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<KE0VVT>I don't know anything about these UUIDs.
<KE0VVT>jpoiret: UUIDs confuse me.
<KE0VVT>/mnt/etc/config.scm:28:9: error: no LUKS partition with UUID '12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789abc'
<podiki[m]>I went on a packaging spree and have (all?) the dependencies for peroxide, a protonmail bridge
<Luk6655>Is there any way to set up a currently non supported grub option with guix?
<KE0VVT>podiki[m]: Can you fix the OnionShare package?
<podiki[m]>alas, peroxide is not building, seems like it should but complains it "imap.ErrStatusResp" is undefined
<Luk6655>Specifically grub_gfxpayload_linux=keep
<podiki[m]>KE0VVT: I see it builds fine, that's about all I can test though. if it doesn't work, I would file a bug (if it hasn't been already)
<Luk6655>Perhaps someone knows how to disable screen locking in guix? No matter what I configured in gnome (and now in xfce) screen still locks when I switch to text console and back
<podiki[m]>sorry, don't use screen lock, gnome, or xfce here
<KE0VVT>This is so hard.
<KE0VVT>I don't get it.
<KE0VVT>The UUIDs, esp.
<Luk6655>podiki[m]: so no x11 at all?
<podiki[m]>no, I use a wm (xmonad before, back to stumpwm now), just not a full DE
<podiki[m]>anyway, I'm sure someone here can help you, though will probably be quiet for another half day or so with the weekend/timezone
*podiki[m] is off for now, good luck all
<Luk6655>Ok, it is the "desktop" service that installs gdm and screen lockers even if one doesn't want gnome etc
<KE0VVT>The installation instructions say nothing about how to get the UUIDs of your partitions!
<Luk6655>Blkid shows uuids
<KE0VVT>I wish the guide would have said that.
<Luk6655>All in lowercase
<KE0VVT>Oh no. Some of it is the live system itself; some of it is the external flash drive I store my config.scm and install script on.
<Luk6655>I wish I didn't have to spend last 3 days getting it (almost) working. At the positive I feel like I'm 25years younger back in Linux 2.3 days trying to get my software modem to work.
<KE0VVT>I'm so used to Fedora Workstation. Everything just works.
<Luk6655>That's the price we pay for trying new stuff... (hopefully worth it in the end)
*KE0VVT bangs head against the wall
<Luk6655>There is possibly a much gentler way to get to know it. Install on top of another distro in a user's folder. Use it for package management. Spend some time using it, getting to know the language etc, then try the os. But the promise of versioned system config is an enticing one for me.
<KE0VVT>Luk6655: Guix on Fedora isn't nice, either. It triggers loads of SELinux errors.
<Luk6655>I see, I'm a Debian (and more recently Ubuntu) user mostly so if I fail with the os I can choose the alternative.
<Luk6655>It appears the gdm-locking x11 is not a guix thing either. It is just gdm.
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<KE0VVT>I don't know what disk is my root volume!
<KE0VVT>Three partitions on /dev/sda. I don't know what's what!
<Luk6655>Sorry, I don't have experience with encrypted rootfs, it looks like /dev/sda5 is an encrypted FS. I created all my partitions by hand with fdisk
<Luk6655>Then I chose manual partitioning and I just gave them mountpoints
<KE0VVT>I always encrypt my disk.
<Luk6655>That's sensible, those other partitions look like swap and efi system partition perhaps?
<Luk6655>Ok, perhaps some can answer this, it appears there is gnome version 41 in main channel, but when I installed it was 40.4. Is there some way to specify i would like version 41?
<Luk6655>It appears there are two packages, gnome-desktop this contains gnome 40.4 and just gnome that has gnome-41 I'm not sure what is the difference
<KE0VVT>I hate UUIDs!
<Luk6655>I'll be signing off for tonight good luck.
<AlbertoBalsalm>Hi guys, how can I change the default shell in Guix? Been trying `chsh` but I get back `chsh: PAM: Authentication failure`
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<oriansj>KE0VVT: I suggest you follow this procedure: it'll make it hard to get things wrong
<KE0VVT>oriansj: Give it to me raw.
<KE0VVT>oriansj: I can't read HTML right now.
<oriansj>KE0VVT: just skip the qemu steps and read the guix-config.scm file and you'll know everything that will be installed and why
<oriansj> and
<oriansj>(for installing on raw metal with a guix install disc/disk)
<KE0VVT>oriansj: Can you modify it so I can just run it?
<oriansj>KE0VVT: yes I can and no I will not
<ahriman>Is anyone else getting a ninja build error when trying to install gnome drawing?
<oriansj>14 steps to completed custom guixsd install is about as minimal as you can get (until someone adds wget to the system-install image and lets us shave off exactly 1 step)
<vagrantc>oriansj: could you use guix download instead of wget?
<KE0VVT>Latest has wget.
<vagrantc>or would that be too cumbersome
<oriansj>vagrantc: I could but it wouldn't save a step
<oriansj>as the steps result in building all packages from source
<ajarara>Is building for every arch in `guix build --list-targets` done implicitly somewhere (CI?) for incoming contributions?
<podiki[m]>ajarara: I believe only accepted patches or ones on certain branches (merged by committers) are built by the CI, there may be an unofficial ones that builds everything submitted to guix-patches, but I'm not sure
<podiki[m]>but the CI for the master branch does build for every system, some more successfully than others
<ajarara>builds for triplets even less so?
<podiki[m]>what do you mean? I mean x86_64 is by far the best covered, x86 less so, then probably the arm ones
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<ajarara>I see a couple 'what kernel am I building for' checks
<ajarara>oh wait --list-targets are triplets
<ajarara>is it involved to build for Hurd? I don't see it in the list.
<podiki[m]>I have no idea, might try the mailing list to see discussions (guix-devel or help)
<ajarara>Found it in the info pages. Thanks!
<podiki[m]>welp, I think I did it, have a working(? haven't fully tested) peroxide package (protonmail bridge); needs some thought about how to run it, maybe shepherd service
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<KE0VVT>Running `make iso` on <>.
<apteryx>oriansj: isn't wget part of the system install image already? it should
<oriansj>apteryx: I haven't had a chance to test that yet and thus didn't want to assume something was there and viable before removing the documentation ensuring it was there.
<apteryx>see %base-packages-networking in (gnu system)
<oriansj>apteryx: yep wget is defined in there
<oriansj>I'll have to update the procedure in the next test cycle
<KE0VVT>apteryx, oriansj: wget is included in the installer image, yes.
<oriansj>well that gets steps for a guixsd setup down to 12
<allana>Hi #guix! Quick question, say that I have a default profile and a configured guix home. Is it safe to remove all packages from my default profile? I'm trying to manage all of my user's applications in guix home, but I sometimes experiment with unfamiliar software using imperative installations that affect my default profile. Right now it seems that if I just "guix home reconfigure ..." it's not enough and I need to also "guix upgrade
<allana>..." in tandem. I have been holding on to this question for a while now, so I don't have any specific examples of actual problems.
<lilyp>allana: All packages that you're currently managing with guix install etc. would need to be transferred to guix home and managed declaratively
<allana>I probably have dual packages installed in both my default profile and guix home.
<mange>I also try to do all my experimenting with unfamiliar software using guix shell, to avoid polluting my profile unnecessarily. It doesn't work for everything, but it works for most things.
<lilyp>"dual packages" cost little, they're but an extra symlink
<anhj>'morning #guix!
<klm>rekado_: Hey. I submitted, but nothing is happening. Is it because the patch sucks or because people are busy?
<unwox>klm: most probably the latter
<rekado_>klm: I’m not subscribed to guix-patches; I can take a look later today.
<klm>rekado_: I see - it seems guix-patches is quite active. Thanks for the link, that's a nice and tidy UI.
<lilyp>klm: #:tests? #f smells eww, you'd either want to clarify that there are no tests or try to run them
<lilyp>recursive checkouts are not great either – even if there's just two packages and they're probably forks for solvespace you can append "-for-solvespace" to the package name and hide the package
<klm>lilyp: That's a copy-paste from another cbuild package, I good to know tests should be run. Let me fix that.
<lilyp>deletion of bundled sources goes into a snippet, not a build phase
<lilyp>"free (GPLv3)" is gratuitous information; all Guix packages are free
<klm>lilyp: That is great feedback, I wasn't sure how to handle that. recursive #t didn't feel right since it downloads all the submodules - not just the two I needed as well. I will fix that too and update the ticket
<klm>lilyp: haha true :-) also, copy-paste from the website. Will fix that as well.
<klm>lilyp: I should remove the line `tests #f`, right? Not `tests #t`, they're on by default I presume?
<lilyp>the default is #t for native and #f for non-native builds – you'd brick the latter if you set #:tests? #t
<klm>lilyp: So that's `(define mimalloc-for-solvespace ...` right above the define-public solvespace package definition?
<klm>lilyp: Oh, I see. So never `#:tests #t`, good to know. Thanks
<klm>lilyp: And also, are all these 3 changes one single commit or multiple? Sorry for the question bombardment :-)
<lilyp>you'd do one commit per package
<lilyp>also "right above" is debatable; if there's no package at all currently, that's fine, but if like in ffmpeg-for-stepmania the package already exists elsewhere, moving it close and inheriting should be preferred
<lilyp>(close to the package it inherits from, that is)
<lilyp>also, I'd try building against upstream mimalloc and perhaps submit a package definition for 2.0.6
<klm>lilyp: Yeah, I was just looking at that. Solvespace 3.1 is like 4 commits behind the official mimalloc 2.0.6 so I think I'll try that (instead of 2.0.5-74)
<klm>lilyp: Thanks so much for your feedback, very much appreciated!
<lilyp>no problem
<klm>Is licenses:expat?
<klm>unwox: I read that, but still wasn't sure if I could "change the license". But all right here we go :-) Thanks
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, nckx says: #$output:foo happily creates a :foo output even if it's not listed in the list of outputs. Is that a planned feature? I'm guessing it's not.
<civodul>sneek: hi! it's not surprising, but yes, there can be discrepancies in a package between its inputs/outputs fields and the actual inputs/outputs
<civodul>i think it's ok in practice
<muradm>hello guix
<sneek>muradm, you have 3 messages!
<sneek>muradm, unmatched-paren says: Hello! Seems like your fixes for seatd/greetd have been merged? (Thanks for working on those :)) It seems that wlgreet still doesn't work, though, even after adding myself to the `seat` group. Is there anything I need to change in here <> to make your fixes work?
<sneek>muradm, apteryx says: I have a locally polished version of your patch that I'm about to push
<sneek>muradm, apteryx says: probably tomorrow when I have a bit of time, after I had an extra bit to the documentation
<muradm>apteryx: thanks for merging fail2ban-service-type!
<muradm>unmatched-paren: i will try to look at it later
<muradm>apteryx: 57473... damn (face palm).. don't how that happened
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<vldn>is it possible to set a timer in shepherd services?
<vldn>like running the service every hour?
<unwox>i'd use mcron for that. why'd you want timer in shepherd specifically?
<vldn>run my git-sync service every hour
<vldn>maybe something like inotify would help too
<vldn>mcron would be the best yes, ty :)
<unwox>glad to help :)
<Luk6655>I'm getting a failure to build gdm on guix system. Error is (in the build log) polkit-object-1 required by accountingservice not found
<Luk6655>Has anyone seen this? It may be just my system, because it worked yesterday, and gdm wasn't updated since tgen
<Luk6655>I have no idea what's going on, I reverted to barebones system, I run gc to delete everything, and after redownload gdm still fails to build complaining it can't see accountingservice. I think this is a guix bug.
<vldn>yeah no gdm subs avaiable as it seems
<vldn>maybe thats why the subs server fail to build it if your pc fails too
<vldn>maybe checking the website when it's finalized built on a new commit and pull this commit
<vldn>or look up an older commit where it suceeds and pull the specific commit
<vldn>whats happening if i pull a guix channel manually and use it via -L load-path .. can i built my system from it?
<vldn>so don't pull anything with guix pull just include it via -L in the cli? .. :D
<Luk6655>vldn: does the subs server fail to build it too? I've been pulling my hair all morning trying to find a failure in my setup. Is it an actual bug in the package?
<Luk6655>I would've approached it completely differently if I thought so. I would've thought that a build failure on such popular package would be well known.
<Luk6655>Also **somehow** gdm works, it installed fine. It just decided to start failing on one of subsequent reconfigures that don't touch anything xorg related...
<jessicata>I just had an issue installing gdm 40.1
<jessicata>../gdm-40.1/ ERROR: Could not generate cargs for accountsservice:
<jessicata>Package polkit-gobject-1 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
<jessicata>Perhaps you should add the directory containing `polkit-gobject-1.pc'
<jessicata>to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
<jessicata>Package 'polkit-gobject-1', required by 'accountsservice', not found
<vldn>i checked via guix weather and on my pull 75d7317 there are no subs avaiable @Luk6655
<vldn>thats why i suggested it
<Luk6655>Is it possible there was a sub until yesterday and was removed due to a failed build? That would explain how it has worked before.
<Luk6655>Is there some way to check sub history?
<Luk6655>vldn: but this shows a success 23h ago
<vldn>and this bad guy failed 10 hours ago
<vldn>maybe try guix build /gnu/store/8bxis71d7lpk7mrwb3w2qn7qi8g4zr7r-gdm-40.1
<Luk6655>vldn: that has exact same error my build is getting
<vldn>and see if it works.. :D
<vldn>thats the hash from the succeeded build from the ci
<Luk6655>How would I do it?
<vldn>just enter in the console
<vldn>"guix build /gnu/store/8bxis71d7lpk7mrwb3w2qn7qi8g4zr7r-gdm-40.1 "
<Luk6655>Ok, just a sec, I'm just wondering, why does it fail if the xorg.scm wasn't touched in weeks?
<vldn>don't know
<vldn>i'm not so deep into the sub-server
<vldn>it failes from time to time, maybe change to pulling a guix commit 2 weeks ago or something
<vldn>to ensure there are subs, but sometimes you have bad luck and pull just this one where it fails :/
<vldn>you can write a custom channel definition that checks the ci page via guile and pulls a specific commit, maybe checking if gdm is avaiable and display that commit to include it in the definition
<Luk6655>It says, server is somewhat slow, substitution failed
<vldn>and this "guix build /gnu/store/sc1qwmv9sbllrzbznfzb7zj30jc49wiy-gdm-40.1.drv" ?
<vldn>don't do it that often
<vldn>that command works for me
<Luk6655>Just a sec, typing those is not that fast
<jessicata>The "guix build /gnu/store/8bxis71d7lpk7mrwb3w2qn7qi8g4zr7r-gdm-40.1 " command worked for me. However my "guix system reconfigure" tries buildding "/gnu/store/68m0z092hr98v9z5rxs9jkcb8xw9966w-gdm-40.1.drv" which fails.
<Luk6655>I tried the original again and it seems to have succeeded, but what now? Am I OK doing reconfigure until there is another commit in guix channel?
<Luk6655>The one you gave me the link of first
<vldn>yeah mh.. the guix build command pulls the sub into the store, but reconfigure still trys to build the newest from the channel
<Luk6655>Let's say i force a specific commit of a channel and leave it like this, will it keep using it?
<Luk6655>I mean in channels.scm, if I set a specific commit for the guix channel, does this kind of guarantees this problem doesnt happen again?
<vldn>maybe a dependency updated thats why the sub is generated new and sadly not built to the end.. but i don't know.. i don't know how the sub avaiability is working too :( if everything is still the same since the last built i think it should give us the suceeded gdm and not just the last builts if it's the way it's working
<vldn>if you pin the channel to a commit you pull this specific git channel commit
<Luk6655>Jeez, I think I start seeing disadvantages of this system
<vldn>if there is something that can not build due to failure or subs are not avaiable anymore, or could not be built like gdm this time then there is no guarantee nope :D
<vldn>but with some logic guile could check the site like we did and get the commit for you
<Luk6655>I'm trying to figure out how was that successfull build built, based on which commit?
<Luk6655>I thought as long as there are the same inputs(the guix channel commit) there should be no variability in the build process, is the issue here that sometimes it works, sometimes fails for the same commit?
<Luk6655>Is this what's happening?
<vldn>have you checked the inputs from the different builds?
<vldn>maybe a dependencie updated it's version
<vldn>and maybe a dependency of a dependency..
<vldn>and now needs a new inputs thats not there till someone like you finds out that it doesn't built anymore
<Luk6655>vldn: Im just starting with this system, I was planning to start slow... Rather than go deep into troubleshooting various failures, but it seems that's all I've been doing last few days
<Luk6655>vldn: well, you say this, but **all** dependencies are in the guix channel, last commits are yesterday(that one i suspect) then 2 weeks ago, so if I pin the commit to prior to yesterday it should just work, unless what I mentioned before happened
<vldn>try it
<Luk6655>Is there variability in builds for the same inputs?
<vldn>seems logical
<vldn>just pin it to a commit prior to this failure
<vldn>and in a week just remove the pin and try again with the newest maybe
<Luk6655>Yes, I'll try that
<vldn>i would describe me as a rookie myself
<Luk6655>Seriously, there has to be a robust "rebuild everything" test before things are committed to the main channel.
<vldn>just tipping-toes into schemeland and learning much everyday
<vldn>i wrote a channel definition that checks the website for the commit with the most finalized builds
<vldn>but i'm on your site
<vldn>there should be something more userfriendly for a pure substitute based installation
<vldn>like a laptop that don't want to build anything on it
<vldn>there is a custom definition for the channel (with-substitute-avaiable) or something, you can find it in the channel manual
<Luk6655>I don't mind building everything (gentoo style) as long as it does fail
<vldn>but as i remember it just works with the guix binaray
<abrenon>hi guix
<Luk6655>Or when it fails I can reasonably assume it is my fault, not waste 8h chasing my tail to then discover, it is not....
<vldn>Seriously, there has to be a robust "rebuild everything" test before things are committed to the main channel. - so true
<Luk6655>abrenon: hi
<vldn>just give out sources that are working or give a warning beforehand that it will fail
<vldn>shouldn't be so hard i think
<Luk6655>Oh well, at least I don't have to throw out all of the config I wrote, because that's what I have been doing trying to "fix" this.
<davidl>Luk6655: a robust "rebuild everything" is a very computation-costly task. It should be possible though, that when you change a package, you search the package graph for all dependent packages and rebuild those locally, if anything fails, you should perhaps submit related patches.
<Luk6655>Suspecting some of it breaks it.
<Luk6655>davidl: computationally costly? If there were commits daily, then agreed, but every few days? Not so much. Pushing this testing on unsuspecting users is not ideal. A sort of compromise could be had by having a dev and a prod branch in the main channel.
<Luk6655>Only fully tested stuff goes into prod.
<vldn>or three channels
<vldn>one dev channel one building channel and one master, merge to build channel and if everything suceeds the building push to master
<Luk6655>Anyway, now that **I** know about it **I** can protect myself. Good luck to the next guy :-)
<vldn>yeah guix system could be more user friendly from the start
<vldn>with a bit more scripts and manual i think it's not soooo hard
<Luk6655>Is there an example somewhere that shows the syntax of channels.scm that pin guix to a commit?
<davidl>costly - if you trigger a full rebuild of every package for every commit it takes a lot of computational power and time to complete. I agree it would be nice with a stable channel. I don't know how viable it is to maintain. though. To trigger rebuilds on dependent packages only is more viable, and I wonder if it's viable to do some of that effort by the submitter - to invoke some script like "rebuild-dependents.scm" before submitting patches
<davidl>for a package they want to change.
<vldn>(commit "4c812db049d5c9f2c438748e180f9486ad221b0a") @ Luk6655
<vldn>inside the (channel .. )) definition
<Luk6655>vldn: thanks davidl :yes, perhaps that could work
<Luk6655>Is there some way to get what's in %default-channels
<Luk6655>There is lots of examples how to replace guix channel, none i can find that show how it is defined in %default-channels (including fingerprint) etc
<Luk6655>Maybe I'll find it in some source file
<davidl>Luk6655: fire up a guix repl, enter: ,use (some-module) RETURN %default-channels RETURN. Find which module contain %default-channels by searching the git repo files.
<muradm>sneek: later tell apteryx, fail2ban-service-type seems to work fine on two servers in production, however I found some issues while migrating them, and their fixes available in #57473 with v2
<sneek>Will do.
<muradm>sneek: later tell apteryx, other than that, everything looks great, thanks
<sneek>Got it.
<abrenon>would anyone have a little time to look if there are obvious mistakes in my import of ghc-roman-numerals ? It's at
<Luk6655>davidl: getting unbound variable
<Luk6655>Perhaps I need to use a different module?
<Luk6655>I tried gnu
<Luk6655>Ah, nevermind, I haven't searched the repo yet
<efraim>gdm should be fixed now. I haven't tested it though
<Luk6655>efraim: so what was it?
<efraim>accountsservice updated, it linked to polkit differently so I moved it from inputs to propagated-inputs
<Luk6655>efraim: thanks, do you by any chance know what is the openpgp fingerprint I'd for the main guix channel?
<Luk6655>I woukd rather not run with auth disabled
<Luk6655>But no chance I'm leaving it on latest commits
<efraim>yeah, let me get the link
<mubarak>Hello guix :-)
<mbakke>efraim: did you get anywhere with OpenSSL 3.0 migration?
<Luk6655>efraim: thanks
<efraim>mbakke: haven't touched it since I went away for debconf, last I checked python-3 passed its test phase with openssl-3 on... core-updates I think
<mbakke>efraim: OK, I'll give it a go :)
<efraim>i'll check master, but I think it was core-updates
<efraim>I mostly checked with --with-inputs=openssl=openssl@3
<Luk6655>Also to correct something I said before, it appears there have been a lot more than 3 commits since my yesterday's working setup. Just that those were all commits with old dates that were probably approved for merge yesterday. So definitely much more than 3...
<mbakke>it should work on both
<mubarak>Hi Cairn, pashencija[m]
<pashencija[m]>Why me
<vldn>how to remove a non empty directory with guile?
<vldn>ah i see
<mubarak>pashencija[m] the last time we were talking about my problem"No bootable device" while I'm installing guix
<efraim>ok good, ghc-8.10 built successfully this time on staging
<apteryx>it'd be nice to have a 'guix build --explain' to explain in clear language why an item is being rebuilt
<sneek>apteryx, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>apteryx, muradm says: fail2ban-service-type seems to work fine on two servers in production, however I found some issues while migrating them, and their fixes available in #57473 with v2
<sneek>apteryx, muradm says: other than that, everything looks great, thanks
<pkill9>wtf does this error mean?
<pkill9>ice-9/read.scm:126:4: In procedure read-expr*:
<pkill9>/gnu/store/4ndsfpm27x0fvljxhcrn6ki62kpd1dpq-glimpse-0.2.0-builder:1:7988: Unknown # object: "#<"
<pashencija[m]>mubarak: On raspberry?
<mubarak>on HP laptop Guix 1.3.0 amd64
<pkill9>this is what I'm trying to build
<civodul>pkill9: it means that 'cf' is actually a gexp now, so you could write #~(cons ...) instead of `(cons ...)
<pkill9>ah ok, I just cargo culted that
<mubarak>pashencija[m], Cairn, After so may tries I was able to install GNU Guix successfully. UEFI didn't help. yesterday I changed the partition table to MBR and I enabled toggled bootable flag on. In the past I remember when I installed Guix 1.0 I didn't have to set the root partition as bootable and the system boot successfully after rebooting from the
<mubarak>install image.
<pashencija[m]>mubarak: Pity it's not raspberry. I know only about them
<Cairn>Ah, interesting
<Cairn>Glad its installed now, even though you had to do a bit more work
<mubarak>Thank you Cairn :-)
<mubarak>I have a small problem now, related to keyboard layout
<pkill9>now im building glimpse
<Cairn>mubarak: What's the issue?
<vldn>and how to access the build directory inside a buildargument?
<mubarak>Carin, when I'm using GNU Emacs, when I type M+x (the ALT key on the right with x key print different character than executing the command. see line 12 in
<mubarak>I'm installing Xfce. i opened the settings and removed that English language and added English (us) from the menu and still have a problem with "right alt key"
<Cairn>mubarak: It sounds like you *don't* want your right alt key to behave like AltGr. Why don't you just take away "altgr-intl" from your config.
<mubarak>yeah I get it. I was reading the guix manual and I'm currently modifying it...
<apteryx>mubarak: the keyboard layout can't be changed in Xfce currently; there's a bug about it
<apteryx>see #48549
<apteryx>help to fix that would be more than welcome
<podiki[m]>apteryx: great getting the lightdm service finally done! a nice addition
<apteryx>podiki[m]: yes! I'm a bit annoyed the session switcher doesn't work (top right menu is not populated for some reason), but otherwise it works great and the VNC integration works too.
<podiki[m]>I used lightdm a while back (on Arch), might try it out again on next reconfigure
<podiki[m]>in other "lots of packages" news, I managed yesterday to get peroxide packaged and working; it is a forked and stripped down version of the protonmail bridge, much more manageable package list
<podiki[m]>(i.e. only ~1300 lines of go packages, not 3k)
<PotentialUser-25>Hi, is it normal that emacs-clang-format installs clang?
<Cairn>PotentialUser-25: Yep
<Cairn>It's listed as one of its inputs
<PotentialUser-25>Huh I thought that was the very difference between propagated inputs and inputs
<PotentialUser-25>seems like clang is propagated
<PotentialUser-25>probably because emacs-clang-format inherits from clang
<PotentialUser-25>so it embeds the "install" phase
<apteryx>podiki[m]: cool! still, 1.3k packages, oof
<PotentialUser-25>it's funny though: there is this comment: "Delete Emacs extensions: see their respective Emacs guix packages instead"
<PotentialUser-25>but the Emacs guix package is just : Clang + the thing that removed in clang...
<PotentialUser-25>that *was removed
<podiki[m]>apteryx: I count 44 packages, all from the go importer and I changed maybe ~10 lines worth of stuff; so the work is cleaning it up
<lilyp>to be fair, the guix packages should do a better job of hiding clang, but clang is awful
<podiki[m]>also should write a service for hydroxide? since it will need certificates, configuration and other files that are sensitive and should be owned by root? (it likes to use /etc )
<PotentialUser-25>I'll see if I can do sth.  Thx
<apteryx>podiki[m]: ah, 1.3 kloc, not 1300 individual Go packages. Good!
<podiki[m]>haha yes, that makes 44 packages seem paltry
<podiki[m]>any advice on a service? it would need to do some setup (create /var/log/peroxide, /etc/peroxide, certificates or take supplied certificates) and then just run the email server
<podiki[m]>what is a good one to model after?
<podiki[m]>I have run it by doing these steps manually, but should be a shepherd service I would think
<apteryx>podiki[m]: indeed
<apteryx>sounds like a simple activation script
<apteryx>I'd use (gnu services configuration) for the records for its fields self-validation property
<podiki[m]>and permissions being set important of course
<podiki[m]>do we always just use root for these things or are users made to manage a service?
<podiki[m]>apteryx: got to run right now, but will check back for any advice on how to do it (I haven't done a system service before, though so minor user shepherd ones)
<Cairn>podiki: You're packaging peroxide? Nice!
<Cairn>I just run Hydroxide in the command line when I need it, so I hadn't considered services. That's probably a better idea though.
<PotentialUser-25>ok I believe it's because in inherits clangs' propagated inputs
<PotentialUser-25>it should be a one-line fix
<Cairn>Ohhhh, that would make sense
<bdju>can anyone try to update the minetest package to latest stable?
<bdju>looks like it's not as simple as changing the commit. wasn't able to use --with-commit= to install a newer version
<rekado_>daviid: if you have any ideas about why g-golf doesn’t work on Guix, please do share
<rekado_>your messages seemed to indicate that you think this is somehow our responsibility to fix, but I don’t think we can do much here because we don’t know how it’s supposed to work.
<lilyp>rekado_: From my experience with Guile-GI, I suspect it might have something to do with GI_REPOSITORY_PATH and grafts
<chris314>Hello, It's my first post here. Hope this is not off-topic. I currently have a lenovo T400 with libreboot and I would like to buy a new laptop and install gnu guix on it. Do you know of a model that works with the linux-libre kernel?
<lilyp>chris314: all the RYF laptops work, plus there's h-node if you know how to navigate it
<rekado_>lilyp: FWIW guile gi works fine in the same environment.
<rekado_>I’ll try without grafts
<Luk6655>chris314: good question, but I doubt there is one that has all its features working (Webcam, suspend/resume/audio including mic etc)
<Luk6655>Guix doesn't use systemd, I need to add suspend/resume scripts, but I'm not sure how to go about it with herd. Does anyone know anything about how it could be done?
<rekado_>lilyp, daviid Turns out that it was just due to grafts.
<rekado_>‘guix shell --pure --no-grafts guile guile-g-golf gtk@4’ works fine
<raingloom>Luk6655: `loginctl suspend` works fine
<Luk6655>raingloom: what does it do?
<raingloom>well, it works fine most of the time. for some reason it doesn't work under the Slim display manager and i3. I suspect it's running i3 directly without wrapping it in dbus-run-session.
<rekado_>here’s some background, ironically in the guile-gi repository where I do *not* see this problem:
<raingloom>Luk6655: it suspends the system using elogind.
<Luk6655>I need to be able to run scripts before suspend, and right after resume
<Luk6655>Otherwise my system will not come back...
<Luk6655>Previously I did that with systemd
<Luk6655>So is elogind what replaces it now?
<Luk6655>In this regard, in general I know its herd
<lilyp>rekado_: that's because Guile-GI found it first and employs some countermeasures
<lilyp>It's far from a perfect fix though
<raingloom>I think systemd has targets for shutdown and suspend and such. As far as I know elogind isn't integrated into herd that well.
<chris314>@luk6655: Yes, that's what it seems to me.
<chris314>I bought a T500 from Minifree (which is the base of libreboot) and the version I received has some elements that do not work with the linux-libre kernel. On the tehnoetic site (recommended by RYF), there is also a T500, so I doubt that everything works with the linux-libre kernel...
<Luk6655>raingloom: I'm just reading that elogind can read such scripts if they are in /lib64/elogind no doubt that folder will be different, but hopefully the functionality can be used.
<raingloom>There might be an elogind config option that lets you run custom code, but if there is, it's not exposed by the shepherd service.
<Luk6655>I should be able to find it hopefully
<Luk6655>chris314: I'm not surprised hw support is costly.
<chris314>has anyone tested the laptop purism?
<Luk6655>Can one put files in various /gnu/store/hash-somepath/etc location to test stuff, or is it likely to break guix?
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<bdju>chris314: which things didn't work on the T500? that's surprising to me. on my T440p I think the only thing that didn't work is the WiFi (and maybe bluetooth, they're on the same card)
<bdju>bad timing
<Luk6655>What is the right guile feature to use to make a package install a script into another package's profile? Propagated-inputs? Something else?
<jpoiret>Packages don't have profiles, they have outputs
<jpoiret>And you can't modify another package's output outside of its build script
<jpoiret>Rather, what do you want to achieve
<podiki[m]>Cairn: inspired by your hydroxide package and learning about these, I tried hydroxide but while I could get email didn't seem to want to sync back to all folders...maybe it was me
<podiki[m]>Cairn: I managed to get the official protonmail bridge running (found a binary package) but just in cli mode; took a stab at peroxide and it seems to work
<Cairn>I'm just using hydroxide for git send-email, so just as an smtp server
<Cairn>If you end up sharing your patches, I'll do my best to set up services in the hydroxide package as well.
<Cairn>Might make it a little easier for those who want to try both.
<podiki[m]>it'll take a while to polish, though maybe after I have a service written I'll post it to see if anyone will help out
<podiki[m]>it is a lot of packages to go through, shouldn't be too bad (mostly synopsis, description stuff) just takes a while
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<Luk6655>jpoiret: OK, so outputs, but packages modify other packages all the time by grafting for example, so unless I'm missing something it is possible at least this way.
<Luk6655>Also, imagine you have a service like elogind that some other package provides scripts to.
<Luk6655>I'm almost sure this is handled by various types of inputs, but Im not sure which type is best.
<Luk6655>If "one package couldn't modify another" things like gnome could never work
<Luk6655>Because an installed package could plug its icons into the app menu for example
<lilyp>Luk6655: search paths are the answer
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<klm>How can I append text to a file in a build-phase?
<Genghius[m]>Is "glib-compile-resources" not included in glib? If so, where is it?
<nckx>It is. See the :bin output, I believe.
<nckx>klm: See (guile)File Ports, which explains it better than I would.
<Genghius[m]>Odd, it isn't there when I run guix shell --pure glib
<nckx>guix shell --pure glib:bin
<Genghius[m]>Oh, thank you
<Genghius[m]>How would I get the bin output in a inputs list?
<podiki[m]>`(,glib "bin") i believe
<nckx>`(,glib "bin") is the canonical notation.
<nckx>Genghius[m]: ☝
<nckx>Although (list glib "bin") is equivalent, we don't use it.
<Genghius[m]>I see, thank you both very much
<podiki[m]>yes, that would be confusing and prone to error if you shuffle around the inputs
<nckx>Oh, how so?
*nckx never does.
<podiki[m]>i thought you meant (inputs (list glib "bin" more inputs...))
<podiki[m]>which you definitely did not
<podiki[m]>nckx: any tips/best examples for service writing? i packaged hydroxide (protonmail bridge) and it would need a service: create some files/folders for configs, cache, that I think need to be just root (or some special user) controlled
<podiki[m]>(gnu services configuration) was mentioned for the configuration record making
<Kolev>Should we package JavaScript for websites in guix ?
<lilyp>assuming it's free, properly unbundled javascript, why not?
<apteryx>is there a /sys in the build container?
<apteryx>there's only /dev, /etc, /gnu, /proc and /tmp
<Genghius[m]>I am trying to package dialect, but meson gives an error because po/ dir with the translations is empty, how would I fetch its contents?
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<apteryx>looks like Debian is moving toward including non-free firmware by default:
<KindOne>Why yuck? It makes mmy life simpler.
<dthompson>wow, wouldn't have expected debian to do something like that.
<Genghius[m]>Convenience is not worth more than freedom
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<raingloom>"freedom" is not some abstract thing that's good by itself. A libre ISO that doesn't boot on someone's old netbook because it's missing some proprietary firmware will by definition restrict the actions the user can take.
<raingloom>But if someone can now install Debian instead of Windows, I'm pretty sure we'd all agree that's a good thing.
<raingloom>It's bad that non-free firmware is necessary for some hardware, but putting your head in the sand and ignoring it won't make it go away.
<gnucode>hello guix people how are you?
<apteryx>KindOne: it's a step back for software freedom
<apteryx>and normalizes the idea that installing non-free blob firmware "is OK"
<apteryx>it would be* given it's under discussions
<vldn>how to start a shepherd service only when network is active?
<vldn>like whats the right entry for requirements
<vldn>ah i see.. simple >.< (networking) ..