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*lfam builds qtwebkit on berlin
<lfam>I remember you had tried this cbaines, but it seems that it still didn't get built
<lfam>It's for the staging branch, btw
<cbaines>lfam, hmm, last I remember was trying building rust
<lfam>Oh, maybe it was rust that you built manually. AFAICT Rust has built
<lfam>Anyways, it's offloading now
<lfam>Fingers crossed
<cbaines>I did try getting Cuirass to re-evaluate staging, but that was before Cuirass switched to the wip-offload version that mothacehe is working on
<lfam>I am doing it "by hand". I built a Git checkout of staging and am building the qtwebkit derivation
<cbaines>The latest evaluation has was aborted (not sure what that means), so maybe it's worth trying to tweak the database state or pushing a merge of master to try again
<lfam>There have been several pushes since the last successful evaluation... For now I just want to see if qtwebkit is broken or not
<lfam>Getting the branch working is one task. Getting the build farm to work is another
<cbaines>I think the Guix Build Coordinator instance I'm running for QA stuff has built it
<cbaines>lfam, so if that information is correct, I think the answer is that it builds for x86_64-linux at least
<lfam>I want to build it on berlin, since that is still where people will get their substitutes from
<cbaines>I've been fixing things for recently as it was lagging behind, but I'll get back to trying to build ungrafting, staging and core-updates over the coming weeks
<lfam>IIUC, the ungrafting branch has been merged into staging
<katco>is it possible to define an `operating-system` which runs dhcp on one nic, and has a static address on the other? i'm getting `guix system: error: service 'networking' provided more than once` if i try and define service for `dhcp-client-service-type` and `static-networking-service`
<lfam>Not sure katco... someone will answer eventually :) It's been quieter than usual the last few days. I think many people are taking a holiday break
<katco>makes sense, i'm on break too!
<jonsger>the dovecot service could really profit from a more verbose example
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<apteryx>ah, config.guess is an actual project:
<apteryx>I'm downloading a 4 MiB TeX Live archive to get that script... seems I should rather package the above.
<raghavgururajan>error: unknown type name ‘GtkStatusIcon’
<apteryx>rekado: I could fix tlmgr; I find it useful to 'tlmgr info some-texlive-package' (queries the texlive.tlpdb package DB you hinted me at earlier, thanks!)
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<olivuser>hello guix o/
<olivuser>can anyone here tell me from where gdm loads configuration upon startup if no ~/.xsession file is provided?
<olivuser>I'd like to issue a "source" command in such a file, but so far had no success to get into gdm after such a command
<metalune[m]>I just ran the installation but it failed with "chmod: no such file or directory"
<olivuser>does guix already have the "libudev" library?
<olivuser>efraim: thanks
<olivuser>I am in the process of packaging, and the error log tells me that "libudev" is missing as a dependency, even though it is listed as an input in the package declaration
<olivuser>would changing it to a native-input or propagated-input help in such a situation?
<efraim>not likely. It might need help finding the package
<olivuser>efraim: okay, thanks :)
<olivuser>considering that gdm is the default login manager, where does its binary reside, or what is its name? I am trying to write a custom xsession file and would like to start gdm manually
<janneke>olivuser: ls $(guix build gdm)/bin/gdm
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<olivuser>janneke: thanks, that stuff's pretty meta to a newbie like me :D
<efraim>I packaged skim as a dependency but it looks like it should go in rust-apps
<nij>Hope it's not too much to ask. But the manual does not explain emacs-build-system in detail. The source seems to make use of other abstractions. If you could briefly describe what it does, I'd appreciate your help :)
<janneke>nij: what do you need to know, have you looked at example use in gnu/packages/emacs-xyz.scm ?
<janneke>it compiles .el files and installs them, afaik
<nij>Where does it install the compiled file? How can I "call" an emacs package after it's compiled and installed?
<nij>Ultimately, I'd like to answer how to blend guix well with emacs distros like doom, spacemacs, or just personal configs.
<janneke>nij: see guix/build/emacs-build-system.scm: (define %install-dir "/share/emacs/site-lisp")
<janneke>if you create a profile with emacs and the package in it, emacs just picks it up
<nij>janneke: Oh it's in another source file @@!
<nij>Why would emacs know to look at /share/emacs/site-lisp?
<janneke>well, it's the place guix installs packages
<janneke>i'd say that's a pretty good reason to look there?
*janneke doesn't understand the question, really
<janneke>you can alway try: C-h v load-path RET
<janneke>to see where emacs looks, right?
<nij>I mean, on my arch machine, emacs does not look into that directory.
<nij>So emacs must have been preconfigured?
<nij>... must have been pre-configured in Guix System?
<janneke>eh, you cannot use arch's emacs with guix emacs-* packages; you must use guix's emacs too
<nij>I see.. that was my confusion!
<nij>Thank you, janneke!
<janneke>nij: np, so make sure to create a profile with both emacs and your emacs extension package[s] in it, like i showed above
<janneke>(maybe "cannot use" is a bit strong; "it's not supported to work together and you're on your own" would be more accurate)
<nij>Got it!
<Rovanion>Hi, I'm bad at finding information on the net. I've cloned and patched the guix main source tree, added a package. How do I install that package as defined in my own git tree? I've tried adding `--load-path` to my guix-install, but that ends up in a ton of warnings and in the end a compilation error from a file I haven't touched.
<cbaines>Rovanion, if it's just a one off thing, you could do ./pre-inst-env guix install foo
<cbaines>for a more permanent solution, you might want to load in this other repository as a channel
<leoprikler>As cbaines pointed out you can use ./pre-inst-env, but rather than directly installing it, I'd suggest trying it out in a `guix environment` before it's officially landed.
<leoprikler>As soon as you can verify that your software starts correctly from an environment (or even better `./pre-inst-env guix build packacke`/bin/command), you can submit it as no longer work in progress.
<leoprikler>If you need to install it to your profile, you should at least be aware why that is the case.
<Rovanion>Running `./pre-inst-env guix install libqpsd` says the package unknown, but git grep verifies that it is defined:
<Rovanion>`./pre-inst-env guix environment libqpsd` returns the same error.
<cbaines>Rovanion, only thing I can think of is that there's an error/issue with the definition
<cbaines>running make, or running ./pre-inst-env guile gnu/packages/image.scm might help work out what the error is if there is one
<Rovanion>Yeah make gave me an error to work with, thanks!
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<Formbi>how to change something in a file after the 'install phase?
<Formbi>I have this: and Guix says «no such file or directory»
<janneke>Formbi: try: git grep -nH "add-after 'install"
<janneke>there are several examples that have a 'patch-foo stage
<janneke>ah, you need something like (lambda* (#:key outputs #:allow-other-keys) (let ((out (assoc-ref outputs "out"))) (string-apppend out ...
<candan>Hi everyone! I'm a new Guix user, running it as a package manager on Debian. Finding it wonderful so far - all the pros of being with Debian but with the package management system of the future! I just have one little issue, which I
<candan>.... [hit enter too soon] which is bugging me, I wonder if you might help.
<janneke>Hello candan, possibly we can help if you ask your question ;-)
<candan>Thanks Janneke! :))
<candan>Basically Guix keeps suggesting that I install `glibc-utf8-locales` or `glibc-locales` and defining the `GUIX_LOCPATH`. but I have tried to do both of these!
<candan>echo $GUIX_LOCPATH returns /home/dan/.guix-profile/lib/locale/
<candan>and `guix package --list-installed` returns, among other packages, glibc-utf8-locales 2.31 out /gnu/store/9fgskzi20bfig3rxapgddsa26sspdsa1-glibc-utf8-locales-2.31
<candan>So not sure what else I can do?
<janneke>did you run "guix pull" already?
<candan>yes... can try again...
<janneke>hmm, i believe this should have been fixed a couple of months ago
<candan>Just ran it but still the same error. Hmm maybe I should try to install glibc-locales too?
<janneke>weird, i thought guix now installed it's on guile wrapper to avoid this?
<janneke>*its own
<janneke>what locale are you using?
<candan>ahhh :o I'm not sure? Sorry!
<candan>is that $LOCALE?
<janneke>that is LANG or LC_ALL (and LC_* possibly)
<candan>Ok now I feel like I fool, perl has been complaining about LANGUAGE and LC_ALL being unset...
<candan>hmm ok I've set my LANGUAGE, I'll restart my sesion and let you know!
<Formbi>now I have this:
<Formbi>or maybe the let is mandatory?
<candan>Hello, I'm back. Maybe I missed something? I tried adding `LANGUAGE="en_GB"` to my `.bash_profile` but for some reason it's not being picked up when I log out/in and `echo $LANGUAGE`. I guess it's being overridden? It's not set in any other bash startup files hmmm
<Formbi> maybe put it in .bashrc?
<candan>Also I tested updating a different variable in the .bash_profile and it is being updated....
<candan>Ok... will try
<daviwil>Hey folks! Anyone know how to get the logs from SLiM when a login to the desktop environment crashes? Something in a more recent commit to the Guix repo is causing my desktop session to crash and I can't catch the logs that get written out before it goes back to the login screen again
<candan>Hmm yeah ok so setting LANGUAGE in the .bashrc has worked, but it hasn't got rid of the guix warning
<janneke>candan: en_GB is not part of glibc-utf8-locales, afaik
<janneke>you can try installing glibc-locales
<Formbi> pwkls
<Formbi>sorry, not that window
<constfun>hello folks, basic question, if I want to write a shell script, what should I use for the shebang part in Guix System, /usr/bin/env would not work and something like ~/.guix-profile/bin/bash would not be portable elsewhere, clearly my mental model is incomplete
<daviwil>constfun: /bin/sh works
<constfun>daviwil: ah simple enough, thank you, i tried /bin/bash but that didn't, which makes sense
<Formbi>constfun: you can use special-files-service to put env on /usr/bin/env
<daviwil>Ooooh nice tip
<constfun>Formbi: thank you. i wonder why env is not included in the distributions, seems like a pretty common thing to use, this works though!
<olivuser>hello guix o/
<olivuser>I am in the process of creating a package and am struggling to read the provided log files
<olivuser>the problem is that the backtrace is cut short
<olivuser>so that I cant see what is actually going on, especially if there's something like a long pathname
<constfun>olivuser: new here as well, so maybe bad advice, but perhaps look at the log file with 'bzcat'?
<candan>Hello all, installing glibc-locales fixed the error message :D Thanks for your time and sorry for such a stupid question
<olivuser>constfun: thanks for the input, but this didnt help
<olivuser>another user earlier said that this has to do with guix-daemon, but I'm not quite sure I know how to find that out
<nij>Yay! Successfully get into erc on my GUIX machine T_T
<nij>Progressing slowly but still rewardable. Thank you folks so much =)
<nij>How to make init.el work?
<Formbi>nij: what do you mean
<nij>I'm from arch.. and I have ~/.emacs.d/init.el.
<nij>On Guix System, emacs is preconfigured differently afaik. For example, it looks into share/emacs/..
<nij>For init.el to be read by emacs at launch, should I move init.el to some directory? Or should I put something in `config.scm` and ask guix to read where `init.el` is?
<leoprikler>init.el will be read from ~/.emacs.d/init.el or (newer) ~/.config/emacs/init.el
<Rovanion>I'm so glad they finally started looking for emacs conf in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME.
<leoprikler>that said, references within your init.el are probably broken. You might want to look into packages such as emacs-leaf as well
<nij>leoprikler: Yeah.. I reckon if I just put `init.el` under `~/.emacs.d`, then emacs will use the "old way" to handle emacs package.. (not declarative).
<leoprikler>It depends
<leoprikler>Mine has
<leoprikler>(setq custom-file (locate-user-emacs-file "custom.el"))
<leoprikler>(load custom-file)
<leoprikler>followed by some font stuff
<leoprikler>followed by (autoload 'leaf "leaf" nil nil 'macro)
<alextee[m]>do we have any keyboard overlay app in the repos?
<alextee[m]> ?
<alextee[m]>ooh we have it!
<alextee[m]>it doesn't work lol
<gnutec>Tip: guix install emacs-auto-complete
<nij>gnutec: me?
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<olivuser>does anyone know how to receive more backtrace information of build failures when using bzless/bzcat on /var/log/drvs/... files?
<olivuser>I cant make anything useful out of them because lines with long paths get cut, which renders me with a bit of a hit or miss approach
<Formbi>olivuser: Emacs can open bzipped files
<Formbi>and you can use guix-prettify-mode
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
*raghavgururajan has improved pidgin a bit in guix :-)
<jonsger>olivuser: thats an issue of guile itself, it has sh**ty defaults...
<olivuser>jonsger: I see, but is there a possibility to change that?
<Formbi> do you have an idea why it doesn't work?
<jonsger>olivuser: that's the upstream issue:
<jonsger>changing is hard, as we need to compile guile used by guix with this patch...
<olivuser>jonsger: but there is currently no way to obtain more information?
<jonsger>olivuser: if the backtrace coming from the guix-daemon, no. Adding COLUMNS=300 or so in front of the command may help, but usually not...
<olivuser>jonsger: thanks, that did not help ;-)
<jonsger>I know, I'm annoyed by this bug the same then you and haven't found better answers :(
<olivuser>ho well, I guess then I will have to accept for now that I cant make further progress with the package
<olivuser>good to know that I am not alone in this and thanks for your help
<olivuser>have a good day :)
<apteryx>jonsger: hey, I don't think cropping long lines to 80 chars is a bad default... I think the same happens in Python. What is problematic for us is that there's no trivial way to have that COLUMNS environment that Guile honors to control that behavior passed inside the Guix build environment.
<apteryx>I intend to work on a way to make this configurable at the guix-service-type level, but haven't gotten around it yet! Feel free to beat me to it :-)
<apteryx>no trivial way to set*
<apteryx>raghavgururajan: thanks for your work on pidgin!
<nij>How to remap capslock to esc in a declarative way in Guix System?
<Formbi>nij: (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "pl" "legacy" #:options '("ctrl:nocaps")))
<Formbi>you might wanna use something different than pl
<Formbi>ah, esc
<Formbi>there probably is something similar, lemme check
<Formbi>seems like caps:escape should work
<nij>Formbi: I changed accordingly to my /etc/config.scm
<nij>And I run `guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm`
<nij>It starts to pull many things (~100MB) down.. did I do something wrong?
<Formbi>reconfigure sometimes does a lot
<nij>Why does it require ~100MB to map caps to esc XD
<Formbi>maybe something got updated in the meantime
<nij>I see!
<nij>Do you happen to know how to map (Right-Alt)+j to <down>?
<nij>I have been looking for this for months..
<nij>Solutions online didn't work for me, even on traditional OSes like arch.
<bandali>hey nij, did you get an answer to your question in #exwm?
<nij>bandali: Oh yeah!
<raghavgururajan>apteryx: My pleasure :-)
<Formbi>maybe kmonad could do something like this
<nij>C-c C-k will bring you to the char-mode, in which it works as how I wanted.
<Formbi>but I haven't used it
<nij>Formbi: Oh! Kmonad was the last resort, but 5 months ago it was still pretty new. Will look into it again :D thanks!
<bandali>nij, yeah exactly =) you can also use the 'simulation keys' feature of exwm to define specific custom specific bindings for specific applications
<nij>bandali: funny enough.. I was trying to setq exwm-input-simulation-keys
<nij>but it didn't work as expected.
<nij>bandali: (I think I'm ready to say goodbye to xmonad ='( my dear old friend.)
<nij>Seems like I need to reboot to see the effect.
<nij>Thanks, Formbi :D
<nij>Oh boy, it works :D Bye bye capslock!
<bandali>nij, hehe. indeed, as the docstring for that variable mentions, changing it manually after exwm has loaded will have no effect. you'll have to either use the "customize" interface to change it, or do something what exwm itself does when the variable's value is changed through customize
<nij>(But that huge upgrade somehow disables me from (require 'evil).. i dunno why.
<bandali>s/something what/something like what/
<nij>bandali: OH great! Thanks for the hint!
<nij>I got frustrated asking this question..
<nij>There's no perfect way to manage emacs packages declaratively currently, right?
<bandali>nij, cheers :-)
<nij>.. until more of us package emacs packages as guix packages.
<bandali>i mean there's things like Borg and straight.el, but yeah i guess?
<nij>I was spoiled by doomemacs before coming to Guix..
<nij>I will look into them..
<bandali>i'm personally trying to find some time to work on emacs's package.el to have it download a given version from an elpa server if it exists, but still haven't gotten around to doing that yet. and it's not perfect either; it's only checking versions, not doing any sort of hash-based check/verification
<nij>It seems that any application-level's packages post the same problem to Guix or NixOS against a fully reproducible system..
<nij>Like.. even if things work out for emacs, other applications that have their own packages seem to will have to same problem too.
<nij>(Fortunately I cannot think of anything significant as emacs.. so perhaps emacs is our last enemy..
<nij>--- A noobier question: what to type in config.scm for it to pull down my .vimrc from my github repo and put it under /home/nij/.config/vim ?
<leoprikler>nij: which problem exactly do you mean by that?
<leoprikler>for ~/.config/vim, you likely want guix-home-manager
<moesasji>guix-home-manager is pretty aggressive in making home read-only; you would likely be better off using a more classical approach to manage dotfiles for now.
<leoprikler>true, didn't consider that angle
<moesasji>leoprikler still a good suggestion, but it is still early days for home-manager. Especially when new to guix probably best to first learn how it operates at systemlevel
<nij>I remembered this is the reason I stopped using Nix :(
<nij>I was trying to make home-manager to work with ranger, which also has an rc file.
<leoprikler>tbf I'm not one to use it myself, but I thought there were ways of limiting it to certain files.
<nij>But ranger requires writing permission to its rc file to start..
<nij>Yeah it's weird.. xD
<nij>But still, I tried to handle init.el with Nix's home manager too
<nij>If it's read-only, how can I easily change it?
<nij>I will have to go to the nix config file, in which el is embedded as texts..
<leoprikler>well, that's the point: you can't
<nij>all syntax coloring is gone.
<nij>leoprikler: Then.. how about a fully declarative + reproducible system T_T
<leoprikler>I think we're having different ideas about the word "system" here.
<leoprikler>Emacs config files are by no means part of the "system", so to speak.
<leoprikler>Even if you use stuff like home-manager, they're part/complements of the user profile.
<jonsger>apteryx: often the first 43 chars go on /gnu/store/abce, so the effective usable chars are pretty low.
<profmakx>anyone here familiar with the mechanics of building a disk image? I would like to build a rockpro64 disk image and as far as i can tell the partition layout in the image is wrong wenn i try just building an arm64-raw image (the offset of the first partition is in the wrong place, and I'd like a /boot partition and a root partition, because i'd like to use f2fs for the root partition)
<Formbi>IMO guix home manager should make only the managed files read-only
<roptat>Formbi, why do you think so?
<roptat>and, how would you manage to do that?
<leoprikler>Hmm, I think that'd basically be guile-stow then
<leoprikler>Which would be interesting in its own way. A stow implementation written in Scheme.
<moesasji>probably you would also add myrepos to that mix
<Formbi>roptat: because making the whole home read-only seems quite clunky to me
<alextee[m]>is key-mon broken for everyone?
<alextee[m]>i get `Xlib.error.DisplayConnectionError: Can't connect to display ":1": No protocol specified`
<efraim>it doesn't launch of me either
<ss2>how do I create a clean user home?
<ss2>copying from /etc/skel isn't working..
<ss2>or enough.
<alextee[m]><efraim "it doesn't launch of me either"> where do i report these again? :-D
<alextee[m]>oh it's in the title
<alextee[m]> jesus it's been open since august lol
<leoprikler>texlive hates me
<Formbi> maybe the newer version would work?
<tvtoon>White knights, only recently I understood guix as a "GNU/Linux system", so my question is simple: does it come with framebuffer? :()
<moesasji>Formbi The dependencies loo
<moesasji>look weird if one compares against what arch is using for key-mon
<rndd>hi everyone!
<rndd>is that possible to change guix system init from herd to something else? it's a theoretical question.
<Formbi>moesasji: what do you mean?
<moesasji>compare those against what you see in the guix source
<Formbi>rndd: probably it would be possible
<rndd>Formbi: well, yeee.
<Formbi>but I imagine it would involve making a generator for config files usable by systemd or something
<tvtoon>Wait, guix uses systemd?
<moesasji>rndd you might want to look at this:
<rndd>tvtoon: no
<tvtoon>what a relief, that is why I am considering it
<rndd>tvtoon: ye, me too, but it would be great to have ability to choose (like in gentoo)
<tvtoon>that is why I choose gentoo first :()
<rndd>tvtoon: guix > portage ^_^
<tvtoon>I am not a package manager lover but since I could have multilib back, and the framebuffer, gentoo made me dream again
<tvtoon>now I am looking for something to set the HDMI like OpenBSD does, using the EFI I suppose, that is something deadly interesting that GRUB should have
<rndd>tvtoon: well, i am package manager lover
<rndd>is there way to make build server in gentoo? in guix u simply publish your channel
<tvtoon>build server you mean building stuff for a server?
<rndd>tvtoon: no, i mean creating "building farm" or something like this
<tvtoon>A build set for creating systems?
<rndd>compile stiff and pull it from my server to my laptop. i like guix for this feature.
<tvtoon>oh, building from network is very old stuff
<tvtoon>people used cross-compilers with gentoo long ago
<rndd>tvtoon, oh. dont know about it. what is the idea of cross-compiling in gentoo?
<rndd>i mean, i really dont know
<tvtoon>I don't know the details but you have many profiles with host to target, you select one and just emerge all this stuff
<tvtoon>like you select for systems, never used those things because I am a 0ldsk00l duck :()
<rndd>tvtoon: have you tried lfs? i have been thinking about trying it
<tvtoon>I built my system from LFS long ago
<tvtoon>very good stuff to learn how things should go
<tvtoon>I am going to build another one for musl as soon as I build my xorg stuff
<rndd>tvtoon: i should read it 0_o
<spudpnds>Holy cow, anyone read "How to open a file in Emacs" yet? It's a magnum opus.
<rndd>spudpnds: link pls
<spudpnds>I read/skimmed the first half trying to get a feel for it, I'm clearly going to need to set aside a couple of hours.
<spudpnds>But my initial impression is that it's brilliant.
<spudpnds>(It helps if you really love tweaking your config, debugging, profiling, and rabbit holes)
<rndd>damn it's good
<rndd>thanks for the link
*rekado pushed a new version of guile-studio (aka “don’t tell anyone it’s really just Emacs…”) to Guix
<rndd>rekado: guile-studio?
<spudpnds>FYI: The TLS cert for expired today.
<lfam>Thanks spudpnds
<lfam>Wonderful :)
<spudpnds>Very cool!
<rekado>it’s still not *quite* where I want it to be wrt window management, but it’s getting close
<rndd>rekado, but this is emacs
<rekado>rndd: pssst!
<rndd>anyway what is the future of guile and emacs? will one replace another?
<rekado>rndd: it’s Emacs, yes. It’s Emacs with a sensible display-buffer-alist (so that manuals are displayed in the right side window by default), uncluttered menus, built-in support for the picture language, etc.
<rekado>rndd: unlikely.
<Rovanion>Gccmacs seems to be a thing though.
<rekado>“Guile Emacs” is currently dead and waiting for really good doctors.
*lfam builds things for staging "by hand" on berlin
<lfam>It's a great time to test!
<jakelp>Hey speaking of... is there a nice way to use TRAMP to edit files on a remote guix machine? It seems like emacs doesn't like the fact that binaries aren't where it expects them to be, since it can't find `ls` when I try to use it
<rekado>jakelp: I do this: (add-to-list 'tramp-remote-path 'tramp-own-remote-path) (add-to-list 'tramp-remote-path "~/.guix-profile/bin")
<jakelp>Thanks rekado, I'll try it out!
<mdevos>is there any special reason guix uses the CONNECT method for connecting through a proxy to a https url, and not just sends a GET with a https://.../ url as is done for proxying downloads from HTTP? It's rather inconvenient for a special proxy for guix I'm writing, it should intercept some urls and download them from somewhere else.