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<VigilanceTech>Ok now I have another problem. When I go to install my wireless device doesn't show up with iwconfig. It's an Intel 4965 ag. I'm supposing sd doesn't install the firmware automatically? How can I install it?
<joshuaBPMan>VigilanceTech: is the firmware libre? If it's not, then this guix channel can't help you.
<raghavgururajan>joshuaBPMan, Hmm, I ran out of ideas.
<nefix>good night!
<nefix>how are you all?
<joshuaBPMan>raghavgururajan: that's ok. Thanks for the help.
<joshuaBPMan>nefix: super duper. I'm currently trying to update sway...
<joshuaBPMan>progress is smooth.
<nefix>oh, is there a new version?
<joshuaBPMan>sway 1.5
<joshuaBPMan>guix has 1.4 packaged.
<nefix>nice! Let's see if you suceed and make a patch!
<nefix>I think I'm going to give up trying to package Telegram... The build is too much for my little laptop and keeps breaking it and making it hang. Also, running Guix from a USB doesn't help for sure... :/
<NieDzejkob>nefix: could you send what you got so far to guix-patches? Mark it as WIP, maybe someone else will pick it up
<nefix>if I can run Guix inside a docker container, I can build it in my work servers
<nefix>Let's see if I can manage to do that
<nefix>I really don't want to give up!
<nefix> <- seems promising
<nefix>because, after building it in the server I could `guix pack` it and import it in my machine, right?
<NieDzejkob>yeah, you could guix pack, or guix copy, or you could setup offloading
<nefix>what is offloading?
<NieDzejkob>info "(guix) Daemon Offload Setup"
<nefix>is there any way to package electron applications?
<nefix>I guess it'll be a struggle as it was with Nix
<NieDzejkob>electron itself isn't packaged. Why are you asking, though? I thought Telegram is sane in this regard?
<nefix>vscodium :P
<euandreh>since 'guix environment --ad-hoc git:send-email' works, shouldn't '(specification->package "git:send-email")' also work?
<euandreh>it now says it is an 'unknown package'
<pkill9>git is a package, git:send-email is a package output
<pkill9>so it won't work
<pkill9>i dunno how you would get the send-email output
<euandreh>I'm still looking
<NieDzejkob>where are you using specification->package?
<NieDzejkob>specifications->manifest handles this case, for example
<NieDzejkob>IIRC it uses (compose specification->package+output list)
<NieDzejkob>argh, the other way around
<euandreh>I tried using specifications->manifest, but the 'packages' section of the 'operating-system' declaration doesn't accept it
<joshuaBPMan>Hey guix system using guile 3 now?
<joshuaBPMan>guile --version still says guile 2.2.7... for me.
<euandreh>3.0.2 right now for me
<euandreh>I did a guix pull + system reconfigure today too
<euandreh>so everything is pretty recent
<joshuaBPMan>euandreh: hmmm...I think I did a pull not to long ago
<raghavgururajan>Folks, I am getting an error "configure: error: can only configure for one host and one target at a time"
<joshuaBPMan>guix describe says August 5 2020
<joshuaBPMan>I just rebooted an hour ago.
<raghavgururajan>For this project,
<joshuaBPMan>I do have guile-dbi installed...which depends on guile 2.2.7...
<joshuaBPMan>that's probably why...
<euandreh>raghavgururajan: Is that during a build by gnu-build-system?
<raghavgururajan>euandreh, Yes!
<euandreh>raghavgururajan: could you share the code you have so far?
<euandreh>joshuaBPMan: could be it. Did you look at the package definition or you did a query on the store or something?
<joshuaBPMan>euandreh: guix package -s guile-dbi...says that it depens on guile 2.2.7
*terpri attempts to package domination (risk clone)
<terpri>"[javac] error: error reading /gnu/store/fcb815gxmnkrypcjizjjg3krp66hnbxh-domination-1.2.2-checkout/res_swing/scripts/._Domination.jar; error in opening zip file"
<terpri>file says: "res_swing/scripts/._Domination.jar: AppleDouble encoded Macintosh file"
<raghavgururajan>euandreh, It appears that has been a issue with configure scripts that generated by autoconf 2.13.
<nefix>why isn't gcc-8 compiled by default in the mirrors?
<nefix>also, can you install GuixSD on a RPI? I've seen something about U-Boot...
<euandreh>raghavgururajan: nice
<raghavgururajan>How do I prevent gnu-build-system from automatically setting "--build=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"?
<lfam>euandreh: You can specify the send-email git output in a manifest with something like (specifications->manifest '("git:send-email"))
<lfam>Not sure about config.scm, sorry
<raghavgururajan>Does anyone know how to prevent gnu-build-system from automatically passing "--build" configure-flag?
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<pkill9>does anyone have guix setup to use iwd?
<pkill9>apparently it can work in standlone mode, so maybe not much to do to set it up
<singpolyma>anyone here have experience with cargo-build-system? I'm trying to build the latest version of alacritty, and it has an optional dependency under the windows build section, but for some reason when I try to build with guix it seems to think that it is required
<singpolyma>ah, seems to be a long-standing bug in cargo and not guix-specific:
<singpolyma>new question: is there an easy way to see what the source looks like after the `(snippet ...` is run by guix?
<brettgilio>Hey guix!
<jackhill>singpolyma: The source returned by `guix build --source` will provide what you want.
<jackhill>hi brettgilio! Thanks for the help with emacs-doom-themes
<brettgilio>jackhill: No, thank you! You did the work :)
<jackhill>:) I like being able to shrink the package definition.
<brettgilio>jackhill: I'm always happy to see Guix go on a diet :)
<singpolyma>jackhill: Thanks! Do you know if the regexs that substitute* uses can match multiple lines or if it's limited to strictly line-by-line replacements?
<brettgilio>contemplates packaging
<jackhill>singpolyma: I don't know offhand. It is defined here with a doctstring:
<jackhill>but I'd have to study it more to say.
<singpolyma>Probably the right way to do what I'm doing is a patch anyway. But would be a lot more work to make one of those :P I'll just remove single lines for now and have multiple patterns
<singpolyma>or maybe the right way is to suck it up and package packages that the build doesn't actually need or use just to satisfy the cargo bug? :P anyway
<jackhill>singpolyma: It looks like we've done the latter before with rust-winapi-x86-64-pc-windows-gnu
<jackhill>Preparing a patch file isn't too bad though if you end up needing that. If the substitute* is too unwieldy, it will probably be easier for furture readers of the code to tell what is going on with at patch.
<singpolyma>Where is the patch looked for with guix build -f ? Just in the working directory?
<jackhill>I don't know. I've always been adding them to the guix source tree. One way to find out :)
<singpolyma>heh, ok. maybe if I get this working and feel it's worth upstreaming I'll look into that
<singpolyma>I started this to see how hard it would be. Turns out harder than I was hoping :P But now I have to finish it since I started ;)
<jackhill>singpolyma: hehe. There are definitely people more knowledgeable than I am. Especially about rust. If you don't get help here or may be able to offer advice.
<lfam>singpolyma: I'd try putting the patch in the root of the Guile module path
<lfam>So if your file has like (define-module (singpolyma packages)), you could try putting the patch files in the singpolyma directory
<apteryx>singpolyma: substitute* is line-oriented
<apteryx>e.g., you can't replace multiple lines
<apteryx>s/line-oriented/line oriented/
*apteryx zzzz
*brettgilio -> zzz
<nefix>can anyone try building gcc@8? It doesn't work to me, and thus I can't build Telegram :/
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<leoprikler>nefix: building it rn on x86_64, will tell you the result later
<nefix>leoprikler: thanks!
<leoprikler>for the record what's your arch?
<nefix>x86_64 too
<wigust>nefix: Could you try to build telegram with gcc@9.3.0?
<nefix>wigust: let's see...
<elais>Is gnome flashback a standalone module or something I can activate with the currently packaged gnome?
<nefix>wigust: it has build with gcc-9!!!!
<nefix>thanks! :DDD
<wigust>nefix: Cool. Would you like to publish the recipe? ;-)
<nefix>yeah, I want to make sure first that works xD
<nefix>I've built it in my work server inside a docker container, so I have to figure out first how to copy it
<nefix>also, Nix's definition has some post hooks, and I'm not sure if they would be needed in Guix:
<leoprikler>I think you're probably fine if you use qt-build-system
<nefix>ok, thanks!
<leoprikler>but on guix you have to unbundle this giant mess of third party software, which Nix doesn't
<nefix>which one?
<nefix>I don't get what you're saying
<leoprikler>The sources have many links to other projects
<leoprikler>codegen, lib_base, lib_crl, ...
<leoprikler>Interestingly enough, the cmake submodule seems fine
<leoprikler>hmm, on second thought, codegen, lib_base etc. would be fine as well, but there's still a bunch of stuff under Telegram/ThirdParty, that really needs unbundling
<wigust>it's a big list, we could probably unbundle it later... ;-)
<nefix>everything in third party is provided as input
<wigust>nefix: You need to remove thirdparty directory after unpack phase to make sure it's unbundled.
<nefix>how could I do that? Could you point me to a package that does that?
<wigust>nefix: librime in gnu/packages/ibus.scm
<wigust>not after unpack phase, seems a better approach do this in "snippet" as in librime
<nefix>I see. So I should copy the 'patch-source phase and inside that new phase, simply rm $\\{PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR||}/Telegram/ThirdParty ?
<wigust>nefix: I think simply (source (origin ... (modules '((guix build utils))) (snippet '(begin (delete-file-recursively "Telegram/ThirdParty") #t))))
<nefix>wigust: oh, I didn't see that. Thanks!
<nefix>oh, so it doesnt work now xD
<nefix>btw, right now it looks like this:
<nefix>let's see if I can fix it...
<fnstudio>hi all, i've installed more and more packages via guix while removing them from my host systems; in some cases, however, this seems to be breaking my system; i think this is due to a PATH issue
<fnstudio>how does my system know of the guix path when it launches an app from outside bash or before bashrc is loaded?
<fnstudio>so, to make an example, irrsi (that i install from guix and run from a terminal) works fine; when it comes to a command that's run from a cron, however, that gives me an error
<leoprikler>gcc-toolchain-8.4.0 just finished
<leoprikler>fnstudio: I think you should get your cronjob to source $HOME/.guix-profile/profile before running the actual task
<leoprikler>oops, my bad it's $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile with $GUIX_PROFILE=$HOME/.guix-profile
<fnstudio>leoprikler: oh i see, that's the way to go, yes it makes sense... i think i have a similar issue with my window manager (eg with any keybinding that launches a guix app), i guess i also need to tell my wm about the guix path
<fnstudio>leoprikler: tx! let me give it a try
<leoprikler>you shouldn't source your guix profile from bashrc btw, but from bash_profile
<leoprikler>(or just .profile)
<leoprikler>the latter runs on login and also doesn't run in newly spawned shells (so your guix environments stay clean)
<fnstudio>leoprikler: right, good point, let me fix that - thanks!
<luhux>while setting up the build environment: executing `/gnu/store/lgk876wh2bxxglplbwyymkx3sqzcbnk9-guile-3.0.2/bin/guile': No such file or directory
<leoprikler>what exactly is the command you're using here? `guix environment guix -- make`?
<luhux>I used guix to build opencc on an armhf-linux machine, but this error occurred. How should I do?
<luhux>guix build opencc
<leoprikler>hmm, on my end `guix build opencc` just fetches it from CI
<leoprikler>(then again, I'm not on armhf, but x86_64)
<leoprikler>what phase does this fail in?
<fnstudio>leoprikler: i think i fixed my crontab problem and i also switched to using .profile; however i'm still unsure on how to handle my window manager... i've tried setting the guix profile as part of my .xinitrc but that doesn't seem to work either
<fnstudio>although i suppose this might be a bit OT here
<leoprikler>fnstudio: it should work with just .profile, but you have to log out and back in for that to apply
<fnstudio>leoprikler: ah! right! tx so much, let me try that
<leoprikler>with GNOME on Guix, restarting the shell alone also works, but that's assuming everything is already set up correctly
<leoprikler>luhux: that seems weird... what if you do `guix build guile`?
<luhux>`guix build guile`:
<leoprikler>Okay, and guix build guile@3.0.2?
<luhux>`guix build guile@3.0.2' :
<NieDzejkob>(beware of grafts ;)
<fnstudio>hi, i'm using guix on a debian system and i'm having issues with my PATH env var
<fnstudio>i3 seems to be using `sh` to launch commands
<fnstudio>it seems to be using a guix version of sh
<fnstudio>as i get errors such as: `/gnu/store/...bash-static.../bin/sh: dmenu_run: command not found`
<fnstudio>funny enough though... `which sh` from a terminal gives me `/bin/sh` instead of the guix version
<fnstudio>(in turn `/bin/sh` is a symlink to `/bin/dash`)
<leoprikler>would installing dmenu through guix fix this?
<fnstudio>now, i suppose the gist of my problem is... why guix sh doesn't seem to find dmenu?
<leoprikler>what would be the result of `which dmenu` on your system?
<fnstudio>hm good point leoprikler, that gives no result
<fnstudio>let me investigate
<leoprikler>I assume you installed i3 through your system's package manager, right?
<fnstudio>leoprikler: first of all, big face-palm... i uninstalled dmenu from debian but i must forgot to install it under guix... apparently
<fnstudio>sorry for wasting your time on that one
<leoprikler>no biggie
<fnstudio>leoprikler: in terms of i3, i think i have actually "migrated" to the guix version already
<fnstudio>yes i have
<fnstudio>now dmenu works, which is great
<fnstudio>i had problems with tmux that i thought were also due to the "guix migration" and the PATH being misconfigured, but let me doublecheck
<nckx>Good morning Guix peeps.
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<guix-vits>?(" v ")/ -- Arr!
<str1ngs>guix-vits: does nomad ever freeze on you when using sway?
<str1ngs>it's some graphical freeze
<guix-vits>str1ngs: once, on
<guix-vits>But i was not sure if that some "memory" issue, as i'd many frames open, and the site is fat-JS.
<guix-vits>It stuck with the buffer scrolling up/down slightly.
<guix-vits>I was need to switch to another tty and TERM the process with htop.
<str1ngs>it does it all the time right now when I use sway. trying to fixing some Wayland issues. but it could be my graphics card.
<str1ngs>though it doesn't do it with epiphany
<guix-vits>str1ngs: On the latest `make run` i didn't got this again to happen yet.
<guix-vits>str1ngs: Maybe JS?
<str1ngs>guix-vits: could be but it only happens with sway. so I get the feeling its graphics releated.
<guix-vits>Ah, hehe..
<str1ngs>guix-vits: let me know if this happens for you. I need to figure out if its my machine or something wayland/sway related.
<str1ngs>also sway and XWayland is crappy. my emacs looks like shit
<pkill9>i would like to be able to request from the build server all files in the store according to a regex pattern, and send them to me with an indication of what package they are from, I don't suppose this would be accepted?
<pkill9>specifically i want every .desktop file
<str1ngs>pkill9: this is a know limitation. I'm not sure if this has been worked on yet.
<pkill9>from every package
<guix-vits>str1ngs: Ok.
<str1ngs>pkill9 my guess is you want to find what package contains a file like in Debian you would do apt-file search bash
<pkill9>str1ngs: not quite, I want to make a launcher that lists all available desktop applications packaged in Guix (basically, all .desktop files), and builds and runs it when you select it :)
<pkill9>I also want that functionality yes
<pkill9>but in this instance, i want it for this launcher
<str1ngs>pkill9: sample principle as apt-file search though. it does require some cache or API on the build server.
<pkill9>it would also require being able to download individual files from the build server on request
<pkill9>which wouldn't be difficult, but would need to be implemented
<str1ngs>there as been some talk about it. but I don't know what the current status is. you could try and check the guix mailing lists though.
<stierhofj>Hey, can someone tell me how I manage to build images with the singularity from guix? Every time I try to run it on a definition file I get 'You need to install squashfs-tools'. They are a dependency of singularity, but just in case I've also installed them to my profile seperately. Thanks!
<str1ngs>guix-vits: what's a good clipboard for sway? I use clipman with xfce/i3
<str1ngs>guix-vits: clipboard manager*
<guix-vits>str1ngs: IDK. The only tool i do use is wl-copy.
<guix-vits>stierhofj: IDK. Did You looked at `guix pack`?
<guix-vits>It can produce a docker image, and some other things.
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I don't think that will work. primarily I just need something that merges the primary and secondary clipboard.
<stierhofj>guix-vits: hm, no, the problem is I need to test singularity containers (or their definition files). `guix pack` only packs guix related stuff, no? I just wanted to avoid installing singularity
<guix-vits>stierhofj: sorry, i did though You want to make some docker image.
<leoprikler>stierhofj: you're probably looking for singularity-service-type, add one of that to your OS config
<stierhofj>leoprikler: Is that for the guix system? If so, I'm just using the package manager
<leoprikler>In that case you may have to use the singularity from your distro and follow the instructions that one provides.
<guix-vits>stierhofj: Do You steel get the 'You need to install squashfs-tools' errors?
<feloadr>so, i am reviving an old install, guix pull went fine once i switched to new substitutes mirror and added key properly; was trying to add a few packages and update the launch options of guix-daemon to use the substitute servers, but it seems some things have changed (warning: 'gnome-desktop-service' is deprecated, use 'gnome-desktop-service-type' instead) and i am getting lisp or guix errors trying to use
<feloadr>modify-service.. i'm neither a lisp nor a guix expert - anyone think they can spot the errors in my config.scm?
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I fixed it buy making emacs use the primary buffer. (setq x-select-enable-primary t)
<str1ngs>err primary clipbard
<str1ngs>clipboard even ! :P
<nckx>> str1ngs: also sway and XWayland is crappy. my emacs looks like shit
<nckx>Good, not just me then.
<stierhofj>guix-vits: Yes, still the same `singularity build ubuntu.simg ubuntu` (ubuntu is the recipe):
<stierhofj>ERROR: You must install squashfs-tools to build imagesABORT: Aborting with RETVAL=255
<str1ngs>nckx: well it depends if you have a HiDPI monitor. essentially if you do then you would want to use something like output HDMI-A-1 scale 2. which scales every thing times 2 and that's what makes XWayland look like shit. Alternatively you can use scale 1. but then you need to adjust fonts for everything. which means stupid things like this. (add-to-list 'default-frame-alist '(font . "DejaVu Sans Mono-60")) yes 60!
<str1ngs>nckx: then for Gtk you need to do this. gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface text-scaling-factor 2 . and same with Qt
<str1ngs>so depends on your resolution I guess.
<nckx>Ah, no, my laptop screen is SaneDPI but for some reason all fonts are 20% (or so) bigger than they were under X. Which is... ironic? because this happens only under XWayland & my Wayland-native terminal looks just fine.
<nckx>Thanks for the info!
<leoprikler>feloadr: instead of cons* use list perhaps?
<str1ngs>yeah the whole XWayland support is sub par. And they don't care since they don't want to invest in a time tested and true thing like X11
<leoprikler>cons* expects the last argument to be a list (as in %base-packages)
<str1ngs>speaking of which writing a X11 window manager is some easy. Wayland server etc. what a PITA
<leoprikler>but in your modify-services thingy you only have strings
<dale`>Anybody use wireshark?
<nckx>str1ngs: (Noob voice) Even with wlroots &c.?
<leoprikler>also you need to do (modify-services %desktop-services <rest>)
<str1ngs>nckx: wlroots is more sane, but ironically that's not even part of wayland. Technically weston is derived work should be based off. And that's pretty convoluted. I personally opted for wlroots for that reason.
<str1ngs>and mutter had potential but it's to Gnomed biased to make a standalone compositor form.
<nckx>dale`: Sometimes.
<feloadr>leoprikler, like this, you mean?
<nckx>Ah, ‘sudo wireshark’ won't start, but farts out ‘qt.qpa.plugin: Could not find the Qt platform plugin "wayland" in ""’ so that may or may not be Wireshark's fault.
<leoprikler>feloadr: looks good
<str1ngs>nckx: the author of wlroots/sway literally wrote a bunch of wayland protocols and a book. In order create sway. There is no way in hell you would have to do that to create a X11 window manager. so I think wayland is pretty much fail on that end.
<nckx>I'm not going to judge Wayland yet but there are some interesting choices to say the least.
<guix-vits>str1ngs: clipper-board. ; arr.
<feloadr>leoprikler, still getting -- /etc/config.scm:58:19: error: (%modify-service service (service guix-service-type config => (guix-configuration (inherit config) (substitute-urls (cons* "" "" %default-substitute-urls))))): source expression failed to match any pattern
<str1ngs>guix-vits: I got what I needed for now. Emacs to the rescue.
<nckx>I've replaced about 5 different commands with swaymsg, which (probably? somewhere? RH?) sounds like a good idea, but just means I get to port my configuration to every new non-WM. Great.
<nckx>xrandr may suck but it at least it sucks everwhere.
<str1ngs>nckx: I like the idea of wayland. but in terms of writing your own composite it's kinda daunting. though that probably won't stop me from writing nomad-shell :)
<str1ngs>nckx: my goal is to not have swaymsg. but to have full guile introspection with a master echo area.
<str1ngs>think emacs but as a compositor and using guile :)
<lispmacs>hi, in gnome settings there is an option for "Automatic Date & Time", but I see that ntpd is already running as a process. Is the gnome service something different? It seems like sometimes the Automic Date & Time setting won't stay on so I have been leaving it off.
<leoprikler>I think part of the idea of wayland was "People already know how to implement compositors so let them do that and offer less features"
<guix-vits>feloadr: btw, "" and "" have the same IP.
<nckx>str1ngs: Actually made me think of EXWM, which may be way off base.
<leoprikler>lispmacs: gnome unfortunately knows quite little about guix configuration, so that may very well be the case
<str1ngs>nckx: same idea, though the problem with exwm is it's very brittle. Emacs is single thread and if you need to restart emacs or it hangs. well there goes your desktop session.
<nckx>feloadr: You should get rid of and Anything could happen to them. IIRC renewing this year was already a toss-up.
<nckx>‘ It's canonical!’(TM)
<dale``>nckx, if 'sudo wireshark' won't work, can I configure the system to allow normal users to access the network interfaces? I.e. is it possible to set the sticky bit on the executable?
<nckx>The sticky bit? Do you mean the setuid bit?
<nckx>dale``: You can add setuid programmes to your system configuration (see manual) if using Guix System.
<feloadr>nckx, ah ok, i just found that one in one of the few config.scm examples i came across in some quick searching this morning
<nckx>I haven't tried this with wireshark because I don't use it often enough, frankly.
<dale``>nckx, thanks, I'll give it a try.
<str1ngs>nckx: also if all goes as I've planned. using nomad-shell will get pass some limitation with Guix. having to restart your desktop session if variables change. you might have to restart individual programs but that's it.
*nckx has to go AFK.
<NieDzejkob>dale``: wdym sudo wireshark won't work? have you tried sudo -E wireshark?
<str1ngs>using FFI is it possible to represent an array of strings? I need to pass something like char *argv[] to a foreign function.
<str1ngs>I could do this with SCM_DEFINE but I'm trying to do this all in scheme if I can.
<Kimapr[m]>Hello guix, i have damaged RAM. Memtester found a few errors, and i want to know if there is a way to make linux avoid using damaged parts of the RAM
<guix-vits>Kimapr[m]: IDK. Once seen an "avoid using Low memory" (kernel config, compile time), but that is not about "some parts"..
<leoprikler>str1ngs: you can probably work around it using make-c-struct
<nckx>Kimapr[m]: You might be able to mark it as reserved using memmap=, see <>.
<leoprikler>or using bytevectors directly
<str1ngs>leoprikler: I just noticed I posted in the wrong channel. that's what I was thinking but I'm having trouble groking how to do it. structs look pretty easy.
<str1ngs>leoprikler: I think I recall seeing this done with bytevectors but I can't recall where.
<Kimapr[m]>nckx: the link you sent gives me a 404
<str1ngs>leoprikler: I guess worst case I can just use SCM_DEFINE but that feels like cheating at this point. :P
<leoprikler>is it for g-golf?
<nckx>Kimapr[m]: The link is fine, you must have clicked it wrong.
<Kimapr[m]>ah, i see now. nheko marked the ending '>' as part of the link
<nckx>Boo nheko. I use <...> exactly to prevent such misunderstandings >_<
<mroh>I use `M-x ffap` so often that I put it on s-f ;)
<str1ngs>leoprikler: no g-golf handles char **args or *argv[]. you just past scheme string lists. I'm playing around with wordexp(3)
<leoprikler>ah, so you need the argv on return?
<str1ngs>leoprikler: before g-golf supported that I just called those functions from C and converted a list to argv. see
<leoprikler>ahh, it's for nomad :D
<str1ngs>leoprikler: in the case of wordexp you need to create a wordexp_t *p and pass it as argument and it gets mutated with the results.
<leoprikler>I think the bigger problem is parsing the results back, is it not?
<str1ngs>the FFI for wordexp is not specifically for nomad no
<str1ngs>I'll switch to #guile for this
<reepca>is anyone else getting a test failure in tests/packages.scm, specifically "fold-available-packages with/without cache"?
<guix-vits>reepca: once..
<brettgilio>Hey guix. I'm taking a break from my computer this weekend. So if you need to email me something, you'll get a faster response from me on here.
<joshuaBP`>Hey guix! I'm currently trying to use Chris Lemmer Webber's tips about how to set up a guix system on a linode.
<joshuaBP`>it seems to be going smoothly thus far.
<guix-vits>reepca: and again: 92b34df7896cbb54bac7a0e63052e632de989201.
<Gilly>Hello, I took a look at where it says > You can also reconfigure the system based on its initial configuration file available as /run/current-system/configuration.scm
<Gilly>however once I booted the image I cannot find the mentioned file - am I misunderstanding something?
<guix-vits>Is there a /etc/config.scm?
<Gilly>nope - but thanks for the link!
<mroh>Gilly: I think this was fixed several months (4?) ago, see
<Gilly>hm, perhaps the 1.1.0 doesn't yet have the fix then?
<guix-vits>Gilly: Ah. The .iso-files get "released" from time to time.
<guix-vits>Gilly: This link references the "release" 1.1.0.
<Gilly>guix-vits: the one picked was the qcow2 image at
<guix-vits>Gilly: This link references the "devel"
<guix-vits> * <-- "release"
<guix-vits>1.1.0 is 12 July 2020, and current one is 8-th August.
<Gilly>alright - let me try with the development version :)
<Gilly>hm, except that the link on seems to be broken
<guix-vits>Gilly: It should be possible to build such image with Guix package manager.
<Gilly>guix-vits: that might be a good exercise, I'm gonna try that with the file you linked above. thanks
<nckx>Gilly: That link doesn't look like it will ever work. Try Or build it yourself with guix system disk-image --file-system-type=iso9660 gnu/system/install.scm, assuming you have a guix checkout with that file.
<nckx>(We certainly don't upload an xzipped VM image to GNU's ftp site for every commit...)
<nckx>Gilly: I copy/pasted the wrong command but the manual has the right one so pretend I pasted that one & say no more.
*nckx → 😴 😉
<guix-vits>(The developers just like to make the grand parties about the every new release.)
<nckx>guix-vits: You say that like parties are a bad thing.
<nckx>Oh wait, they are now.
<guix-vits>nckx: How's thaa.. ah.
<guix-vits>(guix-vits is fast)