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<roptat>alextee[m], I think you only get the profile path added to PATH, so if there's a collision, you get whatever was added to the profile; I don't think there's any kind of priority
<alextee[m]>so it's random i guess?
<alextee[m]>i just installed my version of sphinx and now there's 2 sphinx-build binaries but it looks like `sphinx-build --version` returns the one i just installed
<alextee[m]>well, does the job for now 🤷‍♀️
<roptat>alextee[m], not random, more like "unspecified" :)
<roptat>when generating the profile, guix should warn about the collision and tell you which package it chose
<alextee[m]>oh i see. hmm must have missed that
<kelsoo>Happy Hogmanay guix
<rekado>apteryx: yes, you just need to build it.
<rekado>in texlive-latex-base we’re disabling most formats because at this point we can’t easily build them
<rekado>it’s also possible to build them later in a separate package.
<apteryx>thanks for the info
<apteryx>I'm working on jadetex
<luhux>Happy new year everyone, I found an interesting error when executing guix lint today:
<luhux>It is trying to download the CVE database for 2021 that is not yet ready
<nij>Hello. In this doc page (, it's said that if not specified, `guix install xyz` will just install a pre-compiled binary..
<nij>Doesn't it make it less reproducible? What if the precompiled binary needs different run time, or doesn't work on my system for some reason?
<NieDzejkob>nij: modulo reproducibility bugs, the binary that is downloaded is bit-identical that would've been built
<nij>@@ How does it know what dependencies I have on my system (I'm on arch..)..?
<NieDzejkob>the builds are fully sandboxed
<nij>Meaning that all of the dependencies are included in the blob?
<NieDzejkob>kinda, each package is a separate download, deduplicated
<NieDzejkob>(if you don't set up substitutes, guix will start from a small set of bootstrap roots and build everything, even things you already have on your system)
<nij>NieDzejkob: that's going to pull too many (possibly) unnecessarily stuff for me.. right?
<nij>So by default one goes for getting the pre-built binaries?
<NieDzejkob>I mean, the dependency graph is gonna get culled a fair bit when downloading substitutes purely because some dependencies are build time only
<NieDzejkob>but either way, the software managed by guix is entirely independent from the one managed by arch
<nij>So any benefit to select the "build here please" option?
<NieDzejkob>peace of mind if you're the tinfoil type, I guess?
<nij>Thanks :)
<apteryx>any idea of which latex package provides array.sty?
<apteryx>apt-file (debian) says: texlive-latex-base
<apteryx>it's missing from our own texlive-latex-base package though
<apteryx>for us it seems to rather be in 'texlive-latex-tools'
<apteryx>nij by building stuff locally you are verifying that stuff builds, and you can 'challenge' build farms to verify that the built binaries match
<apteryx>you could even configure your daemon so that it builds everything at least twice, to catch non reproducibility bugs locally.
<apteryx>rekado_: is texlive-fonts-fontname deprecated in favor of texlive-fontname?
<wleslie>if I `./pre-inst-env guix build --keep-failed capros-system` which uses bison 3, I get a failure in the first compile of a generated lexer, but if I `cd /tmp/guix-build-capros-system-* ; source environment-variables ; cd source/src/build/src/capidl ; rm -rf BUILD ; make (passing make parameters)` it succeeds
<wleslie>specifically bison generates bogus C in the first case, ignoring `%param {MyLexer *lexer}`
<wleslie>it's probably a phase of the moon thing, but if anyone has any suggestions of what threads to pull, I'd love to know
<wleslie> /
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Opinions on gvisor?
*Aurora_v_kosmose wondering if it isn't packaged by happenstance or if there's some license reason.
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<nixo_>Happy new year guix!
<pkill9>happy new year guix, hope you can reproducibly build everything you hope for this year, and achieve your new year's reconfigurations
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<rekado_>apteryx: use whatever name texlive.tlpdb uses and prepend “texlive-”.
<rekado_>the old names were picked according to the subtree in the SVN repository that they came from
<rekado_>since we can pick more than one subtree with the multi SVN origin we don’t use that naming scheme any more.
<jcguu95>Dear friends, I'm sending a letter to a Linux promotor (a youtuber who has 100k subscribers), and hopefully will let him consider promoting Guix. However, I'm no Guix expert, so cannot be 100% sure if I have made all of my word correct. If you like, would you please kindly check some part of it? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Sincerely hope guix gains its momentum sooner! And happy new year :D .. https://
<pkill9>jcguu95: looks like the URL was cut off
<jcguu95>pkill9: which URL?
<pkill9>the end of your message just says 'https://'
<jcguu95>Oh it shows up here on my screen. Here you go:
<jcguu95>Does it send throught? pkill9
<PotentialUser-56>Hi, i want to know if there is a Smartphone version of Guix?
<PotentialUser-56>Per example like PureOs in Librem 5...
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<vits>hello sneek
<vits>hello guix
<nij>hello vits
<nij>Why doesn't `guix describe` work properly?
<NieDzejkob>nij: what does `type guix` say?
<NieDzejkob>my guess is it prints a different path than `which`. If so, restart the shell or type `hash guix`
<nij>it says: guix is /home/nij/.guix-profile/bin/guix
<NieDzejkob>did you run guix pull yet?
<nij>I did this morning @@
<nij>lemme run it again.
<NieDzejkob>there's probably no piint
<NieDzejkob>what does echo $PATH say?
<NieDzejkob>no point*
<NieDzejkob>hmm, ~/.config/guix/current is missing. There should be a script in /etc/profile.d that takes care of that
<nij>@@ hmmmm..
<NieDzejkob>okay, looks like there's a slight bug in that script
<NieDzejkob>namely, it doesn't add the guix pull profile if it doesn't exist
<NieDzejkob>which means that you'll need to get a new login shell after your first guix pull before things start working
<nij>@@ How should I resolve? Should I install a guix again??
<nij>I followed some tutorial to install guix in the first place.
<nij>Maybe it was too old.
<NieDzejkob>no, that's not the problem
<NieDzejkob>the issue will fix itself if you re-login. Sometimes starting a new terminal is enough. Alternatively, to fix it for your current bash session, use "source /etc/profile.d/"
<nij>Lemme try relogging in then!
<nij>Hmm.. the problem persists :(
<NieDzejkob>hmm, what's $PATH now?
<NieDzejkob>could you also do `cat /etc/profile.d/`, as a sanity check?
<nij>Wait.. I took "guix" away from the list "(specifications->manifest..." in a manifest.
<NieDzejkob>wait, I'm dum
<nij>And then sync by `guix package -m the-file.guix`.
<nij>Then `guix describe` works @@
<nij>It works but now I'm confused xD
<NieDzejkob>"guix is ~/.guix-profile/bin/guix" means that the guix comes from a normal profile and not guix pull, makes sense
<NieDzejkob>the guix package is not supposed to be installed into a user's profile
<nij>I see :D
<NieDzejkob>the guix binary you should be using is in ~/.config/guix/current/bin and is managed by guix pull
<nij>Got it!
<NieDzejkob>the reason the guix package exists is so that it can be installed system-wide for Guix System and so that it can be used with "guix environment guix" to develop guix itself
<nij>Sounds like now I should `guix pull` again.
<nij>Can I see how a package in a profile was defined locally?
<nij>As an example, while `guix show hello` tells me some of the package, it does not tell me it's very definition (define-public ..).
<nij>It does point me to the code online.. but I feel it's better and self-contained to just show the code on the fly.
<NieDzejkob>you could do guix edit hello
<nij>OH WOW! I love it :D
<nij>Then it's actually possible to get the manifest from a profile right? (as opposed to this thread
<rekahsoft>Hi all! Happy new year. I had an odd issue that I was wondering if any fellow guix emacs users could help with.
<rekahsoft>Namely, 'emacs -q --deaemon' followed by 'emacsclient -nw' fails. The daemon starts (with no user config) but emacsclient can not connect (says 'Could not open file: /dev/tty2'). Any ideas?
<rekahsoft>It seems to work when I do this from tty1 however?
<rekahsoft>Hmm..I just logged in and out of tty2 and that seemed to fix the issue..odd
<ryanprior>What operating system are you on? What's the output of ls -l /dev/tty*
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<pocketroid>Greetings programs
<dissoc>is a copy of the kernel config stored anywhere in the store or elsewhere?
<leoprikler>dissoc: not directly, but yeah
<leoprikler>oh, wait, the store
<leoprikler>(read that as code first)
<dissoc>i see in 'install for make-linux-libre that it install-file for .config
<dissoc>but i dont see that in the store. but i see the other files
<dissoc>never mind. hahaha it's there
<dissoc>sorry. havent had coffee yet. the .config is hidden file
<leoprikler>yep, .config
<nij>VRMS -g : Non-free packages: 150. However, there are 560 ambiguously licensed packages that vrms cannot certify.
<nij>:( Where should I even start. My system is heavily polluted..
<leoprikler>I'd start with the 150 certainly non-free packages.
<leoprikler>Especially non-vital ones, if you can identify them.
<nij>There are a lot that I cannot identify. They must be dependencies of dependencies of ... other packages.
<nij>If I touch one of them, who knows which other will break @@
<nij>Maybe it's even easier to just use GuixSD right away?!
<nij>But that means I have to first be able to libre-boot right?
<nij>I planned to postpone moving into the full-fledged GuixSD step by step.. but it seems it's easier to do it all at once.
<morgansmith>for icecat does anyone have an issue where they search something in duckduckgo, the search page isn't saved in their history? So you hit the back button from a webpage and you goto your homepage instead of the search
<dissoc>morgansmith: i just tried it. i dont have that problem
<morgansmith>It's only when using the url bar to search, not the duckduckgo page search thingy
<dissoc>morgansmith: that's what i tried. works as expected and not that issue. i also havent changed anything with icecat if i recall correctly. no extensions
<terpri>morgansmith, i see the same behavior. i looked into it a while ago and icecat is patching in the duckduckgo default in a weird way
<terpri>not using the duckduckgo search engine definition that ships with firefox, but defining a duckduckgo search engine itself that's broken for some reason. i don't think regular firefox has this problem
<dissoc>i just tried on my laptop and i have that issue too, but not on my desktop. maybe different versions
<ryanprior>I use upstream Firefox via Flatpak, obviously not helpful if what you want is a working Icecat, but it's nice
<dissoc>so 78.6.0esr doesnt have that issue for me. but 68.7.0esr does have that issue
<terpri>nij, you certainly don't need libreboot for guixsd fwiw. you do need hardware supported by linux-libre, either that or use a custom package for vanilla linux with its blobs and non-free firmware (a path not endorsed by guix for obvious reasons)
<terpri>guix system would typically use efi+grub to boot on amd64 like any other distro
<terpri>icecat inexplicably sends a POST request to ddg, that might be part of the problem
<nij>terpri: thanks for sharing. I'm aiming first for libre-boot cuz it will be a clear sign that my hardware "works".
<nij>Without knowing it, it could be painful to locate errors, if any, while I start the journey.
<PotentialUser-18>Hello everyone
<ryanprior>Hi there!
<PotentialUser-18>Hi Ryanprior
<PotentialUser-18>I'd like to know what will be the behavior if I install Guix on an existing Debian testing installation : will it be possible to easily revert a new ((Guix-made) install 'as if Guix was there from the beginning' ?
<ryanprior>Oh I there's actually a blog post about mutating a Debian install into a Guix System install:
<ryanprior>For my own part, I run Guix on elementary OS (a Debian descendant) and have found that Guix and Debian packages work fine together.
<PotentialUser-18>thanks ryanprior! I get to see that.
<PotentialUser-18>Ah, that's not what I expected. I was considering just installing the Guix package from the basic Debian Synaptics package manager. Can I stay on Debian but use Guix for mackage management from now on?
<ryanprior>You can definitely install Guix and use it to manage your software without altering the Debian base.
<ryanprior>It's important to consider though that Guix only manages its own packages, it cannot take over management of the Debian system packages.
<ryanprior>So I would recommend still installing Debian updates. But beyond that Guix should be able to take care of your day to day software needs. That's how I use it and I've been very pleased.
<PotentialUser-18>interesting. What's funny is I just started to think 'and if it doesn't handle my NVIDIA drivers etc. I'll probably deinstall it easily :-D
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<nij>afaik thinkpad x220 cannot libre-boot completele. But there's a hecker news post saying they has been using guixsd on an x220 for two years.. so what's going on @@?
<nij>2. Working in a university, I'm forced to use Zoom as our main meeting software. How would that work on GuixSD?
<ryanprior>nij: Zoom is available as a Flatpak. The Flatpak runtime is part of Guix.
<nij>ryanprior: cool! Will it (potentially) harm my freedom, if run as a flatpak?
<ryanprior>You might consider raising a formal objection to using Zoom at school. Jitsi is a great free software alternative. Even if you do not succeed in changing the policy, people need to hear objections.
<ryanprior>The school is harming your freedom by requiring you to use non-free software in order to connect with your peers and educators. Running software that you choose on your own computer does not harm your freedom, even if the software is non-free.
<nij>ryanprior: I hosted a 20 people meeting on Jitsi and it was a mess. Some of (multiple) people cannot see me. The recording function is also broken. (Tested on 2020/12/12)
<nij>Yeah ryanprior I agree. But I cannot recommend Jitsi to my school for now. Freedom is important, but they won't consider at all if the quality is not stable.
<ryanprior>nij: sorry to hear that. I haven't tried more than 8 people on a Jitsi call.
<nij>ryanprior: yeah.. sometimes we need capacity for 80 people.. or even more.
<nij>Sometimes we need reliable recording for proctoring purpose.
<nij>So.. will running Zoom as a flatpak harms one's freedom?
<ryanprior>Running Zoom or any software you choose, using Flatpak or any other technology, doesn't harm your freedom.
<nij>If so.. I can recommend people around me to use that.
<ryanprior>Recommending Zoom to other people harms their freedom though.
<nij>We have to choose between our main salary income and our freedom. Sad fact but it's how it is :(
<ryanprior>But these things aren't absolute. If you use Zoom when you must, because it's the only suitable tool, but upgrading to a free alternative when feasible (such as small group meetings) still serves the cause of freedom.
<nij>Btw, related to my "x220" question above. Here's another claim that GuixSD runs on thinkpad x220T ( Does a machine at least needs to be able to be libre-booted in order to run GuixSD well? If not, what's the minimal requirement?
<ryanprior>A short read on this topic:
<nij>Good point! I will do that more.
<moesasji>only wor
<nij>I used to rant that to my friend.. but when they asked me if there're better alternatives, I was wordless..
<moesasji>even for small groups a whiteboard is key. Jitsi still doesn't have that as far as I know
<nij>On smaller meetings I did promote Jitsi. Today my wife met her high school friends on that for example ;)
<fishinthecalcula>Hi Guixers! I'm not understanding how to use the operating-system field of a machine specification for guix deploy.
<fishinthecalcula>I'm trying to use [0] as a deploy specification ([1] shows the actual output) but it fails with invalid field specifier. [2] is the operating-system definition that I'm using.
<fishinthecalcula>Do you have any clue about what could be happening here?
<nij>If my laptop can run linux-libre correctly, can I expect it to run GuixSD correctly?
<lfam>nij: Whether or not you use libreboot has no effect on whether or not Guix System (not called GuixSD anymore :) ) will work, or on whether or not linux-libre will work
<lfam>In general, Guix System and libreboot are not related at all
<lfam>If your hardware is supported by linux-libre, then Guix System will work well, more or less
<nij>lfam: I raised that as in the manual:
<nij>I am eager to try the Guix System.. but am not sure if it will work. I need a clear criterion before I start..
<lfam>Is there something in that part of the manual that makes you think it will not work?
<lfam>What kind of computer do you have?
<nij>I'm mainly on thinkpad x220. I also have a x200T.
<lfam>The wifi won't work
<nij>For both?
<moesasji>@nij normally the main weakness is the wifi; working around that is not that hard
<nij>lfam: Re: Is there something... :: "GNU Guix focuses on respecting the user’s computing freedom. It builds around the kernel Linux-libre, which means that only hardware for which free software drivers and firmware exist is supported."
<nij>Is wifi the only problem?
<lfam>Yes, nij. I was asking if there was a specific concern
<lfam>It's the big one
<lfam>If you aren't sure, boot the computer with the installer image
*pkill9 wants to make a wrapper that lets you run typical commands for adding users to groups etc but changes a guix system configuration and reconfigures with that
<lfam>You can exercise your hardware there and see what works and what doesn't
<nij>I can use ethernet for the first few days.. and get a usb wifi chip @@
<lfam>It's very unfortunate but there is no free software support for wifi after 802.11n, and even for 802.11n, support is very limited
<nij>Very sad indeed.
<nij>Very very sad.. and it's 2021 already!
<lfam>It should be a priority project for the free software movement but instead it seems like nobody is working on it
<lfam>And it will be even worse after wifi, when everything uses LTE instead
<spudpnds>Heya! Is there a scheme-centric way of managing your user's personal daemons (sheherd) and dotfiles under Guix the OS? I get how you have an /etc/config.scm that lets you describe how the operating system should be set up, and a "guix system reconfigure" to change that, but is there something like that for your user? I'd like to be able to describe how my user should be set up in scheme.
<nij>Is that day coming soon, lfam?
<lfam>It's already here for most computer users, nij. Wifi is not used by many "regular people" in my experience
<nij>Even on laptops ?!
<lfam>spudpnds: Help wanted :)
<nij>What!?!?! I did not notice I have moved into the cave for so long..
<philipper905>Hi all, I'm having an issue with guix install "error: unsupported manifest format"
<moesasji>@lfam do realize that many laptops no longer have an ethernet port
<lfam>Well, most people use mobile phones instead of laptops, nij. And I've found that when people do have laptops, they tend to get them online by tethering with their phone
<spudpnds>lfam: Ok, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something :)
<lfam>philipper905: Are you using a manifest file
<nij>moesasji: That is an extremely stupid fact... :(
<nij>lfam: JEEEEEZ
<philipper905>lfam: I don't even know what a manifest file is
<lfam>nij: I work "live events" as a "technician", basically doing audio / visual / networking. When I started the job several years ago, it was really important to have wifi at events. Now, nobody asks us for wifi
<moesasji>I thin
<philipper905>I ran "guix package -I git"
<philipper905>since it said git was not installed
<lfam>Are you sure you didn't run `guix package -i git`?
<moesasji>i think it depends on the crowd...I never see people going online with there phone
<lfam>moesasji: In the US it's extremely common
<lfam>Wifi is basically a legacy technology at this point in the US
<nij>lfam: what a wonderful world
<lfam>So, what is the plan for the free software movement?
<philipper905>lfam: I used "-I" but it's the same thing when I run "guix install" as well
<moesasji>@lfam in the UK typically you would have datalimits on mobile; not the case on wifi
<lfam>It's a bit confusing philipper905. Can you share the output of `guix describe`, the full command that you ran and all of its output on <>?
<lfam>moesasji: We have them here too, but they are really generous. A lot of social media and streaming sites don't count towards the limit
<nij>moesasji: That might be the main difference. All my friends in the US want unlimited plan.
<lfam>It's not typical to own a computer in the US anymore
<lfam>But, it's hard to survive without a smartphone
<nij>lfam especially if one is working for some company
<lfam>You won't get a job without one
<moesasji>anyway real challenge for wifi is the firmware
<lfam>Yes exactly moesasji
<nij>lfam: But laptops are still using wifi to get LTE from phones right?
<lfam>Reverse engineering it and creating free drivers for wifi and LTE should be the number one priority for GNU / FSF in my opinion
<lfam>Often nij
<lfam>But, that's the only wifi "network" people will ever set up
<lfam>It's so common that I help people who don't even know how to connect to a different network on their laptops at events
<lfam>But, newer laptops include LTE modems
<lfam>That's how schools in the US are doing things these days. Chromebooks with LTE
<lfam>Without LTE, the computer would be useless, since the household won't have internet service
<lfam>It's a really common situation for poor households
<philipper905>lfam: I think my PATH is broken too pretty strange
<lfam>philipper905: Hm... what is it?
<nij>The manual seems to be out-of-date. I'm trying to verify the authenticity:
<nij>Oh sorry nvm. My shell requires me to surround the url by "".
<moesasji>I stumbled on that one as well; just don't remember what i did to get that to wor
<philipper905>lfam: well .guix-profile/bin isn't in my path anymore...
<lfam>Yes, that might cause some trouble
<philipper905>lfam: so something broke and I don't know why since I haven't been messing around with guix lately
<lfam>philipper905: What is the value of `which guix`?
<lfam>Okay, that's correct
<lfam>I recommend looking at the "Binary Installation" manual section and making sure the steps outlined there are still in effect:
<lfam>Specifically, you want to source the file ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile in the login shell initialization file. For Bash, that's ~/.bash_profile
<lfam>For Zsh, ~/.zprofile
<lfam>Then, you can re-login with e.g. `bash --login` to check that it worked and is helping
<moesasji>@nij the download and check as outlined in the manual works for me. Just tried
<philipper905>lfam: my bash profile looks normal however ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile is empty
<aecepoglu[m]>Does (git-reference (recursive? true)) accomplish anything? IS it because something is being cached that I am not getting submoudles cloned?
<pkill9>aecepoglu[m]: if you've already downloaded it without recursive set to true, then it will use that
<lfam>philipper905: Hm, do you have any packages installed at all?
<pkill9>so if you've done that, delete it with guix gc
<aecepoglu[m]>how do I un-download it?
<pkill9>`guix gc --delete=/gnu/store/...`
<philipper905>lfam: yes and they're still present in .guix-profile/bin
<aecepoglu[m]>oh guix gc, I saw your comment a bit too late. Sorry pkill9
<pkill9>whatever the store path for the downloaded source is
<pkill9>i raised this issue on the mailing list but apparently it would be undesireable to include in the hash whether it's set to recursive or not
<pkill9>can't remember why
<lfam>philipper905: Hm, I'm really lost
<philipper905>lfam: me too :/
<philipper905>lfam: is there a way to do some kind of reset?
<philipper905>lfam: i've heard of guix system reconfigure would that be something helpful?
<lfam>I suppose that `rm -r ~/.guix-profile && rm -r /var/guix && rm -r /gnu` would accomplish it
<lfam>Are you using Guix System? Or Guix on another distro?
<philipper905>guix system
<lfam>I see
<lfam>aecepoglu[m]: From Guix's point of view, once you have downloaded the thing that is described by that hash, you already have it, and any changes you make to the URL, the recursive?, etc, are not exercised, because the work is already done
<lfam>philipper905: That command is used to update the "system" level part of Guix, as opposed to the packages installed by your user. Does that make sense?
<lfam>I had been giving advice on the assumption that you were using Guix on another distro. It's way less likely that these things stop working on Guix System
<lfam>You should absolutely not run those `rm ...` commands philipper905
<aecepoglu[m]>Alright, I think I am able to clone the entire repo now. I'll now see where else my pkg is coming short. Thanks guys
<spudpnds>Heya, so I'm looking at adding some default SSH pubkeys to my, and I noticed that (openssh-configuration (authorized-keys ... requires a "file-like" object for the public key. I'd like to hardcode the pubkey as a string. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn a string into a "file-like object"?
<spudpnds>Doh, nevermind, I should have read just a wee bit farther in the docs, what I want is "plain-file".
<moesasji>@lfam: is the problem mixing up root guix vs user guix? That one has definitely caught me out more than once.....
<lfam>It could be, but I think that philipper905's problem is that they can't install packages with `guix package`, and I don't see how that confusion could affect this
<lfam>I think they are also confused about the difference between between `guix package -i` and `guix package -I`
<lfam>I'm really lost
<moesasji>an outdated guix could give features not supported. I've had that misunderstanding sudo vs sudo -E
<spudpnds>I had a problem where I had done "guix install guix" so I had an old version of the guix tools installed yet my "git pull" had way more up-to-date packages.
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<spudpnds>Once I did "guix package -r guix" everything started working right.
<lfam>Right, we should probably make it impossible to run that command
<spudpnds>lfam: Or at least come with a warning...
<lfam>There is something alluring about it, and yet it should never be done
<lfam>Do you remember why you decided to do it?
<spudpnds>I wanted emacs-guix, and I missed perhaps :)
<Aurora_v_kosmose>Reading a bit of the manual and I find some pages in Channels which say: "As a channel author, consider bundling authentication material with your channel so that users can authenticate it.", but wouldn't you be unable to use it yourself unless you did that?
<pkill9>maybe make it require a flag, just for that edge case, and have the warning tell you to use that flag if you relaly mean to do that
<lfam>pkill9: We can just hide the package from the UI
<lfam>No need to special case
<pkill9>but then you can't use it with guix environment
<anadon>Real quick, `guix lint` is giving "TLS certificate error: X.509 certificate of '' could not be verified" -- What might this be?
<lfam>Good point pkill9
<anadon>Also, hello. I haven't been on since spring.
<lfam>pkill9: In that case we should forget about it :) As a mistake, it seems to be getting rarer
<lfam>anadon: What command did you run?
<moesasji>mine was not reading the warning here:
<anadon>lfam: just 'guix lint'. I'm trying to add a package for "magic-enum"_again_ since I keep getting side tracked.
<lfam>I could try to reproduce it if you narrowed it down to a single package, anadon
<lfam>It sounds like your system's X.509 certificate infrastructure is not set up correctly
<anadon>lfam: "abiword.scm:114:15: abiword@3.0.4"
<lfam>There are sections about it in the manual:
<anadon>Was there a change? It was working without any hitch.
<lfam>anadon: Are you using Guix System or Guix on another distro?
<anadon>Under Ubuntu 20.10
<lfam>anadon: I suspect the big change is 2021
<anadon>Right, that happened.
<lfam>You aren't the only person reporting TLS issues today
<lfam>I'm not sure what the cause is, however
<anadon>I forgot about the turnover.
<lfam>That site's certificate has some problems. Firefox won't accept it, and Chromium considers it insecure, although it allows one to proceed
<anadon>Looks like calling `guix lint magic-enum` isn't finding the package. I need to find _the line_ that I probably missed in the manual again.
<lfam>And openssl's command-line tool also fails
***sneek_ is now known as sneek
<lfam>It's mysterious, but I bet that support for certain methods was obsoleted based on the new year
<lfam>It would be nice if our tools gave a little more detail
<lfam>Anyways, it shouldn't cause any problems for your packaging
<spudpnds>This may be a dumb question, but what's the deal with scheme variables that start with a percent sign in Guix?