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<the_tubular>Kinda unrelated, but anyone know if something like AWS CDK will support scheme ?
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<sleepydog>is there a way i can find the source of a package after all patches and snippets have been applied?
<sleepydog>got it, unpacked the output of `guix build --source ...`
<atka>apteryx: (initrd-modules (cons "xxhash_generic" %base-initrd-modules)) allows me to boot luks + btrfs volumes that utilize xxhash64, thanks for the tip!
<kitty1>Yo, hows it all going?
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<apteryx>atka: great :-)
<nckx>kitty1: also great.
<kitty1>ayy nice
<kitty1>eh, so-so, been a bit since ive messed with packaging stuff but probably am going to try packaging something for emacs I need lmao
<kitty1>should probably contribute the couple of small things I have on my system actually come to think of it
*nckx → 😴💤, good night Guix.
<c0x0o>If i send email to threads on, how long will it be displayed on the website? Just want to make sure i send it correctly.
<atka>on a fresh guix system, after guix pull, hint: after setting path, run hash guix to make sure shell refers /home/user/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<atka>what is does this mean exactly? if I run which guix, the correct directory is listed
<atka>hash guix returns nothing
*nckx can't sleep.
<KarlJoad>I am setting up Cuirass by using Guix Deploy to a Guix System server. The server cannot resolve to build the hello package. I have nss-certs available, so https should not be an issue. Any ideas?
<nckx>sneek: later tell c0x0o: Depends on whether it's your first mail to any Guix list. If it is, there's no telling when it will arrive. Otherwise, it should be <15 minutes.
<sneek>Will do.
<KarlJoad>My pings work, but traceroute eventually dies.
<nckx>atka: It means to make sure that the shell is looking for the guix binary in the right place. By default, bash searches $PATH, but it will also remember (hash) which guix it found last time. When you run ‘guix pull’ for the first time, the location of guix changes, but bash will keep using the old one. ‘hash guix’ makes bash forget that and search $PATH again the next time you run ‘guix’.
<nckx>‘hash guix’ is not supposed to print anything. ‘which’ is not relevant here.
<nckx>‘which guix’ just searches $PATH for guix, it has no idea which (hah) guix will actually be run when you type ‘guix’. It's just a guess.
<nckx>KarlJoad: How can you ping the server if it never resolved?
<nckx>You need an IP address to ping :)
<nckx>Which error(s) do you actually get?
<lumberjack123>Why is Guix not mentioned in this article:
<nckx>Because nobody without a conflict of interest has added a relevant reliably-sourced mention. 😉
<KarlJoad`>My connection just dropped, so I don't know how much of those messages you just got... If you want more debug info, let me know.
<nckx>Also, we're not yet at the 100% which NixOS apparently claims. Reproducibility in Guix is a desire & goal, not a fact. Although I'm… sceptical that all listed repositories are 100% reproducible.
<nckx>KarlJoad`: I see what saw.
<atka>nckx: thanks for the info, so now that I've run guix pull and hash guix for the first time I no longer need to worry about it for future guix pulls?
<nckx>If you want to know which guix would be run, use ‘type guix’, never ‘which guix’.
<atka>ahh thanks, good info
<KarlJoad`>nckx: On the web interface, all job specifications are marked as "Aborted".
<nckx>And the logs mention git.savannah…? What does it say?
<atka>one more unrelated question regarding general system administration, when would one run guix pull and guix system reconfigure as the root user? would this be needed for general laptop use? what about server use?
<nckx>atka: In the general case, you never run guix pull as root, ever. You ‘guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure’ as you.
<nckx>The type of system doesn't matter.
<nckx>If you prefer, you can ‘su’ to root and run ‘guix pull && guix system reconfigure’, but most people don't ever log in as root like that. What's much worse is running ‘sudo guix pull’. That can create root-owned files in your $HOME, which is bad, you'll get permission errors next time you ‘guix pull’ as yourself.
<nckx>Fixable but spooky & annoying.
<atka>nckx: the manual mentioned guix pull as root briefly in section 3.7 and I was somewhat confused, thanks for the clarification.
<nckx>To explicitly run root’s ‘guix’, type ‘sudo -i guix ...’.
<nckx>☝ you mean?
<nckx>That's there in case you want to do that, it's not a general recommendation.
<atka>ok, yes. just trying to be thorugh and learn best practices
<nckx>Some people like to put their official root hat on when sysadminning, by really logging in as root (or using ‘su’) and don't use sudo, but most don't.
<nckx>I've never pulled as root in the 7 years I've run Guix System.
<nckx>(Yeesh. Time she does fly.)
<atka>well thanks for putting in the time and sharing your experience
<nckx>TL;DR the two example lines after ‘say:’ are the best practice for most users.
<nckx>KarlJoad`: Are you having general networking trouble? I'm still quite tired & going to give sleep another chance. Good luck. o/
<nckx>You too atka!
<KarlJoad`>nckx: I specify manually using a url field in the channel part of the specification. I wanted to test building something custom. The cuirass log just states that git could not connect to the gnu servers.
<KarlJoad`>nckx: It should not be networking troubles, because I can browse, clone, and work with the files from a laptop on the same LAN.
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<nckx>KarlJoad`: Thing is you're being a bit vague (sorry) and not sharing the exact error message, and I'm tired, so that's not the best match right now. It's 5:30. I need to sleep. I hope somebody can help you, or you find the answer yourself.
<KarlJoad`>No worries. The error itself is vague. The cuirass.log just says that Git could not resolve the address, and that's it.
<atka>on guix system I just installed a few packages in a single guix install command, some programs I could use right away but some programs like powertop and iotop I had to log out and back in for them to show up. why is that?
<iyzsong-w>atka: where are the newly installed programs expected to show up? is it a desktop launcher or menu? usually in terminal you can run them by command line directly.
<atka>I mean on the commandline, I installed mpv alsa-utils powertop iotop iftop
<atka>I could run alsamixer and mpv right away
<atka>trying to run powertop or iotop, command not found
<atka>guix package --list-installed showed them as installed as well
<atka>logging out and back in they were there
<atka>iyzsong-w: just curious as to what that is
<iyzsong-w>okay, maybe iotop and powertop are in $GUIX_PROFILE/sbin, and guix won't modify the current shell's PATH (before only "$GUIX_PROFILE/bin", now will be both sbin and bin).
<atka>yes, I think you are right, those are in sbin, looks like anything that would need sudo privileges wasn't available
<attila_lendvai>i'm kindly pinging about the #:rlimits shepherd patches ( it's holding back the patches to my channel, and my doc patch that describes ow to hack on shepherd with a reasonably short edit-compile-test cycle.
<allana>Hi guix. Is anyone here using "guix system" to build docker images? I am experimenting with it myself, and when using a pretty minimal config.scm (e.g. gnu/system/examples/docker-image.tmpl) I get a few errors, like "error in finalization thread: Success" (?) and "failed to start service 'host-name'". Is this functionality working for others?
<allana>Additionally, when I have a more complex config.scm, I get a variety of other erros, but I wanted to test a baseline and then go from there.
<allana>The container does start and keep running, but I am skeptical because of the error messages.
*allana thinks he figured it out, added "--networking" to the "guix system image" command
<user_oreloznog>allana: hi! "error in finalization thread" is normal. For the "failed to start service 'host-name'", I don't know...
<user_oreloznog>*"error in finalization thread: Success"
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>mothacehe: looks like the hash for barrier is wrong:
<efraim>civodul: o/
<civodul>hey ho!
<bost>Hi. Can you tell me please how to install the `clear` command (to use it from e.g. bash)? `guix search clear` returns nothing usefull.
<jpoiret>bost: I think it's in "ncurses"
<bost>jpoiret: yes you're right! Thx!
<c0x0o>Hi guixers, i installed glib and `pkg-config --list-all` doesn't show glib at all. Any advice?
<sneek>Welcome back c0x0o, you have 1 message!
<sneek>c0x0o, nckx says: Depends on whether it's your first mail to any Guix list. If it is, there's no telling when it will arrive. Otherwise, it should be <15 minutes.
<abrenon>hello guix
<mothacehe>efraim: re barrier, strange I cannot reproduce it locally
<jpoiret>c0x0o: how did you install it?
<jpoiret>guix package -i? if so, you might need to logout->login
<ekaitz>civodul: you have a second for a weird question?
<civodul>ekaitz: sure!
<civodul>i love weird questions
<c0x0o>I think i have figured it out. I declared the `pkg-config` inside `guix home` configuration, and installed `glib` by `guix install`.
<ekaitz>civodul: aiight, <-- this is a simple manifest to provide a cross compiler
<ekaitz>we realized it doesn't work in any arch, because it cannot find the crt1.o
<jlicht>bost: You can also press ^l (control + l) to clear most terminals
<civodul>ekaitz: yes, you need to set CROSS_C_INCLUDE_PATH, CROSS_LIBRARY_PATH, and all that
<civodul>"guix shell" cannot do it for you right now
<ekaitz>civodul: by hand?
<ekaitz>let me try
<civodul>that's for interactive development, right?
<jpoiret>c0x0o: right! search-paths shenanigans :)
<ekaitz>civodul: it worked, how can we do this thing work automatically? is it possible?
<civodul>ekaitz: not really; "guix shell" would need to be able to deal with two profiles: one for native inputs, and one for target inputs
<civodul>would need a bit of work
<ekaitz>ok then problem solved for the moment
<ekaitz>civodul: thank you very much for the easy solution, btw (i've been struggling with this for days lol)
<civodul>ekaitz: yeah, it would be ideal to have "guix shell --target" and be done with it
<ekaitz>or at least something like `guix shell gcc-toolchain-riscv` or -arm
<ekaitz>that sets everything properly
<ekaitz>btw could I make a package that sets those for the package?
<ekaitz>the goal here is to provide an easy to use toolchain
<civodul>the tricky thing here is that you need to distinguish between native inputs and inputs
<civodul>so things that go to C_INCLUDE_PATH (say) vs. things that go to CROSS_C_INCLUDE_PATH
<efraim>micropython fails the same tests on riscv64-linux and aarch64-linux
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<sneek>gnucode: Greetings!
<gnucode>morning guix!
<abrenon>hi gnucode
<apteryx>I think the polkit support for using duktape as a mozjs alternative has just been merged upstream
<civodul>howdy apteryx, good news!
<efraim>does anyone else have their mouse pointer randomly disapear?
<civodul>efraim: Emacs has a feature that makes the pointer disappear, but other than that, no :-)
*civodul toys with a "guix manifest" command to generate manifests
<efraim>It's happened often enough to me over the past month or so it's time for me to really learn to use qutebrowser
<nckx>Yo Guixes!
<nckx>efraim: Are you using Sway? I've had that for so forever there that I've learnt to live with it. Jiggling it on another workspace brings it back to life.
<reza[m]>> * <> toys with a "guix manifest" command to generate manifests
<reza[m]>interesting! from which source?
<civodul>howdy nckx!
<civodul>reza[m]: from the command line
<civodul>you type "guix manifest foo bar baz --tune" and it gives you the corresponding code
<civodul>nothing fancy, but it should make it easier to get started
<civodul>it complements --export-manifest
<reza[m]>nice, I was just converting a requirements.txt file into a manifest and was wondering if an automatic converter would be useful
<reza[m]>so if you start a guix shell and there is a requirements.txt laying around it attempts to convert it into a manifest
<nckx>More specifically, crossing a window border brings it back to lofi. I know, it's really bad that I've just learnt to live with it…
<nckx>* life 🤨
<nckx>I don't even like bad hip-hop.
<civodul>reza[m]: that'd be nice too, some sort of a "guix import" but for manifests
<reza[m]>civodul: could also be extended to other languages
<civodul>that's a good idea
<civodul>i guess that feature could be tacked onto the basic "guix manifest"
<reza[m]>or an extension to `guix shell` when no manifest file is found
<apteryx>civodul: hey, good to see you here :-)
<civodul>apteryx: heh yes, i haven't disappeared! i kinda silently follow discussions :-)
<civodul>also, i have email problems, which means i've probably lost a bunch of messages over the last week or so
<efraim>nckx: I'm using enlightenment on wayland
<efraim>it has its own oddities from time to time, likely this is one of them
<nckx>Does the pointer ever come back? (Time, workspace switch, VT switch, …)
<efraim>I also have an unused x11 cursor in the top left of some of my windows
<apteryx>civodul: hehe, great! It seems you've spent some time hacking on Guile recently as well, which is nice!
<nckx>efraim: That's a spare.
<nckx>(Probably not the same bug then, alas.)
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<civodul>apteryx: BTW, i'm happy to give a hand to get the release out!
<civodul>there's this Guile bug on armhf that i plan to look at
<civodul>"bug" as in build failure
<KarlJoad`>Has anyone ever seen this error before? It happens when using `guix-deploy`. "Throw to key `guile-ssh-error' with args `("channel-open-session" "Channel opening failure: channel 66 error (2) open failed" #<input-output: channel (closed) 7fc070781ba0> #f)'"
<civodul>KarlJoad`: not specifically; could you paste the full backtrace?
<KarlJoad`>Odd thing is that the deploy worked a couple of hours ago.
<KarlJoad`>I know it is not a networking issue, because I can still manually SSH to the server.
<KarlJoad`>On the server, I get "error: no more sessions"
<KarlJoad`>civodul: It appears a guix pull fixed the problem.
<AIM[m]1>I can't find xidlehook on guix channel
<AIM[m]1>Is there some other channel that provides or some other program thst does the equivalent thing?
<KarlJoad`>Maybe I was wrong. Problem went away after a guix pull and is now back.
<KarlJoad`>civodul: Another backtrace, after the guix pull that supposedly fixed everything.
<apteryx>civodul: Great! Getting the build farm in order has stolen my attention lately, but it seems like we're converging on something
<civodul>apteryx: thumbs up for all your efforts on this; much appreciated
<civodul>KarlJoad`: so it would seem that the remote peer closed the connection early on
<KarlJoad`>civodul: It is actually later in the deploy process. The local peer has gone through several rounds of "sending X store items to <IP>". It is the last round (the one with grub.cfg) that fails.
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<KarlJoad`>civodul: I tried deploying again, but plugged into the network with an Ethernet cable, and it worked. Must be something with WiFi...
<verkty[m]>does anyone know why i can't start my shepherd user services?
<verkty[m]>even after a reconfigure it starts my services then it says exiting shepherd after
<verkty[m]>here's the log (without the irrelevant entries)
<KarlJoad`>Does anyone hvae experience debugging Cuirass problems? I cannot get the hello binary to build from the default guix channel.
<KarlJoad`>The Cuirass web UI just says the job was aborted. The log in cuirass.log does not have any much useful information.
<civodul>KarlJoad`: what does the build log show?
<KarlJoad`>civodul: Strangely enough, it started working about 15 minutes ago. I did not change anything, it just started to work.
<civodul>KarlJoad`: heh, nice no? :-)
<phf-1>Hello Guix!
<phf-1>Is it not a << bad idea >> to have packages and the corresponding channel in the same git directory?
<phf-1>What I fear is that when Cuirass pulls the channel, it will clone the whole directory including all the packages when this is not necessary and done twice in this case.
<phf-1>By Cuirass and the subsequent builds.
<phf-1>So, the channel must be in a different directory that its packages or not?
<civodul>phf-1: hi! a channel is a Git repo with a bunch of package files
<civodul>so i'm not sure what you mean by "the channel must be in a different directory than its packages"?
<phf-1>civodul, yes... sorry, I did not express myself clearly. I mean the Python packages source code, Guile packages source code, etc.
<KarlJoad`>civodul: I guess it is nice?... I have no idea why Cuirass could not pull from savannah, given I could manually clone.
<civodul>KarlJoad`: was Savannah temporarily unreachable? was there a message saying it got HTTP 500 or something?
<KarlJoad`>Not as far as I know. I could clone manually, pings worked, traceroutes got most of the way there. It was only Cuirass's cloning that failed.
<civodul>ok, weird
<phf-1>So, I would have all the Guix packages' definitions and all the associated source code in the same git directory. If that the case then Cuirass would pull the source code twice : once in the store and once when cloning the git directory where the channel is colocated with the source code.
<KarlJoad`>It appears that Cuirass is only using 2 threads at a time to build the hello package, which is taking a long time, particularly because of mesboot. Is there a way to raise the number of threads a build can use? Or does Cuirass use as many as it wants/can?
<civodul>KarlJoad`: you might want to enable substitutes: you shouldn't need to build *mesboot packages
<civodul>you can specify the number of cores and jobs globally with the --cores and --max-jobs options of guix-daemon
<civodul>phf-1: are you talking about the guix.git repo specifically, or about some other channel?
<phf-1>civodul, I'm talking about a custom channel in a git directory that would have a layout similar to this one :
<phf-1>civodul, is it << better >> to have a git dir tracking the channel and its guix package definitions separated from the source code, or is it << better >> to make it live under the same directory as the source code these packages refer to?
<KarlJoad`>civodul: I thought I had. `guix shell` on the server uses substitutes. Can I specify the cores/max-jobs options through a guix-service-type modification?
<KarlJoad`>I am definitely building all the mesboot tools (although I may be downloading them, Cuirass does not tell me).
<jab>hello #guix!
<KarlJoad`>Just checked with top, my system is definitely compiling the mesboot tools.