run the container command, it spits a bunch of build data to STDERR, and a single line to STDOUT
<euandreh>mirai: that line is the script to run, that drops you into a container
<euandreh>mirai: so you can just run that by puttin the command in backticks
<euandreh>$ `guix system container ...`
<mirai>ah, right
<mirai>it was obscured by a warning about remaining system space
<euandreh>yes, a by a bunch of build logs
<mirai>In procedure fport_write: Operation not permitted
<mirai>does this require sudo?
<euandreh>IIRC, i think it does
<mirai>euandreh: if you want, you can open the bug report for gitolite as I'm not too sure about how it's supposed to work
<euandreh>mirai: ACK, I'll send a patch and Cc you
<mirai>euandreh: thanks
<euandreh>civodul: I'll try to recreate it in a vm, and I'll send it to you if I do
<euandreh>mirai: np :)
<mirai>how do I ignore the exception thrown by delete-file-recursively when the directory doesn't exist?
<unmatched-paren>mirai: why not (when (file-exists? "dir") (delete-file-recursively "dir"))?
<mirai>unmatched-paren: that can work too
<lop>Hi, I'm having an issue with Gnome not working when I login whenever I pull and then reconfigure
<unmatched-paren>lop: you have any gnome extensions?
<lop>I didn't install any myself, how would I check for them?
<unmatched-paren>oh, if you didn't install any you don't have any
<lop>I had this Gnome issue about two months ago, my solution since then has been to just not pull and update my whole system
<euandreh>mirai: I just realized I don't have you email address XD
<euandreh>mirai: I just sent the patch, let me grab the link
<unmatched-paren>lop: could you your system config and guix package --list-installed?
<mirai>euandreh: you need my email?
<lop>I'm in a Sway session right now and I don't know what's going on with the clipboard but I'll try to figure something out
<unmatched-paren>clipboard issues with sway seem to be common here but i've never seen any myself...
<unmatched-paren>maybe it's because i'm using sway 1.7 instead of guix's 1.6
<euandreh>mirai: not anymore XD. Its because I said I'd CC you in the gitolite bug, but only later realized that we were discussing this on IRC
<tex_milan>unmatched-paren: maybe it was due to some whitespace? I copied working package and replaced it with nonworking line by line and guile doesn't complain now. well, pypi-url fails to fetch it... can't find the package on pypi although that package is there and I can install it with pip3 install tflite-runtime...
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: odd
<unmatched-paren> <- i can find it on pypi
<mirai>euandreh: I think I know what's going on with inline/no-inline
<euandreh>what is it?
<mirai>I am using match-lambda for a record but I am not passing all the fields it has
<euandreh>mirai: hmm, that makes sense. Does a (display ...) confirms that?
<mirai>I used the repl
<mirai>it has user: #f and so on
<mirai>so I'm guessing that's it
<tex_milan>yes, it is there, but method url-fetch with uri pypi-uri "tflite-runtime" "2.10.0" can't
<lop>Oh it was just nvim doing something weird
<mirai>I thought match for records would just ignore the missing fields
<tex_milan>could not find its Disarchive specification
<mirai>and pick the first N fields but the repl seems to suggest that's not the case
<lop>This is a pretty atrocious config but the times I finally got things working I usually didn't have any patience left to clean up things
<unmatched-paren>lop: hmm, that looks normal...
<unmatched-paren>lop: could you poke around it /var/log/gdm, perhaps?
<mirai>is there a match-lambda equivalent but only for a subset of a records fields?
<tex_milan>oh, maybe it doesn't have source package, only pre-builded one, that can be installed with pip3
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: i guess you could switch to git-fetch
<tex_milan>python-build-system will try to compile it? not only install binary package?
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: ?
<euandreh>mirai: dunno, it sounds reasonable that one would exist
<euandreh>mirai: it indeed doesn't ignore the first n fields. I knew that and checked the code, but missed it
<euandreh>I thought it was being done correctlu
<euandreh>mirai: here is it
<euandreh>the hardest part is writing a good commit message :)
<mirai>euandreh: neat, thanks
<tex_milan>unmatched-paren: guix import: error: no source release for pypi package tflite-runtime 2.10.0, his indicates that the package is available on PyPI, but only as a "wheel" containing binaries, not source. To build it from source, refer to the upstream repository at `'.
<tex_milan>unmatched-paren: I don't really want to build it from source. it is pain even on normal system I heard
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: if you use the upstream repo with git-fetch, it will build it, yeah
<unmatched-paren>oh? how so?
<lop>unmatched-paren: I'm not sure exactly what to look for, but there's a few greeter files and the last one has "gnome-session-binary[7748]: WARNING: Lost name on bus: org.gnome.SessionManager" before a bunch of connection closed and unloading messages
<mirai>euandreh: how do I later delete the container?
<euandreh>mirai: just "exit" it
<unmatched-paren>lop: when does this happen, specifically? as soon as you log in?
<mirai>euandreh: the script in the store gets automatically gc'd?
<euandreh>not automatically, but eventually
<euandreh>eventually, when you run "guix gc"
<euandreh>not only the script, but also everything it depends on and that it did build to create the script
<lop>unmatched-paren: Yes, once I enter the correct password it just kicks me to an "Oh no! Something went wrong" white screen
<tex_milan>is there some python binary only package in guix? I guess no, right?
<unmatched-paren>tex_milan: no
<tex_milan>ok, I write a note to package description to ask user (me) to install it manually with pip3, that works. thanks for talk!
<tex_milan>is it possible to execute a bash commands in home-manager during reconfiguration? I would put it there.
<unmatched-paren>lop: maybe try ``dconf write /org/gnome/shell/disable-user-extensions true''?
<unmatched-paren>just in case there is somehow an extension in there...
<mirai>euandreh: how can I test a network service (in this case mympd) listening on port 80 within the container?
<mirai>I've got it running and opened a shell to it
<lop>unmatched-paren: I'm getting an error saying I can't autolaunch DBUS without X11 $DISPLAY
<unmatched-paren>lop: maybe you could try using gnome wayland...?
<unmatched-paren>you need to enable gdm-service-type's (wayland? ...)
<unmatched-paren>and select gnome (wayland) in the session menu
<euandreh>mirai: IIRC, you just need to enable networking in the container
<euandreh>use the -N flag
<euandreh>I think it is "guix system -N container ..."
<euandreh>mirai: "-N" or "--network"
<euandreh>yep, that's it, and now a) your container can access the network, and b) you can access the container via the network
<mirai>euandreh: interestingly I get different results for an "equivalent" command
<mirai>I can't access port 80 from the host side :(
<civodul>mirai: FWIW i've also been unable to use nsenter and "guix container exec" lately
<civodul>looks like something broke
<mirai>in fact, not from within the container too
<civodul>worth a bug report
<mirai>-bash-5.1# herd status
<mirai>error: connect: /var/run/shepherd/socket: No such file or directory
<mirai>civodul: I think my guix is still from a few days ago
<mirai>civodul: guix describe: guix c52cdd1, commit: c52cdd18d6f8dddd69dfb1f8b5214a0db6ebb562 (Nov 08 2022)
<mirai>nsenter still functional
<lop>unmatched-paren: Honestly I'm feeling up to just stick with Sway at this point
<lop>I will try switching to sddm and using gnome-wayland if I do need to use it for some reason
<lop>Thank you for helping me try to debug the monstrous labyrinth that is Gnome
<unmatched-paren>lop: Fair. If you want a better login manager, try using greetd-wlgreet-sway-session ;)
<Wurt>unmatched-paren: do you have a working configuration using that login manager? In my laptop the vt terminal using it only shows a blinking cursor.
<rekado>apteryx: a more mundane explanation could be the combination of actual hardware failure on the SAN and our lack of multipath.
<unmatched-paren>Wurt: oh, yeah, you need those greeter-supplementary-groups, you might be missing them
<rekado>apteryx: there is a broken disk in the SAN; by itself that???s not any reason for concern. But there???s ongoing work to replace it and run diagnostics.
<unmatched-paren>although seat isn't needed if you're on elogind
<rekado>this *might* have an impact on systems that are not redundantly connected to the SAN.
<Wurt>unmatched-paren: Thanks, I will try it.
<civodul>apteryx: reading the log, IIRC you rebooted due to shepherd being stuck after "herd restart nginx" or similar
<civodul>there's a known bug in this area that i'm looking at:
<civodul>it non-fatal though: to work around it, "strace -p1" to see the wait4 call, and then kill the PID in there
<civodul>(terrible, i know)
<podiki[m]>civodul: are there any plans for any freezing or big merges for 1.4.0? or just roughly set a tag (for translations?) whenever the last blocking bugs are fixed?
<civodul>podiki[m]: we'll create a branch when we're done with the major bug fixes
<civodul>and there we'll only take important fixes
<civodul>and translation updates
<civodul>(should be a short-lived branch)
<sharlatan>Hi folks, is disagrchive has TLS expired?
<sharlatan>>> guix lint: warning: failed to access Disarchive database at TLS certificate error: X.509 certificate of '' could not be verified:
<podiki[m]>civodul: gotcha. then after that I guess is a core-updates cycle? :)
<podiki[m]>sharlatan: seems that way, shows as expired on 11/11
<vagrantc>have to make sure the stable release is outdated, of course! :)
<sharlatan>By the way I've fix some issue with python-asdf build after recent staging->master merge =), I guess it's the last set of patches fixing it
<civodul>podiki[m]: core-updates merge even, like vagrantc pointed out :-)
<sharlatan>civodul: when it's planned by the way? core->master
<civodul>sharlatan: unfortunately that server is not under the control of the Guix Dream Team
<civodul>sorry, Sysadmin Team
<civodul>sharlatan: it's not planned :-)
<civodul>first trying to get that release out i guess
<podiki[m]>very good, I love the excitement of all the newness in core-updates
<mirai>Is sheperd available within a guix container or do I have to use 'vm' for it?
<podiki[m]>the release will be nice to summarize all the cool work since 1.3.0 (and hopefully be clear to newcomers what we mean by "release", I found that confusing at first)
<sharlatan>May someone have a look at #59113, I'm keen to continue with other Astrop patches in my queue ^.^
<vagrantc>a release for guix seems to be an excuse to get out a fresher installer and also a bootstrapping checkpoint so people don't have to start from ancient guix
<unmatched-paren>Perhaps we could use 1.4.0 as an opportunity to move /manual -> /manual/1.4.0 and /manual/devel to /manual? :)
<vagrantc>and maybe something downstreams can package :)
<vagrantc>ACTION whistles innocently
<podiki[m]>unmatched-paren: agreed; I was thinking have just one manual link, with a note on the first page (and maybe in installing section) that the 1.4.0 snapshot exists for use with initial installation if using the 1.4.0 image
<vagrantc>maybe /manual/current and /manual/VERSION
<vagrantc>or yeah, just the current manual
<podiki[m]>maybe a banner at the top of 1.4.0 (or whatever version) noting it is not meant for current usage after install/guix pull the first time
<vagrantc>the utility of the non-current manual is debateable to anyone other than archaeologists
<sharlatan>or more commont /manual/lates /manual/<version-tag>
<podiki[m]>install is the only reason I can think of
<podiki[m]>though there is info )\
<podiki[m]>(sorry cat)
<podiki[m]>though there is the info manual in the installation environment, can be easier to browser on the web on another device
<vagrantc>wonder if guix pull shouldn't list news items in reverse order ... just got one where the top line was "Linux-libre kernel updated to 6.0" and the bottom was "Linux-libre kernel updated to 5.19" ... almost makes it look like it was downgraded
<vagrantc>not hard to figure out ... but
<podiki[m]>I think reading between the lines, it is tell you to guix pull more often :) (but point taken on say the first pull after being away a while or install)
<vagrantc>with this machine, i pulled about as often as i booted it, can't pull more often than that!
<mirai>is 'herd' not available at all with 'guix system container'? I'd like to test this service definition without breaking the main installation
<pkill9>dunno, but there is guix system vm which should run shepherd