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<civodul>pineapples: hmmm!
<civodul>it doesn't click for me
<civodul>or not yet :-)
<pineapples>civodul: That's fair. To be honest, I'm only letting you know of this because the last thing I want to happen is to GNU Guix' development to stale at some point in the far future :(
<civodul>pineapples: i think we're far from stagnation :-), but i'm glad you shared this!
<pineapples>I just wish for Guix to innovate and evolve as time goes on :) Anyway, you're very welcome, civodul!
<civodul>some of it made me think of the GWL
<civodul>the GWL is essentially extending to other application domains
<civodul>*extending the Guix model
<vagrantc>oh no, i have typoed a commit message.
<vagrantc>too much "since" for me.
<db48x>amend it
<vagrantc>db48x: already pushed and signed
<vagrantc>so the only package that appears to be getting built on master is "guix"
<vagrantc>every recent commit has only built a guix derivation, regardless of the commit
<vagrantc>for three architectures
<vagrantc>pretty sure updating diffoscope should at least build diffoscope, and updating linux-libre configurations should probably build their corresponding linux-libre packages ...
<vagrantc>but every evaluation only builds guix
<vagrantc>oh, maybe it's just a UI issue ... the two things i just pushed apparently do have relevent builds, they're just not showing up on the evaluation
<vagrantc>hah. was reading the wrong page ... need to read master
<vagrantc>oh no, i typoed even harder that commit message.
<jorge[m]>Hola, puedo pausar un guix package -u ??
<pkill9>does bubblewrap (sandboxing) require root to work?
<roptat>jorge[m], if I understand what you're asking, you can simply cancel it and try again later
<roptat>it'll start again at the point you left it at
<roptat>pkill9, I don't think so, opam uses it, and it doesn't require root
<roptat>but it might require some specific configuration to be able to execute stuff in the sandbox (like mounting /gnu, etc)
<jorge[m]><roptat "it'll start again at the point y"> no,solo pausar
<jorge[m]><roptat "pkill9, I don't think so, opam u"> Si,empezar donde lo deje mas tarde
<vagrantc>jorge[m]: pienso que ctrl-z
<jorge[m]><vagrantc "jorge: pienso que ctrl-z"> Si funciona y para continuar ?
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<siraben>jorge: fg en el terminal
<siraben>pero, guix es transacional entonces puedes interrumpirlo sin problemas
<siraben>no es necesario enviar el proceso al background
<karthik[m]>Guix in progress !!
*karthik[m] uploaded an image: (167KiB) < >
<LeonLainDelysid>I need some help. I installed the gcc-toolchain package on my Ubuntu laptop, but whenever I use gcc, I get the following error message: guile: warning: failed to install locale
<LeonLainDelysid>Anyone here knows how to fix this?
<mdevos>LeonLainDelysid: IIUC, that error has been fixed recently
<mdevos>maybe run "guix pull" and "guix package -u"?
<mdevos>At least, it was discussed and there were some patches
<mdevos>(It was not gcc-toolchain though, but something else)
<LeonLainDelysid>Well, I ran a guix pull and guix upgrade a few hours ago, but I still get the error message
<mdevos>I'll try to reproduce
<LeonLainDelysid>I have to be AFK, I'm sorry, but I'll stay connected and read your answers when I get back
<LeonLainDelysid>Thanks for your help!
<mdevos>You don't have to be connected when AFK, you can read
<mdevos>LeonLainDelysid: I cannot reproduce in a pure environment (guix environment --pure --ad-hoc gcc-toolchain -- gcc --help).
<mdevos>guix version: f47b8b332b3adaab8743775b9e45638dcd381e78
<mdevos>I can reproduce now:
<mdevos>guix environment --pure --ad-hoc gcc-toolchain --
<mdevos>[env]$ LANG=nl gcc -Wall a.c
<mdevos>[env]$ LANG=nl_NL.utf-8 gcc -Wall a.c # this only hives a "'...' is uninitialized" warning!
<mdevos>* gives
<mdevos>What is $LANG, $LC_ALL, etc?
*mdevos afk
<patr1>hi guixers!
<kreved>hi. have anyone tried to setup xdg-desktop-portal screensharing on guix?
<dekenevs>Hm coming back to whatever lex problem. So apparently building binutils-mesboot0 fails because it cannot find lex because some test -w (afair) fails during configure, and it cannot update config.cache. After researching this in the mailing this, i found that apparently two kernel options are to blame for this. I still don't understand how these are to blame for a test command, but how would i proceed next? Imo it should work for any kernel, this test -w.
<dekenevs>Should I open a bug? Ludovic C says in the list it works for him, but he s not using the same kernel options as I do most probably. I would guess this could be reported as a bug in the mesboot project?
<patr1>Hi. Since a `guix update' on GuixSD, I have an issue with pinentry-emacs. In a terminal, the command gives me "stat: No such file or directory". However it is installed. ` guix package --list-installed | grep pinentry-emacs' gives me "pinentry-emacs 1.1.1 out /gnu/store/zwlbgpprcnfcz95df6v25apknf0dxdhv-pinentry-emacs-1.1.1"... Any clue?
<to-hu>Hello guix!
<to-hu>I'm currently installing guix and found a minor flaw in the manual(missing link to keyboard-layout in the operating system reference). Where could I propose enhancements?
<to-hu>Ahh, it's already fixed in latest. Sorry
<apteryx>civodul: I just noticed one thing with the VM; if I logout, it relogs me back automatically, but the top bar and bottom bars are gone
<apteryx>running 'xfce4-panel' manually fixes that
<apteryx>is someone able to reproduce? using version-1.3.0 (./pre-inst-env guix system image -t qcow2 gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl)
<apteryx>eh, cannot reproduce
<apteryx>it's very strange though that vd-agent scaling is much better after a re-login; it seems on the original login it only manages to 'scale' the resolution rather than truly change it
<apteryx>it'd be nice if it was that way on the first login
<apteryx>in Xorg.0.log, on the first login: [ 163.409] resizing primary to 1024x768
<apteryx>while after a re-login, I get: [ 819.484] resizing primary to 1918x1032
<apteryx>uh, apparently spice-vdagent just notifies the desktop of the change, and it should handle it. GNOME does, XFCE doesn't. See the upstream (7 years old) XFCE bug here:, and workarounds such as:
<apteryx>we could try to make a service for that spice-autorandr thingy; but that's not exactly blocking 1.3.0.
*apteryx proceeds to upload rc2 artifacts
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<bone-baboon>I am still having this problem of clients of a substitute server building packages that should be available from the substitute server:
<bone-baboon>What command should I run -v3 on to get a packages store file name:
<fjl>Does submitting patch to requires any registration?
<yoctocell>fjl: No, just send the patch as an email with `git send-email'. Also, see `16.6 Submitting Patches' in the manual.
<bone-baboon>On thing that I am attempting to address this issue with my substitute server is to have ~/.config/guix/channels.scm only have a channel for a clone of the Guix repository on my substitute server.
<bone-baboon>The substitute server is setup to use Git with ssh. When I run the command `git clone <user>@<ip-address>:/path/to/cloned/guix/repo/` I can successfully clone the Git repository.
<bone-baboon>However when I run `guix pull --substitute-urls=<my-substitute-server-url>` it fails with this error "guix pull: error: Git error: error authenticating: no auth sock variable".
<bone-baboon>In ~/.config/guix/channels.scm I have tried for the url both "ssh://<user>@<ip-address>:/path/to/guix-repo" and "<user>@<ip-address>:/path/to/guix-repo" but I get the same guix pull git error above.
<fjl>yoctocell: That's what I did, but I do not see it in list archives so I started to doubt
<yoctocell>fjl: Did you get an `acknowlegdement' email back from debbugs?
<fjl>nope, only cc
<yoctocell>What do you mean with "only cc"?
<fjl>cc to my own email
<yoctocell>You mean that you cc'd yourself in the patch you sent to
<yoctocell>Whenever you send a patch to you should get an `acknowledgement' email from debbugs, the subject should be something like this "bug#48244: Acknowledgement ([PATCH] gnu: Add python-fb-re2.)"
<fjl>Yes, it was the git send-email default
<fjl>So, I've never received an acknowledgement.
<fjl>But it has not bounced either
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<yoctocell>What happens if you try to send it again? ;)
<fjl>I'll be banned forever ;)
<fjl>Let's try
<fjl>yoctocell: The same again. I must be doing something wrong, but I have no idea what could it be.
<fjl>I'm able to send the patch to any other email I try
<yoctocell>fjl: Hmm, weird. I dunno what's wrong...
<fjl>Yeah, I'm out of ideas.
<bone-baboon>fjl: You probably already tried this but did you double check the patch email you are sending to for typos?
<fjl>bone-baboon: (copy/paste)
<i1l>sneek seen Kimapr?
<sneek>Kimapr_ was last seen in #guix 2 months ago, saying: there's an emacs irc command to send output of /names to a channel?.
<fjl>Ok, acknowledgment arrived after two hours and now patch is visible in the issues. Thanks yoctocell & bone-baboon for help.
<bone-baboon>I just tried to do a system reconfiguration. I got a error saying no such file or directory for the configuration. However the configuration file does exist and I can open it at the location I provided in the command. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I have not seen this behavior before.
<bone-baboon>`sudo guix system reconfigure <location-of-configuration>`
<bone-baboon>"guix system: error: failed to load '/path/to/configuration.scm': No such file or directory"
<mekeor>hello guix! when i run `emacs --daemon` within a shell, the emacs-daemon terminates when i terminate the shell. how to prevent that?
<merazi>Hello guix! :D
<mekeor>hello merazi :)
<merazi>How are you?
<merazi>missclick, sorry x_x
<apteryx>wow! I just booted a forgotten machine; it has Guile 2.2.7 and Shepherd was using 33 MiB of memory; comparing with my current machine, Shepherd is using 2.4 MiB (running on Guile 3.0.2)
<vivien_>apteryx, doe both shepherds manage the same services?
<apteryx>my current machine is the same but with more services (accumulated over time :-))
<apteryx>I mean the same config
<apteryx>herd status | wc -l has 81 entry on my current machine, the old box had 58
<mekeor>apteryx: tbh, i think shepherd has a memory leak which makes it use more memory over time
<merazi>Does anyone here use xfce4 on Guix System? Do the tray icons look weird for you?
<iskarian>I'm on xfce4, I only have the audio tray icon but it looks fine to me
<iskarian>What are you seeing?
<apteryx>mekeor: well that old machine was freshly booted, so it's not leaked at that point
<mekeor>for "git clone user@some-guix-machine:/path/to/repo" to work, do i have to set the ssh-configuration-variable PermitUserEnvironment to true?
<apteryx>merazi: Using the 1.3.0rc2 VM image it looks fine
<mekeor>apteryx: ah awesome then, wow coool
<apteryx>I just realized I fail uploading it to the gnu alpha FTP (doing so now), after it's uploaded I'll send a mail to call for testers for RC2, and you can fetch it and run it too see too!
<apteryx>to see*, err.
<merazi>iskarian: The icons are displaying some glitchy artifacts, some of them are not recognizable at all
<merazi>GNOME3 was presenting the same behaviour so I thought it was a GNOME issue :thinking_face:
<iskarian>merazi, is there anyplace else you're seeing similar artifacts, or just in tray (dock?) icons?
<merazi>Just on the tray icons, the pulseaudio plugin icon looks good tho
<merazi>Maybe it has something to do with this bug report: ?
<iskarian>Hmmmmm, I wouldn't expect artifacts if the icon is plain missing though.
<merazi>It shows as a legacy adwaita icon, even tho I'm using a custom icon pack
<iskarian>Ahh, the problem is probably to do with the custom icon pack
<iskarian>Is it packaged for guix or did you manually install (and if so, where)?
<ekaitz>iskarian: I'm having the same issue in any gtk app, like Dino, for instance
<merazi>It is packaged with guix, its elementary-xfce-icon-pack
<iskarian>ekaitz, any custom icons? which wm are you using?
<ekaitz>I don't think so, i just installed plain GNOME
<ekaitz>and some apps fail to show the icons
<ekaitz>let me show you a picture or something
<ekaitz>you can see the cleaning icon is weird
<merazi>That's the same type of "artifacts" I'm seeing
<ekaitz>but this is happening since I installed guix one year ago or more
<ekaitz>I learned to live with that...
<ekaitz>merazi: yeah right? this looks like a common issue
<merazi>it's not a big deal, but it is still weird
<ekaitz>this specific icon is the "clean form" icon on dino search, so we might be able to track it down to the Dino code and see which icon is failing and why
<ekaitz>and then try to find a global solution to that
<iskarian>Installing Dino as we speak :)
<iskarian>I wonder if it's a bug with an icon library...
<ekaitz>if you hit the search button in a conversation you can see it
<ekaitz>there are also broken icons in Evince
<iskarian>Have you seen this issue fgor any non-gnome/non-gtk apps?
<merazi>I'll try installing libnotify :thinking_face:
<ekaitz>i think it's just for gtk apps
<ekaitz>I don't use that many of other apps so it might happen with them too, the most obvious examples are dino and evince
<ekaitz>in evince there are even symbols of missing icon, instead of a weird artifact
<ekaitz>oh in dino the icon of sending files is also broken
<ekaitz>haha so much time with the issue that I got used to it :)
<merazi>it's part of the charm
<ekaitz>yeah, having to click on the buttons to know what they actually do, and then remember what they do by the position they have :D
<merazi>:D it's a feature!
<ekaitz>great for the memory
<merazi>of course
<rekado_>ekaitz: I see this in the Gnome shell a lot.
<ekaitz>hah! everybody has this issue and nobody fixed it!
<ekaitz>rekado_: any clue of what can be causing it?
<leoprikler>missing icons is mostly missing icon themes
<leoprikler>though in the case of evince it has adwaita, so I wonder what goes wrong there
<Rovanion>Would anyone happen to know what to do about this error: guix/build/union.scm:144:11: union-build: collision between file and directories ((files ("/gnu/store/w0y3m5di646snpydm1qrz2a18b41pja9-sendmail-8.16.1/libexec")) (dirs ("/gnu/store/v6f44zccwh9z5zk3pjlywjybbi8n2hjh-tar-1.32/libexec" "/gnu/store/hic7snhayfl7m6cpfqqr73nmm19bpqkg-findutils-4.7.0/libexec"
<Rovanion>"/gnu/store/swqdvwri9dbv6zssg6v0by7l05hd6wxp-gawk-5.0.1/libexec" "/gnu/store/57xj5gcy1jbl9ai2lnrqnpr0dald9i65-coreutils-8.32/libexec" "/gnu/store/rn75fm7adgx3pw5j8pg3bczfqq1y17lk-gcc-7.5.0/libexec" "/gnu/store/fa6wj5bxkj5ll1d7292a70knmyl7a0cr-glibc-2.31/libexec")))
<Rovanion>Oh, sorry.
<Rovanion>That was supposed to be the pastebin link.
<Rovanion>This thing:
<Kimapr[m]>i1l: hello, i'm here
<ekaitz>leoprikler: yeah evince's case is the craziest because it's a pretty standard app on GNOME so... it should come with the icons installed
<leoprikler>Is this a problem inside or outside GNOME?
<rekado_>leoprikler: doesn’t look like missing icons
<rekado_>more like misrendered icons
<ekaitz> this is evince
<ekaitz>this is directly missing
<ekaitz>but in general they are misrendered, yeah like if they were too big or having some weird offsets
<leoprikler>hmm, would adding hicolor-icon-theme as input improve things?
<rekado_>oh, yes, but that icon to the right is like a handful of icons are overlaid on top of each other.
<merazi>I'm installing those... The profile is taking a while to build tho
<ekaitz>I have the rendering issues in i3 too
<rekado_>(FWIW I have no missing icons here.)
<merazi>I'll be back in a moment
<ekaitz>but also in GNOME (i have both installed)
<Kimapr[m]>sneek tell i1l i'm mostly lurking here, and also got banned from freenode some time ago for misbehaving client (240 minutes, ban should be gone already), so i'm hesitant to reconnect. currently talking from the bridge on matrix
<sneek>i1l, Kimapr[m] says: i'm mostly lurking here, and also got banned from freenode some time ago for misbehaving client (240 minutes, ban should be gone already), so i'm hesitant to reconnect. currently talking from the bridge on matrix
<leoprikler>disclaimer: I don't get most of those issues running in gnome, so I think some settings, that come OOTB when running gnome fix them
<leoprikler>sneek tell Kimapr[m] use "later tell" instead of "tell"
<Kimapr[m]>why it die?
<leoprikler>perhaps it hates matrix users?
<apteryx>merazi: this vm image has an XFCE system; I don't see any icons problem with it, if you'd like to compare:
<Kimapr[m]>it could hate non-alphanumeric characters, which my irc identity of my matrix account clearly has
<iskarian>I just installed hicolor-icon-theme, and there are still missing and artifacting icons
<iskarian>in evince
<rekado_>speaking of problems everyone might be having: does command completion work for all of you?
<iskarian>and in dino
<apteryx>rekado_: yes
<apteryx>(for me)
<rekado_>whenever I try to complete a Guix command in M-x shell it tries and fails to spawn some REPL and then dies.
<rekado_>does this need extra configuration or should it just work?
<apteryx>ah, in Emacs. You need the emacs-bash-completion package or something to boot
<apteryx>not sure it's related to your problem but it's necessary anyway IIRC to get any Bash completion in Emacs' M-x shell.
<apteryx>but beware that it behaves extremely badly in 'guix environment'; you'll be hitting C-g every couple characters to see what you're typing :-/.
<iskarian>Manually installing adwaita-icon-theme to my profile fixed missing icons for dino but not for evince; artifacts remain
<ekaitz>shouldn't those packages be part of the application dependencies?
<ekaitz>or even be part of the GNOME system!
<iskarian>evince does have adwaita-icon-theme as a dependency
<leoprikler>that's the missing path
<leoprikler>so it's probably a messed-up one?
<leoprikler>btw it's also missing missing-image-ltr xD
<ekaitz>but why is that? do we have a weird adwaita package?
<leoprikler>that appears to be a resource path
<iskarian>that's odd, Adwaita/*/actions/view-list-bullet-symbolic.svg exists -- is this the same icon, different path?
<leoprikler>Again, it's a resource path, not a file system path.
<leoprikler>In particular, the resource is defined at
<leoprikler>Direct link:
<ekaitz>this is going to sound superignorant but: what does that change?
<leoprikler>gresources are located elsewhere and use their own name lookup
<leoprikler>fwiw I found the same bug in gtk:
<tissevert>good morning guix !
<leoprikler>okay, not the same bug, a similar one
<ekaitz>leoprikler: alright, so does our adwaita package contain the final path?
<leoprikler>afaik it does not, that'd be libadwaita, not adwaita-icon-theme
<leoprikler>why distinguish the two? don't ask me
<pineapples>I have a question regarding the garbage collector. What would happen in a scenario where a scheduled garbage collector job runs during `guix system reconfigure`? Would they clash together, damaging the most recent system generation?
<leoprikler>I can imagine either doing unnecessary work, but IIUC the garbage collector should ignore active processes
<leoprikler>ekaitz: it should be part of gtk's gresource
<pineapples>leoprikler: Hmm.. Thanks. I might re-schedule the garbage collector job to avoid this scenario; though, if you are correct, then if my only concern is damaging the most recent generation, I can leave my configuration as-is.
<leoprikler>putting gtk+ into a pure environment makes evince barf less, but still no icon
<pbool>I started playing with Guix in a different distribution. I really like it in principle, and Guile seems more readable/approachable/modular than Nix (which I tried a while ago). However, I was shocked to see how many dependencies it pulls. I wanted to install Elixir, the programming language, and it downloaded `cdparanoia` and `wayland` among other things. That's because by default it pulls in Erlang,
<pbool>which pulls all its libraries including wxWidgets, and so on... I'm wondering: 1) is this an acknowledged issue in the community? 2) is there some planned work or open conversation around it? 3) Is there a solution I way to limit the transitive dependencies with the current CLI that I've missed?
<ekaitz>pbool: one thing is downloading and other installing, right?
<ekaitz>are you 100% sure that all those libs are being downloaded because of the installation? sometimes I see my system download random stuff for other reasons
<pbool>ekaitz: right
<pbool>ekaitz: I ran `guix graph elixir` and such dependencies were there.
<ekaitz>yeah, true I'm just looking for the contents...
<ekaitz>it's because of erlang, as you said
<ekaitz>it's using wxwidgets
<ekaitz>you can create a custom package deleting the line "--enable-wx" from the build flags
<leoprikler>we do try to optimize closure size, but it's not always easy
<ekaitz>optimizing the closure size in this case it would mean that erlang would not have support for building UI applications, so that's not something we want for a distro
<ekaitz>having several erlang outputs is also something we could do
<ekaitz>in python we do that with tkinter iirc
<pbool>ekaitz: sweet. I'm itching to learning how it all works. So I can just copy the .scm file, make the change and install it with `guix install --slurp-this-file`? (I don't know the actual option).
<ekaitz>i think the function is something like -f file.scm, but you need to make the file evaluate to the package
<ekaitz>but yeah, pretty much what you explained
<ekaitz>it's "easy"
<pbool>leoprikler: I totally appreciate it's not easy to divide up the dependencies, and I'm grateful for all the free software I get to use with no obligation to pay a penny. I also find it an interesting problem and I'll try to do what ekaitz suggested.
<ekaitz>pbool: as some context, I don't know if we still do it but in python we had different outputs for the tkinter gui system and for plain python. Outputs are an interesting tool for that. But you can simply make your own lightweight erlang package and be free :)
<ekaitz>complex packages like... blender, for example, have tons of optional dependencies so we have to choose... and as we want this to be useful for the widest variety of users we have to include most of the deps... The good news otoh is that you can configure your own packages easily anyway!
<pbool>ekaitz: you said "so that's not something we want for a distro". I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to. I'd say that, as a developer, when I install an interpreter, or a compiler... I don't expect it to pull all possible library bindings. I'd rather want the core to be installed and then a mechanism to add only the modules I need for my project. I noticed the "outputs" and I've used them when
<pbool>installing "rust". I thought that mechanism might be leveraged. As a short term solution and a learning experiences I'll clone and edit Erlang's package descriptor.
<apteryx>hmm, how can I download with wget?
<ekaitz>wget ''
<apteryx>ok, how can I have it put the script in '' rather than ''
<ekaitz>-O filename
<apteryx>thank you, I thought I had tried that and it didn't work, but it does :-)
<pbool>ekaitz: good to know I can look at python for an example of multiple output configuration. Thanks
<ekaitz>pbool: i think it doesn't work like that anymore, but i think we were doing that in the past
<ekaitz>pbool: Oh! you can see it in `guix edit python2`
<ekaitz>but you don't need that complexity, just remove the --enable-wx line and have your own thing
<pbool>ekaitz: what, using multiple outputs doesn't work?
<ekaitz>it works, but they are going to download everything anyway and so on, so i'm not sure if it's the best
<mdevos>sneek: later tell bone-baboon: about ‘"guix system: error: failed to load '/path/to/configuration.scm': No such file or directory"’: I think this can happens if configuration.scm refers to some non-existent file. Maybe run "guix system" under "strace" and grep for ENOENT. The error message is misleading
<chikamungus>Hi all. Does the guix graphical installer have an option for an encrypted /home partition or is it only full disk encryption?
<chikamungus>... I don't have an ethernet connection to see for myself and the manual doesn't have full details
<ekaitz>leoprikler: i'm investigating the problem of the adwaita icons... can it be related with the mime database?
<pbool>ekaitz: oh, I was hoping that selecting an output triggered only the relevant downloads. Yeah, I could "just have my thing" but I'm hoping to rely on Guix more and more in the future and the lack of granularity is currently a bit concerning. Two of its selling points are that "you can host it in another distribution" and "you can use it to create ad-hoc development environments". But I guess that any
<pbool>Elixir developer would be disappointed by the effects of "guix install elixir" and I'm thinking if and how Guix can offer a better user experience. I'm also very interested in the issue of dependency-management and deployment and I'd like to understand the problem domain better.
<ekaitz>pbool: we could make two packages too... but i'm not a maintainer or anything so... I'm not the best person to discuss this with :)
<pbool>ekaitz: cool, I'll go exploring Guix/Guile. Many thanks for your prompt response. :)
<ekaitz>no probs
<leoprikler>ekaitz: I don't think it's the mime database
<leoprikler>That stuff comes from gtk:
<ekaitz>then now I'm checking the output of the adwaita-icon-theme package
<leoprikler>no, not adwaita-icon-theme, gtk itself
<ekaitz>the only element that contains *bullet* is the `view-list-bullet-symbolic.symbolic.png`
<ekaitz>but it's not listed as a possible resource in the resource path
<leoprikler>yes, it is
<leoprikler>that's the file
<leoprikler>and the code above should put it into the xml
<ekaitz>they don't look like they are the same file
<ekaitz>the bullet-symbolic is a dot
<ekaitz>and the `view-list-bullet-symbolic` is a group of dots...
<leoprikler>oh, you're right
<leoprikler>so gtk is missing that icon?
<ekaitz>looks like something is lost there
<ekaitz>but here it appears:
<ekaitz>and if it appears it means that the code is going to find it and add it to the theme
<ekaitz>i think i know what's going on
<ekaitz>let me confirm
<nckx>sneek: You dead?
<nckx>He dead.
<merazi>So...... I had no luck with the tray icons :(
<ekaitz>leoprikler: there's a weird thing here: the bullet-symbolic is part of gtk, but it doesn't appear in adwaita icon theme
<ekaitz>merazi: can you re-explain your issue? I think I fought with tray icons in the past
<leoprikler>The adwaita stuff, that gets loaded via resources != adwaita-icon-theme.
<ekaitz>hm... that's something I don't really understand and it's out of my scope of knowledge
<iskarian>so... what guix package *is* bullet-symbolic supposed to be provided by?
<ekaitz>iskarian: it's in the GTK code!
<leoprikler>yep, we're looking for stuff in the gtk code here
<iskarian>Well yes, but sometimes sources get broken up into multiple packages, which is why I was checking
<leoprikler>does someone want to rebuild gtk without the strip phase?
<ekaitz>i searched my whole store and I don't have the bullet-symbolic
<leoprikler>again, it's not in the store
<leoprikler>that stuff gets compiled to code and linked against gtk
<leoprikler>qt has a similar trick
<leoprikler>and I know qt to be broken
<ekaitz>oh! i finally understood what you mean!
<ekaitz>i understood that gtk had a custom mapping to those resource files, not that they were combining the files somehow
<iskarian>^ same