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<rlp10`>lfam, jlicht: Thank you both for your answers and your help. It sounds like I'm going to need to get myself stuck into the documentation to understand things better.
<lfam>Very nice cbaines
<lfam>rlp10`: Alright, let us know if you have more questions
<rlp10`>lfam: How do I change the screen resolution? I'm in a virtual machine. I see xrandr isn't installed, but if I install that, can I use it? Or should I be editing /etc/config.scm maybe?
<lfam>I don't know off-hand rlp10`
<rlp10`>lfam: No worries, thanks
<lfam>If you wait around or check the logs, it's likely someone else will have advice
<rlp10`>Great, thanks
<civodul>cbaines: woohoo! :-)
<civodul>GNUtoo: "guix pack --save-provenance" saves provenance metadata in the pack (commit ID, etc.)
<civodul>though where this metadata is is not really documented
<civodul>"not really"
<GNUtoo>Does that also gives the full and corresponding source code somehow?
<civodul>GNUtoo: indirectly: it gives the channel(s) from which to obtain the corresponding source
<civodul>it's actually stronger than just providing the tarball of your code
<civodul>but it's also prolly not what recipients expect :-)
<civodul>so in addition, you could arrange to add the source to the pack
<civodul>for example by creating a manifest that contains both the package and its source
*civodul -> zZz
<nothingmuch>when using a manifest.scm, is there a way to get specification->manifest to find definitions of my own (from import pypi) or is packages->manifest the way to go?
<nothingmuch>i've been generating the package list by reading requirements.txt (hand written, not from pip freeze, so just prepending "python-") but of course specifications->manifest doesn't see that
<nothingmuch>erm, doesn't see my additional package
<GNUtoo>That would be neat
<GNUtoo>Thanks a lot
<GNUtoo>I've no idea how to do that though, so I'll look in the manual if there is something.
<nothingmuch>ah i think i want
<marusich>efraim, good to know. thank you
<sleepydog>hey there -- i'm trying to install guixSD on a new system, but i need to add a channel during the install process, and i run out of space on the USB key when i run `guix pull`. I have an empty disk that i can use temporarily during the install, but i don't know how to add space to /gnu/store while the system is running. any ideas?
<iyzsong>sleepydog: i think 'herd start cow-store /mnt' is what you need.
<sleepydog>iyzsong: thanks, that sounds like exactly what i need
<atomsk298[m]>Is there a way to list all the contents of %base-packages through the command line? Ive been reading through the docs but cant find anything.
<ccao001[m]>atomsk298: do you mean through the guile repl?
<ccao001[m]>x/guile repl/ c/guix repl/
<mroh>atomsk298: the best documentation is the source, so you could try something like `grep -r "define %base-packages" ~/.cache/guix/checkouts/`
<helaoban>hey guix! I'm trying to mount a block device /dev/sda on /test using file-system but I'm getting the following error:
<helaoban>"In procedure mount: mount "/dev/sda" on "///test": Invalid argument"
<helaoban>my knowledge of file systems is poor, so I'm probably missing something obvious.
<helaoban>here is my file-systems config for reference:
<helaoban>this is on a digitalocean vps where /dev/sda is mapped to a 'block storage volume' if anybody is familiar with their offerings.
<helaoban>I lack a deep understanding of file systems in general so any ideas are appreciated.
<lfam>helaoban: I'm not sure, but the man page of mount describes its purpose as "mount a filesystem"
<lfam>But, /dev/sda sounds like a partition, not a filesystem
<lfam>Usually a filesystem would be named like /dev/sda1
<lfam>This article might be helpful:
<lfam>Specifically, the instructions about `lsblk`
<lfam>Good luck!
<helaoban>lfam: thanks. I'll read up.
***leoprikler_ is now known as leoprikler
<mdevos>Does someone know what can cause ‘make check’ to fail (error code 2), even if all tests pass (some were skipped)?
<efraim>check line 162 of your paste
<mdevos>efraim: I see! I'll investigate ‘' later
*mdevos afk
<nly>neat as hell!
<nly>so sorry to hear about his homework tho
<PotentialUser-78>Hello, how to set default version gcc-toolchain (now is 7.5)? i use "foreign distro" install
<nly>guix install gcc@8 or
<cbaines>PotentialUser-78, what do you mean by default version?
<leoprikler>I think --with-c-toolchain is the option you're looking for, but there are multiple way of interpreting your question
<PotentialUser-78>leoprikler, thank, this what i want!
<efraim>What version of nmap do we have?
*efraim is on a phone still
<stikonas[m]>new versions of nmap are not good...
<efraim>That's why I was checking
<cbaines>7.91 I believe
<stikonas>isn't this one non-free?
<cbaines>I don't know, I saw some discussion about a license related change recently though
<stikonas>yeah, it is under NPSL 0.92
<stikonas>which most distributions consider non-free
<efraim>We left it at 'unclear, someone should ask the fsf'
<stikonas>well, if Fedora legal says it's non-free, it's unlikely that fsf will say it is fine
<cbaines>as Marius pointed out initially, the sensible first step is probably to downgrade prior to the change
<cbaines>I wonder if downgrading it has got stuck, since it's several months from this message now
<leoprikler>stikonas, efraim, cbaines: I've downgraded nmap to 7.80 now.
<alextee[m]>is there an example package with multiple sources somewhere?
<leoprikler>ppsspp is an example, but surely there are better ones out there
<leoprikler>all you have to know is that origins are valid as inputs and you're good to go
<aecepoglu[m]>I url-fetch a file that is a tar.gz file that extracts a single file. The guix package I am writing for it cannot do the `unpack` phase. It gives an error at `(first-subdirectory ".")`
<aecepoglu[m]>Con't gnu-build-system unpack a .tar.gz file
<aecepoglu[m]> * Con't gnu-build-system unpack a .tar.gz file lik ethat
<aecepoglu[m]> * Can't gnu-build-system unpack a .tar.gz file lik ethat
<lfam>aecepoglu[m]: The tar.gz contains a single file? Not contained in a directory?
<alextee[m]>leoprikler: ah thanks
<aecepoglu[m]>nope. Just an executable file which I will place with copy-build-system
<aecepoglu[m]>Do I have any solutions besides add a phase before 'unpack to place it into a folder?
<lfam>Try using url-fetch/tarbomb as the method
<lfam>That's what that is called
<aecepoglu[m]>isn't that a tar just bombs the current directory?
<lfam>You could try it
<lfam>Or you could argue
<aecepoglu[m]>No I mean, I don't understand how to derive a solution from it?
<aecepoglu[m]>What I have right now is a tarbomb. So?
<lfam>Replace the part of your package that says "url-fetch" with "url-fetch/tarbomb"
<lfam>It should come after the word "method"
<aecepoglu[m]>ohh it's an existing thing.
<aecepoglu[m]>I thought you were saying "url-fetch" and/or "tarbomb"
<aecepoglu[m]>I could try it or argue, huh ? :D that's funny.
<lfam>I got frustrated
<lfam>I'm not in the right mood to be here. Gonna take a break and come back later
<lfam>Good luck with your package!
<aecepoglu[m]>oh it'll be ready in a minute. Thanks!
<apteryx>hello! I'm encountering locale/encoding problem in an origin snippet... is there something that's lacking in the environment at that point compared to says, build phases?
<aecepoglu[m]>what kind of a problem apteryx
<apteryx>ah, I think I understood what is going on. I've overridden the patch-inputs and patch-guile packages for my origin derivation test, and haven't included locales... so the setenv fail and I'm using Guile's default locale (that's ISO-8859-1 IIRC).
<apteryx>that causes encoding problems later in my origin snippet
<apteryx>I'll try adding glibc-utf8-locales to my patch-inputs list
<apteryx>raghavgururajan: When you have a chance, could you follow-up on Otherwise I'll close it in a few days. Thanks!
<atom`>Hi. I'm trying to replace gdm with sddm in /etc/config.scm and getting the error "guix system: error: service 'xorg-server' provided more than once". Could someone advise how to solve this? Relevant config:
<leoprikler>atom`: (set-xorg-configuration) instantiates an xorg-server, typically a gdm-service-type. you need to pass the xorg-configuration to sddm-service-type instead
<atom`>leonprikler: So just move (set-xorg-configuration ...) into (service sddm-service-type <here>)?
<pinoaffe>atom`: I think you should also remove the gdm-service that you're currently including through %desktop-services
<atom`>pinoaffe leoprikler: Something like this?
<repu[m]>Can someone make a package of Trinity Desktop Environment?
<repu[m]>It's homepage is:
<repu[m]>and it's Licensed like "GPL and other licenses" (including LGPL it seems for artwork)
<repu[m]>It's a KDE3.5 Fork that's still in development and this Desktop Environment is really light compared to some others
<repu[m]>It is pretty hard to install on unsupported distributions so packaging one for guix will make it simpler to install everywere
<ryanprior>repu: yes that sounds like it would be possible to package! You'll need to find some people in the Guix community who are motivated to do that work and/or find some people in the Trinity community who are interested in contributing to Guix :)
<ryanprior>If you or any other Trinity folks would like help getting started I'm happy to give an introduction, point out links and examples, etc.
<leoprikler>Note, that installing entire DEs is slightly more complicated than just packaging a package.
<leoprikler>For the bigger one, like GNOME and most likely KDE and its offshoots as well, you'll have to actually create a service as well
<leoprikler>s/bigger one/bigger ones/
<bdju>any chance someone could update the bemenu package? preferably to latest commit rather than latest release. they fixed an issue with some keypresses being eaten as you type but they haven't done a release since that fix. (also guix is a release behind anyway)
<rictjo>hi all I'm running guix as my main system and wanted to get openjdk up an running but... I'm not sure how to troubleshoot. When I run 'guix install openjdk' it exits saying that the builder failed... Anyone now where I can find failed build logs :P ?
<silicius[m]>any reason xdm (the display manager) isn't packaged yet besides "no one got to it yet"?
<ryanprior>bdju: you can update to the latest release by running: guix package --with-branch=bemenu=master -u bemenu
<bdju>really? holy cow. I'll give it a shot
<ryanprior>silicius: doesn't look like it (source: Guix issue tracker search )
<silicius[m]>Thanks, I guess no ever wanted to use it yet
<ryanprior>rictjo: for debugging, try running: guix build --keep-failed openjdk
<ryanprior>rictjo: that will print the output as it tries to build. it'll also write a compressed log of that output to a file and give you its location at the end. and it'll keep the failed build tree around in /tmp so you can go in there and poke.
<rictjo>thanks for the pointer
<bdju>ryanprior: I ran the command you said and got no output. and when I run `bemenu -v` it still shows the old version
<rictjo>I haven't found the error but I can use the java command that it said the builder failed for
<rictjo>in this case "/gnu/store/s2w6bfrc3nqghpqpcryz4l5h86gsvqvz-openjdk-14.0/bin/java"
<ryanprior>bdju: try this instead: guix package --with-branch=bemenu=master -i bemenu
<bdju>ryanprior: looks like that worked! very cool. thank you
<ryanprior>You're welcome! When they put out a new stable release feel free to ping me and I can walk you through the process of updating the package and sending a patch.
<clone11>When building guix from git, do I run "make"? The instructions go from "./configure" to "make check", and I'm not sure if make is implied
<lfam>clone11: The tests run by `make check` do use Guix, so they will build it if necessary
<lfam>In other words, it is implied