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<nckx>b3: No, but
<nckx>*it's in bind:utils
<nckx>In this particular case it's mentioned in the description but that's coincidental.
<nckx>vagrantc: <#t> As always, I expected core-updates to be merged long ago, or I would've held off. I thought it was just around the corner. My mistake.
<vagrantc>nckx: no big worry, finally figured out what was going on :)
<vagrantc>i think i found a slightly better patch to fix the diffoscope test suite failure with llvm ... but still having issues with the newly added python pyc tests
<vagrantc>wish i had a little more idea what exactly rekado_ tested
<Olivetree>Just ran `guix shell` in a dir with a manifest.scm and it didn't load the packages nor complain about not being in shell-authorized-directories. What's happening?
<PotentialUser-28>Hey, last time I tried Guix, wouldn't install because luks2 not supported. Is that still the case?
<PotentialUser-28>I see grub 2.06 is there
<nckx>LUKS 2 isn't supported AFAIK.
<nckx>That said, supported != working, there's no reason not to try again if you haven't tried it with GRUB 2.06 yet.
<excalamus>I'm trying to figure out why icons aren't showing up in the Plover gui. The core dev there says that whatever is in the wheel should be included. I checked and they are, in the guixified location, site-packages/plover/assets. He asked about how it was packaged. Since it's using the python-build-system, that should about python install.
<excalamus>I had wondered if they needed to be run through pyrcc or something, but he didn't respond to that, so I assume not
<apteryx>lilyp: I think by the time we get around to pep 517, setuptools might have grown support for it (if it hasn't already)
<excalamus>looks like the assets are supposed to be accessed through the Qt resource system and are generated using some separate script
<excalamus>Plover expects that the =plover/gui_qt/ generated by the build_ui phase gets called. Looks like that calls sys.executable, '-m', 'PyQt5.uic.pyuic',
<excalamus> '--from-import', src,
<excalamus>that's what he says, but I also see a _build_resources code path that calls PyQt5.pyrcc_main, more like I would have excepted. Same difference, in a way. Looks like Guix needs to run some external script
<excalamus>to generate the resource file
<excalamus>it looks like the build process creates plover/gui_qt/ and runs build_ui
<robin>(short paper on luks2 if, like me, you hadn't heard of it:
<excalamus>interesting, looks like that's output to the log twice.
<robin>interesting, hexchat context menus turned into pure tofu after a 'guix upgrade' (and back to normal after a restart). probably a difficult sort of problem to solve in general
<excalamus>robin, thanks, I'd heard of it, but not read much into it
<robin>(i'll file a bug if i can reproduce it easily; perhaps it's a tractable problem related to profile hooks)
<excalamus>so, the plover/gui_qt/ file is created during the build. Not sure if that's supposed to be called automatically. If not, how would I go about calling that during guix building?
<excalamus>something like in the configure phase is my guess
<excalamus>okay, I see the phase outputs are labeled during build
<excalamus>looks like the is generated in two phases, patch-generated-shebangs and in build. That explains why that appeared twice in the log. I assume the first time is for correcting a shebang, the second time for running through the Are the build messages coming from Guix or from Python?
<robin>excalamus, what are the relevant build messages? (and you're correct about patch-generated-file-shebangs)
<robin>(or the build messages in general if it's easier to paste the log)
<excalamus>you can see it in lines 40 and 281
<apteryx>Hello, Guix!
<apteryx>nckx: did you have a chance to try rtl8812au-aircrack-ng-linux-module? it nows builds fine, but still seem to have issue with the latest kernel (not sure why, but the interface appears as DOWN, and I couldn't find a way to make it UP -- perhaps I'm just being a noob).
*apteryx wants to test cufbc but keeps running into error: corrupt input while restoring '/gnu/store/bfs2wy8k4724az8r40vwainmh3axbc99-guile-ssh-0.13.1' from #<input: string 7f4d538a2690>
<robin>excalamus, to me they look more likely to be python build output. re: running it during the build, that depends on what it does, if it's even supposed to be run at build-time...
<excalamus>I think you're right. It's the file which needs to exist in the output. It's created but not copied, I guess
<excalamus>as I recall, the Qt build system writes resource files, pngs etc., to a python file as hex so that it's all in one spot. Then the resource system loads that
<apteryx>uh, the guix substitute process strace says: write(2, "In procedure lstat: No such file or directory: \"/gnu/store/bfs2wy8k4724az8r40vwainmh3axbc99-guile-ssh-0.13.1\"\n", 110) = 110
<excalamus>I got mixed up and thought the was the file which did the encoding. So, then I should be making sure that file gets copied. I'm upgrading packages now, so I'll have to try tomorrow morning. Not having done this before, my thought is to try using "arguments" with an after-build and using either copy-file or install-file
<excalamus>er, add-after 'build
<robin>seem odd that the upstream install "phase" wouldn't copy it
<robin>i'd copy after the install phase, i think, since the output directory is more likely to already exist (before/after install because sometimes e.g. the check phase is between build and install, depending on the build system)
<excalamus>my thoughts too
<excalamus>okay, good point, thanks
<apteryx>oh, seems --keep-failed is potentially dangerous; it causes the daemon to keep the derivation result in its cache *as* the result of the derivation (i.e., it doesn't differientiate later if it's a failed or succeeded one, at least from my testing so far)
<apteryx>that's how I got into that corrupted guile-ssh and ensuing 'corrupt input while restoring' message
<apteryx>actually, the deadly combo seems to be --check --rounds=N and --keep-failed
<vagrantc>ah, rekado updated diffoscope on core-updates-frozen
<apteryx>e.g., try: guix build --rounds=2 --check --keep-failed hello then stat the result
<apteryx>stat: cannot statx '/gnu/store/a462kby1q51ndvxdv3b6p0rsixxrgx1h-hello-2.10': No such file or directory
<apteryx>vagrantc: that's nice! thanks rekado!
<excalamus>good night, see y'all tomorrow
<apteryx>good night!
<vagrantc>hah, those were not that tests that were failing for me :)
<apteryx>clarification, only when using the above three options (--check, --rounds and --keep-failed) does it cause an empty store item to get registered
<apteryx>oriansj: it's a shame it doesn't mention a build log to look at; perhaps try rebuilding the problematic drv with 'guix build /gnu/store/234k0ms25z6w84f97qjxq36fwmzlkwml-guix-daemon-1.3.0-10.c3c5028.drv' to learn more?
<shoshin>hello! i've tried to set up unattened upgrades service, but it appears to not be running. i'm also not getting a log, but i found this in the mcron.log: ERROR: Couldn't read /var/log/unattended-upgrade.log file!
<shoshin>do i need to manually create that?
<drakonis>does it exist and if so, does the service have access to it?
<shoshin>i suppose this implies the task is attempting to run
<shoshin>the file does not exist
<safinaskar>is static linking supported in guix?
<safinaskar>i. e. is there an easy way to build given c program with all its dependencies fully statically?
<drakonis>it is, yes.
<drakonis>its not impossible
<safinaskar>is it possible to link given C source with libcurl statically on guix?
<safinaskar>i. e. the binary should be fully static
<shoshin>is there a way to invoke the unattended-upgrade manually?
<shoshin>i'm not seeing clearly how the mcron is being invoked
<apteryx>shoshin: does 'herd schedule mcron' print the location of the script?
<drakonis>safinaskar: well, i haven't had a need to statically link anything
<shoshin>apteryx: i'm only seeing rottlog but maybe its not looking far enough out
<drakonis>i believe you need to create statically linked definitions of the libraries in order to do so
<drakonis>see the pacakge definition i linked for a statically linked package
<shoshin>no i'm not seeing a script for unattended upgrades
<apteryx>otherwise, a crud hack: 'guix gc -R /run/current-system | grep mcron'
<apteryx>good luck! time for me to zzz
<shoshin>good night!
<safinaskar>drakonis: "i believe you need to create statically linked definitions of the libraries in order to do so" - oh, so i need to manually patch every library?
<safinaskar>drakonis: so, static linking is generally not supported on guix?
<drakonis>probably only for the ones you want to make statically linked ones?
<safinaskar>drakonis: okey, thanks for info
<drakonis>it is doable, see the definition
<drakonis>safinaskar: hold up
<safinaskar>i am searching a distro, where i can easily type "gcc -static a.c $(pkg-config ... libcurl)" and get fully static binary linked with curl
<drakonis>well okay you can do that
<drakonis>you can do that with any distro?
<safinaskar>debian will not go, because some of dependencies of libcurl on debian does not have static libs (.a files)
<safinaskar>does they on guix?
<drakonis>i'm pretty sure curl isnt built with static linking in mind here?
<drakonis>you'd have to statically link libcurl yourself
<drakonis>much like in other distros
<vats>Hello, I'm trying to install a guix system with LVM on LUKS. I have one unencrypted partition mounted at /boot/efi and / and /home are on logical volumes in an encrypted physical volume. Moreover, /boot/grub is inside the encrypted root. The system fails to boot (grub doesn't load). Does /boot as a whole need to be left unencrypted or is leaving only /boot/efi unencrypted sufficient?
<drakonis>but why are you spending so much time looking for a distro instead of just statically linking libcurl yourself?
<shoshin>when running guix system, it seems i need to run `guix pull` as root to update, is this correct?
<safinaskar>drakonis: it seems you don't understand my question. let me repeat
<safinaskar>drakonis: first, libcurl is obviously the library, not binary
<safinaskar>drakonis: second, libcurl depends on lots of other libs, i will call them A, B, C etc
<safinaskar>drakonis: also i have simple program in C (this is program, not library)
<safinaskar>drakonis: the program depends on libcurl (and libcurl depends on A, B, C)
<drakonis>do you have to ping me every message?
<drakonis>and i did understand it
<safinaskar>i want to build the program fully statically
<drakonis>what you need is to generate the .a files you need to statically link your code
<safinaskar>unfortunately debian package for one of libs (let's say for library A) doesn't provide .a file
<drakonis>since guix doesn't default to providing these but does provide the means to do so
<safinaskar>so, i cannot easily build my program on debian
<safinaskar>so, i am trying to find a distro which provides .a files for all this libs (A, B, C, etc) or some fully automatic way to create them
<safinaskar>ok, so guix will not go. thank you
<drakonis>alright then.
<jab>hello, I'm having a really hard time using gexps.
<jab>Is there a video tutorial that shows you how to play with them?
<jab>with quasi-quote, I can just create a scheme file and do guile scheme-file.scm
<jab>I'm not certain how to actually build a gexp in a scheme file and run it...
<rekado>we can’t currently install gnome on core-updates-frozen, because folks won’t build.
<rekado>I also saw a message somewhere in my build log that the ld cache couldn’t be built as some mesa libraries couldn’t be linked together.
<rekado>I hope that’s not a serious problem.
<davidl>jab: and some slides:
<jab>davidl: thanks
<rekado>never mind: gnome builds on core-updates-frozen.
<davidl>jab: np. Reg. how to build a gexp and "run it", In the manual under programming interface like The Store and Derivations there are some examples. I would also look into which helps you get setup to play around.
<abrenon>good morning guix
<thorwil>hi! yesterday i did send on update for a patch with `git send-email -1 --smtp-debug --to "" --reroll-count=2`
<thorwil>got no error, but also no acknowledgement
<thorwil>now looking at, it didn’t make it. also, the message #8 there never appeared in my inbox and makes no sense to me
<thorwil>any ideas of what’s going on?
<qzdlns[m]>morning guix!
<thorwil>well, whatever went wrong yesterday, today i was successfull.
<wonko>Hi all!
<wonko>I'm trying to install a guix system from a foreign distro
<wonko>I've got a single btrfs partition and I'm trying to install guix in a subvol
<wonko>I used the guix-install script from the foreign distro (also installed in a subvol of said partition)
<wonko>and the install fails with: guix system: error: symlink: File exists: "/etc/ssl"
<wonko>but the subvol specified for guix's root is empty
<wonko>it's like it's trying to use foreign distro's root, but I'm not sure that's what's happening. Where can I go from there?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<efraim>can't figure out how to get the tests on python-aiohttp to run on core-updates
<rekado>PurpleSym: thanks for the WIP! I’ll take a look at it in a few hours.
<wonko>before it fails it says "populating /etc from /gnu/store/<hash>-etc", in there the fstab looks good, with root partition's specified subvol
*rekado doesn’t know anything about btrfs :(
<civodul>efraim: oh, i got them running, but they fail
<civodul>lemme see
<civodul>like so:
<civodul>- "-o" "addopts=''")
<civodul>+ "-o" "addopts=''" "--ignore=aiohttp" "tests")
<rekado>the three Honeycomb boards arrived!
<rekado>now I can finally put them all together — and see if the parts I bought in May actually work…
<civodul>rekado: woow, six months!
*civodul about to add 'guix shell --check':
<lilyp>apteryx: I think we do have a setuptools wrapper for pep 517 packaged already or at least waiting in the ML
<efraim>looks like debian punted on the tests for python-aiohttp
<efraim>oh, they've disabled them for ~5 years
<wonko>oh so my foreign distro's / now has a /run/setuid-programs/, so I guess guix is trying to install in that /, instead of the one in config.scm
<civodul>wonko: i think you have to explicitly run "guix system init config.scm /" for this to happen
<civodul>is this what you did?
<wonko>civodul: no I'm using guix system reconfigure config.scm
<civodul>on a "foreign" distro?
<civodul>oh, it's meant to be used on Guix System
<civodul>i'm surprised it even works on a foreign distro
<civodul>did you take a look at ?
<civodul>perhaps we should review the behavior of guix system reconfigure' on a foreign distro
<wonko>ah, my bad! will try guix system init
<cehteh>civodul: what do you think about my idea about abadoning the config.scm once the system is set up either by guix system reconfigure [--current] or guix system reconfigure --edit which both gettting the current config out of the store
<lilyp>I think we an make it optional, but in-place editing is not preferable to a plain file
<cehteh>eventually leading the path to having configury commands in guix system like guix system install openssh-service
<cehteh>yeha optional of course
<cehteh>and not inplace fetching the current config from the store, let the user edit it as temporary file, reconfigure (which puts the config into the system)
<lilyp>Also, doing things via CLI feels kinda wrong – it'd be better to have a GUI or at least an editor plugin (*cough* emacs-guix *cough*), that can build systems from config "as you type"
<lilyp>Still, that's not a reconfigure workflow. What you'd usually do is edit the file, get a typo somewhere, edit it again, and so on until you are content
<cehteh>cli is the underlying infrastructure, i always want to have that in the first place, ofc would be nice to have gui/emacs for it but i dont want guix like the linux bluetooth stack which is(or at least was) almost impossible to configure by cli
<lilyp>spawing a new editor each and every time is bogus
<cehteh>in most cases i dont edit but i reconfigure on the current to deploy new kernel/package versions
<lilyp>yeah, but this common use-case can be simplified without going the route of editing in /tmp
<cehteh>just guix system reconfigure w/o any config can reconfigure on the 'current' config
<cehteh>or if prefered with a --current option
<lilyp>I'd go with "if config.scm is omitted, the current config will be reused"
<cehteh>yes dunno if anyone would like that, would be my preference too
<jonsger>I have my config in a git repo and just give that path to `guix system reconfigure`
<cehteh>sure can do that, everyone does
<cehteh>but there is no gurantee that the git repo is in sync with your actual system, you are responsible for that
<cehteh>bit nitpicking, because it hardly wont be, but still a users responsibility
<civodul>wonko: beware, "guix system init" will turn your distro into Guix System; use at your own risk!
<wonko>it's what I'm trying to do
<civodul>alright :-)
<wonko>after running "guix system init config.scm /mnt/guix-root/" successfully, /mnt/guix-root/etc is empty, that can't be normal?
<civodul>wonko: it's normal
<civodul>it'll be populated at boot time
<wonko>ok then, see you later :)
<thorwil>the update of ingen requires an update to raul-devel. how to submit this properly? will 2 commits followed by `git send-email -2 ...` do the right thing?
<wonko>hmm, grub isn't trying to luks open the mapped-devices before booting, it just complains about not finding the root partition by its uuid (which is in a mapped-device)
<lilyp>thorwil: send one email ahead with your MUA, then set "To:" to the bug thread you receive
<wonko> -> it's described in mapped-devices with (type luks-device-mapping), in "/" fs entry I've got (dependencies mapped-devices)
<thorwil>lilyp: ok, ty
<wonko>I don't remember doing anything special for my other machine, grub just worked by first prompting to decrypt the mapped device, then loading a new grub that boots the system
<excalamus>good morning, Guix
<jpoiret>wonko: did you use an up to date install image/guix install?
<wonko>jpoiret: I'm using on a foreign distro, I ran guix pull this morning
<jpoiret>sorry, I got caught up trying to debug why Tramp sudo doesn't work on my emacs (anyone would know why? i'm on emacs-next-pgtk)
<jpoiret>if you load up `guix repl` and then type `,use (gnu system) RET (operating-system-bootloader-crypto-devices (load "/etc/config.scm"))`, what do you get?
<jpoiret>wonko: ☝️
<wonko>jpoiret: $1 = (#<<uuid> type: dce bv: #vu8(7 124 19 145 178 144 73 33 174 144 248 227 206 198 129 19)>)
<jpoiret>alright, so it does find it
<jpoiret>can you look at the /boot/efi/grub/grub.cfg?
<jpoiret>there should be "insmod luks RET cryptomount -u UUID"
<jpoiret>right at the top
<wonko>I can't find the grub.cfg. I've got /boot/efi/EFI/Guix/grubx64.efi
<jpoiret>no ./grub/ folder anywhere in sight?
<jpoiret>oh yeah, i think i'm getting it now
<wonko>nothing in /boot/efi, /boot is a separate partition that should be ignored by guix
<jpoiret>is it in /boot in your guix root?
<jpoiret>i think the installer installs the grub config in /boot
<jpoiret>(the one of your guix install ofc)
<excalamus>okay, been trying to get icons to show in the Plover gui. Thought it was because the Qt resources_rc.pc wasn't being packaged. But it is. It's right where it should be. Yet, no icons.
<wonko>jpoiret: yep, it's in /mnt/guix-root/boot/grub/grub.cfg
<jpoiret>my config mounts my EFI at /esp, bind mounts /esp/EFI/Guix/ to /boot and then installs to /esp
<jpoiret>your /boot can't reside on the root partition
<jpoiret>maybe there's an option somewhere to make it install the grub files directly at /boot/efi/whatever but i don't know if it's Guix or GRUB related
<excalamus>so maybe it's a Plover issue rather than a Guix issue? I'm not sure what to check for next. I guess rechecking how Plover tries to access resources?
<Guest83>Hey everyone. Just moved from Arch to Guix.
<excalamus>Guest83, sweet!
<Guest83>It'll certainly be a learning curve but I'll hoping to stick with the OS and put it to good use.
***Guest83 is now known as disseminate_diss
***disseminate_diss is now known as dissent
<jpoiret>side note: now that grub2.06 is packaged, we could add luks2 support to bootloader/grub.scm
<dissent>I have a couple of question:
<dissent>Why are there two prompts for to decrypt the hard drive on boot?
<dissent>And also, how does everyone manage to use the linux-libre kernel with more modern computers?
<jpoiret>dissent: first is GRUB asking, because the kernel and initramfs are located on the root filesystem (in the store), and then once more because the initramfs needs to decrypt and mount the root filesystem
<jpoiret>this is also the case in other distros
<excalamus>What do you mean by your second question? I bought a free Wi-Fi card and that's the only adjust I've had to make
<mahmooz>ERROR: In procedure dynamic-link:
<mahmooz>In procedure dynamic-link: file: "libutil", message: "file not found"
<mahmooz>im getting this
<mahmooz>when trying to reconfigure
<jpoiret>dissent: you can use linux-libre on more modern computers, just don't expect proprietary Wi-Fi/Nvidia/etc to work
<mahmooz>anyone please
<dissent>Okay cool, I've got an older system 76 and the thing only that didn't work was the wifi card. I can replace it with something that will work.
<jpoiret>mahmooz: guix gc --verify?
<jpoiret>also did you run guix pull beforehand?
<mahmooz>doing that now
<mahmooz>says nothing to be done
<mahmooz>same error
<mahmooz>[~]$ guix gc --verify
<mahmooz>reading the store...
<mahmooz>checking path existence...
<mahmooz>still same error :(
<mahmooz>i didnt even make any changes to the config file lol
<jpoiret>do you have the full backtrace?
<mahmooz>[ 1/34] Loading './gnu/build/file-systems.scm'...
<mahmooz>In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
<mahmooz> 3380:4 19 (define-module* _ #:filename _ #:pure _ #:version _ # _ …)
<mahmooz> 2565:24 18 (call-with-deferred-observers _)
<mahmooz> 3393:24 17 (_)
<mahmooz> 222:29 16 (map1 _)
<mahmooz> 222:29 15 (map1 _)
<mahmooz> 222:29 14 (map1 _)
<mahmooz> 222:29 13 (map1 _)
<mahmooz> 222:17 12 (map1 (((guix build syscalls) #:hide (#)) ((rnrs # …)) …))
<mahmooz> 3297:17 11 (resolve-interface (guix build syscalls) #:select _ # _ …)
<mahmooz>In ice-9/threads.scm:
<mahmooz> 390:8 10 (_ _)
<mahmooz>In ice-9/boot-9.scm:
<mahmooz> 3223:13 9 (_)
<mahmooz>In ice-9/threads.scm:
<mahmooz> 390:8 8 (_ _)
<Olivetree>WARNING: IceCat 78 has not yet been released by the upstream IceCat project. This is a preview release, and does not currently meet the privacy-respecting standards of the IceCat project.
<Olivetree>How can I get a version which meets the privacy standards of IceCat? guix search only shows the current version, but surely some older version of guix has another version of IceCat
<jpoiret>mahmooz: i have no idea, maybe someone more knowledgeable can step in
<Olivetree>How do I find out which one is and install it?
<attila_lendvai>ouch: builder for `/gnu/store/fvrmlpdqirfy893jfjd6bdykwkgadncg-clutter-1.26.2.drv' failed due to signal 11 (Segmentation fault)
<excalamus>Olivetree, I've not done something like that before, but what comes to mind is to check for a version, something with an @ symbol. Otherwise, might that be a guix time-machine thing? That is, look in an older Guix for an older definition.
<jpoiret>there's no other packaged version unfortunately
<jpoiret>but yes, this is prime time-machine stuff
<jpoiret>although i find it weird that a *preview* version replaced the latest stable one
<excalamus>cool, thanks for confirming. (I've read a lot of the manual lately. Good to know it's sticking)
<Olivetree>It seemed like time-machine, but how do I search for previous version of that package?
<Olivetree>Is the repo this clean/dependable always? Every package in it's own commit, correctly identified?
<jpoiret>it should be! it is the main repository, and commit messages should follow the ChangeLog style, so you should always be able to find what you want
<jpoiret>otherwise, clone and git blame the file
<Olivetree>In any case, this should probably the baked into some guix command. Maybe that's something I can contribute with
<excalamus>Plover might need qtsvg show the icons. That was missing from my system. I installed it. Other than restart Plover, should I need to do anything else?
<mahmooz>how can i prevent firefox from compiling lol
<jpoiret>something like guix search --blame icecat?
<mahmooz>its getting frustrating waiting 1 hour for every reconfigure command to run
<jpoiret>icecat should be already substituted
<mahmooz>ye but i use firefox
<mahmooz>icecat sucks lol
<jpoiret>well then you should expect it to rebuild whenever its dependencies get updates
<mahmooz>rip me lol
<jpoiret>if perchance you're using the same definition as other people from some unnamed channel, maybe you could add its substitutes server to your guix-daemon configuration?
<mahmooz>nonguix yeah
<mahmooz>didnt know thats a tyhing
<mahmooz>Since prebuilt substitutes are not currently available for Nonguix, you may find that guix system reconfigure recompiles the kernel frequently due to version bumps in the kernel package. An inferior can be used to pin the kernel version and avoid lengthy rebuilds.
<mahmooz>well rip me still
<jpoiret>That package definition is from another channel, so in the future you could bring up issues related to those with them at their irc channel
<jpoiret>they do have substitutes though
<attila_lendvai>(the segfault seems to have happend while grafting, and worked on a second run)
<jpoiret>attila_lendvai: i've had random segfaults on my guix on debian on wsl2
<mahmooz>is it possible to include other channels in the main config.scm file instead of having a separate config directory for my user in $USER/.config?
<mahmooz>i mean in $HOME/.config
<jpoiret>basically, a channel is just an addition to the guix source code, so it is added to your guix when you `guix pull`
<jpoiret>not when you `guix reconfigure`
<jpoiret>but I guess something could be said about `guix pull` pulling all of its current channels instead of just 'guix by default
<mahmooz>ok another question does guix system init overwrite the whole partition i give it?
<jpoiret>i don't think so
<mahmooz>or would it do the same work as reconfigure if i run it on a preexisting guix
<jpoiret>it creates the store among other things
<jpoiret>no, you shouldn't use it on a preexisting guix
<civodul>roptat: hey! the "devel" manual fails to build since the latest NLS update; specifically: " @pxref hace referencia a un nodo inexistente (`Configurar el gestor de arranque.')"
<mahmooz>i still get the same error :(
<mahmooz>after doing guix gc and reconfiguring
<mahmooz>ERROR: In procedure dynamic-link:
<mahmooz>In procedure dynamic-link: file: "libutil", message: "file not found"
<jpoiret>the one about libutil?
<civodul>roptat: should we revert, or is there some easy way forward?
<jpoiret>are you on a working guix system?
<civodul>oh libutil rings a bell
<mahmooz>it just happened so suddenly lol
<civodul>mahmooz: where are you getting that?
<mahmooz>i didnt even edit my config
<mahmooz>applying 2 grafts for /gnu/store/gwxh5bj6rbj9fxb85virjygvj2irc8yq-lua-lgi-0.9.2.drv ...
<mahmooz>building /gnu/store/0shv3axps431z4n0nb4h42zdghqiial8-module-import-compiled.drv...
<mahmooz> 3% [### ]builder for `/gnu/store/0shv3axps431z4n0nb4h42zdghqiial8-module-import-compiled.drv' failed with exit code 1
<mahmooz>build of /gnu/store/0shv3axps431z4n0nb4h42zdghqiial8-module-import-compiled.drv failed
<roptat>civodul, I might be able to fix it, sorry for the inconvenience
<mahmooz>View build log at '/var/log/guix/drvs/0s/hv3axps431z4n0nb4h42zdghqiial8-module-import-compiled.drv.bz2'.
<mahmooz>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/s8zy9n83v395wlazm8ibxqblprnqx865-init.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<mahmooz>building /gnu/store/4hmqyymignarjhkl61c8xqn1xlbvpm76-module-import-compiled.drv...
<mahmooz>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/z4iiwczgg0lb308g33z7ymiisjkxcyqm-raw-initrd.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<mahmooz>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/j838gdgc7lxp8a994mllsqmjrihsr1i8-grub.cfg.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<mahmooz>guix system: error: build of `/gnu/store/j838gdgc7lxp8a994mllsqmjrihsr1i8-grub.cfg.drv' failed
<jpoiret> for longer error messages please
<mahmooz>oh ok sorry lol
<jpoiret>this looks like a guile error no?
<mahmooz>thats the backtrace
<civodul>mahmooz: while running "guix pull"?
<roptat>civodul, ah I see what's happening, looks like an issue in doc/build.scm
<roptat>(because I'm still able to build the devel version from "make")
<mahmooz>no while running reconfigure civodul
<mahmooz>guix pull runs fine
<jpoiret>if you do `guix build glibc` and check out the normal output dir + /lib/, is it there?
<mahmooz>im beginning to question guix' stability lol
<mahmooz>ye its here /gnu/store/ksy2b6fwfmz40gjajvspl87ia4vsfzj7-glibc-2.31/lib/
<roptat>civodul, ah I think it's because we use `(@@ (guix self) translate-texi-manuals)`, and that uses the running version of guix instead of the repo, so it's out of date
<roptat>we need a more recent guix installed on the server
<jpoiret>if you do `guix repl` and then `(dynamic-link "libutil")`, do you get the same error?
<mahmooz>scheme@(guix-user)> `(dynamic-link "libutil")`
<mahmooz>$1 = (dynamic-link "libutil")
<jpoiret>ehm no, without the backquotes
<civodul>jpoiret, mahmooz: i pushed a fix
<mahmooz>scheme@(guix-user)> (dynamic-link "libutil")
<mahmooz>$1 = #<<foreign-library> filename: "libutil" handle: #<pointer 0x1c63920>>
<civodul>if you pull and try again, should be fine
<mahmooz>you're a guix developer?
<mahmooz>oh wow lol
<civodul>i'm the bug write, even :-)
<mahmooz>i love guix man thanks for your service
<lilyp>civodul fools everyone with their superior encryption scheme
<civodul>known as string-reverse :-)
<jpoiret>let me add `reverse-string` in guile gcrypt
<civodul>even better than rot13!
<civodul>roptat: is the current 'guix' package recent enough?
<civodul>i'll have to go but i can try an update on berlin later if that's all it takes
<mahmooz>how can i check why a service is failing to start
<mahmooz>where are the logs
<roptat>sneek, later tell civodul the current guix package is not recent enough
<sneek>Got it.
<roptat>sneek, botsnack
<roptat>mahmooz, you'll find the service's logs in /var/log, although standard output is lost, so if it fails before it can start logging, you won't see anything :/
<mahmooz>theres nothing about bluetooth in /var/log :(
<Olivetree>Where can I get some Guix mechandise? Like mugs or T-shirts
<vivien>mahmooz, the messages are displayed on TTY1
<mahmooz>the hell lol
<mahmooz>something about dbus connection not allowed to own bluez
<mahmooz>setup failed: connection "1.131" is not allowed to own the service "org.bluez" due to security policies in the configuration
<roptat>I don't think we have anything that goes to guix pockets directly, but there are a few things you can buy from Luis Felipe, a contributor
<roptat>I don't remember where that was though
<mahmooz>no bluetooth for me then
<roptat>Olivetree, there it was:
<mahmooz>so far i've given up on flutter, bluetooth, create_ap, properly working spotify client(flatpak's doesnt work with dbus), emojis to use guix
<mahmooz>but i'll still use guix lol
<roptat>emoji shouldn't be an issue, at least
<roptat>the others I don't know
<mahmooz>tried every emoji package in the repos lol
<roptat>mh, have you run "fc-cache -fv", and relogged-in?
<lilyp>Emojis are not a problem for me tho
<mahmooz>shouldnt guix handle that itself tho
<mahmooz>i did reboot to be sure
<mahmooz>i need to run fc-cache myself?
<roptat>no, it'll install the package, but there's no post-process steps
<lilyp>guix home has a fontconfig service that does that for you
<lilyp>but unless you use that, guix doesn't touch your stuff
<lilyp>(outside of ~/.guix-profile and ~/.config/guix)
<mahmooz>alright thats one out of the way lol
<roptat>did it work?
<mahmooz>no ill try it later
<roptat>ok, I hope you get it working :)
<mahmooz>i just hope guix gets more contributors and a bigger community so we can have more 3rd party channels
<lilyp>bluetooth also works on guix, but might depend on your adapter
<lilyp>also you need both the bluetooth-service and the bluez package (the latter for bluetoothctl)
<mahmooz>ye got both
<lilyp>bluetooth in gnome is borked and idk why
<Olivetree>roptat: Nice! And this goes (at least in part) to Guix?
<roptat>Olivetree, I don't think so
<roptat>if you want to give money to guix, there's this page:
<roptat>but you won't get anything in return
<Olivetree>Oh :( then I can just get a custom one made here somewhat cheaper.
<roptat>yes, the designs are free
<Olivetree>Merchandise from Guix directly would be the best in both worlds: you mass produce, sell expensive and the profits are the donations
<roptat>I'm not sure how this would work, legally speaking
<Olivetree>This way I get expensive merchandise but none of it goes to Guix. Then not much is left for donating
<lilyp>tbf it still goes to individual guix contributers
<lilyp>plus realistically speaking selling stuff is not a good way of getting donations anyway
<lilyp>unless you're buying newspaper for the Solipreis
<roptat>most of our money is held by the FSF, so maybe they could sell guix stuff on their shop; we also have guix europe, which is a French nonprofit, I know it's possible to sell stuff, but I'm not sure about the exact details of what you need to do it within the bounds of a nonprofit
<abrenon>about emojis, how do you usually type them ?
<lilyp>There's C-S-e if you're using IBus
<abrenon>that's what I'd like to use but it's not working here
<abrenon>do you have ibus working on your guix install ?
<lilyp>Perhaps I'm one of the few who does
<abrenon>that's great ! how did you manage it ?
<lilyp>I tacked my ibus packages onto my gnome installation and use some magic incantation to set up im modules
<abrenon>what do you mean ?
<lilyp>export GUIX_GTK2_IM_MODULE_FILE="/run/current-system/profile/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules-gtk2.cache"
<lilyp>export GUIX_GTK3_IM_MODULE_FILE="/run/current-system/profile/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/immodules-gtk3.cache"
<Olivetree>mahmooz for spotify you have spotifyd, spotify-tui, spotify-qt and many others based in librespotify. They're just not in the main/master channel, but you can add them maybe?
<lilyp>these two lines in ~/.zprofile (yes, I use zsh)
<abrenon>oohhh ok
<abrenon>but so you're running GDM and all ?
<lilyp>and system-wide ibus install
<lilyp>gdm, gnome-desktop
<abrenon>(I thought there was a problem with GDM running its own ibus, and my trying to run it upon login)
<abrenon>ah, so you don't run it from your user session
<abrenon>I see
<lilyp>tbf I don't think I have IBus in GDM
<abrenon>what ?
<abrenon>has it been removed from gnome-shell recently ?
<abrenon>last time I looked it was there
<abrenon>it's running here from user gdm
<lilyp>well, it probably uses ibus somehow, but you can't really get to set up gdm's ibus as a user, can you?
<abrenon>I removed it entirely from my session since it wasn't working
<lilyp>"I removed it because it wasn't working" is very likely just poor judgement
<abrenon>no, I don't set it up, but it appears to be running on its own and discussing the issue with someone I thought the two conflicting instances was considered to be a possible reason
<lilyp>there's a gnome setup for keyboards
<lilyp>that's what controls my ibus
<abrenon>""I removed it because it wasn't working" is very likely just poor judgement" : if that's you're reaction I may have failed to convey my actual meaning and you must have misunderstood the situation I'm trying to describe
<abrenon>so thanks for the information about the particular variable, I think that's a huge help; but I think it'd also be useful for me to understand on which instance you're relying
<abrenon>re-reading the above, I think you haven't touched anything and are relying on the same default instance spawned by GDM
<abrenon>do you confirm that ?
<abrenon>you didn't add it anywhere in your desktop / session startup configuration, right ?
<lilyp>All I did was ensure that those variables are set, which technically counts as session startup configuration
<abrenon>you're right, that's a way to configure startup !
<abrenon>I meant, you do not have a separate process spawned as your user in a file like, say, XFCE's autostart (I don't know anything about gnome, but I'd be surprised if there wasn't a similar mechanism to run process upon login)
<lilyp>But yeah, I use *gnome-desktop*'s ibus, and install my ibus packages system-wide along with gnome itself
<abrenon>thank you so much, that was very helpful ! I have hope again : )
<lilyp>IIRC you can kill gnome's ibus and spawn your own
<lilyp>but the gnome bridge still requires the im module
<abrenon>I don't know what gnome bridge is
<lilyp>and there's sadly no im module PATH, only a file
<lilyp>"gnome bridge" meaning "the stuff that gets ibus to work in gtk"
<wonko-tmp>ok so I got a step further: by mounting my efi partition on /boot directly, grub installs everything in that partition. now it fails because it can't find the uuid of my luks partition
<wonko-tmp>if I insmod luks2 (luks already present) it finds my partition: cryptomount -u <uuid> finally prompts for a password
<wonko-tmp>but it can't decrypt
<roptat>wonko-tmp, "can't decrypt" might be because grub always uses qwerty
<jpoiret>nckx: @ the very end, looks like we will need to support userspace anyway if we want to hibernate on any swap file (ie on an encrypted filesystem)
<wonko-tmp>I booted on a live system to check, I can luksOpen that partition with password I entered
<wonko-tmp>yeah, I typed the password in the grub prompt to be sure (as in in clear without a password prompt)
<jpoiret>we'd also need to move the pre-mount procedure in the initrd to before the resume hook, which I don't like very much as it's not really documented that that parameter should NOT mount file systems
<roptat>wonko-tmp, it might be that your grub is missing something important. if you had to insmod, it means your configuration is not correct from the start (or there's a bug somewhere in guix...)
<roptat>you should have a luks-device-mapping in your config:
<jpoiret>hang on, you mention luks2, is your partition using luks2 headers rather than luksv1?
<roptat>wonko-tmp, this is an example:
<jpoiret>if so, then luks2 isn't supported yet with guix reconfigure
<jpoiret>(but it should be trivial to add, as this is just adding 'insmod luks2')
<jpoiret>since grub 2.06 is already packaged
<wonko-tmp>jpoiret: yeah, so that's the difference with my first setup, it was with luks1 headers
<qbt>I'm super tempted to switch to gnu guix from my current arch system, however i'm not really sure if it would be possible to get Zoom running smoothly on the system as it is unfortunately really the only non-free software i'm required to use for work at the moment.
<ison>Using guix-home how can I customize ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf? It seems to be created by default. If I try to add a service for it there is a "duplicate entry" error message.
<qbt>heard flatpak works, but I'm not sure how good it'll work (never used it before)
<roptat>qbt, it worked for me in the browser, but I couldn't install the client (not that I'd want to anyway...)
<roptat>didn't try too hard :)
<abrenon>same here, works (too) well from ungoogled-chromium : )
<qbt>roptat: yeah.. i resisted for the longest time, but whiteboard+ss functionality made me have to install it since i do tutoring.
<qbt>i would love it if they could make a switch to something like jitsi, but i'm not sure how to bring it up
<roptat>yeah, it's hard, when it's not seen as "as professional" as the nonfree alternatives...
<podiki[m]>flatpak works!
<roptat>although, bbb is probably better in this case, it looks great and works smoothly; jitsi always has some weird issues for some people
<podiki[m]>we just updated it and the portals, I use it for things like Zoom just fine (about to use it for a meeting right no actually)
<podiki[m]>in the same boat as needing to use Zoom institutionally
<qbt>roptat: oh cool, I'll check it out for sure!
<qbt>podiki[m]: thank you so much!!
<roptat>you need an instance though, I don't think there any public one
<qbt>that's awesome :D
<roptat>anyway, if you don't speak up, nothing will change, that's for sure
<qbt>roptat: yeah that's my worry, sort of difficult to propose it unless its as easy to get started as everyone is expecting these days... however, as the online-teaching seems to continue I have started gathering some articles, alternative software, etc so i can bring it up in a coherent and convincing way soon hopefully
<roptat>again, I'd go with bbb :)
<qbt>yeah, honestly I think my departement would be pretty open to change, or at least offer some alternatives, but I really want to go about it in a good way to increase the chances :)
<qbt>roptat: added to the list!
<roptat>you need an admin to install the server somewhere, and then you just send out invite links to join a meeting
<roptat>(bbb = big blue button)
<roptat>we used it for the guix days for instance, and again this morning for a "café guix"
<qbt>worked together with one of our admins on something different before, so I could possibly discuss it with him as well, so we have a stronger case :)
<abrenon>there was a café guix today ?
<abrenon>hmmm, missed it : (
<roptat>abrenon, yes, you missed it :/
<abrenon>when's the next one ? : )
<roptat>November 26
<roptat>I think it was recorded
<abrenon>cool ! I'll try and make it this time
<roptat>abrenon, I think it was only announced on guix-science:
<abrenon>I'm on one of the mailing lists but possibly another one
<abrenon>gwl-devel, not much happening there
<robin>lilyp, nice catch on the inputs-"inheriting"-propagated-inputs mistake with yt-dlp. thanks for the review, it's the first package i've upstreamed in a while :)
<robin>qbt, i just use the web client when i'm forced to use zoom. although that apparently has limited features compared to the official malwa^Wclients
<qbt>robin: ah yes, that's my issue! i need the 'advanced' features sadly :/
<robin>qbt, i'd expect the flatpak client to work well, or at least i can't think of any reasons it wouldn't
<qbt>in case I run into trouble, i'll follow up! hope to set everything up sometime this week :)
<podiki[m]>alternatives are good! (if in an official education context, do have to be aware of privacy laws for what you can use I think, but Zoom is not the only game in town)
<robin>qbt, fyi, you may know this already but #guix isn't a good place to discuss proprietary software, although general flatpak stuff is fine (as well as flathub, i'd expect, since they distribute plenty of free software too). i'll msg you a channel more suitable for anything zoom-specific
<dstolfa>zoom, while not being the only game in town, is sadly mandated for many things and it sucks :(
<qbt>No idea if that aspect has been brought up even.. we're using Zoom, Discord, Slack, you name it. I would love them to switch, but it's kind of hard now that it's been established, unless everything really does go back to irl teaching there might be some more wiggle-room
<qbt>robin: thanks!! apologies also :)
<robin>qbt, np, and i doubt anyone will be too offended that you mentioned zoom, it's more that proprietary stuff isn't supported/promoted here
<dstolfa>i wouldn't say that anyone is promoting zoom, moreso just sad that it's being mandated :(
<robin>roptat, do you run a bbb instance? if so is it hard to install/administer in your experience? hcoop is experimenting with jitsi meet but there were some advocates for bbb
<robin>dstolfa, yeah :( i had to start the web client myself just to communicate with local activists
<robin>(...a communications committee meeting, so it was partly to start persuading them not to use zoom, among other things...)
<wonko-tmp>ok, so grub 2.06 only supports pbkdf2 iteration algorithm: cryptsetup luksConvertkey --pbkdf=pbkdf2 <dev>, along with adding insmod luks2, and grub can decrypt the partition
<robin>roptat, also curious about how resource-intensive it is (e.g. if it uses SFU as iirc jitsi meet does)
<robin>roptat, disregard if you don't run a bbb instance ofc :) i'm only skimming logs atm
<roptat>robin, no I don't run one, I only have experience as a user
<roptat>though at some point I'd like to package it and have it run on a guix server
<wonko-tmp>the kernel loads, boots & fails with: /run/cryptsetup is unusable (missing), failed to acquire read lock on <dev>, not a valid device, ice-9/boot-9.scm:1669, pre-mount actions failed
<robin>i'll probably end up experimenting with it myself at some point, as it has some interesting features jitsi meet lacks
<jpoiret>wonko-tmp: weird that it cannot find cryptsetup in the early userspace
<wonko-tmp>jpoiret: irc logs say: the Guix luks-header-uuid doesn't look in the right place for LUKS2
<jpoiret>that doesn't seem to be used except in the installer from what i gather
<rekado>raghavgururajan: hey, I just wanted to tell you how great it is to have Gnome 40 on core-updates-frozen!
<rekado>there seems to be a minor problem with it (can’t adjust brightness through the top right dropdown, nor will it shut down when I click the button), but overall I’m pretty happy with it.
<jpoiret>wonko-tmp: oh no you seem to be right
<zimoun`>abrenon: gwl-devel needs more love indeed. A lot of really good ideas. But it is hard to compete for all in the same time.
<vagrantc>rekado: i saw you updated diffoscope on core-updates, thanks!
<rekado>vagrantc: I also sneakily disabled one more test :-/
<rekado>but I think it’s not diffoscope’s fault that it fails
<vagrantc>rekado: i think it *might* depend on python 3.9, which is why i was having trouble building on master
<vagrantc>er, updating on master
<rekado>I see
<vagrantc>or rather, a test depending on python 3.9 ...
<jpoiret>wonko-tmp: did you redact <dev> or was it formatted as such?
<jpoiret>hmmmm, not a big fan of your set! for the host keyword
<abrenon>zimoun`: very understandable : ) hope we have more time to post to it in the coming months though
<jpoiret>wonko-tmp: is the redacted device a usual partition just under /dev?
<abrenon>see you later guix
<jpoiret>simply seems like the early userspace is asking it to open a non-existing device (which is weird because it first finds it before passing it to cryptsetup)
<wonko-tmp>jpoiret: I have no idea what I'm doing (set!), what do you recommend?
<podiki[m]>tried to pull the batched-changes branch, failed with builder for `/gnu/store/yms5c5kl7mmhk0m7diqmsq41lhk7vyja-guix-package-cache.drv' failed to produce output path `/gnu/store/bjdidqfvyd4hsx1vfi7inbbkhlx7qczm-guix-package-cache'
<wonko-tmp>jpoiret: yes, grub sees it as hd0,gpt3
<podiki[m]>due to
<podiki[m]>(exception unbound-variable (value #f) (value "Unbound variable: ~S") (value (rust-1.51)) (value #f))
<wonko-tmp>or /dev/nvme0n1p3 I think
<jpoiret>lisps (and functional languages) generally frown upon things that change the state of the program (ie things ending with an exclamation mark)
<podiki[m]>oh that's on my end, from another channel, never mind
<jpoiret>simply declare another binding for it
<jpoiret>tldr don't set!, just define something else
<jpoiret>no but i mean, the <dev> that was in the error message of the early userspace
<sailorCat>Hi. What can I do with "Too many heap sections: Increase MAXHINCR or MAX_HEAP_SECTS" after ~guix pull~?
<jpoiret>is it like /dev/sda3 (or /dev/nvme0p3)
<wonko-tmp> /dev/nvme0n1p3
<diseeminate>This is challening '=D
<diseeminate>This is challenging '=D
<jpoiret>wonko-tmp: alright, i think i know what the problem is but it's going to be annoying to fix
<jpoiret>actually, no
<jpoiret>wonko-tmp: does your live distribution have cpio?
<wonko-tmp>jpoiret: I gave, I converted the partition to luks1 header and have finally booted into guix
<wonko-tmp>*I gave up
<jpoiret>ah, too bad
<jpoiret>that could've been a good test
<jpoiret>apparently luks2 requires locks (which luks1 doesn't necessarily need) and so we just had to create the lock directory in the cpio initramfs archive
<jpoiret>too bad cryptsetup doesn't tell us the actual error
<iShareFreedom>hello guys
<iShareFreedom>i can download a iso for gnu guix in CLI version?
<roptat>yes, there's an ISO on the website
<jpoiret>the default installer has a graphical installer and just a simple terminal session
<Jorge[m]>Hola, algun teclado virtual de referencia que usen ?
***jonsger1 is now known as jonsger
<robin>Jorge[m], gnome tiene un teclado virtual si habilita "Universal Access" ("Acceso Universal") en "Settings" ("Configuración"?)
***jonsger1 is now known as jonsger
<robin>Jorge[m], aunque no functiona en mi sistema
<Jorge[m]>tengo Enlightenment y xfc y no lo encuentro
<robin>(porque tengo una XKB-configuración extraña de teclado, tal vez)
<robin>Jorge[m], esta es una alternative, si sabes sufice ingles
<rekado>I’m trying to see if the honeycomb lx2 machines I just assembled work, but I have no idea how to do that.
<rekado>hooked up the micro USB cable, and /dev/ttyUSB0 appears, but I don’t see anything with screen /dev/ttyUSB0 when I power it on.
<robin>guix tiene un "florence" paquete
<rekado>(I haven’t yet attempted to prepare the disk)
<vagrantc>rekado: screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 .... or maybe some alternate baud rate
<vagrantc>(or does screen auto-detect baudrate these days?)
<rekado>tried that, too. baud rate should be 115200
<cbaines>rekado, have you got an SD card in there with anything on it?
<rekado>no, nothing
<rekado>I don’t expect it to boot
<rekado>I just want to see if it’s alive
<rekado>(is that not how it’s done…?)
<cbaines>The stuff on the SD card can do the things prior to boot
<vagrantc>you'll need something to actually output to the console
<podiki[m]>hmm on core-updates-frozen llvm-12 didn't build for unknown reason...does the job need to be restarted?
<rekado>I see.
<rekado>what would I put on the SD card…?
*rekado is noob
<vagrantc>rekado: well, there's the download random image from the internet for the lx2 :)
*rekado is hungry and leaves for dinnr
<cbaines>there's this page
<cbaines>I remember this page being useful as well
<cbaines>I think I've got some UEFI firmware on the SD card
<civodul>since 'guix shell' is in da house ->
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, roptat says: the current guix package is not recent enough
<vagrantc>hmmm... using git describe gets me a "version" that seems to work out-of-the-box ... and unless i misunderstand something, it should usually increment the version ... e.g. it's basically version+patches since version+"g"commithash
<vagrantc>for a package that's already using git tags for versions...
*robin español mal
<drakonis>civodul: oho, nice.
<drakonis>that's a good command alright.
<drakonis>but when's 1.4.0?
<Jorge[m]><robin> "guix tiene un "florence" paquete" <- SI,ese funciono muchas gracias.
<civodul>drakonis: it's never been this close!
<drakonis>gnome 40 at last.
<jpoiret>for patchsets, should I make changes to the doc in the same commit as the added feature or keep it in a separate commit?
<vagrantc>wonder if software heritage handles git describe style versions ...
<vivien>civodul, I know I’m late, but will the cached guix shell environment survive a garbage collection? If guix shell "does not talk to guix-daemon", how can it make sure that the environment won’t be garbage collected?
<jpoiret> with guix environment (just checked but i'll be sure to use it as well) you can just `guix environment -r gcroot ...` and it will create a file called gcroot in your env that is symlinked to the profile, and is registered as a gcroot
<jpoiret>so as long as that symlink is there, it won't be gced, and you just have to rm it to be able to gc it
<florhizome[m]>guix home does not accept the expressions generated by itself with “import” :/
<florhizome[m]>Trying to import my existing shells, the generated code is like ...(home-bash-configuration (bashrc (list (local-file “.bashrc”)))...) but I get invalid name “.bashrc” ..
<lilyp>jpoiret, vivien: `guix gc' still looks for active processes, so I doubt it'd collect a profile in active use
<vivien>Thank you, I didn’t know that, so I guess there’s no reason to worry.
<wonko-tmp>I had to chmod a+x /home & /gnu before being able to log as user
<wonko-tmp>is that expected or did I do something stupid?
<vivien>wonko-tmp, I have /home permissions set to root root, with drwxr-xr-x, same for /gnu
<civodul>vivien: like jpoiret wrote, "guix shell" esentially registers a GC root for the profile
<jgart>Are go packages built using cgo on guix?
<civodul>(and it collects those GC roots periodically)
<jpoiret>jgart: cgo is just linking to other libraries
<jpoiret>you cannot have go-written dynamic libraries
<jpoiret>cgo is used to bind to libraries written in other languages (glibc for example until go 1.16 iirc)
<jgart>So guix produces static binaries for go packages by default?
<jgart>or it configures something else?
<jpoiret>well they might be dynamically linked to the external libs
<jpoiret>but all go libraries are statically linked
<robin>Jorge[m], de nada :)
<jgart>I haven't dug through the src yet for it but was hoping someone could point it out before I shave me a guix yak
<florhizome[m]>was any of these replies for me? :D you think it’s a permissions thing?
<jgart>jpoiret, yes, the article above points out that by default "Go creates static binaries by default"
<jpoiret>jgart: good luck, golang is an annoying beast (and is going to get even more annoying to package once they remove GOPATH support)
<jgart>ohh wasn't aware of that
<jgart>thanks for sharing
<jpoiret>well, Go can't really create fully dynamic libraries
<jgart>ah ok
<jpoiret>if you use 200+ go libraries in your go binary, then they'll all be statically linked inside your executable
<jgart>interesting to understand what go-build-system does exactly
<jpoiret>they really want `go install` to be a fully featured package and dependency manager, to the point where you can't even manage anything without it
<jgart>that's too bad
<jpoiret>in the latest go version, you cannot just say "alright, compile me all those libs but don't link them yet, i want to be able to keep them for later so i don't have to compile them every time"
<jgart>If anyone finds the time to review a go package I have this:
<jgart>see last patches
<jgart>so what would happen to go-build-system then?
<jgart>how would it accomodate that change?
<jgart>or adjust to that change
<jgart>I can't see the emoji
<jpoiret>it is a person shrugging
<jgart>ohh ok, makes sense ;)
<jpoiret>basically, either 1) we try to diff the build cache (which is not really readable) and keep only what the `go install` added this time in the output and propagate it in other packages that require it (could not work at all, only hypothetical)
<jgart>We'll have to get creative and come up with new solutions and extend go-build-system then
<jpoiret>2) we write a complete build system using the manual `go tool compile` `go tool link` etc
<jgart>fun times
<jpoiret>but option 2) is bound to be hard to maintain
<jpoiret>who knows what shenanigans `go build` does
<jgart>option 2 sounds interesting and slightly painful but maybe it'll be the way forward
<jpoiret>yes, i think so too (very painful though, internal compiler docs aren't clear)
<jpoiret>and i hate reading go
<podiki[m]>core-updates-frozen built fine locally (my setup at least), looks like some builds need to be restarted on that branch
<jgart>might be interesting to some:
<rekado>cbaines: thank you, this is very helpful!
<rekado>will this board *always* need an SD card? Or will it boot fine from SSD once the system has been installed?
<cbaines>I think there might be a way of using some on board storage for the bootprocess, but I haven't figured that out
<cbaines>I'm still using the SD card
<rekado>I see.
<rekado>guess I should buy some SD cards then
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<jab>hey guix, I'm reading this blog post about udev, dbus, and elogind, and systemd being bloatware...
<jab>It's pretty funny, but is its information true?
<jab>by the way is trying to replay elogind.
<rekado>“boat” often is just other people’s features
<jab>rekado: that's fair. I do find his blog post rather engaging. He was talking about various things being compiled with udev and things don't work so well with alternative software.
<jab>ie: mkinitcpio
<jab>apparently consolekit2 is 1/5 or 1/6 the size of elogind
<jab>according to
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<drakonis>does guix gc --verify=repair,contents deal with files with incorrect timestamps?
<drakonis>i ended altering the store outside of guix and now my store has incorrect timestamps
<jab>I was under the impression that (define-record-type* superceded (define-configuration... but now I'm not so certain.
<jab>(define-configuration lets you define doc strings, provides sanitizing values (maybe-string and the like, lets you programatically generate documentation...
<jab>drakonis: whoops...
<jab>how did you manage to do that?
<drakonis>yes, whoops.
<jab>"alter the store outside of guix"?
<drakonis>i was on fedora and did a dumb thing like copying the contents of the store into guix the distribution's store
<drakonis>its causing some odd behavior
<jab>drakonis: hmmm. I once tried dual booting debian and guix...and trying to use one store for both distributions...
<jab>I never could figure out how to do it.
<drakonis>well, it isn't what i'm trying to do
<drakonis>i need to fix the store files to have the same date
*jonsger will switch back from XFS to ext4...
<vivien>I’m back with GNOME 40! Everything feels… rounder.
<civodul>vivien: oh, and it's actually working? :-)
<civodul>great that you're giving it a test drive
<vivien>civodul, almost. Nautilus doesn’t feel like starting up though.
<jonsger>hm, works nautilus works for me...
<vivien>I get only one warning: (org.gnome.Nautilus:3075): GVFS-WARNING **: 21:37:04.174: The peer-to-peer connection failed: Timeout was reached. Falling back to the session bus. Your application is probably missing --filesystem=xdg-run/gvfsd privileges.
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<vivien>But I’m waiting for it to start
<jab>jonsger: why the switch? XFS is slow?
<jab>I tried using gnome a week or two ago. It was pretty nice. I switched back to sway pretty quickly. I guess I prefer for the moment. I'm just used to the keybindings.
<jonsger>jab: nope, booting is sometimes broken and my assumption is that's its XFS "fault"
<jab>jonsger: ok.
<jonsger>I'm using gnome ATM because firefox is a bit broken in sway...
<oriansj>jonsger: you need to install xwayland for firefox if I remember correctly
<nckx>jonsger: Oh ☹ How?
<jonsger>nckx: if I would know...
<vivien>Also, epiphany freezes when I try to open the preferences window
<jab>jonsger: I just launch firefox so that it runs under xwayland.
<jonsger>after giving in the encryption pw shepherd fails to start all services and thats it
<civodul>vivien: aren't glib/gvfs warnings a regular thing?...
<jab>bindsym $mod+Control+f exec flatpak run --filesystem=home --socket=x11 --env=GDK_BACKEND=x11 org.mozilla.firefox
<drakonis>okay tried something
<vivien>civodul, I view it as a tradition.
<jonsger>jab: I have firefox from some different sources. Not more to talk about here :)
<drakonis>ran find --exec touch
<nckx>Heh, I just rolled back to a previous system generation because of a similar thing (Creating session c1… destroying session c1, something like that, then nothing). Not saying it's related but it's an easy failure mode to enter.
<jonsger>nckx: the last good system i found is from c-u-f (I guess) on octobre 4th
<jonsger>reconfigure from master doesn't heal the problem
<nckx>drakonis: That won't set the same date without a reference/absolute timestamp, but maybe close enough is good enough.
<vivien>The epiphany freeze also has a The peer-to-peer connection failed… warning
<drakonis>i went and set epoch + 1 second
<drakonis>the same as every file
<vivien>Just before that, I get: (WebKitWebProcess:2): dbind-WARNING **: 21:44:29.498: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-HvipfTkIhz: No such file or directory
<nckx>jonsger: And reconfiguring from the same ‘c-u-f (I guess)’ commit? If that fails it sounds like your system configuration changed.
<vivien>I’ll reboot
<nckx>drakonis: 👍
<drakonis>touch lets you set the date based on a format
<drakonis>so it helped
<nckx>I took ‘-exec touch’ literally.
<nckx>Well, as literally as is syntactically valid.
<jab>what does this warning mean?
<jab>guix system: warning: cannot determine provenance for current system ?
<vivien>Ouch, I have some files with bad names in /tmp
<drakonis>the format is find . --exec touch -t <format> \{}
<nckx>Interesting: it's indeed not obvious that \ isn't needed. (And I'll point out ‘+’ in place of ‘;’, just in case; for some reason it's unknown to some people).
<drakonis>ah yes
<drakonis>hold on
<drakonis>i think i have another thing missing here
<jab>I'm making more progress on my opensmtpd service (via guix records). I'm currently trying to make the opensmtpd-activation check the syntax for opensmtpd.conf.
<drakonis>i was doing it in a rescue usb
<drakonis>so i didnt write down the command
<jab>sweet! it works! It'll now check your syntax!
<drakonis>honestly though, gotta have a rescue initrd at some point
<nckx>jab: It means that your current system was probably inited/reconfigured from a non-pulled guix, so e.g. ‘guix describe’ and Guix's downgrade detection don't have a full picture. Nothing to worry about unless you expected it to exist.
<nckx>drakonis: Guile REPL hell without tab-completion is KISS and true unix.
<drakonis>sounds maddening
<nckx>Well, yes, it is.
<drakonis>truly infuriating
<drakonis>but when can we embed a shell inside guile?
<nckx>I think it explains my personality.
<drakonis>gash when
<nckx>Nowish, probably, whenever someone bothers doing the workish kind of thing.
<nckx>(gash is usable.)
<jab>and I've got a syntax error! awesome! This will be a breeze to debug, because I know what line number the issue is on!
<jab>how useable is gash?
<jab>nckx: oh yeah, I'm doing sudo -E ./pre-inst-env guix system reconfigure.... that's why I'm getting that warning. ok.
<drakonis>mostly usable
<nckx>Also infuriating: I know there's a new Tor releas, so I visit <> — the releases page for Tor, one might say — and it mentions Tor exactly nowhere, much less its releases; only the Tor Browser Bundle.
<drakonis>its not as complete as one would expect
<nckx>Great job, have star.
<nckx>jab: Then its fine!!
<nckx>I slipped.