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<zimoun``>jackhill: it could be good to reopen the question. Some time ago, some discussions happened but without a policy we can refer, if I remember correctly. For example, I am not convinced the Debian ‘Policy’ is the right one.
<jackhill>zimoun``: I remember that there was a Debian discussion, but don't remember the outcome. Maybe this is something we coudl work on with other FSDG folks.
<roptat>civodul, should we add a link to the conference announcement in the topic here?
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<vagrantc>ok, i *think* i've identified what's wrong with the u-boot-installer ... seems to work fine when you pass it a device file, e.g. /dev/mmcblk1 but not if you pass a symlink to a device file ... e.g. /dev/disk/by-id/RELATIVELYUNIQUEIDENTIFIER
<vagrantc>used to work with symlinks ...
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<civodul>roptat: done!
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, rekado_ says: The new manual hyperlinks are superb!
<civodul>glad you like it :-)
<vagrantc>... using hard-coded devices is really prone to error, as linux may not necessarily enumerate them in a consistent order
<civodul>vagrantc: /dev/disk is not available during early boot (initrd), but you should be able to use (uuid ...) or (file-system-label ...)
<vagrantc>no idea how long this has been broken for ...
<vagrantc>civodul: of course, but for installing a bootloader?
<zimoun``>jackhill: Once when French lockdown, I have started to write down my POV, see
<civodul>good question
<roptat>civodul, thanks :)
<jackhill>zimoun``: thanks!
<civodul>vagrantc: so i guess we need support for disk IDs, unless the bootloader itself supports it already
<vagrantc>e.g. (bootloader (bootloader-configuration (target "/dev/disk/by-id/mmc-SDU64_0xbaf3002e") (bootloader u-boot-pinebook-pro-rk3399-bootloader)))
<civodul>actually that should work because when you run "guix system reconfigure" /dev/disk is available
<vagrantc>and i'm 93.7% sure it used to work :)
<civodul>ah so it no longer does?
*civodul had misunderstood
<civodul>it's a u-boot issue?
<vagrantc>the supported u-boot targets all write to raw offsets on the device ... shouldn't matter if that's a symlink to a device or the raw device
<civodul>indeed, it shouldn't matter
<vagrantc>guile does the writing of the various bits to the device directly
<vagrantc>or at least, that's what it looks like to me
<zimoun``>jackhill: from my memories, I sent an email to the FSF and to Software Freedom Conservancy about this topic. And they never replied to you. But I do not find such emails. So I am doubtful if I really sent them. :-)
<civodul>vagrantc: did you see b97b423e3f61c80d5877dadc95b3f316cd61788f ?
<civodul>seems relevant
<vagrantc>yeah, that's my prime suspect ... relatively recent and touches code that could cause that
<vagrantc>i'll revert it and see what happens
<vagrantc>i've got an OS install that works on both the pinebook and pinebook-pro except for the bootloader
<vagrantc>need to re-watch and see if i can't figure out how to implement this in guix
<vagrantc>yup, that commit broke it
<civodul>yay, progress!
<civodul>vagrantc: what that talk describes sounds very useful
<civodul>it would allow us to distribute installer images that could be useful on ARM
<zimoun``>roptat: I sent you something. Feel free to send whenever you want. Now it is bed time for me. :-)
<vagrantc>civodul: exactly
<vagrantc>i'm going to try a simpler use-case to just be able to have pinebook-pro (rockchip) and pinebook (allwinner) co-existing ... looks like the offsets should permit that
<vagrantc>but longer term would be amazing to implement the whole idea
<lispmacs[work]>does anybody here happen to know how to disable autocomplete in libreoffice calc? I couldn't get a response from #libreoffice. I've found some info in online searches, but it doesn't seem to apply (operating system difference?)
<lispmacs[work]>unfortunately offline help files are still not available in Guix libreoffice
<vagrantc>ok, managed to get offsets that allow me to install both pinebook and pinebook-pro system on a single microsd
<vagrantc>hrm... except the kernel fails to boot
<vagrantc>on the -pro
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<ryanprior>From my explorations today it appears Guix maybe doesn't have ldconfig, is that true?
<ryanprior>I see a lot of package definitions replace ldconfig or edit it out
<pkill9>ryanprior: yea it's disabled in glibc using a snippet
<pkill9>so it builds without ldconfig support
<pkill9>so that it doesn't use libraries from foreign distros
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<kozo[m]>vagrantc You have an OS image for pinebook pro?
<vagrantc>kozo[m]: i have an installed system running pinebook pro on a microSD card that i can mostly also run on a regular pinebook
<vagrantc>kozo[m]: the wip-pinebook-pro branch has patches for a kernel
<kozo[m]>I'm not up to date on how that works. What would I need to do to build it for the pbp?
<vagrantc>get a distro running on it, install guix, run guix system ...
<vagrantc>more or less
<vagrantc>have to head out at the moment, unfortunately ...
*vagrantc waves
<bdju>well, I'm in need of adb again and never got it working the other day...
<bdju>no matter how much time passes I just cannot seem to have a good time traversing the manual... how would I find what section something is in if I found it from the "all on one page" version?
<bdju>ah just had to scroll up very far
<xelxebar>bdju: Have you tried the info manual? I find it a lot quicker to navigate than the webpage render.
<bdju>I'm not very good with info so I usually reach for the web version
<bdju>oh, right. so I was saying, in section 8.8.1, Base Services, there's an example of configuring adb. it assumes you're using %desktop-services and has you modify that service. I'm using %base-services. could anyone take a look and tell me how I'd write that section instead?
<bdju>I tried some things the other day and I just can't figure it out
<bdju>specifically the services block at the bottom of the example is what I need an equivalent to
<wleslie>do I need to import anything in particular to use this modify-phases/substitute* stuff? I took it from embedded but I can't see anything special there
<wleslie>s/embedded/(gnu packages embedded)/
<xelxebar>bdju: info info :P
<wleslie>otherwise I get "warning: invalid field specifier" on (arguments
<wleslie>oh, could it be the (which) ?
<mothacehe>hey guix!
<mothacehe>cbaines: I'm trying to setup a coordinator + slave. I don't get what uuid should I use for the agent. Picking a random uuid, agent crashes at startup because password is unset.
<mothacehe>And setting a password results in "access denied" errors.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<nefix>how does DBUS work? How am I supposed to make it work together with sway? Thanks :D
<brendyyn>nefix. i dont understand it well, but i launch sway with exec dbus-run-session sway
<nefix>brendyyn: the thing is that I want to use mako and it's complaining about dbus... I didn't know that dbus-run-session existed. Let's try it then
<cbaines>mothacehe, it isn't very well thought out, but you can run a couple of commands on the coordinator side to generate a UUID/password
<nefix>brendyyn: yeah, that worked! thanks :D
<brendyyn>nefix: no worries. one effect it has is to set DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
<brendyyn>if thats not set dbus functionality should be broken
<nefix>and where is the default dbus path?
<nefix>Inside the home directory? Or somewhere in /var?
<brendyyn>what do you mean path? that variable is not set at all by default.
<nefix>oh, it's at /tmp
<nefix>nvm, thanks :)
<brendyyn>ya. im not sure how it normall is set. desktop environments like GNOME handle that stuff automatically, or maybe the login manager. not sure
<mothacehe>cbaines: thanks! I managed to setup a coordinator + agent. I have the following error when submitting a build:
<cbaines>mothacehe, haha, so that probably means the derivation wasn't available locally, and --derivation-substitute-urls="..." wasn't passed in
<cbaines>I should really add some error handling to that bit
<tibbe>Hi guys, I updated some unrelated packages from my profile. Should I send patches separately into the mailing lists or in one mail?
<rekado_>unrelated package updates should go into separate commits, and thus separate patches.
<rekado_>you’ll get one issue number per message you send to bug-guix, which makes it easier for us to work on them.
<tibbe>Thanks, then I'll send them individually
<mothacehe>cbaines: thanks! I ran the agent with this command: "guix-build-coordinator-agent --uuid=xx --password=yy --coordinator="
<mothacehe>but I have the same error in an infinite loop
<mothacehe>something I should clear maybe?
<cbaines>when submitting a build still?
<mothacehe>It seems it's still trying to build the unique build I submitted
<mothacehe>I can submit a new one
<cbaines>what error is the agent giving you?
<cbaines>ah, I see the paste looks like an error from the agent
<cbaines>You might need to pass in --non-derivation-substitute-urls="..." to the agent as well
<mothacehe>ok trying :)
<brendyyn>this looks interesting. wonder if any distros use it by default
<mothacehe>cbaines: it makes the error slightly different:
<cbaines>do you get a backtrace as well?
<vits-test>bdju: M-x info in Emacs is more intuitive. For example, C-s searches first a current node, then the next ones. Also it do not go to the next page with C-n and C-v: it's done with Space. M-x info, C-h m.
<bluekeys_>Hi guix. Do we have something to convert stl files to gcode? I would have gone for cura3d, but it isn't packaged.
<mothacehe>cbaines: no just this message in an infinite loop
<cbaines>mothacehe, Ok, are you using the package in Guix?
<cbaines>One moment, I'll update it, as one of the things I did a week ago is have this bit of error handling print backtraces
<mothacehe>thanks :)
<cbaines>mothacehe, I've pushed now
<cbaines>I'm still not sure what could be wrong, but hopefully a backtrace will help with determining that
<mothacehe>great, pulling!
<mothacehe>cbaines: how can i cancel all pending builds?
<mothacehe>the exception is caused by a string->number conversion, and i think it's because i did pass priority as a number
<cbaines>Canceling builds isn't implemented yet, but just doing "DELETE FROM builds;" in the database might work
<tibbe>Could we update bison? I understand that changing the "main" package triggers tons of builds but a newer version would be nice for development.
<mothacehe>cbaines: thanks, same error sadly:
<cbaines>mothacehe, hmm, that looks like printing the backtrace is now raising an exception (which is typical...)
<xelxebar>tibbe: Which version do you want? Not too long ago I packaged up a newer bison (3.6) which got accepted on the core-updates branch pretty quickly. Looks like 3.6 is now on master.
<tibbe>xelxebar: 3.7.2 would be nice to have. If we add it as a separate variable "bison-3.7" it shouldn't break any builds, right?
<xelxebar>tibbe: Yeah, that's basically what I did for 3.6.
<tibbe>Are you up for doing it or should I do it?
<divoplade>On help-guix there's someone wanting to harden a system
*divoplade would rather HURDen the system
<brendyyn>i thought it was doing to mean hardening for compilation
*brendyyn just learned guix means GUile nIX
<xelxebar>Heh, cute.
<sss2>hi all
<sss2>boting from luks2 with argon2id does not work
*vits-test seems argon2id taken a drive as a booty, arrr.
*divoplade is in the matrix
<PurpleSym>Does anyone have a solution ready for packaging namespaced Python packages for guix? (i.e. PEP420, pyqode-{python,core,qt})
<vits-test>PurpleSym: IDK, but `guix search namespaced` returns some packages (?)
<vits-test>* 2 packages
<PurpleSym>The solution might be to do what qtwebengine does (phase 'make-namespace). Testing right now.
<divoplade>* 1 package
<cbaines>mothacehe, how are you getting on? I've just pushed another guix-build-coordinator package update
<cbaines>This prints out exception details prior to attempting to show a backtrace, so it should be possible to tell when the backtrace printing itself crashes
<mothacehe> cbaines: I checkouted coordinator sources :)
<mothacehe>the error message has changed, but still not sure where the issues comes from
<cbaines>mothacehe, OK, and what commit is that with?
<cbaines>I forget if it's string->number or number->string, but I'm very suspicious when I see that, because I think that's a bug in Guile somewhere
<mothacehe>It's 5f11c6009
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>I think I have an email waiting for approval in info-guix@ :)
<civodul>roptat: apparently someone took care of it!
<civodul>& tx for taking care of it!
<cbaines>mothacehe, hmm, and you're still seeing string->number being the issue?
<mothacehe>yes but i found out why
<cbaines>ah, why?
<mothacehe>I used instead of
<mothacehe>which makes lookup-narinfos very unhappy
<cbaines>mothacehe, right, yeah, there's very little validation in the guix-build-coordinator at the moment
<cbaines>have you actually got something to build now?
<mothacehe>this is more a Guix issue here!
<mothacehe>I tried to build hello, everything seems fine but data/builds is empty
<cbaines>mothacehe, the coordinator will delete the received nars once the build success hook completes
<mothacehe>oh i see!
<mothacehe>then it works, nice :)
<cbaines>maybe that should be part of the default build-success hook...
<mothacehe>Trying with another package!
<cbaines>but this is where things like the build-success-publish-hook come in, as that copies the nar file to a directory, and generates the narinfo
<cbaines>mothacehe, what allocation strategy are you currently using?
<mothacehe>the default one i guess
<mothacehe>I have setup the coordinator one a machine A and the slave on the machine B and I'm submitting build from a machine C
<cbaines>keep in mind that there's no authentication for clients (just for the agents), which is why by default it only listens on
<mothacehe>yes i think that's not an issue
<mothacehe>it looks like it always try to build the derivation, even if a substitute is available
<mothacehe>is that normal?
<cbaines>I'm not quite sure how you want the coordinator to operate, but there are a couple of different allocation strategies implemented, and there's also some options for the behaviour when sumitting builds (like ensure-all-related-derivation-outputs-have-builds?)
<cbaines>mothacehe, yes, the intent here is to build things, even if they already exist in the store, even if there's a substitute available
<mothacehe>ok I have to take a closer look to those strategies
<cbaines>So, if you submit 10 builds for the same derivation, it will be built 10 times
<cbaines>(which might be useful for testing reproducibility and whether it builds on a range of different setups)
<mothacehe>cbaines: I see, I'm concerned about multiple slaves building the same packages on different machines.
<cbaines>mothacehe, if you only submit one build for an output or derivation, that shouldn't happen
<mothacehe>even if the build is a build time dependency of another build?
<cbaines>yeah, there's some hacky code involved, but the agents work hard to try and have the daemon only build the single derivation they're asking it to build
<mothacehe>seems nice!
<cbaines>it could do with improving, but the agent will try and get the guix-daemon to substitute the build inputs prior to asking it to build the derivation in question (assuming there are build inputs missing)
<mothacehe>cbaines: btw, it would be nice if agents could auto-register themselves so that we can deploy easily an agent on all berlin build machines
<cbaines>mothacehe, indeed, maybe the coordinator could just accept new uuid's, or maybe it could do some kind of trust on first use of a uuid/password
<cbaines>also, I'm not sure I'm set on using UUID's, they're just handled as strings, so maybe one could choose to use hostnames instead.
<divoplade>Hello, there's a new version of autoconf that's coming up
<mothacehe>yup registering new uuid would be nice, no strong opinion on uuid vs hostnames
<lalo_salamanca>Guys, the keys have expired
<lalo_salamanca>For qemu image. Ludovic Courtes
<lalo_salamanca>Can you give the link for new keys
<lalo_salamanca>Please confirm
<civodul>i believe the key at is valid, isn't it?
<infinite_recursi>Ok, the key expires in December. Got it
<infinite_recursi>btw, keys which don't expire are stronger than keys which expire. You can consider keys which don't expire in future
<civodul>there's a lot to be said on this topic, but having an expiration date avoids problems if you lose control of your key and don't have a revocation certificate
<mothacehe>cbaines: i'm getting non fatal errors here and there but i can get cuirass to send builds to the coordinator!
<civodul>mothacehe: woohoo!
<mothacehe>oops just writting this I get a segfault
<civodul>"non-fatal error" = "warning"? :-)
<civodul>heh, fun
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<infinite_recursi>Guys, what's the username password for qemu image login
<cbaines>mothacehe, Great! Do let me know if you want to talk about how you'd like to use it for, hopefully I can be of some help.
<cbaines>Now I've fixed some of the long standing issues with the Guix Data Service, I need to do similarly with the Guix Build Coordinator... it frequently crashes/segfaults/gets stuck for me too.
<civodul>--with-debug-info is in the house! \o/
<zimoun>cool! Another nice feature of v1.2 :-)
<roptat>civodul, have you pushed your new section in the manual? I'd like to send a -pre2 to the TP after you do that
<roptat>also, I'm now popular on the fediverse :)
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>roptat: i think you can send -pre2
<civodul>i'm tempted to write some more, but also a bit tired of writing
<civodul>we'll see!
<davidl_>I have python-pip as a propagated-input in one package, so after installing that package python-pip shows up in guix package -I | grep python, however, pip only works if I install it via guix install python-pip - how come?
<civodul>roptat: BTW, is there a way to let translators know what the priorities are?
<roptat>I have a bunch of uncommited files in gnu/packages/aux-files (.dirstamp, ...), should I add them to .gitignore, or is it only me?
<roptat>not really
<roptat>we could play with flags in po entries, but I don't think there's anything standardized
<bavier[m]1>civodul: do you know someone who could help me finish up ?
<roptat>although with weblate, we can mark some strings as more or less important
<civodul>bavier[m]1: that could be me or you
<civodul>i hadn't noticed your latest message
<civodul>maybe you can strace the wrapped executable to see what's going on?
<mroh>roptat: +1 for `echo guile >> .gitignore` ;)
<user_oreloznog>civodul, roptat: I'm working on 87,41% translated in local. (Not verified yet by ggetext though...
<roptat>oh well, you're going to hate me... I sent an update to the TP a minute ago
<bavier[m]1>civodul: ok, I'll see what I can find with strace. Do you mind if I CC you directly on the bug report if I'm still stuck?
<user_oreloznog>roptat: Never mind, it's an occasion to learn translation anyway.
<roptat>it shouldn't be too hard: with poedit you can merge a new pot inside an existing po file
<roptat>(I mean gettext does it too, poedit is just a graphical interface to that)
<user_oreloznog>Ah ok... For now I use Gtranlator on GUix System (via flaptak). POedit didn't made things OK in my case.
<brown121407>If a project's git repo doesn't have any tags, what should I put in the "version" field of the package definition if I just pick the latest commit?
<roptat>I suppose it has the same kind of options, I never used it
<user_oreloznog>It's very nice !
<roptat>brown121407, I think we have a git-version procedure
<user_oreloznog>I can use it and learn things...
<roptat>oh, we have it in guix, no need for a flatpak
<user_oreloznog>Cool !
<roptat>mh... it doesn't like my read-only home ^^'
<civodul>bavier[m]1: sure, you can Cc: me
<civodul>user_oreloznog: 87%, woohoo!
<roptat>or maybe it's something else: (process:4588): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 17:15:33.642: Settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.interface' is not installed
<user_oreloznog>roptat: so when I'm ready, I try merge a new pot
<user_oreloznog>civodul: ;-)
<user_oreloznog>How to estimate the percent before sending?
<brown121407>roptat: the git-version procedure seems to expect a version and a revision. I have neither of those. Would it be fine if I set them to 0?
<roptat>no, the revision is the commit number you're going to clone from
<roptat>so you at least have it
<roptat>then, the version could be 0 if the project never released any version
<roptat>oh no, the revision is just a number that grows every time you update the package, it should be 1 at first, then if you update the commit but not the version, you increment the revision
<brown121407>Thank you
<brown121407>roptat: hmm, I see some packages starting their revisions from 0 (such as emacs-dedukti-mode)
<roptat>ok, might be 0 then
<roptat>user_oreloznog, I managed to run gtranslator, but there doesn't seem to be an option to update a po file from a pot
<roptat>all it can do is update from damned lies, the gnome translation interface, which we don't use
<roptat>you can download the pot file and use msgmerge directly
<zimoun>sneek: seen g_bor[m] ?
<sneek>I think I remember g_bor[m] in #guix 22 hours ago, saying: sneek: seen zimoun ?.
<zimoun>again, no loop ;-)
<user_oreloznog_>roptat: I'm back again, I'll see if there is a way do do merges by using poedit.
<user_oreloznog_>Also, thank you for the info about msgmerge :-)
<cameltheman>Howdy how. Should I use pastebin to show some code I wanna talk about?
<cameltheman>I tried to use guix import crate
<cameltheman>... install some packages. And wrote this:
<cameltheman>But when I try guix package -i rust-advapi32-sys -f rust-advapi32-sys.scm
<cameltheman>I get "guix package: error: cannot install non-package object: #<unspecified>" error.
<cameltheman>What am I missing?
<zimoun>cameltheman: because your file does not return a package, I guess. Instead of ’-f’ you could use “guix package -i rust-advapi32-sys -L .”
<cameltheman>guix package: error: rust-advapi32-sys: unknown package
<zimoun>“-L path/to/folder/containing/i-do-not-know-the-filename.scm“ does not work?
<zimoun>if you are in the directory, it is ‘-L .’ (dot)
<zimoun>sneek: seen erkin ?
<sneek>I think I remember erkin in #guix 6 days ago, saying: :-).
<erkin>Sorry for the sudden disappearance, I had a sudden motherboard failure that left me computerless for nearly a week. :-(
<erkin>It turns out nowhere sells motherboards with AM2+ sockets these days...
<rekado_>heh, I also have a board with an AM2+ socket (for the Phenom II)
<erkin>Mine is just Phenom. :-P
<erkin>It has three cores!
<erkin>I picked it up from the repair shop today where they replaced it with a used one from a spare parts box.
<erkin>zimoun: I'll try to pick up the pace from where I left off. :-)
<zzappie>Hey Guix!
<zimoun>erkin: ouch! Good luck with hardware failure. And yes, please go ahead!
<user_oreloznog_>roptat: En fonction de quel critère peut-on estimer si le poucentage de traduction effectuée est « acceptable » avant d'affronter le robot ? :-)
<zzappie>Has anyone tried using digital-ocean deployment recently?
<zimoun>user_oreloznog_: « affronter le robot » ?
<roptat>le robot du TP
<roptat>je trouve le terme parfaitement adapté, « affronter » :D
<roptat>user_oreloznog_, quand tu as fait assez de progrès pour vouloir le publier, il n'y a pas vraiment de limite
<roptat>en général, je le fais soit quand j'ai fini un grosse partie, soit quand j'ai tout fini, soit quand j'en ai marre et que je sais que j'y reviendrai pas dessus avant quelques jours
<divoplade>C'est quoi le TP ?
<roptat>translation project
<roptat>mroh, I pushed an update to .gitignore :)
<mroh>roptat: nice, thanks! ;)
<zimoun>roptat: ah oui… effectivement c’est « affronter le robot ». :-) Bonne change user_oreloznog_ ;-)
<lispmacs[work]>i built and started the guix/hurd vm using the cmd line two-liner in the recent guix blog post. I'm I supposed to have internet access from the VM automatically with that configuration and cmd, or is there more I would have to do?
<lispmacs[work]>I took a look at the qemu docs but got lost pretty quick
<lfam>I noticed the announcement of the virtual Guix Days — cool! I'm curious what technology will be used?
<cbaines>lfam, this is a relevant thread
<lfam>Thanks cbaines
<lfam>This is basically my job now, but we don't focus on free software at work
<lfam>I could help in a support role
<lfam>sneek: later tell roptat: I work professionally doing "live event video" and livestream-related things. I can help with the Guix Days event in a support role, if you need it.
<sneek>Got it.
<lispmacs[work]>sneek: initiate self-destruct sequence
<lfam>It can only do what it has been programmed to o
<lfam>to do
<lispmacs[work]>I think that requires a few senior level command codes
<sneek>roptat, you have 1 message!
<sneek>roptat, lfam says: I work professionally doing "live event video" and livestream-related things. I can help with the Guix Days event in a support role, if you need it.
<lfam>I don't know if you were the right person to say it to, roptat. I'm subscribing to guix-europe now
<roptat>lfam, thanks! I think we'll need a few people as moderators for instance
<lfam>Is it decided that the event will be based on BBB?
<roptat>more or less, but if you can offer a better solution, we can discuss it
<lfam>Nope! I don't know any free software solutions in this space, but BBB seems good
<lfam>I have some solid technical experience with live AV streaming and can offer advice to presenters, etc
<roptat>so, the goal is to have pre-recorded talks, so people can watch them in advance and come with more questions than in usual conferences (because, hopefully, they'll have more time to realize they didn't understand anything :p)
<mfg>is it possible to define inside a package how many cores hould be used for the build?
<roptat>the day itself will have live Q&A and discussion sessions
<roptat>mfg, there's #:parallel-build and #:parallel-tests (or -check, can't remember), but that's only choosing 1 or multiple
<lfam>That's a good idea roptat. It's tedious to just watch videos being played in a chat room
<mfg>roptat: thanks, this is what i was searching for :-)
<roptat>so, I guess if you have good advice for producing a video, that'd be great to have, same with advice on live Q&A
<lfam>I'll speak up on the mailing list discussion. In general, I'll wait for specific questions or misunderstandings. I don't really have a general "how to produce a video" spiel
<roptat>thank you :)
<janneke>lispmacs[work]: for networking, add something like: --device rtl8139,netdev=net0 --netdev user,id=net0; you maay see the comment in
<lispmacs[work]>janneke: thanks
<nefix>how can I test a home-manager module without having to commit, push and reconfigure?
<roptat>nefix, use -L
<nefix>roptat: which command? 'guix build -L ?'
<roptat>you can use -L with pretty much any command
<simonsouth>Quick Scheme question: What does it mean to prefix the name of a definition with "%"? I can't seem to find this anywhere.
<mfg>my guess would be: global variable?
<simonsouth>mfg: Seems about right, though these definitions seem more like constants (e.g. %base-services).
<simonsouth>So... global constant?
<mfg>maybe global binding then...
<simonsouth>But why not use it with procedure names then.
<mfg>i can also only guess here, but (%procedure ... looks rather ugly :P
<simonsouth>"Exported, global constant that is not a procedure" makes sense... except then there are things like %root-file-system-shepherd-service (gnu/services/base.scm) that are _not_ exported.
<mfg>where is the quote from?
<simonsouth>So maybe the convention is just to prefix non-local, non-invokable definitions with "%"?
<simonsouth>mfg: I'm not quoting anything, just indicating my thoughts.
<mfg>ah i thought it was a quote from womewhere :D
<simonsouth>This does seem like something that ought to be written down somewhere though. What the percent sign means.
<divoplade>simonsouth, writing program is an art :D
<jlicht>hey guix!
<nefix>what does 'invalid field specifier' mean?
<mfg>nefix: you specified a record member that doesn't exist, i guess? What's the code?
<jlicht>just built my first llhttp using guix :-)
<divoplade>nefix, What is make-ini-file?
<jlicht>divoplade: if I'm not mistaken, that's a guix-home-manager helper function to create INI-style files from s-expressions
<divoplade>Also maybe you want to unquote config in the make-ini-file call
<nefix>here you have a working example:
<jlicht>nefix: you should definitely use `user` there, instead of config though :-)
<nefix>jlicht: where?
<jlicht>,(git-configuration-user-name ___config___) and likewise for email
<divoplade>Sorry I could not see the punctuation
<jlicht>oh, and I _think_ make-ini-file does not like "." in the name, so you might want to go with `(make-ini-file "dot-gitconfig" ...)'
<roptat>why doesn't it like that?
<roptat>also, what is the error message exactly?
<katco>i haven't ventured too far away from defining packages yet. can someone point me in the right direction for programmatically fetching source into the store from a SCS (e.g. git, hv, fossil, etc.). i.e. for git, i've gotten as far as this, but i'm not too sure what to do with it: `(git-fetch (git-reference (url "") (commit "HEAD")) #f "")`
<jlicht>nefix: you have a naming conflict as well: git-configuration-user refers to the field accessor in <git-configuration>, but seems to also refer to the record-constructor for <git-configuration-user>. Not sure if that actually matters in practice. The field error from earlier also seems to come from the fact that dont wrap the `name' and `email' in a <git-configuration> record.
<roptat>katco, you want that for defining a package, or something else?
<katco>roptat: for something else
<jlicht>so instead of `(user (name "name") (email "email"))`, `(user (git-configuration-user (name "name")(email "email")))', after resolving the previous naming issue ;-)
<jlicht>roptat: tbf I don't think it's a make-ini-file restriction, but: guix home: error: invalid name: `.tester'
<roptat>jlicht, because I use plain-file maybe?
<jlicht>seems likely enough
<roptat>katco, that returns a procedure that wants a "state", so I think you can pass it (open-connection) from (guix store)
<roptat>katco, which fails with "In procedure bv-length: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting bytevector): """, so try passing #f instead
<nefix>jlicht: now I'm getting 'wrong number of arguments' (after changing 'config' for 'user' and using '(user (git-configuration-user ...))'
<roptat>katco, that gives you two values: a derivation and the store connection. You can use them later in build-derivations, from (guix derivations)
<roptat>there might be a better way to do it though
<jlicht>git-configuration-user refers two things in the snippet you posted: the record constructor you want, but also the accessor for the `user' field in <git-configuration>. You should rename one of them.
<jlicht>s/two/to two/
<jlicht>nefix: ^
<nefix>what is an accessor?
<nefix>jlicht: ^
<mfg>a accessor is a function that lets you access a member of a record
<katco>roptat: hm, i'm not able to get where you are: (assuming `$1` is the procedure returned) `($1 (open-connection #f))` gives me "Wrong type argument in position 2 (expecting string): #f"
<roptat>katco, try ($1 (open-connection))
<roptat>the argument is optional
<jlicht>nefix: sorry, have to go for an errand quickly. What mfg said is correct :)
<katco>roptat: then i get the "In procedure bv-length: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting bytevector): """
<roptat>yeah, so run git-fetch again, but this time use #f instead of $$
<roptat>"" *
<katco>roptat: aha!
<katco>so then onto `(guix derivations)`
<user_oreloznog_>roptat, zimoun: Merci !
<lispmacs[work]>in the herd system, is there a way I can see the details about mounted filesystems? The `df' command is available but returns an error
<lispmacs[work]>I mean, in the hurd system
<janneke>try df /
<katco>roptat: i'm not there just yet, but i think i will be when i can focus (helping my kiddo with virtual-school). so before i lose you: thank you so much! this looks like the thing i probably want.
<janneke>or showtrans /proc
<nly>i'm publishing substitutes:
<mfg>nly: nice domain name :D
<nly>ah, thanks. almost forgot that
<mfg>i don't speak or write russian :D a friend of mine is from russia so i know *some* things :D
<mfg>:D-ception :'D
<nly>ah, хорошо
<mfg>i had to google that, because i have never seen it written, now i realize i hear that VERY often :D
<nly>haha, ето вашлий слово
<nly>google translate may break on that one^ (weird spelling, cant remember)
<mfg>yep, google translates result seems suspicious to me... what is it supposed to mean?
<nly>that's an important word (kharasho)
<nly>can't recall how to say "frequent"
<mfg>ah, okay google translates it as: "this is your word" - not that far away i guess...
<nly>такой спасибо, брат
<nly>как дела?
<mfg>does it mean "many thanks, bro"?
<nly>such as thanks, brother (useful words i.e.)
<mfg>i see :-)
<nly>i didn't know nginx was built in russia
<nly>i'm using nginx to proxy to guix publish on, dunno how better to set up TLS
<mfg>this is a pretty good way of setting it up, isn't it?
<nly>ok, actually i'm happy with it. only the config.scm is getting bigger quite fast
<mfg>ah, mine is not that big, but i guess if it gets to big it makes sense to modularize it
<nly>pretty good
<mfg>and that's only because i needed to add debug options to the kernel...
<mfg>although i don't think it's too important to have less lines in there if it's clear to read i don't care how much it is :D
<nly>are you good with guix services btw?
<mfg>i don't know what exactly you mean, but i'm not yet "good" at anything particular in guix :D
<nly>have i seen you on #emacs?
<nly>or #nixos
*terpri 's config.scm is at 365 lines
<mfg>pretty sure not on #nixos -- #emacs is possible but i'm not there very often...
<nly>actually i realize this now, how can anybody use my substitutes, i haven't even published the substitute keys anywhere
<bluekeys_>Hi guix. Can anyone tell me why my emacs is showing unicode numbers instead of characters?
<roptat>bluekeys_, missing a font? (I don't use eamcs)
<mfg>maybe fc-cache -rv?
***jess is now known as jess-o-lantern
<bluekeys_>I've tried adding google noto which i think aims to be a complete fontset. I've also dne a fc-cache -rv. I've installed emacs-all-the-fonts. It's doom modeline that is playing up. f27b is an example of a character that I'm missing
<roptat>I don't think that exists
<tibbe>bluekeys_: I'm using doom modeline with font-adobe-source-han-sans, font-hack, gs-fonts, font-dejavu, font-gnu-freefont as installed font packages (quite a bunch, don't know which are required) and it works fine...
<bluekeys_>I wanted to use cura3d today, but we don't have it. I checked and it's lgpl or agpl. I don't remember which. I want to try and work on a pacakge for it. Could I do it by adding my own channel?
<bluekeys_>tibbe gthanks. I'll install them one by one and reboot. Lets see. Will report back here.
<roptat>that's part of the "Private Use Area" in unicode, so I don't think it's going to be present in these fonts
<roptat>font-awesome seems to have it as fa-commenting-o
<bluekeys_>Hmmm. Let me re-read the doom modeline install instructions.
<tibbe>bluekeys_: Oh, of course, you need emacs-all-the-icons. It's doom-modeline FAQ #1 by the way :)
<nly>it'd be great if guix-publish-service can also have "Hi guix publish speaking, here is the signing key <link>"
<katco>hm, `build-derivations` can't resolve `` for some reason.
<bluekeys_>No idea what fixed it. Didn't install any more fonts. I did run m-x all-the-icons-install-fonts. My money is on that. Also copied the example config from the install guide of doom modeline.
<bluekeys_>Just back from a reboot fyi
<tibbe>bluekeys_: Weird. I just have (doom-modeline-mode 1) after I setup doom-vibrant theme. With the font packages noted above and all-the-icons, all-the-icons-dired in my profile. What icons aren't rendered for you? Maybe I'm just not using them
<zimoun`>When ’foo’ has several outputs “guix build foo --no-grafts --check -K” keep only the last output. Is it expected/reported? Do I miss something?
<bluekeys_>It's all fixed now. I mentioned a few moments ago a particular missing icon, but I can't say now, I'm guessing I hadn't run m-x all-the-icons-install-fonts
<tibbe>zimoun`: As far as I am informed: If the package was already built, use --check. If the package wasn't built before, use --rounds=2. It's a bit weird
<tibbe>bluekeys_: Sounds good!
<roptat>katco, oh, it's not a fixed-output derivation, so it doesn't have network access...
<roptat>weird, because --with-git-branch and co have network access, I wonder how they do that
<zimoun`>tibbe, thanks. The question is about several outputs.
<katco>roptat: ah ok. hm... there must be a sane way to just get a checkout into the store
<roptat>zimoun`, I think I saw a report of that some time ago
<roptat>katco, yeah, I think we're over-engineering this :)
<zimoun`>roptat: I remember something around check but since I am not able to find it… I do not know if it has been reported.
<roptat>katco, in (guix scripts build), we use git-checkout, from (guix git)
<katco>roptat: yeah, i was using `update-cached-checkout`, but unfortunately i couldn't find analogues for other SCSs
<apteryx>seems it'd be useful to have a systemd package in Guix only to have an offline access to its manpages ;-)
<roptat>katco, maybe you can take the derivation and tweak it to give it network access?
<katco>roptat: i can investigate this. this is great because it's expanding my knowledge of guix and guile a bit, but i'm a bit lost :) any pointers on what to look into to do that?
<roptat>I don't really know
<katco>ok, well you've at the very least advanced me quite a bit. tyvm!
<roptat>actually, I think what happens with with-branch and co, is that the checkout is cloned outside the store, so the hash can be computed, then copied to the store
<roptat>it makes sense, because if you download directly to the store, two different versions would get the same hash, despite having two different content
<roptat>so, for git at least, you could use the same thing: a git-checkout. for others, you'd have to define your own type and gexp compiler
<zimoun`>apteryx: do you remember an issue with “guix build --check -K” keeping (/gnu/store/…foo-bar-check) only one output?
<katco>roptat: that makes some sense. but i was hoping to not have to write anything for all the SCSs and instead take advantage of what's already there. but it sounds like that might not be possible... hm
<apteryx>zimoun`: no I don't!
<zimoun`>Thanks. It means there is a new one or no bug (well, probably one between the chair and the keyboard ;-))
<apteryx>zimoun`: perhaps use --no-grafts?
<zimoun`>I have tried. Well, it is maybe because I am tired. And enough for today. :-) Good night
<apteryx>tibbe: FYI you can now do 'guix build --rounds=2 --check' since recently
<apteryx>it used to not honor --rounds when using --check but that was changed.
<apteryx>but yes, you still have to care to use --check (and usually, --no-grafts) if it was already built.
<tibbe>apteryx: Good to know! Having to reason whether the package is already in the store and adjusting your option still seems unneccessary to me
<nly>how do i reply to a thread in say bug#44104
<civodul>apteryx: thumbs up for fixing the .pyc reproducibility issue!
<civodul>that one had been around for some time
<civodul>rekado_: oh and a fix for R reproducibility issues, woo!
<brendyyn>a big thanks to rekado for fixing a frustrating issue even while under pressure!