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<attila_lendvai>would Signal for Desktop be accepted for Guix? is it packaged in some channel already? (flatpak is a security nightmare, i don't want to use that)
<attila_lendvai>it has a very search unfriendly name for the mail archives...
<podiki[m]>it is an electron app, so that falls under the js packaging nightmare
<podiki[m]>in principle it would be for guix, but we don't have any way to properly do js to the standards needed from what I understand
<singpolyma>Translation: very acceptable so long as you do the work :)
<podiki[m]>further translation: you may need a lifetime or more :-P
<singpolyma>JS in guix isn't too hard, but there's no automated importer and I'm not sure there can be, which is an issue
<podiki[m]>ciruclar dependencies with multiple versions too, right?
<podiki[m]>plus electron must be a whole browser worth of stuff I would imagine
<f3n1x>i can see no /usr/local/bin ... in which path may i put a downloaded binary (like golang ) ?
*attila_lendvai doesn't need one more rabbit hole... :)
<attila_lendvai>f3n1x, that question suggests that you have no idea how guix works. i recommend reading an introduction.
<f3n1x>you're right, attila_lendvai . i'm a newbie
<f3n1x>in other words ... how do i install golang in guix ?
<nckx>f3n1x: If golang is the same as Go: ‘guix install go’. You can use things like ~/.local/bin to put custom binaries, too, but I don't know if it's in $PATH by default.
*nckx has way too much cruft in ~/.local/bin and feels like they are encouraging bad behaviour, but hey.
<attila_lendvai>f3n1x, you can also just try packages by entering a temporary environment in a terminal using `guix shell go`
<f3n1x>nice to know attila_lendvai , ... i'm developing in hugo / golang in a daily basis.
<nckx>If golang is some kind of Go-specific package manager, it probably won't work.
<f3n1x>It doesn't use any specific package manager. until now, in other systems i just download the binary, and added to given path of onto my .bashrc to make it work.
<attila_lendvai>golang will work to compile stuff for yourself in a terminal, but packaging go apps for guix will be harder (golang is just a search-friendly name for go)
<nckx>Prebuilt binaries are not, in general, very compatible with Guix I'm afraid. Some static ones work though. I ran restic for a while, which I believe was in Go.
<f3n1x>a nckx where you using it with 'guix shell' maybe ?
<nckx>No, actually. Just plain ~/blah/go worked AFAIR.
<nckx>Ehm, * ~/blah/restic.
<nckx>But that was just as a ‘user’. I never had to build/patch it, or I'm sure it would have been a different story.
<pkill9>could gnome be added as a guix home serivce?
<jorge[m]1>Hi, yesterday I wrote to @LibreOffice for language configuration and they answered me that I should update the version but I have in Guix and it's going for 7.4.
<apteryx>have you tried updating it?
<apteryx>guix refresh --update libreoffice
<apteryx>with ./pre-inst-env
<apteryx>in a built guix checkout
<apteryx>jorge[m]1: ^
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<apteryx>are any openjdk package fair game for master?
<apteryx>guix refresh --list-transitive suggests so
<jorge[m]1>guix refresh --update libreoffice
<jorge[m]1>Temporary bug in name resolution
<jorge[m]1>I installed the package yesterday
<nckx>That's not a Guix problem.
<nckx>Try again and/or fix your DNS.
<zpiro>I don't like wrappers, and prfer to know where i am before saying hello.
<zpiro>I'm superficially aware of an attempt to wrap the the entire init process and gnu toolchain into a lisp language with absurd claims on virtue.
<nckx>You should go to their channel then.
<zpiro>guile channel?
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<dabobeshai>is it possible to use `guix home` as a replacement to hashicorp/Vagrant?
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<apteryx>yeah, openjdk size reduced to a third of its original size
<Aurora_v_kosmose>apteryx: oh?
<apteryx> and *.diz files
<apteryx>former being sources and later being compressed debuginfo files
<apteryx>one .diz was like 166 MiB alone
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<tatsumaru>hey guys, noob question but, if Guix is rolling release then what are the release versions?
<jackhill>tatsumaru: they serve a few different purposes: the realases get special testing attention, especially around the installer. I beleive that we try to keep the binary substittues that go with the released version available for the long term too. There's also a social aspect to doing releases: it's a good way to mark milestones after wrapping up large chunks of work, and they help with publicity. Also,
<jackhill>Debian, for example (like us) pefers to package released versions of software, so having releases is nice to them and other distributions.
<tatsumaru>jackhill: I see, thanks!
<jackhill>tatsumaru: you're welcome, hope you enjoy your stay :)
<tatsumaru>I am thinking of moving to GuixSD for some of my systems, it's exciting!
<apteryx>how can I apppend a specific output of a package using modify-inputs?
<apteryx>OK, (append `(,openjdk14 "jdk")) works
<podiki[m]>the tricky one is with replace, I think that uses the actual name not variable? was something a bit tricky
<apteryx>yeah it uses the name
<apteryx>and it matches any package / package outputs
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jpoiret>i'm currently being torn between experimenting with rewriting a daemon in Guile and just doing the usual
<jpoiret>one thing that could be done would be to fully utilize linux namespaces and thus let the user run a daemon without elevated privileges, that could simply developing
<jpoiret>since in a namespace, you can control which UID you appear as, and all of your mountpoints, you could still have everything at /gnu/store without being root at all
<civodul>jpoiret: yep!
<civodul>though having dedicated build UIDs as currently done is an extra safety net
<civodul>it means no one can fiddle with build processes as they run
<civodul>re daemon in Guile, check out the wip-guile-daemon branch (not sure about the name)
<civodul>these days we could do that with Fibers in a single-threaded mode (like in shepherd)
<jpoiret>i was interesting also in changing the semantics, but that might be too big of a project though
<jpoiret>one thing that I would love to have is a separation between building and testing, so that tests don't influence the build result
<jpoiret>having g-exps as a front-end library for packages could help with that
<mothacehe>jpoiret: hey! I also considered this rewrite with NLNet support last year (but was rejected). Another important aspect of a daemon rewrite is to choose whether to reuse the exact same sqlite database or switch to something else that scales better. We often have some database contention issues on Berlin.
<jpoiret>that would be something else to consider as well! I'm not familiar at all with either those issues or how to optimize them though
<mothacehe>I also hoped that we could get rid of some "binary interfaces" such as "guix substitute" between the daemon and guix itself
<civodul>oh yeah
<civodul>i would start with an almost direct translation of the daemon, but making sure to leave room for improvements
<mothacehe>and also have a better offload mechanism that would be a mix between the current and what's done in Cuirass/Build Coordinator
<civodul>and then gradually improve things
<jpoiret>it would be nice to have indexing by both derivation hash and content hash too
<civodul>and content hash modulo references, too
<jpoiret>that way you could just query peers: "Hey, what do you think DRV builds to?" "HASH" and compare all of your peers
<mothacehe>but yeah replicating the RPC/binary interfaces and then build on that is probably the saner approach given the amount of work
<jpoiret>i noticed that the daemon currently only scans for the base32 hash, not the whole store path
<jpoiret>did any false positive ever get reported?
<jpoiret>(for references i mean)
<jpoiret>time to try rebasing the guile-daemon branch
<mothacehe>unrelated: all system tests are passing this morning, feels great :)
<civodul>mothacehe: yay! sorry for messing around once again
<civodul>jpoiret: scaning for hashes is sufficient and faster; see also the discussion in (guix build grafts)
<jpoiret>mothacehe: 🎊
<mothacehe>civodul: no worries, the installer tests are involving so many Guix aspects that they are good fuses
<abrenon>hi guix
<civodul>hey, abrenon!
<jpoiret>one thing that's bugging me is that gnu/build/linux-container.scm calls clone from Guile and then doesn't execve in the child. This is bound to create some scaling issues I think
<Maya[m]1>by the way, i think soon I will send a patch to upstream that enables you to manage docker containers with guix and shepherd!
<Maya[m]1>are packages file-like objects?
<xd1le>Maya[m]1, what do you mean by file-like?
<Maya[m]1>xd1le: similiar to origin, plain-file etc. That I can ungexp them to get the path to store item and I can work with it as a file/directory
<xd1le>Maya[m]1, yes I believe so
<xd1le>as in if you ungexp a package it should be its store path
<foo-dogsquared>hello! i see that go packages using semantic versioning for specifying dependencies which doesn't seem to be observed or given care as much as rust packages in the repo
<foo-dogsquared>some of the go packages in the repo are packaged with mismatched versions compared to the source code
<foo-dogsquared>should go packages be at least have some sort of guildlines similar to how rust packages are developed?
<foo-dogsquared>as much as i like having consistent versions in the repo, im more concerned how is it going to affect the applications with some unintended and subtle side effects (idk how often this happens in practice tho)
<minima>guix home question: is there any clever way to add "$(direnv hook bash)" to my home bash service, possibly a way which doesn't involve importing a local bashrc file?
<minima>oh wait, there's the bashrc field which expects a text block
<minima>so i might be able to use that, brb
<Maya[m]1>minima: i think it takes a file-like object, if you want a simple string then use plain-file, otherwise checkout G-Expressions in the manual, there are more options
<minima>Maya[m]1: hey thanks! yeah, plain-file might be the best option... will try that
<Maya[m]1>minima: if you need some other package, for example you need to call some program, the best bet is to use mixed-text-file, as that one supports package expansion into paths
<Maya[m]1>if you need to call vlc in your bashrc:
<Maya[m]1>(mixed-text-file “bashrc”
<Maya[m]1> vlc “/bin/vlc —argument”)
<pkill9>does gnome-calendar not work for other people/
<pkill9>I cna't add events
<pkill9>also it doesn't open the date when I double-clikc in the popup when clicking the time/date, not sure if it's supposed to but seems like it should
<minima>Maya[m]1: yay, it works like a charm with plain-file, thanks - i'll keep mixed-text-file in mind as well for the future
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<rekado>pkill9: IIRC Gnome things need to be told what (dconf?) storage backend to use
<rekado>I don’t know if this applies here; I use Gnome but almost none of the applications it comes with.
<zimoun>why the last evaluation is full of grey because ’rust’? IIUC.
<florhizome[m]><foo-dogsquared> "hello! i see that go packages..." <- Hi!
<florhizome[m]>I can only say so much, trying to build Hugo and rclone from source has been quite a pain for me and this may be one reaso, but i'm not a go expert at all...
<florhizome[m]>The importer could use much more work
<florhizome[m]>Maybe a good question for guix-devel
<pkill9>rekado: how do you tell them which backend to use?
<rekado>pkill9: I don’t remember. FWIW I can add a calendar appointment in the gnome calendar.
<lechner>jpoiret: Hi, your 10yr talk mentioned that guix uses 'set -e' in some shell scripts. I received only negative reviews for that in the #bash channel. Maybe you find this perspective interesting
<pkill9>I cannot add an appointment :/
<pkill9>calendars also dont show up when i add them
<pkill9>clearly some backend issue
<florhizome[m]>pkill9 gnome has just recently been updated , did gnome calendar get an Update, too?
<pkill9>oh I haven't reconfigured the system
<pkill9>yes apparently it has
<pkill9>i'm pretty sure i reconfigured on saturday tho
<rekado>(I’m still on the older gnome…)
<florhizome[m]>Maybe you have an old version of the backend package lying around
<florhizome[m]>i'm hyped for 43
<rekado>pkill9: this is the kind of thing I meant:
<florhizome[m]>I started a guix development shell (Like described in the manual) and wanted to add some packages to core updates
<florhizome[m]>but now guix is building all versions of rust since 1.54 ...
<florhizome[m]>shouldn't i get substitutes for those?
<pkill9>how did i forget about syncthing?
<jpoiret>florhizome[m]: depends on whether the substitutes for core-updates rust rust are built on CI
<nckx>florhizome[m]: Nope, there are none. Something was pushed that probably shouldn't have been.
<nckx>Oh, you're actually building on core-updates?
<jpoiret>lechner: interesting! I've also found those tests to be quit flaky compared to the .scm ones
<nckx>(I generally develop on master even for those, saves so much time.)
<nckx>I've cancelled the 13409 pending CI builds.
<nckx>‘504 Gateway Time-out’ I feel you, Cuirass.
<florhizome[m]>nckx i thought core updates has substitutes thats why
<lechner>nckx: how does cancelling the rust builds help?
<florhizome[m]>yeah i have some wlroots compositors sitting around and wlroots Update is sitting on c-u
<florhizome[m]>would need libdrm upgrade on master
<lechner>nckx: its still building here locally, i think
<florhizome[m]>but actually i could so other stuff first
<nckx>lechner: What is ‘it’ here?
<nckx>OK, the cancelment finally went through…
<nckx>Right before I hit return on an ad-hoc PSQL query, which is probably for the best.
<florhizome[m]>also do we really need to bootstrap like 5 or 6 rust versions to get to the newest one, could save a lot of work to figure out a few to skip
<nckx>florhizome[m]: It would!
<florhizome[m]>Really understanding the Rust hate now
<nckx>lechner: I'd cancel it then. The rust you're building isn't going to be used for anything once you pull again.
<lechner>nckx: i see. thanks!
<nckx>Well, shouldn't, I'll hedge me bets.
<nckx>You'll know for sure when 79b8 finishes evaluation:
<nckx>Which has the problematic change reverted.
<nckx>o/ all.
<jpoiret>florhizome[m]: from what i understand, each new Rust compiler version *really* needs those shiny new rust features :p
<florhizome[m]>they hate Distributions don't they
<zimoun>why master is is all red on CI?
<zimoun>again, why rust is built here?
<zimoun>it is annoying…
<lechner>zimoun: it was solved
<zimoun>lechner: nothing I am seeing
<lechner>nckx: why does your commit 79b8e52e have a timestamp from sunday? Sun Sep 25 02:00:00 2022 +0200
<nckx>My commits are always rounded to the previous Sunday.
<lechner>nckx: to fool the NSA?
<nckx>You ruined it now.
<lechner>zimoun: that page should ask if the viewer suffers from epilepsu
<zimoun>lechner: heh! :-)
<nckx>You just, but it's a colour-blindness test for the most common form of it.
<nckx>*jest 😒
<lechner>i wish i was color blind now. it was traumatic
<lechner>also, my mind engaged in a desparate search for meaning
<zimoun>it could be fun to have a manifest that break some packages and draw Guix logo in red. :-)
<lechner>zimoun: isn't this the one that would matter instead?
<zimoun>lechner: the one you link is empty. Because something is in progress.
<zimoun>nckx: you are testing color-blindness. ;-)
<nckx>I like unethical human subject research on a Tuesday.
<apteryx>nckx: is that your age?
*apteryx never passed their color-blindness tests
<nckx>It's the year I was born.
<apteryx>Now all that wisdom has a simple explanation: time
<nckx>apteryx: But for real? I was going to ask if there were any deuteranopes in the audience. I'm looking at the JS trying to come up with ‘better’ colours, but I'm not the best person to.
<nckx>Thought was: very light green, slightly darker red.
<nckx>Let's be honest, even for the rest of us the current choices are… how did lechner put it… suboptimal.
<lechner>nckx: i might try to get rid of the whitespace between the dots. maybe small white lines might be helpful. it would allow the eye to scan more quickly for something that sticks out
<nckx>Dots without whitespace == squares? Or…?
<lechner>nckx: yeah, as an experiment
<apteryx>nckx: I don't mind them, they remind me of a christmas tree
<nckx>But yes, good point, now there's a third colour dancing all around the ‘graph’ for no reason, I hadn't even thought of white as its own thnig.
<nckx>Thnig angry. Thnig can't see good.
<apteryx>could be a bit softer (milder tones) on the eyes, I guess
<lechner>nckx: as for colors, i might experiment with white indicating that there was no problem, or go pastel
<nckx>Hm. I should have known better than to ask a room about literal colours…
<apteryx>we can have a dark theme! even github is doing it!
<nckx>I'm going to change ‘green’ to #9f9 for the pastel lovers out here (and also because I'd already done so TBH). That seems like a clear improvement without getting to deep into bikeshed land.
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<lechner>nckx: my suggestion was not so much about colors as about imparting meaning. years ago a high-powered consulting firm circulated a design guidance for graphs in powerjoint presentations. i wish i could still find it. it was all about, does this graph really say what you want it to say?
<nckx>I know.
<lechner>nckx: somehow, i think the dots would do better in a pie chart
<nckx>I don't know what to say. I never said I saw meaning in this page (there's a reason I forgot it existed), but the author clearly did.
<nckx>If you want to redesign it I'm all for it, but that's a different question.
<nckx>Anywa. Pretty sure Powerjoints is the company that made my new hip. I mean: gotta go. Bye!
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*apteryx just merged a slimmed down openjdk that went from 345 MiB to 116 MiB
<zimoun>lechner: well, this page is really handy to have 1. a quick overview about the status (complete row in red probably means something unexpected with a build-system or some xyz-foo) and 2. it is easy to filter (for example julia- in the search bar and you get the status of all the Julia packages)
<zimoun>then it is easy to move the mouse to one red bullet and click to see what is wrong.
<zimoun>I am not the author but mothacehe implemented a pragmatical dashboard, IMHO.
<civodul>apteryx: woow, that's quite something!
<apteryx>guix shell baobab -- baobab /gnu/store/some-output is convenient to find files standing out in size
<jorge[m]1>Hi, in Guix I have version libreoffice and it doesn't update to the latest one which is 7.3 or 7.4. please help.
<mekeor[m]>Jorge which version is packaged for guix?
<apteryx>jorge[m]1: hi! we have already in Guix. Please run 'guix pull', then 'guix upgrade libreoffice'
<jorge[m]1>I already run guix refresh --update libreoffice and it doesn't update, do I necessarily have to do Guix pull? My connection is very slow.
<apteryx>jorge[m]1: yes: 'guix refresh --update libreoffice' is useful when you want to *update* the package definition
<lechner>zimoun: the page looks great! these are just pie-in-the-sky suggestions. how about separate pie charts for each build system?
<apteryx>in a development context
<apteryx>jorge[m]1: in case I'm not clear, 'guix refresh' is useful in a development context, 'guix pull' is useful in a user context
<apteryx>we do not have 'saxon' in Guix, do we?
<zimoun>lechner: yeah. IIRC, the current page is a less-effort approach. :-) Well, I am sure mothacehe will be happy if you can propose a patch for improving the dashboard (a still overlooked feature ;-))
<zimoun>apteryx: oh, thanks for the tip with baobab. Awesome!
<jorge[m]1><apteryx> "jorge: in case I'm not clear, '..." <- And in the context for the user to update a single package, how would I do it?
<Zambyte>jorge[m]1: use `guix pull` to get the latest package definitions and then `guix upgrade libreoffice` to upgrade the single package
<podiki[m]>what happened with staging, was it at the point that substitute coverage looked good to merge?
<Maya[m]1>is there a method to get current architecture and kernel name?
<rekado>Maya[m]1: in what context?
<rekado>something other than uname -a?
<Maya[m]1>rekado: service activation
<Maya[m]1>preferably something from guile, but I think I can work with uname
<rekado>in a gexp you can match on current-system, I think
<rekado>(%current-system) is defined in (guix utils)
<Maya[m]1>rekado: thats exactly it! thank you <3
<rekado>Maya[m]1: yay, glad to be of help!
<kaelyn>rekado: fyi, I'd sent in to update weston as it fixes the weston build with my vulkan-headers update while also building on master (I'm still trying to work through other failures as time permits).
<rekado>kaelyn: great!
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<Mammux>I just installed Guix yesterday, and everything works very well except the computer tends to go into sleep mode (hibernation? suspend?). I would like to disable this because I sometimes ssh into this machine. Any hints for how I would do this?
<pkal>Mammux: What desktop environment/window manager are you using?
<Mammux>@pkal i3
<sebyte>New Guix System user here... trying to work out where certain environment variables are set.  For example, my PATH includes directories /gnu/store/...gzip-1.10/bin & /gnu/store/...core-utils-8.32/bin and I can't figure out how they got there.  Any ideas?  (I've ruled out /etc/profile, /run/current-system/profile/etc/profile,
<sebyte>~/.guix-profile/etc/profile & ~/.config/guix/current/etc/profile).
<nashdidan[m]>Isn't evolution suppose to pickup and use mail accounts already defined in gnome's accounts? After a recent upgrade it seems to have lost all the accounts declared. It won't pick up what's set in gnome, and adding manualy a simple imap/smptp fails.
<rekado>sebyte: these “raw” store locations only end up in your variables when you source a profile’s “etc/profile” without first setting the GUIX_PROFILE variable.
<lechner>Hi, while we are on the topic, I use 'guix home' now but before that I was often puzzled. Why did I had to re-"source" the environment variables only sometimes after a 'guix install' please?
<sebyte>rekado: Understood, but there is no mention of "gzip" or "core-utils" in any of the init files I listed so how/where did these directories get added?
<rekado>lechner: when the variables in etc/profile change (not their value but whether or not they are set in etc/profile) you need to source that file, or else start a new shell session
<rekado>you don’t need to do that for existing variables because their value stays the same.
<jonsger[m]>Is 4,5 Minutes boot time until sway normal with Guix? I'm using LUKS encrypted XFS on a 250GB SATA SSD, most of the time are black screens. I'm not sure whats happening there/taking so long...
<jonsger[m]>I find it pretty annoying...
<nckx>Guix does not boot fast, but that is a bit much. Is it mostly decrypting? GRUB is extremely slow at that for whatever reason.
<sebyte>guix packag install=emacs-no-x@27.2 => guix package: error: emacs-no-x: package not found for version 27.2.   How can we find out which versions are available?
<rekado>guix search emacs
<xd1le>sebyte, guix search emacs
<xd1le>or perhaps, guix search emacs-no-x
<pkill9>grub takes less than a minute to decrypt for me
<sebyte>I see.
<pkill9>guix show also shows available versions
<lechner>rekado: thanks!
<lechner>jonsger[m]: i have had some delays when starting X and also saw a 5.17 kernel regression on Haswell that cut the speed to 1/8 but now things are fine for me
<MohamedLEGH>Does someone know how to configure options for git in guix home ? I want to configure user name and user email address but I don't know how to do it (I'm new to guix)
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<lechner>MohamedLEGH: that is a git question, i think
<unmatched-paren>MohamedLEGH: Just configure a dotfile for .gitconfig
<lechner>i see. sorry
<unmatched-paren> <- this too
<unmatched-paren>you use [user] name and [user] email for those options
<sebyte>So, I need emacs-no-x@27.2.  What's the 'Guix way' of building Emacs from source?
<unmatched-paren>sebyte: You probably want to do something like thiiiis...:
<MohamedLEGH>thanks unmatched-paren I will look at your code
<unmatched-paren>sebyte: Oh, wait, just noticed we have an emacs-no-x package.
<sebyte>Not at version 27.2.
<unmatched-paren>But to get 27.2, you can use an inferior
<unmatched-paren>or ``guix time-machine''
<sebyte>unmatched-paren: Thanks.  I'll have a read.
<MohamedLEGH>unmatched-paren what is "normalize-config" and in which modules can I find it ?
<sebyte>Looking at time-machine first... how do I find out which guix commit was the last to include emacs-no-x at version 27.2?
<podiki[m]>emacs-no-x inherits from emacs (you can view the package definition with guix edit emacs-no-x) so you can search the guix log (or use git blame) to see when it was updated
<podiki[m]>so emacs went from 27.2 to 28.1 in
<podiki[m]>(I searched the log there for gnu: emacs: update to)
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<sebyte>podiki[m].  Thank you.
<abralek>roptat: Hi, I am hacking on guile-netlink right now and would like to ask, how should I send patches? Shall I just send it to you or maybe via debbugs or guix-patches or ... )
<Maya[m]1>okay patch to add docker-container-service-type (shepherd managed containers) is submitted! <3
<rekado>abralek: roptat: I’m curious too! I’d like to hack on more bridge things.
<abralek>Besides of the hacking, I was wondering did you guys consider way of network declaration?
<apteryx>if you have a package with corrupted docbook generated man pages, you can fix it by using the just merged 'docbook-xsl-next' package.
<old>My screen is not responding (powering on) to any inputs after I went AFK. This is since last update of the linux kernel. Anybody has similar issue?
<apteryx>old: hey! I don't, but I don't ever let my PC sleep.
<old>I don't either. It's just when the screen turn off after 5 minutes of AFK
<apteryx>are you using GDM?
<nckx>Could be anything. Could be this:
<apteryx>I think it suspends to RAM after 20 minutes automatically by default
<nckx>Probably not this (too old):
<apteryx>but 5 minutes would be just the screensaver
<nckx>So it just DPMS's off the screen?
<old>Yes it's the screensaver. I can still SSH from my laptop. The only way to power on the screen is by switching tty
<lechner>old: i have seen that, and also other malfunctions like NFS stopping to work. All those issues go away if I switch to a text virtual terminal before leaving.
<lechner>NFS server
<nckx>Seems like ‘removing GDM from the loop’ is the best first debugging step :)
<lechner>someone told me it may be elogind related, but i do not understand the interaction between that and gdm
<nckx>That or adding an older kernel to your system.scm to rule out the kernel.
<old>Right. I can still use my last generation from august that's fine by me ^^
<lechner>i have had this issue since april
<old>I might try that. New generation but with latest known to work kernel
<podiki[m]>i've ran into dmps issues, displayport (on an older nvidia card and monitor), is difficult to figure out what is going on unfortunately, unless you do have a last known consistently working state, so that's good
<nckx>old: You said you can SSH in. So nothing at all of interest in dmesg or other logs?
<nckx>Can you manually DPMS-on the screen? (No idea how or if you can do that in GNOME!)
<old>nckx: I haven't reboot on that generation since. I will try and report back later!
<podiki[m]>you may want something like "env DISPLAY=:0 xset dpms force off" or similar (maybe "on"?)
<unmatched-paren>would anyone be available to review #57721, which adds wlgreet support to our greetd service type?
<podiki[m]>I've had to use such things, as well as manually doing xrandr modes, switching to a vtty and back, to get my monitor and VR headset to play nice in the past
<unmatched-paren>also, why does this code throw this error?
<dominicm>Is there an equivalent to /etc/modules for Guix? I can make modules loadable, but I have no idea how to load them on startup
<kaelyn>dominicm: Take a look at kernel-module-loader-service-type in the manual @
<minima>hi \o/ how's everyone? i tried to do something fancy and defined my PS1 var as ("PS1" . "\\u \\wλ "), following the manual
<minima>however when i reconfigure my home, what i get is '<CE><BB>' instead - in place of the λ symbol, i mean
<minima>now, this is totally not important... but i was curious to know what the missing element might be, purely out of curiosity
<dominicm>kaelyn: that was exactly it, thanks. What's sad is that I actually had that somewhere else in my config and completely forgot.
<unmatched-paren>Ah, I found the problem: I used (description ...) in my shepherd service instead of (documentation ...) :)
<minima>what's weird is that 'export PS1="\\u \\wλ "' does work - so there's definitely unicode support in my setup
<minima>but if i look at my .bashrc (the one auto-generated via 'guix home reconfigure config.scm'), that shows <CE><BB> instead
<minima>so it'd look like λ is not handled correctly during the reconfigure-ation process
<apteryx>Today is apparently the 39th birthday of the GNU project!
<unmatched-paren>nice! :)
<apteryx>why does touching samba causes a 9K rebuild?
<apteryx>ah nice, the version that is never supposed to change inherits from samba
<nckx>Oh, it happened *again*?
<apteryx>I forgot to run the 'guix build -n libreoffice' sanity check
<apteryx>anyway, reverted and fixed, and builds cancelled in the CI
<nckx>And swiftly caught. Thanks!
<nckx>I didn't even realise you weren't still grumbling about the previous incident.
<apteryx>haha, was it involving samba or another package?
<nckx>Bit older than I thought, to be fair. The days grow so short this time of year.
<apteryx>haha, fun. I should have been warned.
<lechner>Hi, is it possible to refer to a package built from local sources (rather than git) in a guix system config? This is for testing only
<apteryx>nckx: tackled my FIXME for samba on core-updates
<apteryx>also, docbook man pages shouldn't look weird anymore
<apteryx>(or cu)
<apteryx>I guess berlin should be smart about how many rebuild a branch is allowed to do
<apteryx>could be*
<apteryx>well, we'd need it to gate the push to the repo, as usual CI do.
<nckx>The ‘gated branch’ meme seems to have been revived here lately.
<nckx>(I think it's a good idea too.)
<the_tubular>I'll need an xkcd for that meme sir
<nckx>If it needn't be XKCD.
<nckx>Meme describing our current CI discipline:
<apteryx>I'm looking to configure a samba service, and the "Manually" in info '(guix) Samba Services' confuses me a bit
<apteryx>does it need that otherwise, based on my config, the rigth daemon would automatically run?
<apteryx>I don't think so.
<apteryx>So 's/Manually//' would clear it up for me
<apteryx>e.g., "Enable the ‘samba’ daemon." instead of "Manually enable the ‘samba’ daemon."
<apteryx>perhaps the 'samba' command can launch other services it needs on demand
*apteryx reads the fixed man page