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<crackedwheat>hi, i'm having some problems understanding guix installation.
<crackedwheat>i installed using command line with bios not uefi.
<crackedwheat>i took the simplest scm file for my config
<crackedwheat>then modified it to setup x with ratpoison
<crackedwheat>i took for comment claudette's husband for the heck of it but it turned out it was my username
<crackedwheat>i have tried to correct it but cannot get rid of username claudette's husband.
<crackedwheat>finally i removed my username and added another before doing guix system pull
<crackedwheat>and guix system regeneration
<crackedwheat>now i have no username and can only login as root
<crackedwheat>i am lacking a basic understanding of what i'm doing.
<crackedwheat>i always used /etc/config.scm
<crackedwheat>can anyone offer some help, please
<Formbi>shouldn't Guix make the new user on its own?
<DrimysWinteri>I have a bare guix install, nothing installed.. only console. I want to install Sway (and therefore wayland), How should I proceed? Is the a guide to do something like this?
<DrimysWinteri>I have a bare guix install, nothing installed.. only console. I want to install Sway (and therefore wayland), How should I proceed? Is the a guide to do something like this?
<roptat>hi DrimysWinteri
<roptat>so you're using the Guix System, right? not on a foreign distro?
<DrimysWinteri>yeah, guix system
<roptat>the guix system uses a file (the installer should have created it as /etc/config.scm) that contains all of the system's configuration
<roptat>that's where you want to declare sway as being installed. Then you reconfigure (you run guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm) and boom! it's installed :)
<roptat>there should be a line that says something like (package (append (list ...) %base-packages)) I think or simply (packages %base-packages)
<DrimysWinteri>That's the problem.. I don't know where to declare it. I is enough to just write "sway" in the packages section?
<roptat>with no apostrophes
<DrimysWinteri>nice, I'll do it. thanks!
<roptat>I think it should look like (packages (append (list sway ...) %base-packages))
<roptat>or (packages (cons* sway ... %base-packages)), something like that
<roptat>I don't remember which is generated by the installer
<DrimysWinteri>My config.scm wasn't generated.. I build it myself
<roptat>you can modify it just slightly to add sway, then reconfigure
<roptat>sorry, I misunderstood
<roptat>but yes, just add sway to the packages list
<DrimysWinteri>There it is if you want to look
<roptat>ok, you can use this as your package declaration: (packages (cons* nss-certs sway %base-packages))
<DrimysWinteri>Just slightly modified what is here
<roptat>don't use apostrophes for package names, as they create meaningless strings instead of using the package variable
<roptat>also, make sure you use cons*, not cons (cons takes an element and a list, cons* takes multiple elements and a list)
<roptat>(so you can use cons only to add one package to the list of %base-packages, whereas you can use cons* to add as many packages as you want to %base-packages)
<DrimysWinteri>well, it didn't work
<DrimysWinteri>sway: unbound variable
<roptat>you need to import a module
<DrimysWinteri>sorry I'm really noob in this
<roptat>try to add (use-modules (gnu packages wm)) at the top of your file
<DrimysWinteri>where can i look the list of modules?
<roptat>if you run "guix show sway" it will tell you "location: gnu/packages/wm.scm:1383:2" (that's filename:line number:column number)
<roptat>from the filename, you can derive the name of the module: replace / with spaces and remove the extension. so gnu/packages/wm.scm gives you (gnu packages wm)
<DrimysWinteri>wow. That's really helpful, thanks!
<roptat>same with nss-certs btw, it tells you it's in gnu/packages/certs.scm, so (gnu packages certs)
<roptat>since there are many modules under gnu/packages, we also have a more concise form to do it: use-package-modules, where you only specify the last part of the package, so (use-package-modules certs) is the same as (use-modules (gnu packages certs))
<roptat>and you can put as many module names you want in there, so (use-package-modules certs wm) imports both modules
<roptat>use-package-modules is only available after you import the (gnu) module though, so make sure it's the first thing you import in your file
<DrimysWinteri>it is working now. Thanks a lot
<joshuaBPMan>rekado: thanks for the tip. I probably am....
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<dissoc3>is the current nix package (2.3.7) failing to build for anyone else?
<apteryx>I think I saw an issue created for that
<apteryx>can't find it. Perhaps I dreamt.
<apteryx>sneek: later tell civodul yes, I couldn't run guix deploy this morning. It was trying to transfer some 70 MiB ish of files and failing at 26% each time, with the traceback I pasted at that time.
<sneek>Got it.
<apteryx>oh no, it's there, perhaps too fresh for, but Debbugs has it:
<dissoc3>thanks. yeah that's the same problem i was having
<apteryx>perhaps just a GC library is missing
*apteryx reads
<dissoc3>is there a way to set how many cores to use by default without passing it in the command?
<apteryx>You can configure the guix-daemon on a Guix System to have those arguments
<apteryx>(or hack the service definition for it if your are on a foreign distro). An alternative is the GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS environment variable.
<dissoc3>im on the guix system
<dissoc3>i'll have to look at the guix-daemon
<str1ngs>dissoc3: GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS="--cores=$(nproc) --max-jobs=1"
<str1ngs>export GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS="--cores=$(nproc) --max-jobs=1" is probably better
<str1ngs>change cores to how many cores you want. and jobs to concurrent jobs
<dissoc3>gotcha. thanks
<apteryx>see info '(guix)Common Build Options' or info '(guix)Using the Cnofiguration System'. The later has an example showing how to use the extra-options field of the guix-service-type.
<dissoc3>i'll take a look at that took
<peanutbutterandc>Hey there
<peanutbutterandc>Quick question: does anybody know of any environment variables that I can use to point KDE/QT apps to use a theme in a non-standard location?
<apteryx>dissoc3: reverting commit 62035656ca1 fixes it
<apteryx>now let's see if we can fix the latest version of nix
<apteryx>nothing sticks out from their release notes
<apteryx>let's see their git log
<dissoc3>that looks similar
<apteryx>I was just looking at this too :-)
<apteryx>we need to apply that patch if we want the 2.3.7 version
<dissoc3>so what would that include? adding a phase before build to replace those lines?
<apteryx>strangely this look like it'd fix issues only if HAVE_BOEHMGC was false (not found).
<apteryx>but we already have libgc as an input
<apteryx>perhaps it's failing to find it?
<apteryx>it's being the configure script
<apteryx>let's try passing the -enable-gc configure flag
<apteryx>(based on this:
<apteryx>it builds!
<dissoc3>sweeeet. so how did you determine that would let it build?
<apteryx>the GC_free symbols come from libgc (The Boehm something GC library)
<apteryx>and we had it as an input. The hint came from the patch I linked to above.
<dissoc3>i see. i think i understand
<apteryx>pushed as commit ed66095679
<dissoc3>awesome. thanks for looking into it.
<apteryx>thanks for reporting it!
<dissoc3>all because my attempt at writing a navit package failed. went to nix to look for it lol
<apteryx>ah! I hope you'll give it a try again, when you feel like it :-)
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<apteryx>don't hesitate to ask help on
<dissoc3>for sure. i just wanted gps navigation software for tomorrow. i will get the package to work
<apteryx>Hehe, awesome!
<bavier[m]1>I think I may have fixed a reproducibility bug in our "fpc" package. scrub all those build timestamps!
<apteryx>weird, I can't display guix-patches ATM.
<apteryx>from emacs-debbugs
<apteryx>it shows an empty buffer
<DrimysWinteri>hello, how can I see what is defined in %base-services from guix system?
<apteryx>sneek: later tell DrimysWintery guix system search . | recsel -e 'location ~ "base.scm"', or look directly at the gnu/services/base.scm source file.
<sneek>Will do.
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<apteryx>efraim: in (gnu services linux), your zram service section is titled ";;; Kernel module loader." :-)
<apteryx>thanks for zram, by the way!
<vits-test>Hallo Guixen. Is there any command that makes the System to boot _once_ to some generation, then to the previous one? I've my keyboard not working on U-boot prompt, so wonder.
<vits-test>Probably i can make a service that runs `guix system --roll-back`?
<vits-test>But that requires the system to successfully boot..
<str1ngs>vits-test: you can do guix system switch-generation 1 and then switch to the other after boot. if you have grub you can select the generation you want on boot
<str1ngs>I'm assuming you are using uboot maybe
<vits-test>str1ngs: Am no longer sure who uses who :)
<str1ngs>that's a uboot feater
<vits-test>It said "Das U-boot", but i think it not care about me much.
<vits-test>It just keeps boot me up, then leave.
<vits-test>Heartless bootloader.
<str1ngs>is your system working?
<vits-test>But next time it will not, i'll need a serial, or if it's not so badly broken, maybe i'll learn how to ssh to it.
<str1ngs>I ordered a serial cable from pine store 2 months ago. still have not got it.
<str1ngs>I ended up ordering another one from amazon.
<str1ngs>The following derivations would be built:
<str1ngs> /gnu/store/fyf0a8cykpsavywf92awk3x1bk6pq4v1-webkitgtk-2.28.4.drv
<str1ngs> /gnu/store/bwg7mkg7ndf8kmrw2mw69rh57kwwg17q-enchant-2.2.8.drv
<str1ngs> /gnu/store/fhw4k0hhf4prr5w7dk64wj2ik745fsnp-geoclue-2.5.6.drv
<str1ngs> /gnu/store/p20mspr75fss62f0w350cq56s6wz8rp9-libsoup-2.70.0.drv
<str1ngs> /gnu/store/sr6v24a5q2lylqjws9f2dzwq5dwjwy32-php-7.4.9.drv
<str1ngs>this is going to be a rough ride...
<vits-test>PHP checks are long too.
<str1ngs>did you figure out if php is actually needed for libsoup?
<vits-test>str1ngs: According to arch, for tests.. one sec
<str1ngs>for libsoup tests?
<str1ngs>I figured that would be the reason.
<str1ngs>vits-test: btw LFS is a better resource then Arch
<vits-test>str1ngs: How's that?
<vits-test>Wow, LFS docs even explain what exact test it needed for.
<str1ngs>there is also CLFS if you want to loss your sanity
<str1ngs>I've done both books
<str1ngs>vits-test: so it's only used for XMLRPC regression tests
<str1ngs>tests are a good thing so can't avoid php
<str1ngs>vits-test: did you get ntp working?
<vits-test>str1ngs: didn't reached this in Manual yet. I just scroll it upside-down to refresh those things. Didn't changed much on laptop for long time, so almost forget how to set-up.
<vits-test>There should be 'allow large adjustments', probably (2013 -> 2020)
<str1ngs>vits-test: that is the default
<str1ngs>vits-test: I think (service ntp-service-type) should just work.
<vits-test>str1ngs: Thanks.
<vits-test>str1ngs: dmesg sais: "Linux version 5.8.5-gnu (nixbld@) ..."
<vits-test>I wonder why?
<str1ngs>Linux puck 5.8.5-gnu
<str1ngs>uname -a are you expecting something else?
<str1ngs>also need dbus for sway I think?
<vits-test>str1ngs: i've only elogind enabled explicitly. (nixbld@) -- ?
<vits-test>i expected (scheme@++!)
<vits-test>or (gnu-lisp@)
*vits-test "KASLR disabled due to lack of seed" -- noted for later wtf.
<str1ngs>vits-test: does elogind provide dbus?
<vits-test>str1ngs: I think "it may", but %desktop-services list dbus also.
<str1ngs>yeah but if I use %desktop-services it will be many builds
<vits-test>str1ngs: I use the same config as before
<str1ngs>say we have a bare minimun to get sway working that would be better
<str1ngs>I guess we could go with lightdm?
<vits-test> (services (cons* (service elogind-service-type) %base-services)))
<str1ngs>or ldddm
<vits-test>str1ngs: Those didn't worked for me. "service restarting to fast" or similar err.
<str1ngs>gotcha probably graphics related
<str1ngs>sway works for you?
<vits-test>str1ngs: Yes, but in lower than native resolution.
<str1ngs>vits-test: thanks for that it saves me time.
<vits-test>Some apps not working (taisei, kitty). Some working (blobwars, termite, emacs)
<str1ngs>emacs works?
<vits-test>I write from it now
<str1ngs>thats all that matters what other apps do you need?
<vits-test>nomad, i think.
<str1ngs>nomad looks better on my phone the emacs :(
<str1ngs>cause Xwayland
<str1ngs>the widgets in emacs don't flow probably so half of emacs is off the screen.
<vits-test>str1ngs: KDE isn't a option? Maybe it's default to X still.
<vits-test>On phone
<str1ngs>oh no the phone uses wayland. I don't want to mess with it yet.
<str1ngs>vits-test: it uses phosh
*str1ngs php..... testing
<vits-test>Shortness is sister of talent. Query "phosh linux" leads to Kali, "phosh" to actual Librem-phosh.
<str1ngs>vits-test: wonder if we should check the build logs and see why webkitgtk has not been built for arm.
<str1ngs>well aarch64 to be precise.
*vits-test guix weather
<str1ngs>yes, but that won't say why it's not there
<vits-test>str1ngs: guix build --log-file webkitgtk # tries to build webkitgtk
<vits-test>I think it never was built.
<vits-test>As this command can fetch the logs.
<vits-test>Ah, commits can differ with the last attempt.
<vits-test>str1ngs: Do You know where the logs are?
<str1ngs>that's locally I mean the builds provided by
<vits-test>str1ngs: "Successed"
<vits-test>So i know HOW i should pull.
<str1ngs>nice let me check this
<vits-test>Hmm. Where its commit?
<str1ngs>how did you find that?
<str1ngs>that's augest 13th
<vits-test>"Good enough". But how to find the commit to pull there?
<str1ngs>this is newer
<str1ngs>but it's on staging staging
<vits-test>str1ngs: it's 2.28.2
<str1ngs>vits-test: remind me C-g in <web-buffer> should stop loading the URI as well
<vits-test>13th is 2.28.4
<str1ngs>I'm going to continue building locally I want to see what fails
<str1ngs>it might be a resource issue knowing webkitgtk
<str1ngs>like it times out on the server
<str1ngs>so php has a test for each bug... and it has a lot of bugs.
<vits-test>str1ngs: I suppose 2.28.4 is on
<str1ngs>what makes you think that?
<vits-test>I pressed the link on webkitgtk page, and it sais that the evaluation by ci.guix happened on this commit.
<str1ngs>right gotcha makes sense
<vits-test>like: "good lord, make the next webkitgtk successful build happen AFTER the pull i am currently on"
<vits-test>sort of religious for 4GB RAM hobos :)
<str1ngs>it's time to version bump webkitgtk anyways the upstream release is 2.29.91
<str1ngs>which fix a webprocess crash
<vits-test>and gnupg issues ;)
<str1ngs>well this is next not really stable. but I might play with it on x86_64 locally
<str1ngs>vits-test: I'm going to run the guanlet on this webkitgtk build see how it pans out
<str1ngs>if it builds there will be substitutes at least.
<str1ngs>I'm building on a 8 core aarch64 and a 24 core x86_64 with qemu lets see who wins
<ZombieChicken>Anyone know if Guix on PBP is working
<vits-test>ZombieChicken: IDK for PBP, but rockpro works, more or less.
<ZombieChicken>PBP is rockpro based iirc, so that's good
<ZombieChicken>linux libre might be a problem, though
<ZombieChicken>thanks for the info
<vits-test>ZombieChicken: There is u-boot-pinebook-pro-rk3399-bootloader
<vits-test>ZombieChicken: use
<vits-test>But linux-libre may work too.
<vits-test>IDK, didn't forked _for me_.
<ZombieChicken>just talking to the people on the Pine64 IRC; apparently some blobs are needed for some firmware to work
<vits-test>WiFi, i guiess?
<vits-test>ZombieChicken: rockpro64
<str1ngs>ZombieChicken: hello, soon as my rockpro64 is running a little smother I'm going to start look at my PBP
<ZombieChicken>str1ngs: Thanks. I may be getting a PBP in the next month or so
<str1ngs>ZombieChicken: I would have looked at it by now, but I boot off of nvme support for that is not that great.
<str1ngs>also just got my usb emmc writer
<str1ngs>which you need to debug and fix uboot on PBP
<vits-test>ZombieChicken: Also there is/was some project, though not about PBP.
<vits-test>btw, this thing not needed for recent pulls (CONFIG_CGROUPS_FREEZER).
<str1ngs>vits-test: that template wont work we need a template that you don't edit
<str1ngs>it needs to be a modules that is used from a file
<vits-test>This way user will receive updates.
<str1ngs>but it's a step in the right direction.
<vits-test>str1ngs: btw, i'd forget if serial 1500000 or more.
<str1ngs>vits-test: I still don't have one
<str1ngs>should arrive tomorrow
<str1ngs>uname -a; guix --version
<str1ngs>Linux phone 5.7-pinephone #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Aug 31 19:29:26 UTC 2020 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<str1ngs>guix (GNU Guix) 1.1.0
<str1ngs>vits-test: ^
<vits-test>str1ngs: guix pull.. what is webkit-is-there commit it was?
<str1ngs>vits-test: that's a step back
<str1ngs>actually we should check failed logs :P
<str1ngs>ah ha!
<vits-test>str1ngs: php failed?
<vits-test>its 2.28.4, anyway.
<str1ngs>pcntl_unshare() with CLONE_NEWUSER [ext/pcntl/tests/pcntl_unshare_01.phpt]
<vits-test>str1ngs: .phpt -- ohh.. it's sOo nice..! LET'SS KILLLLL IT WITTH FI-RE.
<vits-test>btw, it's time to learn inferiors. Downgrade whole system ins't an option, i guess.
<vits-test>str1ngs: guix package -n --with-commit=master=0f50b7e7b9191f81a5334d7314fbc656303d479e -i webkitgtk
<vits-test>I think it's no longer there, anyway.
<str1ngs>better to fix the php package
<str1ngs>php is a webkit blocker.. the irony
<vits-test>After realizing C-x C-x in M-x term, i wonder why i need terminal emulator?
<rekado>vits-test: you need one to kill emacs when it gets stuck
<rekado>vits-test: you can use “guix time-machine” to build webkit with an older Guix
<vits-test>rekado: I don't want to build WebKit on SBC :)
<vits-test>I just tried to get a substitute.
<rekado>yes, if there’s a substitute for an older version of Guix then you can get it with “guix time-machine”
<vits-test>rekado: `package --with-commit=master=0f50b7e7b9191f81a5334d7314fbc656303d479e -i` will not get the substitutes?
<rekado>what matters is the resulting derivation
<vits-test>rekado: Thanks. Trying.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, apteryx says: yes, I couldn't run guix deploy this morning. It was trying to transfer some 70 MiB ish of files and failing at 26% each time, with the traceback I pasted at that time.
<civodul>oh, not great
<zzappie>Good morning guix!
<peanutbutterandc>zzappie, Good morning!
<zzappie>peanutbutterandc: Hey, did you solve your modules issue?
<zzappie>vits-test: hi :)
<peanutbutterandc>zzappie, Not exactly entirely... turned out that I wasn't on the right path either. But I did manage to fix what I was guinea-pigging in that package file. And it is now up for review:
<peanutbutterandc>It's a bit rough... and I hope to polish it up...
<peanutbutterandc>but yeah.... finally did that. And it uses (union-build too. Turns out, union build is supposed to be run on an empty path. Nonexistant, even.
<peanutbutterandc>While someone (I forget who) did write a solution to the issue, I wasn't smart-enough to understand it.
<peanutbutterandc>So yeah. Please do review those patches. There are a few things that I am concerned with in there: the name of the new package and stuff. Perhaps I could get some better suggestions?
<msavoritias[m]1>Hi. I tried to follow the conversation above to install sway but I'm stuck
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: ?
<msavoritias[m]1>Guix keeps saying that use-service-modules is an unbound variable
<msavoritias[m]1><vits-test "msavoritias: ?"> I mean adding sway to my packages list roptat said above
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: add (gnu) to (use-modules
<zzappie>peanutbutterandc: Ah I see. Cool I'll check the logs out.
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: Then (use-service-modules should work.
<msavoritias[m]1>Should I close only in gnu in apostrophes?
<peanutbutterandc>zzappie, It might be a while before it is merged. I have a feeling there will be quite a bit of discussion in that thread.
<msavoritias[m]1>Because I have also packages and wm in there
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: (use-modules (gnu) (gnu packages XYZ))
<vits-test>sway needs elogind service.
<zzappie>peanutbutterandc: Btw I'm not in a position to revew things here I'm stil learning :)
<peanutbutterandc>zzappie, I see. Well, if you feel like it, do take a look at that patch and give your thoughts. (:
<msavoritias[m]1><vits-test "sway needs elogind service."> I have already gnome so it should work out of the box right?
<msavoritias[m]1>Because I have the desktop service module
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: Yes, i think.
<vits-test>Yes, it's included in %desktop-services.
<msavoritias[m]1>Mine though doesn't gave cons like the cookbooks in the packages list
<msavoritias[m]1>It has append
<msavoritias[m]1>It that any different?
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: (append makes one list out of some lists
<vits-test>(cons take item and a list, and makes list
<vits-test>(cons* take itemS and a list, and makes list
<msavoritias[m]1>Ah OK. I left it like it was for now
<msavoritias[m]1>Definetily gonna mess around with it more though
<msavoritias[m]1>Maybe remove gnome
<brendyyn>we have one commit with author date 1970 b3b33da07097af1c61d23f662902650dcdeb25af
<msavoritias[m]1>Is it a problem that guix system reconfigure throws and error and I have to add /et c/config.scm
<msavoritias[m]1>So I reconfigured the system and rebooted. But there is no option to start sway from gdm
<msavoritias[m]1>Do I have to change gdm somehow?
<vits-test>peanutbutterandc: info guile, 6.20.2 Using Guile Modules: see @@. But idk, just saw recently.
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: IDK. try change to another TTY, and enter sway in console: is it works?
*vits-test checks cookbook, sway.
<peanutbutterandc>vits-test, I know it's impolite to use @@
<peanutbutterandc>still... if we were to have a boilerplate package, we probably would not want to expose it to `guix search/show/and friends`....
<peanutbutterandc>just a thought
<peanutbutterandc>but perhaps there is a far more elegant of of doing it
<vits-test>peanutbutterandc: I was said that (module-ref (resolve-module '(gnu packages linux)) 'make-linux-libre*)) is de-facto the same (and it's in my config).
<vits-test>So +1
<msavoritias[m]1><vits-test "msavoritias: IDK. try change t"> It does work
<msavoritias[m]1>Hmm. So maybe there is something in gdm
<msavoritias[m]1>But I don't really care at this point. I will check if I can remove all of them and just start sway from command line
<msavoritias[m]1>Thanks for your help 😃
<vits-test>msavoritias[m]1: There was some dir in ~/ gdm looking for optins (?).
<peanutbutterandc>vits-test, Thank you for checking it out (:
<civodul>efraim: could you take another look at the Dovecot patches?
<civodul>it seems like there's a lot of good work there
<vits-test>sneek later tell nckx: BTW, perse did it, in readable way:
<sneek>Got it.
<vits-test>sneek: bbotsnack
<vits-test>sneek: botsneak
<vits-test>sneek: botsnack
<mroh>good morning guix!
<civodul>Friday review!
*civodul just went through a chunk of the guix-patches backlog
<civodul>still a long way to go!
<civodul>dear committers, join the Friday review party! :-)
<civodul>dear contributors, now's a good time to reply to reviews!
<PurpleSym>civodul: Could you have a look at ? If you don’t agree with unbundling I can also submit a separate patch fixing
<rekado>PurpleSym: this looks pretty good. But are you sure that libuv isn’t modified by the rstudio people?
<emys>I tried to work on a guix package definition and I have trouble building guix
<emys>I updated to the last origin/master checkout
<emys>and when I reconfigure and make I get the error "No Guile development packages were found."
<emys>% which guile :(
<emys>gives "/gnu/store/wbpg666qkxhdwayssaix7jln0fs624gz-profile/bin/guile"
<rekado>emys: I suggest running this all inside of “guix environment --pure guix”
<emys>same problem
<vits-test>emys: ./bootstrap ?
<vits-test>`./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var && make`
<rekado>which version of Guix are you using for “guix environment --pure guix”?
<emys>ah, I think I forgot about localstatedir, let me try again
<emys>guix (GNU Guix) 1.1.0rc2-1.9d0d27f
<emys>with the localstatedir option in configure, I get a different error
<emys>"configure: error: Guile-zlib is missing; please install it."
<emys>I added guix environment --ad-hoc guile-zlib to the local environment, configure still thinks its missing
<rekado>I suggest getting a more recent Guix. Yours is from April.
<rekado>when configure doesn’t find things it’s a good idea to check if you’re setting any obscure environment variables
<rekado>I suggest 1) getting a new guix with “guix pull”; 2) going through the output of “env”; 3) looking at the exact complaint in config.log
<emys>I executed guix pull this morning
<vits-test>emys: It is System?
<vits-test>emys: or on-top?
<emys>on top
<emys>on top of debian-testing
<rekado>this is not the Guix you pulled
<rekado>did you install the “guix” package into your profile? Sounds like you did.
<emys>it seems so
<vits-test>emys: 2.7 of Manual sais, to upgrade the guix itself, one need to `sudo -i guix pull`, then `systemctl restart guix-daemon`.
<vits-test>for on-top
<vits-test>Or, if you'd pulled at morning, try re-login.
<PurpleSym>rekado: Let me double-check. I only looked at, which indicates there were no changes to libuv relevant for us.
<PurpleSym>The RStudio guys really like to vendor every single dependency for no good reason…
<emys>vits-test, rekado thanks, with your help it works now
<vits-test>emys: that was because guix in User's-profile?
<emys>it seems so, all though I wonder why that would matter
***caleb_ is now known as KE0VVT
<emys>I have no knowledge of the guix internals of course
<vits-test>same there.
<PurpleSym>rekado: Nope, ran a diff and the changes listed in the log above really are the only ones applied. Should be good.
<allana>Hi guix! quick question, any dotnet core users here? fsharp? curious to know if there are any reasons not to include dotnet sdk and runtime as a package in guix. I'm not sure how easy it will be to package, but I do see it in the NixPkgs collection.
<allana>MIT license IIRC
<civodul>hey PurpleSym!
<civodul> LGTM, unbundling is definitely the right thing to do IMO
<civodul>i'll apply it (soonish)
<PurpleSym>Thank you very much civodul :) I can drop some local patches afterwards.
<civodul>thanks for the heads-up anyway
<civodul>it's good to ping people when you see a patch is being forgotten!
<PurpleSym>Well, in that case I’m also interested in moving LVM integration forward:
<civodul>(i said "people", not "civodul" ;-))
<civodul>but yes!
*vits-test :) `cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu4/topology/package_cpus` -- i wonder, if that is possible to have a 1,5 cpu in package.
<civodul>so you gave this LVM patch a try, right?
<PurpleSym>Yes, been running the patches on my mergerfs-based storage since they were posted.
*raghavgururajan peeps in
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<vits-test>Hello raghavgururajan.
<mroh>Hello raghavgururajan!
<civodul>PurpleSym: excellent
<raghavgururajan>> allana‎: MIT license IIRC
<raghavgururajan>The correct license name is expat. :-)
<civodul>PurpleSym: isn't it a problem that 'target' is a list?
<civodul>i vaguely remember that there was a limitation there, but i'm not sure if it's still holds
<PurpleSym>I don’t remember, to be honest.
<allana>raghavgururajan: ok, thanks for the correction.
<vits-test>Is that bug, or feature: "cat: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu4/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq: Permission denied"?
<alextee[m]>Hmm I think I will distro hop to nixos for a while, seems similar to guix with more things available
<vits-test>"alextee did a bad joke. Deth to matrix users for that!"?
<alextee[m]>I see they have a libre kernel choice too
<alextee[m]>Not using guile sucks though
<vits-test>alextee[m]: Do You know, do they have something like the LICENSE flag in Gentoo, to filter out the closed-source "happines"?
<alextee[m]>vits-test: i dont know, I hope so
*vits-test tryes to eat a .rar cactus
<alextee[m]>I'm just having many problems with guix atm and can't be bothered to figure them out
<alextee[m]>Will come back in a few months
<vits-test><fat>".. to Debian, You, hipsters."</fat>
<alextee[m]>Debian is my least favorite distro lol
<alextee[m]>Old packages, systemd, and the package manager is a big mess
<alextee[m]>I like archlinux and parabola but I find the guix/nixos style more organized now. Conventional distros seem messy
<vits-test>alextee[m]: though NixOS system config a bit strange, like `pkg.system.wide { pkg.gnome; pkg.tetris; pkg.pkglinux.pkg; };`
<vits-test>And when i'd specified a service, the building of config failed, as it needed to explicitly enable another service..
<vits-test>I think it will be a few weeks, not few months.
*alextee[m] wonders if disk space will be a problem if he installs guix on top
<rekado>PurpleSym: good, thanks for checking! In this case the only thing that probably needs changing is the commit message.
<rekado>[arguments] and [inputs] should be on their own lines and should be followed by “:”
<rekado>the patch line should be: * gnu/ (dist_patch_DATA): Add it.
<rekado>the rest looks fine to me
<jonsger>vits-test: guix has this service dependency problem as well, try adding docker-service :p
<vits-test>jonsger: OK, my bad.
<PurpleSym>rekado: Heads up, Ludo also said he wanted to apply it above ↑ (14:12)
<civodul>rekado: yup i'm taking care of this one, will push shortly :-)
<civodul>nckx: go for it!
<rekado>okay, thanks!
*rekado needs to leave
<vits-test>They're come again, to arms, retrograds!
<str1ngs>vits-test: hello I think this patch should fix the webkitgtk build on aarch64-linux
<str1ngs>vits-test: I'm just building webkitgtk on 4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62
<vits-test>str1ngs: Great.
<raghavgururajan>alextee[m]‎: Are you aware of nix-service-type in guix? ;-)
<str1ngs>vits-test: if this builds you might need to switch to a channel derived from 4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62
<str1ngs>vits-test: until we can get a fix into guix proper. then I think we can go back to HEAD
<vits-test>str1ngs: Ah. Channels. I can do this, i think.
<vits-test>And man is concise enough, any way :)
<str1ngs>vits-test: since we pinned to 4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62 it's not a big deal
<str1ngs>the channel will be 4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62+1
<str1ngs>vits-test: err 4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62 plus 1
<zimoun>Does someone reported that emacs-ess seems broken with Emacs 27? The test "test-ess-roxy-literate" fails on my machine. Do I miss something?
<joshuaBPMan>morning #guixoids!
<raghavgururajan>joshuaBPMan: Guixoid RG reporting! o/
<zzappie>vits-test: so funny. Is word 'retrograd' actually used in english this way?
<vits-test>zzappie: IDK.
<zzappie>joshuaBPMan: o/
<vits-test>^ retrograds.
<nly>hey, i don't know you. I'm not comfortable like this
<joshuaBPMan>nly: hahaha!
<joshuaBPMan>zzappie: Heyo!
<joshuaBPMan>raghavgururajan: Guixoid RG? Really Great Reporting?
<nly>could anyone recommend any company that offers bank card for crypto?
<joshuaBPMan>Also my blog is getting pretty nice looking. I'm pretty happy about it. And it's powered by guix system!
<raghavgururajan>joshuaBPMan: My initials 😂
<joshuaBPMan>nly what do you mean? Like a company that helps you transfer $$ to bitcoin?
<joshuaBPMan>raghavgururajan: Oh really? I didn't know your name was "Really Great". :)
<wehlutyk>hello guix!
<nly>i'll be honest, i am looking for ways to spend crypto before i buy any
<nly>i've heard there are bank cards that allow you to spend crypto on regular shop that take debit cards
<joshuaBPMan>wehlutyk: howdy!
<joshuaBPMan>nly: hmmm. That would be kind of cool...but the one downside with crypto is that it takes sometimes days for transactions to clear.
<joshuaBPMan>So you could use it perhaps on products that are getting shipped to you, but perhaps not at the store. Would be my guess.
<zzappie>nly: I haven't used any. I came accross AdvCash once. But they all look a bit shady
<wehlutyk>I have build failures for the `guix-jupyter` package, could someone tell me where's the best place to file a bug or find help to fix it? I'm new to the community (have been using GuixSD as main system for a month, and liking it a lot)
<wehlutyk>also (rerun the search to see the actual results, otherwise they all come out green when I open the link)
<raghavgururajan>nly: [1] [2]
<joshuaBPMan>wehlutyk: You can always submit a bug at via emailing
<joshuaBPMan>You can search for current bugs two ways:
<joshuaBPMan>issues is much prettier.
<raghavgururajan>nly: and [3]
<zzappie>raghavgururajan: card issuing api whoa
<wehlutyk>joshuaBPMan: very sweet, thanks!
<joshuaBPMan>Or you can use emacs! take a look at your contributing section of your guix manual. It mentions how to use emacs to browse bugs. C-u M-x debbugs-gnu bug-guix RET n y I think
<joshuaBPMan>wehlutyk: Yup. You can also email, if you don't think it's a bug, but you just want some help.
<civodul>wehlutyk: i see, the issue is introduced by code that migrated from guix to guile-json
<civodul>and now it's (temporarily) in both places, which causes problems
<joshuaBPMan>wehlutyk: you might be intested in my "hacking" videos
<joshuaBPMan>I've been doing a lot of Haunt web development lately.
<wehlutyk>civodul: how did you get there so fast? I couldn't find the full log in (though what you say matches the build failures on my machine)
<wehlutyk>joshuaBPMan: thanks! I used haunt for my last website and am thinking of migrating for my home page too
<civodul>wehlutyk: i ran "guix build guix-jupyter" :-)
<wehlutyk>civodul: indeed 😓
<joshuaBPMan>wehlutyk: I'm thinking about getting guile-syntax-highlight set up. From the website, it looks pretty easy to do.
<wehlutyk>joshuaBPMan: for jupyter?
<apteryx>chromium sometimes seems to have problems starting pulseaudio or something. The microphone will not be available and a 'hardware problem' message shown. A workaround seems to start pavucontrol before starting chromium.
<wehlutyk>or haunt?
<joshuaBPMan>Oh no. Just for my website.
<joshuaBPMan>I honestly don't even remember what guix-jupyter does. :)
<wehlutyk>basically what guix does to build systems and config, but for jupyter notebooks -- making them reproduceable
<wehlutyk> * basically what guix does to build systems and config, but for jupyter notebooks -- making them reproducible
<joshuaBPMan>wehlutyk: cool.
<raingloom_>hoi! could someone look at my updated yggdrasil patches? ^u^
<raingloom_>it's not urgent, but it'd be nice to not wait another month.
<civodul>wehlutyk: i've pushed a fix
<civodul>thanks for reporting the issue!
<roptat>hi guix!
<wehlutyk>civodul: wooo, thanks!
<zjgkkn>Hi! What's okay way for now to use tor + privoxy? tor-service-type and write own user shepherd service for privoxy?
<zjgkkn>Switched to guix recently, and finally pretty happy with personal computing. Thanks you!
<vits-test>zjgkkn: If privoxy can read it's settings from some arbitrary file, try to use it directly first. Just look at the files under gnu/services/, in the git-tree..
<zjgkkn>'guix edit' did not work for services?
<vits-test>zjgkkn: try `guix system --help` for a short summary.
<roptat>zjgkkn, guix edit works only with packages
<telior>howdy guix! Not sure what the best practices are regarding the `guix system reconfigure` process: should I sudo edit the config.scm file on /etc or copy it to somewhere else, edit it and invoke `guix system reconfigure` using that copy?
<leoprikler>either is fine depending on your circumstances
<leoprikler>you shouldn't have more than one admin editing files tho
<telior>I see, I'll go with the sudo edit way then, ty :)
<Noclip>'youtube-dl' shows an "CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED" error and is unable to download anything via https. Can someone reproduce this error?
<str1ngs>Noclip: is your date right?
<Noclip>Eventually the issue is related to the python version.
<telior>I get `/etc/config.scm:29:2: error: (service cups-service-type (cups-configuration (web-interface? #t) (extensions (list cups-filters escpr)))): invalid field specifier`, not sure what I'm doing wrong since I basically took those lines from the manual. I added a (gnu packages cups) argument to the use-modules bit, swapped a few specified packages
<telior>and added the service bit for cups support from the manual:
<vits-test>telior: ..
<vits-test>telior: the (service cups...
<vits-test>should go to (services
<telior>that makes sense
<vits-test>(services (cons* (service cups...) %desktop-services))
<telior>tyvm, I'll try it now
<telior>I seem to be missing (gnu services cups) somewhere, I'm not sure if it's in the (use-modules (gnu) (gun packages cups) (gun services cups)), or (use-service-modules desktop networking cups) tho
<vits-test>telior: `guix search cups`
<vits-test>location: gnu/packages/cups
<vits-test>so: (gnu packages cups)
<vits-test>telior: `guix system search cups`, i mean
<vits-test>There is nice app, called recsel. `guix install recutils`. It can took some field, like: `guix system search cups| recsel -p name,location`
<telior>thx, I've already installed cups with `guix package -i cups`, and already have the (use modules (gnu) (gnu packages cups)) in my config.scm, but when try to reconfigure I get `/etc/config.scm:22:4: error: cups-service-type: unbound variablehint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?`
<vits-test>telior: * (gnu services cups) ;; :)
<telior>ah that makes sense too heh :)
<vits-test>telior: i just messed up around, but You'd seen the `guix system search` now.
<vits-test>telior: You DONT need the cups package installed to use cups-service.
<vits-test>The service should provide the needed things: for example, i do NOT need to install elogind, to use elogind-service:
<telior>Oh, I thought the package provided the service
<vits-test>So with tor, and the other services. Even fonts for console-font-service shouldn't be installed to (packages.
<vits-test>But they, of course, can be installed. But why?
<telior>I'm a bit confused because the manual says I need to install the package to configure, for example, support for epson printers:
<telior>Suppose you want to enable the Web interface of CUPS and also add
<telior>support for Epson printers via the escpr package and for HP
<telior>printers via the hplip-minimal package. You can do that directly,
<telior>like this (you need to use the (gnu packages cups) module):
<telior>I'm guessing the package is needed for the added stuff that's not provided by the basic service?
<vits-test>telior: IDK, let's read..
<vits-test>Yes, hplip package.
<vits-test>So, the rule have exceptions.
<vits-test>That's cool.
<telior>it's reconfiguring now, I'll report back in a bit, tyvm :)
<nckx>Good morning Guix.
<sneek>Welcome back nckx, you have 1 message!
<sneek>nckx, vits-test says: BTW, perse did it, in readable way:
<str1ngs>vits-test: see #nomad-browser for aarch64 webkitgtk fix
<nckx>telior: It's not telling you to ‘install’ them (‘guix install’ or ‘(packages escpr’). They need to be added to the (extensions ...) fields of the CUPS service, that's different. ‘Installing’ them won't make them visible to the service.
<vits-test>nckx: "Note: If you wish to use the Qt5 based GUI which comes with the hplip ___package__ then it is suggested that you install the ‘hplip’ __package__, either in your OS configuration file or as your user."
<vits-test>Guten morninglich!
<nckx>vits-test: I didn't see that quoted above. It was about printer support. What you quote is not an exception, it's the rule 😉
<nckx>vits-test: Thanks for the link. Glad it worked out. (What does ‘perse’ mean?)
<raghavgururajan>sneek: later tell jgart[m]: We should add Bisq ( to our bucket list. WDYT?
<vits-test>nckx: Stollman's answer to They in singular.
<vits-test>Is it awful or OK?
<nckx>Oh, I'd seen a GNU mailing list derailment about that recently but didn't make the link.
<nckx>I don't think it's awful but there's no need for it when ‘they’ is standard & has existed forever.
<vits-test>nckx: in russian it's not polite to say "Они", so i try avoid this.
<bavier[m]1>"they" is perfectly acceptable singular
<nckx>I agree also think that this isn't a productive ‘discussion’ to rehash for the zillionth time.
<nckx>vits-test: Interesting! I didn't know that.
<nckx>*but also
<vits-test>nckx: there is "вы", which is plural you
<vits-test>that can be used just like they
<vits-test>in this context.
<vits-test>And it's a standard way to talk with strangers.
<vits-test>But they is "maps" to "они" to me.
<vits-test>Which is indirect.
<Noclip>str1ngs: Yes, why should my date not be right?
<vits-test>nckx: It's like to reject the person individuality using this indirect form of "They". At least to my taste.
*vits-test stops
<nckx>I can only reassure you that it's absolutely not impolite in English. Even those who oppose it wouldn't claim that (their - hah - point is that is not ‘correct’, which is... wrong, and suspiciously postdates actual usage by a few centuries, just when gender is a hot topic again...). And now I'm guilty of furthering this discussion; time to tinker with my kernel some more! o/
<str1ngs>nckx: btw this is a wip patch to fix webkitgtk builds on aarch64 . I think *potentially* the version bump of php introduced some test failures. this is derived from 4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62. which I'm kinda pinned to right now for working machines.
*nckx stops too.
<str1ngs>nckx: let me know if you think I should mail this or not.
<vits-test>str1ngs: fix, huh?
<nckx>Ah, hm. Is there an easy way to reproduce your tree & test it here? I have [access to] two [Guix] aarch64 machines that see too little useful use.
<nckx>Would be nice to test whether it's reproducible and remove some asterisks from *potentially*.
<str1ngs>nckx: you would need to guix pull --commit=4546c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62
<str1ngs>the php tests are killer on arm machines I tested on three machines both failed. two native and one qemu
<str1ngs>err all three failed.
<nckx>str1ngs: OK, so I don't need your pasted patch?
<str1ngs>that patch just skips tests on aarch64. not ideal but it's interim atleast
<nckx>jonsger reported ‘why you no test php update before push? it can't succeed’ after I had built it twice, so the test suite seems touchy at best.
*nckx take looking.
<str1ngs>I hear ya, with the tests failing with unshare that's kinda sketchy too. do we even want to test that in a chroot
<str1ngs>does guix daemon chroot use unshare?
<nckx>Yes, but I don't know if it falls back to something else etc.
<nckx>It definitely tries to.
<str1ngs>I wish I had more powerful aarch64 to test this better.
<str1ngs>maybe if I beowulf cluster all my teeny tiny arm machines together :P
*nckx .oO powerful? aarch64? quid?
<str1ngs>just to clarify my patch is based off of 46c0dd2f58fe9a1b1e78120a33b8c276970f62. but it could apply to tip as well. was just a caveat. I'm pretty sure there are no substitutes for webktigtk or php?
<bdju>anyone else having horrendous icecat issues? I woke up to it having crashed or something, wasn't open. then trying to restore my 4 tabs sends my cpu to 99% and kicks up my fans and they never load after several minutes
<nckx>Wow, no, but thanks for making me realise that I'm still on 68.10...
<str1ngs>my phone now runs nomad \o/
<drakonis>is that postmarketos?
<str1ngs>drakonis: pinephone with mobian. and a little guix sprinkled on top
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<blackbeard[m]>Hello, after upgrading Emacs to 27.1 not Helm or Ivy work with M-x
<blackbeard[m]>Ido doesn't work either
<blackbeard[m]>Lisp nesting exceeds 'max-lisp-eval-depth'
<blackbeard[m]>Mmm it works with emacs -q
<blackbeard[m]>Weird because I moved my init to .emacs-old
<joshuaBPMan>Heyo #guixoids !
<nckx>guix copy --to=REMOTE /gnu/store/foo.drv doesn't do what I expect it to do (copy foo.drv to the remote store). All the dependencies seem to be, though.
<raingloom>blackbeard[m]: i can't even start emacs :|
<raingloom>oh, -q works
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] Ahhh. :) bummer. I had the same issue when I updated. haha. I moved everything over to ~/.config
<raingloom>well, after emacs -q i moved my .emacs.d back to where it was and it's working.
<joshuaBPMan>raingloom haha. that's one way to fix it.
<raingloom>but mine crashed in a different way than others, so... this is still spooky.
<raingloom>ah well. it's working now. if someone else reports the same bug, i'll look into it again.
<ccao001>Hi Guix! Is anybody working on upgrading picard?
<ccao001>I opened a pull request to add the mention that picard is packaged for guix.
<ccao001>See our discussion here:
<ccao001>In case anybody would like to join in to clarify anything. I'm happy to help with getting picard updated in guix.
<blackbeard[m]>I moved my whole config
<blackbeard[m]>A blank new emacs
<blackbeard[m]>And yet it is not working >_<
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] I had some troubles too...Are use using emacs-seq in your config?
<blackbeard[m]>joshuaBPMan: I moved my .emacs and .emacs.d
<blackbeard[m]>So I should have no problems in theory
<blackbeard[m]>I am also using emacs -q
<blackbeard[m]>Or emacs --debug-init
<blackbeard[m]>And it still doesn't work >_<
<raingloom>ccao001: i'm looking into it
<jgart[m]>raingloom: thanks! keep me posted
<sneek>Welcome back jgart[m], you have 1 message!
<sneek>jgart[m], raghavgururajan says: We should add Bisq ( to our bucket list. WDYT?
<raingloom>ccao001: have you already tried building newer versions?
<ccao001>no, I haven't yet
<raingloom>ok, then there is no duplication of effort if i just go for it :D
<jgart[m]>raghavgururajan: bisq sounds like a nice addition. Let's talk more about it
<ccao001>raingloom great! let me know if you run into any issues. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Maybe mention to the picard devs that you are now working on upgrading picard to the current stable version
<raingloom>ccao001: it looks like some tests fail.
<ccao001>raingloom can you share the build fail log with us?
<ccao001>raingloom thank you! I'll be back in about 2 hours or so. I have to sign off for now
<raingloom>no prob, see ya! i might be asleep by then though.
<rekado>blackbeard[m]: what about .config/emacs ?
<rekado>emacs 27 uses XDG directories when .emacs and .emacs.d don’t exist, AFAIK
<joshuaBPMan>That was my issue...
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] You can still use .emacs.d Emacs will search in .config/emacs first. If that doesn't exist, then it will use .emacs.d
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] run a guix hash -l emacs-seq. Check if any of those packages are on your system.
<joshuaBPMan>also do a grep ~/.guix-profile/manifest 'emacs-seq'.
<joshuaBPMan>That's how I found out that I was using emacs-seq. When I removed emacs-bug-hunter, my problems went away,
<blackbeard[m]>Oh I finally fixed!!
<blackbeard[m]>I deleted everything in all the directories included .config
<blackbeard[m]>One old package that I use was giving me trouble
<blackbeard[m]>Synonyms from emacs wiki
<blackbeard[m]>I deleted the autoloads and pkg files
<blackbeard[m]>And now it works :)
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] Are you using emacs packages as packaged from guix? I am using a mix, which is probably not good....
<blackbeard[m]>I was sure I was using a new .emacs and .emacs.d but I rebooted to be safe
<blackbeard[m]>After the reboot with a clean environment everything worked
<joshuaBPMan>I also think that guix's emacs should have only one autoloads file instead of several. That would make start up faster.
<blackbeard[m]>joshuaBPMan: synonyms is not on guix or melpa. Only emacs wiki
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] Awesome. I think Emacs 27.1 does seem a little faster and smoother
<blackbeard[m]>Bet I use it because I can have Spanish with it
<blackbeard[m]>Yeah it is way better
<joshuaBPMan>blackbeard[m] What is synonyms?
<blackbeard[m]>joshuaBPMan: a thesaurus that works offline with a dictionary you have locally
<pkill9>is there a CLI application for thesaurus?
<joshuaBPMan>I know guix has a dictionary service, but I've never figured out how to use it...I have the service running....
<rekado>do I smell a cookbook entry being cooked up…?
<rekado>BTW: the reason for my signing problems with the new Emacs: my key expired…
<rekado>head -> desk
<joshuaBPMan>rekado Sure. I'm actually liking working on the cookbook. I've got one patch pending.
<joshuaBPMan>rekado What cookbook entry needs to be added?
<rekado>one on how to make the dictionary service work
*rekado also doesn’t know how to use it
<joshuaBPMan>rekado Do you know of a decent guide for setting up a "master key" and several slave keys? That way you can sign with your slave key and revoke in in a year or two. Then your master key will let you create a new sub key?
<rekado>I shared this one in the past:
<rekado>I always set my keys to expire in a year, as a last resort in case I should lose them.
<rekado>but I keep forgetting about this when they do expire :)
<joshuaBPMan>rekado Ok. I suppose I can learn how to use the dictionary and then write up in the cookbook.
<joshuaBPMan>ALso thanks for the guide
<joshuaBPMan>Also, I may take a look at your free ebooks section...after I purchase an e-reader
<rekado>…I have a free ebooks section…?
<joshuaBPMan>Oh, I assumed that your guide was your blog.
<rekado>no, it’s just a guide I found a long time ago
<rekado>and it’s been my go-to “how do I set up a GPG key” guide ever since
<joshuaBPMan>That blog distributes ebooks....Also would guix developers be open to letting people "download" videos/ebooks/music ? I am thinking specifically of the video lectures of SICP
*dustyweb scratches head
<dustyweb>is there something to give more info when a service can't be started
<dustyweb>as in, print out whatever errors it might have when trying to start it
*rekado would also like to know
<rekado>shepherd is annoyingly quiet
<dustyweb>at the very least it would be nice to have a
<dustyweb>"print out the command you would have run to start this service" command I think
<joshuaBPMan>dustyweb I feel the pain. I just to deal with this w/ nginx. /var/log/nginx/errors.log...but it would have been nice if shepherd told me about those errors.
<joshuaBPMan>dustyweb I know that the nginx service does that. "sudo herd restart nginx". When that fails, it prints out the command that it tried to run.
<dustyweb>joshuaBPMan: seems like a nice feature... didn't work for tor tho
<joshuaBPMan>bummer. :(
<raingloom>do builds have a writable /tmp ?
<dustyweb>I figured out one way to do it manually :P
<joshuaBPMan>dustyweb awesome!
<dustyweb>building /gnu/store/sz8y3b5zqr1h35n4d9gfw18xqbzsvd5l-upgrade-shepherd-services.scm.drv...
<dustyweb>ok, cat that file, ok cat the file of the "out" in that scheme .drv, ok cat the tor entry
<dustyweb>ok now reading the autogenerated scheme file I figured out the arguments it was called with :P
<rekado>raingloom: yes, I’m pretty sure they do
<joshuaBPMan>I remember doing that at one point. That is a bit of a clunky way to do it, but it works.
<rekado>dustyweb: easy! :-/
<dustyweb>sheperd is definitely an important but currently one of the weakest pieces in the guix system imo
<rekado>shepherd hackathon…?
<dustyweb>rekado: yes probably a good idea
<dustyweb>(though I am completely booked until the end of the year personally!)
<rekado>end of this decade looks free.
*rekado flips calendar
<rekado>oh, no. Dentist appointment.
<joshuaBPMan>I'm free! :) Though my development proless is somewhere between making a haunt site and contributing to the cookbook.
<seepel>Hi Guix! I have a question about the light command that allows to change display brightness. I can't seem to run the command without sudo, it does come with some udev rules, is there something else I need to do to install the udev rules?
<nckx>seepel: Yes. I use (service udev-service-type (udev-configuration (rules (list … light …)))).
<nckx>You'll probably need modify-services if you use %base-services &c.
<seepel>Oh great, I'll give that a shot
<nckx>Let me test whether that actually works, since I only use it from scripts...
<nckx>It does.
<nckx>Oh, I see I also have it as a setuid-program. That's almost certainly redundant.
<nckx>Yeah, the non-setuid one works fine too.
<nckx>Oh boy, I *also* have a (simple-service 'backlight udev-service-type (list brightnessctl)) in there 😳 My configuration is such a mess...
*nckx needs to do some autumn cleaning.
<seepel>nckx: Do you know if there is someplace in the manual that would've told me this info had I been paying more attention?
<seepel>Ahhh, actually I finally did find it in the base-services section
<seepel>Thanks for your help!
<nckx>sneek: Happy to hear that. I didn't actually know; I just ‘know’ these things... Don't hesitate to file bugs against the manual when something's missing.
<nckx>Sigh, seepel, not sneek ☝
<telior>vits-test: reporting back, the reconfigure worked fine, thx a lot :D
<seepel>Hmmm, now my entire system seems to be re-downloading even though I reconfigured my system just the other day. I did run guix gc earlier, would that remove packages needed for my system configuration for any reason?
<joshuaBPMan>seepel reconfigure redownloading the world is pretty common.
<seepel>joshuaBPMan: Ok, thanks!