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<PotentialUser-61>Hi folks,
<PotentialUser-61>weirdly enough, I can't get the good time out of the "date" command. In my operating system declaration, I tried "(timezone "America/New_York")" and "(timezone "America/Montreal)", but both give me the following output when using the "date" command: Sat 31 Oct 2020 03:12:07 PM EDT. The timezone seems right, but not the time
<yarnton>Hi, I'm test driving GuixSD as I'm thinking about switching from NixOS. Why do I see Julia version 1.3 (even after I do guix pull) if I have the default channel (git master?) and there there's a newer julia (1.5)?
<leoprikler>What time is it currently over in America?
<lfam>yarnton: What command are you using to check the version, yarnton
<lfam>leoprikler: 19:21
<lfam>New York time
<leoprikler>So that'd be 6:21pm then
<yarnton>lfam: guix search or guix install
<leoprikler>oops, yeah
<HypoSampled>I ran `guix install python`, but `python` does nothing
<yarnton>lfam: perhaps that's because there are no binaries for julia?
<lfam>No yarnton, that wouldn't have an effect
<lfam>I would try starting a new shell
<yarnton>lfam: yes, that did the trick :)
<lfam>I *think* that the first time you do `guix pull`, the location of the `guix` binary changes, and the shell basically needs to find it again
<lfam>I don't know if this is still the case
<lfam>You could also use `hash guix`, IIUC
<yarnton>sure, i understand
<mroh>HypoSampled: try `python-wrapper` as a package or python3 as a command for `python`.
<PotentialUser-49>about my time problem, I have absolutely no idea why, but setting (timezone "UTC") actually made it work
<roptat>PotentialUser-49, did you use windows previously?
<roptat>there are two ways to save time in BIOS, either UTC or local timezone. Your issue sounds like it's saved as local time, which windows does, whereas Linux usually expects the time to be UTC
<PotentialUser-49>interesting, I actually have a dualboot setup, Windows 10 and Guix. So maybe Windows is causing the issue ?
<roptat>I think there's some configuration on the Linux side you can use to use local time, but I don't remember as I haven't used Windows in a very long time
<roptat>(because I believe you can't configure Windows to set the bios time to UTC)
<PotentialUser-49>thanks for your insight, I'll investigate further !
<yarnton>is the text installer for GuixSD not showing a limited amount of WMs? ie StumpWM seems packaged and supported, but is not there.
<ryanprior>cbaines: that looks useful! Are we interested in moving towards something like that can display patches, commentary, and checks like these all in one place similar to how the various git forges do it?
<maav>yarnton: as far as I know the current ones are there because somebody thought they were interesting and sent a patch... maybe it's a bit late for this release as we're on freeze, but I don't think currently there are other reasons to be picky with this issue, as the screen should have room enough for more desktops :)
<yarnton>maav: against my argument u could always argue that most stumpwm and other wm users would do a manual install, so its fine :)
<maav>yarnton: of course, but some also could want to share their favorite desktop to the newcomers :)
<yarnton>maav: anyway, im glad to see guix is progressing so much. i've been checking every year or so and its pretty mature now to switch from nixos
<yarnton>i maintain some nixos packages, but imho the distribution is becoming too chaotic, there are lots of broken things
<maav>yarnton: i started using guix as my os a couple of years ago and i cannot think of using anything else anymore :)
<helaoban>hey guix, I'm getting an error all of a sudden when trying to run './etc/indent-code.el' over a package definition: 'Symbol's function definition is void: cl-pushnew'.
<helaoban>I don't use emacs so I'm in the dark here.
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<yarnton>Is startx still unsupported?
<lfam>helaoban: Can you share the package definition on <>?
<mroh>helaoban: I think, that is because of a recent change in .dir-locals.el (0e1b0958bd)
<maav>hmmm, i reviewed that, my bad...
<helaoban>lfam: This is failing for me on master with any package, so I don't think its specific to my package def.
<lfam>I'll defer to the Emacs users :)
<mroh>helaoban: try adding "(require 'cl-lib)" to etc/indent-code.el
<maav>that works... but i'm thinking to use seq-uniq instead
<maav>which one is worse?
<mroh>if that works, it's a bug ;) seq-uniq?
<maav>seq.el, push + seq-uniq
<maav>instead of cl-pushnew
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<mroh>idk, sorry, try it ;)
<helaoban>mroh: that works, I'll use that for now :)
<maav>mroh: i'm on it, and writing a mail about it too :)
<maav>i've pushed the fix
<maav>i didn't found a noticeable difference in my old machine, so i left cl-pushnew
<maav>and seq wasn't loaded neither, so the problem was the same anyway
<maav>thanks for the pointer, helaoban, i've just realized i didn't named you in the commit :(
<helaoban>maav: lol no wories, that's hardly worth a mention. Thanks for the super quick fix!
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<mroh>helaoban: yw!
<maav>helaoban: actually sorry for not noticing the bug, the fix was really easy :(
<maav>nevertheless you have another bug fix for free, helaoban, but another day, i must sleep now :)
<helaoban>maav: night!
<xelxebar>Hey, Guix!
<pkill9>is there an importer for clojure packages?
<HypoSampled>I installed OpenCV, which depends on numpy, and I can import it in Python, but can't import numpy
<HypoSampled>I get that it only added OpenCV to my profile when I `guix install`ed it. Do I have to do specifically install numpy too?
<HypoSampled>Should I just use pip?
<HypoSampled>Does this mean python-numpy should be a "propogated input" for OpenCV?
<HypoSampled>Or, do I need to be using `guix environment`?
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<ryanprior>I've been creating a lot of packages lately and have long wanted something like "guix download --branch v1.0.1 https://some.git/url" that would give me the hash I want
<ryanprior>Well, today I built that as an Emacs command and it's part of the latest
<ryanprior>M-x guix-packaging-hash-git <enter>
<HypoSampled>Is Visual Studio Code available in Guix?
<ryanprior>UnderSampled: no, but it's available in Flathub and you can install flatpak with guix.
<HypoSampled>So, just `guix install flatpak`, add flathub as a remote, and install through flatpak?
<ryanprior>Should work!
<vits-test>HypoSampled: what about VSCodium?
<raghavgururajan>The CI shows that linux-libre-5.4.73 for x86-64 is built, but I am not getting substitute.
<raghavgururajan>lfam: ^
<HypoSampled>vits-test: I don't see that; where?
<vits-test>HypoSampled: on the Web. I'd heard it's de-telemetried version (maybe they have a flatpack too)
<HypoSampled>ryanprior: it didn't like when I tried to add a remote -- "permission denied" on /var/lib/flatpak
<HypoSampled>vits-test: ok, I'll look
<ryanprior>UnderSampled: I think you have to use `--user`
<HypoSampled>Fair enough
<HypoSampled>They do have a flatpak
<HypoSampled>Do you use flatpak for much, or just offering it for my case?
<HypoSampled>Eek. Before, some characters were being rendered as whitespace (e.g. '2' as a tab). Now everything is a codepoint block!
<HypoSampled>Didn't think I changed anything...
<HypoSampled>How do I get fonts working?
<brendyyn>vscode is huge i think, and even has included a web browser. it would take a lot of effort to package and even vscodium may have nonfree bits to remove
<HypoSampled>it's based on electron which is based on chromium
<raghavgururajan>nckx: You around? What was that command to clear substitute cache.
<lfam>raghavgururajan: Do you have the link to the page on CI?
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Just a sec. Btw, do you know how to clear substitute cache?
<peanutbutterandc>Hey there, is it possible to have a (native-search-path) specification for only a particular output of a package?
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Sorry, it was linux-libre-headers
<lfam>raghavgururajan: IIRC I've deleted /var/guix/substitute/cache
<lfam>I also don't get a substitute for 5.4.73
<raghavgururajan>5.4.72 hasn't been built for 11days
<brendyyn>bdju: yo, does your obs have icons now?
<brendyyn>i noticed mine does, but they may be breeze icons, since i installed that. perhaps it just required a theme
<HypoSampled>Hmm, I installed `guix-jupyter`, but I can't seem to create a Guix notebook in jupyter notebook
<HypoSampled>Am I somehow not actually getting it into the profile jupyter runs in?
<ryanprior>UnderSampled: I do use Flatpak for a bunch of things. But I'm not using Guix System, so my knowledge of how it works there is really limited.
<ryanprior>I don't know how Guix Jupyter works but looks like it has some info?
<clone11>I can't create new projects with gnome-builder, and I get this in the terminal:
<clone11>ide-application-plugins[ 14919]: CRITICAL: Cannot enable Python 3 plugins: Typelib file for namespace 'GtkSource', version '4' not found
<clone11>Is there a package I can install for the typelib file it's asking for? Thanks
<ryanprior>I don't know clone11, not a gnome-builder user myself, but when I look at their flatpak build materials they have a bunch of python deps:
<ryanprior>But we don't have those as deps for gnome-builder in guix, only pygobject.
<ryanprior>So you might try installing some of those into your profile. If you can figure out what the right dependency is, we can adjust the guix package to include it.
<raghavgururajan>I used that commit with --allow-downgrades
<raghavgururajan>Still 5.4.71 builds.
<raghavgururajan>The following derivation will be built:
<raghavgururajan> /gnu/store/7vi0d0kvsigl17qj4ffxp8x3q4v6jxln-linux-libre-5.4.71.drv
<raghavgururajan>But the CI says its aleady been built.
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Could you tell me a commit that has substitute for any of the 5.4 series?
<raghavgururajan>I mean the one that works on your end.
<lfam>I don't have one raghavgururajan
<lfam>raghavgururajan: For x86_64, from commit c30c4ae9d1a1f7d22916d99e4b434cf1c01dceb8 there are substitutes for all of them except 5.4
<lfam>sneek: later tell raghavgururajan: For x86_64, from commit c30c4ae9d1a1f7d22916d99e4b434cf1c01dceb8 there are substitutes for all of them except 5.4
<brendyyn>is it just me or did the building database for manual pages phase get even slower somehow?
<vits-test>HypoSampled: fc-cache -rv
<HypoSampled>I vaguely remembered from before, and installed gs-fonts, which helped
<HypoSampled>I would like to try using a newer version of a package than the existing committed one, which `guix refresh` properly recognizes
<HypoSampled>What's the right way to go about that?
<vits-test>HypoSampled: IDK, but easier is to use manifest (and `guix package -m manifest.scm`, instead of `package -u`).
<vits-test>the last thing in file should "evaluate to manifest"
<HypoSampled>Looks nice for defining a profile
<HypoSampled>I'm not really talking about updating packages, but updating the package definition to use the new upstream
<HypoSampled>I ran into a big in python-ipykernel, and was hoping upstream would fix it
<HypoSampled>Guix has 5.1.3, upstream is 5.3.4
<vits-test>HypoSampled: with custom package, U can use `package -f`, but it'll not persist updates.
<vits-test>So need to make a channel with custom package.
<vits-test>With manifest we no need channel
<vits-test>and updates can be get with `guix package -m m.scm` after `pull`.
<HypoSampled>Yeah. I'm trying to use guix-jupyter, which generates environments -- so definitely can't `package -f`
<vits-test>HypoSampled: also it possible to feed multiple manifests to `guix package` or other commands
<HypoSampled>Can Guix refresh write into the custom channel, even if the original is from standard Guix?
<vits-test>IDK.. boys (:P)?
<HypoSampled>How about, for the custom channel, can the URL be a local folder?
<vits-test>HypoSampled: recently someone mentioned that origin can be a 'local-file object..
<vits-test>HypoSampled: > <zzappie> mfg: the other way is to use something like (source (local-file %srcdir #:recursive? #t #:select? keep-file?))
<vits-test>HypoSampled: if U about the channel itself, yes: with file:///home/some/git-some URI
<HypoSampled>file:// is required, then?
<vits-test>HypoSampled: Examples are in 5.7 Channels, just use "file:///path/to/local/folder" in (url ...) field.
<vits-test>(though manifest is easier, esp. for one package)
<HypoSampled>I fail to see how a manifest helps me use a refresh
<vits-test>HypoSampled: aren't refresh outputs the auto-generated definition to stdout?
<vits-test>most probably it just changes hash-sum, and the version numbers.
<HypoSampled>It does those two, yes. Haven't seen it in stdout though
<HypoSampled>It has an option to write in place...
<vits-test>without that option, what does it do?
<HypoSampled>It just says what version it needs to update to
<vits-test>HypoSampled: it also has
<vits-test>> -m, --manifest=FILE select all the packages from the manifest in FILE
<HypoSampled>That's for selecting what packages to refresh
<HypoSampled>I'm just doing the one
<vits-test>hm. If U place package definition in separate manifest, and run `refresh` with -u?
<HypoSampled>Should not matter -- -u tells it to write the actual package definition, not the package selection
<vits-test>Cool. I hoped it'll update the definition in manifest file.
<vits-test>and write it in manifest, but no is no.
<vits-test>Tho if done right, the manifest then should be managed with git, wich means it become a "microchannel" squashed in one file :)
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<brown121407>The speed of Guix when downloading stuff seems to have greatly increased. I don't know what you guys did, but I want to congratulate you for that.
<apteryx>helaoban: hey, sorry for breaking emacs-indent.el! and thanks for maav for the prompt resolution.
<apteryx>to maav*
<vits-test>brown121407: every `guix pull` generatex guixcoins. Maintainers spread those evenly between all users, and pay with it to our ISPs. So we have slightly better bandwidth now.
<cbaines>ryanprior, not necessarily, my primary motivation for using Patchwork is that it helps make sense of patches sent by email.
<gtklocker>Has anything changed with regards to bootstrapping Scala or is this up to date?
<OriansJ>gtklocker: asking on #bootstrappable would probably give you the most up to date answer. But I don't believe anyone is currently working on it.
<gtklocker>Got it thanks
<rekado>gtklocker: roptat has made some progress there, but we’re still far off a bootstrapped Scala
<gtklocker>I'm interested to package a Scala project but I guess I can use an external Guix repo for now
<gtklocker>What is the go to repo for this kind of thing nowadays?
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<nckx>Tally-ho Guixens.
<bdju>sneek: later tell brendyyn yep my obs has icons
<roptat>gtklocker, I don't think there's a go-to repo for that...
<bdju>looks like there's a new youtube-dl release on their main site
<bdju>hopefully someone can update the package later
<bdju>some videos were already not working for me recently so I was getting worried
<nly>sneek: botsnack
<vits-test>sneek: botsnack
<nly>sneek: botbuffet!
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<vits-test>sneek: botmistress
<vits-test>sneek: botmistress botbeer botsnack
<nly>sneek: botka!
<vits-test>sneek: vedro botki!
<nly>sneek: don't drive, get a cab
<vits-test>nly: sneek? from a mere vedro?
<vits-test>sneek: did U hear!?
<nly>sneek: disinfectant: 70% alchohol; vodka 96%
<cbaines>Looks like Cuirass has got stuck on, as the latest evaluation of master is 582cf92 (18135)
<nckx>sneek: Don't drink the disinfectant.
<morgansmith>hello guix!
<vits-test>sneek: --drop-tables consumed-substances
<morgansmith>I don't quite understand why we prefer release tarballs over using the source repository. For a lot of the software I use, I want to play with the source and make changes. If the Guix package is set to use source, then all I have to do is clone the repo, make changes, and then point Guix to my new repo. This workflow isn't possible when we point to release tarballs. So what is the benefit of using a release tarball?
<roptat>user_oreloznog, hi! I've sent my changes to the TP, so you can download the file and continue from there. If you don't have time, please tell me, I'll continue the translation where you left it :)
<roptat>morgansmith, I don't think there's any benefit, except that it's sometimes easier to find maybe
<cbaines>morgansmith, I'd expect for most packages, you'd be able to use the source repository in place of a release tarball. Do you know of one where this doesn't work?
<morgansmith>org-mdoe :'(
<morgansmith>also I've sumbitted emacs packages before using the source and been specifically told to use elpa instead
<morgansmith>mind you emacs packages are simple enough (usually) that it shouldn't matter too much. But if you build emacs-modus-vivendi-theme from source you actually install both emacs-modus-vivendi-theme and emacs-modus-operandi-theme since they are in the same repo. I'm not sure what would happen if you tried to install both from source so you had conflicting file names. I again submitted a patch to move these to source (since
<morgansmith>having trouble updating elpa) but I was told just to wait for elpa to update :/
<cbaines>morgansmith, I think things like ELPA (PyPI,, ...) are a slightly different issue to release tarballs
<cbaines>Maybe the artefacts from those sites aren't ideal for using for Guix packages, I know for PyPI and Rubygems at least, often it's not possible to run the testsuite from those artefacts
<morgansmith>ok, well emacs-org (not emacs-org-mode, I goofed) does use a release tarball and it is currently preventing me from developing org stuff :/. I have it half packaged from source at this point but now I actually have to try to get the tests to pass and also I'm a little scared it'll just get rejected
<cbaines>From my perspective, there's a difference between a "release tarball" and the tar file ELPA is providing
<morgansmith>Is the elpa thing just a stability thing then? Like some dude's gitlab could go down but elpa probably won't?
<morgansmith>From my perspective, any service that provides the source in a form different from the development source is bad. I guess my beef isn't directly with release tarballs, but it is related
<morgansmith>Ok maybe not "bad". I'm just trying to understand why we would want to accept anything besides the source in its development form
<cbaines>There's probably a range of different factors, that vary depending on the exact nature of the project
<cbaines>I'd perhaps ignore the general "release tarball" issue, and send a message to guix-devel about using other sources for things that are available via ELPA (like org-mode)
<morgansmith>that's a good idea. I guess I'll do that. Thanks :D
<pinoaffe>hi guix! I've been trying to package prusaslicer, but the configure phase keeps failing because it's unable to locate wxwidgets - any idea what might be going wrong?
<pinoaffe>my work-in-progress is at, you can see some package arguments I've experimented with, sadly to no avail
<morgansmith>Oh, you're trying to do 3D printer stuff? I tried really hard to package cura and slic3r and got kinda far. But didn't succeed with either
<leoprikler>maybe pkg-config?
<rekado>leoprikler: it’s among the inputs
<rekado>pinoaffe: what does Cmake say? What do the logs say?
<leoprikler>it should be a native-input, but yeah
<pinoaffe>rekado: < this seems to be the relevant portion of the logs
<vits-test>pinoaffe: maybe it searching for dir where wxwidgets are, and then expects to find the wxwidgets-gtk in the same dir?
<rekado>pinoaffe: you will have to check how it searches for xwidgets
<pinoaffe>by switching to wxwidgets-3.0, I can get it to fail in an exciting, new way:
<morgansmith>setting SLIC3R_STATIC would try static linking instead of dynamic. dunno if that'd be different
<mfg>pinoaffe: prusa slicer is based on slic3r, no?
<pinoaffe>mfg: yeah, it's a fork of slic3r
<mfg>i tried to package slic3r, the dependencies of it should be on guix-patches somewhere
<jlicht>hey guix!
<mfg>but i didn't manage to package slic3r itself
<pinoaffe>mfg: aight, thanks!
<rekado>wxwidgets does not contain any cmake files nor does it contain pkg-config files
<mfg>okay, those aren't all dependencies, i have to search a bit :D
<rekado>so you may need to manually specify the cmake variables for libraries and includes
<mfg>at least slic3r is a perl program, so it needs perl-wxwidgets
<mfg>i will have to lookup the differences between prusa slicer though
<ecbrown>hello guix! i am following the advancements with the hurd with great interest. one question, python is noted to not compile. i noticed that python 3.9 has some hurd augmentations--would this cure the python/hurd build issue? (just planning ahead, want to ask those who may be in the know)
<morgansmith>Is perl-local-lib not a dependency of slic3r? I packaged that but haven't submitted it
<mfg>pinoaffe: here are all patches of slic3rs dependencies :)
<pinoaffe>morgansmith: prusaslicer seems to have replaced a lot of the perl code in slic3r with c++, so it would make sense if some perl dependencies are no longer necessary
<mfg>morgansmith: i think i don't saw such a package, but it might as well be missing :D
<morgansmith>Maybe I'll attempt again. I forget what I was stuck on
<mfg>pinoaffe: Ah that's great!, the official slic3r repo also contains a lot c++ bits, but it's deemed not ready for production there... I guess it would be way easier to package without those perl things :D
<nalaginrut>I've installed linux-libre 5.9 from guix, how can I boot it?
<morgansmith>welp, can't compile guix right now due to the documentation have nonexistent nodes... Is it just me?
<morgansmith>nalaginrut: if you installed it using a guix system reconfigure then it should be the default in the grub menu
<nalaginrut>morgansmith: thanks but what's the correct command? "guix system reconfigure" requires an argument
<janneke>nalaginrut: are you using guix on a foreign distro?
<morgansmith>you have to pass it a system configuration. The path to your current configuration can be seen by running: guix system describe
<roptat>something's wrong, my computer feels very slow, but I'm far from 100% use of my CPU, memory or IO, what could it be?
<pinoaffe>roptat: could it be your disk health?
<cbaines>roptat, maybe check dmesg
<roptat>nothing weird in dmesg
<mfg>pinoaffe: looking at the prusa silcer repo, i realized you don't need any of the patches i linked to. No perl is needed :-)
<morgansmith>so can anyone build guix right now? The documentation is preventing me :/ I wanna test my slic3r package :'(
<cbaines>roptat, there are things like display scaling in Gnome which can cause slowdowns.
<mfg>morgansmith: w8 a moment i'm trying. which commit are you on?
<cbaines>morgansmith, do you mean build the Guix package for Guix, or rather the ./configure; make stuff for the Git repository?
<cbaines>morgansmith, also, can you share the error you're getting?
<morgansmith>so I'm doing guix environment guix -C --pure -- make and I'm getting
<morgansmith> ./doc/ @xref reference to nonexistent node `GNU blah blah
<morgansmith>but like a lot of those
<janneke>roptat: cpu scaling maybe?
<mfg>morgansmith: works fine here.
<user_oreloznog>roptat: If you can continue the translation where I left it, it's nice! I think I'll have my guix environment ready tonight. And from there, I will be able to take my turn when I'm ready again... Thank you!
<morgansmith>ok, a git clean -xfd seemed to fix it. I hate our documentation build system though. It's gotten in my way a few times. I don't actually know if it's problem with the build system or me, but I'm going to blame to build system
<mfg>hm? doesn't make distclean do the trick?
<morgansmith>nope, I tried that first
<mfg>FeelsBadMan :/
<cbaines>morgansmith, I'm glad you found a way around the issue. I'm not sure what was going on though, as I'm not sure documentation issues have blocked me running make successfully
<morgansmith>so I use magit as my git interface, but I had it freeze once or twice due to massive diffs in po/guix/ta.po po/packages/es.po po/packages/zh_CN.po so I told git to always assume they are unchanged. And that's worked for months. But then for this issue I told git to worry about them again. I don't know what those files are but maybe that's it?
<cbaines>My approach has just been to discard the changes in those files when they appear
<morgansmith>can we get a proper solution plz...
<cbaines>I'd hope so, but like most problems, it just requires someone making the time to work on it
<mfg>isn't there a makefile target that can be used which doesn't imply building the docs?
<mfg>i couldn't find one though
<morgansmith>oh, apparently I was stuck building slic3r because of perl-wx, which is what your patches are for :D
<morgansmith>your perl-wx patch doesn't seem to build... oh maybe it's cuz I have a funny xserver?
<morgansmith>nah, it's in the build phase. I can't get your perl-wx to build
<morgansmith>GDI.c:12641:17: error: ‘class wxColour’ has no member named ‘GetPixel’
<nckx>civodul: Russians have returned; fan is holding its own for now; guix offload test /etc/guix/machines.scm localhost passes; let me know if things misbehave in practice.
<civodul>nckx: yay, thanks a lot!
<civodul>could you add their to maintenance.git?
<nckx>Sure but why?
<nckx>Did they never get added or did something change?
<mfg>morgansmith: aight, i will rebase the patches on master then and send updates :D
<civodul>it has to do with the declarative ACL (i emailed guix-sysadmin a few days ago)
<civodul>so there's a new directory holding all the signing keys
<morgansmith>mfg: I'm testing your first perl-alien-xwidgets patch now to see if that works
<nckx>Oh I also had to restart the SSH tunnel.
<morgansmith>mfg: there was a billion errors, but using the first perl-alien-wxeidgets, I got perl-wx to build
<morgansmith>*first patch
<HypoSampled>What do I have to do to get rtl8192ce wifi to work? I have gotten it to work with libre drivers before
<mfg>morgansmith: amazing, something has changed in the last weeks maybe :D
<morgansmith>also it looks like slic3r wants version 0.9918, not 0.9932
<mfg>ah w8
<morgansmith>oh, maybe I'm out of date. I haven't worked on this in a bit. lemme make sure I'm using the right slic3r version
<mfg>i remember that i had to substitute* that
<mfg>but i can't find my slic3r definition...
<morgansmith>Oh, I'm trying to build 1.3.0 but there has been 1529 commits since then and it was in 2018. should I build from master?
<mfg>i didn't try the master
<mfg>i think i tried 1.3.1 or smth
<morgansmith>here's my definition:
<mfg>they state in the readme that the master is experimental and it shouldn't be used in production...
<mfg>that's why i never tried
<morgansmith>I don't see anything past 1.3.0
<mfg>andreas-e also tried to package slic3r i'm just searching for his definition
<mfg>then i tried 1.3.0
<mroh>HypoSampled: adding something like `(kernel-loadable-modules (list rtl8821ce-linux-module))` to your configuration should be enough.
<mfg>morgansmith: sadly i can't find it anymore...
<mfg>i will look at your definition
<morgansmith>it's not good. It's very very rough
<mfg>no worries :D
<HypoSampled>mroh: oddly, it seems to have already loaded
<HypoSampled>It didn't work during the usb install, but maybe it works now?
<HypoSampled>I have to figure out have to configure wifi
<mroh>The Installer doesn't have this module, afaik.
<morgansmith>mfg: I think the commented out inputs are copy pasted from the slic3r make files. Like they are inputs but we don't have them packaged yet so I was trying without them. or maybe I was trying to minimize inputs? idk
<nckx>The installer should be patched to load/include as many modules as possible, at least for anything remotely network-enabling.
<mfg>morgansmith: good to know, Thank you :-)
<mroh>nckx: +1
<HypoSampled>The module is loaded in lsmod, but it is not working
<morgansmith>mfg: ok, even slic3r master wants wx 0.9918 and refuses to like your wx. Guess I gotta write some substitue thingy
<nckx>HypoSampled: What does dmesg say?
<HypoSampled>At startup, it says "Failed to polling write LLT done at address 0" and "Init MAC failed"
<nckx>Anything about missing firmware or ‘/* DEBLOBBED */’
<nckx>* ?
<HypoSampled>ah, yes "Missing Free Firmware"
<nckx>Does that mean [some] chips aren't supported or simply that our driver package is incomplete?
<nckx>☝ anyone.
<HypoSampled>I tried Guix a year ago, and I was able to get it working then
<mroh>HypoSampled: I'm pretty sure this driver does work w/o firmware. What is the name of the module in lsmod?
<janneke>this suggests it should work:
<morgansmith>mfg: How does perl detection work? It doesn't like your perl-wx? Should I wait for your rebase and see if that fixes it? I'm geting: Missing prerequisite Wx 0.9932
<nckx>Oh, mroh added it.
<mfg>morgansmith: so i just rebased and built the packages, i'm not seeing any errors. What errors were you referring to?
<mfg>I'm just tryint to build your definition
<mfg>s/just/atm/ i guess :D
<morgansmith>sorry, I don't think I sent everything. You might need this too:
<pinoaffe>so I've tried some more changes in my prusaslicer package definition, but sadly nothing worked
<mroh>HypoSampled: maybe try with 'pci=noaer' in the kernel cmd line, as upstream in this issue suggests.
<mfg>morgansmith: ah thanks, will add it. Also: i'm currently rebuilding perl itself, because it seems to have no substitute available, i guess this is/was the same for you then.
<pinoaffe>^ I've got the log and the package definitions up here, 't would be great if someone could take another look at it :)
<HypoSampled>mroh: oh, that sounds vaguely familiar.
<HypoSampled>I may need help adding it
<HypoSampled>I'll be back in a bit
<mfg>pinoaffe: one thing is cmake couldn't find glew and says it's using a bundled version, i think glew is in freeglut? not sure though
<mfg>but that's not the actual error
<nckx>I don't get it. Upstream says distro PCI ASPM (power management) can conflict with the driver, then suggests disabling AER (error reporting). If that even works (and isn't merely a typo), it sounds like risky advice.
<mfg>pinoaffe: not sure what's going on with wxwidgets here, i mean cmake should be able to find that ... what happens if you use either wxwidgets or wxwidgets-gtk2, not both?
<morgansmith>mfg: I'm getting this error:
<mfg>morgansmith: the error in your definition might be solved when adding xvfb? - if that's the actual error that is :D
<mfg>i'm currently guix build -K --check --no-grafts perl-wx to check for errors, but i don#t see any :/
<mfg>I didn't get that you mean errors with perl-wx when building slic3r, lol sry
<morgansmith>that's the error I get when doing ./pre-inst-env guix build perl-wx
<pinoaffe>mfg: the same thing happenes when I just use one
<mfg>morgansmith: okay i don't get it then, i don't have any error when i build perl-wx
<morgansmith>oh, it's actually an error in perl-alien-wxwidgets, my bad
<pinoaffe>and adding "glew" as a dependency also didn't change anything
<mfg>pinoaffe: adding glew should make cmake use the system version instead of the bundled one, because it's a policy in guix that packages should not use bundled versions of libraries that are available as system libraries.
<mfg>morgansmith: perl-alien-wxwidgets also has no error for me :-(
<morgansmith>idk, don't worry about it. I'm looking into it.
<pinoaffe>mfg: ah yes, that's good then
<mfg>pinoaffe: i'm playing a bit with your definition, maybe i can see what's happening with cmake and wxwidgets :-)
<mfg>it might also be necessary to create a 1.5.0-version of blosc, because openvdb's configure says later versions have known issues... So not sure if this is even relevant for prusaslicer
<morgansmith>mfg: for perl-alien-wxwidgets which wxwidgets is in your inputs
<pinoaffe>mfg: thanks!
<mfg>morgansmith: so at first i used the gtk2 one but then i realized 'wxwidgets' worked as well, maybe that was not true?
<morgansmith>wait, how come perl-alien-wxwidgets is in both native and propagated inputs? Is that allowed?
<morgansmith>for perl-wx
<mfg>morgansmith: so the propagated-inputs thing is perl specific, every perl module has to be propagated (at least that was told me).
<mfg>It's possible that it doesn't need to be in native-inputs, i'm not sure about that
<morgansmith>I'm super confused. I really don't know why it won't build. The error is in perl-wx again and not per-alien-wxwidgets. I think I'm starting to lose my sanity
<mfg>It's perl, i didn't expect that it's so confusing when i tried to package slic3r, i feel you
<mfg>ultimately that's the reason why i tried to package ultimaker cura, but there i'm currently at a segfault which i don't get ...
<morgansmith>I never got past the "Let me use git to figure out my version" thing
<mfg>my patches are on the list, you can try them out if you wnat :-) i'd be happy if someone finds out the cause of the segfault...
<morgansmith>oh wow. You really tried. that's a lot more than I did
<mfg>yeah, at least their documentation has a section running from source which has almost everything you need to know :D
<nalaginrut>janneke: yes, I'm on debian
<nalaginrut>morgansmith: I'll give it a try, thanks
<nalaginrut>oops, no system generation, nothing to describ
<nalaginrut>if I'm on debian, then guix can't install a kernel for me?
<mfg>pinoaffe: i'm looking deeper into it later, it might be possible to manually set /all/ variables cmake would set, but i'm pretty sure there has to be a way to let it find everything on it's own...
<mfg>here are the variables that would need to be set:
<mfg>Might be better to look for version 3.16 as this is what guix uses atm
<HypoSampled>Ok, how do I add 'pci=noaer' to the kernel command line?
<OriansJ>hmm looks like gnutls@3.6 has a build issue when using 8 cores but not when built with -c 1 or -c 2 or -c 4; possible race condition for the build? Is there a way in guix to specific limits (like limit to only 4 cores or less) or prompt for requirements (like is tmpfs big enough to even do the build); so that users have less cryptic problems when building and that builds that will not work can fail faster?
<morgansmith>HypoSampled: (kernel-arguments (append '("pci=noaer") %default-kernel-arguments))
<janneke>nalaginrut: i guess not; you need an initrd that matches your OS; so the guix system reconfigure <config.scm> is advice for guix system
<morgansmith>HypoSampled: :D
<HypoSampled>That definitely added it the command line, but didn't fix the issue :(
<janneke>nalaginrut: on guix system, the kernel is part of the operating system declaration and thus a user would seldom install a linux kernel manually
<morgansmith>HypoSampled: so the realtek-firmware package in nonguix contains firmware for your card. Are you sure it works with free software?
<HypoSampled>I thought I had gotten it to work before
<morgansmith>using linux-libre?
<HypoSampled>Btw, lspci says rtl8188ce, not rtl8192ce from lsmod
<morgansmith>found an 8 year old forum post saying that there is a free driver, but not a free firmware. Meaning you can get it to work on linux libre, but you'll still be running a non-free firmware
<morgansmith>(unless something changed in the last 8 years)
<morgansmith>You could get the firmware from nonguix, but it's like $15 for a fully free wifi card so I'd recommend that
<vits-test>btw, is $15 for wifi card is much or nothing?
<morgansmith>it's an hour of minimum wage in canada. depends on the person how much that's worth though
<HypoSampled>I guess I must have touched the dark side a little before
<morgansmith>I bought a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9596 QCNFA335 last april for $14.49 CAD and I'm quite happy with it
<mroh>HypoSampled: not sure, if the 8192ce driver works with a 8188ce chipset. I guess, 8188ce works with vanilla drivers, but you need realtek-firmware.
<mfg>pinoaffe: if you add "--trace" "-Wdev" to your configure-flags you get more verbose output about what cmake is doing. I see that it actually found wxWidgets but after that there some FPHSA* things going on i don't quite get -- those fail
<morgansmith>mfg: I still don't know how you're not hitting my bug :/ here is the actual bug report for it:
<mfg>i remember that...
<mfg>i did something and it went away, i'm unsure what i did though
<morgansmith>from what I can tell, it should work if I use perl 5.06 because that's what wx wants but I haven't tested that
<mfg>are you trying with wxwidgets or wxwidgets-gtk2?
<mfg>or is this error with both?
<morgansmith>gtk2 works and wxwidgets doesn't if I remember properly
<morgansmith>I'll check in two seconds when my guix is rebuilt
<mfg>so it might be possible, that this is the reason why i chose wxwidgets-gtk2, not sure
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<sneek>raghavgururajan, you have 1 message!
<sneek>raghavgururajan, lfam says: For x86_64, from commit c30c4ae9d1a1f7d22916d99e4b434cf1c01dceb8 there are substitutes for all of them except 5.4
<joshuaBPMan>Hey guix people!
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Thanks!
<ryanprior>morgansmith: I had the same problem with the documentation failing the build. it sucks
<joshuaBPMan>has anyone here gotten opensmtpd-filter-dkimsign to work? smtpd -nf is telling me that my configuration is ok, but sudo herd restart smtpd fails
<ryanprior>morgansmith: I tried your "git clean -xfd" suggestion but it didn't work for me, build still fails with a cascade of hundreds of doc errors
<morgansmith>that should only affect stuff not tracked by git. do a git stash to put away everything that is
*morgansmith still doesn't know the difference between affect and effect
<pinoaffe>mfg: ooh, that's a nice trick, thanks
<morgansmith>I finally built slic3r btw. trying to figure out how to launch it now :)
<Bumblehorse>When defining a new package, use-module is for defining your dependencies correct?
<pinoaffe>Bumblehorse: use-module makes the public variables defined in the specified guile module available to the scope
<pinoaffe>so if you want to refer to a package "blarg" defined in the module (gnu packages blarg), you'll need to "use" that module
<Bumblehorse>pinoaffe: This may be a stupid question but how do I figure out what modules to use? I'm trying to package gtick and following a similar definition to the gnu hello example because it uses the gnu-build-system. When I --install-from-file the example hello.scm it just works but with gtick it doesn't. I think this may be because I don't have the required modules.
<dustyweb>where are channels checkouts stored generally again in one's homedir?
<dustyweb>thanks roptat
<roptat>I covered almost 3% of the translation until now, I'm at 93% complete :)
<pinoaffe>Bumblehorse: you'll need some modules for the build system and for the dependencies, for dependencies you can run `guix package -A blarg` to find out in which module / file the package blarg is defined
<morgansmith>mfg: I really need to do some school work today so I'm just going to leave you with this: it looks like it works, but once it's done installing, it no longer knows where any of the perl stuff is
<morgansmith>Also feel free to submit any patches I've helped you with. Maybe put my name in there somewhere but I'm not picky :P
<Bumblehorse>pinoaffe: After reading some logs, it complained that it didn't have the command autoreconf. I then did "guix package -A autoconf" as you said and it told me it is found in autotools. I then added (gnu packages autotools) and after reading the logs again, it gives me the same error. Do you have any insights?
<apteryx>civodul: I'm trying my hand at creating a release, going through So far, I'm stuck where the Makefile uses an old PACKAGE_VERSION =
<apteryx>I have a 1.2.0 entry in the NEWS file, and a v1.2.0rc1 tag
<OriansJ>anyone have a guess why guix archive --export --recursive bash | guix archive -t would result in: guix archive: error: corrupt input while restoring archive from #<input: file 0>
<apteryx>I can reproduce it
<apteryx>but I don't think it's a bug
<apteryx>guix archive expects to be passed options and packages
<OriansJ>apteryx: then why would wget -O - | lzip -d | guix archive -t be valid?
<apteryx>oh indeed, you're right.
<apteryx>that's what the doc mentions
<apteryx>then I guess it's a bug :-/
<OriansJ>So how do I get guix to create .nar files that it will consider valid?
<OriansJ>a bug that goes back to v1.1.0 as far as I can tell
<OriansJ>using /gnu/store/p7jcjqcaw66g05zjim0famggfwpna8k0-guile3.0-guix-1.1.0/bin/guix produces identical results (for those who which to check at home)
<Bumblehorse>When I try and install a package I'm trying to define, no matter how many autotools relate modules I add, I always get the error "./ line 3: autoreconf: command not found" in the logs located in /var/log/guix/drvs/. Does anyone know why this is the case?
<leoprikler>autoreconf should be part of autoconf, so adding it as native-input should resolve your issue
<raghavgururajan>Can `guix time-machine` be used for system reconfigure?
<raghavgururajan>Like `guix time-machine --commit=foo -- system reconfigure /etc/config.scm`?
<Bumblehorse>leoprikler: Like this? `(("autoconf" ,autoconf)))
<leoprikler>raghavgururajan: not directly, but if you guix time-machine -- environment guix -- sudo guix system reconfigure, it should do what you want in a rather roundabout fashion [remember kids, don't do this at home]
<raghavgururajan>leoprikler: Hmm, `guix time-machine --commit=d9dfa10acb8b543e75efcc7b180fd56d6b3ded60 -- system reconfigure /etc/secondary.scm` is computing something.
<leoprikler>oh, yes, it will do the build, but it won't have permission to change your bootloader
<raghavgururajan>I am logged in as root though
<leoprikler>okay, in that case yes
<lfam>raghavgururajan: Just curious, were you able to get substitutes for anything more recent?
<leoprikler>my personal opinion is that we might want to use something pkexec-esque for system reconfigure
<raghavgururajan>lfam: Nope :( I am going all the way back to d9dfa10acb8b543e75efcc7b180fd56d6b3ded60 to see if I get substitute for 5.4.70
<lfam>Maybe something is really wrong with 5.4, in terms of the build farm
<lfam>Unfortunately, the is not helpful :(
<lfam>I mean, the website is not helpful
<leoprikler>is there a guile-polkit yet?
<lfam>Sad to say but I miss using hydra
<raghavgururajan>5.4.71 is built for x86-64, according to CI, but not getting substitute.
<lfam>This query returns zero results:
<cbaines>raghavgururajan, if you want to debug this, the first thing to work out is the output path, which you can get by reading the derivation
<lfam>I haven't been paying any attention to the CI while i do kernel updates
<raghavgururajan>cbaines: Just a sec.
<rekado>lfam: is this better?
<rekado>I’m sorry, I haven’t had any time to work on improving the Cuirass search. I probably won’t work on it.
<lfam>Yes, it's a lot better rekado. But I swear I tried this query too, and got inconsistent or incomplete results
<lfam>Now the results are great
<raghavgururajan>[1] [2] [3] The following derivation will be built: /gnu/store/7vi0d0kvsigl17qj4ffxp8x3q4v6jxln-linux-libre-5.4.71.drv
<rekado>lfam: the pagination is weird
<lfam>It is missing the last two versions, but it's still an improvement
<rekado>you can get really odd results if you’re not on the first page
<rekado>I don’t understand how it’s implemented
<lfam>And if I add 'spec:guix-master', there are no results
<raghavgururajan>Oh wrong link
<cbaines>raghavgururajan, given doesn't know about that derivation, I'm guessing it's new in the last few hours.'s last successful evaluation of master was ~20 hours ago I think.
<raghavgururajan>cbaines and lfam and rekado: How do I find the commit ID for the evaluation
<rekado>I get at least one page of results
<cbaines>raghavgururajan, you probably don't need all of us to tell you, but it says it on the page for the evaluation
<cbaines>raghavgururajan, it's on the right, under "Commit"
<raghavgururajan>cbaines: Oh yes, thanks
<lfam>rekado: When I sent my message a couple minutes ago, the search returned no results. Now it works...
*raghavgururajan does `guix time-machine --commit=f43287aff06082c83649a1d0c0184b9ac347c3c8 -- system reconfigure /etc/secondary.scm --allow-downgrades`
<cbaines>Different topic, does anyone know if there's a process around blog posts (and if this is written down anywhere)?
<raghavgururajan>The 5.4.72 was commited about 13 days ago but no substitute yet. Build failure??
*raghavgururajan checks
<cbaines>raghavgururajan, I think the build on failed
<roptat>95%! 500 strings missing :)
<rekado>lfam: I believe you. The search doesn’t do anything fancy, though. It’s just a simple SQL query. (The pagination with its offsets is what I’d call “fancy”.)
<cbaines>Unfortunately hasn't figured out what build actually failed and blocked that build
<lfam>Is there any way to retry the build? Or at least make sure the current version (5.4.73) succeeds?
<rekado>roptat: I don’t want to be mean but I think I might invalidate a handful of strings soon.
*raghavgururajan hopes build success for 5.4.73
<roptat>it's fine, I did that too, by fixing some typos ^^'
<roptat>although we should start the string freeze today or tomorrow
<raghavgururajan>Yay, system reconfigured successfully with 5.4.71 substitute.
*raghavgururajan reboots
<jonsger>allez roptat allez :)
<cbaines>lfam, I'm not sure Cuirass supports retries yet, but anyone with SSH access to could just request it to be built. Providing guix publish caches the substitute, it would probably stick around for some time.
<rekado>what derivation is this?
<rekado>we™ should add this feature to the admin pages
<cbaines>rekado, /gnu/store/36yg6a8jj3c3454xdcf5jzmzx1qvcza8-linux-libre-5.4.72.drv
<rekado>thanks, building it now
<lfam>Shouldn't we do 5.4.73 instead?
<lfam>It's already 2 days old
<cbaines>I found a build, which has failed
<cbaines>the log just stops
<lfam>derivation /gnu/store/pbpw24qy54kd13hsk3pk8r0clh4i6b9r-linux-libre-5.4.73.drv
<rekado>I’ll build that too
<civodul>apteryx: it might be that you need to explicitly run "autoreconf" once you've tagged the release
<cbaines>civodul, I have a draft of a introductory Guix Data Service blog post, do you know what I should do with it? (I haven't written a blog post before)
<raghavgururajan>substitute: guix substitute: warning: ACL for archive imports seems to be uninitialized, substitutes may be unavailable
<raghavgururajan>What is that mean?
<lfam>It means you haven't authorized the substitute signing key of a substitute you are trying to import
<lfam>Are you copying store items around between machines?
<raghavgururajan>After reboot, I did `guix system --delete-generations`. Then I got that line and saw gcc building.
<raghavgururajan>I did reboot after doing `guix time-machine --commit=f43287aff06082c83649a1d0c0184b9ac347c3c8 -- system reconfigure /etc/secondary.scm --allow-downgrades`
<raghavgururajan>My current guix describe is commit: 582cf9257cd1f9c969fbba5eb1c336ac8b975cde though.
<raghavgururajan>I am logged in as root.
<lfam>Check that /etc/guix/acl is set up as expected
<lfam>You're missing the build farm's signing key
<lfam>It's in the Git repo at 'etc/substitutes/'
<apteryx>civodul: Hmm, I had tried autoreconf already, I think. I'll give it another shot later.
***catonano_ is now known as catonano
<roptat>300 strings left :)
<civodul>roptat: yay! :-)
<civodul>go roptat, go!
<civodul>it's an arms race with maav & co.
<user_oreloznog>;-) Very good!
<jonsger>I don't think theres much to do on the other side of the Rhine. Florian did a pretty good job!
<maav>hehehe, i played with advantage because i had lots of spare time these months :)
<maav>congrats, roptat, btw :)
<civodul>heh, but it's true that Florian has also been impressive
<civodul>also, the only web site translator so far!
<civodul>maav: i was adding the format/G_ calls in parted.scm
<civodul>testing it right now
<maav>i was testing it too
<maav>probably you'll win because my computer is slow :)
<civodul>maav: here's what i have:
<maav>yours' cooler than mine :)
<maav>i used plain format, not the crystal version :)
<user_oreloznog>Good night guix!
<civodul>maav: hey, i figured this would provide more context for translators
<maav>one detail maybe you have on the top of your head, ~* caused problems with msgfmt or was only for ngettext? if not, maybe it can be used there, to avoid the or: "Encryption: ~:[Yes (label ~a)~;No~a~]"
<civodul>yes, note that i avoided ~* here because of that
<civodul>i think it's really just ~* that caused problems, not ~:[...~]
<maav>yep, i meant on the #f branch, surely ~:[ should not generate them, and i'm not sure if ~* was only with plural forms when caused problems... i'll take a look after the release to that gettext code to see what can be done
<maav>my contributions there have been quite scarce, i have to keep up with my plan of binding libgettextpo...
<maav>into guile (i already have this code, only have to work on it) and into emacs will be the next step, to update a bit po.el :)
<civodul>ok, pushed!
<nckx>How do I read recent --news?
<civodul>you can double-check if i broke something :-)
<civodul>nckx: "guix pull --news"?
<nckx>(Pretend that ‘I’ don't less news.scm, you know what I mean.)
<civodul>"guix pull -l" also does that
<nckx>Will try, thanks.
*civodul -> zZz