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<mekeor[m]>lechner: kingston SA400S37. i will never buy a kingston ssd. (this one i think i somehow inherited.) because they don't allow firmware upgrades via linux:
<mekeor[m]>lechner: if you have a kingston, drop the S in the model number and search for it on
<rekado>pkill9: override the gnome package in the gnome service type with a modified package that doesn’t propagate all of the gnome packages.
<pkill9>is there anything packaged in guix that allows you to stream files within torrents?
<pkill9>rekado: are you able to set default web browser to ungoogled-chromium? I can't seem to do it
<pkill9>doesn't give me any other option in gnome-shell
<Kabouik>My vainfo is fixed indeed nckhexen, thanks; I don't think I could have found by myself that mesa is installed in the system profile and not i-m-d and libva
<Kabouik>Sorry to answer only now but it needed a reboot before showing up as fixed
<pkill9>maybe it's missing keywords
<tschilptschilp23>Hi guix! I just updated from e05e5342a0baa8a72d3e1b1e3a5d57da13f764b3 to bb3b810167d9ff784770a848a6f86b0cfa9cdfd8 and found some gnome related things to apparently be broken now. 1) Evolution does not recognize my configuration anymore (mail, calendar full-on affected). 2) Secrets (the new passwordsafe) does not open, nor create kdbx files anymore. 3) Gnome-maps can only be opened from a terminal anymore, the launcher does not work.
<vagrantc>tschilptschilp23: have you logged out and back in again?
<vagrantc>gnome relies on some environment variables to be set up, i think
<tschilptschilp23>I've actually restarted multiple times ;)
<tschilptschilp23>because I did not want to believe it
<tschilptschilp23>here's what evolution startup says:
<tschilptschilp23>and this is what secrets says once I create a new database and set a passphrase:
<tschilptschilp23>and this is what secrets says, once I try to open an existing one:
<tschilptschilp23>gnome-music seems to load a little faster though
<pkill9>is there a way to give the option in gdm to run X gnome or wayland Gnome?
<clever>pkill9: last i looked, gdb is just an X client, so the X must already be running (or xwayland?), ive not looked into wayland much yet
<pkill9>nevermind, it already gives me the option
<podiki[m]>hilarious, working on guix container and somehow I guess removed the user name, so the bash prompt is "I have no name!" instead of a user
<clever>podiki[m]: does /etc/passwd exist?
<podiki[m]>clever: seems to happen when using the --bootstrap option; yes /etc/passwd exists
<attila_lendvai>i wish there was a way to avoid updating packages that have no substitutes... there's no way i want to build firefox locally right now. i wish i could just be done with a home reconfigure and see if it fixes nautilus.
<xd1le>hi guix
<cyberkefir>hi guix \0/
<xd1le>o/ cyberkefir
<Schmoho>I am having an unnerving issue using guix as an auxilliary package manager in Mint - I've mostly been using it to install emacs-native-comp packages and this apparently depends on a glibc-2.33 version.
<Schmoho>Now there is a package in the default repos on Mint that I need to install, which after installation fails to start, telling me
<Schmoho> symbol lookup error: /gnu/store/5h2w4qi9hk1qzzgi1w83220ydslinr4s-glibc-2.33/lib/ undefined symbol: __libc_pthread_init, version GLIBC_PRIVATE
<Schmoho>Shouldn't it be impossible for a package installed via apt to be linking against a guix-store libc of all packages?
<attila_lendvai>FTR, this is the nautilus issue (it includes a workaround):
<efraim>Schmoho: do you have LD_PRELOAD set anywhere? That often is the problem
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Schmoho>efraim: I really don't think so. Got to admit, this was the first time I heard of it. Couldn't find it in any shell configs and its not set in env
<Schmoho>Could it be set somewhere else?
<xd1le>o/ civodul
<abrenon>hey guix !!
<xd1le>o/ abrenon
<nashdidan[m]><attila_lendvai> "FTR, this is the nautilus issue..." <- I also reported it, though didn’t get a reply. Also noticed the the sub commands of tracker3 itself don’t exist, as mentioned int the thread. Didn’t try yet but does installing tracker@3 work?
<attila_lendvai>nashdidan[m], i didn't try either, but on the issue it's reported not to work.
<nashdidan[m]>attila_lendvai: Ok, thanks. Indeed it doens't work, though your workaround does!
<numerobis>Hi #guix. Since my last update of guix, I have an issue with gitolite. It seems that when I create a new repository, the "hook" folder is not present, which leads to an error. See Has anyone else experienced this issue?
<civodul>numerobis: hi! what's in /var/lib/gitolite/.gitolite/hooks/common ?
<numerobis>civodul: there is one default hook called "update"
<numerobis>Woops, no sorry, I misremembered. The folders contains two folders: "common", which contains "update", and "gitolite-admin", which contains "post-update".
<numerobis>In fact my first answer was correct, sorry for the confusion.
<cbaines>numerobis, how are you creating the new repository?
<numerobis>The file /var/lib/gitolite/.gitolite/hooks/common does exist, so i wonder what could cause the symlinking to fail.
<numerobis>cbaines: I `git init` and `git commit` on my laptop, then `git remote add origin gitolite@hostname:reponame`, then `git push`. When I check in /var/lib/gitolite/repositories, I see that the repository does get created, but the hooks subfolder in .git is missing.
<sektor[m]>Good morning.
<cbaines>numerobis, so you're not interacting with the gitolite-admin repository?
<numerobis>cbaines: not when creating a repo. I have a rule in my gitolite config to enable the creation of repos in this manner, see e.g.
<numerobis>got to go but I'll reconnect later. Thank you civodul and cbaines!
<sektor[m]>This is not how I wanted to start the morning off...
*sektor[m] posted a file: (1KiB) < >
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<abrenon>I'm trying to install a piece of software with outdated dependencies. I may have located a commit in guix' history when the required versions are all still present
<abrenon>I'm using guix time-machine to try and get an environment where the dependencies are available
<abrenon>would that work to actually build the package from a proper guix definition (as in, a .scm file) or would I need to understand inferiors and such to achieve this ?
<sektor[m]>I'm honestly not sure; I am re-getting started with Guix TBH.
<abrenon>thanks ! Don't worry I'm still reading the doc about inferiors again, but just thought I'd asked in case anyone had some clear insight
<sektor[m]>I'm wondering if when you inherit from the installation os and modify things if it makes a separate boot menu. I don't see any of the packages I put into it.
<sektor[m]>That and I don't think it took my kernel changes, either.
<abrenon>that's suspicious: it most probably didn't work at all
<sektor[m]>I wonder where it borked.
<abrenon>AFAIU writing the declaration of a system by inheriting from another one shouldn't have any impact on the grub boot menus
<abrenon>the separate entries should only appear as you create new generations of your system
<abrenon>so if you've built a new generation with this new declaration inheriting the install media, then it should've indeed created a new entry, but it should be the one by default in any case
<abrenon>have you done `guix system reconfigure` and not only `guix system build` ?
<sektor[m]>Curious. I should put the file somewhere. I'm pretty confused.
<sektor[m]>This is virtual; I'm bootstrapping msyelf a bit.
<abrenon>I see
<abrenon>more complex situations are always good reasons to forget easy things and hit friction
<abrenon>so please tell us more about your process, maybe you'll realize something obvious as you do : )
<sektor[m]>Hopefuly once I've got these ironed out we can get them into Guix proper.
<sektor[m]>First I need to make a new kernel, with two modules.... (full message at <>)
<sektor[m]>Then there's the matter of building an instsaller image with that kernel available.... (full message at <>)
<sektor[m]>Naturally, there's the issue of getting audio working and writing the actually espeakup service, but gotta walk before running.
<abrenon>ok, I've never compiled my kernel myself but this looks good
<abrenon>I suppose the truncated begining is a (define %linux-a11y-options ?
<abrenon>oh, so you're actually building an installer, not configuring your system
<abrenon>ok so you have this system definition you showed me, and you successfully got an .iso out of it ?
<sektor[m]>I got an iso; I wouldn't call ti a success.
<abrenon>: )
<abrenon>when this iso is booted, it only has one menu entry, which should be the one for your new system
<abrenon>the system successfully boots (again, for some definition of "successfully")
<abrenon>but it's nothing like the system described in the definition ?
<sektor[m]>No. I tried which w3m, got command not found. Also the speakup and alsamixer programs are missing.
<abrenon>ok so probably a mistake somewhere else I guess ? another iso got burnt ? physical media has some weird setup which still uses an old boot config from a different partition where the regular installer happens to be located ?
<abrenon>what system are you using guix from ?
<abrenon>(as in, the command line eating the system declaration)
<sektor[m]>Arch right now; I'm booting them in Libvirt now.
<abrenon>ok… : /
<abrenon>no idea what could be going wrong but I still think it must be something relatively obvious
<sektor[m]>Agreed; the trick is to figure out where I went wrong.
<sektor[m]>Incidentaly, is there a way to have qemu write to the terminal? I noticed tye system vm optin, but after a time the screenreader on the host only said "terminal".
<abrenon>you could mount the iso and look directly in the filesystem to check the obvious : additional packages are there
<abrenon>sorry I don't remember precisely but I've stumbled on that a couple days ago
<abrenon>there's a way to ask for qemu's -nographic option
<abrenon>but I don't remember if it's a default or something with another option
<abrenon>found it ! --no-graphic
<abrenon>in guix system's options
<abrenon>anyone knows what py2app is or how it works ? I've got this application I'm trying to package which says to run python py2app
<abrenon>I can run it directly when entering a container with the right dependencies (it breaks further down the line but that's another matter)
<abrenon>but when I try to launch the build autonomously with guix build, the environment seems to think it's missing a py2app pip package and trying to retrieve that from the network
<itd_>abrenon: wild guess:
<abrenon>yeah, I've found it on pip too
<abrenon>what I don't understand is that it looks like a MacOS tool so I don't understand why it'd be required to compile the software I want for linux
<abrenon>what I even less understand is why the installation script doesn't seem to be trying to install it from the container, as if it was somehow already available ?!
<abrenon>which is why I wanted to ask if anyone had any prior knowledge of it and how it's used
<sektor[m]>Maybe the thing wasn't cross-platformed properly, and had a Mac-first design?
<abrenon>I'm afraid it must be something like that : (
<acrow>Good to be back with guix.
<sektor[m]>Interesting, I should put some of the logs here from Qemu somewhere; I think it hit something fatal.
<abrenon>sektor[m]: has the --no-graphic option been of any use ?
<sektor[m]>It was mainly so I can read what's going on.
<sektor[m]>I don't think it was able to boot.
<sektor[m]>I need to do this in eshell though to read the log in it entirity.
<apteryx>ocaml-craml is broken, in case some ocaml person would like to fix it up :-)
<civodul>the story of upgrading from an old daemon at is depressing
<civodul>i wonder how many people were left behind like this
<attila_lendvai>civodul, i've done quite some thinking about the same issue, but with self-hosting programming languages. there's a chain of evolutionary stages of the language that can bootstrap each other in a row, but skipping one is not possible. i've decided to make these explicit in consequtively named git branches. my experiments are documented here:
<attila_lendvai>in parallel (i think) a guix pull can only pull up to so many commits before it needs to build and replace itself to pull further
<apteryx>civodul: not ideal for sure, but I'm not surprise upgrading from guix-daemon (GNU Guix) 1.0.1 doesn't work
<pkill9>is there a tool for both reading and sending to mailing lists?
<apteryx>perhaps we should add a --re-install option to our script that would be handy in these cases
<apteryx>or --force
<apteryx>or simply prompt: 'GNU Guix installation already detected; overwrite it? (y/N)'
<antipode>pkill9: For _reading_, there is public-inbox and your usual e-mail program.
<antipode>For writing, there is "git send-email" and your usual e-mail program
<antipode>Other tools might exist as well but I don't know of them
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<rekado>civodul: I recently upgraded an ancient Guix installation.
<rekado>the easiest way to do that was *not* to use “guix pull” with intermediate commits, but to substitute a recent Guix via derivation
<rekado>I went to, looked at a recent build of the “guix” jobset, and substituted the derivation.
<rekado>then started the daemon from there and used the guix from there to run “guix pull”
<rekado>in my experience that’s much faster and much more convenient than to hop from commit to commit.
<dthompson>rekado: hey that's a neat trick! every now and then I try to update an ancient installation and it's certainly tricky
<apteryx>rekado: clever!
<clever>apteryx: ? :D
<pkal>I am trying to build an installation image using "guix system image", but this error keeps occuring: It says "No space left on device", but df -h /gnu/ keeys saying I have over 300 GB left.
<mothacehe>pkal: what about your /tmp?
<pkal>mothacehe: 1.6 GB
<mothacehe>the image is built in /tmp so 1.6 GB may not be enough
<pkal>Is there any way to say "use the current working directory"? I couldn't find anything in the manual from a quick search
<mothacehe>maybe by tweaking TMPDIR as proposed here: but I never tried that
<mohamed>I can't install the "rust-cargo" package, guix home is telling me that he can't find the name even when I add "gnu packages crates-io"
<pkal>mothacehe: Sadly that didn't seem to work, or at least it seems like I have to restart the entire daemon with a custom TMPDIR
<unwox>mohamed: try rust-cargo-0.53
<mothacehe>yes restarting is required, can't you bind mount /tmp to some disk backed directory?
<civodul>rekado: clever! problem is that the recent guix won't have gzipped substitutes, so that wouldn't work in the case above
<civodul>attila_lendvai: that's inspiring; so far we manage for 'guix pull' to not have an intermediate step, by assuming a small subset of Guile/Guix APIs will "always" be available
<civodul>but maybe at some point we'll need to do what you describe
<pkal>mothacehe: Looks like that worked, thanks for the tip!
<mothacehe>pkal: great :) we should probably add a daemon warning when /tmp is full/too small
<tricon>the Guix logo and the "kaleidescope" aesthetic for the 10-year are so, so good. kudos to the designers.
<pkal>^^ Or an option to reconfigure what output directory to use...
<pkal>Especially when like in the case of "guix system image" the output of the command is just a single file.
<nckhexen>Guix always stores (heh) output in the store.
<pkal>nckhexen: I just realised that the output file wasn't in TMPDIR, but under /gnu/. My bad.
<tricon>nckhexen: noted, thank you!
<apteryx>mothacehe: hi! looking at pending builds at, there are more than 50k at teh moment, and this number seems to stay around 40k even when the build farm is idling; what is this symptomatic of?
<nckhexen>Are you sure aarch64 ever idles? I've seen offline & busy, never idle 😛
<apteryx>nckhexen: kreuzberg is forever idling
<apteryx>isn't that an aarch64 machine?
<rekado>do you have access to all of the aarch64 nodes?
<civodul>the "upgrade old daemon" story turns into an adventure:
<nckhexen> says yes.
<rekado>if there’s a need to visit the data centre to take a look at them, please let me know and I’ll see when I can schedule it.
<civodul>rekado: most likely kreuzberg is building but ci.guix is unable to retrieve substitutes from there
<civodul>like i wrote on guix-sysadmin, i'm unable to access it and fix it like the two other boxes
<civodul>well, "boxes" is a strong word i guess :-)
<rekado>ok, I’ll be sure to check on it when I’ll visit there again
<rekado>(I’m hamstrung by the hinge failure of my Librem 13. The front fell off.)
<masot>LIST pinephone
<masot>(whoops sorry, wrong window :p)
<civodul>rekado: if you can log in, perhaps you don't need to physically access it
<civodul>i get "You are required to change your password immediately" when attempting to log in
<apteryx>civodul, overdrive1 is doing "well" per (52 builds in the last 24 hours), comparing it to dover (which has the same specs, I reckon?)
<civodul>apteryx: dover was off for a while and recently moved to cbaines's place
<apteryx>seems overdrive1 and dover are missing from machines.rec
<civodul>(which, given the name, makes a lot of sense)
<civodul>i think machines.rec suffers from bitrot
<apteryx>kreuzberg is there :-)
<apteryx>but location needs an update
<civodul>problem is at some point machines.rec became almost-but-not-quite redundant with machines-for-berlin.scm
<civodul>we should consolidate that, and prolly use Scheme instead of recutils for the additional metadata?
<rekado>I’m on kreuzberg
<rekado>wireguard is runnning
<rekado>as is the cuirass-remote-worker
<pkill9>rekado: do you run gnome with xorg or wayland?
<rekado>I tried wayland, but there were some very annoying quirks that I wasn’t able to work around (I don’t remember the details), so I’m back to xorg.
<apteryx>civodul: not all the machines in the Guix build farms, collectively owned by the project are connected by berlin, so this separate file still has value, I'd think
<apteryx>connected to*
<apteryx>rekado: are you able to ping berlin from it, using its wireguard IP?
<apteryx>pinging from berlin works (
<civodul>i can log in on kreuzberg now so i'll try and reconfigure it like pankow and grunewald
<civodul>sounds fun :-)
<f3n1x>i need to print libreoffice document as a pdf. I'm getting an input/output error will saving it after editing. What am i missing ? Thanks, thanks, thanks
<apteryx>as in a multi-hours affair? eh
<tricon>f3n1x: you'll need to paste the error. if it's multiple lines, please use something like:
<f3n1x>Ah tricon, ok. i mean, the pdf is generated. The .odt file saving operation is what gives the error, thus leaving libreoffice unusable in my machine.
*f3n1x is gonna try with abiword
<f3n1x>the problem ^^ is not reproduced while using abiword !
<antipode>civodul, attila_lendvai: A mechanism for automating intermediate steps would also be useful for incompatible changes to the channel authentication mechanism (e.g. new key types, support for PR-instead-of-rebase, ...)
<antipode>mohamed: You probably need rust:cargo instead (i.e., the 'cargo' output of 'rust') (IIUC, rust-cargo is for if you use cargo as a library in a Rust program).
<nckhexen>I hadn't noticed that dmitri/sergei were commented out. They are still powered on & consuming power AFAIK.
<apteryx>rekado: if wireguard pings OK from kreuzberg to berlin, I'd then try restarting cuirass-remote-worker
<apteryx>nckhexen: commented out from where?
<nckhexen>I just meant ‘not in the /workers list’.
<nckhexen>I didn't look into it, just noticed it now.
<rekado>apteryx: yes, I can ping just fine
<rekado>restarting the cuirass-remote-worker now
<nckhexen>Not a big deal, but they should be able to be added back.
<apteryx>OK! then perhaps the worker just needs to be kicked
*nckhexen AFK.
<f3n1x>usually i use ufw for easily managing firewalling, adding iptables rules etc... I see there is no ufw package available in guix. Aside from managing iptables manually, are there other easie alternatives i could use in guix ?
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<jonsger[m]>not yet...
<jonsger[m]> is maybe what you seek
<minima>hi, i don't seem to be able to have bash completion with pass (password-store) - i.e. my pass doesn't tab-complete my passwords
<rekado>hmm, kreuzberg is now listed on /workers, but pankow is not
<minima>anyone else experiencing something similar? my pass and my bash completion are otherwise fine, apparently
<minima>(there doesn't seem to be trace of pass under .guix-home/profile/share/bash-completion/completions/ as a matter of fact)
<minima>oh... however... i do see pass under '.guix-home/profile/etc/bash_completion.d/'
<viaken>Anyone else done an install recently with an encrypted btrfs /? I can't seem to get it to work.
<viaken>GRUB is throwing errors trying to unencrypt the partition.
<antipode>viaken: Did you use the graphical installer?
<antipode>If you do a manual install, there is a risk of using a 'wrong' encryption type that GRUB doesn't support yet.
<antipode>(a manual install is fine too, as long as you use the right types.)
<viaken>I did use the graphical installer, yes. I'd attempted manual before and saw that only LUKS1 is supported.
<viaken>Oh hold on, let me check if it's a keymap issue.
<antipode>(On 'I did use the graphical installer ...'): Then I don't know, it would be helpful to share the actual throwed errors.
<viaken>Keymap issue. It seems it uses US.
<viaken>I'm logged in. Thank you for the help.
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<Grimpper>Hi. I'm trying to package the simplest thing ever but I get an error un the install phase. This is the package, it is just a c file that get's compiled into an elf:
<Grimpper>This is the error: `install: cannot create regular file '/gnu/store/llkjb4hr6y3zdfpphlzl1rq067ydbqwg-xwinwrap-0.0.6/bin': No such file or directory`
<Grimpper>seems that it would be a pretty easy thing to fix but I'm to noob to figure it out :'(
<itd_>Grimpper: one idea would be to teach `install` (see it's options) to create the `bin` directory (which seems to missing, if I'm not mistaken)
<csepp>hey, i'm trying to package some ocaml libraries and could use some help.
<csepp>specifically i'm building emile and it wants ipaddr, which i am passing as an input, but it still doesn't find it.
<Grimpper>itd_: Thanks I will look into it
<apteryx>rekado: kreuzberg is building things again!
<apteryx>anowhat about pankow? it's not listed on the workers page
<apteryx>ah, just saw you hard already noticed the above, rekado
<viaken>Is there a reason one would prefer (append (list foo) barlist) over (cons* foo barlist)?
<apteryx>no, except it's supposed to be more readable
<apteryx>(in your later example you don't need cons*, you could use just cons since there's a single entry to prepend
<viaken>(Right, I just skipped other potential entries.))
<sektor[m]>Logs from the most recent boot; sorry to keep you waiting, I had gotten distracted.
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<yewscion>Could someone help me understand something about the GWL? I'm not sure where the output is going when I run `guix workflow run`; It seems that the processes are being run properly, but no output other than the info is displayed to the screen.
<shcv[m]>what do people like to use for an MTA on guix these days?
<old>yewscion: I can help. Outputs are supposed to be written in the working directory where you've run the workflow command. Except when it's running in a container. In that case, it's copied from the container into your working directory afterwards I believe.
<old>yewscion: You might want to ask the question on #guix-hpc however. You have better chance for help there
<mekeor[m]>how can i find out why i have this package on my disk or which package i have to remove so that this package gets removed after a gc? /gnu/store/qlcn7vp0jj3wl6dljf5wxpk5ygygsl7z-texlive-texmf-20210325/
<rekado>apteryx: “no route to host” for all but kreuzberg ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<rekado>mekeor[m]: guix gc can tell you
<yewscion>old: Copy that, thanks for the advice. I've been trying to figure out where the output has been going for a while now; Should have asked earlier. I'll hop on #guix-hpc now to keep conversations in their most-relevant places.
<apteryx>rekado: OK! I guess these will benefit from a reset when you visit at the MDC
<apteryx>perhaps they ran out of disk
<mekeor[m]>rekado: thank you :)
<apteryx>I'm struggling to help a user whose /etc/profile.d/ is not sourced by their Ubuntu 20.04's GDM for some reason
<apteryx>it appears to be in a test VM, so I'm puzzled