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<pkill9>state = environment, function = action
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<ryanprior>It's been maybe a month since there's been a substitute available for ungoogled-chromium. Is there a way to just download the latest substitute that's been built, whatever version of Guix it was built for?
<ryanprior>Being able to upgrade that package without building it from source (which takes like 20 hours) feels like winning the lottery at this point
<brendyyn>There is no substitute because it fails to build from source at the moment
<brendyyn>but you can look for builds here
<ryanprior>Okay that's an unexpected bit of information, glad I haven't tried to just power through, that would have ended in tears
<brendyyn>Lets see... how do we download and install it
<pkill9>you can use guix time-machine to build that particular derivation
<pkill9>by giving it the commit of the guix revision that will build that derivation
<brendyyn>i cant see where to find the commit
<pkill9>it doesn't say on that site, there is a better site, the guix data service, which will
<pkill9>although i can't find the job searh
<pkill9>ok what you can do is find the latest chromium derivation that builds, using, then replace the derivation in this example URL:
<pkill9>actually that doesn't tell you the guix revision either :/
<pkill9>oh wait it does
<pkill9>and now i've lost it....
<pkill9>oh, found it, but it's the wrong [age, nevermind
<pkill9>so basically I can't find a way to do what you want
<ryanprior>Another one for the ideas pile :)
<ryanprior>It's a feature I would use regularly, I hold back packages that don't have substitutes and would love to be able to just fall back to the latest available
<pkill9>i remember how I did what you want to do, I look at the date that the last build worked, then look on the guix repository to find a commit sometime before that
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<mason>So, how does one pronounce Guix?
<brendyyn>like geeks, but always prefered gwiks. Blame the French.
<pkill9>same lol
<mason>Ah, geeks... That might have come up in a video, but I can't find what I read/head/etc.
<mason>Either beats the goo-icks I had in my head.
<mason>Alright, thank you, and have a pleasant evening (UGT). o/
<vagrantc>guix pull is taking an inordinately long time with: building /gnu/store/iq7l94fxqj39zz5f989p57ncq0cys8h4-guix-translated-texinfo.drv...
<vagrantc>po4a-translate running at 100% CPU on each core...
<terremoth>Hello guys
<terremoth>I just want to report those minimum errors after finishing installing
<terremoth>I am trying on virtual box
<terremoth>Idk if the guix developers are here
<terremoth>but I took a screenshot
<terremoth>It took a veeeeeeery long time to install, oh god
<brendyyn>can you link to the actual image. that site is so broken they require so much javascript just to display an image and then it doesnt even work when i enable it in icecat
<terremoth>yes I can
<terremoth>there is also another image I wanna show with some minor errors
<brendyyn>cant you copy the text into
<terremoth>and the other one
<terremoth>I'll do that with dmesg later (this is my first time booting guix with gnome)
<terremoth>(if guix ships with dmesg of course - and if the messages appear there)
<terremoth>I want to help if someone needs me to test something
<brendyyn>I think the best way to get help is to email with the error messages. and description of what you did.
<brendyyn>oh and the config.scm you used
<terremoth>hey brendyyn
<terremoth>I just typed dmesg -l emerg/alert/crit
<terremoth>and there are no errors
<terremoth>just dmesg -l err
<brendyyn>mine shows lots of btrfs errors haha.
<terremoth>are you a guix dev?
<brendyyn>ive made some small contributions. I'm not an expert on anything though.
<terremoth>ah ok
<terremoth>I am trying Guix with VirtualBox to make a youtube video, which now is uploading to youtube to show people the O.S.
<terremoth>I am a Lubuntu user, but I want to move entire to Free Software distro
<terremoth>but I saw the "free distros" at gnu website most are not updated...
<terremoth>like gnewSense, trisquel, dragora... they look dead
<apteryx>terremoth: Welcome! You've reached a fine place ;-)
<terremoth>apteryx thanks
<terremoth>brendyyn just 2 errors with dmesg
<apteryx>terremoth: that's a long standing innocuous error
<apteryx>pcspkr is the module responsible for beeping the little PC speaker in your machine, if you have one.
<apteryx>something causes it to be loaded twice, and it fails the second time.
<terremoth>ah understood. Probably because I am testing it on virtualbox
<apteryx>no, I think everybody sees it.
<apteryx>We should fix it, if only for aesthetic.
<terremoth>are you a guix dev?
<apteryx>I'm one of the many hacking on Guix
<raghavgururajan>sneek, later tell nckx: MailPile ( 🐍
<leoprikler>ryanprior: for chromium you should probably have a look at inferiors
<brendyyn>I don't think there is a bug report for it? i guess somebody knows about it
<raghavgururajan>I have built ungoogled-chromium on Bayfront.
<raghavgururajan>as of dad963a4393ea51409baa63817b26b449ed58338
<brendyyn>I wonder if updating to 85.0.4183.83 would help
<raghavgururajan>Although, ungoogled-chromium does not run well for past 3 updates. It stutters after launch. If you try to open a webpage it keeps loading forever.
<brendyyn>raghavgururajan: did you try test it with a fresh profile?
<leoprikler>fresh directory of chromium settings
<brendyyn>with --user-data-dir=/tmp/foo
<raghavgururajan>Hmm. No.
<raghavgururajan>Let me try
<raghavgururajan>Wow! it works fine now.
<raghavgururajan>with -user-data-dir=/tmp/foo
<raghavgururajan>What must be the issue?
<raghavgururajan>So I should just purge chromium dirs in .config, .local and .cache?
<raghavgururajan>Thank you!!!!!!
<leoprikler>probably stale settings and caches
<leoprikler>[in response to "what must be the issue?"]
<leoprikler>after purging, you might want to reset everything through the interface
<leoprikler>you could also just temporarily move those directories to a backup place
<raghavgururajan>leoprikler: Btw, I added elogind support to gnome-session. GDM now alleast starts. Though I am hit with "Oh no! Something has gone wrong" screen.
<leoprikler>anything interesting in the logs?
<leoprikler>if not, have you tried enabling the debugging output
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>we have a problem: texi translation hangs (as in guix-translated-texinfo.drv)
<bdju>does anyone here use qutebrowser as their main browser? I'm wondering if audio is broken for everyone or if something is wrong with my particular setup
<janneke>Hello Guix!
<user_oreloznog>Hi janneke!
<brendyyn>How can I match the following eval expression in substitute*. I seem to be having trouble with the fact that goes across multiple lines.
<brendyyn>the dot . regex looks like it doesnt match newlines
<leoprikler>substitute only does single-line
<brendyyn>hmm ok
<mroh>brendyyn: for elisp the functions in emacs-utils.scm (emacs-substitute etc) might be useful.
<bdju>where do I look for core dump files?
<civodul>bdju: it should be in $PWD
<civodul>make sure to enable them, for example with "ulimit -c unlmited"
<mroh>we still have some taglib/zlib fun: "/tmp/guix-build-vlc- line 10651: -lz: command not found".
<civodul>mroh: oh, where does that come from? tablib.pc?
<efraim>is there a reason we keep all the .la files?
<mroh>civodul: idk, I'm just looking at it/what vlc is doing here.
<efraim>does taglib propagate zlib?
<mroh>efraim: no, see
<brendyyn>mroh: thanks i will look
<civodul>efraim: the .la files contain info that's now often redundant with .pc files, but not always
<efraim>civodul: apparently many distros did away with them years ago
<bdju>civodul: ah, thanks. I'll enable them then.
<civodul>efraim: mostly Debian, no? :-)
<efraim>arch too. haven't looked at the others
*civodul restarts Emacs
<efraim>debian does have a large trickle-down cache area though :)
<efraim>I poked rust some more, I feel like I'm approaching a whole video presentation level thing for our maybe-guix-online-conference thingy
<civodul>efraim: nice!
<efraim>short answer seems to be "no" on reusing build artifacts
<civodul>we need someone to champion for that maybe-guix-online-conference
<mroh>the ";" from our taglib.pc doesn't look right:
<efraim>civodul: In the process of writing a post to the mailinglist it looks like the answer might actually be "yes, sometimes"
<civodul>mroh: ouch indeed
<civodul>perhaps i got the substitution wrong or something
<civodul>efraim: you mean sometimes reusing previously build results for Rust packages?
<mroh>yeah I think, there is a missing "" around the substitute: "-L/gnu/store/... -lz" otherwise cmake seems to add ";" because it sees it as two variables or something.
<efraim>civodul: yeah. it turns out the two packages I was comparing weren't similar enough.
<efraim>if it works then we'll still end up with crazy circular dependencies which can be solved using cargo-inputs and cargo-development-inputs, but other packages later down the line will have real dependency resolution
<civodul>mroh: ooh... but then why does it work for taglib-config, weird
<efraim>or we can try to "force" something better by switching rust-libc-0.2 to a real input
<civodul>efraim: "crazy circular dependencies" is a scary phrase in this place :-)
<efraim>and apparently they might not be reproducible
<efraim>that's how we ended up with cargo-inputs and cargo-development-inputs in the first place
<mroh>but what I don't understand: if we don't propagate zlib from taglib, wouldn't that mean that we potentially need to ajust all pkgs that use taglib (add zlib to the input)?
<civodul>mroh: if we add that -L to taglib.pc and taglib-config, users of taglib won't have to worry about zlib
<efraim>i'm obviously missing something. it recompiled all the libraries it already had in the correct directory
<kabo>hi, the installation seems to freeze when I try to connect to a wifi... anyone else having this issue?
<Kimapr[m]>you mean the installer?
<kabo>yeah, the graphical installer
<Kimapr[m]>Someone else here also had this issue
<Kimapr[m]>You can try manual installation maybe
<Kimapr[m]>the manual is good
<Kimapr[m]>or you can try ethernet if you can
<mroh>civodul: ah, yes, ty! vlc builds with adding "": (string-append "set(ZLIB_LIBRARIES_FLAGS \"-L" (assoc-ref inputs "zlib") " -lz\")")
<kabo>ok, cool, I'll try the ethernet option probably
<kabo>getting late here though, will give it a go tomorrow
<kabo>cheers :)
<civodul>mroh: woohoo, well done!
<civodul>i'll happily apply the patch :-)
*civodul just learned about
<mjw>O, that is really nice.
<gunix>What should we do if the package in the guix repos is not the latest version?
<gunix>for example, vim right now is outdated
<mjw>sadly only x86_64-linux builds are supported for now
*mjw now really wants :)
<brendyyn>gunix: you can update it, test it, and send a patch in
<gunix>brendyyn: how much time does it usually take for maintainers to approve merge requests?
<brendyyn>That varies greatly
<brendyyn>If its simple and there is nothing wrong with it, within a day maybe. Vim looks like it has releases multiple times every day, maybe thats what 1500 was chosen to leave it for a while?
<brendyyn>gunix: btw you can update it automatically with `guix refresh -u vim'
<gunix>brendyyn: so if i have any packages that are out of date, `guix refresh -u vim` would get the last stable version from the git repo of that package?
<brendyyn>if you have the guix repo, it lets you update the package definition by using some rules to go and find the latest upstream release.
<efraim>I tried 1611 recently, 4 new tests needing investigation on vim-full. If you can make a working patch I can test it on armhf and aarch64
<efraim>does make-file-writable change the mtime?
<gunix>i am currently on arch but I will get a new ryzen 7 this week or the next and I am considering going for another distro. At this point, guix seems the coolest one, but I still need lots of packages (for work or fun) that are not really compliant with the gnu philosophy (like slack desktop or steam)
<gunix>if i can just version bump packages on guix that solves one of my issues (cause I am used to have the latest everything), i still need to research how to get all the stuff I like on guix
<civodul>efraim: i think so
<civodul>hi gunix!
<civodul>i hope it works well for you
<civodul>the project's channels are purely about free software though
<civodul>we won't help you here about the non-free bits, but we're happy to help you will the cooler bits :-)
<efraim>civodul: luckily I didn't go down that route, there's some absolute paths embedded from the build environment I need to change
<efraim>so for what must be my 100th time asking, Required in a .pc file means it should be propagated?
<civodul>efraim: yup! although all these propagated inputs are not great
<efraim>agreed. looks like I forgot to propagate inputs for enlightenment itself. Found a package that fails to build because it's missing wayland-protocols suddenly
<pkill9>if you look at the sway package, it puts wayland-protocols in native-inputs
<efraim>sway also doesn't have a lib output
<gunix>civodul: i totally understand why nonguix is out of the scope of this channel, however i still feel that the distro needs a bigger community repo for all the non-free stuff :-D but I guess I could also help out in this direction if I start using guix
<roptat>hi guix!
<civodul>gunix: you can discuss this with the nonguix folks though i'd recommend contributing to Guix proper and to free software as much as you can!
<roptat>I'm trying to build something, and during the build procedure, it tells me "12:22:43 System doesn't support either C.UTF-8 or en_US.UTF-8"
<roptat>I tried setting LOCPATH and GUIX_LOCPATH to <locales>/lib/locale
<civodul>roptat: en_US.UTF-8 is definitely supported in the build env since we provide glibc-utf8-locales
<civodul>at least in gnu-build-system
<civodul>(you should see a message near the top of the build log)
<roptat>that's the go-build-system, though I'm not sure at this point I really need it
<GNUtoo>Oh ok, so maybe how it works is in the build-system ?
<civodul>yeah there's a phase that does that
<civodul>plus glibc-utf8-locales as an "implicit input"
<GNUtoo>ok, nice
*GNUtoo goes look by curiosity
<roptat>yeah, I see that: using 'en_US.utf8' locale for category "LC_ALL"
<brendyyn>Has anyone setting up guix to replace pulseaudio with pipwire? would it required transforming all "pulseaudio" inputs into pipewire ones somehow recursively?
*civodul discovers pipewire
<GNUtoo>I don't understand what replacing pulseaudio with pipewire means
<roptat>ok, I found where it checks for the locales
<GNUtoo>Pipewire enables to rewire audio flow, and pulseaudio / jack are audio servers
<brendyyn>Pipewire provides a that acts like pulseaudio and apprently can allow replacing it
<GNUtoo>oh ok
<civodul>i'm a happy pulseaudio user actually
<civodul>so i guess i feel little incentive so far :-)
<roptat>it runs "locale -a" and checks if it can find C.UTF-8 or en_US.UTF-8 in there
<brendyyn>seems to be like wayland, one of these future developments of the desktop. it claims to unite pulseaudio and jack2 functionality
<roptat>running locale -a in the build environment, I only see C and POSIX :/
<GNUtoo>Jack has many more features meant for more advanced use like making music
<brendyyn>so im excited about it.
<brendyyn>civodul: thats great until you install something like hydrogen and it wants to take over ALSA and mess everything up
<GNUtoo>And so many programs started only depending on Jack, while other only support pulseaudio
<brendyyn>or ardour
<GNUtoo>So there is probably good incentive to make the two work together somehow when you use Jack
<civodul>roptat: yeah "locale -a" doesn't work with {GUIX_,}LOCPATH
<brendyyn>Pipewire implements an abstraction layer for both jack and pulseaudio
<GNUtoo>brendyyn: what does it use as backend?
<bdju>I tried manually running older icecat versions from the store and I still have the same problem of all my memory leaking until I run out and pages unable to load, so it may be related to something besides the icecat version itself
<brendyyn>what is the "backend" in this context? isnt that Pipewire its self?
<rekado>I really like jack, but one of the things I like best about it is its simplicity
<GNUtoo>brendyyn: I mean does it use the alsalib directly to talk to the kernel sound API?
<rekado>the fact that the pipewire website talks about flatpak makes me cautious
<GNUtoo>in Parabola pipewire is packaged
<brendyyn>rekado: sure but keep an open mind ;). i only read a little bit about it.
<GNUtoo>extra/pipewire 0.3.6-1.0 [installed]
<bdju>getting this error spammed a lot in the shell I launched icecat from: ###!!! [Parent][MessageChannel] Error: (msgtype=0xA10001,name=PVsync::Msg_Notify) Channel error: cannot send/recv
<rekado>what’s good, though, is that video streams get an equal footing with audio streams
<GNUtoo>ah in guix too, sorry for the noise
<rekado>that’s something that has been sorely missing
<ask6155>guys is it possible to install nonfree on guix?
<leoprikler>there are non-free channels out there, but you shan't advertise them
<GNUtoo>FSDG compliant distributions don't prevent people from installing nonfree software
<rekado>ask6155: yes, any software that has been packaged for Guix can be installed with Guix. But you won’t find non-free software in the default channels.
<civodul>rekado: yeah, that they mention Flatpak as a horizon doesn't sound great to me
<GNUtoo>But such distributions don't promote nonfree software, so if there is some it's often outside, like on other website etc
<ask6155>how hard would if be for me to independantly run a nonfree channel for guix... As in I suppose I'd have to package all the packages or something? (I'm new to Guix)
<rekado>brendyyn: open mind and all that doesn’t prevent me from smelling complexity.
<rekado>ask6155: the manual explains how to operate a channel
<brendyyn>ask6155: its just a git repo. there are many around the net and github
<ask6155>okay thanks!
<roptat>civodul, so what should I do, is there a way to make it work?
<GNUtoo>oh interesting
<civodul>roptat: dunno, but i'd suggest skipping that test somehow in your package :-)
<rekado>ask6155: it consists of two independent parts: the package definitions and binaries built from them (called “substitutes”)
*GNUtoo should probably convert his out of tree packages in a channel
<civodul>GNUtoo: definitely!
<civodul>i think it was with roptat and others that we contemplated the idea of having a "registry" of channels that provide free software packages
*GNUtoo didn't send the packages for inclusions are they are only meant for testing the compilation of some specific software for QA
<civodul>we actually spent a lot of time discussing the name, but i'm not even sure what the outcome was :-)
<GNUtoo>But a channel would be easier for people to run these tests too if they want
<ask6155>so substitutes is like a cache server right? how big does it get?
<civodul>GNUtoo: if it has other users out there, perhaps it's useful to submit them
<civodul>but yeah, a channel is convenient
<civodul>hey andreas-e!
<civodul>ask6155: depends on what you build/serve
<civodul>it's up to you as the admin
<roptat>yeah, nothing concrete was done after this discussion
<GNUtoo>Well, I've libsamsung-ril that doesn't even run as it lacks some dependencies, but for libsamsung-ipc I could do that, the issue is that I don't know the Guix policy on stability
<GNUtoo>Do I need to make a new release for libsamsung-ipc? or would a given master work fine
<civodul>GNUtoo: we package releases, unless there's a good reason to take a snapshot
<GNUtoo>The release is old and I'm too lazy to do a new one right now (but I might do one after some more testing and/or patches are merged)
<brendyyn>Well there exists a real issue with GNU/Linux. When someone installs a distribution, they can use pulseaudio to setup basic microphone and speaker stuff, maybe having to mess with the many frustrations that occur. But if they want some low latency application like for fast pace gaming or audio work, they will have to start using the command line, editing configs and shutting down pulse to run jack or
<brendyyn>some hybrid monster. If pipewire has the potential make this stuff Just Work then that is a great development. Otherwise, how many more decades will it be it be before someone fixes this?
<GNUtoo>Just having Jack + Pulseaudio API working together is already a great advantage
<GNUtoo>You can just install software like sonic pi for playing with it without huge configs
<rekado>the tragedy of Linux audio is that the heap of legacy code is growing with every new API
<rekado>I just read the pipewire FAQ and I hope that JACK will remain an option for audio work.
<roptat>I managed to skip that test, now it complains I have only 8GB of RAM, but it wants 16 T.T
*GNUtoo still has to try the audio software written with scheme/guile
<civodul>what's funny is that the ALSA lib can talk to PA, and the PA lib can talk to ALSA of course
<civodul>so it seems like everyone is trying to build the one true API that rules them all
<rekado>GNUtoo: which are there? There used to be Beast, but it seems to have abandoned Scheme.
<brendyyn>civodul: What should we be bullish on then?
<leoprikler>I don't think garbage collection is a good idea in performance-critical environments (such as audio processing)
<GNUtoo>I don't remember the name, I'll look
<GNUtoo>it's on guile website
<brendyyn>leoprikler: what are you refering to?
*GNUtoo didn't try it yet
<GNUtoo>And I think it's in guix too
<GNUtoo>and here it depends on Jack if I remember well
<brendyyn>oh that
<GNUtoo>I started with sonic-pi on Parabola but I don't have a good workflow with it (I didn't find how to use a text editor and the command line)
<GNUtoo>So I'm looking for alternatives
<GNUtoo>The supercollider documentation was also too complex for me as I cound't just run an example to try and then step by step learn more
*GNUtoo hopes that zrythm can be "automated" through scheme
<alextee[m]>GNUtoo: what exactly do you expect when you say automated?
<GNUtoo>Write a music with a programming language
<GNUtoo>like sonic-pi
<GNUtoo>*write music
<brendyyn>zrythm looks beautiful
<alextee[m]>GNUtoo: ah that's a bit out of scope.. the scheme integration is not for live music coding, it's more for managing objects in the editor programmatically (like creating melodies)
<GNUtoo>oh ok
*GNUtoo was more thinking of non-live coding but coding
<GNUtoo>where you run make and it produces the music for instance
<alextee[m]>oh that's kinda doable then
<alextee[m]>like specify an algorithm for generating midi notes, then make it start playback to play them
<GNUtoo>indeed, potentially with random inside
<alextee[m]>i'll add a task in the tracker to add the missing API for that
<GNUtoo>The idea is to create ambient melody with some random placement of the notes inside like (rand % something)
<GNUtoo>This way the melody is the same but time is stretched / expanded along the way
<GNUtoo>and superimpose various melody like that
<GNUtoo>With sonic-pi just tweaking some basic examples a bit and running them in parallel can do that
<alextee[m]>that's probably doable even now, you can create midi notes and specify their position (time) and pitch. but API needs a bit of polishing and examples
<brendyyn>doesnt look like there is any meantion of how to setup jack in the manual
<alextee[m]>brendyyn: guix or zrythm?
<brendyyn>alextee[m]: jack on guix, for example for use with zrythm
<alextee[m]>GNUtoo: current guile API is here:
<alextee[m]>brendyyn: i wrote a guide here a while back:
<alextee[m]>i think there's a page in the guix manual about these things too
<brendyyn>i searched "jack" and didnt find any result
<alextee[m]>i use jack only, without pulse audio. works with mpv and other audio s oftware, doesn't work with browsers though
<alextee[m]>i usually play youtube videos with mpv anyway so not a problem
<brendyyn>you dont play audio from browsers at all then?
<alextee[m]>brendyyn: you can pass the URL to the audio/video to mpv and it can play it through jack
<brendyyn>you can, but thats just a bit of a joke
<alextee[m]>well, just route PA to jack then
<alextee[m]>let me find it in the manual
<brendyyn>actually i do use that though. I have the binding Alt+m set to launch mpv `wl-paste`
<brendyyn>PA to jack, or jack to PA?
<alextee[m]>PA to jack. dont see why you'd route jack to PA
<alextee[m]>i always have the jack server running (with qjackctl autostarted on startup)
<brendyyn>thats how i interpret the blog post "ALSA -> Pulse audio -> JACK"
<GNUtoo>alextee[m]: thanks
<brendyyn>i guess the flow of playback is the other direction to the arrows
<alextee[m]>there's some info in 8.8.8 Sound Services
<brendyyn>oh wow im tired. i was in the guile manual, not guix
<brendyyn>i took my melatonin an hour ago, so im starting to phase out of reality here. but ill have a look at this stuff tomorrow thanks
<brendyyn>alextee[m]: are you familiar with pipewire?
<alextee[m]>brendyyn: haven't tried it yet but looks promising
<apteryx>brendyyn: I think I've added an index for 'jack' in the info manual (i jack RET)
<civodul>ooooh, "perf timechart" is wonderful
<bdju>I tried to install a plugin in profanity (xmpp client) earlier and it said my build doesn't support python plugins. any chance someone could enable that in the package?
<apteryx>civodul: what's that?
<civodul>apteryx: it's part of the "perf" profiling tool; it grabs and displays a timechart of all the processes running while the given command is running
<civodul>perfect for multi-process profiling
<civodul>like daemon/client
<civodul>it makes my day anyway :-)
<raghavgururajan>bdju: What was the exact error message? Also, was the plugin related to encryption?
***j is now known as jess
<bdju>raghavgururajan: well, I do `/plugins python_version` and get back "09:27:40 - This build does not support python plugins."
<bdju>oh, and the original error was this "07:13:31 - Failed to install plugin: Python plugins support is disabled."
<bdju>not related to encryption
<bdju>but now if I try to install again I see this "09:29:50 - Failed to install plugin: File exists" so maybe I have it now. not sure.
<bdju>no, says no plugins are installed. not sure why the error changed then
<raghavgururajan>bdju: I see.
<raghavgururajan>bdju: I will try to modify the pack-def, but no promise though.
<bdju>raghavgururajan: thank you :)
<gunix>how many GBs of memory do you need to compile with 24 threads (ryzen 3900x)? is 64 enough?
<raghavgururajan>bdju: I am planning to package poezio (, as well. Just in case I am unsuccessful with profanity, you can try to use poezio.
<apteryx>gunix: I think it should be fine
<apteryx>I have access to a 3900X machine with 32 GiB of RAM, and I've yet to max it out.
<gunix>apteryx: how many cores do you use to copile? i guess guix has some -j13 like gentoo
<apteryx>I leave it to choose, it uses the maximum number of available cores by default IIRC.
<apteryx>It seems to be derived from Guile's current-processor-count
<apteryx>as defined in (ice-9 threads)
<apteryx>It can be either an execution core (physical core) or a thread execution unit inside a core (for hyper-threaded CPUs). So I reckon it's using 24 for the AMD 3900X CPU.
<civodul>see also the manual for --cores and --max-jobs
<civodul>"Pre-commit is a multi-language package manager for pre-commit hooks." uh
*civodul .oO should we write a package manager for pre-push hooks?
<raghavgururajan>sneek, later tell ryanprior: I have just built ungoogled-chromium (84.0.4147.125-0.57244cd), as of a1a39ed5a46044161a71cbe6931c7e3006a82ecb, on Bayfront. You can get the substitute from there. :-)
<sneek>Got it.
<str1ngs>apteryx: on my 3900X I use 16GB of RAM which is kinda low lol
<str1ngs>apteryx: when I build webkitgtk usually I need to do --cores=12
<nojr>Hello, how do I start the docker daemon with the one installed through guix?
<nojr>I;m on a foreign distro
<apteryx>nojr: that's not supported. You'd have to hack your system's own service to achive so.
<apteryx>not impossible, but the rule of thumb is: on foreign distros, use the distro provided services.
<nojr>apteryx: thanks, I did not know that rule of thumb
<apteryx>you're welcome!
<terremoth>hello PotentialUser-80
<PotentialUser-80>After `guix pull --commit=a1a39ed`, I am unable to perform `guix package` and `guix system` operations.
<PotentialUser-80>I get "guix system: error: getting status of /gnu/store/.links/1xn5whxm11yfxw2m173wghrcb801c30rnpglkp3izckxxl2v4ii6: Input/output error"
<PotentialUser-80>All jobs after 'a1a39ed' in, stuck at "In progress ...". So I had to use a1a39ed.
<mbakke>PotentialUser-80: do you see any errors in the output of 'sudo dmesg | tail'?
<PotentialUser-80>mbakke: After `guix pull --roll-back` (back to, `guix package` and `guix system` operations work fine now.
<PotentialUser-80>* back to dad963a4393ea51409baa63817b26b449ed58338
<PotentialUser-80>So some where between dad963a and a1a39ed, something broke?
<vits-n-guix>Hello Guix! An friend of mine get "permission denied" trying to exit Emacs. What we gonna do?
<mbakke>PotentialUser-80: oh, great that rollback worked. I have no idea what is wrong with the new revision, can you file a bug report?
<PotentialUser-80>mbakke: Shit no! After roll-back, `guix system reconfigure` worked. But `guix install foo` gives same error.
<str1ngs>hello, how can I get the out from within substitute-keyword-arguments ?
<str1ngs>err output
*PotentialUser-80 will back after restart
<apteryx>I think there's a magic %outputs association list binding in the scope of evaluating arguments, if this is where you are using it.
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<apteryx>nckx: eh?
<apteryx>raghavgururajan[: seems you were using an IP that was banned :-/
<raghavgururajan[>apteryx: Yeah, it was snopyta. I thought nckx lifted the ban. Yo nckx!
<rekado>I’d like to treat PA as a regular old JACK client.
<rekado>and use JACK for everything else
<raghavgururajan[>mbakke: I was me, PotentialUser-80
<rekado>this business with PA by default and using pasuspender is annoying
<raghavgururajan[>guix system: error: getting status of /gnu/store/.links/1xn5whxm11yfxw2m173wghrcb801c30rnpglkp3izckxxl2v4ii6: Input/output error
<raghavgururajan[>I am still getting the error.
<rekado>raghavgururajan[: that sounds like a disk / file system error
<rekado>did you run fsck?
<rekado>I/O errors are at a lower level than Guix
<pkill9>apparently pipewire works now, that lets you also use each application as a source for jack
<pkill9>well, as a source like if it were in jack
<pkill9>but in pipewire
*raghavgururajan[ will be back as RG
<pkill9>and it's supposed to be ABI compatible with jack and pulseaudio
<RG[web]>rekado: What should I run, just `fsck`?
<RG[web]>All I get is "fsck from util-linux 2.35.1" as output for `fsck` or `fsck -A`
<rekado>I’m actually pretty happy with just jack. Is there a pulseaudio extension that allows me to treat it as a Jack client?
<rekado>I know that I can route PA streams through Jack, but that has its own downsides AIUI
<rekado>I wonder if Guix already sets up all sound things according to
<mbakke>RG[web]: the btrfs warning from dmesg suggests you might have corrupt data on your file system, try running 'sudo guix gc --verify=contents,repair'
<RG[web]>mbakke: Let me try.
<RG[web]>the command is running but I see "error: reading from file: Input/output error" repeatedly.
<RG[web]>Does it mean, it is repairing?
*RG[web] is having self-doubt that he shouldn't have migrated to btrfs from ext4.
<vits-n-guix>RG[web]: Same there, but probably that ol' drive of mine was off-line for just too long.
<vits-n-guix>Anyway, backups.
<RG[web]>sneek, later tell nckx: Yo! Could you lift the ban of
<sneek>Got it.
<RG[web]>vits-n-guix: You mean you had problems with btrfs too?
<RG[web]>mbakke: Sorry to bother you too much. After 5 lines, all I see is "error: reading from file: Input/output error" repeatedly. Does this indicate anything about the running command?
<mbakke>RG[web]: sounds bad, probably best to cancel it
<RG[web]>Oh :(
<mbakke>RG[web]: can you try running 'sudo btrfs scrub start /dev/dm-0'?
<RG[web]>mbakke: scrub started on /dev/dm-0, fsid 58f060cc-6823-4f0d-9f8b-9c3e5f8d1896 (pid=1436)
<RG[web]>Shit, a progress bar would have been nice.
<vits-n-guix>RG[web]: IDK, maybe it was a bit-rot.
<RG[web]>Oh there is btrfs scrub status command.
<RG[web]>vits-n-guix: pardon?
<vits-n-guix>RG[web]: the disk was disconnected from elecricity for much time. Probably it caused some corruption.
<RG[web]>vits-n-guix: Oh it was a HDD?
<vits-n-guix>Yeah %]
<vits-n-guix>And it is a HDD, btw.
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<RG[web]>mbakke: The command finished with "ERROR: there are uncorrectable errors"
<RG[web]>mbakke: Do I need to wipe the disk and reinstall guix?
<mbakke>RG[web]: does it say which or how many files are affected?
<RG[web]>Doesn't show any other output
<RG[web]>`sudo btrfs scrub status /dev/dm-0` gives me:
<RG[web]>Error summary: csum=1
<RG[web]> Corrected: 0
<RG[web]> Uncorrectable: 1
<RG[web]> Unverified: 0
<mbakke>RG[web]: what about 'sudo dmesg'?
<RG[web]>mbakke: you mean `sudo dmesg | tails` or just `sudo dmesg`?
<RG[web]>mbakke: `sudo dmesg | tail` gives me
<mbakke>RG[web]: I don't know what is wrong, but I would backup the drive and reinstall, possibly with a different hard drive :-/
<RG[web]>mbakke: Hmm :( Okay. Btw, how do I figure out it is a file-system issue or disk issue?
<apteryx>RG[web]: I can recommend the folks in #btrfs too. They may be able to confirm to you whether these error suggests a disk problem.
<RG[web]>apteryx: That would be great. Let me join #btrfs and ping you there.
*RG[web] --> raghavgururajan
<gunix>if you compiled the binaries on one system, can you deploy them to another?
<raghavgururajan>`guix deploy`
<apteryx>raghavgururajan: Zygo is always helpful! Seems you need a new drive. Did you understand the -mdup trick to? Btrfs allows keeping multiple copies of the metadata, even for single, non-RAID drives. This is the default though, so in your case it seems it wasn't enough to self-heal the failing drive.
<raghavgururajan>apteryx: Yeah :-)
<bavier[m]1>gunix: that is what happens when "substitutes" are used, or with 'guix archive', 'guix pack', etc
<gunix>bavier[m]1: archive and pack don't seem comfortable as you need to transfer stuff from one device to another. Substitute looks cool, however i can't find the tutorial on how to create a substitute server
<gunix>for the case where I compile everything on the desktop and upgrade the laptop after that
<janneke>gunix: if on the desktop, you include the guix-publish service, the laptop can use the desktop as a substitute server
<gunix>janneke: found it. Thank you. This looks good.
<msavoritias[m]2>I have a strange bug in icecat. Glyphs from the font seem to be missing at random places
<msavoritias[m]2>Like the numbers in about version that opens a separate window
<msavoritias[m]2>Or the letters in the size of the font in settings
<msavoritias[m]2>Could this be me using sway or removing the GNOME desktop services from my config?
<msavoritias[m]2>It happened after I did these things
<msavoritias[m]2>Also it is icecat specific it seems
<msavoritias[m]2>The terminal and qutebrowser don't have this problem
<msavoritias[m]2>Or evince
<rekado>hmm, the crate importer is useful, but it generates references to variables that don’t exist.
<rekado>many rust package variables are versioned and the importer only generates unversioned references
<w96k>Hello, I have a question about offloading builds
<w96k>Manual says about /etc/guix/machines.scm file which has defenitions for machines to offload guix builds
<w96k>But this directory is read-only (as expected). And I don't have this file at all. Is it going to appear after I apply my own offload script somewhere in home directory?
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<leoprikler>w96k: you have to manually create that file
<leoprikler>you could instantiate it through guix with etc-service-type
<w96k>Thanks, leoprikler, haven't used this service yet
<leoprikler>I'm not sure if there is a cookbook entry for it, but it is used throughout the Guix codebase