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<str1ngs>joshuaBPMan: you should get an emails from lets encrypt as well.
<str1ngs>if you registered.
<joshuaBPMan>str1ngs I didn't know that was an option...I will have to do that.
<joshuaBPMan>dissoc3 I think the build is kept by default. I have a custom package. I install it like so, "guix build jmacs && guix install jmacs". That works just fine."
*NieDzejkob is going to try packaging rust 1.46
<joshuaBPMan>NieDzejkob good luck!
<bdju> (screenshot) icecat still busted, maxes my cpu and leaks my memory until there's none left or something kills it :/
<bdju>I even hit "start new session" when it asked me
<joshuaBPMan>bdju Have you tried using the flatpak firefox? I find that works a little better.
<jgart[m]><joshuaBPMan "bdju Have you tried using the f"> Does anybody know if nix is currently working in guix? Last time I tried I ran into issues using it. Nix might be a way to get firefox with guix via nix if you absolutely have to. I guess you can always install nix manually without guix's help to setup the nix daemon, build users, etc... (nix-service-type).
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<joshuaBPMan>jgart[m] THere is the nix service type. That's what I use.
<joshuaBPMan>I'm using firefox 74.
<vits-test>vagrantc: Hello. Is there any SBCs that use intel_pstate? If no, maybe schedutil/ondemand should be a default governor in linux-libre-arm*?
<dissoc3>is there a reason why a gradle package doesnt exist?
<dissoc3>if i remember correctly it uses itself to compile itself
<joshuaBPMan>dissoc3 that's why. :)
<joshuaBPMan>If it uses itself to compile itself, then it's HARD to build it from source.
<joshuaBPMan>IF you can't build it from source, then it's not really free software.
<joshuaBPMan>in the spirit of free software.
<nly>beep boop
<joshuaBPMan>nly: cherio
<nly>hello joshuaBPMan
<nly>are you on a newer guix than me?
<nly>Generation 33 Aug 20 2020 18:54:42 (current)
<joshuaBPMan>nly I've been using guix for....2 years maybe? Still learning a lot. If you want to learn how to contribute documentation let me know. :)
<vits-test>Hello nly.
*vits-test --> new /home
<nly>can you run "guix weather --manifest=manifest.scm" on this file
<nly>vits-test safe journey
<nly>sneek: later tell vits-test bon voyage
<sneek>Got it.
<nly>joshuaBPMan: ^
<joshuaBPMan>nly I've never thought about doing that! Smart! And no I can't at the moment. I'm @ work. Also I'm on a windows machine right now. :(
<nly>joshuaBPMan: now that you mention docs, i was wondering where the documentation is kept for other languages
<nly>it's not checked into git i think
<nly>i was looking at I think
<joshuaBPMan>nly That's a really good question. I'm not sure where the translated manuals are....
<joshuaBPMan>there you go. Shouldn't info detect your language and display it in your language?
<nly>no you're thinking something else, i mean in the git checkout or source code not info manual
<joshuaBPMan>I know. But that's the point of programs. IT should be able to detect your language.
<nly>Detect what language?
<nly>info guix -> eng
<nly>info -> russki
<nly>no problemo, senor
<joshuaBPMan>detect your language. Like, if you speak spanish, and you set some variable, it'll run the program in your language. but fari enough
<vagrantc>sneek: later tell vits-test don't know of arm boards that use intel_pstate, but the defaults for linux-libre-arm* should probably come from upstream, other than guix-specific needs
<sneek>Will do.
<vits-test>vagrantc: Thanks, but i didn't (aside Gentoo) remember "performance" being a default.
<sneek>vits-test, you have 2 messages!
<sneek>vits-test, nly says: bon voyage
<sneek>vits-test, vagrantc says: don't know of arm boards that use intel_pstate, but the defaults for linux-libre-arm* should probably come from upstream, other than guix-specific needs
<vits-test>sneek: botsnack
<vits-test>sneek: more botsnack
<nly>that was quick
<vagrantc>vits-test: ah, you joined while i was writing :)
<vits-test>nly: Ага. There is немного в ex /home was.
<vagrantc>vits-test: arm-generic uses arch/arm/configs/multi_v7_defconfig and arm64-generic uses arch/arm64/configs/defconfig
<vagrantc>vits-test: i've tweaked a few small values that i should probably push upstream
<vits-test>vagrantc: Thank You.
<nly>vagrantc: vits-test wants to say спасибо
<vagrantc>i added CONFIG_RTC_DRV_RK808 (which should arguably go upstream), and some things to %default-extra-linux-options (which are arguably guix-specific or at least not necessarily appropriate to arm* at large)
<vagrantc>i think there's also probably an IMX_RTC that should be added upstream
<vagrantc>or RTC_DRV_MXC...
<vagrantc>some of the CGROUP and user namespace was needed for guix daemon, and a few things needed by elogind
<vagrantc>guess the cgroup stuff is elogind
<vagrantc>at least, that's my rationale and thinking :)
<vagrantc>and if we ever get riscv64 off the ground, it'll already have those :)
<vagrantc>heh. 107 files in arch/arm/configs/*_defconfig ... and precisely one in arch/arm64/configs/defconfig :)
<bdju>sneek: later tell joshuaBPMan I have not tried flatpak firefox, but I am against flatpak and the icecat issue is recent. thanks anyway
<str1ngs>vagrantc: hello, when you say upstream you mean linux-libre?
<vagrantc>str1ngs: in this case, linux-libre doesn't modify those files as far as i'm aware
<vagrantc>str1ngs: so i mean all the way upstream
<vagrantc>linux-libre just removes blobs (and in some cases Kconfig... maybe?)
<drakonis>the upstream version removes blobs and the ability to load them
<drakonis>its kind of a bad bad time
<vagrantc>drakonis: ah, yes, the ability to load them is significant
<str1ngs>vagrantc: ah mainline. yes not enough distro's do this.
<drakonis>vagrantc: i mean, i wouldn't run guix on a vps if it makes for a pretty excellent entry point for attackers
<drakonis>libre-linux is unsafe
<str1ngs>how is it unsafe?
<drakonis>oh i dont know, not being able to plug the holes with firmware mitigations
<drakonis>having a pretty nice way to escape the vm with guix inside a vps seems like a bad idea
<drakonis>freedom zero for the intruders
<str1ngs>that's awfully vague, can you give a example of "hole"
<drakonis>the cornucopia of sidechannel attacks
<drakonis>because these wont stop coming every few months
<vagrantc>spectre/meltdown and company
<vagrantc>though the workaround is to patch from the bootloader
<peanutbutterandc>Hey guix
<peanutbutterandc>I have a question: what email client do most of guix contributors use?
<raghavgururajan>peanutbutterandc: I use Icedove as primary and claws-mail as secondary.
<vits-test>peanutbutterandc: <semi-fat>gnus, in Emacs.</semi-fat>
<vits-test><fat>via tor</fat>
<vits-test>str1ngs: Hello.
<str1ngs>vits-test: hello, I got my rockpro64 running pretty smoothly. since I hooked up the serial
<vits-test>str1ngs: I hope You get a longer wires than those sold by pine64?
<str1ngs>turns out it does not the external usb-c nvme drive. so it won't boot of that.
<str1ngs>so I'll to use the nvme pcie ard.
<str1ngs>I bought my serial usb somewhere else. but the wires are short.
<str1ngs>also the rock pro won't boot if you have the serial RTX connected lol
<str1ngs>you have to connect it after it boots. so you can't have serial login
<vits-test>str1ngs: i read about that, but didn't had it. Ahma special, seems.
<str1ngs>oh really?
<vits-test>Yes, booted with all three connected.
<str1ngs>(kernel-arguments (cons* "console=tty1"
<str1ngs> "console=ttyS2,1500000" %default-kernel-arguments))
<str1ngs>what I use for serial
<vits-test>str1ngs: Maybe You need to press reset once in "not boot"?
<vits-test>str1ngs: actually, i just `(kernel-arguments '("console=ttyS2,1500000"))`
<vits-test>As seen in mail-list
<str1ngs>I look at it another time. strictly speaking I only need the serial output
<str1ngs>tty1 is needed if you want console output on a tty it's optional
<vits-test>str1ngs: If the wires were longer, there is a few holes in the box.. Just like for the serial cable ;)
<str1ngs>I don't have video with kernel 5.8.4
<vits-test>str1ngs: But You given me a substitute for 5.8.6?
<str1ngs>err I meant 5.8.6
<vits-test>Hm. I wonder if this because the monitor is too big (for current drivers/whatsnot state).
<str1ngs>also still need to figure out ntp. it fails with kernel reports TIME_ERROR: 0x41: Clock Unsynchronized
<vits-test>str1ngs: 'allow-large-adjustments'? explicitly?
<str1ngs>even with that set and using another pool
<vits-test>Honestly i just reached the 'file-systems' in Manual.. Didn't get to ntp yet.
<str1ngs>I hear ya
<peanutbutterandc>raghavgururajan, Hmmm.... I see. Thanks!
<peanutbutterandc>vits-test, Hmmmm... I think I'll have to go for something more user friendly for now
<vits-test>peanutbutterandc: systemd-maild? It's shame, but Guix currently lacks it.
*vits-test systemctl send mail ... ahh, memories!
<str1ngs>only thing I miss from systemd is journalctrl
<vits-test>str1ngs: systemctl status with snippets from journald?
<vits-test>Or (not remember well) systemctl boot --once.. or alike. To boot to some GRUB entry, but once. Then use what was default.
<vits-test>I want it to U-boot. It seem to ignore my keyboards :(
<str1ngs>vits-test: you see the u-boot menu without a serial?
<efraim>does anyone know offhand how to use local-file to grab a whole directory except for the .git dir?
<vits-test>str1ngs: Yes, on my monitor (but i can't choose anything, as it not listent to my keyboard)
<str1ngs>vits-test: not sure, you can use serial though.
<vits-test>str1ngs: Yes :)
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<vits-test>d.nnr ekrpat S)
<vits-test>goodbay dvorak
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<mroh>Hey civodul!
<mothacehe>hey civodul!
<civodul>mothacehe: interesting changes in Cuirass!
<civodul>the /metrics thing
<civodul>that should quickly prove very useful
<mothacehe>Thank you! I'm still hesitating on the appropriate backend from metrics display.
<civodul>like Prometheus & co.?
<civodul>i wonder if it would make sense to extend/improve what 'guix weather' displays too
<mothacehe>yes, or `guix weather` as you suggested
<civodul>might be easier
<mothacehe>yes but it has to be done in a way that does not overload sqlite
<mothacehe>unlink the /api/queue?nr=1000 thing
<efraim>Is a read-only mirror a thing? Seems like it wouldn't be terrible if the queried data were a bit behind
<efraim>I tried to change the default Shepherd logging dir to .cache/shepherd but now tests/ is hanging when I test build
<civodul>mothacehe: indeed!
<civodul>anyone knows if is a generated tarball?
<civodul> actually
<iyzsong-w>civodul: seem likely to me, and i think we should download it from
<civodul>iyzsong-w: indeed, thanks!
<brendyyn>I'm far too dumb to use email properly :(
<civodul>hey brendyyn, don't worry, email is somewhat terrible
<brendyyn>civodul: Did you know we have a patch in master with 1970 as the date. I tried using git-stats to look at the projects growth and it messed up allthe graphs.
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<civodul>brendyyn: i didn't know but it's... interesting
<civodul>maybe vagrantc personally honors SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH? :-)
<raghavgururajan>1970. Hmm.. Did Dennis Ritchie and/or Ken Thomson, secretly worked on Guix? 😲
*raghavgururajan thinks they must have worked on a project called G-language
<brendyyn>I have git/make/guile question. Suppose I build guix from source with `make -j', when running make again, it doesn't rebuild anything, which is good. However if i checkout a different branch like core-updates momentarily, and then switch back to master, suddenly running make -j results in reconfiguring and rebuilding almost everything, despite the fact that nothing has changed. Is there a way to make
<brendyyn>it not do that, or a better way of working on multiple branches without all this needless rebuilding?
<mothacehe>brendyyn: you can use `make -t` that will reset all timestamps and avoid any rebuild. You can also use to work on different branches.
<brendyyn>thanks i figured there would be a simple option
<vits-test>Can i `(when (not (eq? %base-services-snapshot %base-services)) (exit 1))` and this way i'll not miss updates to %base-services (config.scm)?
<vits-test>Is that ok to use exit() in config.scm?
<str1ngs>vits-test: use unless
<str1ngs>are this lists?
<alextee[m]>what package is "-lbz2" in ?
<vits-test>str1ngs: Thanks, the %base-services is a list.
<alextee[m]>i tried lbzip2 and bzip2
<str1ngs>vits-test: I just checked it's a list of services
<str1ngs>vits-test: what is snapshot?
<str1ngs>alfplayer[m]: bzip2
<mroh>alextee[m]: libbz2 is in the bzip2 pkg: `tree $(guix build bzip2)|grep libbz2`
<vits-test>str1ngs: I just copied the definition of %base-services, and renamed to "snapshot". I wan't to compare them each time the system config builds, to not miss the updates.
<vits-test>So i can directly specify the desired services instead of using modify-services().
<vits-test>Until today if used diff :(
<alextee[m]>mroh: hmm i installed that but meson can't find -lbz2: ERROR: C library 'bz2' not found
<brendyyn>vits-test: Sure you can do that I think, but you should use equal? instead of eq? I think.
<vits-test>brendyyn: Thanks (reading).
<alextee[m]>oh the static output worked! mroh:
<brendyyn>i suspected it would be the static one ;<
*vits-test .. "do not use with circular lists".. HA! I'll use a square brackets, of course!
<brendyyn>i dont know if anyone makes those outside of SICP exercises
<alloy>Hey there! Does someboy know if it is possible to use channels that pull from an authenticated git repo through ssh? I tried to get it working, but when I'm using a name from my .ssh/config it would not reloved and when I entered the address manually it would complain about the @ in the name after fetching. Thanks in advance!
<vits-test>alloy: Hello. "reloved"? sounds dangerous %)
<alloy>sorry, I meant resolve :D
<rndd>hi everyone! how i can add build system into environment?
<vits-test>rndd: Maybe i misunderstud, but if You do `guix environment PACKAGE`, You'll get a "build-environment" of that package.
<rndd>vits-test: sure, i do same. is it the only way?
<rndd>anyway, thanks for the reply
<terpri>rndd, or, by my understanding, you may want something like guix environment --ad-hoc gcc-toolchain automake, etc., extending the list as you run into build failures, and then use the --ad-hoc list as the basis for a package definition
<terpri>(manifests are the more declarative way to do this with guix environment -m, e.g. for a simple, though slightly messy example)
<rndd>terpri: 1) the problem is that i dont understand the proper way to use build tools manually if i want to tinker some sources. 2) also, what is the difference between inputs and native-inputs?
<terpri>native-inputs are for build-time dependencies, inputs are for runtime dependencies, roughly
<terpri>plain 'guix environment' is probably what you want if you're tinkering with an existing package
<rndd>terpri: thank you very much
<terpri>(as it will give you an environment with the build-inputs, maybe add --pure if you're user profile is cluttered like mine)
*terpri -> zzz but there will likely be folks with better suggestions around later
<terpri>np rndd
*raghavgururajan looks for nckx's soul
<raghavgururajan>How do I pass number of cores to use, in script? Like ./[..] -c 1 ?
<nckx>raghavgururajan: You know damn well I don't have one. ‘-smp cores=1’, though.
<nckx> wrap Qemu, so use any Qemu arguments you need.
<raghavgururajan>nckx: Hahah! So you are daemon? (soulless).
<raghavgururajan>*daemon* ;-)
*nckx enigmatically runs silently in the background.
<davidl>Is it possible to apply manifests to different users directly in an OS configuration?
*raghavgururajan does `pkill nckx`
*nckx is now a zombie. Happy?
<nckx>davidl: Everything's possible with Turing-complete configuration files, but I'm not aware of any built-in facilities for that.
<nckx>IMO the Guix way is to give users complete freedom in what they install, and not to mess with it from the admin side.
<efraim>it seems that libgit2 and therefore guile-git doesn't expose 'git gc'
<efraim>I have 1 manifest that installs different files on different machines
<nckx>On reconfigure?
<efraim>no, on 'guix package -m Guix_manifest.scm'
<efraim>I have to remember not to use it when i'm connected through ssh
<vits-test>efraim: like pseudocode: (when (env $SSH) (display "You're in SSH") (exit 1)) to manifest?
<vits-test>from Guix's bashrc: [[ -n "$SSH_CLIENT" ]] && source /etc/profile
<efraim>Maybe I could check if a package from my GUI list is available and override
<efraim>The rest of the time ssh is normal though
<vits-test>nckx: hiiiii! (* <b>nckx not this again. holy duct tape, erect it away!</b>) :)
*nckx mumbles ‘...but IRC has mark-up...’
<nckx>Hullo vits-test.
<nckx>vits-test: Whence the -test? Please go back to advertising -guix for free thx.
<vits-test>nckx: I just forget almost everything. I need to set-up gpg (authinfo.gpg), and copy some password over, from that laptop.
<vits-test> /whois vits-test
<efraim>gpg --export-secret-keys | ssh other-machine gpg --import
<vits-test>efraim: i need to set-up ssh %)
<vits-test>btw, i recently used ping to this box, from mobile, via home wifi-router
<vits-test>But it'll wait.
*vits-test switches to man gpg from info guix.
<nckx>vits-test: You could say it's for privacy if it wasn't preceded by your IP address. Hope it's nice & cool in Siberia.
<vits-test>nckx: ssh? IDK, honestly.
<vits-test>About weather, it's cool. Though jacket rather needed on the street.
<civodul>grr locales locales locales
<vits-test>Was passierte?
<civodul>i once again witnessed newcomers fighting with locales
<civodul>so i'm angry!
<nckx>And the locales usually win :-/
<nckx>After a reconfiguration my guix-daemon won't start. Runs fine from a terminal. Where would that be logged?
<civodul>/var/log/messages hopefully
<civodul>ah hmm
<nckx>Let me double-double-check 🙂
<civodul>then of course you can try "sudo strace -p 1 -f -o log" and "sudo herd restart guix-daemon"...
<civodul>(with care!)
<nckx>Oh, ‘of course’.
<nckx>No, nothing in /v/l/m or tty12.
<nckx>civodul: For what, exactly, should I be careful? Will this slow down PID 1? Timeouts? Explosions?
<nckx>Oh, 8ce6f4dc287 is to ‘blame’.
<nckx>(‘Run the installation inside a container’ -- misleading commit message if true.)
<nckx>I need to add more bells and/or whistles to my kernel. OK. Thanks, civodul. Although I ‘debugged’ this by running strings on a .go file and grepping for ‘--’. Not great! Hope it's just me being stupid and there's a better way (there were no command-line options in the strace output).
<nckx>That commit is not to blame. Weird. Not sure what changed. Anyway, my fight with USER_NS is at an end. It's now enabled.
<vits-test>Is `pwgen` a thing? Or i miss something..
<brendyyn>guix show pwgen
*nckx was expecting correct horse battery staples but Mushi9be3Eek7oethao3peiquohvu4 it is.
<vits-test>nckx: IDK about crypto-thing. Though as i don't have that important things, maybe i need to use xkcd, then.
<vits-test>hm.. not packaged. There was some utility, though.
<mroh>civodul: I like that "-L zlib hack" for taglib!
<civodul>mroh: good! i think it's a reasonable option
<civodul>i want EMMS back anyway :-)
<mroh>yes, me too ;)
<nckx>Oh, I think they're cryptographically all right (less entropy than completely random, although it can do that too). I wouldn't actually use these for things I need to memorize but they're a good middle ground when you might need to *communicate* or remember them briefly.
<nckx>vits-test: This one? <> I'm sure there are tens, it's a fun first programme.
<vits-test>nckx: Maybe. I just remember seeing something like that.
<vits-test>Hm. Fun first programme..
<nckx>Well, maybe too basic for people already in #guix 🙂
<vits-test>rng.choice() <--- btw, there is a thing that makes choice.
<vits-test>Cool. Thanks nckx.
*vits-test inevitably will use `shuf` ^_^
*civodul sends v2 of "guix help":
<brendyyn>speaking of help, i think `guix' should return the help by default.
<civodul>"should" is a strong word :-)
<civodul>but yeah why not
<brendyyn>well its like "Hi guix how are you today?" Guix: WRONG!
<nckx>Well, it's more like me walking up to you, saying ‘Brendynn’, then just staring. But sure, might as well read out the menu.
<nckx>Or print ‘?’.
<brendyyn>Hmmm. Capitalise the start of each sentence maybe? main commands: -> Main commands:
<brendyyn>ohh the colons are gone in the latest patch. outrageous.
<civodul>brendyyn: yeah, i hoped nobody would notice ;-)
<civodul>but i also thought there couldn't be more than one colon anyway
<civodul>it's a tradeoff!
<raghavgururajan>how do I generate a password hash, for use in (password (crypt "InitialPassword!" "$6$abc"))
<civodul>raghavgururajan: the call to 'crypt' above is how you generate the password
<raghavgururajan>civodul, Oh so I pust the actual password in the config.scm and not the hash?
*raghavgururajan GPG encrypts the config.scm 😈
<vits-test>Security: 0) GRUB pass 1) LUKS pass 2) GNU/GUIX-store-pass 3) user-pass 4) deactivate tich-bomb under a table 5) open the curtains %)
<vits-test>BTW, is that "guile-pwgen": (use-modules (gcrypt random)) (random-token 63 'very-strong)
<civodul>raghavgururajan: as the manual explains, that's the *initial* password
<civodul>and you'd rather change it afterwards :-)
<efraim>I assume there's a reason why pinentry upstream doesn't use shared libraries
<nly>raghavgururajan: use shroud (password (crypt (shroud-show-entry "") "$6$abc"))
<raghavgururajan>civodul, Thanks!
<raghavgururajan>nly: I was not going to use it for main-stream anyway. Just for VM.
<nly>ah ok
<roptat>hi guix!
<mroh>Hi roptat!
<nckx>Does anyone run a Web mail on a Guix System?
<roptat>I used to run roundcube, but not anymore
<roptat>iirc, I downloaded the "full" archive and dropped it in a directory, configured nginx to use php and serve from that directory
<nckx>Thanks. RoundCube is probably the way to go...
<roptat>it's not bootstrapped or anything, but it works
<nckx>I've run RoundCube and Rainloop in the past, neither were great, both did the job. RainLoop's probably full of holes. I was looking at <> (it's *fast*) but it supports only MySQL and my mysql-service is segfaulting.
<nckx>Oh, RoundCube supports Postgres, RoundCube it is.
<roptat>so I'm considering applying for a grant from NLnet, on building Replicant on Guix. The idea is to use it to add gradle and a gradle-build-system, the android SDK, applications, Replicant itself, and possibly an interface to guix system to build a Replicant image
<roptat>this is a lot of work, but with the grant, I would be able to work on it full time, so I think I can finish it with less than a year of full-time work
<roptat>gradle and the sdk are going to be hard, but I'm pretty confident I can do it, because of my previous work on maven
<brendyyn>that is awesome!
<roptat>Replicant itself though, might be more difficult. I'm not sure how to approach it. I'd like to have package definitions to build a Replicant system, but one of the issues is that they use a different libc, bionic, and I remember ludo not being a fan of adding additional libcs to Guix :)
<brendyyn>Do you plan to make Android apps run on guix? I wouldn't mind being able to run NewPipe.
<roptat>I plan to be able to build apks from Guix, but running them on guix is not the same
<roptat>I suppose if I build Replicant though, I'll have package definitions for dalvik and the various daemons that are needed to run apps, so it might be possible
<lafrenierejm>When attempting to boot a USB with the latest stable I get "Error: Driver 'pcspkr' is already registered, aborting..."
<lafrenierejm>Is that something I'll need to build my own ISO to work around?
<roptat>I remember people reporting the same issue, and I think the fix was simply to add an option to the linux line in grub
<roptat>iirc, you don't need a new ISO, just change the grub configuration when you boot
<peanutbutterandc>Hey there
<lafrenierejm>roptat: Thanks for the tip. I was able to blacklist in grub's linux command.
<lafrenierejm>Unfortunately I'm still not able to complete the boot.
<lafrenierejm>There's another message "udevd[386]: no sender credentials received, message ignored"
<efraim>if we can build android apps on Guix then the fdroidserver package becomes more useful :)
<nckx>roptat: Installing RoundCube was so much less painful that I'd expected. Thanks for the reassurance 🙂
<roptat>glad I helped :)
<efraim>now automate it by creating an activation service which downloads and unpacks it into the right directory!
<raghavgururajan>nckx: MailPile ( 🐍
<raghavgururajan>roptat: The plain is awesome!
<roptat>thanks :)
<vits-use-guix>rain1: Hello.
<allan`>Hello, I am having an issue during the install of guix. It comes towards the end of the install, where it is applying grafts
<allan`>Here is the error I get:
<allan`>I'm not exactly sure what it means by that. I looked at the folder it was located in an didn't see any duplicates
<roptat>is this while installing the guix system or guix on a foreign distro?
<roptat>also I'll need more context, because I have no idea what packages are involved
<allan`>For context, it is the guix system, and here is the config file:
<abralek>nckx[m]: Hi, I see you improve dovecot-pigeonhole package. Thanks! But what about other patches? Did you have time to test them? Especially a symlink part.
<efraim>allan`: I didn't check but I'd assume pulseaudio is part of %desktop-services
<dissoc3>where can i find the definition or docs for native-search-paths and search-path-specification?
<apteryx>efraim: I think there's no pulseaudio services on Guix. It is started automatically by the process who needs it
<lfam>dissoc3: They are defined in 'guix/search-paths.scm':
<sneek>lfam, you have 1 message!
<sneek>lfam, vits-test says: '..iOS user who "lost" something..' except, of coure, freedom.
<lfam>vits-test: Sure, but that has nothing to do with features or technical merits
<lfam>I specifically said that the advantages of iOS have nothing to do with licensing
<lfam>There is a pulseaudio service, in (gnu services sound)
<leoprikler>You're both correct at the same time.
<leoprikler>There is a pulseaudio service, but it does not start pulseaudio.
<leoprikler>It doesn't even propagate a pulseaudio package, which might be weird
<apteryx>leoprikler: what does it do? puts a default config somewhere?
<leoprikler>that plus setting some environment variables
<leoprikler>imo we could make it so that it also propagates pulseaudio, but that might clash with other metapackages like gnome
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<apteryx>It seems rare, but at least ungoogled-chromium seems to have problems with pulseaudio on Guix: I often need to have pavucontrol to kick pulseaudio before starting chromium, else it fails to detect any microphone. Would there be a disadvantage to have the pulseaudio daemon always running as part of the service?
<leoprikler>by design, pulseaudio doesn't normally do system services and there's a lot of baggage that comes with using it as one
<apteryx>I see.
<roptat>allan`, sorry for the long silence, what's the file that guix tells you already exists?
<roptat>oh I didn't see the replies, I also agree it might be pulseaudio, because it's already in %desktop-services
<roptat>(I checked)
<roptat>(sort (map symbol->string (map service-type-name (map service-kind %desktop-services))) string<=?)
<roptat>is there something that could allow me not to use two maps like that?
<leoprikler>(compose service-type-name service-kind)
<roptat>ah yes!
<leoprikler>(compose symbol->string service-type-name service-kind)
<bavier[m]1>anyone else have trouble playing HTML5 video with our epiphany browser?
<leoprikler>what problems specifically?
<bavier[m]1>videos just don't play
<apteryx>perhaps you need to install some gstreamer plugins?
<bavier[m]1>like, nextcloud will say "error loading *.mp4" and youtube/ say "No compatible source was found for this media"
<bavier[m]1>same things will load and play fine with icecat
<leoprikler>you might want to add gst-libav (icecat uses ffmpeg according to the package)
<bavier[m]1>add to my profile? or to the epiphany package?
<lfam>I think it should be added to the package somehow. It's definitely a bug that the browser cannot play video
<bavier[m]1>ok, I'll see what I can do in the package
<leoprikler>it should not be added to the package
<leoprikler>what videos you can/can not play should match other video players like totem
<leoprikler>adding them to your profile is fine
<leoprikler>if you need it rarely you can also do single-shot environments
<vits-use-guix>bavier[m]1: btw, in webkit it may be gst-plugins-* (epiphany)
<leoprikler>IIRC base+good should be enough to play the videos at, but not any mp4
<joshuaBPMan>Hey you merry people!
<sneek>Welcome back joshuaBPMan, you have 1 message!
<sneek>joshuaBPMan, bdju says: I have not tried flatpak firefox, but I am against flatpak and the icecat issue is recent. thanks anyway
<bavier[m]1>huh, gnome-videos also will not play these *mp4 files, but mpv will. I think I would rather have things "just work", and guix seems to go the include-all-features-where-appropriate route in other places.
<leoprikler>note "where appropriate"
<bavier[m]1>but I know for things like audio/video decoders it can be difficult to cover all bases all the time
<joshuaBPMan>bavier[m]1 Are there still patents covering mp4 files?
<bavier[m]1>joshuaBPMan: I thought they expired? idk for sure.
<joshuaBPMan>bavier[m]1 They may have. Idk
<leoprikler>It seems upcoming gst-plugins-good will have mp4 support
<leoprikler>or at least isomp4 is part of gst-plugins-good
<leoprikler>okay, scratch that, the problem is not mp4, that has been good for a while
<leoprikler>it's likely H263, which is ugly
<lfam>Does anybody know which icon theme OBS uses? All the icons are missing on my Debian system when I install OBS with Guix
<davidl>I would like to add comments and a --no-gc flag to some of my guix system revisions - is that possible, or perhaps in (future) development?
<davidl>(--no-gc flag meaning this specific revision will not be garbage collected unless specifically told to be)
<leoprikler>lfam: it only seems to install its own icon to hicolor as apps normally do
<leoprikler>davidl: guix won't touch your system generations unless you delete-generations it first anyway
<lfam>What do you mean, it "installs its own icons to hicolor"?
<lfam>I have the hicolor-icon-theme in my profile
<lfam>The Debian package does show the icons
<davidl>leoprikler: sure but still, you might want to have cronjobs for --delete-generations=1m but just save specific system revisions in the same way as you would save a few specific package profiles..
<leoprikler>okay, maybe I'm missing something here
<leoprikler>how do you save package profiles from gc?
<davidl>leoprikler, tbh, I haven't really tested it, but I assumed that if you have done say guix package -p ~/guix-profiles/my-dev-env.profile, then this profile won't be gc'ed like the others, but maybe Im mistaken.
<davidl>*guix package -m my-manigest.scm -p ~/guix-profiles/dev-env.profile
<leoprikler>ah, you want to add another gc root
<davidl>leoprikler: possibly, enlighten me, please!
<leoprikler>try the -r/--root option
<leoprikler>although that only works for vm-images etc.
<leoprikler>oh, wait, it also works for `guix system build`
<leoprikler>so yeah `guix system build -r path/to/root /path/to/config.scm`
<leoprikler>lfam: from what I can see, it should use Qt icons (?)
<lfam>I wonder, are you able to try reproducing the bug for me? It should only require installing and running obs, and then looking for some "plus" and "minus" icons near the bottom
<leoprikler>`guix environment --pure --ad-hoc obs -E XAUTHORITY -- obs` doesn't seem broken in the slightest
<lfam>In the areas named Scenes and Sources, there should be a row of icons along the bottom
<leoprikler>[on Guix system]
<lfam>Do you see them?
<davidl>leoprikler: thx, Ill look into that and see if that consititutes a solution.
<leoprikler>i see an image, a monitor, a world and a camera
<lfam>It should look like this in the bottom left corner:
<lfam>Those icons along the bottom are what is missing for me
<leoprikler>ahh, you're right, they are indeed missing
<lfam>Okay, thanks for confirming. I appreciate it!
<lfam>We will need to tweak our package... somehow. I'll use Debian's package in the meantime
<leoprikler>I still think those should be Qt standard icons tho
<lfam>I filed a bug report
<lfam>I don't have time to debug it now... this is for my job
<leoprikler>oh, wait, it has its own themes at $prefix/share/obs/obs-studio
<leoprikler>okay, I think I found it
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<alloy>Hi there! I already asked earlier today, but couldn't get an awnser back then. I was asking myself if it is possible to pull from channels which are stored on a ssh protected git repo. I already tried several things, but can't seem to get it working. Any hint would be very welcome!
<joshuaBPMan>alloy I would be interested in that answer too! If there is away to do that, then guix could sort of support paid channels.
<alloy>I wasn't thinking in that direction.. It was more about using my local git repo, for which https would be a bit of an overkill.
<alloy>I don't know which http libaries are used in guix, but http authentication is also a thing. Would probably work already in some sort I guess
<dissoc3>i would look in the (guix channels) and maybe (guix git-authentication) modules. im not really familiar with that code
<alloy>dissoc3: I already tried some stuff. The first thing was using a alias I gave through my .ssh/config, which wouldn't resolve. Then I enter the address directly (ssh://user@host...), which downloaded fine, but later complained about the @ in the name.. So probably not supported I guess, but I will have a look. Thanks for your help!
<rekado_>alloy: the easiest way might be to use sshfs and then to use a file:// URL
<civodul>alloy: i think using an ssh:// URL for channels works if you have a running SSH agent and authentiation is not password-based
<alloy>rekado_: Thanks! I will try that if everything else fails, as it is kind of hacky.
<alloy>civodul: It works indeed for fetching the repo, but sadly the @ symbol needed for the username makes problems at a later stage. I will get the error message
<civodul>oh ok
<civodul>but maybe you can work around it by specifying it in ~/.ssh/config
<alloy>It looks like .ssh/config is not honored
<civodul>ah yes, possibly, because it goes through libgit2, which uses libssh2
<civodul>(unlike Guix, which uses libssh via guile-ssh)
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<alloy>another way to deal with it would be having the same username, but that does not seem to be feasable to me
*vagrantc sighs at the disapearance of guile-gnutls built with guile 3.0 in debian
<alloy>I think I got it working. The trick is to use the more verbose uri scheme ssh://user@host:/... and not user@host:/ (which I used before) and a running ssh-agent. Thanks for all the hints!
<joshuaBPMan>alloy awesome! Now you can get rich by creating a commercial channel!
<efraim>Everyone knows the real money is in providing the substitutes!
<joshuaBPMan>efraim That's what I'd actually like to do...until IFPS bankrupts me. :) :)
<joshuaBPMan>efraim Would you like to become my CTO in this company venture with me? Perks will include the keys to a massive supercomputer. :)
<leoprikler>that's a rather weird spelling of "botnet" if I've ever seen one
<civodul>vagrantc: disappearance?
<civodul>what happened?
<vagrantc>civodul: landed in "experimental" and worked, but after recent versions of guile 3.x it started failing test suites ... so "unstable" only contains guile-gnutls built with guile 2.2
<vagrantc>civodul: and because the "unstable" version is newer than "experimental" that version was essentially garbage-collected
*vagrantc was hoping to only have guile 3 in the next debian release as it would make guix packaging simpler
<vagrantc>just another twist in my guix on debian plot :)
<vagrantc>i haven't yet tried janneke's clever hack to fix "make dist" without rebuilding the world ... should probably try that now...
<vagrantc>would it be feasible to set up a "make dist" job on the build farm to catch this stuff earlier?
<joshuaBPMan>vagrantc why do you call it guix on debian? Can't one already run guix on debian?
<vagrantc>bug#43005: make dist fails: "store file names embedded in the distribution"
<vagrantc>joshuaBPMan: you have to use the install scripts or build from source; i've been working on adding it directly to debian so "apt-get install guix" will work
<vagrantc>which first amounted to packaging the build dependencies, so even building from source is easier than it used to be
<joshuaBPMan>vagrantc Ok. That's cool. It's kind of weird to think that apt would distribute guix....would apt be responsible for updating guix?
<vagrantc>joshuaBPMan: no, i still think you'd want to use guix pull or whatever
<vagrantc>nix landed in Debian not too long ago, fwiw, so there's precedent :)
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