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<morgansmith>Ok guys! Big news! I finally got transformations in my manifest to work! It took way too long :P if anyone has a moment could they take a look and see if I did it in a good way?
<lfam>morgansmith: Yay at having gotten it working! I'm not really qualified to say if it's done "right" or not but I'm celebrating with you
<civodul>morgansmith: nice!
<civodul>like i wrote we'll probably remove the 'store' argument of 'options->transformation' soonish and make it "official"
<civodul>it's an interesting use case that you have
<civodul>BTW i'd recommend removing "guix" from your manifest
<morgansmith>civodul: thanks! I removed guix. it seems to cause trouble with emacs-guix maybe? I have a really hard time getting emacs-guix to work. Is there ever a good reason to install the guix package?
<civodul>morgansmith: no, guix is "installed" via 'guix pull', so in a separate profile
<civodul>emacs-guix is currently broken, there's an issue reported upstream i think
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!
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<maav>sneek has died :(
<mroh>not enough cookies, I guess.
<maav>well, gonna sleep, bye bye :)
<mroh>gn8, maav
<maav>ty, mroh :)
<xelxebar>Hrm. Build on my offload machine is failing with "no space left on device" but I have about 5GB left on /.
<xelxebar>Also, /tmp isn't mounted tmpfs, it's just a normal directory. /dev/shm is mounted with 5GB as well.
<mroh>maybe the client is out of space? Does building on the offload machine work, w/o offloading?
<xelxebar>mroh: Well, my local machine has a ~50GB on / and 1.8 on /tmp. It looks like the output isn't in the store on the build machine, so I assume that it's actually failing there and not just failing to copy over to my local machine.
<xelxebar>Wait... the build log is filled with a bunch of progress bar output labeled something like "copying 520 store items..."
<xelxebar>Hrm... I'm building a disk-image. Perhaps the image is too small for some reason?
<xelxebar>Is there a pre-existing way to set the number of guixbuilderN users in config.scm? Or do we just need to create the accounts manually?
<jonsger>oh our online manual looks amazing now
<jonsger>those variable "definitions" are much better to read :)
<vits-test>xelxebar: maybe with the 'guix-service-type ?
<jonsger>xelxebar: on desktop or server?
<xelxebar>jonsger: For my offload build server.
<xelxebar>vits-test, jonsger: Oh... it's right there in the manual...
*xelxebar buys a thousand guix for jonsger and vits-test :)
<xelxebar>Man, having so many problems trying to build this disk-image.
<xelxebar>It's failing to build the partition.img with this error: mke2fs: Ext2 inode is not a directory while populating file system
<xelxebar>Any idea at all what could be causing this?
<jonsger>mothacehe: somehow cuirass forgets to set the status of a build. So the build is set to /path/to/log.drv.bz2 but `status` is still at -2
<vits-test>xelxebar: IDK. Wonder why it is "ext2 inode".
<xelxebar>vits-test: Ran with -K and noticed that the /tmp/guix-build-partition.img.drv-0/temp-root used to populate the image just *barely* fit on the drive.
<xelxebar>After expanding the partition, the build completed just fine
<mothacehe>jonsger: what do you mean by the build is set to /path/to/...?
<jonsger>mothacehe: not the build, the log. So there was an actual build of this package resulting in the log
<mothacehe>Cuirass is only aware of the build it started itself
<mothacehe>if it was started "manually" it won
<mothacehe>'t see it.
<maav>mothacehe: i wanted to talk to you, but i killed sneek trying... :(
<mothacehe>maav: here i am :)
<maav>i spent yesterday banging my head against walls because I couldn't make work any encrypted-os test... because it was creating luks2 instead of luks1
<mothacehe>what't the issue with luks2?
<maav>i'm going to check when did that happened, but wanted to check with you, mothacehe, if you were running the tests lately
<maav>grub doesn't support it for boot yet
<mothacehe>the CI is running the installation tests on every Guix commit
<mothacehe>they seem to work fine currently
<maav>mothacehe: that's what i was looking for, thanks :)
<maav>i'm creating a new test for /boot not encrypted and / encrypted
<maav>as it isn't implemented... yet (see 25305)
<jonsger>is the db entry, but doesn't make sense. If there is a build log, and the build passed. `status` should not stay at `-2`
<mothacehe>jonsger: you're right seems like a bug
<mothacehe>select count(*) from Builds where status=-2 and log is not ""
<mothacehe>returns 601 on berlin
<mothacehe>so it can be reproduced :)
<jonsger>mothacehe: ah yes, this reproducer is maybe a better explanation :)
<xelxebar>So, when building gnu/system/install.scm, I get an image that's roughly 3GB; however, the installation os iso provided system install iso provided is about 550MB.
<xelxebar>How is the latter getting produced??
<morgansmith>hello guix!
<morgansmith>so I'm trying to install texlive-texmf but it's a 2.61GiB download from that keeps failing. The download from upstream is much more reliable. Cracking open texlive-texmf, I see we set: #:substitutable? #f for this exact issue but it doesn't seem to be working?
<morgansmith>for the record I'm actually installing texlive and texlive-texmf is an input, but it's texlive-texmf that's giving me grief
<bluekeys_>Hi guix.
<morgansmith>yo what up?
<ryanprior>I've been cleaning up some more of my golang packages to make another round of submissions, but a couple rounds of past submissions are still unreviewed and I don't want to pile on where there's no bandwidth
<ryanprior>If I can convince anybody to take a look at or and offer feedback that would be valuable :)
<ryanprior>And if there's anything I can do to make these packages easier to review and process I'm all about doing the work up front to make things easy for y'all so let me know
<bluekeys_>Got exwm working with multiple windows, nothing was wrong with it, it just works better if you tell it the correct displayport. You guys now have your own screen.
<morgansmith>bluekeys_: multiple windows? Do you mean multiple monitors?
<bluekeys_>morgansmith, yes. At that level of attention to detail is exactly why it took my 2 weeks to figure out what I was doing wrong!
<morgansmith>exwm is a bit of a nightmare :P but I absolutely love it
<bluekeys_>I'm enjoying it at the moment, haven't hit any problems. Where is it a nightmare?
<morgansmith>I first really learned elisp by making a function that loops through all my monitors and adds them to exwm. it also checks the geometry so that they are mapped in order (although looking at it now I did that wrong). I kinda felt like that should've been built in.
<morgansmith>plus exwm freezes when emacs freezes (oops. I opened gnus. Guess I'll go get a coffee cuz I can't use my computer right now)
<morgansmith>also it's fun when you have a window open in exwm line mode and then you can't use C-g to stop emacs from doing a thing so you have to jump to another tty and just kill emacs :P
<ryanprior>I've heard of people using emacs-in-emacs with exwm, which sounds absolutely necessary to me for the reasons you cite
<morgansmith>I only emacs-in-emacs for certain tasks (like gnus) but I should probably emacs-in-emacs for everything really
<morgansmith>Also, pro tip after you run exwm-enable run this: (shell-command "gpg-connect-agent \"UPDATESTARTUPTTY\" /bye")
<morgansmith>otherwise pinentry doesn't work
<jlicht>sending USR2 to emacs gets it to unfreeze gets in almost all situations ;-)
<zimoun>sneek: seen g_bor[m]?
<jlicht>usually works better than flat out killing emacs in my experience, if you care about any of the stuff you had open
<dannym>How do I find out, given a file in a profile, like /home/dannym/.guix-profile/lib/, why it was put there? I tried removing the package "cairo" from the profile, but it's not in there in the first place. So I take it it was propagated? How do I find out by what?
<leoprikler>You could `guix graph`, but I also suggest taking a look at $GUIX_PROFILE/manifest
<leoprikler>cairo, glib, etc. get propagated through various libraries and I would assume even applications through pkg-config
<dannym>leoprikler: Thanks
<dannym>It was propagated by pango
<dannym>Which was propagated by gtk+
<dannym>which I installed manually
<dannym>into the profile
<ani>some bash commands don't work in guix environment
<ani>which parameter shall I pass to this command ?
<ani>guix environment guix --pure --ad-hoc help2man git strace
<leoprikler>you likely want coreutils
<ani>Okay, like clear terminal screen: "clear" Doesn't work.
<ani>nope its not working
<cbaines>I don't think clear is built in to bash
<leoprikler>Does C-l work?
<ani>wait a moment, I am in ./bootstrap phase.
<ani>C-l works.
<efraim>janneke: 5319f716cf575321bef4c501d7aebdc7220d69cf on core-updates doesn't actually add the patch for python
<ani>Can we add tools in guix environment without exiting it?
<ani>I want to add vi and vim.
<ani>how to add it.
<cbaines>You can nest guix environment, but that might not always have predictable behaviour
<cbaines>So if you want to "add" vim, then you can run guix environment --ad-hoc vim
<cbaines>But in the general case, you're better off amending the guix environment command
<ani>so exiting environment then again entering it with --ad-hoc parameter is good option?
<civodul>mothacehe: yay for the guile-avahi release! :-)
<mothacehe>civodul: thanks for the lightning fast review!
<janneke>efraim: ouch, oops
*janneke looks
<cbaines>ani, yeah, exiting, amending the command, and then running it again is a good option
*janneke pushes follow-up commit
<janneke>efraim: thanks for the heads-up
<efraim>I read commits for fun :)
<ani>cbaines: Got it.
<civodul>mothacehe: now i'm curious what your plans are :-)
<bluekeys_>morgansmith, whats pinentry for?
<civodul>mothacehe: BTW, do we upload a tarball to ?
<mothacehe>civodul: hehe you guessed I have an ulterior motive :p
<mothacehe>more on that soon :)
<mothacehe>yes I'm searching on savannah how to upload release tarball
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>ah yeah, the upload process is weird
<civodul>it's with scp
<civodul>lemme see
<civodul>i can update the web page then
*vagrantc is surprised at the lack of signed release tags for guix's guile-* build dependencies
<civodul>(it's even weirder: CVS!)
<mothacehe>oh nice! I'll take care of that and send the announcement by mail
<civodul>vagrantc: which ones? :-)
<civodul>guile-gcrypt has signed tags but maybe not all the other deps
<vagrantc>i've found all combinations of signed tag, no signed tarball; signed tarball, no signed tag; and signatures, what are those?
<civodul>i guess we could ping the individual maintainers, some of which might be reading this :-)
<civodul>in the same vein, it'd be interesting to use "guix git authenticate" in other projects out there
<efraim>having written the blog post I feel weird asking, does anyone have an example of using a custom kernel using the extra-options flag?
<vagrantc>hmmm... quick review ... guile-git (no signed tag), guile-json (signed tag, key nowhere to be found) ...
<vagrantc>civodul: yeah, figured this would be a good place to start asking :)
<civodul>vagrantc: for guile-json the key is probably on savannah (there are tarballs there as well)
<vagrantc>civodul: the key from that maintainer on sv is not the key used to sign
<vagrantc>unless i'm misremembering
<vagrantc>there was also at least one project that didn't use tags at all ...
<civodul>it could be that the person forgot to push the tags (that happened to me in the past)
<vagrantc>it had some very interesting release branches that seemed to be used consistantly in lieu of tags
<vagrantc>civodul: i'll try and do a more systematic audit of all the permutations at some point
<vagrantc>seems guile-zlib and guile-lzlib didn't sign the 0.0.1 releases...
<civodul>ah ha!
<vagrantc>and guile-lzlib 0.0.2 is unsigned too
<vagrantc>speaking of people right here!
<mothacehe>vagrantc: hehe, I didn't even know signed tags were a thing, sorry.
<vagrantc>mothacehe: oh, well, i've done some good now :)
<mothacehe>civodul: I uploaded Guile-Avahi 0.4 tarball + signature (without signed tag) and sent the announcement
*vagrantc wonders about re-signing tags
<vagrantc>oh, re-signing tags don't propegate if people have old tags, i think...
<vagrantc>there's no "tag has changed upstream" detection or something like that
<mothacehe>vagrantc: it probably means removing the existing tags first which is tricky
<vagrantc>i guess you could also just push new tags ... e.g. 0.0.1-signed or something like that
<rekado_>this looks helpful:
<vagrantc>or use the vX.Y.Z notation
<rekado_>there’s so much arcane knowledge surrounding TeX and the various systems built on top of it.
<rekado_>I’m determined to figure out the cause of the last big issue with our modular TeX Live packages
<rekado_>it’s a variant of ‘why are we using bitmap fonts?’ and associated questions
<atw>I get a segfault when trying to start icecat 78.4.0esr. Have others experienced this?
<rekado_>atw: yes, me too
<rekado_>atw: see
<rekado_>if you have additional observations to share please comment there
<rekado_>adding texlive-cm-super to the texlive-union avoids the use of bitmap fonts
<atw>thanks rekado_, seems like I might be able to assist if I could find the minimal set of things to delete out of my apparently-broken user profile
<rekado_>atw: I think a segfault is not acceptable, even with an old profile
<rekado_>there should at least be some mitigation, an error message, and a proper exit
<rekado_>perhaps you could try starting without extensions first
<pinoaffe>hi folks! is there an xtensa / esp32 toolchain for gnu guix? I was only able to find this ancient mail: , but none of the xtensa-related packages mentioned in the update seem to be available anymore
<atw>is starting without extensions safe mode? If so, "icecat -safe-mode" also segfaults
<zimoun>rekado_: Cool about TeX. I have not yet tried your patch with the French accent in the toc, but I guess it will be fine. :-) The last error seems weird…
<lfam>Interesting "fsync-less" mode for overlayfs in Linux 5.10:
<divoplade>Is there someone working on adding cross-compilation to the meson build system?
<rekado_>zimoun: yes, I don’t know which of the many messages corresponds to the error
<rekado_>at first I thought it might be bitmap font generation, but that’s not it
<rekado_>I then thought it might be ‘Unicode char @u8:в not defined for Texinfo’ and the like, but we also see similar messages with the huge monolithic texlive package.
<rekado_>it might be specific to the German translation
<rekado_>make doc/ works fine now
<zimoun`>rekado_: nice for the french manual.
<rekado_>zimoun`: yes, making progress :)
<rekado_>I’m going through some other package definitions in (gnu packages tex) and check that they contain all necessary files.
<jonsger>rekado_: amazing work!
<rekado_>now that I know that cm-super is needed we can get rid of all of these (setenv "HOME" "/tmp") hacks that were introduced when we moved from ‘texlive’ to ‘texlive-union’.
*rekado_ enjoys deleting code
<jonsger>the declarative way of acl is nice :)
<jonsger>less manual work after installation :)
<jlicht>would now be a good time for me to sneak in my patch to on your branch as well, rekado?
<rekado_>jlicht: yes, sounds good
<jlicht>rekado_: you have a typo in 05352bf7c (argumenst instead of arguments), so you might want to rebase the entire thing before closing up shop
<jlicht>you need to at least have some flaws, it keeps you relatable ;-)
<jlicht>I can push my commit now (and then you can make yourself the committer /w the rebase), or I can wait on your signal to apply it myself rekado_. What would you prefer?
<rekado_>I’ll push it in just a moment
<rekado_>jlicht: okay, done
<jlicht>rekado_: pushed, and thanks once more for working on all the tex stuff.
<vagrantc>make dist is failing again...
<vagrantc>is there a "make dist" job on ?
<vagrantc>./doc/ @pxref reference to nonexistent node `Transparente Emulation mit QEMU' ... and similar
<civodul>vagrantc: i don't think there's a "make dist" job
*civodul looks
<vagrantc>how hard would it be to set up? might help detect these issues sooner, and more close to where they actually went wrong
<civodul>yeah it Shouldn't Be Hard
<civodul>then we'll need people to actually pay attention to it
<civodul>IME that's the main difficulty with CI :-)
<vagrantc>haven't tried it, but the installer images being made available make it a bit of a success ... as a consumer of guix-VERSION.tar.* i'd be happy to use them
<jonsger>vagrantc: so you are building your own "release tarballs"?
<vagrantc>jonsger: i'd like to test it before the release happens, so yeah, i've occasionally made a tarball
<vagrantc>that way, i can try to get issues fixed before it's set in virtual stone
<jonsger>vagrantc: that seems like a good idea :)
<jonsger>I run often enough into errors with the openSUSE package...
<vagrantc>i'm somewhat blocked on guile-gnutls in debian again ... or at least, that's what's blocking from being able to switch to guile 3
*vagrantc sees some new commits and tries again
<maav>well, after two days tangling myself with the threads, I've created something like a marionette-test, yay! :)
<maav>vagrantc: the error from makeinfo should be raised in the manual generation too, isn't it?
*vagrantc shrugs
<maav>i'm checking, my machine is slow :)
<bluekeys_>Hi guix. How do I mount a usb?
<civodul>hi bluekeys_! if you're using %desktop-services (GNOME or similar), i think it just happens when you plug it in (?)
<civodul>maav: tangling yourself with the marionette threads? :-)
<maav>civodul: you have my first play in your inbox :)
<maav>bluekeys_: i've just tested with gnome and it works, what desktop are you currently using?
<nefix>hello! How can I add a package into my .local/share directory?
<nefix>(I'm trying to install, and it has to be inside .local/share/SuperCollider)
<nefix>But I guess it can be in my GUIX_PROFILE or something like that, right?
<bluekeys_>maav, exwm. I expect I have to mount it manually? I'll hit a search engine if there's nothing especially guixy I'm missing.
<vagrantc>yay, my very own guix- !
<bluekeys_>vagrantc I'm happy for you!
*vagrantc is used to projects where something like git archive ../foo.tar.gz works just fine
<vagrantc>bluekeys_: it is a small accomplishment ... running make dist usually requires more than one try in my experience
<vagrantc>from a clean checkout: ./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make authenticate && make check-channel-news && make -j5 doc-pot-update && make -j5 dist
<bluekeys_>Every accomplishment deserves a celebration. I will certainly celebrate when I eventually mount the usb holding all my passwords. Tips welcome!
<vagrantc>seems a slightly short hash ... git describe --match='v*' gives me v1.0.1-23826-g02c3c51e0c
<maav>vagrantc: i've just tried and just guix environment guix is not enough, hehehe, you're missing secret sauce ;)
<maav>also, the version is not right, isn't it?
<maav>is it?*
<maav>bluekeys_: yep, you can mount them with mount, or create an emacs command to do it, of course
<maav>i don't think any 'automounter' comes with our exwm installation out of the box, but I'm not sure