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<leoprikler>so in case you're unsure do verify that they exist
<anadon>leoprikler: "<user> adm dialout cdrom floppy sudo dip video plugdev lxd netdev
<iskarian>(I wonder if the guix daemon isn't running because systemd doesn't work correctly by default on WSL2?)
<anadon>leoprikler: Nothing myself. Just the installer script.
<leoprikler>okay, that sounds pretty standard ubuntu
<anadon>iskarian: I did have to manually enable and start the guix daemon via sysv stuff. For some reason, WSL@ Ubuntu uses a different kinit system.
<iskarian>Ah, in that case, anadon, does your script start guix-daemon with `--build-users-group=guixbuild` or whatever the build group is?
<anadon>I don't know. Again, just using the default service installed via the installer script.
<iskarian>oh! I was just able to repro
<anadon>Let me go look at the file.
<iskarian>oh, ok, if it's the standard script, it should be fine
<anadon>iskarian: I can confirm that it is run with that argument.
<iskarian>leoprikler, do you know of any way I can enable more verbosity for the daemon?
<iskarian>(I am able to `guix build hello` but `guix install hello` fails with "guix install: error: cannot kill processes for uid `998': failed with exit code 1")
<iskarian>Okay, it seems like building anything fails, at the step of "killing all processes running under uid '998'"
<iskarian>(previously, `guix build hello` succeeded because it just grabbed a substitute)
<iskarian>anadon, can you confirm it is WSL2 (which uses hyper-v) and not WSL1?
<anadon>It is using WSL2
<iskarian>Hmmm, interesting, my system is using WSL1, so it seems to occur with both....
<iskarian>I suspect there is an issue with the kill system call not interpreting the pid "-1" correctly, but I wouldn't expect it to still be an issue with WSL2
<iskarian>furthermore, there is evidence of Guix working on WSL2:
<anadon>I saw those. They required more work than I can justify the time for on my work machine.
<anadon>If that is a solid bet for the actual bug, I think MS runs a github page for WSL2 where you can file a bug?
<iskarian>I would feel confident if it were just WSL, as I know that WSL translates system calls to NT calls. I *thought* WSL2 virtualized the whole kernel, and if so, there shouldn't be any system call issues
<iskarian>Unfortunately I can't test WSL2 as I use vbox which doesn't play nice with HyperV
<iskarian>This is definitely worth a bug report
<iskarian>(for Guix, at least)
<iskarian>excellent, thanks
<brettgilio>I think the help for guix time-machine is wrong. It says "... in an older version of guix" but it could be a newer version too.
<brettgilio>Maybe it should read "in a different version of guix"
<persimmon>hello. I'm running guixsd, but hadn't updated it in a few months. Now when I try running 'guix pull', I get a message that I "found a bug". I think when it's trying to recompile guile
<persimmon>I've tried a few times over a couple days, hoping it was a transient error with the channel, rather than something on my end
<persimmon>so besides submitting a bug report, for something which I assume is because my existing guix is too old, I don't know how to proceed
<persimmon> for the details
<iskarian>persimmon, I think it's actually unable to build the daemon for some reason...
<iskarian>There was another recent bug report that looks the same
<persimmon>is there any way to step through channel versions? like pull/build a version from a few months ago, then a month ago, and then now? because presumably if i had kept up with the channel every day, i wouldn't have triggered the bug?
<iskarian>Yes, you can use the --commit= option
<iskarian>(you should be able to use --commit=v1.1.0 and so on)
<iskarian>This is with guix pull
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<iskarian>It looks like you're not that far behind though, just February?
<persimmon>yeah just february
<persimmon>thanks for pointing out that option. somehow i hadn't seen it (maybe because there isn't a short option, so i figured it wasn't important?)
<persimmon>How did you know I was at February? "host version" ?
<iskarian>The commit in your paste
<persimmon>oh i see, the 9edb3f6 stays fixed, even though X new commits changes each time. that gets updated when guix successfully rebuilds itself?
<persimmon>another nonstandard thing about my setup is (use-substitutes? #f)
<marusich>Why does my bash history change when I run "guix environment foo"?
<marusich>e.g. if I run a command like "echo hello" and then enter a guix environment via "guix environment foo" (any package), and then I press the up arrow in my terminal, the last command is not "echo hello"
<persimmon>i'm not a guix master, but it looks like that spawns a new shell, and a new shell has a new history. if you exit from that shell (ctrl-D or exit), then you should see your previous history
<persimmon>hah. i ran 'guix pull' one more time before i went down the --commit route and it looks like it's working. apparently the solution was to join irc?
<persimmon>btw it doesn't look like --commit=v1.1.0 would work, it must want a hex id only?
<marusich>Yeah, I do see the previous history when I exit, but I just wish there were a way to "share" the history somehow.
<marusich>Often I run a command, then need to run "guix environment", and then I'm annoyed that I can't just "go back" to the previous command via up arrow or control+P
<persimmon>depending on your shell, you could make an alias that saved out your current history for guix environment
<persimmon>here's a discussion for bash that should give you some idea of what is possible
<persimmon>(i personally don't rely on history that much and would just copy/paste the old command with the mouse, but i get that's annoying)
<marusich>OK, there we go. All I need is "history -a".
<marusich>Glad I asked. Thank you!
<iskarian>ah, sorry to mislead you persimmion, I just assumed it would accept tags since it works elsewhere --commit is taken! Glad it worked out though :)
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<dongcarl>without logs it's hard to say, but it seems possible that most of the failed guix-derivation builds is some variant of
<persimmon>that feels similar to me. the check phase for guile
<persimmon>my problem did clear up though, so i'm good to go. i do have one kept build directory. think i should upload that to that bug report?
<bdju>anyone have experience using game controllers on guix system? I have a nintedo switch pro controller which shows up in lsusb and dmesg, and it's selectable in the device dropdown in dolphin-emu, but none of the buttons are actually working when trying to map them
<bdju>oh, and I'm on sway
<bdju>sounds like dolphin has supported wayland since 2013 so that's probably not an issue
<iyzsong>bdju: maybe permission issue? /dev/input is owned by 'root:input', you should be in the 'input' group.
<sneek>iyzsong, you have 1 message!
<sneek>iyzsong, raghavgururajan says: Before you moved to wayland, do you still have the configuration files for starting X display server with startx/xinit and your xorg-server-service-type? I am desparately want to set that up. :)
<bdju>iyzsong: ah, that could be it! looks like I'm not in the input group. thanks for the tip
<iyzsong>raghavgururajan: just add 'xorg-server-service-type' to your system definidion (and remove display managers), then install 'sx' as normal user. instead of '~/.session', I have a '~/.config/sx/sxrc' shell script end with 'exec dbus-run-session ratpoison'.
<iyzsong>bdju: yeah, that all i can guess, didn't the program output any error message (maybe in console)?
<bdju>didn't see any error directly in the program, haven't tried launching from a term yet. I'll do that
<bdju>nothing being printed at all, strangely
<iyzsong>maybe try other programs, eg: retroarch?
<bdju>I just noticed that when I press a button on the controller, the lights indicating player 1-4 flash a lot as if I'm just turning it on, but even when not lit up it shows up in lsusb. I don't recall if I've ever used this wired with a computer before, so not sure what behavior is normal
<bdju>running updates at the moment so can't install retroarch, but I launched supertuxkart and that sees the controller but can't detect keypresses when trying to configure it. haven't done a reconfigure and session restart since adding myself to the input group, though.
<bdju>thinking I'll run updates and reboot to rule out an old session / long uptime as one problem. updates probably won't be done for a while, so I'll revisit this later. thanks for the ideas
<iyzsong>bdju: yes, after add group, you need re-login, or run 'sg input'
<iyzsong>no problem :-)
<leoprikler>I just found (define ignorance blis) in our source code and chuckled
<itd_>Hi. Why pass "(name ...)" to "license" instead of just "..."? [1] Looking at definition/examples [2] (and [3], I guess?), I would have expected the latter. Thanks! [1] guix/import/print.scm:62 [2] guix/licenses.scm:111 [3]
<mekeor[m]>itd_, where do you pass a (name ...) to a license? can you give an example?
<itd_>mekeor[m]: an example would be:
<mekeor[m]>itd_, i guess thats a short coming of guix-import. you can use (license foo) when foo is imported from (guix licenses). i think you can list the licenses with "guix licenses"
<mekeor[m]>itd_, actually "a-license" is probably no real license but an example
<mekeor[m]>itd_, in a real package definition you most likely can use one of the predefined licenses. here you can see them in the guix-code:
<mekeor[m]>itd_, guix requires you to specify name, uri and a comment for new licenses because it wants guix-users to be able to know about the terms of conditions of the software they use...
<holzkristall>Hey folks. I am trying to create a GUIX on lvm, but when init'ing, it complains about an invalid field specifier. How can I "import" lvm-device-mapping?
<holzkristall>Currently I only have (use-modules (gnu))
<holzkristall>(It is mentioned in
<mekeor[m]>holzkristall , i guess (gnu system mapped-devices)
<mekeor[m]>thats were its exported:
<holzkristall>Thanks the pointer! Sadly it still says invalid field specifier
<holzkristall>Do you maybe know of an example configuration with a mapped device?
<holzkristall>Nevermind, I did not realize that it has the be in a list in mapped-devices. I just out it in operating-system ^^'
<holzkristall>Thanks mekeor
<MysteriousSilver>How do I use tor in command line?
<MysteriousSilver>like youtube-dl or wget fetches the file via tor
<holzkristall>MysteriousSilver: torsocks <cmd>
<MysteriousSilver>so does `torsocks $(echo $SHELL)` run every command with tor?
<MysteriousSilver>that isn't how torsocks works
<holzkristall>MysteriousSilver: yes, consider reading the README at
<holzkristall>(%s/yes, //, I have no idea if that would work, but it still is a good idea to read it :D)
<itd_>mekeor[m]: Thanks for the explanations. Indeed, "a-license" is a dummy entry to reach the "(license ...)" case.
<holzkristall>Hey, can somebody please take a look at my conf? ( I get a very long error when init'ing
<holzkristall>The error:
<ruffni>the 'transmission' package has a gui output, but after installing it i only see transmission-create -daemon -edit -remote and -show binaries in my path. do i need to install other packages? is the binary called differently?
<lispmacs>ruffni: I have it installed, and then is a transmission-gtk program to call
<lispmacs>are you quite certain you installed the gui output instead of the default output?
<lispmacs>guix install transmission:gtk
<ruffni>lispmacs: no! i just did a `guix install transmission`
<ruffni>uhh.. thanks!
<lispmacs>if you call "guix install transmission" that translates to "guix install transmission:out"
<ruffni>but it's called transmission:gui now ;)
<lispmacs>yes, correct, sorry for the typo
<ruffni>no problem at all! thank you for your quick help!
<lispmacs>you are welcome
<ruffni>holzkristall: this string "Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct)" indicates that you have some wrong syntax in your config
<ruffni>is anyone here using urxvt+i3? (how) are you handling font-size changes?
<ruffni>or do you just stick with the one font-size?
<holzkristall>ruffni: thanks, I messed up at the bottom..
<ruffni>you're very welcome!
<Soheil[m]>Friends, I have this problem when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network:
<Soheil[m]>Activation of network connection failed.
<dstolfa>Soheil[m]: you might have to provide a little more information than that, what kind of network is it, how are you trying to connect to it, etc
<Soheil[m]>dstolfa: I first tried to connect with GNOME Network Manager. After several failed connections, I tried to connect with terminal; I now have this error:
<dstolfa>Soheil[m]: which device is this?
<Soheil[m]>dstolfa: This is RTL8192EU (Nonguix channel)
<Soheil[m]>(On Linux)
<dstolfa>Soheil[m]: it might be best to ask in that channel then, as this requires non-free firmware
<apteryx_>Soheil[m]: I'm afraid you'll have to seek support in such channel, as supporting non-free software is outside the scope of the Guix project
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<Soheil[m]>dstolfa: Yes, the firmware is installed correctly. But in non-guix no one has an answer; And since I had this problem (, I asked the question here…
<Soheil[m]>apteryx_: I never intend to advertise non-guix.
<Soheil[m]>Where is Network Interface located in GuixSystem? How can I edit it?
<mekeor[m]>Soheil: what is a network interface? where would it be located at on other distros?
<Soheil[m]><mekeor[m] "Soheil: what is a network interf">
<Soheil[m]><mekeor[m] "Soheil: what is a network interf"> /etc/network/interfaces
<mekeor[m]>Soheil, maybe check out 10.8.4 in the guix manual. example: (service dhcpd-service-type (dhcpd-configuration (config-file (local-file "my-dhcpd.conf")) (interfaces '("enp0s25")))) ;; isn't this what you're looking for? :)
<mekeor[m]>there's also a static-networking-service-type
<mekeor[m]>but in general, i can really recommend the network-manager (also together with its cli, called nmcli)
<dstolfa>NetworkManager has served me well on every distribution out there, including Guix System
<mekeor[m]>/me loves nmcli
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<ecraven>hello ;) is there a way to have guixsd restrict which parts of my home directory a given program sees? can I tell it to have blender and inkscape and gimp all not see the full home directory, but only some parts I allow them to see?
<ruffni>ecraven: i don't think so. but QubesOS does something like that.
<ecraven>I know I can use firejail for this, I was just wondering whether there was anything "native" to guixsd
<mekeor[m]>never heard of firejail before. sounds very cool! :)
<mekeor[m]>i guess a good starting point would be to package firejail for guix. but i can't think of any native way how guix would achieve this. does nix have a feature like this, ecraven?
<mekeor[m]>well, there seem to be some plans based on nix:
<ArneBab>ruffni: did you try running them as container with guix environment?
<ruffni>ArneBab: no i didn't, since it wasn't my question ;)
<ruffni>but iirc guix environment does not hinder access to any directory, no?
<ArneBab>ecraven: guix environment has a --share= option
<ArneBab>check info guix environment → search for container
<mekeor[m]>true, i think that's what ecraven was looking for
<mekeor[m]>there's also an exemplary invocation of a browser
<ecraven>so instead of starting inkscape directly, I'd invoke it via guix environment --share... ?
<drakonis>there are other, a bit more elaborate, ways to achieve that as well
<ArneBab>yes — I have some such calls in ~/.local/bin/
<drakonis>ie: writing a function for containerizing specific applications
<ArneBab>After the first run, guix environment is as good as instant
<mekeor[m]>ecraven, you want `guix environment --container -- inkscape` and a bunch more cli-options
<ecraven>I start almost everything via Emacs anyway, so I'd just define functions for that. thanks a lot, this looks very interesting!
<ArneBab>sounds good!
<DivanSantana>how does one configure guix to open say video files, like mkv's to open with mpv?
<DivanSantana>My desktop is exwm. i have a .mailcap with video/*; mpv %s but that doesn't work.
<DivanSantana>also tried video/x-matroska; mpv %s, but mkv's still opening with handbrake.
<DivanSantana>perhaps this is more an emacs question.
<DivanSantana>seems xdg-mime default mpv.desktop video/x-matroska works. guess the .mailcap file is not used, or of lessor priority.
<DivanSantana>setting video/x-matroskaH264=mpv.desktop in mimeapps.list seems to do the trick.
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<sarg>hi guix maintainers. I've aligned goldendict package with the packaging guidelines. Could it be merged?
<ruffni>i have a fresh Guix installation. when i `guix pull` (as normal user) i get: ``guix pull: error: symlink: File exists: "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/ruffni/current-guix"``
<ruffni>`file` reports current-guix to be a broken link
<ruffni>i have not before called guix with that user. what am i missing?
<ruffni>current-guix points to current-guix-0-link
<jab>hey guix people!
<atka>jab: hello!
<jab>atka what are you doing this fine day?
<atka>jab: digging through the guix source and trying to come up with a nice configuration on my laptop! you?
<jab>I just installed openBSD. I'm intrigued by hyperbolaBSD, which aims to be an FSF endorsed OS. and I want to set up libreCMC, and wireguard.
<atka>awesome! I haven't used openbsd for a few years but started using wireguard a few months ago and I'm very happy with it
<atka>jab: hyperbolabsd looks pretty interesting, I wouldn't mind having a bsd box again
<jab>atka: I'm all for getting guix system running on the Hurd, which would be awesome!
<atka>do you have a guix system now?
<jab>but I do find myself in complete awe of what the openBSD guys have pulled off. W^X, relinking the kernel at reboot time, opensmtpd, httpd, pf, etc.
<jab>atka: I'm using guix system now.
<jab>I'm a free software/GNU fanboy for life!
<KittyOwO[m]>I very much hope that something like hurd becomes more of a thing, lots of cool ideas with it that would have a lot of good synergy with guix system. I need to mess with hurd in a vm some time, iirc somebody was messing with guix system to generate hurd vms and do stuff with them
<atka>yeah, free and open software is the best, I just really wish more modern hardware could be blobless
<atka>I need modern wifi hardware for my job, setting up networks and such, wireless n doesn't cut it for my clients
<atka>the only librebootable system I own is from 2007 :(
<KittyOwO[m]>I wish that there was a standard pushing companies to use reasonable standards for things like that, there is wifi thats like that but its not on every random computer lol
<ruffni>is it safe to manually change the link in /var/guix/profiles/per-user/ruffni/current-guix ?
<minikN>Hello. I'm trying to update wlroots from 0.12 to 0.14.1. I inherited the package and changed the version accordingly. This initiated a chain reaction in which I also replaced meson 0.55 with 0.56 and wayland-server 0.18 with 0.19. But now guix complains that I have conflicting entries for wayland-server (0.18 and 0.19). I think gtk+ and
<minikN>network-manager-applet rely on 0.18... Is there an easier way to update wlroots?
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<mekeor[m]>sneek : later tell minikN i would have guessed that you can install two versions of a software at the same time with guix. so, i wonder how exactly guix complains when you try to upgrade wlroots. do you have an error message?
<sneek>Will do.
<lhp22>Hello there ! Usually I use timedatectl to set up timezone. But how to do in the distro guix ? >.>
<lhp22>(just the name of the command is enough)