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<mekeor[m]>hi guix. has anyone started to make a nextcloud-service for guix system?
<platoxia>how do I uninstall guix package manager from another distro?
<mbakke>iskarian, hackeryarn: the missing git configuration files are fixed with f8b10932c86cf4c1657a67e8c484d76f757b64bd
<mbakke>(also, I love that hunks now specify which variable they are contained in, great UX improvement!)
<mbakke>jackhill: I had already checked the fix/regression ratio and went ahead and pushed it :)
<mbakke>on a related note, where does wayland/mesa's 3.5k dependents come from? last I checked this was staging territory :P
<lilyp>not sure about wayland, but mesa ought to be effectively decoupled given xorg-server-for-tests
<lilyp>perhaps we still have a few links too many making it "every graphical program using X library"?
<podiki[m]>aren't there some pretty general graphics libraries that use it or something?
<podiki[m]>I'm hoping (post this core-updates-frozen stage) we can be quicker on mesa, on staging or something instead of core-updates
<podiki[m]>they put out bugfix releases every month or quicker
<excalamus>sneek, botsnack
<massn00b[m]>Anyone made a pinebook-pro image that works with the AR9271 usb dongle? I altered the default pinebook-pro.scm to include networking services, usb modeswitch (needed or the dongle shows up as USB mass storage), and the ath9k firmware, but when I plug in the dongle it doesn't show up as a network interface
<apteryx>I'm trying to use the mpd-service-type, but it fails with: "exception: bind to '' failed (continuing anyway, because binding to '[::]:6600' succeeded): Failed to bind socket: Address already in use"; I don't see anything using 6600 with 'ss -ltpn'
<char>I'm back.
<drakonis>hey there
<char>I found that the culprit for my problem was gnome-bluetooth, which wasn't working to begin with. I'm not sure if I should report a bug because I don't have nay useful error messages
<char>I'm really thankful to guix for allowing me to bisect my packages so quickly.
<wehlutyk[m]>Hi guix!
<wehlutyk[m]>I'm packaging python-pantalaimon, which requires python-appdirs 1.4.4. So I run `guix refresh --list-dependent python-appdirs`, which says `Building the following 3071 packages would ensure 8627 dependent packages are rebuilt`
<wehlutyk[m]>So instead of upgrading python-appdirs, I create python-appdirs-1.4.4, but then guix lint says `propagated inputs python-appdirs@1.4.4 and python-appdirs@1.4.3 collide`
<wehlutyk[m]>(although the build and tests succeed)
<wehlutyk[m]>what's the recommendation here: upgrade the actual python-appdirs, or look for the propagated-input that brings in 1.4.3 and keep upgrading package by package?
<wehlutyk[m]>Looking at the dependency graph, I guess the answer is to upgrade python-appdirs, as otherwise that problem will keep repeating itself for other dependent packages
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<brendyn>wehlutyk[m], you can use dependency rewriting if you want to get fancy
<wehlutyk[m]>alright, better answer: patch to require appdirs 1.4.3, as the change to 1.4.4 is a simple maintenance fix
<wehlutyk[m]>brendyn: ah thanks, I was just exploring that!
<brendyn>I don't know if its a good idea or bad idea, but it may solve the issue.
<lilyp>podiki[m]: Bugfix releases are not that big of an issue, because we have grafts
<lilyp>it's major bumps that suck if you need to rebuild the world
<Guest52>hello, nice to meet you all ~
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<Guest52>how should one fix display tearing in guix ? in my former archlinux i just add config file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/intel.conf and the problem solved, looks dont work in guix tough.
<brendyn>so you have the exact same tearing issue you previously had?
<lilyp>you might want to use xorg-configuration-extra-config, see also xorg-configuration->file
<Guest52>yes brendyn
<Guest52>thanks @lilyp i will try it
*civodul is head down setting up
<jgart>Hi Guixers
<jgart>Is LTO beneficial to enable for guix packages?
<lilyp>It depends… would it break grafts?
<jgart>someone in the janet community just mentioned it to me
<jgart>hmmm not sure
<jgart>it broke the janet package
<lilyp>in which way? By being enabled or by not being enabled?
<jgart>by being enabled
<lilyp>then we oght to disable LTO at least for janet, if not globally
<jgart>I'm upgrading janet now without it enabled
<lilyp>(I don't think our other packages build with LTO by default, though)
<jgart>but supposedly it improves performance if enabled
<lilyp>well so does using instructions that not every CPU has
<lilyp>but we still serve plain x86
<jgart>the person in the janet community builds from source and always enables it
<jgart>that's fine, I'll ignore it for now
<lilyp>(though tbf there ought to be a variant of LTO that still respects sharedlib boundaries)
<Guest52>does anyone experience problem where mate-power-manager ask autenticathion everytime ? and is there any solution ? thanks in advance
<lilyp>I don't use MATE, but what do you mean with "every time"? On login?
<jonsger>hm GNOME 4(.)0 looks fancy on core-updates-frozen :)
<sneek>jonsger, you have 1 message!
<sneek>jonsger, jlicht says: llhttp, and then node, and then c-ares, and then seemingly the universe :)
<lilyp>can't wait to see it on master :)
<jonsger>thanks mbakke for merging master into c-u-f! Makes my life way easier :)
<brendyn>jonsger, yay
<brendyn>thanks from me too. now my evil plans can better come to fruition
<mbakke>oh, that was just a simple one-day merge, othacehe did the grunt work the day before :)
<jonsger>ah, did not see that...
<brendyn>Does anyone still want kmplayer? its 3-4 years unmaintained and fails to build after i update its dependencies. if not i may just remove it.
<civodul>brendyn: i guess you can send a patch that does that; we'll leave a week and apply it if nobody objects
<brendyn>what is this disarchive thingy?
<wingo>i had the same question!
<civodul>it's the future!
<civodul>it's a "disassembled tarball" that we see here
<civodul>roughly, if we have this metadata + the content, we can rebuild the tarball
<civodul>and the content is at Software Heritage
<civodul>so long-term archival and all
<civodul>i find it quite exciting :-)
<wingo>interesting :)
<wingo>i guess it could give you the ability to go from tarball to git version history for each file in the tarball... maybe
<wingo>you'd have to search back to see what trees reference that file
<vivien>Hold on. Does it make you a tarball from a git checkout, or a git checkout from a tarball?
<wingo>i think you use whatever process to make a tarball
<wingo>but given that the metadata describes what's in the tarball, some files will be present with the same hash they have in git
<wingo>(some others will be generated of course)
<vivien>Is it comparable to dist-package in guix?
<brendyn>i thought the intent was the generate tarballs in situations where they have been lost but the git repo still exists on the Software Heritage
<brendyn>so git + disarchive -> tarball
<vivien>That looks like dist-package to me
<excalamus>good morning, Guix!
<qzdlns[m]>hi Guix!
<excalamus>hi, qzdlns
<qzdlns[m]>hey excalamus
<qzdlns[m]>I'm migrating to guix home today, how exciting!
<excalamus>sweet, that's on the to-do list
<qzdlns[m]>i just reached my limit with impossible breakages between doom, nativecomp and my config, hopefully rde will help too
<excalamus>hopefully. do you install packages through guix and then do settings through the init?
<excalamus>I'm still using straight.el
<qzdlns[m]>yeah i have a 5000 line in my .emacs.d which does everything config wise
<qzdlns[m]>but my package sources are doom (just straight macros), loads (my config, modules), and guix packages
<qzdlns[m]>most things map into guix `emacs-*' packages, but I have a couple esoteric ones which I need to package and upstream for my migrated config
<qzdlns[m]>distribution is about 30/70 between guix and doom respectively, so a real exercise in minimizing and checking against a couple months of keyfreq data
<excalamus>I hope you find the stablity you're looking for :)
<qzdlns[m]>thanks :)
<brendyn>How do I explain Guix to my family member that doesn't understand much about computers
<ecraven>"magic" ;D
<ecraven>magically makes updates reversible, and keeps programs running even if others fail
<qzdlns[m]>also that reproducibility approximates a solution to trust as outlined by Ken Thompson
<brendyn>qzdlns[m] I think you've skipped over about 7 hours of explanations with that one.
<qzdlns[m]>it’s the software equivalent of “your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper”
<brendyn>I suppose ill start trying to explain why package managers exist
<qzdlns[m]>brendyn: haha fair point
<excalamus>try to compare it to something they know and do it in no more than two sentances. :) maybe something like, most software is like a home kitchen were things are made using custom tools and sometimes without recipes. Guix standardizes the tools and makes recipes that others can use.
<jgart>A slightly quicker way to send patches to debbugs with janet for the terminal junkie:
<jgart>in case anyone finds it useful
<jgart>gpd 51113 7c2e7d9bec399c2072c3c4b8a2a209272dfede03
<jgart>to send commit 7c2e7d to ticket 51113, for example
<zimoun>civodul: just “guix build /gnu/store/…-disarchive-collection.drv” takes ages! Several hours. And it is only fetching substitutes from Berlin. My network is the one of Univ, so not slow. :-) It fetches all the .dis.drv which is fine but unexpected by me :-) Also all the /gnu/store/…-zope.component-4.6.2.tar.gz.drv and I miss why. Why not only the result of the derivation? Soemthing like
<zimoun>/gnu/store/…-disarchive-collection ?
<mbakke>the fact that deleting files owned as root works if you own the parent directory never ceases to surprise me
<katco>mbakke: lol i had the same experience the other day
<roptat>civodul, is back online :)
<jgart>yay, finally haha
<zimoun>packaging stuff, “./pre-inst-env guix build stuff” ends «starting phase `reset-gzip-timestamps'» with a Backtrace about «In procedure open-fdes: Permission denied». What does it means?
<roptat>maybe the output has a .gz file that's installed read-only?
<zimoun>roptat: ah yes, thanks!
<civodul>zimoun: hey, sorry for the delay, i was writing a summary of what i got done today
<civodul>zimoun: but yeah, "guix build foo.drv" is fun, but only if foo.drv has few dependencies, which is not the case here :-)
<civodul>roptat: cool, thanks! :-)
<zimoun>civodul: ah you are writing everyday what you do? Where does procrastination fit? ;-) About “guix build foo.drv”, ah! I thought it used the only output (result) and not all the dependencies which are not necessary. Are they?
<civodul>zimoun: i was just replying to the "Disarchive update" thread, not writing to my boss(es) if that's what you had in mind :-)
<civodul>so "guix build foo.drv" substitutes foo.drv and its dependencies if you don't already have them locally
<civodul>i really mean foo.drv, not its output
<civodul>it's a little-known feature
*civodul keeps looking at "GUIX_DOWNLOAD_FALLBACK_TEST=disarchive-mirrors ./pre-inst-env guix build -S dovecot --check"
<civodul>it's hypnotizing
<vivien>I fixed deja-dup:
<vivien>The bug report does not have [PATCH] in its subject, because I didn’t write a patch immediately.
<tribals>hello there!
<tribals>I'm trying to setup `guix home` environment. Does it use another profile for installing packages? If so, why not to use existing user profile?
<rovanion>Does anyone know how to fix that nm-applet has no icons but the red wrong way roadsign?
<rekado>I once built a feature around the ability to substitute the derivation; it had a crucial limitation in my application so I abandoned it again, but it was pretty neat.
<vivien>rovanion, if you don’t have adwaita-icon-theme installed, such things may happen
<rovanion>vivien: Got both (papirus|adwaita)-icon-theme in my system packages.
<blackbeard>hi guix :)
<nckx>Which other icons do you need? /s
<nckx>rovanion: hicolor-icon-theme.
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<rovanion>nckx: That did the trick. But dam, those icons have not aged well.
<nckx>Well… ☺
<nckx>Don't ask me why that's the fix, by the way, or why they aren't replaced by the presumably shinier icons from your other themes.
<rovanion>Haha :D
<rovanion>I'm content just not having that red roadmarker yelling "I'm important" at me all the time.
<nckx>IMPORTANT: all is well.
<tricon>I've seen some floating discussions re: VPS providers with Guix as an option. Any recs? I could use one.
<drakonis>tricon: i'm using linode right now
<drakonis>there's no guix option but setting it up isnt too difficult
<tricon>Good to know, thank you, drakonis (and sweet nick).
<drakonis>hah, thanks
<drakonis>i'm going to switch to gandi soon
<drakonis>as soon as the month ends i suppose
<tricon>I had a Gand VPS many years ago (big Gandi fan having used them since 2001). Can't say I've trialed any of their newer offerings.
<tricon>I'm also looking at Vultr. You can mount a custom ISO, and one Reddit user stated that they installed Guix this way.
<drakonis>you can install guix through a debian iso
<drakonis>as it is available on the default repositories
<roptat>it's a bit tricky if you want the guix system though
<tricon>Yeah, GuixSD is what I'm aiming for.
<vivien>It’s called Guix System now
<roptat>it's possible, you can run "guix system init" from the debian system
<tricon>vivien: Gratsi.
<roptat>you need an empty /etc just before rebooting, otherwise the system can't create some files because they're already there and it crashes at boot
<roptat>so, guix system init /etc/config.scm / -> rm -rf /etc -> mkdir /etc -> reboot
<roptat>you want to do that before you start playing with the server, because if it doesn't work, it won't ever boot again, so you'll have to reinstall everything
<lilyp>It'd be nice if we could tell init to remove files that would conflict with Guix
*jonsger discovered file-system flags in Guix config :)
<drakonis>haha well
<drakonis>being able to install guix on top of a existing linux install and have it move all existing data to another directory on the first run would be quite fine
<vivien>"Guix Parasite"
<tricon>There is only One True OS: Guix. All others must be obliterated: rm -rf /etc/*
<drakonis>nixos has a thing just like that
<drakonis>honestly kind of janky and not declarative at all
<singpolyma>Could you not make a VM image with guix system and then use that at any BYO image cloud or vps?
<singpolyma>Doesn't work well for dedicated hardware where you want raid setup on the boot disk, but should be fine for anything small or virtual
<drakonis>singpolyma: probably
<tricon>I'm so spoiled by Guix. I jump into other OSes, and I'm like: "iT's NoT dEcLaRaTiVe!!"
<drakonis>haha well
<drakonis>after you partake the sweet nectar of "everything is declarative" going back can be hard
<drakonis>it might be smoother with regards to compatibility but the paper cuts when developing software is a pain
<tricon>Very, very true.
<tricon>I used to work with Ruby a lot. I used rbenv for versioning Ruby versions, but with Guix, it'd be a breeze and I wouldn't need the additional indirection of rbenv.
<drakonis>boy howdy it sucks to deal with some software crashing because it has a dependency on older libraries and my distro of choice has it too new
<drakonis>had to do ocr with tesseract on fedora but the c++ headers were borked
<jackhill>singpolyma: on my someday wishlist would be a guix service that could understand cloud-init data and reconfigure the system on boot accordingly :)
<kitzman>packages pulled with 'guix pull', are part of 'core-updates' or 'core-updates-frozen'?
<nckx>Neither, unless you configure Guix to pull from something other than ‘master’.
<nckx>Good night Guix o/
<kitzman>good night
<ajarara>Trying to run './bootstrap', running into the error in the manual of undefined macros. I see 'pkg.m4', 'guile.m4' in the store under some profile declarations: when I pass the directories containing these as flags I can run bootstrap successfully... it just feels like the wrong way to do things? I'm running guix system.
<vivien>You should compile guix under the "guix environment guix" commannd
<ajarara>Oh, yup: that worked ootb. Thanks vivien!
<vivien>Don’t forget to pass --localstatedir=/var to the ./configure script though
<ajarara>I'd respond with 'yep, that's in the manual' but so is using 'guix environment guix' :)