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<divoplade>sneek, later tell efraim There's also a chdir problem with containerd
<sneek>Got it.
<siginT`>Hey guix I was here a couple of days ago and I was trying to see if anyone could give me some insight with the emacs-guix and geiser issue "no prompt found!". Ive tried some solutions from others who had this problem but none worked :(
<apteryx>sneek: later tell siginT did you report the bug to the guix/emacs-guix tracker? I can reproduce it.
<xelxebar>Some after a guix pull, bombadillo is failing to build for me with copy-file throwwing permission denied in the install-license files phase.
<xelxebar>Pretty sure it was building fine about a week ago.
<xelxebar>Oh, wait...
<xelxebar>This was a package I put together some time ago and it looks like I added an install-data phase after install in order to copy over the manpage, LICENSE, bombadillo.desktop, etc.
<xelxebar>I assume this is the problem.
<xelxebar>If someone here has time, would you mind looking at the package def?
<xelxebar>Looks like I can remove the (install-file "LICENSE" ...) line, but now I'm wondering about the manpage.
<pkill9>believe it or not, this is guix
<drakonis>which kde version?
<drakonis>if it is kde
<drakonis>you have good taste in games
<pkill9>it's not KDE, it's xfce, guix doesn't have KDE packaged
<drakonis>still not packaged?
<OriansJ>pkill9: I respect the level of work that must have required but you know someone is going to demand that config
<orly_owl>looks like a themed WM
<OriansJ>and then you'll be stuck supporting it forever
<pkill9>OriansJ: oh i put no effort in, it's another config
<orly_owl>theres always reactos
<pkill9>called chicago95
<pkill9>well i did a few things afterwards, but it has an installer (which is also very much windows 95 themed), the wording and everything, it's a nice touch
<orly_owl>inb4 u
<pkill9>i would like to theme wayfire for this, so it's all in wayland/wlroots
<pkill9>we all know 2020 sucks, and we all would like to go back to the 90s, so this is one step back into the past
<pkill9>gnome on x11 is a lot nicer than i thought
<pkill9>i thought it was slow on my machine, but it actually seems quite smooth
<OriansJ>praise be onto wayland for the buttery frame rates
<Brendan[m]2>pkill9 id love to make guile bindings for wayfire and build a desktop
<Brendan[m]2>how does wayland affect frame rates? i thought there was currently a performance /loss/ if anything
<Brendan[m]2>hmm no wayfire package at the current time
<pkill9>i made a wayfire package Brendan[m]2
<Brendan[m]2>cool. will you submit it?
<pkill9>nah, that one i don't think is for a stable version
<pkill9>and honestly im just really lazy
<pkill9>because there's always little tweaks to make to the package
<pkill9>i really should submit the packages i've written though
<pkill9>then i don't have to maintain them, and others can use them
<Brendan[m]2>where is the source code repo for the debian installer ?
<wleslie>wow, that is one stunning desktop
<wleslie>what file manager is that?
<PotentialUser-46>How can i install .deb or .rpm package in guix?
<Brendan[m]2>Hi PotentialUser-46 that is currently not possible at the moment
<Brendan[m]2>to do it you would essentially need a whole compatability layer/VM for debian
<Brendan[m]2>they're a completely different packaging system and collection of software after all
<Brendan[m]2>So what needs to be done is the software you wan't must be packaged
<PotentialUser-46>Actually I am on ubuntu and in vm i am running guix because to install one evil package microsoft team, directly installing it on my main machine can take my freedom away from me, so I tried to install guix and run fraud proprietery msteam
<PotentialUser-46>My government forced to use msteam, I know about evil proprietary, I have no choice.
<Brendan[m]2>guix will not be a good choice for running isolated proprietary software because you will generally not find such stuff packaged. you would want to do things the other way around: install Guix System as your default operating system, and then run Ubuntu in an VM to isolate the proprietary software you still depend on
<wleslie>I think I'll find myself in a similar position soon, having to run msteams
<wleslie>it's possible to manually install .deb or .rpm packages, it's just a little involved
<wleslie>if the package isn't too complex, you can extract the files out of the cpio archive, check the dependencies, and then place the files in the correct locations
<wleslie>it would be nice to have a tool for that, though
<Brendan[m]2>im actually thinking of working on a packaging other entire distros in guix.
<Brendan[m]2>one could install parabola for example as an operating system definitino
<wleslie>yes, there must have been people at one point thinking "ooh, I can slurp all of debian and generate nix expressions from debian build instructions"
<Brendan[m]2>no thats not what i mean
<ryanprior>If I wanted to run some Debian package on GuixSD, I'd probably try Docker first.
<ryanprior>You can grab a Debian container, install what you need, and save that image to run it when needed.
<Brendan[m]2>I mean just packaging all the binary outputs directly, and then creating the appropriate services to place all the files in the right place. If i was going to buid them from source, it would be by creating a guix service for replicating the continuous inegrated setups that are used for Arch/parabola, and building packages the traditional way in that environment. so i would not attempt to Guix-ify anything
<Brendan[m]2>you could even switch entirely from Guix to parabola via a simple reconfigure and reboot
<Brendan[m]2>or have a parabola system, but managed via guix reconfigure instead of pacman
<Brendan[m]2>all files put in place by unions and etc-services etc...
<wleslie>part of the challenge there is that there are a lot of outputs
<wleslie>I ran an experiment a while back
<PotentialUser-46>@ryanprior docker how? isnt dockerwould only run command line how that evil msteam gui can be open ?
<ryanprior>wleslie posted a recent article about running GUI apps in Docker, and you can find many more how-tos going back years.
<wleslie>I was going over `dpkg --get-selections` and looping over the contents of /usr/bin and passing them to `dpkg --search {}` and there's really too much stuff to even mentally go over in an evening
<wleslie>breaking up the binary outputs into sensible packages that you could go back relate to guix equivalents seems far out of reach
<PotentialUser-46>article is too complicated
<Brendan[m]2>why are you even trying to do that?
<wleslie>PotentialUser-46: it'd definitely be easier to install a distro with yum/apt in a VM also
<PotentialUser-46>@Brendan , Because I have alot of hatered toward non free things, I asked similar article about this , They did also recommed to use docker or vmware.
<wleslie>Brendan[m]2: have I misunderstood again?
<Brendan[m]2>i mean cant you just create a package for every debian package?
<Brendan[m]2>PotentialUser-46 I think such hatred is not healthy.
<Brendan[m]2>hatred is for when somebody murders or does something terrible. some software with some licensensing that has negative consequences is not so dramatic
<wleslie>oh, well that's a little closer to my original idea yes, but there are still a lot of complications, even if you don't package the build instructions (that's a small part of the overall work)
<Brendan[m]2>I was thinking more of a "soft" VM. something like `guix environment` that sets up a debian like environment where debian packages magically work
<wleslie>an apt or yum package is *mostly* a list of files and their locations to exist within the filesystem, but they also usually include preinstall and postinstall scripts
<Brendan[m]2>hmm ok perhaps those post install effects can be captured somehow
<pkill9>wleslie: that file manager I think is Thunar
<PotentialUser-46>@wleslie How can i run msteam in docker? Help!!, Is this article about that it is too complicated
<Brendan[m]2>anyway, i wanted to try parabola, which i believe is simpler
<pkill9>it would be neat to be able to build stuff from the AUR
<pkill9>and run it in a container
<pkill9>how do you go about running distros in a chroot?
<wleslie>PotentialUser-46: the idea would be writing a Dockerfile that starts from e.g. a debian base, downloads and installs the .deb and sets up teams as the CMD or ENTRYPOINT, and then you'd write a script to call `docker run` as described in the article so that the container has access to your X11 server
<wleslie>I have some ubuntu schroot setup scripts around here somewhere from an old, old employer
<PotentialUser-46>ok thank you guys, I'll try to use docker if not vmware with debian , would be waiting for guix to be great freedom os like debian. Take care :)
<wleslie>oh I only have scripts to configure schroot to use my already built chroot, not to do the actual build
<Brendan[m]2>PotentialUser-46 What is your plan? you say you are on Ubuntu, but you come to #guix for advice on running ms teams which is a bit odd. Do you plan to switch to Guix?
<wleslie>they left
<Brendan[m]2>well good luck on their endevours.
<wleslie>I suspect it was "I already have a VM, may as well use that"
<Brendan[m]2>this is why its bad use terms like "evil" to describe proprietary software, which is a lesser bad bad
<Gooberpatrol66>what's the simplest way to get the config for the currently running kernel?
<Brendan[m]2>i notice SDDM provisons display-manager, but GDM just provisions xorg-server and xorg-server-vt7
<Brendan[m]2>I mean SLiM. GDM just provisions xorg-server
<pkill9>Gooberpatrol66: /run/current-system/configuration.scm
<Brendan[m]2>i think thats not the config they are talking about
<Gooberpatrol66>like the kernel modules config
<vits-test>Brendan[m]2: Not for flood: lesser bad than what? Computers are everywhere. All of them _should_ be free. I don't understood.
<Brendan[m]2>vits-test like for example killing and robbing.
<Brendan[m]2>the kinda conventional stuff we use "evil" for
<divoplade>Too late, I wanted to tell PotentialUser-46 to use flatpak for that :(
<pkill9> ah well
<Brendan[m]2>where does the PotentialUser name come from? seems some client assigns it with a number
<divoplade>Brendan[m]2, Google finds results for guix, cuirass and nix channels
<divoplade>So maybe that's a person
<Brendan[m]2>ok, i thought there were others with different numbers. maybe not
<wleslie>divoplade: how would you use flatpack to install a package that only ships as a deb or yum package?
<janneke>please take discussions and advice on how to run non-free software somewhere else
<Brendan[m]2>i was just advising them how to make their nonfree system a bit more free
<janneke>i'm not blaming anyone, just a friendly reminder ;)
<divoplade>I really wish flatpak wer more distributed, for now there is no real way to only install free software with it
<pkill9>Brendan[m]2: the link on the guix website to the web irc client assigns the potentialuser nick
<divoplade>Oooh ok
<divoplade>That's not a great name
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<AnonimousCoward->divoplade: huh?
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<divoplade>sneek, tell vits-test the IRC logs the name changes
<sneek>vits-test, divoplade says: the IRC logs the name changes
<FiveLeggedMagent>You can maintain the illusion by having a second IRC client :)
<wleslie>+5, insightful
<divoplade>But then, there's the IP address problem
<wleslie>just bounce through one of your other cloud servers
<Brendan[m]2>should display-manager really be a provision? is it not possible to run two different display managers?
<leoprikler>theoretically you could run one on tty7 and one on tty8, but chances are they're going to clash in some significant way
<Brendan[m]2>im interested in multi-user systems
<wleslie>typically you have one display manager because until they log in you've no way to know which user they are
<wleslie>but I guess it's possible to statically assign them
<leoprikler>not sure how things are handled there, but isn't it typically one DM (on TTY 7) launching multiple WMs (on 8-12)?
<Brendan[m]2>hmm ok
<wleslie>you're doing a mult-head setup?
<Brendan[m]2>not at the moment but its a bit of a dream of mine to be able to do it
<wleslie>very cool
<Brendan[m]2>kmscon was a part of making that easier but that's been abandoned for 8 years
<Brendan[m]2>i want schools to be able to setup computer labs with only half the number of computers
<Brendan[m]2>or even a third
<Brendan[m]2>kmscon is buggy though. for me the the radeon driver seems die because of it
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<vits-test>divoplade: PotentialUser-X isn't that bad name i mean.
<divoplade>It is definitely boring, noone wants to be called "PotentialUser"
<divoplade>What about something like "CuriousCat"?
<divoplade>Or anything I mean ^^
<divoplade>Or CuriousGnu :)
<divoplade>That's quite an interjection.
<divoplade>So is there anyone willing to help me make my cuirass CI config work? I'm almost there! My configuration is and the latest failure is
<divoplade>Or if someone has a working cuirass configuration to build third-party packages :)
<ennoausberlin>Hello. I'd like to install GUIX on my pinebook pro. But before I tested guix on Manjaro ARCH64. GUIX itself runs fine, but so many packages fail to build. Is there a filter on that displays all arm related issues?
<ennoausberlin>And has someone managed cross compiling for the pinebook pro? Compiling on the machine itself is rather frustrating when it fails after hours of compilation
<mfg>I don't think there is a tag for pinebook pro or aarch64 (it is aarch64, isn't it?)
<ennoausberlin>right AARCH64
<mfg>there is a wip-pinebook-pro branch, but i don't know it's state
<mfg>you might also want to read the manual section 2.4.2
<ennoausberlin>Thats a good pointer
<ennoausberlin>But I still need a more powerful aarch64 machine to use offloading, right?
<mfg>No, you can use a x86_64 machine if you have the qemu-binfmt-service enabled on it
<mfg>it will be a bit slower than native x86_64 compilatipon because of emulation overhead but might still be way faster than on the pinebook :)
<ennoausberlin>Compiling emacs takes 4 hours on the pbp. And the battery drains fast even with power supply connected
<ennoausberlin>I will dig deeper into qemu-binfmt-service
<mfg>basically you need ta add this (service qemu-binfmt-service-type
<mfg> (qemu-binfmt-configuration
<mfg> (platforms (lookup-qemu-platforms "arm" "aarch64" "riscv32"
<mfg> "riscv64" "ppc" "ppc64"))
<ennoausberlin>Is there a list which packages failed on the substitute servers?
<mfg> (guix-support? #t))) to your operating system declaration.
<mfg>i should have pasted it somewhere else and linked it :D
<ennoausberlin>Its fine. I can copy it and count the braces :)
<ennoausberlin>See you later. My kids yelling
<mfg> should be the right place to look
<ennoausberlin>I ll have a look. Thank you
<mfg>i'll be afk a bit
<OriansJ>ennoausberlin: never count the braces, let the tools do the counting (rainbow braces is pretty though)
<OriansJ>correction on previous statement report.tar.xz is not 23,450bytes (I accidentially used wc -l instead of wc -c) and the real value is 5,814KB sorry the inconvience it might have caused
<jlicht>hey guix!
<civodul>hey jlicht!
*civodul works on better hyperlinks for code snippets in the HTML doc
<jlicht>civodul: not much, finally have some time to relax :D
<civodul>heh, that's good
<jlicht>what do you mean with better hyperlinks? "Jump-to-definition"-esque stuff?
<civodul>yes, like we already have in the code snippets:
*rekado is trapped in the TeX Live mines
<civodul>but with more links, to the Guile manual in particular
<rekado>someone send snacks!
<civodul>rekado: texsnack
<civodul>sneek: botsnack
<maav>hey, civodul, how ru doing?
<maav>i've just send another email to debbugs about the grub problem
<jlicht>rekado: what are you doing with TeX Live stuff?
<mfg>civodul: that's a incredibly useful feature!
*kmicu *giggles* TeX Live? More like TeX Life.
<jlicht>is it me, or is the `guix weather' output a lot snappier? I used to get a 504 Gateway Timeout at least 80% of the time, and now it just does things \o/
<OriansJ>I'd rather deal with TeX than Opus Elixir; piece of shit company/product
<lispmacs>had anybody tried to get FreeTube in Guix?
<pkill9>no cos it's node
<OriansJ>lispmacs: node.js
<lispmacs>licensing concern...?
<OriansJ>there is one hell of a problem trying to build node.js from source; you currently can't (atleast not without using a node.js binary to do so)
<OriansJ>So until someone takes up the task and bootstrapps node.js; those programs just can't be built
<lispmacs>ok, just curious
<jlicht>lispmacs: while the nodejs situation is bad, FreeTube specifically seems to depend on Electron, which doesn't have a guix package yet either.
<divoplade>Let's say I've written a hello world web server in guile, and I want to make a guix service out of it. Is there a crash course of doing that? Or simple examples?
<divoplade>I mean, there's a section of the manual and a recipe in the guix cookbook for packages, but there's nothing for services?
<OriansJ>in short it is a tangled web that'll take years to untangle but would probably be fun for someone to do it
<divoplade>The introduction of esbuild is a giant leap for guixkind, because now there's a chance someone might be able to break the huge dependency loop between typescript and the rest of the web
<OriansJ>personally I am untagling the C bootstrap problem:
<OriansJ>I got from ZERO to C; now just need to get from minimal C to GCC via mes-m2
<pkill9>what's typescript and why does it have a dependency loop with the rest of the web?
<pkill9>im gonna take a guess that typescript is what javascript is based on
<divoplade>No, that's the reverse
<divoplade>typescript is like contract programming with javascript
<divoplade>It's used everywhere nowadays
<divoplade>It depends on itself and a huge number of other packages written in... typescript.
<divoplade>The software that we would need to package is the transpiler + type checker
<divoplade>But, recently someone added esbuild, which can transpile typescript without type checking
<divoplade>That would be the same problem as rust, except typescript is much, much more used
<divoplade>(well, maybe not that many "much")
<raingloom>hey, soooo, about that Chicken build system and that Yggdrasil patch.....? <_<
<raingloom>do i need to fix them up more before they can be merged? has anyone read them?
<divoplade>I'll send a mail for the service definitions
<roptat>hi guix!
<raingloom>hai roptat
<kozo[m]>roptat Yo
<jlicht>raingloom: did you not receive the mail from Julien Lepiller on 14 Oct 2020?
<raingloom>jlicht: hmmm no... lemme search my inbox
<ennoausberlin>raingloom: a chicken build system would be cool. I had a hard time to get some chicken modules working a year ago
<raingloom>jlicht: can't see any replies to chicken nor yggdrasil
<raingloom>ennoausberlin: you could test my patch then if you wanna
<raingloom>ennoausberlin: i only tested the build system against a few eggs, so things like SDL bindings have not yet been tried.
<ennoausberlin>raingloom: Where can I find this patch?
<raingloom>huh. why isn't this in my inbox?
<ennoausberlin>Thank you
<jlicht>raingloom: Just saying, stuff does fall between the cracks often, but in this case you got _some_ replies ;-)
<ennoausberlin>Are there any efforts to pack Pharo Smalltalk? I tried it before but there where too many hard coded path during the build
<raingloom>jlicht: yeah, it was weird because they told me they'd check on the patches. but i heard that before without getting a response, so it was inconcievable they didn't have time or something.
<raingloom>guess it was filtered out or something. one downside of the email workflow. :/
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<civodul>hey maav!
<civodul>i just looked at the GRUB i18n patch series, and i feel bad that it got stuck for a year
<civodul>i looks great!
<rekado>jlicht: the usual: finding bugs, testing fixes, realizing that more stuff needs to be packaged, etc
<maav>no worries, I've been using it anyway :-P
<maav>i translate grub too, so it's a must for me, hehe
*rekado feels that itch to write a better texlive importer, but then remembers the importance of saying “no”
<taylan>civodul: heya. do you think the other cond-expand clauses in numeric.scm might also cause issues?
<maav>civodul: otoh, that patch (i reduced them to one) still don't have a translation for grub entries, that would be great
<maav>is it safe to call setlocale in a build job?
<clone11>Can you specify a particular version of an input package?
<maav>clone11: AFAIK you can rewrite the input if that's what you mean, the package on the input already implies a particular version
<civodul>maav: we could simply use (G_ "Older Guix generations") for instance in (guix scripts system)
<civodul>but then, it means system deployment would be locale-dependent
<maav>the system locale and the user locale don't have to be the same
<civodul>ah right, that too
<maav>that's why I added a locale field to boot-parameters
<civodul>maav: oh but we could switch LANGUAGE just as we gettext that string, for instance
<maav>clone11: you're welcome :)
<civodul>then it'd be deterministic
<maav>civodul: yup, the operating-system already has that info, so it must deliver the same string every time it's instantiated
<maav>civodul: LANGUAGE or setlocale is not a difference, what worries me is the scope of both
<maav>my question really should be framed: is the build process of each derivation an actual process?
<maav>if so (by definition, not by implementation) i could get that quite soon too :)
<taylan>I think I'll use 'eval' to force all cond-expand clauses in numeric.scm to execute at library load time rather than compile time...
<Librecat>can deblobing a random kernel cause permanant hardware damage
<Gooberpatrol66>Where does guix store kernel .configs? Do they have their own package?
<Librecat>can deblobing a patchset kernel like xanmod or liquorix cause permanent hardware damage
<cbaines>Librecat, given those aren't available through Guix, you're probably not going to find an answer here
<Librecat>thanks for the answer
<Librecat>enjoy your day
<mbakke>huh, apparently Python can deserialize JSON with eval()...
<mbakke>(from CVE-2020-26943) :P
<PotentialUser-15>i'm getting this error trying to reconfigure my system: No such file or directory: /gnu/store/[hash]-guix-module-union/share/guile/site/3.0/gnu/config.scm
<PotentialUser-15>is there a way i can force it to be garbage collected so i can redownload it?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: try 'guix gc --verify=contents,repair'
<divoplade>So, I was reading how to create a daemon, and there's this horrible race condition with PID files... though everyone seems to not care and do it anyway. Is it acceptable to write unsafe daemons on guix? What's the alternative?
<mfg>is there a aelegenat way to work with nested alists? they originally came from some json converted with guile-json, so do i need to add more to the json-mappoing definition? if so, how does nesting work there?
<helaoban>hi guix, I'd like to move the guix store to another partition, is that possible without bricking the system?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: that didn't work, do you have any other ideas?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: did the output mention anything about the missing file?
<mbakke>divoplade: what's the race?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: nope
<divoplade>mbakke, Basically, when you want to stop the service, you read the file, then you check that the process is still alive and that it's really that one that you want to kill, then you kill it
<divoplade>mbakke, but how do you make sure that the process is really the one you want to kill?
<mbakke>helaoban: you may be able to do it by stopping guix-daemon, copying (not moving!) the store, mounting the new partition at /gnu, start guix-daemon and reconfigure with an updated config that includes the mount ... but I'd advice you to backup your non-store files first.
<pineapples>Hi! It's another day-in-a-row of me trying to write a functional package recipe, without resorting to hacky code. I'm unable to wrap my head around as to why gnu-trivial-build-system's find-files traverses the root of the GNU store when I ask it to copy files from (package (string-append (assoc-ref %build-inputs "package") "/")) to my "%output out" directory
<lispmacs[work]>helaoban: I'm not a guix developer, but seems like if you can just mount the new partition at the same file system location, should work
<divoplade>mbakke, and then, how do you make sure that it does not get replaced in the time window between when you check it and when you kill it?
<divoplade>mbakke, the answer is, you can't, and every time you kill a pid, you're playing russian roulette with your system
<mfg>Why does the python importer use the pypi-uri function to generate package recipes? source-url is enough isn't it?
<mfg>I have some packages which cannot be found on PyPI with this method
<divoplade>mbakke, see for instance or
<mbakke>divoplade: perhaps containerizing (as in make-forkexec-constructor/container) can work around the race?
<ennoausberlin>helaoban: Just an advice: A symbolic link will not work. You have to use a new partition. I had this problem before.
<divoplade>mbakke, I hope so ^^
<pkill9>you can also do a bind mount to mount a directory to /gnu/store
<pkill9>i did that for a while, it worked fine
<helaoban>mbakke: got it, thanks. files already backed up. I'll try that.
<helaoban>ennoausberlin: interesting, does guix not follow the link?
<helaoban>as an aside does anybody know why I'm not able to mount a partition using the os config? I have a ext4 partition /dev/nvme0n1p4 with label 'store' that I'd like to mount to '/media/gnu/store', but 'guix reconfigure' craps out on me with: <<Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" ((file-system-label "store") "/media/gnu/store" "ext4" () #f #f #t))'>>.
<ennoausberlin>helaoban: you get an error from guix itself. symbolic links to the gnu store are not allowed
<helaoban>the file-system definition looks like this: (file-system (device (file-system-label "store")) (mount-point "/media/gnu/store") (type "ext4"))
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: do you have previous generations of guix available on that system? as in 'guix package --list-generations'?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: unfortunately not, this occurred after deleting previous generations
<PotentialUser-15>i have no problem applying the config created by the installer in /etc, so i think it's to do with some of the package definitions in my current config
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: how did you delete previous generations?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: derp, I meant' guix pull --list-generations', but I guess those are gone too?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: does 'guix pull' work?
<PotentialUser-15>"guix pull --list generations" lists a lot of generations, guix pull works as usual
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: so only reconfigure fails, but it works with a different configuration file? can you paste more context from that error message?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: guix system: error: canonicalize-path: No such file or directory: "/gnu/store/w3igv4js12236cc4a58vnbnpmwxdxg1g-guix-module-union/share/guile/site/3.0/gnu/config.scm"
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: is that the only output from the reconfigure command?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: yep
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: can you upload the working and non-working configuration to ?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: sure, is there any PII i should remove?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: you'll have to check that yourself, perhaps you want to mask name or username
<leoprikler>mfg: regarding your elegant alist handling, you most definitely want either sxml or (ice-9 match) depending on your use-case
<mfg>leoprikler: okay, i will look into it then, thanks :)
<Brendan[m]2>new Jami release
<mfg>does someone know, why isn't rendered properly in icecat, but the gitlab instance at is?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: does 'guix system build config.scm' work?
<zva>hey I've been wondering if there's a way to run the vm image in a windows 10 virtualbox with oracle virtual box. the as is image isn't supported in oracle and I don't think I can run a qemu vm within my wsl
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: yes, it works
<mfg>zva: do you mean a nested oracle virtualbox on a windows 10 that's running in a virtualbox on guix?
<zva>haha no sorry I mean Im running windows 10 and have oracle virtualbox installed and the guix image doesnt work as is.
<mfg>is virtualbox even free software? i don't know...
*civodul reads the Jami announcement and grins at "yet still be free of charge"
<zva>I have kali linux running on the windows subsystem linux and since the guix vm image seems to work there I was thinking of running qemu on the wsl if there isnt any way to run guix on oracles virtualbox
<zva>yes its free
<Brendan[m]2>civodul, what do you think about that part, specifically?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: can you try to remove things from the broken configuration until 'guix system reconfigure' works again? I don't see how it can work for one and not the other.
<mfg>zva: I see; not sure why it doesn't work with oracle virtualvbox i have never used that software, i also don't know what you are trying to do - if you just want to try out guix i would say the best option is to use a spare hard drive install it there and boot it?!
<zva>mfg: that's what Ill do I guess. I have a spare ssd connected. The most comfortable way would've been to try it out first
<civodul>Brendan[m]2: that they insist on "free" as in gratis rather than explain why freedom matters (esp. in this context) is a bit of shock to me
<zva>mfg: what software do you use for vms?
<civodul>i mean Zoom is "free of charge"
<mfg>zva: QEMU exclusively :)
<zva>ill look into that :)
<Brendan[m]2>civodul sounds like thats not so good? "grinning" implies you are happy, even elated
<civodul>ah! i used the wrong word :-)
<civodul>i meant to imply i'm unhappy
<Brendan[m]2>scowl? like draco malfoy?
<zva>grimey face
<Brendan[m]2>thats after you eat your vegemite sandwich
<mfg>wtf is a vegemite sandwich?
<Brendan[m]2>Australian specialty
<zva>something like beetsirup or something
<zva>had to google it
<Brendan[m]2>very strong flavour.
<mfg>yeah, me too, but i can't imagine how it might taste :D
<zva>oh it's not fruity though. dark brown australian food spread made from leftover brewers yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives
<zva>like concentrated soup
<Brendan[m]2>buy some online and try it. its quite the experience.
<Brendan[m]2>is it ok to advertise vegemite in #guix?
<mfg>hm might be worth the experience 🤔
<pkill9>as long as the recipe is not proprietary
<Brendan[m]2>Whats the commit/branch for the latest installer release candidate?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: it appears to be an issue with the directory that the config is in? the non-broken config will not reconfigure from my home directory - it only works from /etc.... ?
<maav>oof, i don't know, i only tried once vegemite...
<Brendan[m]2>will the installer just be a tag on the master branch?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: well, that's odd! does it work if you copy the broken config to /etc/?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: i ctrl-c'd verifying the /etc/ config still worked... i can now no longer sudo, or su, so it's quite hard to tell hah
<mbakke>oh my... rip PotentialUser-15.
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: can you retrace the steps you did before things started breaking?
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: just deleted previous system generations because i needed the space...
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: how did you delete them?
<PotentialUser-15>guix system delete-generations x,y,z
<jlicht>hmm, I seem to have run into the same issue
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: it did appear to start building things, and i ctrl-c'd out of it iirc, which is probably not the smartest thing to do
<jlicht>I did not remove any system generations, so my guess is that does not have anything to do with it
<PotentialUser-15>it *appears* to have worked, moving my config into /etc instead of my home directory...
<civodul>yay, more links at !
<civodul>(you can click on string-append, assoc-ref, etc.)
<jlicht>PotentialUser-15: do you perhaps still have a paste of the (full) error message?
<PotentialUser-15>jlicht: guix system: error: canonicalize-path: No such file or directory: "/gnu/store/w3igv4js12236cc4a58vnbnpmwxdxg1g-guix-module-union/share/guile/site/3.0/gnu/config.scm"
<jlicht>yup, exactly like mine (except the basename is "my-config.scm" for me)
<jlicht>and the store hash is unique, of course
<jlicht>which commit are you on, as given by `guix describe'?
<jlicht>I think 5dbfdf8be4dc6250ab8475874e232e653b042cbf did this :/
<mbakke>civodul: ideas? ^
<mbakke>civodul: also, incredible work on those manual links! :-)
<jlicht>or perhaps it's parent, but it's the only recent change that does anything relating to the config
<mfg>i'm going to sleep, bye guix o/
<jlicht>civodul: cool stuff :-)
*raghavgururajan peeps in
*raghavgururajan scans for Julien
*raghavgururajan peeps out
<mbakke>jlicht, PotentialUser-15: can you try to 'guix pull --commit=e39e8d97c17c7e7a008a4f4e125ae6b3844cc03a' to confirm?
<jlicht>PotentialUser-15: I think it should all work fine (in any location) if you use the absolute location for the config.scm
<jlicht>it just did for me at least :-)
<PotentialUser-15>jlicht: yup, you're right, using an absolute location works
<maav>wow, civodul, those links rules! :)
<jonsger>amazing civodul!!!
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: can confirm that file missing error doesn't happen on the commit you posted
<jlicht>mbakke: mine is still running on my venerable T400, so it might be a while :-)
<PotentialUser-15>get a warning i've never seen before... gnu/services.scm:464:30: warning: resolving 'config.scm' relative to current directory
<mbakke>jlicht: or better yet, try reverting 5dbfdf8be4dc6250ab8475874e232e653b042cbf -- please push if it works :-)
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: great. it sounded like you found another bug too, in that 'sudo' and 'su' stopped working? how did you resolve that?
***lle-bout_ is now known as lle-bout
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: i think the commit that broke things intended to silence that warning
<mbakke>which I guess succeeded, in a way
<PotentialUser-15>mbakke: i turned it off and on, hoping for the best....
<PotentialUser-15>is it dangerous to ctrl-c out of system reconfigures / applying manifests?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-15: for reconfigure it can be dangerous while the bootloader is installing, but otherwise it should be safe at any time
<mbakke>I realize I've never used 'guix system delete-generations'.
<PotentialUser-15>i hadn't before today, and it didn't go well !
<pkill9>does guix need to install the bootloader on reconfigure?
<pkill9>there's an option not to install the bootloader
<pkill9>and i don't think reconfiguring grub is the same as installing the bootloader
<zimoun>mbakke: do you think that the patch I attacted to the staging freeze about turning off the parell-build? of Haskell could go in?
<maav>pkill9: there's a parameter #:run-installer? for (@@ (guix scripts reconfigure) install-bootloader) but i'm not sure that it will generate grub.cfg
<maav>pkill9: by default, it does run grub-install (or equivalent)
<mbakke>zimoun: I think so. Is there a bug report about the reproducibility issue somewhere?
<mbakke>zimoun: can you update the patch with a link to that issue in a comment?
<zimoun>Yes, for sure. So I will sent it via guix-patches.