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<civodul>nckx: weird, worth reporting
<nckx>Am I cursed? I'm cursed, aren't I.
<nckx>I'll do so if it's reproducible.
<viivien>I don’t understand why my SSL_CERT_DIR variable is set to /run/current-system/profile/etc/ssl/certs:/run/current-system/profile/etc/ssl/certs (thus, breaking guile’s web client). The "fix" is to define export GUILE_TLS_CERTIFICATE_DIRECTORY="/run/current-system/profile/etc/ssl/certs" in my profile, because it has precedence, but I think that’s wrong.
<viivien>Do you have only one entry in SSL_CERT_DIR on your own machine?
<viivien>Or do you have a duplicated one, like me?
<viivien>Do you have nss-certs installed globally (in config.scm)? In your profile?
<nckx>Only in my operating-system packages.
<viivien>Same :(
<viivien>The variable is untouched by .guix-profile/etc/profile
<nckx>Yes, I was just testing whether sourcing those made it happen (it didn't).
<viivien>It is set by /run/current-system/profile/etc/profile
<ixmpp>Guys what package gives me `man strncmp` etc?
<nckx>Probably man-pages.
<nckx>viivien: To the incorrect version?
<nckx>It adds no colon here and doesn't append to an existing value.
<ixmpp>nckx: <3
<viivien>No, it is set to export SSL_CERT_DIR="${GUIX_PROFILE:-/gnu/store/v7yks560hnm9zkjw1ynsavfdgwbvkq9w-profile}/etc/ssl/certs${SSL_CERT_DIR:+:}$SSL_CERT_DIR"
<viivien>So there’s another leak somewhere else
<nckx>But here it's export SSL_CERT_DIR="${GUIX_PROFILE:-/gnu/store/1az7h58qbj3zi3j6bncr64y0axrvv2sj-profile}/etc/ssl/certs"
<nckx>No appendage.
<nckx>Recently fixed bug or weird conditional at generation time?
<raghavgururajan>> nckx‎: raghavgururajan: Ah, OK, so it was a ‘real’ error.
<raghavgururajan>I started getting it after a recent git pull. Before that there wasn't such error. May be some qt-based changes made in master, after I sent the v7 patch-set.
<dstolfa>nckx: so uh, did my email go to the list or did it just go to the recipients? i could have sworn i replied to guix-devel too
<dstolfa>according to it's missing. trying to diagnose if that's on my part or the mailing list
<viivien>nckx, OK I finally found it.
<viivien>When I remove the cuirass service, the profile line is correct
<ixmpp>Naughty cuirass
<nckx>dstolfa: Done.
<viivien>So, my guess is that cuirass, even if I don’t install it, pollutes my global environment!
<dstolfa>nckx: thanks!
<nckx>raghavgururajan: Yes, qt-utils caused a bit of fallout.
<dstolfa>on that note, has anyone figured out exactly why?
<dstolfa>i dug a bit but i realized i would need to understand qt-utils to find it
<dstolfa>which... i don't :)
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Let me know if v9 looks good to you. I'll push it. :)
<robin__>Howd, #Guix. I managed to break my IceCat with Guix refresh a while back, and now fonts won't load lol.
<dstolfa>robin__: is this on guix system or a foreign distro?
<nckx>viivien: Yep. (service-extension profile-service-type …). At least here it's for a better reason than ‘you'll love this service so much you must want it in your profile’. Not sure how to fix it, and spinning too many plates already.
<nckx>s/it/it's commands/
<robin__>This is a foreign distro
<nckx>Here, it's for the info page so OK maybe I guess.
<dstolfa>robin__: hm, i recall having issues with that on trisquel, i think i just installed the recommended fonts and it just worked again. it's been a while so i don't remember :(
<southerntofu>hey folks is there a tool (or is someone working on one) to guix import dependencies from Cargo.toml instead of
<southerntofu>this is useful for software that's not (or not yet) published on, or is outdated there
<southerntofu>maybe cc jsoo (hi)
<leoprikler>thing is, Cargo.toml is not really a good source
<leoprikler>there's way too much going on in there
<leoprikler>other than that I think you'd have to start from square zero by writing a toml parser in Guile
<leoprikler>though with the ongoing work for python's new build system, you can probably soon take one for granted
<robin__>I notice refresh keeps failing due to rate-limiting by github
<dstolfa>robin__: that's certainly a possibility
<dstolfa>not sure what can be done about it, though :/
<robin__>GTK warns me the locale is "not supported by C library." When booting IceCat
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<robin__>Is it possible to make Guix finish if it fails to connect to Github? It also prevented linting.
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<nckx>dstolfa: You can set a token if you have an account. There's no way around the rate limit without one.
<nckx>Oh, robin__.
<Noisytoot>nckx, You can connect from another IP
<Noisytoot>use Tor
<nckx>*reasonable way. ☺
<nckx>GitHub doesn't block Tor?
<nckx>I'm low-key surprised.
*nckx will never grump about #mesonbuild again because their community is ridiculously helpful. Still: use autotools. But *if* you misplaced your floppy, maybe Meson's not so bad.
<The_tubular>Any reported Issue with the .iso on guix website ?a
<The_tubular>I got pass grub screen then it tells me : "waiting for partition 31390 .... "
<Noisytoot>nckx, I've cloned GitHub repositories via Tor
<nckx>Cool! Still, running a tor service just to be able to lint is a few bridges too far for me.
<nckx>The_tubular: Noo, and someone reported success with the ‘latest’ ISO only yesterday. Which one?
<The_tubular>What do you mean which one ?
<The_tubular>I just grabbed the ISO from the website 10 minutes ago
<nckx>Latest or 1.3.0?
<The_tubular>1.3.0 which is latest ...?
<nckx>Latest is
<nckx>Second in the top dropdown Download menu.
<nckx>1.3.0 is the stable release.
<The_tubular>I used that one :
<The_tubular>Booted in BIOS mode
<nckx>Hm. That one definitely ‘boots’.
<The_tubular>Got into grub
<nckx>Sounds like Linux is not finding your live medium (CD or USB).
<nckx>Bit weird.
<The_tubular>No, I booted into guix
<nckx>I didn't say you didn't.
<nckx>Try the ‘latest’ image then.
<The_tubular>I tried on 2 computers, and got the same problem
<nckx>Both BIOS?
<The_tubular>I mean, it dropped me in a shell, can I ignore that porblem and move on with the installation
<The_tubular>Yeah, both bios
<nckx>Wait wait. Is it stuck "waiting for partition 31390 .... ", or are you at a (bash) shell prompt.
<The_tubular>I though I was stuck at that, then it dropped me to a shell
<The_tubular>A guile shell I think
<nckx>> Sounds like Linux is not finding your live medium (CD or USB).
<nckx>ls /dev and see.
<nckx>Wait, first type ,bournish.
<nckx>Then ls /dev
<nckx>You should see your <device containing the Guix installer> there, whatever it is (e.g., sr0 for a CD, sdb or so for USB, …).
<The_tubular>A lot of output, there's like 30 disk connected to this machine
<nckx>RAID array?
<The_tubular>ZFS raid, yes
<The_tubular>Can I launch the installer from where I am ?
<nckx>Well (not trying to be funny) check if there are 30 or 31 devices, I guess.
<nckx>No, you're in the initrd.
<nckx>And it (probably: the kernel) can't find the device with the root file system by UUID.
<The_tubular>I can't scroll up, got like 90 ttys, filling up my screen too
<nckx>Bah, silly Linus removed terminal scrollback in 5.xx :-/
<The_tubular>I frogot what would my USB devices be named as ?
<The_tubular>sdx ?
<nckx>I don't even know what ‘modern Linux’ names SCSI devices after 26 (sdz?).
<The_tubular>But why is this happening on 2 machines ?
<The_tubular>Is my USB key dying ?
<nckx>I honestly don't know. They must have something in common. If I had a BIOS machine I'd test it.
<The_tubular>rufus only gives me the option for bios
<Noisytoot>The_tubular, use dd
<The_tubular>I only have a Winblows machine alive right now :/
<nckx>Oh. It is *extremely* likely that this is due to Rufus. I don't think it does the equivalent of simply dd'ing the bits.
<nckx>Doesn't Winblows come with a blowy subsystem for dd?
<nckx>Not that I know what ‘sdb’ is on Windows. You wouldn't want to overwrite your Windows drive with Guix. That would be soooo sad.
<nckx>This sounds like the much safer suggestion than either that or Rufus:
*raghavgururajan is making espresso with new beans from Brazil
<dstolfa>can guix offload to foreign distros? i assume it can as long as the daemon is running, right?
<nckx>Enjoy friend.
<nckx>dstolfa: Yes!
<dstolfa>nckx: nice, thanks!
<The_tubular>lol nckx "sooo bad" :P
<dstolfa>another, perhaps more interesting question: if i have a guix-jupyter notebook and i `guix pack` that, or perhaps even make a docker container out of it, will others be able to just run the docker container with the guix kernel in the jupyter playbook?
<dstolfa>if so, i assume that would also work on macos and windows then as docker spawns a linux VM there... which means i could distribute this playbook to colleagues and never worry about a thing
<dstolfa>(once i get guix-jupyter working, of course, it's still timing out)
<dstolfa>too much ansible for me
<nckx>I wish I could answer that.
*nckx knows some of those words.
<ss2>Just reading through the Guix Home docs. That'll be a huge step forward for Guix once it hits upstream.
<dstolfa>nckx: that's fine, i can just try it myself once i manage to get the damn guix kernel running properly in my environment
<dstolfa>i must be cursed
<raghavgururajan>drakonis: Any luck with GTK v4 (#48554)?
<drakonis>ah i was busy today
<raghavgururajan>No worries at all!
<podiki[m]>question: when you submit a patch or bug report, do you not get replies via email by default? do you have to sign up somewhere to the whole list?
<raghavgururajan>nckx: mbakke mentioned to me a while ago that GnuTLS is preferred over openssl, in Guix. Shall I push the following patch to core-updates?
<nckx>What was the advantage to having two TLS libraries as inputs in the first place?
<raghavgururajan>nckx: The apps that depend on glib-net can either choose or
<raghavgururajan>Apps <--> Glib-Net <--> GnuTLS/OpenSSL
<nckx>And nothing currently in Guix chooses glib-net… LGTM then.
<raghavgururajan>No. I added if so there are any future cases.
<nckx>Let's deal with theme if (ever) needed.
<raghavgururajan>jgart: Were you able to run bitmask on NixOS?
<raghavgururajan>s/bitmask/bitmask with polikit/
<The_tubular>I have yet another problem with the installer media :/
<The_tubular>I'm at the part where the installer asks to choose an Ethernet connection
<The_tubular>I've got 4 NICs, so I unplugged 3 so I could just choose the right one and it still says that it does not have an internet connection
<The_tubular>Any ideas ?
<ecbrown>yes reboot with other three unplugged
<The_tubular>Let me try that
<ecbrown>yes and if they are usb dongles unplug them too
<The_tubular>Rebooting didn't work
<The_tubular>But I still have 2 interfaces show in the gui
<ecbrown>that can happen and yet the hardware is not supported
<ecbrown>i am a witness to that gui options and still wont work
<The_tubular>What ?
<ecbrown>sorry, e.g. on my macbook pro i can plug in thunderbolt ethernet adaptor . it is presented as network option in gui, but it is not a supported peripheral
<ecbrown>what are the "nics" you are talking about? wireless probably wont work
<The_tubular>No, it's a dell server
<The_tubular>Nothing wireless
<ecbrown>ok, thanks for the info. fyi my hp proliants do not have working ethernet under linux-libre
<ecbrown>i had to install them with usb dongle
<The_tubular>I don't have a USB dongle :(
<ecbrown>(these are beast multiple nic blades)
<The_tubular>How can I tell if my NICs are officially supported or not ?
<The_tubular>On linux-libre ?
<ecbrown>trial and error is the only way
<The_tubular>Are you 100% sure this is the issue ?
<The_tubular>Also, why is there 2 choice of NICs, while only 1 is plugged in ?
<ecbrown>i am 100% sure that i had to use a usb dongle on the service port of my enterprise blades
<The_tubular>Damn :(
<The_tubular>That's not a blade server though, it's a powerdge 720
<The_tubular>If that matters
<ecbrown>well, it has some fancy pants nics that are meant to be bonded
<ecbrown>they're not e1000's
<ecbrown>10 giga
*ecbrown steps away for fireworks
<The_tubular>Does that mean I'll have to compile the whole kernel ?
<apteryx>ecbrown: happy independence day
<apteryx>(my guess ;-))
<apteryx>is anyone else having this problem with emms in Emacs: whenever I use ungoogled-chromium or another sound application, it stops being able to output sound itself?
<wirez>why trademark guix? isn't that infringing?
<nckx>wirez: At least one developer was made aware and didn't seem to care. I doubt Microsoft is interested in the trademark.
<ecbrown>apteryx: thanks! it was a nice show
<wirez>gnu should defend it
<wirez>or fsf or whatever
<nckx>Defend what?
<wirez>it's gonna dillute searches and make adoption harder
<wirez>guix trademark
<nckx>I think that would be a terrible idea.
<nckx>What if we lost?
<wirez>atleast you tried
<nckx>…and lost.
<nckx>Then we'll have to call it Sneek or something stupid.
<nckx>It doesn't seem to have hurt us much so far, wirez.
<wirez>it was a few days ago
<wirez>whatever if you dont care i dont
<nckx>I don't think the people calling it GUIX do so because of an old Renesas product ☺
<nckx>What was a few days ago, wirez?
<The_tubular>I'm having trouble with this Sneeze Linux Distribution /s
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<raghavgururajan>nckx: Hope I am not bothering you too much. Were you able to build bitmask? If v9 (#48729) looks good to you, let me know and I'll push it.
<The_tubular>Umm, I borked my installation again I think ...
<The_tubular>I installed it with UEFI I'm pretty sure.
<The_tubular>Yet I can only boot with BIOS
<The_tubular>When I try to boot with UEFI, it doesn't detect grub
<The_tubular>During the install, there was a EFI partition on my disk, so it should be UEFI right ?
<The_tubular>Also, when I booted with BIOS, I had internet access ... I'm so confuzzled
*The_tubular hurts itself in it's own confusion...!
<The_tubular>I'll go take some sleep, I'll be back tomorrow!
<Guest27>Hi! I'm very interested in using Guix. Is it ok to ask beginner-level questions here?
<zap1>Guest27: yes this is all things guix channel
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<Guest27>zap: Awesome :)
<Guest27>Suppose I need to quickly run a program that hasn't been packaged in Guix yet and I don't have the time/skills to package it myself. Is there a way to make it "just work"?
<Guest27>I tried to find a clear-cut answer to this but my Google-fu has failed me
<zap>It depends on which kind of program. You can still do 'pip install --user x' or 'npm install x' or 'go get x' etc and then modify PATH to use it
<zap>you can do preety much everything you would do on other distros if you had same problem. But with additional possibiliy to painlessly manage your own guix packages once you gain some practical skills
<Guest27>That's very reassuring, thanks! Where can I read more about this? I thought it would be really easy to find info on this but maybe I'm just not looking into the right places...
<maximed>or the usual "./configure --prefix=$HOME/stuff && make && make install; ~/stuff/bin/stuff", assuming you have installed the right tools
<zap>Guest27: There are two main sources of docs -- Guix Reference, and Guix Cookbook. You can access it on Guix website or with info command
<zap>there is also a great video series on guix
<zap>And the guix blog of course
<zap>another good resource:
<Guest27>Thank you! I've seen the reference and the blog, but not the others, so I'm gonna do that.
<Guest27>A more concrete question: I've been using NixOS for a few days and i ran into an issue where I get a "permission denied" error when a package from pip tries to write to a harcoded directory (like /home/<user>/<dotfile>). What would happen if I tried to run the same package in Guix using the method you said?
<Guest27>(And, by the way, how would I "modify the PATH to use it" as you said above?)
<solene>Guest27: that's a weird issue, are you sure you didn't miss --user in pip install command?
<zap>Yeah... I think NixOS should't restrict access to your home
<solene>it doesn't
<Guest27>Sorry, I forgot to say two important things
<zap>PATH is the environment variable that is used by your shell to know where to get executables. You can check it with `echo $PATH`
<efraim>it looks like grpc@1.16 needs an older protobuf, I'm testing the downgrade of its protobuf now
<Guest27>I didn't use `pip install`, but rather wrote a `shell.nix` using the pythonPackage function
<zap>Guest27: usually one sets it in .bash_profile or .bashrc
<Guest27>And the user that appeared in the path wasn't my own but rather "nixbld"
*zap there is also ~/.profile and I always forget which is which and endup with bloated .bashrc
<Guest27>But regardless of the cause of the error, from what I'm reading this should work in Guix then
<solene>Guest27: ah it's really different then, indeed a package definition should write on $HOME
<Guest27>zap: I know what PATH is, but I don't understand what I have to change to make `pip install --user` work in the solution you gave me
<zap>ah something like: export PYTHONBIN="$HOME/.local/bin"; export PATH="$PYTHONBIN:$PATH"
<zap>but it's language-package-manage-manager specific, they all put /bin in different places so you'll have to check
*zap haha language-package-manage-manager this is partially what guix is
<boeg>What package(s) do I need to be able to work with fat32 drives in e.g. parted?
<Guest27>zap: Got it! Thank you!
<zap>boeg: maybe dosfstools?
<boeg>zap: ah, perhaps, ill try!
<bricewge>boeg: Did you managed to use sysctl-service-type as you wanted?
<bricewge>I tried reproducing it yesterday, but I didn't managed to. It worked correctly without adding a requirements on "root-filesystem".
<boeg>bricewge: nope, not reliably at least. There is a myth that says, it works some times, and I swear that I have seen it work at least once, but right now, when I check, it doesn't work
<bricewge>Can you manage to build guix locally?
<bricewge>If so you could try the patch by yourself and see if it does fix it
<bricewge>I can't myself since I can't manage to trigger it
<bricewge>Does every package phases still need to return a boolean?
<boeg>I guess I can build guix locally? When I reconfigure based off my config.scm, I guess it uses a substitute for guix, right, so I don't think I've tried building guix, but I guess I could
<maximed>boeg: "guix build $PACKAGE --no-substitutes"
<maximed>and "guix system reconfigure ... --no-substitutes
<maximed>bricewge: Phases don't need to return booleans anymore, though you'll get a warning anyways until core-updates is merged
<bricewge>boeg: Cool, you need to follow 16.1 et 16.2 from the manual
<bricewge>maximed: Thanks
<bricewge>The warning got me confused
<boeg>maximed, bricewge: Ill write your comments down a give it a try next time I'm wrestling with this problem
<maximed>boeg: It is also possible to configure the daemon to _not_ accept substitutes from bordeaux.guix...., ci.guix.... (in case passing --no-substitutes every time is cumbersome)
<boeg>maximed: good to know
<maximed>See the 'authorize-key?', 'authorized-keys', 'use-substitutes?' and 'substitute-urls' fields of 'guix-service-type'
<southerntofu>leoprikler: thanks but that's precisely because a lot happens in Cargo.toml that an automated importer would be helpful! in particular when some dependencies are in the same repository and not published on (see zola SSG for example)
<leoprikler>What you're saying essentially boils down to "I want something, that simplifies this mess, because hoo boy,is it complicated", which is a sentiment one can get behind, but at the same time also the reason no one has both tried and been able to simplify it.
<southerntofu>sorry i'm pretty new to guix and guile, otherwise it's not so hard it's all specified here:
<southerntofu>to be fair the crates importer is awesome and worked fine once i got out of weird errors (no output) because of wrong use-module statements :P
<dstolfa>leoprikler: i think the fix you pushed for qt-utils is only partial, my `guix package -u` still fails after a pull for telegram-desktop
<leoprikler>does qt5ct build for you at least?
<dstolfa>yes, it does
<leoprikler>then it's some other package, that's breaking :P
<dstolfa>ah... this is a packages/qt.scm fix. i'm still waking up :D
<dstolfa>i saw a qt.scm and assumed it was a fix somewhere in the build utils
<leoprikler>though since qt5ct was submitted by raghav as a part of telegram it's likely that other packages up the chain share this issue
<dstolfa>yeah, nimf is an issue and potentially some others too
<dstolfa>leoprikler: i'll see if i can patch it
<dstolfa>alright, done
<dstolfa>that was easy
*dstolfa will send a patch
<dstolfa>leoprikler: sent it in
<dstolfa>leoprikler: i can also split it up into two commits if that's better, i just bundled it together because i don't really use nimf or hime on their own so i can only say that telegram-desktop works
<leoprikler>I don't see the patch yet, but one patch per package please :)
<dstolfa>leoprikler: gotcha, would you prefer me to split it up and re-transmit, or do you want to do it?
<dstolfa>in any case, brb, need to get some groceries... no food left :<
<leoprikler>the less work I have to do, the happier I'll be
<dstolfa>happiness is a good goal indeed, i'll do it when i'm back from the store :)
<dstolfa>leoprikler: done (i think at least :))
<dstolfa>note to self: don't use --compose with debbugs, how the hell did my "first message" end up in between the two patches on debbugs
<leoprikler>oh, right, messages might arrive out of order
<leoprikler>it's not a biggie
<dstolfa>hopefully the email clients locally will sort messages correctly :D
<leoprikler>oof, got an ABI mismatch
<dstolfa>yeah, i had one too earlier
<dstolfa>had to recompile everything :(
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<dstolfa>the rust compiler in guix is pretty badly outdated, to the point where it doesn't compile newer versions of some utilities
<dstolfa>i wanted to import hyperfine into guix, but ran into a build issue that requires updating rust itself, what should i do?
<nckx>Isn't rust regendary for requiring Tuesday's compiler to compile Wednesday's code?
<nckx>*legendary wtf.
<dstolfa>nckx: yes, but this isn't really a "need yesterday's compiler" kind of thing, it's more of a "need mid 2020 compiler"
<dstolfa>we have version 1.19, latest is 1.53
<nckx>Have you tried adding it?
<nckx>(Not updating 1.19; leave that one alone.)
<dstolfa>i can try
<yoctocell>dstolfa: I see rust-1.52 in (gnu packages rust)
<yoctocell>the default rust compiler is rust-1.45
<dstolfa>ah... the default is 1.45 actually
<dstolfa>i missed that part
<dstolfa>how would i say: "i don't really want that default in this package"
<nckx>Guix seems to have rust@1.52.1 though?
<nckx>Nvm yoctocell already noticed.
<yoctocell>there is probably a #:rust keyword argument for cargo-build-system or something
<dstolfa>presumably there's a way to tell (build-system cargo-build-system) to use a different rust
<nckx>dstolfa: #:rust ,rust-1.52
<dstolfa>yeah, let me take a look
<dstolfa>nckx: great, thanks!
<nckx>raghavgururajan: I'll try it now.
<dstolfa>nckx: is it a little bit crazy to send ~30 patches in a patch series? there were *a lot* of stuff to bottom out in this package...
<nckx>It is. It's also allowed, but it's in your own interest to split it up into smaller series that can be reviewed & merged one after the other. Few if any people volunteer to review 10+ patch series.
<nckx>raghavgururajan knows this 😉
<dstolfa>nckx: it's mostly just imports of individual packages that are required for hyperfine to work, not quite sure how to split it up. is there an example somewhere?
<dstolfa>i basically just did a `guix import crate hyperfine` and then had to bottom out all the dependencies and make sure they are specified sanely
<dstolfa>each patch is 1 of them
<nckx>Oh, no, you'd just submit the first 5, lure someone into reviewing & committing them, then submit the next 5.
<nckx>Submitting them all at once is fine! I'm just being honest about gaming the system.
*nckx is not available for luring today, to be clear.
<dstolfa>nckx: i'd rather not game the system since the build doesn't work without them, it's probably best to just submit something people can `git am` that just works (TM)
<dstolfa>(and seems to build reproducably with --rounds=5!)
<nckx>Okidoke 👍
*dstolfa notes that rust's ecosystem is pretty horrible
<dstolfa>this was certainly and experience, but guix made it much easier
<nckx>It's not very good no.
<nckx>I dread it coming to Linux.
<dstolfa>thankfully it'll be optional from what i've seen...
<nckx>The language itself is fine but it's the ‘no, but smoking is actually cool’ of software development practices.
*nckx goes in search of a bridge to sell to dstolfa.
<dstolfa>yeah, i have nothing against the language itself
<dstolfa>it's cargo
<nckx>I mean
<nckx>apt name.
<dstolfa>heh, yeah :P
<nckx>The SKS keyserver pool was *shut down*? How'd I miss this. GnuPG 2.2.29 now defaults to What a year.
<dstolfa>nckx: yikes, i hit a gmx email limit lol
<dstolfa>i got locked out for a while ahahah
<nckx>‘Due to even more GDPR takedown requests, the DNS records for the pool will no longer be provided at all.’ Huh.
<nckx>I remember asking you very nicely when we first met not to turn out to be a spammer, dstolfa.
<dstolfa>well, this was email to myself!
<nckx>Now you DDoS mail servers for no reason.
<dstolfa>the list is unaffected, i just DoS'd myself
<nckx>(What kind of provider limits their own users? Is this one of those… dodgy ones?)
<dstolfa>it's, normally it's pretty good but i guess 23 emails in a short span is "spam" to them
<nckx>It's just surprisingly low.
<dstolfa>i might just send it via my work email
*dstolfa sighs in disappointment
<jonsger>dstolfa: you need --batch-size=10 or something like this
<dstolfa>jonsger: yeah, but it locked me out before i realized that. now i just can't send a single email
<dstolfa>on the flip side, hyperfine works fine
<dstolfa>it works... hyper-fine!
<nckx>I knew it was coming and I still groaned.
<dstolfa>i'm going to scream if gmail locks me out after i attempt this
<dstolfa>nckx: so i sent the patches with my gmail, i assume that it's still hitting the mod queue, could you check if it arrived?
<dstolfa>i've contacted gmx about locking me out, hopefully they'll uh... increase the limit a little bit
<dstolfa>oh no... did git do what i didn't want it to do
<dstolfa>it did, didn't it
<dstolfa>it absolutely did
<dstolfa>and of course it did that because i ended up getting locked out of gmx and had to reconfigure for gmail and forgot to do the thing where it needs to send the message first and then reply to the nnn@...
<nckx>Hey thanks for fixing 21 new bugs dstolfa.
*dstolfa sighs
*nckx gets out the merge gun.
<dstolfa>nckx: sorry about that :<
*dstolfa restores the git config backup that does the right thing instead of opening 21 bugs
<nckx>Should be merged ☺
<dstolfa>thanks, my bad about that
<dstolfa>nckx: does `git am` work as expected now?
<nckx>I haven't actually received the bug mails.
<nckx>I did receive moderation requests. The moderation Web interface is empty.
<dstolfa>nckx: this might be because of my blunder with send-email
<nckx>It seems unlikely (but possible!) that the 2 other Guixers with moderation access beat me to it. More likely that you triggered some automated spam filter on the GNU side. But at least your mails made it to the tracker, and who knows, they might yet arrive.
<dstolfa>this would be the 3rd spam filter i triggered with these patches then
*dstolfa feels like a spammer
<nckx>I'm not sure if you're a very good one or a very bad one.
<nckx>Definitely one of those 😃
<nckx>Spammers wish they'd get this level of engagement with their #content.
<dstolfa>in my defense, i'd be less of a spammer if gmx didn't block me and force me to redo my send-email config
<dstolfa>which turned out to be wrong
<nckx>So you can't just drop in in place of GMX?
<dstolfa>so i did that, but i seem to have copy pasted some wrong things which just did a "send everything without asking anything"
<dstolfa>so 21 bugs were opened as a result
<dstolfa>i essentially used my git send-email config for transferring patches between laptop and desktop (and other machines potentially) instead of the one i should have used
<dstolfa>and that one is very liberal in how it sends things
<dstolfa>because i usually just spam myself with 2-3 patches and that's it
<maxwell_TGAP>Hi guys, does anyone have a link to the community guidelines for this place?
<maxwell_TGAP>didnt see it linked on and i dont want to put my foot in my mouth
<nckx>You'd think I'd have a link handy, but I don't 😳
<maximed>maxwell_TGAP: there isn't some exhaustive list of guideliness
<maximed>I'd say: guideline #1: be nice
<nckx>It's just your usual bog-standard contributor covenant, plus the GNU FSDG, which boils down to ‘don't recommend non-free stuff, and whilst Guix won't block you from running whatever you want, support for getting non-free stuff to work with Guix is off-topic’.
<nckx>But maximed's prime directive is by far the most important.
<maximed>The CODE-OF-CONDUCT mentions ‘wiki edits’, but Guix doesn't have a wiki
<nckx>It is indeed not Guix-specific in any way.
<Noisytoot>the wiki is the documentation. edits (patches) need to be approved (unlike most wikis, but like the free software directory)
<nckx>maxwell_TGAP: Just FYI I sent you a PM.
<nckx>If you're like me and never see those.
<maximed>maxwell_TGAP: there are also some guidelines for contributions though (in the manual)
<nckx>Well, we do have a Wiki link on the Web site, it just links to .
<nckx>Which hardly anyone uses TBH.
<maxwell_TGAP>18:07 < nckx> Well, we do have a Wiki link on the Web site, it just links to .
<maxwell_TGAP>18:07 < nckx> Which hardly anyone uses TBH.
<maxwell_TGAP>woops sorry, im new to using irssi
<maxwell_TGAP>honestly im finding the whole experiance quite bewildering :crying
<nckx>Chillax and take your time. We don't bite and are here to help.
<maxwell_TGAP>nckx: Thanks
<maxwell_TGAP>and thanks for the links everyone
<nckx>You bring up two good points, by the way. There should be a single link to a page that answers that question, since the policy applies to all our channels (mail/IRC/???). And there used to be a channel ‘entry message’, distinct from the channel topic, that mentioned that.
<nckx>I could've sworn we had both.
<nckx>??? is my general mood today.
<dstolfa>nckx: you and me both... though i have an ! at the back there because of the weirdness with email :D
<maxwell_TGAP>Hi, just to introduce my self. I live in the uk, am about to start a phd in computational physics, have just installed guix system on my laptop after useing arch for a long time. I am interested in mastering guix a system management tool. just FYI i have dyslexia so my spelling is often uuuu creative. Nice to meet you all :)
<dstolfa>maxwell_TGAP: nice to meet you! hope your phd turns out to be interesting & successful :)
<maximed>Hi maxwell_TGAP
<maxwell_TGAP>dstolfa: Thanks, me too!
<maxwell_TGAP>btw TGAP = the graet and powerfull, someone already had maxwell apparently
<nckx>If you're not aware (maybe it's how you found out about Guix), there's an HPC subproject <> with its own IRC channel (#guix-hpc on this network). But it's pretty quiet and HPC Guix is always on topic in #guix as well.
<nckx>I admit to looking it up but got no further than French environmental tax law.
<maxwell_TGAP>no i found out through a youtuber my firend recommended called systemcraft
<bricewge>Hello maxwell_TGAP
<maxwell_TGAP>i will deffinetly check that out tho thank you
<nckx>maxwell_TGAP: If you like you're welcome to introduce yourself and your goals on help-guix at as well.
<maxwell_TGAP>tyty, wd
<Noisytoot>We don't have an entry message
<nckx>No, I meant we used to.
<nckx>By which I mean I set one post-Libera so what the hell…
<cwebber>hi there
<nckx>Now there is once more.
<nckx>Hi cwebber.
<maximed>Hi cwebber
<dstolfa>hello cwebber
***iskarian is now known as Guest7348
<ebubekir-siddik>I've been having trouble getting gnome-disks to run. When I run gnome-disks from "sudo gnome-disks" the output is: "Could not find the icon 'open-menu-symbolic-ltr'. The 'hicolor' theme
<ebubekir-siddik>was not found either, perhaps you need to install it..." Any clue how to solve this error?
<ebubekir-siddik>Installing hicolor theme doesnt solve the problem.
<cbaines>I run gnome-disks as my user, rather than root. Why are you running it as root?
<nckx>(Maybe) interesting that both work fine here.
<ebubekir-siddik>For automount my encrypted disks.
<cbaines>I would expect gnome-disks uses polkit or otherwise to do things that require specific permissions
<nckx>Removing ‘sudo’ doesn't fix the error, or does it?
<boeg>I'm trying to stream via disney+ and are getting an error 83 in the disney+ player. Anyone know if there is some package that will fix it?
<char>boeg, what browser?
<char>yeah, that isn't going to work
<boeg>ah okay
<boeg>is it because of DRM or something?
<char>disney+ has drm, so try firefox installed through flatpak
<boeg>alright, thanks
<maximed>char: be aware that the DRM stuff entails downloading some non-free library which will be run on your computer
<maximed>at least, if disney+ uses Widevine
<dstolfa>boeg: ^
<maximed>tbf, IIUC, it will be run a container, which mitigates a lot of the security problems that entails. But still, non-free
<char>yea,that is why it isn't allows in gnu repos
<dstolfa>i did notice flatpak applications in guix have some issues with the window buttons
<dstolfa>i don't know why
<dstolfa>they are essentially invisible
<char>I also have noticed that
<boeg>yeah, i was contemplating just downloading what i want to watch as a "linux ISO" instead of bothering with streaming it
<maximed>videos can be downloaded as "linux ISOs"? How does that work?
<maximed>How would you boot a video?
<boeg>maximed: eerrr.... you know
<maximed>I want to note that ‘streaming’ is a special kind of ‘downloading’, where the downloaded parts of the video are thrown away later
<boeg>you know how people sometimes say one thing but mean another?
<maximed>boeg: No, I don't. If it's shady stuff, you can send a PM
<nckx>boeg: Guix has many fine torrent clients. Guix has zero DRM malware. Guix's position is quite clear 😉
<boeg>e.g. for many ages has "i only torrent linux ISOs" been used by people saying they pirate stuff via torrenting
<boeg>maximed: ^
<maximed>o you mean downloading the videos _outside_ disney+ web interface
<boeg>just an example
<nckx>maximed: You've legit never heard of ‘Linux ISOs'?
<nckx>Quotes inclus.
<maximed>... only in the sense of "linux ISO = disk image to burn on a CD (or an USB) which you can boot, containing a (part of) a GNU/Linux’ distribution
<nckx>Yeah no.
<maximed>I have heard of ISO's before in the ‘a disk image of some DVD, that actually contains video’
<maximed>though not as ‘_Linux_ ISOs’
<nckx>I mean like the 3 TB of legally downloaded Linux ISOs on my NAS that we watch on the weekend.
<danrobi70>I always boot my videos
<nckx>GNU and Linux were originally distributed on paper tape, and later on microfiche/film, hence the historical name of my Linux ISO directory, ‘Films/’.
<dstolfa>i'd just like to remind everyone that the channel is logged, we wouldn't want to give others the idea that we run anything but guix system in here
<dstolfa>all of these are guix isos
<nckx>There is also a directory for the original multi-floppy Slackware distribution, logically called Series/.
<boeg>dstolfa: well, i tried talking in code
<boeg>so much for my trouble
<maximed>I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a dual image, that can be feed to vlc (a video player), or burnt to a DVD which you can boot, that will automatically start a video player playing the video
<nckx>Bare-metal autoplay.
<maximed>In a similar notion, I've heard some interest in patching VLC in guix, such that if VLC is run on a guix iso, it will play the release song instead
<nckx>Your patch sounds overly complicated, just make it play the release song always.
<nckx>maximed: Surely you can hack the ISO further so it gets recognised as CD/DVD/whatever audio on all players…?
<nckx>I think OpenBSD managed to do that.
<pkill9>what's hte release song?
<char>doess anyone know to how get the openvpn interface in gnome-settings working?
<pkill9>rekado: how did you come up with that guitar tune?
<danrobi70>nckx: thats awesome! thanks for sharing
<nckx>My pleasure.
<civodul>hmm! Guile 3.0.7 fails test-stack-overflow on aarch64 on core-updates:
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, nckx says: Mystery solved:
<civodul>nckx: ooh, nice!
<nckx>And with <> applied, finally all Guix tests pass for me.
<nckx>Doesn't affect sane^Wregular users, of course, but might become babby's first kernel patch if it ever makes it in…
<civodul>was the device->number change needed?
<civodul>that one didn't assume a 16-bit quantity, at first sight
<civodul>(since it's all bignums)
<nckx>It handles them fine but produces a bogus result, since it's an oversimplification.
<civodul>because it keeps irrelevant bits?
<civodul>oh, there's a second device->number in linux-boot.scm :-)
<nckx>Well, no, (* major 256) is just not equivalent to the more complex bit shuffling that actually happens.
<nckx>It's just wrong 😛
<nckx>I mean, it was right for 16-bit devices.
<nckx>civodul: I was actually going to ask you about whether that's worth factoring out into a build module.
<nckx>And which one if so.
<civodul>nckx: that would be (guix build syscalls) i guess
<civodul>so yes, it could be factorized, we just need to check whether there's anything preventing it
<nckx>I thought syscalls was just for syscalls.
<civodul>yeah well :-)
<civodul>it's for all things system
<civodul>more like some sort of a libc
*nckx glibc.scm when