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*rekado_ renews the cert with the “standalone” method…
<rekado_>sorry for the disruption
<qy>second question, has anyone tried guix with a TMPFS root?
<qy>i had that system on nixos, i'd like to carry that across
<apteryx>the fat driver doesn't seem to good in linux; been corrupting the fs a couple times, trying to write a 2 GiB file to a usb drive
<apteryx>too good*
<apteryx>ntfs fared better
<qy>aw, the nix version in guix isn't flake-enabled
<nckx>I got morbidly curious and looked at the fat sources, expecting to find an obvious int wrap check... but nothing jumps out.
<mbakke>apteryx: if you want interopability with operating systems that lack ext/xfs, you might be better off with exFAT which is reasonably well-supported these days
<nckx>And supports files over 2 GiB.
<apteryx>oh, wasn't the limit with FAT 4 GiB?
<apteryx>perhaps that was the issue
<apteryx>mbakke: thanks for the suggestion
<nckx>qy: Flakes haven't been released yet?
<nckx>(source: git clone nix; grep -r flake; git checkout 2.3.12 (7h old); grep -r flake.)
<qy>nckx: oh, yes they haven't, but they're pretty actively used and can be enabled with a flag in the config if nix is >2.4
<qy>i'm not overly bothered, i can get around it by using nix to fetch a newer nix (lol), it's just an inconvenience while i migrate
<nckx>‘nix is >2.4’
<qy>ah, probably then yeah
<qy>nixpkgs calls it nix-unstable
<qy>but all of nixpkgs is unstable
<qy>so it's hardly a differentiation
<qy>would it be theoretically possible to run my nixos inside lxc or something similar in guixsd, during this process?
<qy>nixos being systemd and guix being not, i'm not sure how to achieve that the best way
<mbakke>nckx: 'rg' (aka ripgrep) changed my life
<dstolfa>qy: it might be possible to leverage nix on guix by installing it (`guix install nix`) but i'm not sure how well it works
<qy>dstolfa: thanks, already done that :) i just have a lot of services etc that i don't want to have to reboot to use
<qy>was hoping i could save some time and just have them in a sub-system for now
<nckx>mbakke: Because fast? Or more?
<nckx>I've never waited on a grep TBH.
<mbakke>nckx: fast, and "smart" (which can be a drawback at times, I still use 'git grep' and 'grep' for some things)
<mbakke>but mostly because fast
<nckx>Thanks for the tip regardless, I really should try it, even though Rust.
<apteryx>seems libusb is not working as intended on Guix System? GNOME Boxes for example isn't able to access USB drives (libusb: error [get_usbfs_fd] libusb couldn't open USB device /dev/bus/usb/001/089, errno=13)
<mbakke>and ignoring .git, .svn etc
<qy>nckx: alternatively, there's ag (silver searcher)
<qy>similar idea
<nckx>Guess I'm weird for being in a happy long-term relationship with grep.
<apteryx>dirty fix is: sudo chown root:users /dev/bus/usb/001/089
<dstolfa>yeah i've never had issues with grep, even with massive trees nckx
<dstolfa>maybe because i always exclude .git and so on
<nckx>Typing *<RET> is a reflex.
<mbakke>huh, maybe my susceptibility for rg is because I never developed that habit :P
<nckx>I'm sure it has other great features I don't know I'm missing :)
<mbakke>it's also easier to type!
<dstolfa>mbakke: i generally don't like installing these replacement utilities because when i ssh into places that don't have them, i hate myself for doing it because i forget how to use the base utilities :D
<nckx>I like raghavgururajan but do I want to think of them every single time I grep for a thing is the thing.
<nckx>Because that is what happens.
<qy>dstolfa: i very much agree with you on that, but rg is useful enough that i compromise
<qy>it's like me using vim over vi
<mbakke>I occasionally grep through humonguos codebases such as linux and chromium, rg makes a huge difference in those cases
<qy>not all systems have vim, so i'll settle for vi, but install vim when i can
<nckx>Well, I mosh over ssh, so I can't use that excuse.
<qy>that too ^
<qy>oh, i should install mosh..
<nckx>mbakke: Now that I can believe.
<nckx>Here I am grepping tiny appz like ‘Linux’, not full operating systems like Chromium.
<mbakke>I was actually surprised how fast rg entered my "muscle memory", yet I still use 'grep' for binary files (because I can't be bothered to learn how to include those with rg), as well as pipes (because grep is always available and probably faster in that case)
<dstolfa>what i really want is rtags, but faster
<dstolfa>because oof is it slow on large codebases
<nckx>I missed the ‘it’ and thought ‘oof’ was some hip new thing in Go 🤦
<nckx>Dibs on that command if it doesn't yet exist sevenfold.
<dstolfa>it should be some graceful error handling thing so you can do something | really | complicated | oof
<ss2>I never get this right.. Whenever I run git format-patch master `package-name' `packages.scm', I get patches for all packages. :/
<ss2>what am I doing wrong?
<ss2>okay, just have to add -1.
<nckx>git format-patch REF (in this case master) means ‘give me all commits newer than ref’. Your command sounds equivalent to ‘git format-patch -1’, although I'm not sure what the weirdquotes mean.
<ss2>that's just me doing weird formating
<nckx>Needs more Unicode.
<ss2>ha, how do I do that actually? In erc?
<nckx>Sorry, dunno...
<ss2>well then.
<nckx>I mean, beyond the built-in C-x 8 stuff.
<ss2>‘eh, forget my question’
<nckx>I am lowly HexChat user, senpai.
<qy>lot of sshd spam in my tty
<qy>how do i best turn that off
<qy>i tried setting kernel.printk
<qy>apparently that's not it
<nckx>That literally affects only the kernel. You might have more luck with ‘dmesg -D’ (which, weirdly, does not) but not sure.
<qy>nckx: oh wow, thanks!
<nckx>If that works it should be loglevel= on the kernel command line, so you don't have to type it every time.
<nckx>*should be equivalent to
<qy>i can copy that from my nixos kernel args
<nckx>=0 will really shut things up.
<nckx>=3 is safer (still printing ‘critical’ and ‘emergency’ is a good thing, but sometimes programmers find strange things ‘critical’).
<dstolfa>can confirm
<dstolfa>i am very guilty of this
<nckx>=3 🐈
*dstolfa is looking forward to GNOME 40 in guix
*nckx is looking forward to bed. Good night Guix.
*qy is looking forward to having more than 10 programs installed
<ss2>* is happy to have his next patch submitted.
*ss2 can't irc properly
<qy>ok say i wanted to mount a full system subtree, chroot into that tree, and basically simulate booting it into a "container" of sorts
<qy>lxc is what i want, right?
<qy>or is there something better
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Hmm `guix gc --verify=contents,repair` turned-off my laptop. Couldn't restart without removing and reinserting the battery. When I retried the command, it finished.
<raghavgururajan>Oh good night
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<ix>Ok we'll do this the other way round
<ix>I'll have guix be a container in nixos
<ix>And slowly empty the host
<ecbrown>raghavgururajan: wonder if it overheated?
<raghavgururajan>ecbrown: Could be.
<drakonis>ix: a worthy effort
<drakonis>the tables turn, slowly.
<tissevert>hi guix
<drgibbon>Testing Guix in a VM, I see that setting up an encrypted system (with default settings anyway) requires entering the encryption password twice. Any plans for a single unlock?
<emestee>is that really the case? I dont remember
<drgibbon>It is on my VM install, maybe I made a mistake somewhere though.
<emestee>iirc during the boot it only needs to ask you for it once
<drgibbon>ahh ok, well I'll see how I go when I install it on bare metal.
<raghavgururajan> /home/rg/.guix-profile/bin/chromium: error while loading shared libraries: /gnu/store/6yn16h7la1cj64gm5gvklhijcd4k1zgb-cups-2.3.3/lib/ file too short
<raghavgururajan>nckx: ^ Also because of store corruption? The above error persists even after `guix gc --verify=contents,repair`.
<tissevert>drgibbon: at what steps do you have to enter it twice ? grub + normal mount during early init ?
<drgibbon>tissevert: First before seeing the GRUB menu, and then second after selecting a GRUB option.
<tissevert>yeah, I think I had the same when I tried to install with my whole system encrypted
<tissevert>sounds a bit inevitable: grub has to unencrypt the partition to find the kernel and boot it, but then I don't see a lot of options to pass the key securely to the kernel : procline is out of the question, write it to a file on /boot ? what if it's read-only ?
<tissevert>are there any other way to achieve this ?
<drgibbon>Is it possible to boot off of an LVM volume? So one big block that GRUB unlocks, then finds the /boot inside an LVM setup?
<tissevert>I have no idea how LVM works and if GRUB knows how to handle this
<jonsger>hm, libaio fails on core-updates. thats only some dependencies until I can built firefox 89 :(
<drgibbon>Definitely possible to have a bunch of LVM "partitions" inside one big encrypted block (LUKS/LVM), but I'm not sure if GRUB can handle that. I've only ever done that with a separate unencrypted /boot partition.
<tissevert>that would be nice if it worked
<tissevert>I'd be curious to know if you test it
<drgibbon>Probably the easiest is just to leave /boot unencrypted, or even a more lightweight password for the initial unlocking.
<tissevert>I personally leave my system unencrypted but encrypt my data partition mounted on /home
<raghavgururajan>> drgibbon‎: Definitely possible to have a bunch of LVM "partitions" inside one big encrypted block (LUKS/LVM), but I'm not sure if GRUB can handle that
<raghavgururajan>I use this setup. It works. :)
<tissevert>I still have to type my password twice, though, once to unencrypt it and once in GDM to login
<tissevert>(I haven't managed to setup pam_mount on guix, though it works flawlessly in artix linux)
*raghavgururajan --> zzZ
<tissevert>raghavgururajan: that's great ! thanks for the confirmation
<munksgaard>How do I best combine guix time-machine and guix environment? I want to set up a reproducible environment for a project of mine, and I have used a manifest file in conjunction with `gnu environment -m ...` so far, but now I also want to make sure that the channels are the same. It doesn't seem like the output from `guix describe -f channels` go in my manifest file though?
<munksgaard>I'm guessing I have to use `guix time-machine` instead, but it's not clear how I can provide a manifest file as input...
<rekado>munksgaard: you can skip the “time-machine” command and use inferiors instead, right from the manifest
<rekado>here’s an example:
<rekado>or you could do “guix time-machine -C channels.scm -- environment -m manifest.scm”
<rekado>i.e. load the channels from channels.scm to tell “guix time-machine” what variant of Guix to use, and then use the manifest with that version of Guix.
<munksgaard>Aha! That's very helpful indeed. Thank you rekado
<rekado>which method you pick depends on whether you want the channels to be distributed separately and independently of the manifest.
<rekado>personally, I like to keep them together in the same file
<rekado>note that using inferiors is significantly slower than just running a manifest through the “current” Guix (whether that is ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix or a Guix variant spawned by “guix time-machine”)
<jonsger>mbakke: I have a change for libaio on core-updates. Can I directly push or should I go over the mailing list?
<jonsger>its here
<munksgaard>Thanks, `guix time-machine -C channels.scm -- environment -m manifest.scm` works perfectly.
<munksgaard>Next question: Every time I run guix, I get the following error message: "user with UID 497492280 not found"
<munksgaard>The commands proceed to work fine (as far as I can tell), but I'm wondering what that error message means?
<rekado>munksgaard: is ncsd running?
<munksgaard>rekado: It does not seem to, no. What is it?
<munksgaard>rekado: I've installed nscd and am now running it, but I still get the same error.
<ecbrown>drgibbon: yes you need two passwords for bios. good imo because secrets can make it into bios
<drgibbon[m]>More secure that way, true.
<dstolfa>how could i (invoke ...) with some environment variable set for that particular invoke?
<dstolfa>for example, i want to do the equivalent of `FOO=... command`
<nckx>See with-environment-variables in (guix utils), dstolfa.
<nckx>Good morning Guix.
<dstolfa>nckx: good morning, and thanks!
<nckx>So /gnu/store/6yn16h7la1cj64gm5gvklhijcd4k1zgb-cups-2.3.3/lib/ is also empty?
<nckx>Definitely sounds like file system corruption. Your system does not sound stable.
<nckx>guix gc --verify=contents doesn't print any errors about either file?
<Noisytoot>Could someone apply
<nckx>Could you run guix lint on your patches?
<nckx>Also, drop the @acronym in the synopsis (it's OK to use it, but here it's just too long) and s/filesystem/file system/
<dstolfa>nckx: can with-environment-variables be called in a gexp?
<nckx>Noisytoot: Rest looks good.
<dstolfa>i'm trying to start a service, and the only way it could be started is if i have STRONGSWAN_CONF=... set to the new derivation, but even with guix utils in use-modules it's complaining about with-environment-variables being unbound, which i assume is due to me trying to call it in a gexp
<nckx>with-environment-variables is merely syntactic hac^Wsugar to make environment variables appear ‘functional’, but you can also just (setenv "FOO" "bar") if you don't care about restoring the original environment, and it sounds like you wouldn't.
<dstolfa>ah i see, so just (setenv "..." "...") would work for all the following (invoke ...) calls?
<dstolfa>alright, thanks
<nckx>If it doesn't we can debug that, but the functional fig-leaf that is with-environment-variables isn't needed here.
<Noisytoot>Why doesn't etc/indent-code.el get rid of tabs?
<nckx>Let me try… Oh, I just noticed it's in linux.scm. It has nothing to do with Linux so file-systems.scm is a much better fit.
<nckx>Like admin.scm, linux.scm is already a rubbish dump.
<Noisytoot>Why are btrfs-progs and f2fs-tools in linux.scm?
<nckx>Because it's a rubbish dump.
<nckx>They may be de-facto Linux-only for now, not that that's convincing.
<nckx>I don't know why indent-code.el doesn't nix tabs, Noisy. I'm an elisp noob at heart.
<nckx>(indent-tabs-mode nil) doesn't affect existing tabs.
<Noisytoot>What does "udftools@2.3: sentences in description should be followed by two spaces; possible infraction at 212" mean?
<ecbrown>after a period at the end of a sentence, use two spaces instead of one between the period and the capital letter that starts the next sentence
<Noisytoot>What if the period is at the end of a line?
<ecbrown>it may be a lint error, not sure
<nckx>Trailing space?
<nckx>Noisytoot: This works:
<nckx>Any emacs wizards: is this sane?
<nckx>My elisp approach is that I know 5 hammers and I bang them together to get the shape I need.
<ecbrown>an off-the-wall theoretical question: can guile/guix in principle use elisp? istr guile-emacs and that guile has multiple language support
<nckx>Noisytoot: Share your package if you can't make that lint warning go away.
<ecbrown>(why? perhaps something from elisp's massive "standard library")
<rekado>ecbrown: Guile’s elisp support is really meant to be used with Emacs.
<ecbrown>rekado: oic, thanks. not to be like "hosted" in a guile environment
<rekado>Noisytoot: line 25 has only a single space.
<emestee>is anyone working on packaging ansible 2.10+?
<emestee>I should probably ask this on the mailing lists shouldn't I
<ecbrown>otherwise it could be like ships passing in the night. maybe someone will search for it though, i find stuff here all the time through websearch
<dstolfa>strongswan works
<emestee>use wireguard :D
*ecbrown slaps high five to dstolfa
<dstolfa>emestee: i would if i could
<dstolfa>you think i want to deal with this :D
<ecbrown>i need an option to bridge from my home network with aws. would this be compatible?
<ecbrown>like ike2
<dstolfa>ecbrown: for better or worse, ipsec tends to work with almost anything
<dstolfa>that's its main selling point
<ecbrown>yeah, it's a pain in the ass and all those files and tweaks have purpose
<nckx>dstolfa: Congrats!
<dstolfa>thanks for all the help, i'd like to think i understand guix way better after this than i did prior to it as well :)
<nckx>Will look :)
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<dstolfa>nckx: i have one bug leftover, and i figure it's easier to just ask. when i do an `ipsec stop` from the command line, the whole daemon gets killed (including all the subdaemons like charon). however, when i do (invoke #$ipsec "stop") the other daemons stay running.
<dstolfa>what could i do to fix that?
<dstolfa>hmm, actually nothing gets stopped
*dstolfa is confused
<apteryx_>civodul: out of curiosity, what does 'ulimit -S -n' show on your system?
<pkal>If I installed guix on Debian, can I make software I installed via Guix see my regular system fonts?
<dstolfa>roptat: a bit awkward
<tissevert>why ? is fosshost something important ?
<roptat>it hosts our bbb instance, that we used for the guix days
<tissevert>ohhhh ^^
<tissevert>awkward indeed
<tissevert>(I didn't know about the guix days, will there be guix days in 2021 ?)
<roptat>I hope so :)
<tissevert>great !
<katco>i'll just leave this here :)
<dstolfa>is there a way to pop a guile repl or some kind of debugger on `herd start/stop` for a particular service? for some reason a command that runs successfully doesn't do what i would expect it to do, and i don't know how to debug it
<tissevert>katco: ^^
<tissevert>I see what you're doing there ; )
<katco>i hope so as that was the point! haha
<roptat>well, matrix was the way for people to ask questions and presenters to coordinate, but it was all managed by a jitsi instance for presenters, which was then streamed live, with a widget in matrix to be able to watch the stream
<roptat>we might be able to do something similar if we can set up a stream, and use IRC or matrix as the communication channel
<katco>note that matrix has native integration for starting jitsi conferences in matrix rooms
<roptat>oh, I see
<katco>that was worded poorly. i should say that the reference client, element, has native integration for starting jitsi conferences from a matrix room. i know nothing about what support exists at the protocol level (i.e. matrix)
<avalenn>katco: there is none at the protocol level for group conferencing
<avalenn>Matrix can serve as signaling protocol for one-to-one WebRTC discussions, but no more
<avalenn>And it is not a priority of Matrix development at the moment as the client-side integration with Jitsi (and I wonder if there is one with BBB too) seems to be sufficiently useful for Matrix users
<qy>Whats my name
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<ix>drakonis: is your weechat config public?
<drakonis>Qy hello
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<drakonis>Ix: no but it was pretty basic
<drakonis>I just set up my weechat according to glowing bear's instructions and used my hand rolled nginx server blocks
<ix>Oh idc about glowing bear
<ix>I just can't reboot into guix for good cause all my services arent migrated
<ix>Like weechat (my bouncer)
<ix>Biboumi (backup bouncer)
<ix>Searx (search engine)
<ix>Not even sure what else
<drakonis>ix: tbf i just used it to set up a relay
<drakonis>works just as i want
<tissevert>trying to understand the valid patterns for delete-generations and taking the opportunity to try and understand the structure of the code for the guix command
<ixmpp>I just dont yet have the proficiency in guix to be setting up like 5 different major services
<tissevert>I stumble upon a lot of documentation in the various (define …) I find along my quest
<ixmpp>None of which seem to have predefined services
<tissevert>is this documentation somehow avalaible from the command line ?
<drakonis>invoke info guix
<ixmpp>drakonis: Wtb `services.weechat.enable = true;` lol
<tissevert>is that different from the online manual ?
<drakonis>that is the online manual
<ixmpp>Just in weirder form
<drakonis>ixmpp: at this point i would've preferred nix to provide the scaffolding for these kinds of things
<ixmpp>Well, i'll figure it out
<drakonis>i'll suggest you something instead
<ixmpp>Oh ok
<tissevert>I may be mistaken because I'm still a total noob but I've never seen things along the lines of «Return the list of available generations matching a pattern in STR» in the manual
<tissevert>I'm talking about low-level function documentation
<tissevert>(btw I've grepped the one-page-with all version for that and of course it isn't found)
<drakonis>oh right
<drakonis>the internal API isnt in the manual
<tissevert>sorry for being unclear ^^'
<drakonis>ixmpp: set up your web server and configure it correctly
<ixmpp>My home machine doesnt use a web server
<tissevert>what I liked was precisely the way digging deeper and deeper into guix-system then delete-generations then delete-matching-generations I was getting a clearer and clearer picture
<ixmpp>Oh, does it? It might, for searx
<drakonis>do you use a weechat relay?
<drakonis>i dont remember now
<tissevert>because from CLI guix system delete-generations --help didn't yield anything relevant about the patterns
<drakonis>regex maybe?
<drakonis>its probably date based?
<tissevert>absolutely, apparently there are both
<tissevert>generations numbers and «older than»
<ixmpp>drakonis: yep, weechat relay is my bouncer
<tissevert>which I find pretty clever and had not thought of using the CLI
<ixmpp>And yeah, i use searx without reverse proxy
<ixmpp>So no web server locally
<ixmpp>(well, i reverse proxy it remotely)
<tissevert>trouble with regex is I still haven't found two people agreeing on regex format without having had several hours to meet beforehand
<tissevert>and, of course something like '[2-4]' didn't work for me
<tissevert>(because that's obviously not a valid regex, come on !)
<tissevert>which is why I wanted to read the code myself instead of spamming this chan
<drakonis>ah yes
<drakonis>hold on
<tissevert>and thought instead I'd ask about the promising documentation strings
<tissevert>because then I'd probably be able to fish more efficiently myself
<dstolfa>sneek: later tell nckx: so i've got strongswan starting correctly, setting up the (legacy) configuration and all that, but when i run `herd stop strongswan`, i see that `$STORE/sbin/ipsec stop` gets run successfully (it returns #t), but it doesn't actually stop the daemon. if i run it from the shell, it works as expected. the stop gexp is literally (invoke #$ipsec "stop"), am i missing something?
<sneek>Got it.
<dstolfa>sneek: botsnack
<drakonis> and this is where it implements the function
<tissevert>sorry, my question is meta; I don't want you to grep the code for me, I had that file open in my editor before I started asking my question
<tissevert>I found that particular answer
<tissevert>I just noticed all this elegant documentation
<tissevert>that is not — unless I'm very mistaken about guile syntax — comment, but a proper string
<ix>drakonis: <ix> I'll have guix be a container in nixos
<ix>Btw that didnt work either
<tissevert>that I presume from my very limited understanding must somehow end up in data structure somewhere representing the defined function
<drakonis>what are you using for hosting guix in a container anyways?
<ix>And might have corrupted my filesystems :D
<ix>I can't systemd-nspawn guix to
<drakonis>you cant use it because it expects systemd on the container
<drakonis>lxc might have more success?
<tissevert>and, noticing this useful documentation didn't show up in --help (expected, there'd be quite a lot of it), I was wondering if there was an efficient way to query it from the command itself
<ix>Nothing in lxc makes sense
<drakonis>lxd then
<ix>I tried asking, folks arent even sure this is possible
<tissevert>(if not, then why make a proper string out of it and not mere comments ?)
<tissevert>thanks for your help, it's very appreciated but my question just happen to be more general
<ix>Honestly the good solution would be that something miraculously breaks nixos and i then *have* to setup guix
<dstolfa>drakonis: systemd-nspawn assumes systemd containers lol
<dstolfa>that sounds very unuseful
<ix>dstolfa: it's almost viral
<dstolfa>surely if you're spawning a container you'd want to not assume that it has the software you're already using?
<drakonis>tissevert: i apologize for not being able to help you
<ix>The point of systemd-nspawn is to support systemd in container-mode
<ix>Thats all it do
<dstolfa>ah, fair enough then
<dstolfa>i thought it was a general container mechanism
<ix>It's chroot with hacks
<dstolfa>yeah fair
<drakonis>its a ugly ugly creature.
<dstolfa>i can excuse that
<ix>I could use plain chroot tbf
<ix>But how ext
<drakonis>maybe uhhh
<ix>"*how exactly does one body guix
<drakonis>ressurect that PR you had for running guix on nixos?
<ix>Oh thats no issue, i have guix
<ix>It's the system i need to build up
<drakonis>it handles itself much more gracefully on foreign systems than nixos
<tissevert>drakonis: don't apologize, that was very nice to come to my rescue ! I didn't want to waste your time performing queries for me, but it was really nice
<tissevert>for you to do so
<ix>Talk about friendly customers
<tissevert>I was asking the question very broadly, just in case someone knew, it doesn't matter if I don't get an immediate answer
<ix>AW crap, searx and o
<ix>*biboumi arent even packaged
<drakonis>they're web services
<drakonis>go clone their repos idk
<drakonis>biboumi isnt as simple as searx anyways
<ix>I can live without biboumi for now tbh, searx is a major issue though since it's my phone's search engine... i'll try that for now i guess, since i have a weechat workaround
<drakonis>ixmpp: you still around?
<ixmpp>Rebooted the pc
<drakonis>its cmake
<drakonis>there's a cmake build system that should save you time
<ixmpp>Might make my first contribution :)
<drakonis>searx is python
<drakonis>uwsgi is already packaged
<ixmpp>Y'all really need at least a few more services premade, this is a little lacklustre
<detrout>Does anyone use the exim under guix? the default configuration file has some problems. (like erroring out trying to access ~/.forward because home directory permissions were 0700)
<drakonis>ixmpp: i agree
<drakonis>as long the services arent some slapdash stuff nobody will ever bother trying to fix it
<ixmpp>Yeah, having them out of tree works for that
<ixmpp>Yep, fs is corrupt :D
<ixmpp>I can spin this into good news
<benjaminwil>in my spare time i've been trying to create a system service, but it's been an uphill battle because i'm leaning guile and guix at the same time :D
<drakonis>it is time to make the jump eh?
<drakonis>did you try to mount a existing filesystem into a vm?
<drakonis>this is a recipe for pain
<ixmpp>Lol maybe
<ixmpp>I forgot it was already mounted
<drakonis>that sure is some fucked up shit
<roptat>tissevert, there's something in guile for getting the docstring, I don't remember exactly, but I can look it up in guile's manual
<ixmpp>Luckily it's not the drive with my stores on
<drakonis>did you lose anything of value?
<ixmpp>Im trying repair first
<ixmpp>If that fails ...maybe? Can't remember
<ixmpp>It's been over 2 years since i broke a disk
<ixmpp>2 years of junk
<ixmpp>Oof. Weechat config and logs.
<ixmpp>I really shouldnt have rebooted
<roptat>tissevert, procedure-documentation
<drakonis>oof keep backups
<roptat>tissevert, from a repl, you can load a module, like (use-modules (guix build utils)) and get the docstring: (procedure-documentation %store-directory)
<drakonis>i've already had this happen to me once
<ixmpp>> drakonis wrote:
<ixmpp>> oof keep backups
<ixmpp>I live life on the edge :D
<drakonis>but it was a botched partition resizing operation
<drakonis>ixmpp: play stupid games win stupid prizes :v
<ixmpp>It's something to do
<ixmpp>Ive never lost anything *real* valuable
<ixmpp>I just dont own valuable stuff, keeps things simple
<drakonis>i see i see
<ixmpp>Or if i have to, it's in a mist online somewhere
<drakonis>living life on the edge aint for me!
<ixmpp>Declarative config made it easy
<ixmpp>I can delete it all and i really only lose state
<ixmpp>And data
<ixmpp>I wanted to solve state/data using ipfs you but never got round to it
<drakonis>i bet you'll like guix home when it merges
<drakonis>also ipfs is available on guix
<ixmpp>I know, i saw :)
<drakonis>its pretty sweet.
<ixmpp>But i havent got any hard dependency on it to switch
***Kimapr0 is now known as Kimapr
<ixmpp>Glad it's here though
***Kimapr8 is now known as Kimapr
<ixmpp>There goes that entire partition
<ixmpp>Ok im all in now
<ixmpp>My config was on there
<ixmpp>And the
<ixmpp>Guix stuff wasnt committed/pushed
<roptat>ouch :/
<ixmpp>Ok so we're starting from actual absolute scratch, woop.
<drakonis>i'm massively pleased at the outcome of my migration to guix
<jonsger>drakonis: :)
<emestee>debian feels constricting now
<drakonis>it was smooth.
<drakonis>nginx is fine now
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<tissevert>roptat: that sounds great !! thank you
<tissevert>I have to become more acquainted with the repl
<tissevert>I still hardly know it and it's a bit impressive ^^
<roptat>it doesn't have to, you just type some commands and look at the result, very similar to a shell, but in a better programming language :p
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<ixmpp>Dammit my ssh keys
<ixmpp>Oh wait no i have those
<ixmpp>Gpg'd on server, phew
<ixmpp>Alright well it's installing, and then i'll have guix and no data :D yay/fml
<drakonis>i sense inner conflict...
<ixmpp>Im irritated that i lost everything, but i also guess this way i get off my ass and migrate
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<apteryx_>ixmpp: hehe, your story reminds me of how I got started with my first Guix System 5 years ago ;-).
<projectmoon>Is rustup in guix?
<leoprikler>Seems kinda pointless when you can install Rust via Guix, no?
<drakonis>how many rust versions are available?
<leoprikler>The entire bootstrap up to 1.5x IIRC
<apteryx_>drakonis: on core-updates only the last one is available and tested
<apteryx_>civodul: hi! Commit 84f8bae0f85de081bbc55aa54ad6a50981a06a43 introduced a regression; now we can't "./pre-inst-env guix refresh -u ffmpeg", for example
<apteryx_>the URL it uses lack the 'directory' component
<apteryx_>there's probably a confusion with the base-url variable, which exists both in the inner and outer scope
<apteryx_>sneek later tell mothacehe is it possible to configure the Cuirass result pages to display more than 10 times? The less clicking, the merrier.
<sneek>Got it.
<apteryx_>10 items*
<ixmpp>Those icons though
<roptat>isn't that beautiful? :)
<ixmpp>No?! 😂
<ixmpp>ɹl∀ight it boots now
<ixmpp>Thats a start
<ixmpp>Just can't log in
<ixmpp>> cannot make/remove an entry for the specified session
<ixmpp>/var/run/dbus/system-bus-socket missing
<apteryx_>ixmpp: perhaps you didn't include a service for dbus-root-service-type in your OS declaration?
<ixmpp>Saved me a search
<apteryx_>it's part of %desktop-services
<apteryx_>if you don't want to micro-manage these things
<ixmpp>Desktop services is there
<ixmpp>Can i somehow get guix to body directly into a shell?
<ixmpp>I.e. without login, so i can mess with it from inside
<ixmpp>Without having to redo `guix system init` from a usb continually
<efraim>I think 'set!' is causing failures on powerpc-linux on core-updates
<projectmoon>leoprikler: as long as the version is current, it should be fine
<ixmpp>I took GNOME out of the services
<ixmpp>I'll add it back
<ixmpp>Maybe it's needed...
<ixmpp>How odd
<apteryx_>sneek: would you know why we have both rav1e and rust-rav1e ? Both are Rust-built, AFAICS.
<apteryx_>sneek: later tell lfam would you know why we have both rav1e and rust-rav1e ? Both are Rust-built, AFAICS.
<sneek>Will do.
<apteryx_>I guess rust-rav1e is the future-looking package, or rav1e-next
<apteryx_>sneek later tell lfam oh I now see that the rust-rav1e variant is just sources
<sneek>Got it.
<apteryx_>doesn't appear to be used by anything... uh.
<ixmpp>Ok, its a lot bigger with GNOME...
<civodul>apteryx_: re "guix refresh ffmpeg", i'll take a look, thanks!
<mothacehe>the r-minimal build is consistently failing on berlin: preventing any r package to build
<sneek>mothacehe, you have 1 message!
<sneek>mothacehe, apteryx_ says: is it possible to configure the Cuirass result pages to display more than 10 times? The less clicking, the merrier.
<mothacehe>apteryx_: a limit is still needed but we could raise it to say 100 for instance?
<ixmpp>Var is needed for boot
<drakonis>mothace: apteryx corrected times to items
<apteryx_>sneek: later tell mothacehe yes that'd be a good improvement already :-)
<sneek>Got it.
<ixmpp>Fourth time's the charm
<apteryx_>rust users; any clue what that means? error: crate `log` required to be available in rlib format, but was not found in this form
<apteryx_>ixmpp: you might want to start with a known-good config (e.g., one of the templates under gnu/system/examples/), have a booting system, then you can refine it to your taste
<ixmpp>I did lol
<ixmpp>I just tweaked it a bit
<apteryx_>ok :-)
<ixmpp>Clearly that was a bad idea
<ixmpp>I dont think i changed much!
<ixmpp>Ah well.
<apteryx_>at least you can easily roll-back, right? Experimentation is cheap.
<ixmpp>sort of. I have to install from the liveusb, so it takes ages
<ixmpp>Cause i have no other OS now
<apteryx_>I'm not sure I'm following; did you manage to guix system init successfully once on your hard drive?
<jeko>Yo Guixters !
<ixmpp>apteryx_: I did before. Then broke my FS. Im now trying to recreate something from scratch but im running into issues getting a config that boots and let's me log in
<ixmpp>And iterating is slow cause liveusb
<apteryx_>Ah. I see. Broke the FS was the part I missed, eh.
<ixmpp>Ah, yeah, that was this morning
<nckx>Heyo Guixes.
<sneek>Welcome back nckx, you have 1 message!
<sneek>nckx, dstolfa says: so i've got strongswan starting correctly, setting up the (legacy) configuration and all that, but when i run `herd stop strongswan`, i see that `$STORE/sbin/ipsec stop` gets run successfully (it returns #t), but it doesn't actually stop the daemon. if i run it from the shell, it works as expected. the stop gexp is literally (invoke #$ipsec "stop"), am i missing something?
<nckx>raghavgururajan: Corruption runs rampant-ish in your store! Did you add ,repair?
<nckx>dstolfa: Do you know how ‘ipsec stop’ actually stops the daemon? Does it read the PID from somewhere? Prod a socket?
<drakonis>nckx: who runs sneek, you?
<nckx>dsmith in #guile.
<drakonis>I see
<nckx>Apparently her source is published now so we could, but it raises ethical issues re cloning and bot consciousness.
<nckx>She OK?
<nckx>sneek: botsnack!
<nckx>Slow & happy, so nothing new.
<drakonis>Wanted to invite for usage in a private channel
<nckx>Re-reading my logs ‘source available’ is an optimistic reading of something I didn't go into because it wasn't the point. Wish I had, now.
<nckx>drakonis: I have <> here, which is public so should be OK to share. Not sure if that's all of her though.
<nckx>Got my networks mixed up again. dsmith already replied.
<nckx>I should delete my Freenode account.
*nckx looks at empty popcorn bucket.
<nckx>I should delete my Freenode account.
<apteryx_>civodul: strange; during the download of, the 'substitute' process is generating a sustained 4 MiB/s of writes while the file is being downloaded slowly at < 100 KiB/s.
<ixmpp>nckx: I already did :)
<ixmpp>Along with all the others >_>
<itd>Strings in a `guix build` backtrace are truncated. I'd like to see them. For that, I need to set the COLUMNS env var for the guix daemon, correct?
<ixmpp>Well, network config, not nickserv account
<nckx>I'm kinda afraid they'll seize #guix if I do that.
<ixmpp>Is it +i?
<nckx>Should be?
<civodul>apteryx_: the "download speed" displayed includes actual download + decompression + deduplication + hashing
<ixmpp>So nobody goes there
<nckx>It is a veritable smörgåsbord of modes, of which +i is one.
<ixmpp>Should be fine right?
<civodul>apteryx_: yet, there shouldn't be such a big difference; anyhow, i'm interested in profiling data :-)
<nckx>Well, I'm sure staff is exempt.
<ixmpp>Well yeah but i mean to say, we've moved, no new users should turn up there
<nckx>We had 1 or 2 (literally: it was either one or two, can't remember which) since the move.
<nckx>That was the first week though.
<nckx>I guess so.
<apteryx_>civodul: I've left a strace log of the substitute process on berlin; 'substitute.trace2' under my home
<vagrantc>nckx: you've been parked on That Old Irc Network just to prevent a hostile takeover of the channel?
<sneek>vagrantc, you have 1 message!
<sneek>vagrantc, efraim says: I'd love to hear about the pinebookpro image, mine just arrived in country and I should be getting it later this week
<efraim>It's even here now!
<vagrantc>efraim: i don't have an image builder, per se, but i have a system i configured ages ago and keep upgrading, and sometimes swap the microSD between the pinebook and pinebook-pro
<efraim>And a sifive unmatched
<nckx>vagrantc: If you're implying I care too much, you're right.
<vagrantc>nckx: i appluad your determination on lost causes :)
<vagrantc>every time i try the new guix disk-image or whatever i realize it's for cross-compiling only
<vagrantc>there's even a bug or two about that
<efraim>I grabbed the uboot from the shipped image, I'll try booting a Debian image tomorrow probably
<vagrantc>efraim: the u-boot for pinebook-pro in guix is way better, it even lets you interact using the keyboard and displays to the screen!
<efraim>I meant for the riscv board
<vagrantc>efraim: in theory i'll get an unmatched distraction soon as well
<efraim>I wasn't sure if it was merged upstream yet
<vagrantc>haven't seen anything yet
<efraim>I got mine booting at the local computer store, everyone wanted to see what it was
<efraim>I got my shipping notification just days before it arrived
<vagrantc>efraim: but this looks promising:
<efraim>I'll try grabbing the patches and using them to make a uboot package in the morning
<vagrantc>efraim: might also be worth updating to the latest u-boot release candidate ... i've got u-boot-2021.07 pegged at v2021.07-rc1, but i think -rc3 is out
<civodul>apteryx_: i'd rather use "perf timechart" for such things, as in
<civodul>but, it's often tedious to analyze that...
<ixmpp>Ok score
<ixmpp>It booted
<ixmpp>Now i need... nongnu things
<ixmpp>Cause i can only ssh in
<ixmpp>Graphics dead
<dstolfa>nckx: i'll take a look, but it's good to know that it's not on guix's end
<nckx>I didn't mean to imply that. We just have far too little info to effectively guess.
<drakonis>Log searching isnt working
<nckx>IRC log?
<nckx>Indexing stopped in February. I've reported it a few times, but not on the Web.
<nckx>Just here.
<nckx>rekado: Sorry to bother you again. :)
<nckx>Should I open a bug instead?
<nckx>drakonis: If it important I could provide Log Search as a Service…
<ixmpp>(servics log-search-service-type)?
<drakonis>I'll pm you something soon
<nckx>lol. Love it.
<rekado>nckx: I think this is related to the fact that this goggles service runs in a container.
<rekado>I really do.
<ixmpp>I already miss my logs :/
<nckx>I was just going to add ‘or you can download all the logs’ but let's do this. grepaaS.
<rekado>I have *nothing* to base this on, but it totally worked when I ran it manually.
<rekado>I’ve run out of steam to look into this
<nckx>rekado: But… I don't like containers or debugging them and you can't make me :'(
<nckx>I totally understand.
<rekado>nobody should debug them.
<rekado>I kinda just want them gone.
<sharlatan>Hi all
<rekado>it’s so weird
<civodul>we could try and run it outside a container and see?
<nckx>Hi sharlatan.
<nckx>Is it containerisationised ‘for security’ or for something containers actually do well?
<sharlatan>I see you discussing docker (?) on that topic is there other virtualization facility availalbe in Guix but libvirt and KVM?
<nckx>I don't think we were discussing Docker…
<rekado>this is not difficult. It’s just writing to and reading from a file. But every time I look at this my movements slow, my eyes feel like I steeped them in whiskey for hours, and any attempt to speak just produces grunts.
<rekado>nckx: I think the containerisationisation was done because we could.
<rekado>it was that time of the year.
<rekado>civodul would certainly know more. But the facts are that we had no service for a long time; and then civodul thought a service into being.
<nckx>It seemed like a good idea walking home, along with stealing road signs & traffic cones.
<rekado>traffic cones are much heavier than I thought. I regretted taking them the moment I picked them up, but at that point I was committed.
<civodul>i should take a look
<nckx>Apparently those flashing lights used at road works are ‘tamper proof’ and hard to switch off at home.
<nckx>civodul: It's better you do, I'd just start with deleting /container & random keywords.
<nckx>It wouldn't end well.
<dstolfa>hum, i may have messed up the stop service and had it kill my entire system
<rekado>(why does everything feel like Friday now?)
<rekado>dstolfa: there’s a “stop” service?
<rekado>what’s it do?
<nckx>Stops the system, it seems.
<rekado>> error in finalization thread: Success
<dstolfa>rekado: well um, it was #~(make-kill-destructor)
<nckx>rekado: Stop action for strongswan, but it doesn't.
<dstolfa>but when i did herd stop strongswan it stopped strongswan, sddm, my networking, disconnected all my usb devices and all that
<nckx>Did it stop them ‘graciously’ (ahem) or did it crash?
<dstolfa>it stopped everything garciously
<dstolfa>it basically behaved as if i did `halt`
<dstolfa>i assume that what happened was, strongswan bringup was botched, make-kill-destructor got pid1 and it just killed everything
<nckx>Does the service (provision …) anything?
<dstolfa>it does, i can send you the service code
<nckx>I once provisioned 'networking and it brought down way too much.
<dstolfa>this killed the whole system
<nckx>OK, you're not pretending to provide networking, so that's not the problem.
<nckx>And you're not forking.
<nckx>I always thought make-forkexec-constructor took a list.
<nckx>But it starts?
<dstolfa>it uh, pretends to start but it doesn't actually start the daemon
<dstolfa>unsure why
<civodul>nckx: it can be passed a string but that's deprecated
<dstolfa>oh, command is a list of strings
<dstolfa>maybe in it's worth changing "command" to "commands"
<dstolfa>i assumed "command" was singular here
<nckx>OK, but the string looks like "…/sbin/ipsecstart --nofork" here.
<nckx>(=missing space?)
<dstolfa>nckx: yes, it's a missing space, that's my fault
<nckx>I'm not excusing the Shepherd's lack of error logging or apparent suicide-bomber failure mode (nor am I doing anything to improve it), but that might fix your starting problem…
<ixmpp>> suicide-bomber failure mode
<dstolfa>i'm unable to parse this error backtrace
<Noisytoot>Guix contains font-ubuntu, which is licensed under the Ubuntu Font License, which has not been approved by the FSF, and is considered nonfree by Fedora and Debian:
<dstolfa>nckx: this is produced when i pass in a list to make-forkexec-constructor rather than just a string
<vagrantc>Noisytoot: report a bug!
<dstolfa>same code as above, just with a space on " start" and (list ...)
<vagrantc>efraim: oh, looks like the unmatched support is merged on u-boot master
<drakonis>Noisytoot: oh no my nice looking fonts!
<nckx>dstolfa: You'd write either (string-append #$ipsec " start --foo") or (list #$ipsec "start" "-foo").
<GNUtoo>Hi, I keep having that error: "guix pull: error: Git error: object not found - no match for id (641a88e8c8c3fe160e8d4a4cf76c685440698fb6)" when running guix pull
<nckx>dstolfa: Does the latter not work?
<GNUtoo>Maybe I've some filesystem corruptions, in that case, where do I find the underlying git repo to inspect it and/or fix it there
<civodul>GNUtoo: could it be that the cached checkout is corrupt? you can try: "rm -rf ~/.cache/guix/checkouts"
<nckx>GNUtoo: First, remove ~/.cache/guix/checkouts.
<civodul>this is a premium support channel, welcome
<dstolfa>nckx: it doesn't, same error as the one in pastebin
<dstolfa>i forgot guix environment...
*dstolfa hides
<GNUtoo>Thanks a lot
<dstolfa>nckx: okay, now everything works as expected. thanks
<dstolfa>i'll clean up the code and send in a patch
<nckx>Noisytoot: And it's only non-free because of a copy-paste typo. How sad.
<nckx>dstolfa: …! OK. Nice.
<Noisytoot>nckx, Which typo?
<dstolfa>oh that is unfortunate
<nckx>The problem is very ‘technical’ & wholly unintentional.
<Noisytoot>The copyright holder could correct it
<nckx>That said, Canonical knows better than to NIH licenses.
<nckx>Debian's objection is a different one.
<nckx>And I doubt very much Canonical will accomodate their demands.
<drakonis>a silly hypothetical, could guix, at some point split with the gnu project and use dfsg instead of fsdg?
*vagrantc has stumbled over those two acronyms so many times