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<NicholasvonKlitz>dstolfa: Apparently guix can handle circular dependencies? Just set minium rust version to 1.51 to avoid the resolver issues and both packages build without any issues.
<dstolfa>NicholasvonKlitz: but do you need circular dependencies in guix itself? as i understand it, one is a build dependency for the other, but not a runtime dependency. also, does `guix install ...` work?
<NicholasvonKlitz>I can install both packages without any problems
<dstolfa>alright, i guess that's solved then :)
<NicholasvonKlitz>zvariant also build if I remove the circular dev dependency, but why remove it if it isnt causing issues?
<NicholasvonKlitz>Yeah thanks :)
<the_tubular>How would you go about using something that needs to be often recompiled on guix, like dwm ?
<cehteh>i installed guix in a KVM under debian, the graphics is extremely laggy/jerky (as in unuseable), do i need to add some drivers/packages for that (qxl graphics? or what else?)
<dstolfa>the_tubular: i'd make my own channel with it and maintain my own forks of it, since dwm isn't configurable, everyone's custom dwm configuration is really just a fork/patch for it
<dstolfa>the channel could just be a git repository hosted somewhere, or even on your local machine.
<dstolfa>the_tubular: you could inherit from guix's dwm for all the build things and the packaging, just change the sources or add a patch to it :)
<cehteh>i dont even know if its the graphics thats lagging or the mouse
<the_tubular>Good idea dstolfa
<morgansmith>Hello! I want to create an origin snippet that turns a subdirectory into the root directory. Some silly project made a "v2" directory in their project when they switched versions. I was looking at scandir and delete-file-recursively but I couldn't think of a good solution.
<dstolfa>cehteh: try using virtio instead of qxl
<cehteh>tried already same problem
<dstolfa>odd, must be the mouse then
<dstolfa>are you running it in tablet mode?
<cehteh>used virt-manager which just connects a default ps/2 mouse
<dstolfa>cehteh: try adding an EvTouch USB Graphics Tablet instead, it sometimes behaves a bit better
<dstolfa>alternatively, virtio tablet
<cehteh>disable thew ps/2 mouse/keyboard for that?
<dstolfa>hmm, i don't think you need to disable the keyboard, just the mouse?
<dstolfa>i don't really use GUI VMs often, but when i do i just do it with qemu directly and using the tablet mode there works well
<cehteh>should be a ofload / substitutes server i just installed graphics to play a bit
<cehteh>wondering if anything is needed on the guix side to run in a vam more smoothly
<dstolfa>cehteh: this is the command i use with qemu to get mouse/keyboard working well in a GUI VM:
<dstolfa>$1 is the disk image path, $2 is the VM name
<cehteh>hah that virtio tablet worked, thanks
<the_tubular>What does this line do in a guix pull : listing Emacs sub-directories... ?
<the_tubular>I don't even have emacs installed ...?
<dstolfa>cehteh: woohoo!
<bmk>I was here a few days ago with a wierd disk issue:
<bmk>It's gotten even wierder
<bmk>Well, I've just proven it's not an issue with the disk, but anyways:
<bmk>I've got a fairly normal guix setup. Sometimes: programs will be unable to load and open certain files for apparently no reason, instead acting as if they are not there
<bmk>For example, a program not being able to load it's sounds, claming they're missing, but i can go to the path and mpv them fine. A script claiming it can't find a program in the same directory, even though it is thier
<bmk>so my question is:
<bmk>what in the goddamn?
<bmk>Does guix have some sort of extra permissions layer/doesn't give a normal user the same rights to a normal partition than other distros or something?
<bmk>The issue persists upon copying the files to a removable flash drive, but the same files work when that flashdrive is put into a different machine
<bmk>FSCK shows nothing
<bmk>Has anyone ever experienced this or is some weird anomaly that I should repent to the greybeards of old for?
<leoprikler>Programs installed in Guix typically refer to store paths rather than "something within the same directory".
<leoprikler>If your program does the latter, it is probably borked anyway.
<leoprikler>The working directory is for input, not configuration.
<bmk>yeah, it is borked in that way, but even guix installed programs experience missing some media files
<leoprikler>Which ones?
<bmk> It was Dwarf Fortress, if I'm being perfectly honest. Love me some dorfs.
<bmk>I'mgoing to do a pull and reconfigure and hope it works itself out
<leoprikler>I doubt it will be that easy, even garbage is reproducible in Guix.
<bmk>I'm mainly hoping it's just some combo of software versions
<leoprikler>Either way it's safe to say that dealing with random binaries from the internet will always be more painful than with free software you have readable source for :)
<leoprikler>maybe next time they can implement their software as DWARF bytecode
<bmk>Yeah: I wish it was GPL too
<bmk>but I understand the dev's reasons: they plan to make it libre once they've finished working on it, although it is a lifetime project
<the_tubular>Dumb question, if I change a username in config.scm, will it change when I rebuild my system ?
<bmk>I'd imagine a new user would be created, but I could be wrong
<ged4r>Good Morning
<leoprikler>yup, new user, new uid
<the_tubular>Umm, can I just rename my old user ?
<the_tubular>Idk even know how to do this
<MysteriousSilver>using `usermod`?
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<Guest23>I'm trying to install gnu guix but when I boot up the live usb, it says 'pcspkr already registered aborting...'. Does anyone know why?
<drakonis>it doesnt matter
<Guest23>Well, it stops there and freezes
<drakonis>does it?
<drakonis>it shouldnt
<Guest23>Maybe its an unrelated graphics problem, that happens to stop there
<drakonis>which gpu?
<Guest23>Am rx 580
<drakonis>alternatively, if you already have text on screen, there shouldnt be any issues?
<Guest23>Yeah, i'vs installed gentoo before and I didnt include my graphics driver and it displayed some text then stopped.
<drakonis>its a little odd though
<Guest23>It is
<drakonis>try booting with nomodeset
<Guest23>In the grub text editor when I press e, it says 'quiet modprobe.blacklist=radeon' is that might what be causing the problem?
<drakonis>one sec
<drakonis>the rx580 is covered under amdgpu
<drakonis>try nomodeset though
<Guest23>Same thing
<Guest23>Before that it says 'parport_pc: Unable to set coherent dma mask: disabling DMA'
<drakonis>i don't think these are any of the causes though
<drakonis>try removing quiet
<drakonis>that will show more text during boot
<Guest23>Oh, it worked! I had to add nomodeset, before when i tried it, i didnt save. Thanks for the help!
<drakonis>hmm, sounds like its the gpu
<drakonis>needs uhh
<drakonis>the upstream kernel
<apteryx>is there no way to get the documentation of an action in Shepherd? The 'shepherd-action' records have a 'documentation' field.
<apteryx>I only know how to list the actions, e.g. 'herd doc guix-daemon list-actions', not how to get their doc
<apteryx>seems documentation support for actions in Shepherd is a TODO as of today (the Guix-specific shepherd-action record captures it, but Shepherd has no concept of an action's documentation)
<leoprikler>Interestingly "herd doc root help" appears borked already
<leoprikler>the_tubular: You could specify the UID yourself, then Guix will not concern itself with the existing passwd entry.
<the_tubular>What leoprikler?
<leoprikler>In your config.scm, add the UID of your old user (e.g. 1000) to the user specification.
<the_tubular>I get that, I just wanted to rename my other user
<the_tubular>My plan was to usermod to the new name and change his name in my config.scm
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<leoprikler>usermod won't work in Guix IIRC
<bricewge>Hello Guix!
<the_tubular>Really leoprikler ^
<bricewge>the_tubular: « [...] account or group creations or modifications made by directly invoking commands such as useradd are lost upon reconfiguration or reboot. » - Guix manual 10.5
<jlicht>Is anybody still hacking on getting (parts of) Android {S,N}DK packaged in guix?
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<NicholasvonKlitz>Are the any tools to generate guix package definitions automatically? For example for rust crates?
<leoprikler>NicholasvonKlitz: `guix import'
<NicholasvonKlitz>Thanks :)
<NicholasvonKlitz>Should've looked into that before packaging 30 crates haha
<podiki[m]>raise your hand if you'll be happy I can stop going on about mesa being out of date
<podiki[m]>raises hand
<cehteh>what was it i have to look for in the manual to make my own machine act as local substitute server?
<maximed>guix-configuration, authorized-keys, substitute-urls or discover?
<cehteh>i want a server thats https right or are substitutes distributable over ssh too?
<maximed>and guix-publish-service-type, advertise?
<maximed>I don't know how you would set up https
<cehteh>guix-publish was the word
<maximed>the s in https is not needed for security anyway (except for preventing eavesdropping)
<maximed>(substitutes are signed)
<cehteh>yeah maybe plan htps is enouh, its only local here and eventually may behind a wireguard
<cehteh>i know that and had that set up few years ago, i just couldnt remember what to look for (guix-server? substitutions-server- .. ? .. )
<cehteh>needed the guix-publish word :D
<cehteh>another thing ... additionally to install medium and qemu image it would be nice if there would be a tarball that could be used as image for usermode linux or lxc containers, but thats just a brainfart
<cehteh>basically guix without kernel
<bricewge>cehteh: Have you looked into "guix system container" or do you mean something else?
<cehteh>bricewge: something else, runnin debian for example and want to download a guix container as image from the website i can start with lxc or uml, the idea here is that guix may provide such an image, guix container may be able to generate that
<cehteh>hum ... bug?
<bricewge>I see, indeed this could be useful.
<cehteh>would prolly be just a few lines in the release scripts if there are any
<bricewge>cehteh: When did you last "guix pull"?
<cehteh>a minute ago .. befor and after this bug appeared
<bricewge>Can you share your operating-system?
<cehteh>i just addded the guix-publish service
<cehteh>i also experiencing some lockups (its in a KVM), keeping an eye on that, maybe because of the zram swap
<bricewge>"(cache #t)" should be a directory
<cehteh>cache (default: #f) .. yeah i was too gast, thought it caches when i change that to #t :)
<bricewge>Usually when a field only take boolean it with "?" such as "(advertise? #t)
<bricewge>s/it/it ends/
<cehteh>yes i wondered why there is no ? .. now i know
<cehteh>eh yes, the vm running guix crashes after some time
<cehteh>ah not crashing ... Jul 31 17:03:12 localhost NetworkManager[475]: <info> [1627743792.4830] manager: sleep: sleep requested (sleeping: no enabled: yes)
<cehteh>where is that configured?
<rekado>looks like Pierre’s commit to upgrade sbcl broke thousands of packages:
<rekado>should we revert this?
<dstolfa>oh... that explains a lot
<dstolfa>i was wondering why some of my things broke
<dstolfa>i should look at CI more often
<rekado>I would prefer if looking at CI wasn’t necessary.
<rekado>something like that should probably have been pushed to its own branch.
<rekado>I really don’t like for commits like this to go to the master branch when clearly the dependent packages haven’t been built.
*the_tubular Won't guix pull today
<rekado>it’s possible that this is a CI problem; I looked at some logs and saw that some list connection problems.
<rekado>mothacehe: ^^
<podiki[m]>there were a few incompatible changes in sbcl:
<mothacehe>yeah the CI connection problems are caused by: The guix-publish server doesn't keep up with all the worker connections and some request are timeouting.
<mothacehe>I need to find some time to fix this.
<cehteh>makes me wonder why the CI isnt staged to begin with, everyone pushing to some branches which are not published before CI gives green light .. and then maybe (or maybe not) automerged to master
<leoprikler>If you always wait on CI, some things will never be pushed to master
<cehteh>why not?
<rekado>cehteh: there is work towards automatic staging
<leoprikler>We're a source-based distro with substitutes, not a binary distro.
<rekado>it’s easy to understand why things are the way they are when you consider how it started
<rekado>the build farm was never meant to be a CI system.
<rekado>it was just another *user* that shared binaries.
<the_tubular>Sorry, what does CI stands for exactly ?
<podiki[m]>a move to more branches/merges to main branch would be nice
<rekado>“continuous integration”
<rekado>it’s not quite the right term for what our build farm does
<mothacehe>now that CI is starting to keep up building stuff, we could consider adding real CI features though
<cehteh>anyway ... i have 2 problem .. first my VM goes to sleep and i cant wake it up, what causes this, all i see in the log is:
<mothacehe>such as what cehteh is proposing
<rekado>for a long time this was not even thinkable
<mothacehe>the substitute timeout issue is the last major annoyance, I'm almost not doing any Cuirass maintenance anymore
<mothacehe>a work around could be to disable this timeout on the CI until we understand why the publish server doesn't keep up with requests
<cehteh>second: (i am still noob in scheme) doesnt become effective
<cehteh>you may even provide different channels some bleeding edge for developers where the devs push too pre-CI and some stable channel for users who prefer not so bleeding stuff which is gone past the CI (or some other system)
<cehteh>voluntary CI in a pre-commit hook or some formalism "works-for-me:" in the commit which make it past the CI may be already better than the current state where one can 'accidentally' break a lot stuff
<podiki[m]>right, some different branches with levels of how close it is to being merged to main, would be easier to patch and test than huge core-updates
<podiki[m]>(we just got a haskell branch to deal with all those packges, which is also in the CI; nothing like compiling GHC on your own all the time)
<cehteh>i mean errors happen, i have no bad feeling about that, but removing the footguns would be helpful
<lfam>Updates of SBCL have been discussed previously ^
<cehteh>.o(i dont even know what that is)
<cehteh>any ideas about my problem with the sleep and swappiness?
<SaiKarthik[m]>Any idea on support for LVM in guix SD installer ?
<bricewge>cehteh: `(simple-service 'swapiness-sysctl sysctl-service-type '(("proc.vm.swappiness" . "100")))` (not tested)
<cehteh>lemme try
<bricewge>You don't need to use modify-service, just extend the `sysctl-service-type` via simple-service
<cehteh>i just gone by the docs there is a sysctl service type with that parameter
<lispmacs[work]>with the openssh server service, do users have to be members of a particular group to login remotely, like dialout? I couldn't see, in the service configuration, and obvious way to restrict login to a particular user or set of users
<cehteh>why does system-reconfigure to a lot compilations when i didnt do a guix pull? just changed the the simple-service thing above
<bricewge>You only need to run "guix pull" when you want to get to the latest guix version
<bricewge>Probably some package haven't been build by the CI yet
<cehteh>i just installed the system earlier and it was all up to date
<cehteh>not that i care yet, but i thought a 1line change in the config.scm would be fast :D
<cehteh>anyway this 'system going to sleep' is still problem, have to hard reset and no idea where that is configured
<Noisytoot>it depends on what the 1-line change is
<bricewge>lispmacs[work]: You don't need to be a member of dialout. For restring access, `openssh-configuration` doesn't expose such options so use the `extra-config` with standard sshd_config(5) configuration such as `AllowGroups` or `AllowUsers`.
<lispmacs[work]>hmm, okay
<cehteh>elogind by documentation is configured to 'ignore the suspend after idle
<cehteh>bricewge: nope that didnt work, swappiness is still 60
<lispmacs[work]>sweet sassafras! somebody added Marble!
<cehteh>ah .. my fault :D
<cehteh>.. and never run desktop services on a server :/
<cehteh>gdm (or elogind) suspends the system when no one is logged inm contary to the documentation, is that a bug that shall be reported or just me missing some point?
<leoprikler>that's a gdm misconfiguration thing
<leoprikler>you can disable that by manually logging in to the gdm user once, launching a dbus session and changing a bunch of gsettings IIRC
<cehteh>great ..ditching all desktop stuff was easier for me :D
<cehteh>thats supposed to be a server vm, when installing i was just curious how exwm looked
<cehteh>just wondering if a) its worthy to report that and b) there should be some way to configure that ...
<cehteh>i am isntalling guix on a laptop here, where thats ok
<cehteh>but vm shutting down with no way to wake it up is somewhat of a misfeature
<leoprikler>IIRC it just goes to sleep mode, so you should be able to wake it up
<cehteh>kvm/spice viewer
<cehteh>nothing i tried wake it up
<leoprikler>dunno, can you send some ACPI stuff?
<cehteh>dunno how
<leoprikler>This feature is meant for real hardware, so I wouldn't be surprised if VMs typically skip it
<cehteh>anyway the wakeup wasnt the problem, going to sleep is a problem for a server :D
<leoprikler>well, obviously, but unix servers typically run no desktop stack
<cehteh>yes i see that, but then there should be some glue like "if in a vm then dont sleep" .. or "by default dont sleep (thats in the docs?), unless the user configures it"
<leoprikler>or if they do, they're configured appropriately (remote desktops spring to mind)
<leoprikler>It's GNOME, GNOME typically sets "reasonable for the average user" as a default.
<cehteh>yes you can put the blame on me that i curiously installed some destop stack on a server, still some kind of hard lockup is imo unacceptable
<cehteh>lxde i3 and exwm where installed, gome stuff came only over gdm and other dependencies
<leoprikler>that's why you don't experiment in production environments…
<cehteh>its not production, its just experimenting here
<cehteh>still gnome defaults often enough shoot me into the foot
<cehteh>too late now
<xeaal>Hello everyone! Can somebody please help me out? I'm having a problem with reconfiguring the system, it outputs an error and I don't know how to fix the problem
<xeaal>here's the error:
<cehteh>how do i start the sshd in debug mode in guix without reconfiguring the system?
<apteryx>cehteh: you could start it manually
<apteryx>pgrep sshd; steal the command line, adapted to your debugging
<cehteh>ah .. i was wondering how to pick up the config stuff
<apteryx>more like 'ps -eFww | grep sshd' actually
<cehteh>ok thnaks
<apteryx>cehteh: but really, reconfiguring the system should be cheap unless you guix pull'd in between
<Noisytoot>Which package provides a file similar to /usr/share/dict/words (in a different location of course)?
<rovanion>I need ldd from llvm 12 to build Zig but can't seem to, err, find the error. Here is the definition for ldd-12: and here is the build log:
<rovanion>But I'm getting too tired and should just go off to bed.
<cehteh>rovanion: not that warnings are nice, but it only errors out because of -Werror right?
<rovanion>Wait, I found the error, just didn't go back up far enough:
<cehteh>that makes more sense, is that some autogenerated file?
<rovanion>I think it is hand written. Also found this message in the user group, will try to upgrade to 12.0.1:
<lfam>Is it possible to sign a Git commit using gpg with an expired key?
<lfam>Or should I just change the date on my computer temporarily?
<lfam>faketime works well
<leoprikler>rovanion: how does your lld even get past configure tho?
<leoprikler>Either way we have an lld patch in the ML
<clemens3>hi, newbie, did some --no-substitutes with trying to install autoconf and finally, after many moons, got a expected hash unequal actual hash for pdftex-poppler 0.76..
<clemens3>is that very very bad (like I got hacked), or just business as usual..
<clemens3>sorry for simple question, just install da baby recently..
<bricewge>Does someone has a working inferior package? I can't manage to build an inferior-package sucessfully
<Noisytoot>lfam, if it's an expired key, will verification work?
<lfam>Yes Noisytoot
<leoprikler>clemens3: stuff like that can happen, you should try `guix challenge` and perhapsreport a reproducibility error
<lfam>The key expiration is not relevant for code signing
<lfam>If key expiration was taken into account, Guix would break when the keys of people who left the project eventually expire
<lfam>Some have argued that key expiration isn't relevant in any context, but that's a lesson learned with decades of hindsight since PGP was designed
<Noisytoot>Couldn't it verify that the key didn't expire before the date of the commit?
<leoprikler>so letting my key expire never was the right choice all along? Nice
<dstolfa>leoprikler: until you lose it, which happened to me due to disk failure. now there's a public key in the void that literally nobody has (not that it matters that much)
<lfam>Noisytoot: Key expiration dates can be changed (I need to change my key's expiration date but need to wait a couple weeks until I'm able to). So, it's not clear what the benefit of that would be
<leoprikler>Even in that case, automatic expiry does little to address it.
<lfam>People used to say that the risk of not setting an expiration date was that your key could be stolen and then used to impersonate you. Those decades of hindsight make it seem rather far-fetched in my opinion
<leoprikler>Let's say you create a key for the duration of one year and on day 2 of the year your disk is hosed.
<dstolfa>PGP was designed in a... different world than today :)
<leoprikler>Now that key is up in the ether for the rest of the year
<dstolfa>leoprikler: well, at least it would expire in a year. mine's been out there for close to a decade now
<dstolfa>and it's showing no signs of stopping!
<lfam>Exactly dstolfa. A world with almost no experience about designing, using, and attacking cryptography
<podiki[m]>isn't that why you have revocation?
<dstolfa>lfam: especially the "using" part
<leoprikler>yep, revocation is a much better tool in addressing any of the above
<lfam>There is some effort to bring other signing tools into Git: <>
<lfam>I mean: <>