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<Andronikos>nckhexen: Thanks. If I want it to be default I guess I need to set it as alias?
<zeta_reticuli>Anyone installed GuixSD on Libreboot with full disk encryption (including /boot)?
<nckhexen>Andronikos: More likely shell function.
<Andronikos>nckhexen: Thank you.
<nckhexen>zeta_reticuli: It depends. It's only supported with GRUB AFAIK.
<Andronikos>If I uninstall a package it will be still on disk until I run "guix gc" am I right?
<nckhexen>Even after that unless you clean up old generations.
<zeta_reticuli>nckhexen: I found some guides but they incorrect. However, I tried install Guix and it was succefully. But I stuck in Boot Configuration
<nckhexen>Incorrect how? And how did you diverge from them?
<nckhexen>(I assume you're talking about the Guix guide written a few years ago by a Guix contributor.)
<johnabs[m]>Okay, I've figured out some things regarding my hardware acceleration journey, but I'm still stuck :( I can't get VA-API working with firefox, despite having intel-media-driver installed to enable hardware acceleration. And the problem with chromium/electron seems to be DRI3, even though DRI3 appears to be loaded in my Xorg.1.log. I've also tried disabling vsync according to the arch wiki via ~/.drirc, but this fails to address the issue, so
<johnabs[m]>I'm fairly certain it's not that.
<johnabs[m]>I can confirm the vaapi endpoints exist when I run vainfo, but firefox complains on startup that glxtest fails with missing libpci , and that the glxtest VA-API test fails.
<johnabs[m]>Does this seem wack to anybody else??
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<pkill9>it would be cool to have ipfs URIs as sources
<jab>pkill9: what's stopping us from doing that?
<pkill9>jab: probably that no major software projects afaik publish on ipfs
<pkill9>but it would be a neat idea
<pkill9>also guix build servers already mirror software sources, also archives them and guix check shtat
<pkill9>so very low priority, but dectralised software sources would be neat
<jab>pkill9: do you think IPFS will beat GNUnet in terms of decentralized software sources?
<pkill9>idk, but it seems to be pretty popular atm
<pkill9>but really any kind aof decentralised file store
<pkill9>the best, whatever it may be
<pkill9>but decentralised substitutes would be more interesting and more useful
<pkill9>it would mean faster downloads too i think
<pkill9>I think the build server caps at around 2.5mbps for me
<dgcampea>nckhexen: how would the deploy hook look like?
<jab>pkill9: I wonder how much more engineering would need to go into getting that merged...
<johnabs[m]>Trying the modesetting graphics driver, let's hope
<johnabs[m]>No dice q.q
<johnabs[m]>I'm tempted to give up :(
<Guest8069>Hi ya. can someone advise me on this: When I try to change the settings of elogind with sddm in place of gdm, it fails. Link to services section what I get is
<apteryx>johnabs[m]: some drivers are blocked from being accelerated by mozilla, IIRC
<apteryx>you may want to review gpu related things in about:config
<f3n1x>hi guixers ! herd suddenly stopped being able to start a service...
<johnabs[m]><apteryx> "you may want to review gpu..." <- I followed this article to the letter, and the associated HVA article. I verified HVA is enabled, but firefox and chromium apparently can't access them. Here's what I followed: including both installing intel-media-driver(working) checking with va-api(working).
<johnabs[m]>Though I just noticed that the DRI_driver is listed as i965 in my Xorg log file, whereas the arch wiki recommends setting it to IHD?
<apteryx>normally that's automatically detected correctly, I think
<johnabs[m]>Right, but could it be it's detected incorrectly? I know I'm not using libva-intel-driver, as it's not packaged for guix
<johnabs[m]>And I know I didn't have VA-API availability before installing intel-media-driver
<johnabs[m]>So why would it default/detect i965?
<johnabs[m]>As an ancillary question here, is there a "right way" to export environment variables in Guix?
<f3n1x>hi guixers, were does sheperd store its logs ?
*f3n1x found it !. ^^ they are stored in /var/log/messages . Nice to know
<Lumine>johnabs[m]: I might be doing it the wrong way, but I just use bashrc, the correct way would be to declare them with guix home I suppose
<Lumine>I mean, as a personal preference anyway
<Lumine>Ah sorry, that's `guix home` :)
<johnabs[m]><Lumine> "johnabs: I might be doing it the..." <- Thanks Lumine! I do have a quick followup for this part: if I need it exported to run as root, will guix home still take care of it, or will I need to login as root and export it then? (I'm not sure if xorg is being run as root or local user in this case, hence the question)
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<Lumine>Yeah, I just looked it up and it is indeed the wrong way to do it in bashrc, so don't mind me. I'll just slide on over... But see (Essential Home Services) in the manual, johnabs[m]
<Lumine>It explains the environment variable declaration
<johnabs[m]>Oh okay, thanks for pointing me in the right direction :3
<Lumine>No problem
<Lumine>One of these days I'm going to do things the right way
<johnabs[m]>I keep telling myself that too xD
<johnabs[m]>I have a super weird behavior, which I'm assuming likely has to do with HW accel or something, but it's really really weird.
<johnabs[m]>Basically, when I run glxgears as a test, and I use a certain window config on xmonad (tall, it splits my screen down the middle from the top to the bottom), I get a measly 10fps.
<johnabs[m]>When I run it in horizontal mode (windows split line is 90 degrees from the original, splitting from middle left to middle right of the screen) I get nearly 100x that
<johnabs[m]>I am so deeply confused right now xD
<johnabs[m]>Oh, and this behavior persists on things like zoom (icky, I know), or other video intensive packages
<johnabs[m]>This is also seems to be fixing things in my electron apps that usually are only fixed when I use the --disable-gpu flag???
<johnabs[m]>Okay, just a sec, doing some independent testing
<johnabs[m]>Holy crap this is noticeably worse based on certain xmonad tiling configurations...for some reason, but the problem disappears when I either use other tiling configs, OR when I diable hardware acceleration...
<lilyp>johnabs[m]: your hw accel is probably assuming you have full width available
<johnabs[m]>That would explain it with the asymmetric behavior depending on split orientation
<johnabs[m]>I'm guessing it also may have to do with gaps! As I prefer them to non-gapped window manager layouts. I'll look into this more, thanks for the input!
<lechner>Hi, does this provoke the 'lint' remark updater 'generic-git' failed to find upstream releases merely because the repo is untagged? Thanks!
<lilyp>Not every commit is a release ;)
<johnabs[m]>Another weird thing: it seems as though a lack of gaps works fine, even if I have multiple columns...but when a border appears it really hates that
<lechner>lilyp: okay, thanks! in today's world that is not unusual, though
<johnabs[m]>So turning off borders seems to fix it! even though the borders are only like 1px, lol
<sneek>wb lechner!!
<lechner>sneek: botsnack
<johnabs[m]>Oh, nvm
<johnabs[m]>It's the gaps
<lilyp>welp, there you have it, gaps evil
<johnabs[m]>It's always the beautiful ones that try to destroy me, except my wife, either she's the whole package, or she sucks at trying to murder me xD
<lilyp>doesn't sound like too much of a healthy love life
<unmatched-paren>morning guix!
<Luchadoritos>unmatched-paren: )
<Lumine>Good morning #guix
<unmatched-paren>Lumine: hello!
<nckhexen>dgcampea: It was a general answer, and it's what I do from a dehydrated hook, but I don't use certbot & can't advise on specifics.
<ennoausberlin>Hi. I wonder if someone has Moodle or alternatives running under Guix?
<abhicherath[m]>heya, I tried to send a bug report to a couple days back, but it hasn't received a number or shown up on yet, has the email blackholed or something? (Might need to troubleshoot with my email provider in that case).
<abhicherath[m]>In any case,`guix import-crate -r zellij` fails with a Wrong type argument error. here's the paste:
<abhicherath[m]>From what I can determine, it seems to be because it thinks this crate ( doesn't have a repo, but as far as I can see it does? so not sure what's going on, will look deeper next month.
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<nckhexen>We don't operate the servers ourselves but I can ask the folks who do to check their holes. I've sent you a PM.
*nckhexen AFK for the rest of the funday.
<two[m]>it seems guix pull fails with a tls error only in power saving mode
<two[m]>i'll test it with next commit
<lil>Hello guixers
<lil>Anyone want to pack ponylang?
<pkill9>ponylang looks interesting
<lil>it's first time when package one that i'm looking for does not contain in main repo
<AwesomeAdam54321>lil: I can give packaging it a try
<lil>AwesomeAdam54321: it would be nice
<two[m]>is there a package for gnat?
<yarl>I am trying to install guix system.
<yarl>I first tried with "standard". Everything worked fine but when I am at "after install" and try to `guix pull` there is a git error mentionning that certificates are wrong. nss-certs were installed in the system configuration. I tried re-installing them and le-certs too, this did not work. I am trying with "Latest". This time the installation fails during "Checking connectivity" but switching to a vt shows that I am
<yarl>connected and I can ping
<yarl>I only used guix as package manager until now. This is my first attempt to install guix system.
<antipode>In what way are they wrong?
<antipode>I.e., could you share the error message (with or such)
<antipode>Nevermind, I now read you restarted the installation and installation is goind wrong
<antipode>Still, could you share in which way installation fails during that step?
<morganw>yarl: At a guess, the cert error was because the time and date was wrong. Possibly the CMOS battery in the computer is flat?
<antipode>You can check the time+date by running 'date'
<antipode>And correct the time+date by running 'date --set=...'
<yarl>morganw: You were right, bios time was wrong.
<yarl>antipode: I just tried again the installation to give you the correct message and this time it worked.. Maybe a temporary problem on guix servers?
<yarl>morganw: I will go back to my previous installation (standard) to check with the correct date.
<antipode>I wouldn't expect the "Checking connectivity" to try to connect to Guix servers.
<antipode>Or do you mean "guix package -u" / "guix pull" / ...?
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<yarl>antipode: I don't know. but I checked internet connection manually, was fine. The installer tui said it was not. I'm only guessing.
<antipode>Correction, looking at the source code of (gnu installer newt network), it actually _does_ check for Guix substitute server!
<yarl>morganw: It's working. Thank you!
<nckhexen>two[m]: No. GNAT is unbootstrappable, but please prove us wrong.
<lechner>Hi, what could be a reason why an opensmtpd-service would autostart on one machine but not another, even though both configurations are nearly identical?
<lilyp>gnat is written in ada, which is the bootstrap nightmare, right?
<nckhexen>That 'nearly' is just sittin' there, waiting for its moment to shine.
<nckhexen>lilyp: AFAIK. We have Ada83(?) but that turned out to be a dead end, or there's a missing link we haven't found.
<nckhexen>lechner: What, specifically, does 'not autostarting' mean? That's shepherd's job, unless opensmtpd throws an error, which should *always* be logged in maillog IME.
<lechner>nckhexen: on one machine, it's not starting after a reboot
<nckhexen>OK, but how.
<lechner>nckhexen: single line in /var/log/messages Oct 22 23:24:36 localhost shepherd[1]: Service smtpd could not be started.
<lechner>maybe it's competing with certbot?
<lechner>this is a mail server
<nckhexen>opensmtpd doesn't log there.
<nckhexen>Check maillog.
*nckhexen at restaurant.
<lechner>nckhexen: enjoy your meal!
<lechner>nckhexen: okay, that was confusing. opensmtp started logging in my declared timezone at the last reboot. (ot was UTC before.) glad that was fixed
<nckhexen>Is excellent.
<lechner>nckhexen: the error is pony express: smtpd: bind: Cannot assign requested address
<lechner>nckhexen: what are you having?
<lechner>and how do you type into irc on a phone?
<lechner>nckhexen: thanks about the hint to maillog. looks like the interface is not yet up
<lechner>nckhexen: the only difference between the two servers is that one uses a truly static IP (and that's the one that works) while the other requests an equally fixed IP via DHCP. I see dhclient: DHCPACK of from but strangely it's after Service networking has been started.
<lechner>i believe line 9 should come before line 5 here
<nckhexen>lechner: <and how do you> POORLY
<nckhexen>So presumably manually (re)starting opensmtpd works fine? Sorry if you already said so. This doesn't look like something I can debug over dessert, unlike opensmtpd.
<pkill9>does GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH allow multiple paths?
<pkill9>suppose I should just test it myself, heh
<nckhexen>'Paths' means multiple so it should.
<nckhexen>* Path, now I'm doing it.
<lechner>nckhexen: so the phone has a drawback, after all
<lechner>nckhexen: yes, restarting works fine.
<lechner>nckhexen: please enjoy dessert first, though!
<nckhexen>lechner: It has nothing but drawbacks.
<lechner>Hi, what is a "purity cost" in mbakke's message here, please?
<pkill9>how do I replicate the `guix package` command in a way that 'intercepts' the packages passed to the `guix package` command?
<pkill9>I looked at the code but it wasn't too clear, and my attempts to doing so didn't ork
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<lilyp>pkill9: what exactly are you trying to intercept here? the command line arguments? the generated manifest?
<pkill9>lilyp: the passed packages
<pkill9>so it takes package specifications, then looks those up to return package objects, I want to replace the packages it looks up with wrapped ones
<unmatched-paren>pkill9: so, transformations?
<pkill9>ah yea
<pkill9>I guess a custom transformation
<lilyp>IIUC (guix scripts packages) has a function that you ought to be able to call with just a bunch of packages
<lilyp>so you only need to write a wrapper script which receives the command line args and parse them – there's also utilties to do that, so it shouldn't be too difficult
<lilyp>there sadly isn't really a hook where you can insert you transformation in-between
<lilyp>but if you're hacking on the guix source itself, you could add one to (guix transformations)
<pkill9>I was hoping to copy pasta that function and modify it to do my transformation
<pkill9>also I don't think parsing cmdline args will help because it takes package specifications
<pkill9>oh you mean use that to receive the cmdline args
<lilyp>i don't think you'd have to handle the command line parsing side when coding up a transformation
<lilyp>that bit is handled by options->transformations
<vagrantc>This look familiar to anyone building guix on x86 32-bit? GC Warning: Out of Memory! Heap size: 3396 MiB. Returning NULL!
<vagrantc>32-bit architectures tend to have limits on any single processing somewhere in the ballpark of 3-4GB ... so ... this is not entirely surprising ...
<vagrantc>that said, it seems like it hasn't yet failed to build, so maybe it has some mitigation for that
<vagrantc>although what is guile doing that requires that much memory to build guix?
<pkill9>lilyp, unmatched-paren: don't suppose you could provide an example script?
<lilyp>sorry, gotta catch some zs
<pkill9>basically want to make a custom package transformation (for all the packages passed) and put that in a guix extension command
<pkill9>like `guix sandboxed-package ...`
<unmatched-paren>pkill9: i'm not sure exactly how i'd do that, i'm afraid
<pkill9>I should just stick with simple crude scripts tbh lol
<pkill9>and generate manifests
<pkill9>so much simpler
<pkill9>and then put that in guix extensions so it's still kinda neat
<florhizome[m]>I‘m having a very weird error: I can’t put my LUKS password in because after grub my keyboard doesn’t seem to work and I tested a bunch of system generations with different kernels now
<florhizome[m]>(In the initrd)
<lechner>florhizome[m]: usb or ps/2?
<florhizome[m]>just the one on the notebook
<florhizome[m]>i guess ps/2
<florhizome[m]>but good idea I plugged a usb keyboard on now and it works
<luis-felipe>Hello, do you know if Andreas Enge comes around here?
<lechner>luis-felipe: i think email is probably better
<luis-felipe>lechner: Actually, I came here because I haven't been able to contact them via email :)
<lechner>luis-felipe: this has a phone number
<luis-felipe>lechner: Ah, thanks, but I just remembered that Simon is part of Guix Europe, and this is regarding the Foundation. I'll ping Tournier :)
<vagrantc>here come some typo corrections
<vagrantc>another poem, courtesy of debian's lintian tool and a small bit of manual massaging:
<vagrantc>arguably, licence is an alternate spelling.
<vagrantc>should probably remove that one
<rekado_>“interpeter” is a nice one