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<oriansj>the_tubular: *Guix developers rocking meme inserted*
<atka>oof, just got bit by ` vs ', I swear the guix pdf manual is showing '
<oriansj>atka: wait until you discover the ( vs ( problem (hint utf-8)
<nckx>atka: Where?
<nckx>(Related computer-related fun: searching the PDF with firefox for ` will return 5 results: ‘è’ and ‘à’. Don't try to copy either; you'll just paste ‘e’.)
<atka>oriansj: nooo, ignorance is bliss
<atka>nckx: guix latest pdf manual, page ~267, openssh-service-type, their authorized keys example
<atka>it looks that way for most of the example I saw
<atka>thus guix system reconfigure couldn't build
<nckx>Because ASCII sucks, people used to write ` instead of ‘, so of course Texinfo (or whoever's to blame) converts ` into ‘ in 2022.
<atka>yeah, it wasn't untill I loaded up the web version with the code blocks that I saw the issue
<nckx>Yeah, it's not a strangely-rendered `, it's a literal ‘. I'm surprised nobody's run into this before although, honestly, I can't imagine who reads the PDFs in the first place.
<nckx>You are clearly the first and weird.
<nckx>Considering the prevalence of Lisp in GNU I'm surprised though. Is there a PDF Emacs manual? Is it similarly bork?
<atka>nckx: guilty as charged, weird here
<nckx> has proper `()s.
<nckx>I don't have time to check out how they manage but at least it's possible.
<nckx>Could you send a bug report to bug-guix at gnu dot org with the above info, atka?
<nckx>Thanks either way :)
<oriansj>or perhaps just the first person here who didn't read
<atka>I typed it by hand
<nckx>I don't see how that's related.
<nckx>It has nothing to do with eye/paste discrepancy.
<atka>and I typed what I saw
<atka>nckx: I have no problem submitting a bug report, I'm new to the guix ecosystem and need to learn how anyway
<nckx>It looks like a ' because it is a ', where it should look like and be a `.
<nckx>It's relatively easy if retro: just send e-mail.
<atka>totally cool with that, better than creating github accounts etc
<jgart>can these two use a docstring?
<jgart>I'm referring to `G_` and `N_`
<jgart>I've seen them in various places throughout the Guix codebase
<nckx>I guess it would help those who use an IDE/Geiser/etc. Is there a way to ‘inherit’ a docstring? (define (foo) (docstring-of bar) (some trivial bar wrapping like G_ does…))
<nckx>Hm, that would be overkill.
<jgart>I sometimes use the meta commands in the repl
<jgart>,h N_
<jgart>,h G_
<nckx>I'm no civodul but I can't see a drawback to including a docstring here.
<jgart>I haven't met someone else who uses those yet though ha
<nckx>jgart: I *should* use them, I just forget.
<jgart>they exist so maybe some developer intended for us to use them
<nckx>The habit of grep define.*foo and/or just firing up an editor is too strong.
<jgart>unless it was just intended as a joke ha jk
<nckx>They are definitely intended to be used. Don't overthink it, I doubt there's a good reason for docstrings being missing beyond these being trivial wrappers, and I think they still make sense then, go for it.
<jgart>I've used the equivalent of meta commands in other repls. I think they are helpful once you get used to using them
<jgart>janet seems to promote them:
<jgart>`(doc first)` etc..
<jgart>but in janet they don't have a fancy , reader macro
<jgart>it's just a function call `(doc math/abs)` etc...
<nckx>It's a pretty clever choice of magic yet uncollidable prefix.
<nckx>,foo I mean.
<nckx>(doc …) is nice in that it's not magic at all.
<jgart>yup, I like the non magic too
<jgart>magic is nice sometimes too, when I understand the trick
<jgart>I wish guile documentation had "jump to source" url links like this:
<jgart>s/guile/guile and guix
<nckx>I wish the Guile REPL tab-completed , commands if they're magic anyway.
<jgart>I wish the guile repl also gave function arguments
<nckx>I hardly ever use the Guile REPL but when I do I often wish it did a lot of things…
<jgart>I recently packaged this CL repl that does:
<jgart>it hints at the function args in the repl but for common lisp not guile :(
<nckx>What even is the procedural way to get a procedure's docstring in Guile?
<jgart>mondo is not in upstream Guix yet. I'm stuck here:
<jgart>not sure how to get `build-program` to do the right thing
<jgart>I had tried out mondo with
<nckx>The Guile looks fine, no clue about the CL bit.
<jgart>I got mondo running with guix but it was buggy.
<jgart>It was auto-completing coreutils commands instead of common lisp ones iirc
<jgart>like shell commands like `ls`, `mv`, etc...
<jgart>I'll try again at some point
<jgart>I'll use roswell for now... until I get the guix package working
<atka>nckx: email sent to, should just show up in the guix issue tracker soon?
<nckx>There's a moderation queue. I'll kick you out.
<nckx>…when you arrive.
<nckx>Then it shouldn't take long for your mail to show up at
<atka>ok, no worries, just wondering how it worked
<bost>Hi. I'm trying to install the dig utility. It seems like `guix install bind` would do it... but it doesn't, ugh. What am I doing wrong??? See
<lfam>`guix install bind:utils`
<nckx>See ‘guix show bind’.
<lfam>This package is split into different outputs, and I know that dig is in the 'utils' output
<lfam>I had an idea to make outputs somehow self-documenting... I still think we should try to address the UX
<bost>lfam: well until now I had no idea about the ':'
<lfam>No worries!
<bost>lfam: but then what did I install with just `guix install bind`???
<lfam>You installed the BIND libraries
<lfam>I recommend uninstalling them
<lfam>`guix remove bind`
<nckx>bost: The BIND nameserver itself.
<bost>and also
<bost>guix show bind:utils
<bost>guix show: error: bind:utils: package not found
<nckx>‘show bind’, not ‘show bind:utils’.
<lfam>Like I said, we should improve the UX
<nckx>Add description strings to outputs.
<bost>lfam: DEFINITELY!
<lfam>Outputs should have an addendum to the description and make `guix show` do something useful with it
<lfam>Anyways, bost, we are happy to help
<bost>lfam: :) thanx a lot guys :)
<lfam>Funny how my personal repo shows up high in the google results
*nckx tried ‘guix git’, nothing.
<lfam>For Guix's Git repo
<lfam>I answered bost's question because my name was included in the URL they shared
<lfam>I've noticed it popping up some other times too
<nckx>Right, but > tried ‘guix git’, nothing.
<lfam>At least, it seems more popular than other mirrors on Github
<lfam>Yeah idk
<lfam>Somehow people are finding it
<nckx>Yeah, GitHub is pretty bad that way, that's one of the main reasons for guix-mirror existing :-/
<lfam>It's not on the first page of results for "github guix" for me, but somehow people are finding it
<bost>lfam: it's google who's finding it.
<lfam>Oh well, could be worse
<lfam>It's funny that Google doesn't suggest my own copy of the repo to me :)
<nckx>bost: But what did you search for?
<nckx>Oh, I'm not ‘logged into’ Google (if that's a thing?), maybe that's it.
<nckx>bost: Thanks.
<lfam>I'm also logged out but Google stills knows me quite well
<jgart>Anybody interested in working on mumi and making it better? I heard that a new shiny graphql API is coming to it:;a=blob;f=mumi/web/graphql.scm;h=56110a088c044e44ff10262a596c1f8823f2ded4;hb=HEAD
<nckx>Yup, lfam did the SEO blackhat.
<nckx>#1 SERP.
<lfam>Maybe... I was the first
<nckx>I saw that expat announcement but wasn't sure. It's like ‘haha, there happens to be a graft on, now we get to apply non-security fixes that otherwise wouldn't hit master’.
<nckx>Not that I mind but it all seems so arbitrary :)
<lfam>I dilly-dallied because I figured... if there's a serious regression for Guix users, someone else will deal with it
<lfam>But now I was in the mood to handle it, because of the OpenSSL patches
<nckx>LGTM but I'm confused by the [SECURITY] tag. Did I misread the announcement?
<nckx>I thought this was relaxing an overly stringent fix, not extra security fixin'.
<lfam>I'm cheating
<nckx>Well, LGTM if you drop that one weird patch SEO trick from the commit.
<lfam>I agree with your interpretation. It's cleaning up the fallout from the fix
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<nckx>/nick sneek
<nckx>rekado, jgart said: Anybody interested in working on mumi and making it better? I heard that a new shiny graphql API is coming to it:;a=blob;f=mumi/web/graphql.scm;h=56110a088c044e44ff10262a596c1f8823f2ded4;hb=HEAD
<nckx>/nick nckx
<lfam>I'm going to pull, re-deploy my guix-daemon, and update my packages based on the expat and openssl fixes
<nckx>sneek: Welcome back. Botsnack!
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<atka>hi guix, does podman get along with guix well?
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<the_tubular> Not really atka :/
<the_tubular>There are still a few bugs with the package
<atka>oh, bummer, how bad would you say?
<the_tubular>It's usable, but a bit of a pain right now
<the_tubular>Like rootless containers are broken
<atka>is there a good way to run a nextcloud container on guix either "natively" or otherwise?
<the_tubular>No clue, I don't use nextcloud
<atka>yeah rootless containers is what I'm going for
<the_tubular>But the docker package is less broken than the podman package
<the_tubular>I mean, I am using podman, but there are a few hiccups
<atka>I don't either, but I'm trying to convert some servers from alpine linux to guix
<atka>they are pretty simple, just sshd, wireguard tunnels, podman + a few services
<the_tubular>That's basically what I did
<the_tubular>I'm still ironing everything out.
<atka>ok cool, I'll play around with the same
<the_tubular>Well In fact I still have lots to do. I wanted to do the whole networking in scheme
<the_tubular>I'm not really sure where to start though
<the_tubular>I mean, in the future, guix container will be where it's at
<the_tubular>But they aren't flexible enough yet
<atka>yeah, thats what I'm hoping, I was just going to try podman as temporary solution
<the_tubular>That's exactly what I did :)
<the_tubular>One day i'll guix unninstall podman
<atka>Yeah, I'm hoping I can use some of the guix containers now for simple things
<atka>I need to inventory my real needs first and those of clients
<the_tubular>I don't even know how to share data between the host and the container using guix container lol
<the_tubular>I barely used it
<atka>I think there might be a --share option for a rw directory
<atka>I was reading the docs last night as I fell asleep
<atka>so I'm probably wrong
<the_tubular>I'm interrested in a guix as a server if you want to share your config one day
<the_tubular>Also, being able to start container in a scheme file would be very cool
<atka>ok, yeah so: guix system container config.scm --expose=/foo/bar and --share=/foo/bar should work
<atka>expose would be read only in the container
<atka>share would be read/write looks line
<the_tubular>Damn, nice
<the_tubular>Can you also do some foolery on the networking side ?
<atka>--network will allow container to access the host network, that is do not create a network namespace
<atka>so limited in the networking options looks like
<atka>maybe some fancy firewalling could work around limitations, don't know about communication between multiple containers though
<the_tubular>--network looks nice for some small usage
<the_tubular>I'll take note of those. The sooner I can drop podman the happier I'll be :)
<atka>yeah, some stuff I'm even willing to run a full vm for if needed if I can do it all the guix way
<the_tubular>I mean, if it runs in a vm, it should run in a container ^^
<the_tubular>But yeah guix is a great departure from alpine
<atka>what about multiple services that need to talk to each other? I have a pod that combines 3 containers on podman
<the_tubular>I gues if you use --network and it uses the host network, that would work no ?
<atka>I love alpine I really do but its lost most of its luster for me and the community doesn't seem to be really passionate about it
<atka>I guess, I'll have to experiment
<atka>...which is what I'm doing right now!
<the_tubular>You're going from Anti-GNU to full GNU :P
<atka>hah pretty much! i've been using minimal alpine and void systems, suckless tools, vim etc for the last 7 years or so, now I'm going guix + emacs
<atka>starting with guix, havent' bitten into emacs yet though..
<the_tubular>Damn are you me ? :P
<Lumine>I dove into Guix and emacs head first couple of weeks ago, don't regret a single moment :P
<atka>same here, I'm having a blast after flirting with guix for the first time when it hit 1.0
<atka>just decided to jump in a few days ago
<the_tubular>We're just going to need a Kubernetes like services for guix
<atka>the_tubular: it happens I dunno
<Lumine>Only today got my emacs set up just the way I want it
<Lumine>Well, initially anyway
<atka>Lumine: are you using vanilla?
<the_tubular>I can't wait to be able to set up emacs with guix-home
<atka>I was leaning towards doom for me since I'm a vim user
<Lumine>atka: I used to use neovim, now I'm full-time emacsian
<atka>are you using evil mode?
<Lumine>No, just the plain bindings
<atka>man, i need to just do it then I guess
<Lumine>With some custom ones
<the_tubular>evil-mode is great
<Lumine>I mean, if it makes for a smoother transition, go for doom and/or evil-mode, but for me I just needed a fresh start
<atka>yeah, if I go evil I'll probably stay evil :)
<atka>might try vanilla first
<atka>can you use any of the emacs easily with I think its geiser and guile/guix integration?
<atka>or is best to start from vanilla for that
<Lumine>To be honest I used neovim more for writing than coding, I'm actually still learning my first language with Emacs, which is fun, even though I've been in Linux-land for a decade
<Lumine>Slow as a snail
<atka>I'm similar, I use vim mostly for text edit, some scripting, and general sysadmin tasks, not much coding. I know some bash and posix sh but lisp/scheme is going to be my first real language after 15 ish years of linuxing
<the_tubular>guix unninstall vim
<the_tubular>Do it!
<Lumine>Oh nice
<atka>heh, I don't even have vim installed... using vi :)
<atka>I know I know
<atka>I actually use Vis mostly
<atka>but use vi/vim/vis interchangeably most of the time
<Lumine>The only time I've used vi was when I had to visudo my sudoers file
<atka>yeah I'm actually not running guix on my main system yet, I'm working on server stuff first
<atka>but plan to transistion mostly this week
<Lumine>For me I just got a Lenovo mini pc and it turns out to be a great fit for Guix
<atka>just been putting off deciding between xorg/wayland and if wayland what wm etc
<the_tubular>I mean, if you wanna go full emacs, you can go with EXWM :)
<atka>coming from dwm, i'm not sure what to use
<Lumine><--- his next move
<atka>is it not abandoned?
<Lumine>It's got a new maintainer if I heard correctly
<the_tubular>Yes, but he is not very active.
<atka>what are you using the_tubular
<the_tubular>Exwm, but I still suck with it
<the_tubular>Well, I'm also learning emacs
<Lumine>Hey, I suck at emacs!
<the_tubular>That's why I said you should unninstall vim, because that's how I got into emacs :P
<the_tubular>Also you should try gccemacs, or a flavor like this
<atka>last time I tried a laptop install on guix it forced a login manager on me everytime and pulled a bunch of gnome deps, can you have an x or wayland session without a login manager?
<the_tubular>And also I don't want to waste time creating a .el file when I know I'll do it in scheme in a few weeks/month
<Lumine>atka: you certainly can if it's just an .xsession file
<the_tubular>Yes just remove gdm from your services
<Lumine>exwm uses one iirc
<atka>and you can run startx like the good ol days?
<Lumine>Yeah, that's still a things
<atka>I feel like I should transistion to wayland more these days though, not sure about sway though
<atka>I like the dynamic tilers instead of manual
<atka>do you have pipewire set up on guix as well?
<the_tubular>Yeah, apparently they tried implementing wayland with exwm, and there were lots of issues
<Lumine>Have you looked at xmonad? It's written in Haskell, I have it but have not tinkered with it much
<the_tubular>Same with pipewire, guix isn't using it by default
<atka>I haven't really, because you have to pull in a bunch of haskell deps when I've tested on other systems
<atka>when dwm has basically no deps
<Lumine>That's true
<atka>I still like lean so that's what I've been weighing and procrastinating about for my main laptop
<atka>my two laptops are from 2015 and 2007 so not super powerful, lean is good :)
<Lumine>If I go the whole nine yards with exwm today, I'll probably get rid of xmonad/its dependencies, too many wms cluttering
<Lumine>I'm already on i3
<the_tubular>Yeah, I also like minimalism
<the_tubular>That's why I use exwm, as I use emacs
<the_tubular>Proth's themes are also very cool
<atka>I think I will try it as my first real guix wm then
<atka>you've convinced me
<the_tubular>Well the dark one, the white one is bliding af
<atka>humans were made for dark mode apparently
<atka>who knew?
<Lumine>I have a challenge for you, try to use the stock emacs for a full week. :D
<atka>I'm willing
<the_tubular>This is something I need to test too.
<Lumine>Not even custom themes, just the white background with the 80s UI
<the_tubular>I wouldn't do that personally :P
<atka>yeah, efff that
<atka>I can live fine in a tty only for weeks
<atka>but not an 80s/90s gui
<the_tubular>This is the theme I was talking about
<atka>the white one looks like andrew tropin's videos
<the_tubular>Man I wish I could watch his videos. I just can't stand that white theme
<the_tubular>It just hurts my eyes :(
<Lumine>I'm using ewal
<Lumine>To blend my emacs with my i3
<atka>I do agree but use lowest brightness and set my color temp to 3k lol
<atka>Lumine: what do you mean by blend emacs with i3?
<Lumine>It takes a picture and converts its color information into the theme of emacs
<atka>oh cool
<atka>the_tubular: thanks for the theme link, i'll start with that I think
<the_tubular>Np :)
<the_tubular>As I said, I can't wait to configure emacs with .scm
<the_tubular>Now I'm just going by using the bare minimum lol
<atka>is it being worked on?
<atka>a guile emacs?
<atka>or is it a plugin kinda thing?
<Lumine>Also, atka, check out doom-modeline for emacs, it's pure awesome
<atka>sweet, bookmarked
<atka>I'm going to have way too much on my plate thanks to you two
<Lumine>I'm just a newb
<Lumine>But I'm having fun learning
<atka>that's a life motto there though
<Lumine>atka: what system are you using now as your main
<the_tubular>I mean, guix-home is still very new...
<atka>Lumine: hardware or os?
<the_tubular>I can't say someone is specifically working on emacs with guix-home. But a lot of people here are interested in both :P
<Lumine>atka: either
<Lumine>It shames me to admit that I haven't even gotten to home environment yet, I'm having too much fun in emacs
<Lumine>As in guix home
<the_tubular>It's uses are still pretty limited
<atka>dell xps 9550, I had void + dwm on my internal drive untill recently, now its empty waiting for guix, I have an external "console" drive that has fedora kinoite (ostree based) on it which gets booted by default when its docked
<Lumine>And as stated, I'm very slow
<the_tubular>But the potential is there
<Lumine>atka: i see
<Lumine>Have not used either
<Lumine>I have used CentOS though
<atka>the ostree based distros are cool, almost like a guix competitor minus the declarative config
<atka>it has an immutable root file system and snapshots/rollbacks
<atka>low maintenance
<the_tubular>Silverblue has that too no ?
<Lumine>That's nice
<the_tubular>But declarative config are too nice.
<atka>yes kinoite is silverblue but with kde plasma instead of gnome
<the_tubular> Got it
<atka>but you can pin deployments and such and boot into them
<Lumine>I have a mild headache
<atka>also do one off dev environments using toolbx (based on podman)
<atka>Lumine: migraine?
<Lumine>Gets me from time to time
<the_tubular>We should have a learning group
<Lumine>We certainly should
<atka>caffiene and water for me, and avoiding bright lights
<jgibbons[m]>Is .NET Core ineligible to be included in official Guix?
<the_tubular>We're literally all learning the same stuff
<the_tubular>Think so jgibbons[m]
<the_tubular>It's in non-guix
<jgibbons[m]>Is there a licensing issue?
<jgibbons[m]>Or if I can bootstrap it, could I add it to guix?
<the_tubular>No clue
<atka>Lumine: the_tubular learning group? like on matrix or somethign?
<jgibbons[m]>(We don't talk about the forbidden channel.)
<the_tubular>Yeah, well if you ask a package that is specifically in it, I'll probably point you to it :P
<Lumine>I use Matrix, we could form a study group there
<atka>same, I'm down
<the_tubular>I was planning on deploying a matrix server in the cloud soon
<the_tubular>Until then we can use IRC ^^'
<atka>the_tubular: in the cloud? as it not on your own hardware?
<the_tubular>I haven't gotten myself to do it yet. I was trying to learn CDK.
<the_tubular>Yeah atka
<the_tubular>No clue on how to deploy something like ejabberd with CDK
<atka>cool, I was thinking about deploying matrix on one of my servers as well
<the_tubular>Yeah, I host most of my services in the cloud. I keep the bare minimum at home
<atka>I have an offsite server at a friends place and a small one at my place
<jgibbons[m]>.NET core is expat license. Looks like it hasn't been bootstrapped yet.
<atka>we back up to each other's place for offsite copies of important stuff
<the_tubular>Expat license ...?
*the_tubular Googles furiously
<the_tubular>Ohh, that's cool atka ^^
<Lumine>the_tubular: PM me when you've got the server going, I might not see your message here
<atka>Lumine: I sent you my matrix if you'd like
<Lumine>Ah thanks
<the_tubular>Job has been picking up recently, no clue on how soon it will be
<the_tubular>Unless someone here knows CDK that could write me a service real quick
<the_tubular>But I still have to learn this ^^
<jgibbons[m]>I refer to that digital espionage company masquerading as an omniscient search engine as "giggle". It stuck because everyone tends to giggle when I use that nickname.
<the_tubular>Yeah, well I use google as I verb and I don't even use their search engine
*the_tubular *searx* furiously.
<jgibbons[m]>I'll admit the proper name works as a verb. So does the nickname.
<the_tubular>But you are right, if we shouldn't mention the forbidden channel here, we shouldn't mention the "do no evil" company either
*the_tubular nods.
<the_tubular>Is this the reason jgibbons[m], : Some projects license documentation and other forms of content under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ?
<the_tubular>This can't be it. CC is pretty "Freedom respecting"
<the_tubular>I dunno
<the_tubular> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<jgibbons[m]>MIT + CC-BY doesn't seem like a bad combo. Are there patent issues?
<the_tubular>I really don't know why it's in the other channel.
<the_tubular>If you ever find the answer ping me ^^
<jgibbons[m]>The package in the forbidden channel doesn't build from source. I think that's all.
<the_tubular>Makes sense.
<jgibbons[m]>So if I can bootstrap it should be good.
<jgibbons[m]>It's written in a version of C# beyond what's available in mono.
*the_tubular encourage jgibbons[m]
<jgibbons[m]>I haven't figured out how to do that action thing.
<jgibbons[m]>on irc
<nckx>s/in the forbidden channel/isn't in Guix because it/
<atka>* hmm
<atka>nope lol
<nckx>‘Not promoting non-free channels’ really isn't that hard.
<nckx>/me does a thing.
*nckx would like less promotion of non-guix channels in guix channels :)
*Lumine does a cart wheel
<jgibbons[m]>Not even in a euphemism?
<nckx>Hyping up the ‘forbidden channel wink wink’ mystique isn't an improvement no.
<the_tubular>My bad nckx :/
<nckx>Oh, it wasn't really aimed at anyone personally, sorry.
<nckx>For example. Or just ‘x isn't in Guix’ or whatever. The self-aware ‘forbidden zooone’ stuff's just… a bit old.
<jgibbons[m]>Ok then.
<the_tubular>Counter argument is that if someone is looking for X, we should point it towards X rather than saying "there's no X here" no ?
<jgibbons[m]>No, the reason we don't talk about X is the same reason vegans don't talk about recipes with animal products.
<nckx>The point is very much not to point them towards X.
<jgibbons[m]>Unless I'm confused
<nckx>I'm a vegan and vegans confuse me, so I'm the wrong person to ask 😛
<nckx>Mind you, most Free software activists confuse me (at best) as well.
<atka>maybe people are just confusing
<jgibbons[m]>Well, I'd expect at least some vegan groups wouldn't want to talk about foods with animal products on the premise that such recipes require unethically obtained ingredients. Likewise, FSF considers nonfree software unethical, and doesn't want to promote any group that promotes nonfree software. We can disagree with ethical premises and still respect these rules.
*nckx hugs computer.
<jgibbons[m]>So am I correct? .Net core is not in guix because it isn't bootstrapped?
<nckx>jgibbons[m]: AFAICT that's the reason.
<Lumine>Ahhh... Just took a paracetamol. Should take care it.
<the_tubular>I mean what are the other possibilities ?
<the_tubular>If it's not licensing
<nckx>jgibbons[m]: Somehow I doubt that the person who packaged it as a binary did so after a thorough licence review of the bootstrap chain, so we can't really say until someone tries.
<jgibbons[m]>Copyright licensing is different to patent licensing :(
<nckx>the_tubular: Convenience.
<nckx>I mean, I agree that's probably the reason.
<jgibbons[m]>C# on guile would be an interesting project...
<nckx>Patents are generally ignored.
<nckx>We won't refuse to package something just because it's patented.
*nckx will barge back out now & leave y'all in peace o/ Good night everyone.
*jgibbons[m] wishes GPL was originally a license for both copyright and patents
<atka>nckx: have a good one!
<Lumine>Good nights nckx
<jgibbons[m]>Bootstrapping a new build system or language is something with less documentation. I think I'll include a chapter about it in my book and use .net core as an example.
<zimoun>With “guix shell -CN” (running the package rstudio from the guix-science channel but it is about any X and Qt application), I get «loaded library "/gnu/store/1zpb10961b9fkwkj9hd09m4g8ga299sp-qtbase-5.15.2/lib/qt5/plugins/platforms/"» then «qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display». It is as if it is not possible to connect to X «qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt
<zimoun>platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found.». Any idea?
<efraim>if it's in a container then don't you need to expose in some stuff to get graphics working?
<jpoiret>zimoun: can you post the full command?
<zimoun>efraim, jpoiret: indeed, stupid me. It is even me that proposed the entry in the manual… arf! Poor memory. It works when exposing the correct thing. Thanks
<zimoun>However, I get «ERROR system error 2 (No such file or directory) [path: /sys/fs/cgroup/memory/memory.limit_in_bytes]» Hum?!
<zimoun>Interesting, it fails if the lash slash / is missing in --share=/sys/fs/cgroup/memory/=/sys/fs/cgroup/memory/
<efraim>I do sometimes wish we could use (if tests? ...) in native-inputs without using a let around the whole package
<efraim>I suppose I could try to see if it's possible with (if (package-arguments #$this-package tests?) ...) or something
<lumberjack123>the_tubular: I say Searx *something* instead of "google" by now, it fits because of how similar it is to the verb search
<efraim>jgibbons[m]: I haven't looked too closely into dotnet core but my understanding is there's an official bootstrap blob upstream which is designated for distro maintainers to use to bootstrap dotnet core
<abrenon>hi guix
<brendyn>somehow i ended up with two empty string in guile that are no equal to each other
<abrenon>brendyn: how do you write the test ?
<abrenon>I don't know about the eqv? predicate
<abrenon>but do (string=? …) give better results by any chance ?
<brendyn>that one works
<abrenon>the doc for eqv? suggest rather something about a somewhat "symbolic" equality in that makes sense
<brendyn>I would have thought eqv? would also work
<abrenon>at least I learnt about it, I only knew about eq? and string=? so thank you
<nckx>Equality is complex and eqv? doesn't equal ‘equality’ as you thought. equal? does, and of course string=? is preferred as abrenon mentioned.
<nckx>I find (guile)Equality to explain this more clearly than the HTML link above.
<nckx>Or at least more succinctly.
<abrenon>hi nckx ! thanks for the good pointer
<abrenon>I don't understand the part about eqv? extending eq? for numbers and characters
<abrenon>aren't those raw values too ?
<abrenon>I can't manage to build to versions of the "same" character that would fail eq?
<abrenon>(I tried taking one out of a string, and the other a litteral, for instance)
<abrenon>even the snippet about declaring the value of an int n in a let then comparing it to itself doesn't work as predicted on the page
<abrenon>(I get the expected #t value, here)
<nckx>You can't disprove unspecified behaviour by example. (eq? #\a #\a) → #t but you can't *count* on it.
<nckx>You could get #f next Tuesday.
<nckx>Why? I don't know.
<nckx>Probably more for #guile unless civodul were to pop in.
<mothacehe>hey guix!
<abrenon>ohh, sorry, I thought it meant the interpreter would return the litteral string "unspecified" to mean: "go away you monster, you cannot possibly have the cruelty of making me evaluate that"
<abrenon>hi mothacehe
<nckx>Something called eq? returning #t, #f, or a sassy string would be… horror, but the kind from which I find it hard to look away.
<nckx>(eq? #\a #\a) => "#t" 😈
<abrenon>: )
<mothacehe>the armhf build of the master branch is blocked on the CI by glibc not building:
<nckx>Actually (eq? #\a #\a) => "#f" would be eviller.
<mothacehe>"error: TLS error in procedure 'handshake': Error in the pull function." i'm seeing that one quiteoften in the build logs
<abrenon>yeah it would be horror and I'm sorry for even thinking it possible but… remember I have been doing a lot of python lately
<abrenon>so I'm ready to assume any language I'm not proficient in is an ugly mess of bad-designed conventions and unexpected behaviour
<nckx>something about apples ~ 🐍
<abrenon>yeah, something like that
<abrenon>so anyway, sorry for doubting guile for a mo'
<nckx>Oh Guile has plenty of that. I'm biased and maintain that Scheme is less worse than Python but it's all corrupted.
*nckx AFK.
<allana>Hi guix! This morning I did a fresh "git pull" with the intention of adding a package or two, yada yada yada, and when runnging "make" from the guix shell before adding any of my packages, it "failed to load 'gnu/packages/guile.scm'"
<allana>Is this a common problem? I don't do this often. I got many warnings about "source file newer than compiled ..."
<allana>Ultimately it failed on the above mentioned guile.scm, with this message: ice-9/eval.scm:293:34: In procedure abi-check: #<record-type <origin>>: record ABI mismatch; recompilation needed
<allana>Is there something obvious that I have done wrong?
<civodul>allana: the "recompilation needed" message means you probably have to do "make clean-go && make"
<allana>civodul: Thanks!
<civodul>you could probably rebuild fewer files, but in doubt, this is the safe way
<gearyerror>hi, first of all thank you for all the work on guix, it's a great project
<gearyerror>I have a problem when I try to install the geary mail client. The compilation fails every time. The link in the log :
<gearyerror>i'm on guix SD
<jonsger>gearyerror: It's a build failure, so you cant install, because geary fails to build on Guix
<jonsger>3 options from here: 1) fix the error your self and submit a patch 2) wait until someone fixes the error 3) use a different mail program
<jonsger>I endorse 3) :) I "have to" use geary on my phone, thats not fun :P
<abrenon>what's a "dependency messaging-menu" ? geary's build fails stating it didn't find one
<allana>Hi guix, any changes recently to Python build system? I have a package that used to build months ago, but is now failing on the "ensure-no-mtimes-pre-1980" phase because "In procedure utime: No such file or directory"
<AwesomeAdam54321>abrenon: I think it means "dependency: messaging-menu"
<gearyerror>ok thanks, as I regularly try to install it I was wondering if I had a configuration problem.
<abrenon>oh, ok ^^
<gearyerror>I'm not good enough to solve the problem myself, I'll wait until I'm really good enough to try to solve the problem
<gearyerror>thank you for your attention
*allana accidentally solved his own problem, it turns out that there was a hidden ".tox" directory passed in as part of the source which had problems
<abrenon>sorry, I don't see how to fix it either
<abrenon>was that the first time you tried installing geary ? I wonder if by any chance the previous version (3.34) which was available until november last year would still work
<gearyerror>abrenon i will try
<gearyerror>is it possible to indicate the version when using a manifest.scm file ?
<abrenon>possibly but I don't know how to do it, I think that's the kind of situation where people talk about inferiors although I'm still a bit confused how that works
<AwesomeAdam54321>gearyerror: Yes, you add the version number, after like this: package@0.15.3
<abrenon>oh that's great ! I thought you needed the alternative version to still exist along the newer one ?
<gearyerror>AwesomeAdam54321 thanks
<AwesomeAdam54321>If the package version is no longer included in the package definitions, that's when inferiors are used
<SeerLite[m]>Yeah that won't work unless both versions have separate package definitions
<AwesomeAdam54321>abrenon: yes, that's true
<abrenon>ahhh ok
<abrenon>actually before storing it into a manifest or anything, I was more curious about the build itself, to try and replicate it with time-machine from a point prior to 40.0, like 86f031e877cd0f494d70
<gearyerror>abrenon i have : guix package: error : geary : package not found for version 3.34
<abrenon>yeah, it was 3.34.1, sorry I was referring to things losely, thinking you were in guix repos too looking for the changes
<gearyerror>abrenon same error for 3.34.1 where can i view previous version list ?
<abrenon>there's no list, like I said I simply grepped guix' git log to find when 40.0 had been added
<abrenon>the diff showed me that the previous version was 3.34.1, but, if you're trying AwesomeAdam54321 's tip above, it won't work because like some other people confirmed, the @ thing allows guix to pick the right one when several versions of the same package coexist in the repos
<abrenon>this doesn't seem to be the case for geary, so it would still be called geary, but the build need to happen in an environment where guix still thinks 3.34.1 is the latest one
<abrenon>and that could be achieved with guix time-machine for a quick try
<abrenon>or, IIUC, from an inferior (though I don't know how to use that, it is only my understanding that it allows to do that in manifests)
<abrenon>I suggested 86f031e877cd0f494d70 above more as a way to check that we were referring to the same thing, so that you would recognize it when grepping for the 40.0 change
<abrenon>(that's the beginning of the hash of the commit right before it in guix' log)
<gearyerror>hmm i think i will wait, it will be too complicated for me if I have to set up a new environment just for geary
<stampirl>Hi. Can someone help me with this error "/home/stampirl/code/guix/new_config.scm:49:2: error: (swap-space (target (file-system-label "swap")) (dependencies mapped-devices)): invalid field specifier"? I followed documentation for swap-space, but still I'm getting this error.
<SeerLite[m]>stampirl: Looks like the cause is incorrect parentheses/fields. Could you share your full config or operating-system?
<stampirl>SeerLite[m]: here it is
***sneek_ is now known as sneek
<jpoiret>stampirl: it should be (swap-devices (list (swap-space ...)))
<stampirl>jpoiret: thx, that worked :)
<stampirl>now is time to get flatpak to work
<gnucode>hmmm. I am apparently stuck on my current generation of guix. When I try to reconfigure, guix is giving me an warning/backtrace with unrecognized boot parameters issue.
<gnucode>am I going to break my warranty if I start editing files in /var/guix ?
<stampirl>a) why? b) wouldn't they be overwritten in next guix pull
<gnucode>stampirl: well, the error I am getting is that /var/guix/profiles/system-2-link/parameters has unrecognized options.
<gnucode>and guix reconfigure is failing because of it.
<civodul>gnucode: that indicates that you need a newer guix; try running "guix pull" and then "guix system describe" from there
<civodul>the format of that "parameters" file recently changed in a non-backward-compatible way, hence this error
<gnucode>civodul thanks I'll give that a try,
<gnucode>civodul: still having issues reconfiguring... $ guix pull -> nothing to be done. # guix pull -> nothing to be done
<gnucode># guix system reconfigure bare-bones.scm -> unrecognized boot parameters. with a backtrace.
<jpoiret>do you use guix when logged in as root?
<gnucode>I sent an email to bug-guix with some of the details yesterday
<jpoiret>usually, you never need to interact with guix when logged-in as root, only through `sudo`
<gnucode>jpoiret: no. I used my user joshua. BUT joshua is NOT is the wheel group. So I 'su' to reconfigure.
<gnucode>I use*
<gnucode>also weirdly $ guix system describe works just fine...but # guix system describe still gives the same backtrace and warning.
<gnucode>both are using the latest and greatest guix.
<jpoiret>can you `guix describe` as root?
<jpoiret>it seems you're mixing and matching different guix versions
<gnucode>jpoiret: I can guix describe as root.
<jpoiret>is the commit recent?
<gnucode>commit a27e47f
<gnucode>that's # guix describe
<gnucode>I think that's the latest one right?
<gnucode>I am doing a # guix pull right now...but I just did that like 5 minutes ago... we will see.
<jpoiret>nope, this is 2 months old i think
<gnucode>jpoiret: that's odd...well let me try to # guix pull.... again
<gnucode>jpoiret: # guix pull --> nothing to be done
<jpoiret>alright, can you your `env`, redacting things you wouldn't want to share?
<jpoiret>oh hang on
<gnucode>jpoiret that's not so easy for me to do.... I am doing console only computing at the moment....
<jpoiret>are you on guix system? does your root have a .profile or similar?
<gnucode>how about I just manually add my user 'joshua' to the wheel group and try reconfiguring that way ?
<jpoiret>it looks like you are using the system's guix, not the `guix pull`ed one
<gnucode>how did I manage to do that?
<jpoiret>well, your root's configuration may forget to load the `guix pull` profile
<jpoiret>do you have any of .bash_profile, .bash_login, or .profile in /root/?
<gnucode>jpoiret: yes
<jpoiret>that's why then! you're on guix system, right?
<apteryx>rekado: hello! I just sent you an email to confirm which IP corresponds to build node 129.
<gnucode>jpoiret: yup.
<jpoiret>i'd advise adding `. /etc/profile` to the relevant file
<jpoiret>guix's /etc/profile will load the default profiles for guix to function
<gnucode>jpoiret ok. I'll look at my users .bash_profile and try to copy the relevant bits.
<jpoiret>or that, yes :)
<jpoiret>you'll need to get out of that root shell and rerun `su` then
<jpoiret>i really suggest using `sudo` or similar though, since you don't have to manage the root user's guix at all then
<jpoiret>you'll just be using your own user's guix, just with root privileges
<gnucode>jpoiret hmmm...there's other reasons that I would prefer not to have this laptop's root password... or root privledges...I'm just not comfortable discussing that here. If you want to message me privately, feel free.
<jpoiret>right, I won't pry further (but you do need root privileges to system reconfigure though :p)
<gnucode>jpoiret: You're welcome to pry. :) I just don't want to answer in a way that ends up on :) and reconfigure is working! Thanks!
***alMalsamo is now known as lumberjack123
<gnucode>well reconfigure almost worked...suoders dependency could not be built...
<gnucode>trying with --fallback now
<gnucode>suoders.drv failed to build...well I'll wait a day and try again.
<jpoiret>hmmm, maybe you have an error in the sudoer part of your configuration
<gnucode>jpoiret: you know that's probably right.
<gnucode>jpoiret: I think that is it. thanks.
<gnucode>I was trying to set up my user 'joshua' to sudo halt and other basic tasks. I guess I got some of the snytax wrong.
<cwebber>I guess I haven't merged things directly into core-updates much before
<cwebber>but if it's a "bump a version number for something that seems to be building fine locally and so do its dependencies I've tested", is that mostly fine for me to just commit and push?
<cwebber>in this case, it's mesa
<cwebber>mostly I work on leaf packages ;P
<nckx>Sounds fine cwebber.
<podiki[m]>speaking of mesa....I heard before it used to be for staging? I would love to have more frequent updates of mesa in guix, upstream has new releases every ~2 weeks sometimes
<podiki[m]>at least for bug fix minor point releases
<podiki[m]>since then 21.3.7 came out and now 22.0
<podiki[m]>for a minor bugfix release can't we just build on the CI and then push to master with subs available? if there are no big build failures, is it just the need for subs that relegates something like mesa to core-updates/staging?
<nckx>We need to consider those who don't use our substitutes.
<nckx>It has to remain realistic to do so.
<nckx>Hence why grafts exist.
<nckx>Indeed, mesa is borderline staging (by 28 packages!) if there's nothing ‘refresh -l’ missed.
<poro>anyone got logs of this place?
<poro>i was reading someone whining about guix (lmfao) and wanted to see what specifically they were screeching about
<barra>Hi, how can I use profiles with Emacs' eshell? I've tried sourcing profiles' /etc/profile but that didn't seem to work. Do I need to write a separate profile compatible with eshell or can something do that for me, or am I just missing something entirely?
<bdju>does anyone have working audio in qutebrowser? I think it's been broken over a year for me and I'm just kinda surprised no one else seems bothered. maybe no one actually uses qutebrowser
<nckx>poro:, but please don't bring the screeching here, we're not really interested :)
<nckx>* really not, even.
<dnt[m]><bdju> "does anyone have working audio..." <- I haven't noticed any audio issues, long time using it. But on Fedora and Arch. Maybe it's only an issue in combination with guix system.
<bdju>yeah I definitely think it's a guix-related thing
<bdju>guix system I mean
<bdju>it's just never worked for me that I can remember. I switched to it from icecat and the audio never worked
<bdju>I do play most stuff in mpv when I can anyway, but sometimes a webpage will integrate sound in a way where I know I'm missing out due to the broken sound
<poro>nckx: it was supposedly already here because a user was whining about not being able to play STEAM GAMES on guix, yet again
<poro>i suppose that guix can't help me smoke meth, either? wow, what a DEAD PROJECT.
<poro>if guix was all about user freedom, why can't it shoot heroin for me? etc etc
<bdju>you have the freedom to use non-free software. it's just not made particularly easy for you or discussed in the official channel.
<barra>Moreso, non-free software doesn't like how Guix acts most of the time.
<poro>nor should it; non-free software should tremble in the wake of user hegemony
<poro>intel and amd will die, as all of them before them, and a brighter future will remain
<barra>I'd love to be able to run 100 percent free software on my machines, but hardware decided that wasn't possible
<barra>and as another question for the wizards: how can I set my keyboard layout for the pre-grub encryption input thingy, I can't recall the proper name
<poro>bdju: how does playing stuff through mpv fix audio issues?
<poro>barra: pre-grub encryption input?
<poro>i thought most people were doing grub2 luks decrypt?
<barra>I set that up through the installer: I have to enter my password before I can select an option to boot in grub
<barra>Sorry for the poor explanation
<poro>barra: oh, interesting. i haven't ever installed it, so i'm of no use; sorry for leading you on
<barra>no problem at all
<poro>can we just ban anyone with a macbook and fix this eternal whining
<barra>looking at the logs?
<barra>what day was this
<barra>I love getting spam emails claiming they have images of me and are going to send them to all of my Facebook friends. Recently, I even received one in Irish. That was nice, they're considering our national language.
<barra>Don't know when they're going to figure out I don't have Facebook.
<nckx>Now if they were screeching about our permabroken IRC log search…
<bdju>poro: for stuff like youtube, bandcamp, twitter videos, etc. you can just feed the url to mpv (if you have yt-dlp installed) and it'll play them, so many things that I need audio for can be handled outside the browser
*vagrantc wonders about whining recursion
<bdju>I have super-p in sway bound to open the clipboard contents in mpv so it's all pretty fast. can yank the page url in qutebrowser with yy or with a hint or whatever
<barra>whinging about whining about whinging
<bdju>if my audio did work I would still do most stuff in mpv, I actually do prefer it, but some stuff does just work best in-browser
<bdju>speaking of MacBooks, I was hoping to run Guix System on one of the M1 MacBooks someday in the future (I don't have one yet)
<gnoo>i have a broken script that i bound to $mod+q in sway that acts like xdg-open(in fact, it is symlinked to be that) so i can open any link with my favourite programs
<poro>bdju: Don't buy Apple's garbage.
<cwebber>poro: let's be nice, even if Apple isn't
<cwebber>in other news, pushed mesa 21.3.7 to core-updates
<cwebber>ekaitz: ^^ fyi
<ekaitz>cwebber: thank you! you have commit access? i didn't know that!
<cwebber>ekaitz: I have it from being a comparatively early Guix dev, heh ;P
<cwebber>I am not the most active of the Guix community members with commit access, but I try to responsibly push things when I think it's a good fit
<cwebber>ekaitz: I'm running a blender version compiled from 21.3.7. not sure if it's fixed things yet, but it did compile and it is running
<cwebber>I did see the problem reappear once, but it didn't take out gnome-shell this time
<cwebber>maybe it's time for me to go back to stumpwm
<ekaitz>in my intel card that fixed the problem
<ekaitz>now my entire desktop does never freeze because of blender
<bdju>poro: I was planning to not get any more X86 machines and my T440p struggles with video playback
<cwebber>it could also be that a mesa update will fix it with a full guix system reconfigure
<cwebber>ekaitz: also nice to know I'm not the only blender enthusiast here :)
<cwebber>I've been doing a bunch of small things if you didn't notice
<cwebber>hey when's the next guix release due? maybe I can do something small for fun
<ekaitz>yup, I also fixed the voxel remesher in blender a while ago... that's a package I've been working on more than once
<bdju>I would love to see pfetch bumped to a newer commit that supports the env var for having no color output. I keep manually updating mine after applying my manifest
<nckx>Why manually?
<nckx>Ah, --with-something?
<cwebber>also, a fun aside
<poro>bdju: I haven't had issues on my x240, same chip; dunno why.
<bdju>nckx: yeah with-commit=
<bdju>I just do it all in one command each time from shell history
<podiki[m]>should we graft/update mesa to 21.3.7 on master then?
<podiki[m]>core-updates could get mesa 22.0 :) (not sure if that will require some work, perhaps a few driver option changes)
<dongcarl>civodul, janneke: Wondering if I can get a sanity check on, shouldn't cause mass-rebuilds and I can push myself. Thanks!
<civodul>dongcarl: hi! on the surface it LGTM, but i know very little about MinGW
<civodul>i don't think it causes a mass rebuild
<dongcarl>Okay cool, I previously spoke to janneke as well and he said it looked sane, so I will commit and close. Thanks!
<civodul>re mass rebuilds, one trick is to try "./pre-inst-env guix build libreoffice -n"
<civodul>if you get substitutes, all good!
<civodul>if not, something changed
<civodul>protip :-)
<civodul>but i don't see how this change would affect regular packages anyway
<civodul>might be worth checking "./pre-inst-env guix build coreutils --target=aarch64-linux-gnu -n"
***stikonas_ is now known as stikonas
<dongcarl>Cool cool, will double-check!
<nckx>Yay, our BIND package is too old to be affected by today's CVE \o/
<nckx>(Alas, I yay'd too soon, but 1/3 is better than 3.)
<the_tubular>Is this good or bad nckx ?
<nckx>It's fixed on master so neutral. Just update your bind, if you bind, but few people do.
<nckx>Also if you isc-dhcp.
<nckx>If you mean the ‘old’ part: also neutral, because bind 9.16 is equally well supported as 9.18 and will be so for a while yet. There's time, for now.
<nckx>Any of that ramblin' answer your question the_tubular?
<dongcarl>civodul: Huh, seems like cross glibc, linux-libre-headers and gcc aren't available as substitutes for aarch64-linux-gnu. I did check the derivation hashes (with `-n`) with and without my patch and they match, so I don't think my changes will cause rebuilds. Will push.
<nisa>Hi, is getting really weird artifacts on screen during guix bootup a known isse?
<civodul>dongcarl: great, thanks for checking
<apteryx>nisa: what kind of artifacts? kernel logs?
<nisa>apteryx: Here is a video of these:
<nisa>Sorry for the bad quality. It's basically just a white... cloud... slowly fading up and down on the screen
<nisa>The Kernel logs say nothing interesting, only message is some "CPU #0 stuck for x seconds" but that shouldn't matter too much, the CPU is simply a little slow
<nisa>Video hardware is plain Intel Pentium Duo iGPU
<nisa>Could actually be used as a screensaver, heh
<nckx>Wow. That is unseen.
<jonsger>nisa: did you run another linux distribution before successfully on this PC?
<nisa>Yeah, multiple actually
<nisa>Both Ubuntu and Debian 11.
<nisa>And and Debian unstable, just recently
<nisa>*Oh and
*vagrantc wonders how many guile packages in guix still require guile < 3 (and have no guile 3+ variant)
<jonsger>then its maybe due to missing (non-free) firmware...
<vagrantc>kind of trying to help with housecleaning in debian, but there are a handful of blockers ... was hoping i could borrow some patches from the much more guile-savvy guix community :)
<vagrantc>g-wrap, guile-gnome are the ones i'm looking at now ...
<vagrantc>seems like both are a little stalled out upstream
<civodul>vagrantc: hi! g-wrap is long dead, and guile-gnome is probably agonizing
<civodul>guile-gi has the potential to replace guile-gnome, but i think it's not there yet
<civodul>but yeah, guile-gnome is about GTK+ 2 and old GNOME libraries
<nisa>Just running guix in a vm for now
<daviid>fwiw, g-golf is 'closer' to guile-gnome then guile-gi, and definitely the next guile-gnome in its design - not there yet either, but getting there ... slowly but surely :)
<nisa>How do you install a package system-wide?
<nisa>Running guix install as root installs it for root and only for root lol :P
<nckx>Add it to your system configuration.
<nckx>Specifically the (packages …) field.
<nckx>Yes, root is not magic.
<vagrantc>civodul: yeah, something along those lines is what i was suspecting... thanks for confirmation
<vagrantc>although still a little lost what to do about it :)
<nisa>nckx: thanks! can that be done using the guix cli tool=
<alethkit>Silly question, but after setting a shell service via Guix Home, do I have to set the shell in my system configuration?
<nckx>nisa: No, guix-the-package-manager has no concept of ‘system(-wide)’. Are you running Guix System? If not, system-wide is not a thing.
<nisa>I am
<civodul>alethkit: if you use say home-zsh-service-type, you still have to make sure your user actually uses zsh, and that goes in your system config
<civodul>(nothing silly about that question)
<civodul>vagrantc: i suppose you could check with upstream?
<alethkit>Ah, thanks!
<nckx>nisa: Ah, no, then you edit your system configuration (the file name you type followin ‘sudo guix system reconfigure’). It's a Scheme source file intended to be edited by humans. There's no CLI tool to modify it that isn't called sed or emacs :)
<alethkit>So is guix home only used for configuration of rc/profile files?
<nisa>Cool thanks
<nckx>…although if you're using ‘guix system vm’ and not a ‘real’ Guix System that happens to be virtual, I'm not sure what you do, to be honest.
<nckx>Beyond edit the configuration & regenerate the VM.
<civodul>so, http://4zwzi66wwdaalbhgnix55ea3ab4pvvw66ll2ow53kjub6se4q2bclcyd.onion does an HTTPS redirect (it shouldn't) and then sends us to the Cuirass web ui (we'd need the web site instead)
<civodul>i suppose we'll need to tweak nginx
<nisa>How do I skip that "entropy gather" thing that takes a half million years?
<nisa>During installation bootup
<nisa>Been waiting for like... 15 Minutes? now.
<nisa>Could actually be stuck, the cursor stopped blinking
<nisa>No magic key response either, decided to just start over with a few problematic deviced unplugged.
<nisa>Btw booting it on my main pc now
<nisa>Quite interesting is that line saying: "error in finalization thread: Success"
<nisa>But let's see if it gets further now
<vagrantc>i squint at that message every time i see it :)
<nisa>Lol :D
<vagrantc>if it's really waiting on entropy gathering, typing on a keyboard and/or moving the mouse around should help
<nisa>Huh. Well. Guess I have to drink some tea typing on my keyboard lol
<nisa>Okay my fingers hurt already haha
<daviid>vagrantc: fwiw as well, both g-wrap and guile-gnome are unmaintained - I won't fix anything on enither of both
<nisa>Can I somehow make it more verbose so I can see what exactly it's doing?
<vagrantc>daviid: speaking as "upstream" ?
<daviid>vagrantc: so to speak - i believe i have been the only one attempting to maintain guile-gnome up to its latest release
<vagrantc>daviid: ok, actively unmaintained is even clearer than simply unmaintained :)
<nisa>Aha! Why is the radeon module blackliste
<nisa>Anyways, that is where it gets stuck. Even without that blacklist entry.
<nisa>"fb0: switching to amdgpudrmfb from EFI VGA"
<nisa>Seems like it's having issue with my gpu for some reason
<daviid>vagrantc: :) - guilers are invited to move to guile-gi and/or g-golf, as civodul suggested