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<goldenshimmer>Why does `guix package` sometimes do extra stuff? For instance, running `guix package -r libchop` downloaded a copy of GTK, among other things, but I'd expect it to just recreate the current profile minus `libchop`. Does it upgrade things? Is it installing build dependencies needed to rebuild the profile?
<darkpsi>@pancak3 same problem ;/ looks like i am going to have to swallow my pride and go with a unecrypted boot
<pancak3>that's odd. Encryption worked for me on all my devices really easily. Mind you I was willing to make 2 partitions :P
<pancak3>also I went unencrypted first for a bit when I was still learning the configuration system
<darkpsi>@pancak3 i am sure i got it working in a virtual machine
<pancak3>Just to make sure, you did label the filesystem right? Like lsblk shows "croot" and then you have (device (file-system-label "croot"))
<darkpsi>yeah tried it like that
<pancak3>I doubt it'll be any help but here's my config. You can ask me anything about it:
<milkman[bot]>dotfiles/config.scm at master · MorganJamesSmith/dotfiles · GitHub
<pancak3>what the heck is this milkman bot? What is it doing?
<darkpsi>thanks man, will check it out. Looked at a few configs today, spent more time trying to sort this out then i should have.
<pancak3>I'm starting to realize my config is likely not a good reference :P most of the complication is so I can just use startx instead of a display manager thing
<zimoun`>Does someone know how to get the Message-ID with Gnus (emacs-debbugs)? Shortcut or function?
<pancak3> (customize-set-variable 'gnus-visible-headers (concat gnus-visible-headers "\\|^Message-ID:"))
<pancak3>that just makes message-id always visable. maybe not what you want, but it's what I do
<zimoun`>pancak3: thanks. Almost what I want. With emacs-notmuch, I simply do ci and the Message-ID is copy/paste to the kill ring. I was expecting something similar with Gnus.
<darkpsi>@pancak3 hmm look very simular to what i am doing boot wise. only diffrence i can see is the fact yours is that your's is configured for efi
<darkpsi>alright i am off. i am going to give it one more go tomorrow, thanks for your help everyone
<pancak3>zimoun`: I'm having trouble finding anything. All I've found so far is mail-header-id but I don't know how to use it
<zimoun`>pancak3: thank you for the research. The Gnus manual is not so talkative about. I find information from Message-ID to article, but not from article to Message-ID. Well, maybe it is faster to write my own Emacs function. :-)
<daniel-molina>hi, newbie here. how programs should know about bash binary path or where is linux/limits.h to correctly compile?
<pancak3>zimoun`: mail-header-extract seems important
<pancak3>daniel-molina: /usr/bin/env bash
<zimoun`>pancak3: otherwise (message-fetch-field “Message-ID”) seems doing the job
<pancak3>zimoun`: nice!
<daniel-molina>zimoun`: thanks. Does that also apply to headers?
<zimoun`>yes, but it appears to me weird that it is not easy with Gnus, while it is with emacs-notmuch. Whatever. :-)
<zimoun`>daniel-molina: I am not sure you are asking to me, maybe to pancak3 :-) And I do not know what is your issue :-)
<daniel-molina>oh sorry, zimoun, that's true
<tribals>Hi there!
<tribals>I'm trying to follow instructions from here: I need to define bootloader for my ARM board. The docs says: The second argument is the target triplet that corresponds to the architecture of the board. I checked manual for my board, and it seems like it is aarch64 one. The question is: is there cross toolchain for aarch64 available in guix? Where can I check it is available?
<milkman[bot]>Guix on an ARM Board — 2019 — Blog — GNU Guix
<pancak3>tribals: did you read section 3.9 of the manual?
<xelxebar>tribals: Trying to do something similar, str1ngs mentioned an alternative to cross-buildings. You can register qemu-arm with the kernel's binfmt_misc so you can "natively" run arm executables.
<xelxebar>This will let you build arm stuff without needing to specify --target. You can just use --system, as if you were on an arm system.
<str1ngs>tribals: what board do you have?
<str1ngs>there is probably a boot loader for it already.
<xelxebar>tribals: In case you decide to go that route:
<milkman[bot]>Kernel Support for miscellaneous Binary Formats (binfmt_misc) -- The Linux Kernel documentation
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<janneke>sneek: later tell civodul: adding --cpu base to the QEMU spell fixes booting the Childhurd on berlin; i've updated maintenance.git accordingly
<janneke>sneek: botsnack!
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, janneke says: adding --cpu base to the QEMU spell fixes booting the Childhurd on berlin; i've updated maintenance.git accordingly
<civodul>yay, thanks janneke!
<janneke>civodul: yeah, \o/ :-)
<civodul>it's "interesting" behavior
<janneke>yes, very
<tribals>xelxebar: there no much difference to me as couldn't find the way to know is aarch64 supported as --system. There is no guix command that could print list of available systems/target, nor docs page with such a list (did I miss something?)
<tribals>str1ngs: I've Khadas VIM3L
<tribals>str1ngs: I tried to find bootloader definition in gnu/packages/bootloaders.scm, there is none
<xelxebar>tribals: You're probably looking for "aarch64-linux"
<xelxebar>look at the definition of %supported-systems in guix/packages.scm
<xelxebar>("x86_64-linux" "i686-linux" "armhf-linux" "aarch64-linux" "mips64el-linux" "i586-gnu")
<tribals>xelxebar: thank you!
<PotentialUser-77>is guix suitable to use as my only OS or is it too immature at the moment? will running non free software be a nightmare?
<cbaines>PotentialUser-77, you're probably the only one who can assess suitability, since you know your own needs
<cbaines>As for running non-free software, I don't think it's significantly more a nightmare on Guix than otherwise
<PotentialUser-77>i guess i'm just curious as to how reliable and mature it is at the moment compared with something very established like debian. does it have a good amount of packages? and in terms of non free software, some systems won't provide an option for me to automatically install proprietary drivers for my graphics card for instance
<cbaines>Guix has less packages currently than Debian, but I would still say it has a good amount
<cbaines>I don't know of a way to automatically install proprietary graphics drivers
<tribals>one more question: what does `--system` actually do in `guix container` command? Is setting it to `--system aarch64-linux` will result in environ with cross-compiler in PATH?
<tribals>according to docs: --system=system
<tribals>-s system
<tribals>Attempt to build for system—e.g., i686-linux.
<tribals>What does such "Attempt" mean?
<janneke>tribals: --system assumes binaries of that system can be run
<janneke>--target uses a cross-build
<tribals>janneke: got it, thank you.
<janneke>tribals: to run arm on x86, you need a qemu-binfmt service
<janneke>and, ymmv
<tribals>janneke: thanks!
<tribals>got it
<rekado>janneke: the “--cpu base” thing sounds oddly familiar.
<janneke>rekado: came up before
<janneke>i tried --cpu 1 and then re-found it ;)
<janneke>in fact, i then tried --cpu 486 which, to my surprise, worked and then went searching for something newer; "--cpu host" did not work, btw
<rndd>hi everyone! tried to run vm in virt-manager. but when i'm booting the image vm reboots. so i see only bios. maybody somebody had same issue?
<nckx>Good morning you absolute Guix.
<peanutbutterandc>Good morning!
<nckx>goldenshimmer: The profile itself is also a thing that needs to be built: it contains more than the sum of its parts, such as the info directory, MIME/icon cache, ... These files are generated using tools such as GTK's gtk-update-icon-cache.
<peanutbutterandc>Okay.... can somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong here:
<peanutbutterandc> (("(wxVariant value = wxVariant\\()(.*)(\\);$)" all call arg end)
<peanutbutterandc>this regular expression isn't matching
<peanutbutterandc> wxVariant value = wxVariant(*font);
<peanutbutterandc>^this line
<peanutbutterandc>oh wait, maybe .* matches everything till the end?
<peanutbutterandc>nah. still doesn't work.
<peanutbutterandc>Isn't \\( how one is supposed to escape parenthesis inside a string in guile? o.O
<peanutbutterandc>whoa. The culprint was '$' the whole time.
<sapien>nckx: You around?
<alextee[m]>is there any software that constantly tests your connection speed?
<rain1>there is nethogs
<str1ngs>tribals: there is a config here. so you might need to make your own u-boot package and bootloader
<milkman[bot]>u-boot/configs at master · u-boot/u-boot · GitHub
<tribals>strings: thanks. Seems that it requires some binary firmware (probably for trust zone), these are available it khadas's github form of u-boot. It is permitted to include it in the package? How can I declare bootloader with additional files available somewhere on the internet?
<tribals>*fork, not form
<str1ngs>tribals: probably it uses arm-trusted-firmware you can probably use make-arm-trusted-firmware as well. but don't quote me on that. you'll have to research.
<tribals>str1ngs: thank you again. I will try to use arm-trusted-firmware
<rasagulla>I have two things to report.
<rasagulla>[1] I am facing rendering issues with IceCat.
<milkman[bot]>No title found
<rasagulla>[2] I have made a new guix logo design.
<rasagulla>sneek, later tell roptat: Thanks!
<sneek>Got it.
***ChanServ sets mode: +o civodul
***rasagulla was kicked by civodul (Kicked by civodul)
<civodul>rasagulla: please stop that, thanks
<civodul>this doesn't have its place here, at all.
<civodul>this is the code of conduct for this channel:
<milkman[bot]>CODE-OF-CONDUCT - guix.git - GNU Guix and GNU Guix System
<rasagulla>Whatever you say, you are the boss! 🤷
<rasagulla>So, the default port for Tor is 5050, correct?
<rasagulla>For some reason, I forgot the 3rd digit.
<rasagulla>I get socket: connection refused error.
*rasagulla is ob guixsd, not foreign distro.
<str1ngs>did you restart the service?
<civodul>rasagulla: it's 9050 according to the manual (info "(guix) Networking Services")
<str1ngs>rasagulla: hmmm by wrong port maybe you meant icecat?
***ChanServ sets mode: +o lfam
<milkman[bot]>[Guix Logo]: New Design
***lfam sets mode: +b *!*
***rasagulla was kicked by lfam (rasagulla)
<lfam>That is the same domain that caused us trouble a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I think we should ban it permanently
<civodul>oh i wasn't aware, first time i saw that nickname/domain
<civodul>i kicked them minutes ago
<str1ngs>git pull --commit=d7f7ed39be3be926b3c46c0ea15d416c593ef61f when you confuse git for guix :(
<civodul>oh and they did that on the mailing list
<str1ngs>error: option `commit' takes no value then I was like what hell
*civodul hasn't read help-guix in a while
<lfam>I do that sort of thing all time, str1ngs
<lfam>So, their name "rasa gulla" means something like "doughnut"
<str1ngs>I thought my guix was broke lol
<lfam>Just in case anybody was thinking of trying to find out who they are
<str1ngs>should not guix before drinking morning coffee!
<lfam>It's never a bad time for Guix
***ChanServ sets mode: -o lfam
<civodul>normally first time posters on the ML are withheld
<civodul>so i wonder how they managed to go through
<civodul>was it their first post?
<lfam>I believe they were allowed through after asking some reasonable questions
<lfam>Lazy, but reasonable
<civodul>anyway, thanks for banning that domain
<str1ngs>are there questions not legitimate? seems a weird way to troll to me.
<lfam>They sent porn, str1ngs
<lfam>It's inappropriate and simply illegal in many places
<str1ngs>I see that but it's almost like Tourette's where they actually want help but randomly post. I assume it's just a guise to troll then.
<roptat>hi guix!
<sneek>Welcome back roptat, you have 1 message!
<sneek>roptat, rasagulla says: Thanks!
<lfam>Unfortunately we won't be finding out
<str1ngs>problem solved!
<civodul>hey roptat
<zimoun``>is it possible to delete the 2 messages sent by rasagulla? since they contain both inappropriate content
<brettgilio>Somebody named Rasa Gulla sent porn to our mailing list.
<xd1le>They sent as attachment? Is it possible to restrict ML to just text attachments or email doesn't work like that?
<roptat>no they sent a link
<brettgilio>It was an attachment for me
<brettgilio>A file attachment
<cbaines>there's two emails, one with an attachment, another with a link
<roptat>oh, I think I only saw one
<brettgilio>They sent it to all 3 primary mailing lists too
<zimoun``>roptat, brettgilio: it is both, one email with a link and another with attachement
<roptat>we can probably remove the messages from the archive?
<lfam>It's possible and we need to do it
<roptat>too late for the people who received the messages though :/
<lfam>We should also look at the Mumi access records to see what IP address they used
<brettgilio>They sent it from protonmail so we may not see a true IP
<lfam>brettgilio: Oh, I thought they used the web interface for some of the messages
<jess>14:24:21 [maskmatch] *!* matches guiyrte
<lfam>Even if they used protonmail, we can report the abuse to protonmail
<jess>you might want to check out who guiyrte is
***ChanServ sets mode: +o lfam
<brettgilio>Good catch jess
***guiyrte was kicked by lfam (guiyrte)
<jess>no dramas
<str1ngs>I made a monstrosity
<milkman[bot]>debian Pastezone
<jess>also might want to ban
<jess>they just did porn spam in #freenode too
<lfam>Why, who is that?
<jess>sorry ignore that
<jess>i'll go blacklist
<lfam>Welcome andreas-e
<civodul>now to handle the mailing list
<brettgilio>civodul: o7
<andreas-e>Hello! Bad news for civodul: You are list administrator for help-guix, guix-devel and bug-guix.
<andreas-e>For the first two, it is also rekado; for the last one, mhw.
<andreas-e>lfam, thanks!
<andreas-e>There has been some spam to the lists...
<lfam>Yes, we are dealing with it now andreas-e
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<andreas-e>Is it possible to delete messages from the archive? Or would this be against free speach? ;-P
<andreas-e>Some people have strange hobbies.
<civodul>yeah, working on it
<lfam>Peaches are better when they are not frozen
<brettgilio>lfam: that sounds like some ancient Chinese proverb
<xd1le>So mailman has something called "content filtering" I just searched it up
<xd1le>It talks about filtering mime types so idk if that would be of use for attachments?
<xd1le>It does mention filtering images though, I just don't know how email works
<xd1le>Anyway just mentioning if it helps at all
<xd1le>(for future)
<lfam>Thanks xd11e. We will keep it in mind
<civodul>yup, thanks xd1le
<civodul>we'll send an update by the end of the day
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<RG[web]>Hello Guix!
<lfam>Hello RG[web]
*RG[web] is setting-up new SSD
<RG[web]>Does anyone else face stuttering issues with GNOME?
<nly>where do i look for /etc/nginx/sites-available/ equivalent on guix?
<roptat>there's no equivalent for it, you need to configure each server block in your configuration file (/etc/config.scm)
*RG[web] will brb on lounge
<roptat>nly, see the second example here:
<milkman[bot]>Web Services (GNU Guix Reference Manual)
<RG[web]>Did I just got kicked?
<roptat>no, probably a network issue?
<RG[web]>Oh, now I remember.
<nly>this complicates things
<RG[web]>Have to use different Lounge.
<lfam>RG[web]: Were you using snopyta?
<nly>(nginx-server-configuration ...) would be equivalent to sites-available/peertube?
<roptat>nly, you could also include an existing file from your nginx config
<RG[web]>lfam: Yeah, I use their webirc service whenever I am not on my gajim.
<jess>snopyta's The Lounge has, unfortunately, been put on a blacklist
<lfam>I had to ban the snopyta domain due to spam
<lfam>It's unfortunate, and I hope we can lift the ban at some point in the future
<jess>it can't even connect to freenode
<roptat>nly, not sure what the syntax is, but there's extra-content field where you can add some nginx directives in the http block directly
<RG[web]>Ah yes, I just remembered from few weeks ago.
<milkman[bot]>DroneBL :: Lookup ::
<nly>oh, nice
*RG[web] goes to
<jess>that should work :)
<brettgilio>Holy crap. I have an interview for a job using OCaml!
<RG[web]>Never mind! It says don;t expect stability. Kiwi is fine for now.
<lfam>We are rooting for you brettgilio
<xd1le>Congrats, good luck
<nly>I am square rooting for you brettgilio
<RG[web]>Hey jess, good to see you back. What gives? :-)
<jess>chasing spam
<RG[web]>wait, again?
<lfam>Yes :(
<RG[web]>jess, just so you know, its me, raghavgururajan
<RG[web]>lfam: Oh no!
<jess>ah! good to see ya
*roptat is bored, symbolic execution doesn't scale, it's taking forever
<roptat>but at least i have a working definition for klee, I'll send that later :)
<roptat>although for some reason klee-uclibc installs itself in $out/usr/x86_64-linux-uclibc/usr
<civodul>leoprikler: great investigation on "guix repl"!
<leoprikler>thanks :)
<nly>oh no: guix system: error: more than one target service of type 'nginx'
<nly>i've heard httpd is config compatible with nginx is that correct roptat ?
<str1ngs>nly: hello, I made a monstrosity
<milkman[bot]>debian Pastezone
<roptat>nly, I don't think so
<roptat>nly, did you declare more than one nginx service?
<nly>yeah, i tried that
<roptat>there should be only one (service nginx-service-type) and multiple simple-services of type nginx-service-type, but with different names
<roptat>I have an example here:
<milkman[bot]>systems/xana.scm · master · Julien Lepiller / system configuration · GitLab
<roptat>one nginx-service-type, and multiple services (nani-http-server, i18n-http-server, etc)
<nly>can't load
<roptat>ouch, I don't have a mirror for that :/
<roptat>let me paste it somewhere
<milkman[bot]>debian Pastezone
<nly>i cannot see it without tor
<roptat>oh I think they had a lot of spams from a couple countries, maybe you're in one of them? it works well from here and from tor
<RG[web]>civodul or lfam: Can you remove milkman[bot]? I added it so that we can spot spam by the posted shortened-links, but this bot is not capable of that.
<lfam>RG[web]: I dont know very much about IRC. Should I kick it?
<RG[web]>lfam: Yeah
<str1ngs>RG[web]: raghavgururajan is that you?
<RG[web]>milkman[bot]: thanks for your service
<milkman[bot]>no problem
<RG[web]>str1ngs: yep!
<nly>roptat: India, maybe
***milkman[bot] was kicked by lfam (milkman[bot])
<str1ngs>RG[web]: hello, I have a working WIP for gstreamer 1.18.0 have you done any work on that yet? or plan to?
<roptat>nly, you need an nginx-server-configuration not an nginx-configuration
<RG[web]>str1ngs: I have done lot of changes to gstreamer and its plugins.
<RG[web]>lfam: Thanks!
<roptat>nly, instead, try to add (extra-content "include /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest/support/nginx/peertube;") to your nginx service type?
<str1ngs>RG[web]: is that on another branch?
<RG[web]>str1ngs: Some are in master and some are in wip-desktop
<str1ngs>RG[web]: does wip-desktop upgrade gstreamer and plugins to 1.18.0?
<str1ngs>which is the latest release btw.
<RG[web]>str1ngs: If you are working them, I'd suggest to use pack-defs from wip-desktop.
<RG[web]>danny and I working on somethings to merge it to master
<str1ngs>RG[web]: okay thanks, I'll derive this local work from there.
<RG[web]>No not an upgrade to 1.18
<str1ngs>I'm just trying to avoid duplication of effort.
<RG[web]>yeah, I understand. :-)
<roptat>trying to enter a container with guix environment, I get In procedure getpw: entry not found
<roptat>any idea what that means?
<str1ngs>RG[web]: also gstreamer 1.18.0 support webrtc, so it would be nice when it comes time to upgrade to 1.18.0 if we can add that support. would be good later down the road for epiphany and nomad.
<roptat>it's on a foreign distro, from a tty, and the system uses sss in nsswitch.conf
<civodul>roptat: could you show the backtrace?
<civodul>is this on a foreign distro?
<str1ngs>RG[web]: thanks for the feedback though. I'll see about working with wip-desktop
<roptat>civodul, it's on a foreign distro, from a tty, and the system uses sss in nsswitch.conf
<RG[web]>str1ngs: What? 1.17 also supports webrtc, IIRC. I have enabled several missing features and webrtc was one of them.
<RG[web]>It think it was in gst-plugins-bad
<roptat>lol, I tried using wgetpaste, but it tells me "whoami: cannot find name for user ID 1042", whereas whoami from the system gives me my username
<str1ngs>RG[web]: 1.17 was experimental. the gstreamer in guix is 1.16.2. it would be better to use 1.80.0 which is the official release I would think?
<str1ngs>RG[web]: but yes webrtc requires gstreamer >= 1.17
<RG[web]>Ah I meant 1.16
<str1ngs>atleast the complete version I have working with webkitgtk err experimentail.
<RG[web]>I remember packaging some audio related things for webrtc
<RG[web]>Anyway, if 1.18 brings webrtc, that great
<str1ngs>the main thing is if we are upgrading to 1.18 at one point. if we get webrtc support in there now. it saves a rebuild later.
<str1ngs>RG[web]: do you know of a package definition that as multiple sources? I need some inspiration? :)
<str1ngs>RG[web]: that webrtc is probably specific to pulse audio.
<roptat>str1ngs, ocaml-4.07-sedlex
<roptat>ocaml4.07-sedlex, sorry
<roptat>with origins in inputs
<str1ngs>rotty: thanks
<str1ngs>RG[web]: also for glib/gtk meson is it preferable to add inputs and have meson auto detect features. or explicitly set flags?
<str1ngs>flags as in configure flags.
<roptat>no, I'm not rot yet :p
<str1ngs>lol no you are not. apologies
<RG[web]>str1ngs: Ah, I think you have to list the sources.
<civodul>grr second Xorg crash today
<RG[web]>str1ngs: It is better to use mirrors.
<RG[web]>str1ngs: You can create an entry here,
<RG[web]>Regarding features, if the flags are set to "auto" by default, then you can just add input to enable a feature. If the flag is "false" by default, the you have explicitly set flags and also add the inputs.
<RG[web]>str1ngs: ^
<str1ngs>RG[web]: great thank you
<daemonspudguy>I noticed that all IRCCloud users are in the quiet list. Why is that? All IRCCloud users are given unique IDs and it is the only updated client for Android. Can you fix that? For more information see
***ChanServ sets mode: -o lfam
<lfam>I don't know when that was done, or what the circumstance was
<daemonspudguy> /mode #guix +1
<lfam>We will probably err on the side of caution for a while longer
-ChanServ-nckx unquieted *!*@gateway/web/*
***ChanServ sets mode: -q *!*@gateway/web/*
<nckx>It's run its course.
<daemonspudguy> /mode #guix +1
<daemonspudguy>All hail nckx!
<nckx>daemonspudguy: Whatever that is supposed to do, please don't.
<daemonspudguy>+1 was a mistype, I meant to type +q
*nckx in hypervigilant spam mode, duplicate messages are triggering 🙂
<daemonspudguy>I'm on a laptop has my desktop has been making screeching noises from the depths of hell when I use it.
<nckx>M-x excorcist
<RG[web]>nckx o/
<nckx>Sup bud.
<RG[web]>Sad to see spam issues again.
<RG[web]>nckx: It's me raghavgururajan
<nckx>Well, yeah. I know.
<nckx>raghavgururajan: It is. And I'm not saying that as a veiled insult: it's genuinely sad how lonely people lash out for attention. The response was very #guix: firm but loving correction. ♥ it.
<nckx>Not to excuse any of it, but it's been a hard year for everyone.
<nckx>s/hard/weird/, anyway.
<roptat>civodul, it's on a foreign distro, from a tty, and the system uses sss in nsswitch.conf and here's the backtrace:
<civodul>ah yes, the usual sss
<civodul>i wrote recently about that on guix-devel
<civodul>lemme see
<roptat>yeah I more or less remembered it, that's why I thought it could be relevant :)
<civodul>roptat: perhaps you can add Guix's sssd to LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
<civodul>heh :-)
*civodul has to go
<roptat>in an environment with sssd, system's whoami doesn't find my username, but in that environment with LD_LIBRARY_PATH it does, same with guix's wgetpaste
<roptat>it worked!
<rain1>what is happening with GUIX recently?
<rain1>is there some issues that need solved
<dlowe>Needs more guile 3 :)
<raingloom>hey, i posted a warning to the guix-help list so others won't open the spam, but a proper one by mods would be really welcome
<raingloom>it could be triggering to some people, and email inboxes don't work like forums AFAIK
<raingloom>so, once you download it, the admins can't delete it for you.
<nckx>Thanks! I think one response is enough.
<nckx>raingloom: ☝
<raingloom>nckx: should i also send it to bug-guix too?
<joshuaBPMan>Hey guix, my guix system laptop just crashed on my running sway and icecat and emacs. I've looked in /var/log/messages /var/log/debug, and I THINK I see the point where I hard rebooted...
<joshuaBPMan>Anywhere else I should look.
<joshuaBPMan>Also I do have earlyoom service set up
<joshuaBPMan>any ideas?
<nly>hello str1ngs
<nly>sorry forgot to look at the snippet before
<joshuaBPMan>holy cow! helm-top shows that Emacs is using 20% of my system memory. How!?
<joshuaBPMan>I have 8GB!
<str1ngs>nly: it will take some scrutiny to figure out how monstrous it really is.
<nckx>There's a known memory leak in emacs 27 + helm. I don't know if it's fixed yet or who's to blame.
<joshuaBPMan>nckx: ut oh thanks for letting me know!
<mroh>afaik, the mem leak is only in the helm-ff-cache. You can disable it with (setq helm-ff-keep-cached-candidates nil).
<joshuaBPMan>mroh: thanks for the tip!
<joshuaBPMan>mroh: That totally fixed it! Emacs' memory was steadily climbing, and now it is steady!
<joshuaBPMan>mroh: thanks again! My emacs memory is now steady at 1%. it was closer to 20%!
<mroh>you're welcome.
<nckx>mroh: Thanks for providing the fix. I'd already purged the thread and still can't seem to search Mumi (‘emacs memory leak’ → nothing).
<civodul>janneke: thanks for the "make dist" fix!
<civodul>*fixes, even
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: that's
<civodul>i hadn't closed it because i wanted to be sure
<civodul>and it seems to work indeed
<rekado>hmm, probably something wrong with the indexing in mumi
<rekado>sorry, I can’t investigate this soon
<civodul> is beautiful :-)
<janneke>civodul: yw!
<nckx>Ooh, now that's a pretty link!
<janneke>oh yes, maybe i was a bit quick with that...i figured we applied the patch that was suggested (by vagrantc)
<nckx>The oscillating motion of the 2 evaluation graphs seems significant although I have no idea what it means.
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: I'll read that thread and report about my experience, but it did seem to work for me.
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: yeah it's been a day or two for me and it seems ok!
*nckx → 😴, good night sweet #guix.
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: thanks for the hard work fixing that!
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: oh i just followed mroh's advice :-)
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: hahaha. That's funny.
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: so is that an emacs bug from upstream?
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: more of a Helm bug it seems, but somehow it wasn't showing up before
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: what's sad is helm has no maintainer at the moment. :(
<raghavgururajan>civodul: Any luck with maillist?
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: yeah
<civodul>raghavgururajan: i sent an email to everyone recently; messages will be removed from the archive soonish