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<gabber>has anyone created a `emacs --bg-daemon` service yet?
<bjc>i have an fg version
<podiki[m]>I have yet to turn all my guix config into one literate org-mode file, as I've done for a few dotfiles
<podiki[m]>there's also socket activation now, not sure if that is helpful. added recently with the 28.1 package upgrade:
<gabber>bjc: would you mind to share that? i've tried a couple of different configurations (bg-daemon, fg-daemon) yesterday but failed.. i'm new to writing my own services
<gabber>bjc: thanks!
<bjc>then in your config: (service home-shepherd-service-type (home-shepherd-configuration (services (list emacs-shepherd-service))))
<gabber>is it possible the definition of emacs-service-type is missing?
<bjc>i don't define emacs-service-type
<gabber>nvm :)
<gabber>relics from previous trials
*gabber wonders why this isn't part of the source tree
<bjc>it seems like it should be; feel free to submit a patch
<bjc>i don't feel like i have the bandwidth to do it myself rn
<gabber>(how) would you want your authorship dignified?
<phodina[m]>Any idea which package provides KF5::ConfigQml? Tried kconfig, but the cmake still complains
<bjc>sneek: later tell gabber: no, i don't need credit. also, you'll probably need to make changes to it anyway
<sneek>Got it.
<yewscion>Good Evening, Guix!
<dcunit3d>i understand that in guix i shouldn't make changes to /etc or other system directories... if i just generated an, will this cause problems?
<dcunit3d>i'm running into Julia package compilation issues and i'm trying to pin down what guix packages i'm missing.
<jmes>Hey folks, I wanted to try Gnome+Wayland but I'm struggling to get just a bare-minimum setup. I am too dumb to deciper this backtrace (also includes the services in my config) ( Any help would be appreciated.
<benjamin1>any chance of running guix with an encrypted boot partition?
<benjamin1>I set up my laptop with one a long time ago, before I realized how much of a pain it was going to be
<benjamin1>and would like to try to dual-boot guix
<benjamin1>plan was to have guix manage the grub config for booting both systems (potentially with chainloading?)
<jackhill>jmes: perhaps try changing cons* to list. cons* expects a list as the final argument. For the services field this is usually something like %desktop-services or %default-services
<jackhill>jmes: you also might have a better gnome experience using gdm over sddm since I think gnome has some integration there. Its default is X-only for now, but there is a wayland? field.
<jackhill>benjamin1: I'm runing a Guix system with an encrypted boot (well all of mine /boot is on the same encrpted volume as the rest of /, which might matter by default the grub config loads the kernel and initramfs from /gnu/store and not /boot). I believe that it is still the case that our grub can only unlock LUKS-1 volumes and not LUCKS-2
<jackhill>The good news is, that I haven't found it to be too much of a pain! The gotcha is that I have to enter my password twice, once for grub, and a second time for linux.
<jmes>jackhill: Oh whoops, that should be the silly mistake, thank you! And yes, I've been successfully using the default X+gnome via gdm but I need to test some stuff on Wayland.
<jmes>I'd like to use Xmonad as I do on my other machines but I haven't gotten around to learning guix enough to get that working.
<benjamin1>jackhill: thanks! very glad to know that this is possible. currently my whole disk is LUKS-1, so that shouldn't be an issue
<jackhill>jmes and benjamin1 cool, glad I could help
<benjamin1>do you have an example 'bootloader-configuration' I could take a look at?
*jmes appreciates jackhill
<jackhill>benjamin1: the automagic stuff works for me I think the important bits are in the mapped-devices section and file-systems rather than bootloader.
<benjamin1>thanks, I'll take a look!
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<benjamin1>'guix build nss-certs' broken for anybody else?
<benjamin1>> error: corrupt input while restoring archive from #<closed: file 7f5d705dbe70>
<benjamin1>this seems like it might be an issue with the substitute server, but I'm really not sure
<benjamin1>hmm, might actually be a locale issue on my end
<benjamin1>it's failing on a cert that has a nonascii filename I think
<Aurora_v_kosmose>...The Golang ecosystem is looking quite frustrating to package.
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Going by the mod file, minio has between 100~220 dependencies.
<dcunit3d_>i'm running into issues executing binaries external to guix. i think it's because they don't inherit the environment variables from the profiles.
<Aurora_v_kosmose>It might be useful to source the guix profile's /etc/profile into your shell prior to calling the programs.
<dcunit3d_>in other words, there's a ELF binary and i try to run it from bash. when i do, i get "bash: .bin/elf-bin.file: No such file or directory"
<dcunit3d_>i do, but those variables aren't passed to the spawned processes
<dcunit3d_>nvm, i don't think that
<dcunit3d_>i don't think that's it
<dcunit3d_>also, when i try `exec ...` anything, the shell crashes
<Aurora_v_kosmose>I have no idea.
<dcunit3d_>it's just really hard to google. i tried strace and no dice. one line and it just can't open the file. it happened with another program the other day. i tried to connect with it with GDB just to see the same thing pretty much.
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Hm... they might've wanted to idle for a while longer. Ah well.
<dcunit3d>what do you mean? i've got an old textbook open and i'm trying to clarify some things regarding processes/exec/spawn/fork
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Oh. I had been led to believe by the quit message that you had just left.
<dcunit3d>i accidentally opened a second IRC context
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Ah, well, sorry about that. In any case, I'm going to go afk for a while, so you'll have to see if someone else knows. In the event that it takes a while, I would suggest also making a post in the guix-users mailing list.
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Right, on that last note, seems like help-guix rather than guix-users is the naming scheme that was used.
<phodina[m]><nckx> "Maybe?" <- nckx: Thanks. That did the job
<phodina[m]><jackhill> "The good news is, that I haven't..." <- I also have encrypted rootfs and boot. Is there a plan to store the secret somewhere so it does not have to be typed twice as the other distros already have this? Either by storing the password or using a keyfile?
<dcunit3d>if you know how that works, i have some files i need to recover lol
<dcunit3d>i have a bus pirate, but i guess that's a bit off topic. ping me if you know
<unmatched-paren>How would I go about packaging It has a mutually recursive dependency between tinystr and tinystr-macros
<sneek>maximed: wb
<maximed>unmatched-paren: I'm not seeing a cycle in the Cargo.toml (in the git repo?)
<unmatched-paren>in Cargo.toml:
<unmatched-paren>tinystr-macros = { version = "0.2", path = "./macros" }
<unmatched-paren>in macros/Cargo.toml:
<unmatched-paren>tinystr-raw = { version = "0.1", path = "../raw" }
<unmatched-paren>Oh, hmm.
<unmatched-paren>The package has a recursive dependency.
<maximed>-raw doesn't depend on -macros or tinystr itself
<maximed>in that case, it's probably a test-only dependency.
<unmatched-paren>Also, it's 0.3 that I need
<unmatched-paren>for Fluent
<unmatched-paren>which is a dependency of tuigreet
<maximed>Currently, cargo-build-system somehow sorts out the cycle automatically (if thins are put in #:cargo-inputs / #:cargo-development-inputs)
<maximed>unmatched-paren: FWIW, sometimes the version requirements are overly picking.
<maximed>So doing some substitutions to the Cargo.toml can be sufficient
<maximed>* picking -> picky
<unmatched-paren>tinystr = "0.3"
<unmatched-paren>Although the dependency on tinystr-macros in tinystr is optional, so I guess I'll create a bootstrap package that substitutes out that tinystr-macros dependency
<nckx>dcunit3d: It's probably because ‘external’ binaries hard-code the interpreter needed to run them, which is the actualy file that's not found (/lib/ or equivalent). If so, no environment variable will save you, you'll have to patch the binary with a tool called patchelf (in Guix).
<dcunit3d>i'm working on getting that set up in my environment, someone from nonguix helped me out, but thanks!
<dcunit3d>i'm learning a lot more about linux than when i was using arch
<maximed>Today I did "guix pull --rollback" / "guix pull --switch-generation=..." for the first time. It was pretty useful.
<roptat>hi guix!
<unmatched-paren>I don't understand why `guix home reconfigure` is hanging when building `nvim.lua`:
<unmatched-paren>nvm, fixed it :)
<unmatched-paren>Oh, wait.
<unmatched-paren>I don't understand why nvim.lua ends up as a blank file:
<roptat>unmatched-paren, you could use pk and look at the logs
<unmatched-paren>what package provides pk?
<nckx>(pk whatever) ; prints and returns whatever.
<nckx>unmatched-paren: Your fennel is almost certainly printing nothing, I can't imagine the display not working…
<nckx>You can verify that with (display (pk output) file).
<unmatched-paren>nckx: Ah, it's a procedure, I see
<unmatched-paren>I thought roptat meant some shell command :)
<roptat>unmatched-paren, you can also put that in a file and use "guix build -f ..." to quickly try things
<unmatched-paren>roptat: Good point
<roptat>depending on what %conf-dir is, fennel might not be able to access it from the build chroot
<unmatched-paren>%conf-dir is (dirname (current-filename))
<roptat>yeah, it won't work
<unmatched-paren>What should I use to refer to the directory that home.scm is in?
<roptat>when building a derivation, you can only access a clean /tmp and the dependencies from /gnu/store
<unmatched-paren>I see
<nckx>You need to run fennel on the host side, or carry your nvim.fnl over to the build directory.
<unmatched-paren>Okay, thanks
<nckx>…or the store.
<unmatched-paren>I guess I would put nvim.fnl in a local-file?
<roptat>yes that would work
<unmatched-paren>and then use that in the gexp?
<unmatched-paren>how would I turn (local-file blahblah) into a store file path inside the gexp? #$file doesn't work
<roptat>#$(local-file blahblah) should work
<nckx>local-file takes a string, not a gexp.
<unmatched-paren>I know
<unmatched-paren>I'm using (config-file "nvim.fnl"), which is defined as equivalent to (config-file (string-append (dirname (current-filename)) "/" "nvim.fnl"))
<unmatched-paren>and I want to pass the store path as an argument to (string-append #$(file-append fennel "/bin/fennel") " --compile " FILENAME)
<unmatched-paren>inside the gexp
<nckx>What is ‘config-file’?
<unmatched-paren>Sorry, meant to write "equivalent to (local-file ...)"
<roptat>unmatched-paren, how does it fail?
<nckx>Sharing the entire file would help too.
<unmatched-paren>roptat, nckx: log's at the bottom:
<roptat>I can't find where the issue is
<nckx>unmatched-paren: Thanks.
<roptat>/gnu/store/zb5wpl6a65cjajblan3wx78ywzv is probably the builder. You can have a look inside to see that the local-file got expanded correctly
<unmatched-paren>roptat: Looks like the output file contains the correct Lua code
<unmatched-paren>Oh, I see what you mean
<roptat>so it comes from somewhere else
<unmatched-paren>Looks like the builder expanded the path correctly
<roptat>mh, I think it's an issue with the return value of the gexp in mixed-text-file
<roptat>you want computed-file instead
<roptat>mixed-text-file expects a list of strings, appends them and puts them into the file
<unmatched-paren>Ah, I was using computed-file before, but changed it while I was trying to fix the problem.
<unmatched-paren>I knew that, but forgot I was using mixed-text :)
<unmatched-paren>~/.config/nvim/init.lua is correct now! \o/ thanks nckx and roptat!
<nckx>Dog gammit
<nckx>I kept looking at 😃
<nckx>qtwebkit's ‘c++’ command lines are so long that I need to zoom out twice to see one ‘[percentage%] Building…’ at the top of my full-screen terminal window.
<unmatched-paren> :)
<nckx>unmatched-paren: Nice. Looks cleaner.
<silicius[m]>I wonder how to get the guix home's profile to show in the output of guix package --list-profiles
<jmes>I reconfigured my system into a state with no networking :P Now I can't update substitutes when trying to reconfigure it again. Do I have to rollback or is there another way out?
<jmes>Oh, rolling back requires network too?
<jetomit>jmes: you could configure the network manually, but that might take longer than just rebooting into a working configuration
<nckx>jmes: Can't you ‘just’ select an older generation from the GRUB boot menu?
<nckx>Then roll back or forwards from there.
<jmes>jetomit & nckx: Yeah I think that's the fastest way. I was trying to roll back without network just now
<jetomit>with a wired connection you can probably just `dhclient <interface>`, wireless is a bit more involved without a running networkmanager
<jmes>Yeah it's a troublesome laptop with no ethernet port. I should really buy a usb to ethernet adapter
<nckx>silicius[m]: I don't use guix home, but does it show up in guix repl <<<'(pretty-print ((@ (guix store roots) gc-roots)))' ? If so, might be as simple as tweaking (none of this tested).
<jmes>Hm, I just tried booting into the previous 2 derivations but they both get stuck at the TTY - I can't even switch to another TTY. It would normally load GDM at this point. Both of these versions were working fine before.
<nckx>Well that sucks.
<jmes>There is some output past the login prompt: localhost elogind[347]: elogind is already running as PID 336
<nckx>And you can't log in?
<jmes>and typing credentials does not work, no
<jmes>I'm not sure my keyboard input is doing anything (the CAPSLOCK key has an LED light but is not toggling on press)
<jmes>though it worked in the grub menu
<nckx>The elogind message sounds like a Shepherd bug that was recently fixed. Which is of no use to you, with an older Guix, of course.
<jmes>and for typing LUKS decryption phrase
<nckx>As in it might be this:
<jmes>nckx: darn, so it is a bug that somehow outwits booting into a previous version
<jmes>I'll check it out, thanks
<nckx>Which implies that a few reboots might ‘win’ the race, but eh, fun :-/
<jmes>Hah, I'll give that a couple of goes
<jmes>I just need to reconfigure once successfully so I get the bugfix :P
<nckx>I don't want to get your hopes up but you *might* get lucky, who knows.
<nckx>Otherwise we'll have to figure out how to get you networked after all.
<jmes>Also hopefully I don't have to rebuild the kernel again. I dunno how system reconfigure works, but I am very much hoping I can just add the networking to the latest derivation without wasting more cycles.
<jmes>Yeah, I don't mind a manually network config. But of course I'd rather avoid it
<jmes>Haha, I was able to log in by racing the elogind message at the TTY login. But once it showed up it eats all my input. Manual configuration it is.
<silicius[m]>nckx: pretty-print is unbound
<nckx>Oh, I have it in my .guile.
<nckx>You can replace pretty-print — no brackets — with (@ (ice-9 pretty-print) pretty-print) — brackets — or leave it out entirely, but it's hard to read then.
<nckx>guix repl <<<'((@ (ice-9 pretty-print) pretty-print) ((@ (guix store roots) gc-roots)))'
<nckx>Short & quick debug hint turned out to be neither.
*nckx away.
<silicius[m]>I did `... | tr ' ' '\n'` to tidy it up
<silicius[m]>There are profiles that end in guix-home
<silicius[m]>yeah, those are definitely my home profiles there
<nckx>I guess they don't contain a /manifest at the top level?
*nckx really doesn't want to run ‘guix home’ and deal with the fall-out, builds a VM.
<roptat>there's guix home build
<roptat>it doesn't install
<nckx>It also doesn't create links in /var.
<roptat>ah right, I didn't follow the issue, I just came back
<nckx>I know there's a /profile/manifest in the ‘guix home build’ output, but does it get symlinked to /manifest or /profile/manifest, is the question.
<nckx>roptat: No problem, maybe that answer is obvious to someone familiar with guix home as well.
<nckx>Just not to me.
*nckx is eyeing (@ (guix profiles) generation-profile).
<phodina[m]>Does anybody now how to enable widgets in qtwebengine package? I get errors from cmake saying Qt5WebEngineWidgets are not provided.
<unmatched-paren>could somebody have a look at my aerc v3 patchset? thanks!
<silicius[m]>I noticed today that xscreensaver is both outdated by a major release and lacks a dependency which causes it to not compile one of its binaries
<silicius[m]>I packaged gdk-pixbuf-xlib because it wasn't in guix at all and it works
<silicius[m]>Though now if I wanted to contribute it, should I send two separate patches, or a patchset? It's both a new lib being added and a package being updated to use that lib
<jeandudey>Hi guys! I've made a patch for `ppp' fixing cross compilation, e.g.: making an installation image from x86-64 for aarch64 is broken right now. #56151 tries to fix it
<nckx>Open a new bug & send both patches there, silicius[m].
<nckx>& thanks to all you patchin' folk.
<silicius[m]>So it would be two emails, one sent to guix-patches [patch 1/2] and the other to NNNN [patch 2/2], right?
<nckx>Yes. If you use git send-email, you'd use -2 to send the two most recent patches, for example.
<silicius[m]>thanks. I'm gonna sort out my email client situation first because doing it through roundcube last time was not pleasant
<nckx>silicius[m]: Do not feel pressured to use git send-email, but exists and has a Guix section so it's easy to link to :
<nckx>:) that is.
<unmatched-paren>silicius[m]: would you mind testing my aerc patchset, if you're looking for an email client? would be appreciated :)
<unmatched-paren>I guess you could download every patch starting from and `git apply` them all to guix master
<unmatched-paren>Not aware of a better way to do that without any email client
<silicius[m]>unmatched-paren: I was planning to use emacs for email, probably with notmuch
<unmatched-paren>silicius[m]: Ah, I see.
<unmatched-paren>Since aerc is a vi-like email client, you probably wouldn't be interested in that case :)
<silicius[m]>yeah, never liked vim that much
<unmatched-paren>Each to their own, I guess.
<unmatched-paren>I really don't understand the emacs vs vim holy war at all
<unmatched-paren>People just like to fight over anything and everything.
<phodina[m]>Does anybody know how to build this? It's missing the QtWebenginewidgets pkg
<phodina[m]>And when I check the pkg qtwebengine is in the inputs. There's no magical switch to enable widgets
<phodina[m]>Any ideas what to do?
<unmatched-paren>phodina[m]: maybe this will help?
<unmatched-paren>Oh, wait. No helpful answers there.
<phodina[m]>It's C++ application or well library.
<phodina[m]>Tried to substitute the name to just qtwebengine which also didn't work
<unmatched-paren>Hmm, so Python answers won't help...
<phodina[m]>However, the shared lib is there... (full message at
<phodina[m]> * However, the shared lib is there... (full message at
<nckx>unmatched-paren, silicius[m]: I think there's a poorly-documented way to get all (say) v3 patches at once in mbox format, but it's poorly documented.
<nckx>It's but it's broken in curl (!!! — not like ‘curl |’ is an actual meme or anything). So you'll still have to go through a browser I guess.
<rekado>what does “broken in curl” mean?
<rekado>applying these patches should work by piping to “git am --patch-format=mbox” or something like that.
<nckx>You could try it, but I'll spoil the surprise by saying the number 500.
<nckx>I agree it should.
<rekado>I did try it and I don’t get 500
<nckx>Same with -LO, it's not the HEAD.
<nckx>Same if you actually paste the actual URL I used above after copying it, because copy & past is a hard problem and it's normal that it's not 100% reliable.
<rekado>here’s what I see;
<rekado>guess I’m using curl so wrong that it’s right again.
<nckx>For my sanity I wish you were.
<nckx>I guess I'm being geoblocked for my edgy opinions on Wayland clipboards. Probably fair.
<nckx>(Is there a typo I'm stubbornly missing?)
<unmatched-paren>nckx: now i'm curious about your opinions on Wayland clipboards...
<nckx>unmatched-paren: ‘Everyone likes surprises, pasting should never be boring and predictable’.
<unmatched-paren> pasting exciting and unpredictable on X?
<nckx>I dunno who's to blame (Sway? Something else?), but once in a while I select something and it doesn't go to the primary selection. Sometimes it does.
<nckx>It is not consistently based on client application if that's what you think. That would make some sense.
<unmatched-paren>Never experienced that before -.o.-
<nckx>Whooptidoo. I bet you can reliably curl things, too. I clearly stepped on a grave this week.
<nckx>Offended a wizard at Lidl.
<nckx>Who's to say.
*unmatched-paren usually just uses wget but maybe this is something that can't be done with wget?
<unmatched-paren>I get that HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error too actually
<unmatched-paren>with curl -LI
<rekado>with -LI I get the error too
<nckx>curl is generally shorter and more featureful for fetching (not mirroring), so I use it. No holy wars.
<nckx>Sure, but I got it with -LO too.
<unmatched-paren>Holy wars are stupid anyway :)
<nckx>-LI is… not good, and a bug, but understandable if Mumi doesn't handle HTTP HEADs reliably.
<nckx>* Mishandling -LI is… not good.
<nckx>Using -LI is fine.
<nckx>But not my main issue.
*unmatched-paren opens curl(1) to see what -LI does
<nckx>With -LO I get an empty file.
<nckx>unmatched-paren: -L follow redirects; -I perform a HEAD (headers-only) fetch.
<nckx>It's a great debugging tool until a broken server decides to handle HEADs differently and usually incorrectly. ☺
<nckx>There's an option to GET with headers but I forgot what it is.
<nckx>It was user error, kind of (I'm not sure — rekado?): /1 only works if there's more than one /patch-set/… I think?
<rekado>yes, mumi doesn’t have a fallback handler for requests it doesn’t know about.
<nckx>Not quite what I mean.
<Aurora_v_kosmose>dcunit3d_: For just file recovery, you might be better off just booting the system with a livecd/liveusb, decrypting the drive using the device mapper and mounting that to copy onto another system or portable storage device.
<rekado>needs another match clause here:;a=blob;f=mumi/web/controller.scm;h=e8163bb34e208e4a98988028f940d84d96252d14;hb=HEAD#l58
<nckx>Why does /0 or /1 (I assume it's 1-indexed but tried both just in case) not always work.
<rekado>I’m slow; I’m still talking about HEAD
<rekado>re /0 or /1: it depends on the message subject
<rekado>it’s just naively matching on the [PATCH] or [PATCH v123] subject
<rekado>so for /1 to work there’d have to be a [PATCH v1] subject
<nckx>Oh good lord.
<nckx>(At me, not at you.)
<rekado>this thing isn’t documented, because it was nothing more than a silly little hack that I hoped someone would shape into a real feature
<rekado>would be nice to make it consistent and remove surprise
<rekado>but that would be against my work ethos. Apparently.
<nckx>My bad, really. I shouldn't have treated it as a feature.
<nckx>If ‘yeah, it sometimes works’ is expected, I guess it's not much of a bug report to point it out.
<lilyp>speaking about mumi is there a way we can get merge'd bugs actually merged?
<rekado>what does that mean?
<lilyp>If I send a "merge NNNN MMMM" to mumi, it should show both NNNN and MMMM under the merged IDs
<lilyp>reason being that people still end up creating 20 bug numbers in sequence :P
<rekado>it currently shows whatever debbugs says the current bug is merged with.
<lilyp>it does?
<lilyp>oh, that tiny details field?
<phodina[m]><phodina[m]> "Does anybody know how to build..." <- nckx: Any insightful tip? Last time it solved the problem :-)
<silicius[m]>hmm. The last patch version (v3) I sent received to replies for a few days, but I also don't see the new package in guix yet. What should I expect?
<silicius[m]>*no replies
<bjc>it can take some time. i've had a minor patch waiting for months
<bjc>mostly, though, it's not more than a couple weeks
<unmatched-paren>Unfortunately, Guix is somewhat understaffed.
<lilyp>silicius[m]: which patch?
<silicius[m]>lilyp: 56041
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<silicius[m]>I expected someone would yell at me for the description being just one long line - either a quirk of the website or my client sent a different email than it showed me
<lilyp>a few things: your indentation is off, as is the description formatting
<lilyp>your version comment also does not put up the air of professionalism, you might want to reword it a little
<lilyp>As far as I can see, it is not seen as one long line, but as several lines which are longer than fill-column.
<silicius[m]>So it wasn't messed up in transit?
<lilyp>maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, I can't tell
<silicius[m]>I see I'll have to send the patch again, the proper way.
<nckx>Ere I bugger off a report: is the ‘p’ key in htop@3.2.1 broken for anyone else?
<nckx>silicius[m]: I think the version comment's fine 🤷 Maybe "release" → release, though (it's a release or it isn't, no?)
<silicius[m]>I forgot why exactly I put that in. I'll make sure to correct that
<maximed>nckx: What's the p key supposed to do?
<maximed>I now see it
<nckx>Ah, so it works for you?
<maximed>cron -f <-> /usr/sbin/cron -f (on a Debian system)
<nckx>It's more useful (and was added for) Nix/Guix :)
<maximed>wait that's the foreign distro's htop
<maximed>No effect in Guix' htop for me.
<nckx>OK, thanks for confirming.
<nckx>They've been doing some heavy well-intentioned refactoring and probably broke it.
<unmatched-paren>Can confirm too
<maximed>FWIW the foreign distro's at 3.0.5
<maximed>so somewhere in between 3.0.5 an 3.2.1
<nckx>Surprised I didn't notice this sooner (or when updating), I use it a lot.
<rekado>lilyp: yes, that little details thing.
<rekado>lilyp: I’d be happy to apply patches to make mumi more useful or prettier or both.
<maximed>(antioxidated-)nushell builds!
<unmatched-paren>maximed: When do you think you'll be able to merge antioxidant, assuming you hit no significant hurdles? I presume it'd be merged into core-updates, right?
<maximed>unmatched-paren: librsvg is IIRC core-updates, and also rust, so antioxidant would be too
<maximed>I'm not good at ETA
<maximed>eergh it builds fine locally but fails on the build farm ...
*maximed compares derivations
<maximed>it's identical?
*maximed runs "guix gc --verify=contents"
<lilyp>rekado: My idea was more or less a "merged" view, where all messages of all merged bugs are shown in temporal order
<lilyp>that'd be super helpful for those patches where the second message is the merge to control@debbugs
<maximed>WDYT of adding -L and -m option to "guix challenge"?
<maximed>(and a -e)
*the_tubular Collects all the flags
<nckx>I have a completely subjective but worrying feeling that Azure RTOS GUIX is ranking higher in search results for ‘guix’ than it did several years ago.
<nckx>Familiar, or my imagination?
<nckx>maximed: SGTM.
<the_tubular>I don't have a baseline on this nckx, and the meta seach engine I use, also indexes bing, So I guess Microsoft can also push their own programs
<the_tubular>But yeah, I noticed the Microsoft guix is always up there when I google something about guix
<the_tubular>(I use google loosely)
<unmatched-paren> seems to show exactly zero results for Azure GUIX on the first page
<unmatched-paren>And the second, it seems.
<the_tubular>5th result when I use searx is :
<unmatched-paren>10th page and still no sign of M$ GUIX.
<the_tubular>searx can be configured in multiple ways though.
<unmatched-paren>I finally found it on the 17th page
<the_tubular>As I said above I wouldn't be suprised if whitelisting bing will bring M$ guix higher
<unmatched-paren>Seems like this instance only uses google
<unmatched-paren>After enabling Bing, I see it on the third page
<lilyp>well, in DuckDuckGo it's the second entry right below the correct Guix, so you're probably right
<nckx>I mostly use DDG, but I check Google once in a while just to stay hip with the kids (and make sure I'm at least aware of what trends there).
<nckx>So TBC this isn't based on data, just something I feel like I noticed lately.
<unmatched-paren>After disabling Google, I see the wikipedia page for Guix, then the site, then... several completely unrelated results.
<nckx>I didn't track it, wish I had.
<unmatched-paren>Azure is on the second page
<nckx>unmatched-paren: Nothing Renesas?
<unmatched-paren>The difference in search result quality between Google and Bing is really striking...
<unmatched-paren>nckx: Yes
<nckx>It used to be theirs before MS bought it.
<nckx>So that counts too.
<nckx>unmatched-paren: In which direction?
<unmatched-paren>The fifth result is a github releases page for "renesas/fsp"
<unmatched-paren>The third is an Instagram page for "amaia romero"???
<the_tubular>lol, classic microsoft
<the_tubular>Let me make that piece of shit search engine your default though
<nckx>In other news, _somebody_ is installing Guix into an Alpine Linux VM bridged to IRC: This will end extremely well and reflect very well on Guix 👍 :-/
<the_tubular>Which channel is this ?
<nckx>On the bright side, the VM is connected over Tor so it will probably never finish.
<lilyp>the_tubular: Don't you see it's #pissnet?
<nckx>the_tubular: Different network, name is in the screenshot, but it's… a special place. Bewarned.
<the_tubular>Never heard of it
<lilyp>lemme guess the CoC doesn't apply there?
<lilyp>or even worse; no code of conduct can be made to apply
<nckx>No, but not because it's Naziville central. It's a joke network. Hence why someone is installing Guix into an IRC bot.
<unmatched-paren>"Network rules: (1) You must do exactly the opposite of what codes of conduct tell you to do."
<nckx>Kind of? But like with literally less nazis than Libera because nobody bothers to troll pissnet? Anyway, this is going off-topic, I just wanted to share the on-topic part.
*vagrantc wonders if nckx is available for a marketing gig
<the_tubular>I mean maybe I could learn by watching someone configuring guix live in a irc
<the_tubular>trying to edit text in an irc must be a challenge though ...
<nckx>They've quieted the bot whilst it downloads the release tarball over Tor for the next 2 hours, so it's pretty quiet for now.
<the_tubular>Why do you think it would bring such a bad name for a "small" community ?
<nckx>the_tubular: Finally, ed's time to shine!
<the_tubular>from *
<nckx>This is literally what it was made for, so…
<nckx>vagrantc: I'm game for anything that pays, and most things that don't.
<nckx>unmatched-paren, lilyp, the_tubular, and anyone I forgot: Thanks for sharing your SERP samples.
***rgherdt_ is now known as rgherdt
<nckx>Sorry, missed: the_tubular: <Why do you> You're probably right I care too much. But one doesn't want Guix itself to become the joke.
<mbkamble>I am using "guix home" to configure my home env and launching emacs as daemon using home-emacs-service-type. I also have separated my installed pacakges into ~/.guix-extra-profiles as described in the Guix Cookbook. But it looks likes emacs daemon does not inherit the env variables from the login shell (I source the <profile>/etc/profile in
<mbkamble>~/.bash_profile). But rather only those inherited from the user shepherd which seems to source only /etc/profile. As a result eshell PATH contains only the PATHs setup from /etc/profile but not the ones from my guix-extra-profiles. Can anyone provide some hints on how I can source etc/profile of my profiles inside ~/.guix-extra-profiles before
<mbkamble>services from my home-environment are launched
<rekado>lilyp: I don’t know how to provide a single merged issue view that wouldn’t feel terribly disjointed and confusing.
*yewscion is back (gone for 19:16.32)
<civodul>nckx: wait, you're using an IRC-to-tty bridge?...
<nckx>Apologies for the confusion, I'm not respo^Wdoing any of this.
<nckx>Also, the VM reconnected after being put in the background (it was ’spamming’ download progress messages for >1h) and had died. No way to tell why, and I might have accidentally killed the VM for now :3
<nckx>civodul: But yes, though not much of a TTY I'd say.
<nckx>I think this was all Noisytoot's doing.
<maximed>(I hope I) found the issue with rust-nu-command: rust-shadow-rs had irreproducible output
<maximed>(patched out locally for now, upstream later)
<maximed>Still some irreproducibility though:
<maximed>I think someone noticed something like that some time ago>?